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Scard Family History - One Name Study
                  The Scard Family History Website
This Site is Dedicated to my mother Betty [nee Scard] 1925-1967] and my dearly loved Uncles: Ronald Scard [1914-1983], John Scard [1923-2006] & Harold Augustus Scard [1902-2004] of Australia

I am a descendant of James Scard and Jane Porter of Henstridge, Somerset through his grandson William James Scard born Grafton NSW in 1859. I have a large family culminating in five great grandchildren and have been gathering genealogical data for my families for many years. My hope was to share my findings freely and where possible present images of the many documents I have gathered over the years, not only including Parish Records but documentation as far back as early Lay Subsidy Rolls, Muster Rolls, Hearth Tax Records, Protestation Oaths etc. This dream was ultimately realised in December 2006 when I launched the 'Adams-Scard Website' renamed 'Scard Family History/ Scard - One Name Study'. I expanded my interest in Genealogical Studies and in 2011 I was accepted as Online Parish Clerk for three Parishes in Devonshire as part of the Genuki OPC Program.

The Scard Goal
In 2006 this Ultimate Goal was posted on the Website

"From the earliest records in Southern England, spanning a 60 mile radius [Map] encompassing the Counties of Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset & Wiltshire, with small isolated Fragments & Satellite Modules spreading as far south as Devonshire. It has long been considered that these Families may have once been connected and in search of this common Ancestral unit much research has been done. It is hoped that these pages may not only share the large volume of Documents & Information found for each Family but also form a base for others, who in time, may eventually prove an early connection and embrace all the Early Scard Families to a single progenitor."

Just over a decade later this goal is almost achieved with the Ancestral Family found in the late 17th Century Dorset from whom five sons dispersed in several directions and whose descendants now comprise over 90% of individuals bearing the Scard surname in the 1841-1911 UK Census and in countless other countries throughout the Globe. The quest then to explore the Etymology and the Ancient Ancestral Journey for bearers of this rare Surname prior to the 17th Century. This Website is continually being updated and it is hoped that it will act as a beacon to younger descendants of the name exploring their ancestry.

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