Scard Family      


                                                   Abraham Family 
                                                                                                               Of North Dorset

                                                                            A Maternal Scard Family - North Dorset
                                                           John Scard married Jane Abraham by Licence on the on the 19th November 1783

                      1783:    A Marriage Licence was issued on the 19th November 1783 between John Scard, occupation Miller, residing at 
                                   Shroton Dorset and Jane Abraham residing at Winterbourne Kingston [Muston]. 
                                   The Bondsman was Philip Loader, wheelwright of Spetisbury.
                                   They were married the same day at Winterbourne Kingston.  

                                             The Groom:   John Scard was baptised 1763 at Iwerne Minster, the eldest son of James Scard, Miller of Shroton 
                                                                      and his wife Elizabeth [nee Brookes].  

                                              Philip Loader & Joseph Read Witnesses;
                                                                      Philip Loader had married Ursula Abraham, considered to be Jane’s sister, eight years earlier 
                                                                      on the 19th July 1775 at Spetisbury at the Church of St. John the Baptist in that village.  
                                                                      Philip and Ursula remained in Spetisbury, and had in all ten children spanning their marriage 
                                                                      of 46 years, their youngest Caroline born in 1800.  
                                                                      There is reason to believe that Ursula was involved in her sister’s young family after
                                                                      Jane’s premature death in 1805.

                                            The Bride;
                                                                     Jane’s baptism details have not been located but a thread was found in the LDS  which records 
                                                                     a baptism of an Ursula Abraham the daughter of James Abraham and Sarah nee Miller at Evershot
                                                                     [Evershot lays about 21miles west of Spetisbury.] 
                                                                     This may be the same Ursula Abraham mentioned above who married Philip Loader.  

                                          James Abraham & his wife Sarah of Evershot had four recorded children; 
                                                                     Richard Abraham baptised 16th May 1753
                                                                     Jenny Abraham baptised 27th July 1755
                                                                     Ursula Abraham baptised 1st February 1758 
                                                                                 [Ursula Loader [nee Abraham] [above] died in 1821 at the recorded age of 65yrs [born 1756!]] 
                                                                     James Abraham 9th December 1759 

                                                                     If these records are to be considered, the dates imply that Ursula would have been 42yrs old at the birth
                                                                     of her youngest child in 1801.                                  
                                  The date of the marriage between James Abraham and Sarah [Miller] 23 May 1751 at Evershot [Extract & P/Ch] 
                                   could very well accommodate the birth of a subsequent child. It has been considered that they could have moved 
                                   to Spetisbury around the time of Jane's birth. 

                                  However there is the possibility that Jane was the 'Jenny' born in 1755 although Jane Scard [nee Abraham] gave 
                                  birth to four 'recorded' children and one 'unrecorded'.  Her two last births were in 1798 and 1800.
                                  This would make her forty-four at the birth of her youngest child. 

                                  See Story of Jane's Marriage to John Scard and her descendants. 
                                 Although not proven to be connected, the Story of James Abraham, a Smuggler  sent to Dorchester Goal in 1809, 
                                 is romantic and tempting, considering there were not many 'Abraham' families living at Dorset during this time.
                                 James Abraham [1772-1816] see URL: