Evidence of Early Addams Family at Lezant
                                    Cornwall, England

              Anthonie Addams                            Jacomine [nee unknown]
                [c.1620-Bef.1647]                                                   [1620-1661]
                                                of Lezant, Cornwall.


                                               With Special Thanks 
               to Di Gibbs, the Cornwall Parish Clerk for Lezant, Lawhitton
                 & Stoke Climsland for her kindness & patience with BDM 
                                   'Look-Ups' presented on this Page.
                        Inference to the Adams Family Lineage is based 
                  solely on the author's interpretation of the Items provided.
                                                                                  [Anciently Lanant/Lannant]
A Century passed since the marriage of Johann daughter of John Adams at Lezant in 1539, before fragments of the Adams Name 
again appeared at Lezant.  Although Lezant has one of the highest rate of surviving Parish Records, much had transpired in the 
interim, which may account for the Family's absence from the Parish Records.
  Ten years after the above marriage, the Act of Uniformity was introduced in 1529, strongly opposed by the Cornwall
  Population. This led to the historic 'Prayer Book Rebellion' often referred to as the Cornish  Holocaust where 20%
  of the population were slaughtered by the English State. 
  Left: Tribute to their courage is etched in stone at Penryn, Cornwall.

By 1641 the English Civil War loomed. In an attempt to avert the Conflict Parliament passed a Bill requiring all men throughout the 
Kingdom over the age of eighteen to sign an allegiance to King Charles I.  During the months of February and March 1651, each 
incumbent throughout the Parishes in England was required to read the Protestation at his Church. Those who chose not sign were 
also recorded.  No one could could hold Church or State Office without signing. These Documents were returned to Parliament and
are historically know as 'The Protestation Returns'. 

Three men by the name of 'Addams' were listed on these 'Returns' at Lezant;

          Anthonie Addams - 'Churchwarden'.
          William Addam    - William was buried two years later under the name WILLIAM ADDAMS, at Lezant 26th June 1643.
                                         He is almost certainly the father of Anthonie Addams [see below]
                                         NOTE: the only other early burial at Lezant was Catherine Addams 10th Feb. 1645 - possibly widow. 
          Thomas Addam    -  no further details although he was very likely a brother to Anthonie Addams [below]
                                                           Anthonie Addams
Anthonie Addams was Churchwarden for the ancient Church at Lezant St. Breoke* [or St. Breage] 
[The Church was restored in 1869 and renamed St. Michael]. 
Churchwarden:  The prerequisites for this position would normally be a citizen of standing in the Community,
                          normally holding Lands. Representative of the Bishop, Anthonie would have been confidently 
                          literate, keeping records of inventory and endowed with certain Legal 'Powers' in maintaining
                          security of the Church and its grounds. See: Churchwarden - Duties & Responsibilities.

In some cases Churchwardens were elected at the Parish Vestry Meetings and sometimes chosen by the Bishop. 
At this time Lezant [aka Lansant] was in the Ecclesiastical Diocese of Exeter and the CCEd Archives were 
investigated and although they do record the Rector of the Parish 'Thomas SNELL' appointed 1641-1641, who 
also appears with Anthonie Addams on the Protestation Returns for Lezant in 1641, unfortunately they have 
no record of Anthonie's appointment.
To hold such a position it is considered that Anthony had been established in the community for some time and was probably
aged over thirty or forty in 1641.  [born c. 1600].

Anthonie Adams married Jacomine [nee 'possibly Collinge'] the date unknown.  It is possible that Anthonie was married 
Jacomine: This Christian Name is extremely rare in Parish Records NBI & LDS, virtually non existent 
                 other than baptism entries below and two marriages at Lezant, Cornwall and one burial in 
                 1640 at Lincolnshire [NBI].
                 There was an entry for 'Jacomine Collinge' married John Steven in 1630 at Lezant. 
                 Anthonie Addams' spouse would have been aged around ten years at this time - this could 
                 have been the remarriage of her mother.
Anthony Addams and Jacomine had the following children baptised at Lezant; 

           Child 1: Anthonie Addams baptised at Lezant on the 28th June 1640 son of Anthonie & Jacomine [LDS]
                         Anthonie Addams [the younger] died Testate at Lezant in 1677, aged around age 37yrs.  See Epilogue.
           Child 2: John Addams baptised at Lezant on the 8th May 1642 son of Anthonie & Jacomine [LDS]. See Epilogue.
           Child 3: William Addams baptised 21st July 1644 son of Anthonie & Jacomine [LDS]. See Epilogue.
Providing that Anthonie was not previously married, the naming pattern of his eldest son would indicate 
the name of the infant's paternal grandfather was 'Anthony', his father also carrying the name. 
There was an 'Anthonie Adams' recording Issue at Landrake, 12 miles North of Lezant between 
1589 to 1593.
Although highly likely to be kin, a baptism was not found for a son 'Anthonie'. See 'Notes' Panel below

Shortly following the birth of their youngest son the Civil War crept closer to the small township. 
        ' By mid 1644 the War ravaged throughout Cornwall and by August that year the King  passed through Launceston 
          and slept that night at Trecarrel, Mr. Manaton’s house in the parish of Lezant, his arming being quartered around 
          him in the fields.' Source: British History Online

Anthonie died in the three year period from this point, 1644 to 1647, leaving his widow with three children under the age of 
seven years. His young widow remarried.

         Jacomine Addams married Michael Jackman on the 17th June 1647 both of Lezant, by whom she had issue. 
         The couple remained at Lezant where they had five children, the eldest Mary Jackman born 1647 to the youngest 
         Francis Jackman [female] born 15th January 1661 [LDS]. 

         Jacomine may have died as a result of complications in childhood for she died three weeks after the birth of her 
         youngest child, buried at Lezant on the 8th February 1661.  Her spouse remarried.

         At Jacomine's death [1661] her sons by Anthonie would have been aged; 
                         Anthony Addams 21yrs 
                         John Addams 19yrs [assuming he survived] 
                         William Addams 17yrs[assuming he survived] 
                               It is reasonable to assume that Anthonie Addams was landed and that these properties would 
                               have fallen to his sons when they 'came of age'.  Jacomine survived long enough to see her 
                               eldest son 'Anthonie Adams' attain this goal in 1661.
                               It is considered that one of her sons, may have very likely been the father of Francis Adams 
                               [our first proven progenitor], who was born before 1680 and lived and recorded his children at 
                               Lezant from 1702.
Anthonie Addams 
[the younger]
- baptised at Lezant on the 28th June 1640 son of Anthonie & Jacomine.
  Anthonie Addams Jnr  presumably had a reasonable Estate at his own premature death at Lezant 
  in 1677, assumed falling to him from his father's Estate, when he came of age in 1661, unfortunately 
  also coinciding with the time of his mother's death.  
  He died Testate, however the Will has not survived, one of many hundreds destroyed during the bombing
  of Devon in WW2.  
  All that survives is an Entry in the Devon Wills Index.                         
John Addams
- baptised at Lezant on the 8th May 1642 son of Anthonie & Jacomine
  Nothing confident has been found for John at the present time.
William Addams
- baptised 21st July 1644 son of Anthonie & Jacomine
  Nothing confident has been found for John at the present time.
                                                                 Next Entry at Lezant
The next evidence of the Adams Name at Lezant appears only twenty-three years after the death of Anthonie Adams
[the younger] in 1677.

                                            Francis Addam born before 1680 married at Lezant and had several Issue,
                                            the first proven progenitor of our own Adams Family in Cornwall/Devon 
                                Francis Adams [bef. 1680-1726] would die, as did his two predecessors at Lezant, leaving several children 
                                still in their minority in the care of his young widow.  He is believed to be son or kin of the above.
                                See Biography
Devon & Cornwall Wills and Administrations proved in the Bishop of Exeter, 1559-1799  Court of the Archdeaconry of Exeter.
Only the Index survives, most Wills and early Documents were destroyed in WW2.

                             Entry for Cornwall: 1570:  Addams, William [relationship unknown]
                                                            1677:  Addams, Anthony of Lezant A [Administration].   

Miscellaneous Deeds for Lezant held at the Devon Record Office.
                            Devonshire Record Office kindly replied that there were no Deeds for the name 'Adams' 
                            in this particular bundle.  

Other likely kin at Lezant; 
                            Marriage of Margaret Adams to Richard COUCH in 1624 at Lezant. 
                            Considered the kin of Anthonie Addams snr. [possibly his elder sister/aunt or widowed mother] 
                            The Couch Family was particularly affluent around this area i.e. at nearby Werrington of whom 
                            the renown Astronomer John Couch Adams, [1819-1892] born at Laneast, his family later settling 
                            at Werrington.  His father Thomas Adams living parallel to our own Leonard Adams of Ashwater & 
                            Werrington, using the same Wesleyan Baptism venue for several years.  
                            A connection between to the two families has not been confidently established at the present time.
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