Generation 1
                                 Cornwall, England

                        Francis Adams                           Paternell [nee unknown]
                    [Bef.1680-1726]                                           [Bef.1680-1737]

                                              of Lezant, Cornwall.  

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                   to Di Gibbs, the Cornwall Parish Clerk for Lezant, Lawhitton
                     & Stoke Climsland for her kindness & patience with BDM 
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                        Inference to the Adams Family Lineage is based 
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Francis Adams is considered born around 1680 and although no baptism has been found for him to date.  
He may be connected to the fragmented entries for two earlier Adams Families at Lezant John in 1539 and 
Anthonie Addams and his wife Jacomine in 1640. Little is known of his life other than he married Paternell [nee unknown]
and settled at Lezant around 1702 where they recorded Issue. 
Paternell: [Possible candidates baptised at Lezant];
             Paternell Bates b. 1676 - has been confidently eliminated. 
             Paternell Axford is a possibility baptised in 1685 - perhaps too young.
             Paternell Axworthy baptised 28th March 1672 d.o. Henry & Jane.

The latter seems the most likely candidate if Paternell was born in Lezant,
particularly with their 4th son carrying the name 'Henry'.  In this case 
Paternell would have been aged thirty at the birth of her first child born at
Lezant, although this age is consistent with her childbearing period below of 
ten years [aged forty at the birth of her youngest child].  
The Axworthy Family were recorded at Lezant since 1542. 
One Document was found for them in a Deed Document dated 1722 for an
'Anthony Axworthy', cordwainer [shoemaker] and his wife Susanna of Lezant,
perhaps brother or cousin to Paternell.  However Paternell's connection to this
family is only based on assumption.
Please Note:  It is very likely that Francis & Paternell had previous Issue at another venue. 

                Elizabeth Adams baptised 23rd Oct. 1702 
                William Adams [1704-1761] baptised 4th July 1704 son of Francis &  Paternell  - BIOGRAPHY
                Peternell Adams baptised 3rd March 1706 
                Richard Adams baptised 7th December 1707
                Thomas Adams baptised 3rd September 1709  [twin or dual baptism] 
                Henry Adams baptised 3rd September 1709 [twin or dual baptism] 
                Francis Adams baptised 2nd March 1711 - died in infancy,  buried at Lezant 12th December 1711.
                Francis Adams baptised 23rd March 1712
                Child bearing span 10 years.

Francis Adams [assumed the elder] was buried on the 14th August 1726,  [est. aged around 56 yrs.] 
Peternell Adams [assumed the elder] was buried thirteen years later on the 18th Sept. 1739 [est. aged around 67 yrs].


Whilst nothing confident was found for children; Elizabeth, Richard, Thomas or Henry, there were several marriages in 
nearby Devon, which could apply to Paternell [the younger]. Francis [the younger] appears to have settled at East Looe 
[14miles SSW of Lezant] where on the 6th August 1634, he was mentioned amongst many others tennants, in a
pre-nuptial settlement between the Glynn and Nicholls Families;
                 '....a house at East Looe in the occupation of Francis Addams'   
                  [Cornwall Council online Catalogue]. The early Parish Records for East Looe have not yet been transcribed.  
Eldest son William settled at Tremaine [8m NW Lezant], married and had issue - Biography - William Addams [1704-1761]

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