Adams Family                
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                                                          Adams Family Photos
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                                                              ONE PHOTO - SHOWN IN 6 SECTIONS:  Professionally enlarged. 
                                        James Adams had been living at Sandhurst Victoria for several years
                                        around 1890 his father John and stepmother Caroline made the 
                                        long journey from Adelaide South Australia to Sandhurst assumedly
                                        by coach. Several other family members are considered to have 
                                        accompanied them on this visit. 
                                        Possibilities [unidentified]: One would be James brother William Adams [known later living in Sandhurst]
                                                                                                       None of the Hamilton Family - they had moved from Sandhurst by this time. 
                                                                                                       Other of John's married children who accompanied him from SA.
                                                                                                       Possibly some of John's sister's [Matters] Family from SA.
                                                    All but William Adams returned to South Australia after the visit. 
On the Road to Fernshaw, Vic.  going to Rational Dress Picnic at Fernshaw, Watt's River c.1890
ONE PHOTO - SHOWN IN SECTIONS:  Professionally enlarged. 
Original Photographer: GEORGE ROSS [taken19th Century] of 123 Chapel Street, Windsor, Victoria
George Ross would follow events and stand on the roadway to take and sell his photos to families. 
The photos below have been held by the Adams Family for well over a Century but many of 
George's Photographs can be found online at the National Library Australia - Online at;
Photos below are said to be dated circa 1890.

                 Section 2 - Same Photo                                      Section 3 - Same Photo                                                 Section 4 - Same Photo
                                              Unidentified Adams or Hamilton Family Members at Rational Dress Picnic c.1890
                                                                  Far right [married - see ring finger],  looks pregnant.

                                                Section 5 - Same Photo                                    Section 6 - Same Photo
                                                                                   Above:  Unidentified Adams Family Members                                                                          

                                           This photo was found online at the National Library
                                                                                                  taken the same day.  
                                                                          An exciting find with Adams Family members shown. 

                                                                                      Another found online  [National Library]
                                                                                   taken same day - Family Members recognised. 
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