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                                         New Zealand

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    Henry Hopper Adams                            Johanna Kiley  
                    [1821-1898]                                                  [c.1824-1874]

                                           With Special Thanks
     To PeterS. [Descendant of Henry's brother John], who initially worked with
     the author in researching the basic information relating to NZ on this page. 
     In some cases Peter ordered and submitted copies of several BDM Certificates 
     from NZ at his own expense, also researching Henry's immigration and other
     items noted below.
     To GrantAdams[Descendant], for kindly filling in many details and other
     information as noted.
     To TimAdams for his transcription of the HHA(1) tombstone.  
     To KayC [Descendant], J.A. [Family Member] and another Direct Descendant
      [name requested to be withheld] for their valuable contributions.

                               ***  RESEARCHERS PLEASE NOTE      ***
              Not to be confused with his Nephew; Henry Hopper Adams [1844-1915] 
     of Melbourne, Victoria, formerly of South Australia, previously of Cornwall, England.
                          the son of John Adams and Betsey [nee Williams]

1821  Henry Hopper Adams was baptised on the 20th May 1821 at Mary Magdalene, Wesleyan Chapel, Launceston, Cornwall,  
         the fifth child and second son of Leonard Adams by his wife Maria nee Squire [aka Amelia].
         Henry carried the name of his great grandfather Henry Hopper [born 1708].

        His father, Leonard Adams was recorded a husbandman of Yeolmanbridge, a tiny Hamlet adjacent Werrington on the 
        Cornwall/Devonshire Border. Henry had six siblings also baptised nearby Launceston;
                     Mary Adams [1812-1888] married Thomas Matters, later immigrating in 1852 to settle in South Australia.
                     Elizabeth Adams [1813-1886] baptised 12 Dec 1813 at Werrington died tragically, unmarried & without issue.   
                     John Adams [1815-1895]  married Betsey Williams, later immigrating in 1852 to settle in South Australia.
                     Sally Adams [1817-1819] Death recorded 'daughter of Leonard & Maria, of Yeolmanbridge'. [Cornwall], aged 2.  
                     Maria Adams [1819-?] Little is known of Maria after her arrival in Australia.
                     William Adams [1825-1905] married Joanna Mason Bettess, later immigrating to Victoria, Australia.
                     Thomasine Adams [1829-1895] immigrated to South Australia where she married James Rowe.

c.1828     Henry appears to have been Indentured as a Shoemaker to James Mules of South Molton, Devon around this time.  
              The usual age for apprenticeship was seven years and normally began around the age of fourteen.   
              It was standard, as part of the Indenture for the Master to include food and lodging for his trainee.  
              This is evident when Henry was found in the Census of 1841.

1841:      Census:  Address:  Village, South Molton, Civil Parish St. George Nympton,
                             James Mules, age 45, Shoeman, Born Devon.
                             Mary Mules, age 45, born Devon.
                             William Mules, age 15, born Devon.
                             Mary Ann Mules, age 14, born Devon.
                             John Mules, age 4, born Devon.
                             Henry Adams, age 20 Shoeman, born Devon.
              James Mules took on other apprentices in later years who also resided in his home.  
              No Family link between the Mules & Adams Family has been found.

1842:     At the age of twenty-one Henry immigrated to New Zealand. 
             Peter S. writes; 
             'Henry Hopper Adams emigrated per 'Westminster', the first planned immigrant ship to Auckland, embarking from 
              Plymouth on the 11th December 1842, arriving at Auckland on the 31st  March 1843. 
             [The Westminster was owned by Duncan Dunbar whose sister ship the “Sea Park”, would later take Henry's mother 
              and two sisters to Adelaide ten years later in 1852].'

1845:     In 1845 he received three crown grants of land in the Auckland township. 
             At this time he was noted in the Police Census as a shoemaker living in Albert Street.

1845;     Marriage; 
             Henry Hopper Adams married Johanna Kiley in Ackland on the 29th May, 1845.
             Johanna Killey [aka Hannah] was born in Waterford, Ireland in 1824.
             Henry and Johanna had the following Issue;
                         Leonard Adams [c.1844-1927] - Further Details in Epilogue.
                         John Adams [1847-1896] - Further Details in Epilogue.
                         William Adams [1849-Post 1892] - Further Details in Epilogue.
                         Henry Hopper Adams[1851-1923  - Further Details in Epilogue.
                         Michael Kiley Adams [1852-1915] - Further Details in Epilogue.
                         Johanna Maria Adams [1855-withheld] - Further Details in Epilogue.
                         Alfred Adams [1856-1857] - died in infancy.- Further Details in Epilogue.
                         Alfred Adams [1858-1894] - Further Details in Epilogue.
      New Entry:   Louisa Thomazine Adams [1859-withheld]Further details in Epilogue - Kindly submitted by GrantAdams [NZ]
                         Robert Adams [1863-1881] - Further Details in Epilogue.
                         George Adams [1864-1931] - Further Details in Epilogue.

1847:     Meanwhile in England;
             Henry's father Leonard Adams died on the 23rd March 1847 recorded aged 66, he was buried in the Church Yard
             at Werrington. His tombstone and its inscription have survived and photos can be found in his Biography.  
             [submitted by GrantAdams]

1848-53:The Adams Family migration to Australia; 

             Henry's widowed mother Maria remained in Cornwall until 1852. She was recorded in the 1851 Census.
             She left the motherland, immigrating to South Australia with her three unmarried daughters; Elizabeth, 
             Maria and Thomasine,  per barque ‘Macedon’, leaving Plymouth 15th September 1852  arriving at Adelaide
             9th January 1853. 
             Henry's eldest sister Mary [now Matters] immigraged to South Australia with her spouse and young family late 1852. 
             Henry's eldest brother John, also immigrated to SA with his young family, preceeding his mother and sisters by 
             only two weeks.
             Henry's younger brother William arrived at Port Melbourne with his young family in early January 1853 and settled 
             in Victoria. 
             See full details in the Biography of their father. 

1863/4:   On the 17th August 1863 Henry placed a notice in the “Daily  Southern Cross” advertising that he had retired 
              from the 'Boot and Shoe Business' (carried on in Victoria Street) after 15 years.

              Their eighth child Robert was born this year followed by another son George in 1864.

              The children were by now; Leonard aged 19yrs, John aged 17yrs, William aged 15yrs, Henry aged 13yrs, 
              Michael aged 12yrs, Johanna aged 9yrs, Alfred aged 6yrs, Robert aged 1yr and the infant George.   
              By now Henry was aged forty-three and Joannah forty, 'Robert' would be Joannah's last birth. 
A year later;
1865:     In the 1865 Electoral Roll he was living at Victoria Street, Auckland.
             At this time Henry was in possession of the Royal Oyster Hotel in Queen Street, Auckland.
             The establishment appears to have been predomately a restaurant, with accomodation upstairs.  
             There are many references and photos of this establishment available at several sites online.

                                                                        Click image to enlarge

             It seems that Henry had left New Zealand [destination unknown] for what seems to be a brief period
             around this time and Johanna was left to continue their business.

             On the 15th June 1865, Johanna appeared in Court on charges of Assault. 
             It would appear that during this unfortunate affair, it seems unlikely that Johanna had full knowledge 
             of the circumstances surrounding the incident.  Nonetheless she was fined £5 plus costs.
             See newspaper article below: Daily Southern Cross;              
             NOTE:  The news article refers to 'Emma Adams' but by inferrence she is undoubtedly Johanna.
                         The images below were taken from 'Papers Past' Southern Cross NZ - Online. 
                                                 Extended details                                       Abridged version
With thanks to GrantAdams for making me aware of these items.  

1866:     In 1866 he obtained a Publican's License for the Queens Head Hotel in Victoria Street. 
1867:     Henry transferred the License to his son Leonard Adams in March 1867.
1867:     Henry then filed for Bankruptcy about two weeks later. 
1867:     His son Leonard subsequently transferred the License to a Christopher Greenway in December 1867. 

1870:     By now aged forty-nine, Henry returned to his former Trade of shoemaking, when he was recorded as a witness
             in a Court Case and gave his profession as 'Shoemaker'. 

1873:     Henry's mother Maria Adams [nee Squire] died at the home of her daughter Mary Matters in Bowden, SA
             on the 23rd February 1873  the recorded age of eighty-eight.
             See further details, photo of Maria in later live and newspaper clipping relating to her death in Biography

The following year Johanna died; 
1874:     Joannah Adams [nee Kiley] died on the 4th May 1874, buried in the Symonds Street Cemetery, Auckland, 
              cause unknown.
              Her death notice appeared in the Daily Southern Cross;
                        'ADAMS, May 4, 1874, Joanna beloved wife of Henry Hopper Adams, age 50'
             She was survived by her spouse Henry of nearly thirty years marriage and her surviving nine children. 
1875:     A year later Henry recorded as the Licensee of  the Crown Hotel in Grey Street.

1880:     In 1880 Henry stood for election to the Te Aroha Licensing Committee, eventually gaining a place. 
             He was then living in Alexandria Street.

1882:     In the 1882 Electoral roll his right to vote was based on ownership of buildings in Elliott Street.
1898:     Death: At the age of seventy-eight,  Henry Hopper Adams died 27th December, 1898 at Alexandria Street, 
             Auckland, succumbing to Acute Bronchitis.
             He was interred in the Symonds Street Cemetery with his wife Johanna and their sons Alfred [1], Alfred [2] 
             and Robert.
             PeterS kindly provided a transcription of his Death Certificate below;
Death:                                 Auckland 
                                            Henry  Hopper Adams died 27th December, 1898 at Alexandria Street, Auckland.
Profession:                         Settler, age 78 years. 
Cause:                                 Bronchitis Chronic, B Bronchitis Acute
Duration:                            3  weeks
                                             Dr. Dawson last saw deceased 26th December 1898. 
Father:                                Leonard Adams.
Mother:                               Maria Adams nee Squire.
Father's Occupation:        Gardener. 
Buried:                                28th  Dec. 1898, Rev. W.J. Williams, Wesleyan. 
Born:                                   England.
How long in NZ:                 55 years. 
Married:                             Auckland: aged 27  years:  Johanna Kiley.
Issue  living:                       5 males: [ages]  52; 49; 47;  46;  34.
                                             2 females:  44; 39. 
Registered:                         29th Dec. 1898.
Informant:                          Geo H. Leaning, Undertaker. 
                                                                [Above] Henry Hopper Adams grave and tombstone.
                                                                       Photo kindly submitted by a family member  

                                                                                     TO THE MEMORY OF

                 Henry Hopper Adams
                     who died 27 Dec. 1898
                     aged 77 years

                 Johanna his wife
                     who died 4th May 1874
                     aged 50 years

             and of their sons

                     who died 3rd Dec. 1857
                     aged 14 mnths

                     who died 27th Dec. 1884
                     aged 19 years

                     who died 10th Jan. 1894
                     aged 35 years

Transcription kindly submitted by TimAdams [descendant]

PLEASE NOTE: Any bdm events subsequent to 1920 have been withheld, respecting family privacy. 
Leonard Adams 
[c.1845 -1927]
- eldest son of Henry Hopper Adams and his wife Joannah nee Kiley;  

Above: Eldest son: 
Alfred Henry Adams
[born 1894]
Leonard Adams was well known in the Horse Racing Industry as a Saddler, Publican & Bookmaker.

Leonard Adams married 1] Caroline Jane Joyce in 1872 - Auckland - by whom he had issue. 
                                           Caroline Jane Joyce was born London c. 1847 
                                           Caroline died on the 14th August 1892 aged 53yrs, 
                                           buried at Waikaraka Cemetery.
                                           Funeral Notice: Herald, 15th August 1892.
'On August the 14th at her late residence, Sale Street, Auckland. Caroline, the beloved wife of Leonard Adams, aged 53 years. Private internment.'
Leonard Adams married 2] Annie Duncan in 1894 - Auckland - by whom he had issue. Annie Duncan was born in 1869 Issue; M1] Alfred Henry Adams born 17th October 1874, Auckland. Alfred was later recorded as a Publican and a Penciller. Alfred Henry Adams married Nora Marguerite Tuohey c. 1898. Alfred was noted as one of the youngest Penciller in the Racing Industry. ' "Born in the leather" might not inappropriately be said, though facetiously, of Mr. Adams, for his father was at the time a well-known saddler and supplied racehorse furnishings to sportsmen of the Auckland district...... Mr. Adams, when quite a boy, was looked upon as a perfect 'cyclopaedia onsporting matters and pedigrees of horses.......' [Kindly submitted by GrantAdams] Excerpt was taken from 'Men of Mark in the World of Sport in NZ' pg.470-471: Author Joseph Chadwick. Published.1906. Further Reading available online: Internet Archives: *** Suggest sliding the 'hand icon' to the appropriate page number.M1] Robert Henry Adams born 18th March 1877 at Elliott Street, Auckland             Robert died in early childhood in 1878. M2]
Johanna Kieley Adams born 1895 Johanna married Gordon Menzies1920 Gordon was a plumber They had seven children of whom all married and had issue. [submitted by KayC.] M2] Robert Adams born 1897 Robert married Sady [nee unknown] and had four children. M2] Janet May Adams born 1898 Janet married Ed Kelly and had two children, a son and a daughter. Their son later became a priest. M2] Ivy Adams born 1902 Ivy married [?] Hull who died young. They had only one child who married and had issue. M2] Leonard George Adams born 1905 - married - details withheld. Leonard seems to have been a publican and bookmaker. In 1867 he had the license of the Queen’s Head Hotel. In 1910 he had the license for the Britomart Hotel in Customs Street and in 1913 took over the license of the Star Hotel in Karangahape Road from his son Alfred, which he held to at least 1916. He was involved in the 'Auckland Totalisator Swindle' in April 1880 operating at the Ellerslie Races and along with two others was sentenced to one months imprisonment with hard labour. In 1914 he had the license for the Grandstand and Members Stand at the Ellerslie Races. He was convicted of obstructing a highway and fined 10 pounds in 1906. This was because he was running a book in Vulcan Lane and blocking the footpath. He appealed but lost with the Judge determining that he was obviously a Bookmaker and operating without premises. He seems to have one surviving child Alfred Henry from his first marriage, who followed his father as a Publican, holding the license for the Star Hotel from before 1908 till 1913 and then the Ponsonby Club Hotel from 1913 until after 1920 On the 29th July 1915 his sons Leonard and Arthur were living at the Hotel and are each recorded registering a bicycle. His son Alfred and his wife Nora are buried together in the Hillsborough Cemetery. Leonard is buried in the Waikaraka Cemetery with his second wife and daughter Johanna Kieley Menzies (note the different spelling of Kieley), Johanna's husband, Gordon Menzies who died two years after Johanna is buried nearby with his family. [corrections kindly submitted by KayC.]
John Adams 
- second son of Henry Hopper Adams and his wife Joannah nee Kiely;
John Adams was born on the 14th July 1837 - Auckland.  

He was later recorded as a Shoemaker.  
John Adams married Lavinia Hooker, in 1868 - Auckland. 
                                 Lavinia Hooker was born 7th March 1845 at Mayfield, Sussex, England, 
                                 the daughter of Stephen Hooker and his wife Louisa nee Thorne.

John Adams was recorded as a shoemaker. 
In 1867, both he and his brother applied to vote based on their ownership of property, Leonard having
the Hotel and John, a shoe shop/dwelling in Queens Street. Both applications were witnessed by a 
Thomas Bailey. 
Some of details for John and his children were provided by a descendant, but am no longer contact with him
as I cannot find the original email.
John died prematurely of Septicaemia on the 29th September 1896, buried at Purewa 2nd Oct 1896. 
He was survived by his widow Lavinia of twenty-eight years marriage and his three sons and two 
daughters. His youngest child was aged twenty-one. 
                    Funeral Notice: Weekly News, 1896.
'ADAMS, On September 29th, at Pitt Street, Auckland. John, dearly beloved 2nd son of Mr H H Adams, aged 49 years. Beloved husband of Lavinia Adams.'
Lavinia died eleven years later on the 11th March 1907. The following additions in maroon test were kindly submitted by GrantAdams. Known issue;
1] John Henry Adams born 22nd July 1868 - Auckland. John Henry Adams married Frances Elizabeth Cherry on the 2nd November 1892. Frances Elizabeth Cherry was born 7th February 1872 - Auckland, the daughter of Francis Cherry and his wife Elizabeth Edwards Williams.
1] Francis Harold Adams born 2nd May 1894 2] Rolf Cherry Adams born 29th October 1895 - Auckland - Rolf Cherry married Della Ilene Beumont in 1921 Dennis Beaumont Adams is their child not John Henry's.
[the former entry for Denis Beaumont Adams - son of John Henry Adams has been deleted.] 3] Keith John Adams born 1899. John born 1899 was Keith John according to my info. He died 1904 5] Dorothy Ethel Adams born 1902.             6] Allen Beric Adams born 1905. - Allen died in 1917 estimated aged twelve years.       7] Ronald Edwyn Adams born 19th July 1905. - Ronald Edwyn shows in the index as 1907- there may have been a major delay in registration - Ronald was later recorded as a Draper. 8] Geoffrey Owen Adams born 1910 9] Joyce Adams born 1912. 2] Frank Adams born 1929 Frank married Amelia Harriet Williams in 1893.             3] Ernest Cecil Adams born 1875 - Auckland. Ernest later worked as an Importer. He married Clare Comfort late in life and died in Auckland 1946, without issue at the age of seventy-one. He was survived by his widow.
William Adams
- Third son of Henry Hopper Adams and his wife Joannah nee Kieley;

         William Adams

Son: Albert Edward Adams
                [Born 1873]
William Adams was born in Auckland 2nd June 1849.

The following additions and alterations kindly submitted by GrantAdams are in maroon text. 

William Adams married Louise Alice Wright in 1868.
No details have been submitted for Louise Wright at the present time. 

William was well known in the Horse Racing Industry. 
" an early age took service with Mr. Andrew Anderson, a leading builder, who filled out the
ships that took Home ther Imperial troops after the Waikato war. From the building trade he went
into the Queen's Head Hotel, and remained proprietor for eight years, drifting into racing about the 
year 1880...."
Excerpt from 'Men of Mark in the World of Sport in NZ' pg.166-168 -Author Joseph Chadwick - Publ.1906.
Available online: Internet Archives: *** Suggest sliding 'hand icon' to the appropriate page number.

          1] Anna Maria born 1868
                    Anna married WilliamBlomfield1889. 
          2] Frederick William Henry born 1871. 
                    Frederick married AnnaMariaMarionTracy1893
          3] Albert Edward Adams born 1873 - married JanetDollarDavidson1906
              Albert, like his father was well known in the Racing Industry.              
          4] Ada Alice born c. July 1875 - Auckland. 
                   - Ada Alice died in early childhood 25th October 1876 - Auckland, 
                     buried at Symonds Street Cemetery.
          5] William born 1879
                     William married MinnieKateSmith1899.
          3] Louisa Alice born 1882
                     Louisa appears to have died unmarried and without issue [basedonnotesbyGrantAdams]
          4] Ethel May born 1884 
                     Ethel married1) FrancisHarryVictorHarvord1905.
                     Subsequently remarried - detailswithheld.
          5] Percy born 1885. 
                     Percy married BlancheDorothyGibbons1918.       
          6] Bertie Cooper born 1888
                     Bertie died 1892 aged four years. 
          7] Ivy Gwendoline born 1892
                     Ivy married  WilliamSamuelMcMasterHoey1914.
Hopper Adams
Fourth son of Henry Hopper Adams and his wife Joannah nee Kiley;

Henry Hopper Adams

Henry Hopper Adams home
and young family

Eliza Hopper [nee Andrew]
with her seven sons. 

L-R: [Back] Robert; 
Richard; Henry; Leonard. 
[Middle] John; Eliza; 
[Front] Francis V. Adams

Daughter Aroha Adams
as a young girl.
          [born 1889]

Daughter Aroha. 

Photographs above were
kindly submitted by 
a family member.
 Henry Hopper Adams was born 30th January 1851 - Auckland.

Information in maroon text were kindly submitted by various family members as noted. 

A transcription of Henry's Birth Certificate - submitted by PeterS.
Birth:                         Auckland, New Zealand. 
Name:                         Henry  Hopper Adams 
Date:                          30th January 1851.              
Father:                       Henry Hopper Adams, 
Father's Occupation:  Shoemaker.
Mother:                      Hannah Adams, formerly Kiley.
Informant:                 Father [signed]
Registered:                 17th Feb. 1851. 
Henry was later recorded as Mining Engineer and Company Director.
Henry Hopper Adams married Eliza Andrew in 1873 at Shortland, Hauraki.
                  Eliza Andrew was the 3rd daughter of John and Elizabeth Andrew.
Henry was a successful, though controversial mining engineer and it is no surprise to see that at 
least three of his sons were also engineers. 
He named two of his children after his mining tenements. 
Two of his children married into the Smale Family and subsequently the Smales Quarry was located on 
the Taharoto Block, which may have passed by inheritance through to his daughter.
From 1886 Henry was recorded for his hard handedness relating to his treatment of the MaoriLand

In 1912 he purchased “Greydene” on  the Taharoto Block in Takapuna and remained there until 
his death.
Henry died on the 14th May 1928 at Takapuna, Devonport, Auckland, buried at O’Neill’s Point Cemetery.

              1] Charles or Edward Adams born 27th July 1874 – Shortland, Hauraki
- Died in infancy.
                           Death Notice Published in the Daily Southern Cross 24/8/1874;
                                  'ADAMS - on July 29, at his father's residence Macky St, Shortland, 
                                                  infant son of Henry Hopper Adams, age 2 days.'           
              2] Albert Augustine Adams born 1878.  
                          Albert was later recorded as a Mining Engineer.
                           He married Minnie Maud Collins in 1902 by whom he had issue.
                           Minnie Maude Collins was born c. 1879. 

               3] William Charles Adams born 1880.  
                           William died in infancy 1880.                

              4]    Rosina Adams born 1881 
                               - Rosina died 1881 'aged 8 days'
                                 Submitted by GrantAdams.

               5] Richard Waiorongomai Adams born 1884.
                           Richard married Ruby Migna Dodd in 1906 by whom he had issue.
6] Henry Hopper Adams born 1886, Thames, Waikato. Henry married Annie Reed Gynn Smale 1913 [his sister-in-law] i.e. Annie was the sister of William Smale who married Henry's sister Aroha Adams [see below] Henry was later recorded as an Engineer. 7] Robert Andrew Adams born 1888. Robert married Winifred Rosiana Lewis by whom he had issue. Robert was later recorded as a Civil Engineer.   8] Aroha Adams born 1889 Aroha married William John Smale in 1915, who was her brother-in-law and by whom she had issue. [see marriage of her brother Henry Hopper Adams above] 9] Leonard Adams born on the 24th November 1892 – Thames, Waikato. Leonard married Eileen Ivy Murray Mountain 21st April 1915 by whom he had issue.
Eileen Mountain was born 18th Sept. 1892 the daughter of Walter Clapham Moutnain. She was adopted by her grandmother Hannah Elizabeth Mountain [nee Clapham]. Hannah Clapham was the daughter of Hannah King Leithridge [nee Hansen] who was buried at the Bay of Islands Cemetery. On her gravestone she is said to be the first white child born in New Zealand, although there is some doubt in that a record has since been found for a child born 2 weeks earlier. Addition information: "The Active - a social history of the first European settlers" by Kath Hansen - Published 1994. Leonard worked as a car dealer and a racing car driver. He raced one of the first cars on Orewa Beach, north of Auckland when the only road north was along the beach at low tide. He was for some time in partnership in a motor business in Whangarei, Nth Auckland. Leonard is recorded as the son of H.H.Adams, a gold mining engineer and died in Whanarei at an advanced age [details withheld] [Information for Leonard was kindly submitted by J.A., a family member]

               10]   Francis Victor Adams born 1893. 
                           Francis married Edith Hudgell 1919 by whom he had issue.  
                                        1] Elizabeth Sylvia Adams born 1895.
                                               - Elizabeth died in early childhood 22nd July 1899. 
                                                 Death Notice: Herald, 24th July 1899.
'ADAMS: On July the 22nd 1899, at Lake Takapuna, Auckland. Elizabeth Sylvia Adams, the dearly beloved daughter of Harry H and Eliza Adams, age 3 years and 7 months.'
Elizabeth died tragically after her dress ignited while jumping embers with her siblings at a bonfire at the family home. [kindly submitted by another family member]
2] Possible twin brother John Adams.[submitted by GrantAdams]
Kiley Adams 
- Fifth son of Henry Hopper Adams and his wife Joannah nee Kiley;
Michael Kiley Adams was born in Auckland in 1852.

Very likely a boyish prank, he may be the same Michael Adams recorded in the Taranaki Herald,
8th January 1875;
                   'The Resident Magistrate Court: Wed. January 5th 1875.
                    Malicious  Injury:  James Nelson and Michael Adams pleaded guilty 
                    to breaking twelve panes of glass in the windows of the Waitara lock-up. 
The little incident cost them £1.15s. each.' 
If same Michael would have been aged 23yrs at this time. 

Michael like his brother George married one of the Turrell sisters. 

Michael married Clara Elizabeth Turrell in 1881. 
                    Clara Elizabeth Turrell [a twin] was born 1862 in Auckland the daughter of  Lewis Turrell 
                    and his wife Eliza Ann [nee Evans].
                    Her eldest sister Kate was born in London and came out with her parents on the “Harwood” 
                    in 1858. 
                    They had an elder brother Lewis Evans Turrell but he seems to have died either in London or 
                    at sea as there is no record of his arrival. 
                    Kate and Clara’s parents married in Tiverton, Devon so like the majority of early NZ  
                    as assisted emigrants and like to Adams family were from SW England. 
Michael died in Auckland on the 28th December 1915, buried at Waikaraka Cemetery.
Clara died on the 15th August 1932 – Auckland, also buried at Waikaraka Cemetery.

Additional information kindly submitted by GrantAdams is in maroon text.
                            1] Albert Lewis Adams born 1882.
                                      - Albert married ElsieMayColdicutt1904 
                                      - Albert was later recorded as a Painter.
                            2] Clara May Adams born 1883.
                                      - Clara died in infancy in 1883. 
                            3] Victor George Adams born 1885.
                                      - Victor married QueeniePhyllisWinifredGibbens1915
                            4] Leonard William Adams born 1887.
                                      - Leonard married RosannaColdicutt1915
                            5] Michael Arthur Adams born 1889.
                                     - Michael died in early childhood 1892 aged 3yrs.
                            6] Ernest Claude Adams born 1894.
                                     - Ernest married KathleenColes1933
                            7] Harold Arthur Adams born 1896.
                                     - Harold married MarySophieMarthaCarlsson
Maria Adams
- eldest daughter of Henry Hopper Adams and his wife Joannah nee Kiley;
Johanna Maria Adams was born Auckland in 1855. 

Joannah married James Loggie on the 29th November, 1871 at St. James’ Presbyterian Church, Auckland.
Transcription of Johanna Adams marriage was kindly submitted by PeterS.;
Marriage:                                Auckland
Date:                                        29th  November, 1871 
Place:                                      St. James’ Presbyterian Church, Auckland. 
Groom:                                   James  Loggie
Status:                                    Bachelor. 
Age:                                         Full Age
Occupation:                            Butcher
Bride:                                      Johanna Maria Adams 
Status:                                    Spinster
Age:                                         A minor
Occumpation:                         [no occupation noted]
Officiating  Minister:            R.R. MacNicol.  
Registered:                              28th  November 1871.

Annotation:    ‘This  marriage was solemnized between us,
                        James Loggie & Johanna Maria Adams [her mark]
                        In the  Presence of us,  W.Adams, Publican Queen Street  
                        & Alice Adams, Queen Street  [her mark]'
Alfred Adams
- sixth son of Henry Hopper Adams and his wife Joannah nee Kiley;
Alfred Adams is estimated born around October 1856 – Auckland. 

Alfred died in infancy on the 3rd December  1857 – Auckland, buried at Symonds Street Cemetery.
Funeral Notice: Southern Cross, 14th December 1857.
'ADAM: On Thursday the 3rd instant, Alfred, the youngest son of Henry Adam, Victoria Street, Auckland. The funeral will leave this day at 5 O,Clock. Friends are requested to receive this as an invitation to attend.' Both his parents and his brother Robert were interred in the same Family Grave.
These details have since been confirmed by a Family Member.
Alfred Adams [1858-1894]
- seventh son of Henry Hopper Adams and his wife Joannah nee Kiley;
Alfred was born in Auckland in 1858. 
He was the namesake of his deceased infant brother 'Alfred Adams [1856-1857]' 

Alfred followed the trade of his father as a shoemaker in Auckland.
He died prematurely unmarried and without issue, at Auckland Hospital on the 19th January 1894 
at the age of thirty-four. 
He was buried in the Family Grave at Symonds Street Cemetery, interred with his parents, 
infant brother Alfred and brother Robert.  
Thomazine Adams
- youngest daughter of Henry Hopper Adams and his wife Joannah nee Kiley;

Previously unknown child
This information was kindly submitted by GrantAdams [NZ]

Louisa Thomazine Adams was born in 1859. 
She married James Patterson in 1876 by whom she had issue;
            1] Henry James Patterson born 1877
                         - Henry married WinifredMaryAliceGee1904
            2] Mary Carlin Patterson born 1879
                         - Mary married HenryGrahamMcLeod1905
            3] Belinda Maud Patterson born 1884 
            4] Louisa Mary Patterson born 1889
            5] Robert Adams Patterson born 1892
                         - Robert married MaryBradley1914
            6] Rita Thompson Patterson born 1896
Louisa lived to a great age.  
Robert Adams
- eighth son of Henry Hopper Adams and his wife Joannah nee Kiley;
Robert was born in Auckland in 1863.

Robert died on the 27th December 1881 at the age of eighteen. 
He was buried at Symonds Street Cemetery and shares the grave with his 
infant brother Alfred and both his parents.    
George Adams 
- ninth son and youngest child of Henry Hopper Adams and his wife Joannah nee Kiley;
 George Adams was born in Auckland in 1864

George like his brother Michael married one of the Turrell sisters. 
George married Kate Eliza Turrell on the 26th December 1888 at Thames, Waikato.
            Kate Eliza Turrell was born around December 1857 in Lambeth, England, 
            the daughter of Lewis Turrell and his wife Eliza Ann [nee Evans].
            See further details for the Turrell sisters in the entry for his brother Michael [above]. 

Additional information kindly submitted by GrantAdams [NZ] is in maroon text.
            1] Sidney George Adams born 1889.
                      - Sidney married WinnieMatildaThorne1920  
            2] Lewis Arthur Adams born 1891.       
            3] William Claude Adams born 1896.
            4] Henry Hopper Walter Adams born on the 3rd June 1900 at Thames, Waikato.

A transcription of the Birth Certificate of their youngest son Henry Hopper Walter Adams
was kindly submitted by PeterS. 
Name:                     Henry Hopper Walter Adams; 
Father:                   George Adams, Miner, aged 36, born Auckland.
Parents married:   26th December 1888, Thames.
Mother:                  Kate Eliza Adams formerly Turrell, age 40, 
                                Born London, England. 
Informant:             Mother: [signed] Kate Eliza Adams.   
Residence:             Karaka Road. 
Registered:            30th July 1900.
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