Generation V
                            Cornwall/Devonshire to South Australia

              John Adams                      1]Betsey Williams                2]Caroline Weypool
                     [1815-1893]                                         [1813-1872]                                  [1831-1915] No Issue 


                                   BIOGRAPHY of John Adams  [1815-post 1893]
                                  Williams Family of Tavistock

                                                     With Special Thanks 
                                                to Dianne Smith [descendant] 
             who contributed many bdm dates from the Bible of her grt. grt. grandfather 
                      Henry Hopper Adams [1844-1915], son of John & Betsey.

                             Luke Gassien - Dunterton, Devon, former Parish Clerk
                             Glenda Garrelts Mattes, Werrington, Devon Parish Clerk &
                    for their kindness & unwavering patience in searching Parish Records

                                  Children of John & Betsey;
                                  James Adams [1839-1895] - Born Devon - BIOGRAPHY
                                  Mary Adams [1841-1922] - Born Devon [Downie]
                                  Henry Hopper Adams [1844-1915] - Born Devon
                                  Tamzin Adams [1847-1926] - Born Devon [Teakle]
                                  Maria Adams [1850-?]  - Born Devon
                                  William Thomas Adams [1852-?]  - Born Devon
                                  Hannah Adams [1854-post 1888] - Born Sth. Australia [Workman]
                                  John Adams [the younger] [1856-?] - Born Sth. Australia



John Adams was  baptised 25th June 1815 at Werrington, Devonshire, England the son of  Leonard Adams [1780-1847] & and his wife
Maria [nee Squires][1791-1873]. His father was a pious man, his family committed to the Wesleyan Methodist Philosophy. 

The Baptism entry reads his father: 'husbandman of Yeolmbridge', the ceremony performed by 
John Braddon, Minister. Yeolmbridge was a small farming area adjacent the township of Werrington where his parents were 
married on the 27th March 1811. John had six surviving siblings; Mary b.1812; Elizabeth b.1813; Maria b. 1819; 
Henry Hopper Adams b. 1821; William b. 1825 and  Thomasin born 1829.

Two years before he was born, his father was legatee in the Will of Leonard Hopper [1736-1813], his grandmother's brother. 
His widowed grand-mother, Elizabeth Adams [nee Hopper] [1744-1821] died when John was aged eleven  His grandfather 
Roger Adams [1755 -1806] died before he was born.
This maternal 'Hopper' ancestral name was carried by the Adams Family as a 'middle name' for many subsequent generations. 
This Direct Lineage dates back to the 16th Century at Black Torrington, Devonshire, the ancient Cradle of the Hopper Family.  
Also see:  Hopper Etymology [under construction].
  At the age of twenty-two John Adams married Betsy Williams by Banns on the 1st April 1838 at Milton Abbott, 
  Devon [7.2 miles SE of Werrington]. John was recorded as a labourer and Betsey as a Servant. John signed 
  his name on the document, Betsey with her mark. Witnesses were John Polgreen and John Olver. 
  This entry is consistent with the Bible of their son Henry Hopper Adams. 
  Left: A Copy of Original Civil Marriage Certificate - BDM England.
Betsey Williams; 

Betsey Williams was baptised on the 11th December 1813 at Tavistock, Devon, consistent with the Bible 
of her son Henry Hopper Adams. Betsey was born the daughter of Thomas Williams and his wife Mary 
[nee Bray], she had several siblings. 
In all John and Betsey had six children in England and a further three born in South Australia*; 
                      Child 1:  James Adams was born 9th Sept. 1839 at Eastacott Devon, baptised same day at Dunterton near Tavistock. 
                                    His father's occupation was recorded 'labourer'. A strange naming pattern for an eldest son - See notes.
                      Child 2:  Mary Adams born 17th Sept. 1842 at Tavistock. Perhaps namesake of John's sister?
                      Child 3:  Henry Hopper Adams born 30th Dec. 1843 at Tavistock. An ancestral 'Adams' name.
                      Child 4:  Tamzin Adams born 2nd August 1847 at Tavistock.  Another peculiar choice of name.                  
                      Child 5:  Mariah Adams born 24th February 1850 at Tavistock. Namesake of John's mother.
                      Child 6:  William Thomas Adams born 30th April 1852 at Tavistock. William - John's brother & Thomas - Betsy's father.
                      POST IMMIGRATION; 
                      Child 7:  Hannah Adams born 13th May, 1854, Spring Gulley, Mt. Barker, South Australia. Another peculiar choice.
                      Child 8:  John Adams born 27th August 1856, Spring Gulley, Mt. Barker, South Australia. Is self explanatory. 

                      * all birth dates were taken from the Bible of their son Henry Hopper Adams. 
     In the 1841 Census [7th June] they were living at Newton, Milton Abbott,  
                                         John Adams, age 25, Agricultural Labourer,  
                                         Elizabeth Adams, age 25
    Next Page:                    and their young son James Adams aged 1 year.

At this time John's parents were still living at Yeolmbridge, Cornwall, his father Leonard Adams was recorded as an
Agricultural Labourer,living with his  wife Maria and John's younger siblings John & Tamzin were living with them aged fifteen 
and twelve respectively.  His father died six years later on the 23rd March 1847.  His tombstone still stands in the Werrington 
Church Yard.

   By the 1851 Census [30th  March] John and his family were still living at Milton Abbott, when five more 
                             of their children were recorded;.                                              
                             John Adams, 35, Head, Agricultural Labourer, Born Werrington, Devon 
                             Betsey Adams, 30, Wife, Born Tavistock Devon
                             Mary Adams, Daughter, 9yrs, born Tavistock
                             Henry Adams, Son, 7yrs, born Tavistock
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                              Tamzen Adams, daughter, 2yrs, born Tavistock
                              Maria Adams, daughter, one year, born Tavistock.

    Their eldest son James was by now aged eleven and was recorded working as a cow-boy a mile away on a 
    nearby farm at Bradstone about ½ an hour's walk from his parents home. The property 'Hollerex' of 220 
    acres was owned by Philip Spears who lived there with his wife and young family, employing five agricultural 
    labourers, 1 boy (James Adams) and plus others. James was recorded as a Servant, age 11, Cow Boy, 
     born Eastacott, Devon.

On the same Census John's widowed mother had moved to the Hamlet of St. Thomas, Dunhead, Cornwall with her daughter 
Thomasine recorded: Maria Adams, Head, Widow, age 65, born Cornwall, Marhamchurch; Thomasine Adams, Daughter, Unmarried, 
Age 21, Dress Maker, born Devon, Werrington.

Leaving the Motherland

It was around this time that the entire Adams Family made preparations to immigrate to Australia.  
John's brother Henry Hopper Adams had already left England four years before to settle in Auckland, New Zealand.  His other 
brother William had opted to settle in Victoria, Australia where his wife had a brother living in Melbourne. The rest of the Family 
including John, his mother and sisters all chose to immigrate to South Australia. Three months before departure Betsey gave 
birth to a son, 'William' in April 1852. 

With the necessary papers approved, John and his family were the first to leave the Motherland via Portsmouth [2 miles of Tavistock] 
per the Barque 'China' on the 26th July 1852, arriving at Port Adelaide, South Australia on Friday 12th November 1852. The voyage
took 3½ months. Below: The entry from The Ship's List Online

William Thomas

John's only married sister Maria Matters [nee Adams] was next to embark, with her spouse Thomas Matters and their three sons 
per the Barque 'Sea Park' leaving Plymouth 24th August 1852, arriving Port Adelaide 10th December 1852.

John's brother William was next to leave Plymouth with his wife and infant daughter, per 'St. George' 6th October 1852, arriving at
Port Phillip, Melbourne early around 28th November 1852, the voyage recorded taking 7 weeks & 4 days. He placed several 
advertisements in the Argus Newspaper seeking his wife's brother. [See Epilogue in the Biography of his father Leonard Adams. 

John's mother now aged 66 and his three unmarried sisters Elizabeth aged 37, Maria 32 and Thomasine aged 22 were the last of 
the Adams Family to leave England.  Departing Plymouth on the 15th September 1852 per barque 'Macedon' they arrived at Port 
Adelaide 9th January 1853. On arrival his mother and sisters appear to have lived with John's married sister Mary Matters and 
her family.   

Eighteen months after arrival sees John and his family settled on a farm at Spring Gully at Mount Barker in the Bowen District.
Mount Barker lies at the foot of the mountain which bears its name, then a small rural town it lies 35kms from the centre of 
Adelaide.  Here Betsey gave birth to her first Australian born child, a daughter 'Hannah' born 13th May, 1854 
- Birthdate from the Bible of John & Betsey's son Henry Hopper Adams.

Just over two years later, at the age of thirty-nine, Betsey gave birth to their last child 'John' born at Spring Gully on the 
27th August 1856 - Birthdate from the Bible of Henry Hopper Adams.

  Two years later Betsey Filed a Complaint against a neighbour Jane Alexander, wife of Thomas Alexander
  who had threatened to murder her.  The Case was heard at the Mount Barker Court 13th October 1858
  when Alexander was bound by her husband in the sum of 25 to keep the peace for six months. 
  Left: South Australia Register: 18th Oct. 1858. 

  The Alexanders appear to have been neighbours for the past two years during which time John had a dispute 
  with Thomas about charcoal.  The antagonism between the two families escalated over the next two weeks 
  when the Alexanders removed some of the fencing panels on John's property turning two bullocks into his 
  wheat crops, thereafter returning the panels in order to close in the animals.  John filed action against 
  Thomas Alexander and the matter presented at Mount Barker Court on the 3rd November, 1858. 
  Betsey gave evidence at the Trial.  
  The Court Ruled in favour of the Plaintiff and Alexander was fined 10 shillings plus Costs. 
  Left: South Australian Register: 6th November 1858.

Jane Alexander was born in Dublin Ireland [1823] & married Thomas Alexander [died 1898] settling at first at Bowden and 
then at Mount Barker until her death in 1917 at the age of 97.  It would be reasonable to assume that there was much gossip in the 
small community regarding the conflicts. Whether the continuing strain of unfriendly neighbours took it's toll on Betsey's health
will probably never be known, but it was at this time that she became ill with a lingering illness from which she sadly never 
completely recovered. 

Nine years later John was Issued a Slaughtering Licence by the Mount Barker Council. South Australian Advertiser: 30th July 1869.

   Betsey Adams [nee Williams] died at the Mount Barker property three years later on the 28th July 1872 
   aged fifty-nine after an illness of fifteen years. The date is consistent with the Bible of her son HHAdams.
   Left: Death Notice: Sth Aust. Register. Thursday 15th August, 1872.

Six months later John's mother died at the home of his married sister, Mary Matters, on the 23rd February 1873.        
During this time and shortly following several of their children married;
                          Eldest son James had moved east to work in the Victorian Goldfields as a miner.  
                                                     He married Charlotte Maria Hamilton at the small township at Pleasant Creek, Victoria 
                                                     22nd November 1869.  They ultimately moved to Castlemaine, where John's brother William 
                                                     had established himself as a respected Auctioneer,Freemason and twice elected mayor of the town
                                                 .  James died in a tragic mining accident in 1895.
                          Daughter Mary   had married Thomas Downie under the name 'Mary Ann Williams Adams' [embracing her mother's 
                                                     maiden name]  at St. Paul Adelaide 9th October, 1860. They had Issue. 
                          Son Henry Hopper Adams married Mary Jane Tippett at the Wesleyan Chapel at Mt. Barker 10th May 1870. 
                                                     He eventually moved to Melbourne where he died Testate in 1915.  His bible still exists today.
                          Daughter Tamzin married thirty-one year old widower John Teakle at Adelaide 19th Nov. 1873. She was living
                                                     at Kent Town at the time of her marriage. 
                          Daughter Hannah married William Workman in Adelaide 14th August 1873.
                          Outcomes for their remaining children Mariah aged around 22yrs at this time, William Thomas aged 18yrs and John
                                                      who would have been aged around 16yrs have not yet been established.  

Two years after Betsy's death John married the widow Caroline Jury [nee Waypool] at the Registry Office, Adelaide 27th Feb. 1875.
                          Groom noted: John Adams, widower, age 58yrs - Father's name Leonard Adams.
                          Bride noted:   Caroline Jury, widow, age 42yrs - Father's name Joseph Waypool. There was no Issue from the union.

Eleven years later John elder spinster sister Elizabeth took her own life under tragic circumstances at the home of his married sister
Maria Matters living in Adelaide.  The news article relating to her death relates that a few days prior to the incident she was visited 
by her brother whom she had not seen for 42 years. Elizabeth had only three brothers, Henry Hopper Adams who had immigrated to 
New Zealand 43 years before; William Adams who had immigrated with his wife & family to Victoria in 1852 [34yrs ago] and John.
It is felt that although John was living at Mount Barker he very possibly had contact with his sisters during this time. The Advertiser 
[Adelaide] 18th March 1886 Part 1 - Part 2.

Three years later, John was aged seventy-four when, with his 2nd wife Caroline, he visited his eldest son James and his wife Charlotte 
at Sandhurst, Victoria, near the Goldfields at Bendigo in 1890. During this visit the family attended the Rational Dress Picnic on the 
Road to Fernshaw, Victoria. Several Photos were taken en route by a local professional Photographer dated c.1890

John returned to South Australia where he is believed to have died 35kms from Adelaide at the small township of Magill on the 
12th December 1893*. He is believed to have been living at Magill with his married daughter Mary Ann Williams Downie who also 
later lived at Norwood a short distance from Magill.

His widow survived him by twenty years an died at Stephany St. Australia 13th Oct. 1915 aged eighty-four.

* There were only two entries in the SA Death Index, which could apply.  The previously assumed death for John Adams on the 
   6th Dec. 1895 at Adelaide, with the aide of several Newspaper Articles, has been found conclusively to be another John Adams.
James Adams 

Above: James Adams c.1894/5

- Eldest son of  John Adams & Betsey [nee Williams]
- Born 9th Sept. 1839 at Eastacott Devon, baptised at Dunterton, Devon.
- Married Charlotte Maria Hamilton at Pleasant Creek Victoria 22nd November 1869.
- They had several Issue.
      Francis Elizabeth Adams [1870-1956]:Died unmarried & without issue 24th February 1956.
      James Pelham Adams [1873-1905]: Engineer, James married Harriet Gaylard in 1905 - had Issue. 
      John Henry Adams [1875-1877]: Died at Bendigo 30th May 1877 of Typhoid Fever at the age of two yrs
      Alfred Hamilton Adams [1877-1949]; Married Olive Pendennis Riley in 1913 by whom he had issue.  
      Mabel Maude Adams [1880-1955]: Died unmarried 19th June 1955 at the age of  seventy-four. 
      Norman Stanley Adams [1883-1953]:Salvation Army Officer - married1 Charlotte Marie Gartner 
                                                               in NZ 1910.  They had issue. 
                                                               Married2 Ruby Heidorn, there was no issue from this union.    
      Ruby Septima Adams [1885-1967]: married Benjamin James Thomas 19th April 1922 - one daughter. 
- James died in a tragic mining accident in 1895.  Newspaper Articles & Inquest available.
- His widow survived him by forty years, died Sydney, Australia at the home of her son Alfred in 1935 
Mary Adams 
- Eldest daughter of John Adams & Betsey [nee Williams]
- Born 17th Sept. 1842 at Tavistock, Devon.
- Married Thomas Downie under the name Mary Ann Williams Adams [embracing her mother's 
  maiden name]  at St. Paul Adelaide 9th October, 1860.
- They had several Issue; 
           Eva Downie 5th July 1861 in Adelaide - Eva followed Religious Orders [Sister Mary Evangelist]
                                                                      - died at Inverell, NSW 18th Aug. 1926. 
           Robert Simpson Downie 11th Dec. 1862 in Adelaide
           Frances Mary Downie 6th August 1864 in Adelaide
           Henry James Downie 25th Jan. 1866 in Nth.Adelaide 
            - Henry appears to have had one child: 
              'Leonard' Allan Downie the namesake of his maternal grt. grt.  grandfather 'Leonard Adams'
-  Mary Ann died at Norwood [near Magill] in Sth Aust. 27th Aug. 1922.  
   A Memoriam was published by her son Henry in the Advertiser, South Australia 27th Aug. 1929.
Henry Hopper Adams 
- 2nd son of John Adams & Betsey [nee Williams]
- Born 30th Dec. 1843 at Tavistock.
- Married Mary Jane Tippett, at the Wesleyan Chapel at Mt. Barker South Australia, 10th May 1870. 
- The had several children; 
                     - Florence Mary Adams 9th July 1872 at Mt. Schank, South Australia*
                                   - Florence Adams married James Foggo in 1895
                                     1] Robert Ernest Foggo - married Dulcie Albermarle May Hewitt 1920.
                     - Ernest Henry Adams 25th March 1874 Newstead, Victoria: 
                                   - married Isabell Ross in 1907 'Henry recorded born Carcoah!'
                     - William George Adams born 30th Sept. 1876, at Bar Creek, Victoria.
                     - Wilfred James Adams 20th May 1879, at Cohuna, Victoria 
                     - Rosey Eliza Ann Adams 18th June 1883, at Bar Creek Victoria - "died October 1939".
                     - Richard Tippett Adams born 1886 at Cohuna - married Ethel Smith in 1912.

Henry's Spouse Mary Jane Adams [nee Tippett] died on the 1st April 1890 recorded in the Family Bible 
aged 45yrs.

Henry Hopper Adams died Testate in Melbourne 8th January 1915 at the age of seventy.
The details of his Estate was published in the Argus, Melbourne 20th February 1915;
Probate was Granted to his Executors, his sons Ernest Henry Adams and Wilfred James Adams.
on the 1st March 1915:  Published in the Advertiser, Adelaide 17th June 1915

                    Mary Jane Tippett spouse of Henry Hopper Adams
                       Based on the research of Dianne Smith [Descendant]

Although there is a discrepancy of one year between Mary Jane's age at marriage 
and the Family Bible entry, She was likely born 28th April 1844 [Bible entry '1845'], 
the daughter of George Tippett his wife Jane nee Snell of St. Ervin, Cornwall.
A baptism appears in this parish for Mary Jane Tippett on the 19th May 1844
of the same parents, consistent with the earlier entry. 
Note: The Bible entry also indicates she died 1st August 1890 at the age of 45yrs
          [i.e. born 1845]

       George Tippett was baptised 17th Sept. 1820 at St. Ervin, Cornwall, 
                              the son of Thomas Tippett and his wife Mary nee Brenton.  
                              He died 30th December 1897, Adelaide, South Australia. 

       Thomas Tippett born 1786 St. Columb, Cornwall - died 1861 Penrose, St. Evin. 
       Mary Brenton bapt. 22nd May 1791, St. Merryn, Cornwall - died ? 
       Jane Snell born 1816 - died 30th January 1898, Adelaide, South Australia. 
       Information kindly provided by Dianne Smith [descendant]
Tamzin Adams
- Daughter of  John Adams & Betsey [nee Williams]
- Born 2nd August 1847 at Tavistock, Devon
- Married thirty-one year old widower John Teakle 19th November 1873 at the residence of 
  Joseph Spittle, Kent Town, Adelaide.
- They had several children;
         - Elliot Henry Alexander Teakle 23rd August 1874 Kenton Valley, SA. - Died 29th Feb. 1940.
         - Ethel May Teakle 12th Sept. 1875 at Kenton Valley, SA. 
         - Tamzin Annie Teakle 21st Oct. 1877 at Cedar Creek, S.A.
         - Olive Eva Teakle 12th Aug. 1879 at Hartey Vale, S.A. 
         - Harold John Teakle 17th Jan. 1882 at Gumeracha, S.A. - Died 13th July 1890 age 8yrs & 6 mths
         - Lillian Mary Williams Teakle 27th July 1886 at Kenton Valley, S.A.
         - Gladys Ella Teakle 7th April 1892 at Kenton Valley, S.A. - Died 9th July 1892 aged 3 months.
John was a successful farmer. 
In 1880 John's farm at Gulnare fell vicitm to a costly fire when pieces of farming equipment were lost.
Some years later they moved to Norwood, where Tamzin's married sister Mary [Downie] also lived. 
Tamzin Teakle [nee Adams]  died in 1926 at the age of seventy-nine.
Her spouse survived her by eight years and died Testate 1st May 1934. His death notice was published 
in The Advertiser, Adelaide Wed 2nd May 1934 - 'dearly loved husband of the late Tamzin Teakle'.
His Estate, 'John Teakle of Norwood',  was valued at £5,386 advertised in The Advertiser [Adelaide] 
2nd July 1934.
Maria Adams
- Daughter of  John Adams & Betsey [nee Williams]
- Born 24th February 1850 at Tavistock, Devon. 

Last recorded arriving at Port Adelaide in 1852 with her parents and siblings, then aged two years.
No further information has been found to date.
William Thomas Adams
- Son of  John Adams & Betsey [nee Williams]
- born 30th April 1852 at Tavistock.

Last recorded arriving at Port Adelaide in 1852 with his parents and siblings, then an infant.
No further information has been found to date.  
Hannah Adams 
[1854-post 1888] 
- daughter of John Adams & Betsey [nee Williams] 
- Born 13th May, 1854, Spring Gulley, Mt. Barker, South Australia.
- Married Hannah Adams 14th August 1873 
  Notes: William Workman, aged 26, Single, Father: Henry Workman
             Hannah Adams, aged 21, Single, Father: John Adams
             Venue: Residence of Simon Jose, Adelaide.
- They had several children;
             Henry John Workman 7th Feb. 1875 at Lefevre Peninsula, Port Adelaide 
                        - Married  Eliza Francis Adams by whom he had issue.
                          1]Henry John Workman born 18th Dec. 1902 at Sandwell 
                          2]Ronald William in 12th  June 1905 Peterhead.
             William Alexander Talbert Workman born 19th Oct. 1876, Adelaide
                       - Married Fanny Sophia Dowsett the daughter of  Edward Issac Dowsett, had issue.
             Alberton 'Willie' Workman born 1877 - died 23rd Aug 1950 aged 73.
             Edgar  Percival Workman born 10th March 1879, Fisherville, Adelaide.
                      - Married May Eliza Clark daughter of James Clark 30th Nov. 1899.
             Alfred Edward Workman born 25th Dec. 1883 - Port Adelaide
                      - Married Lily May Townsend. 
                        1] Ethel Mary Workman born 16th Oct. 1881 Fisherville Port Adelaide.  
                            Ethel died 16th November 1899 age 18years - Residence Exeter Sandwell.
             Mabel Annie born 29th March 1886 Fisherville, Port Adelaide - married. 
             Ada Anna Workman born 6th Oct. 1888 Fisherville  Port Adelaide - married.

William died on the 22nd November 1907 at Sandwell aged 58 years.  His Death Notice quotes 
'leaving a widow, four sons and two daughters to mourn their sad loss. At rest. Home papers 
please copy.'
No burial has been found for Hannah at the present time.
John Adams [the younger]
- Son of J John Adams & Betsey [nee Williams]

No further information has been found at the present time. 
Main Sources:                        Tavistock Baptisms 1813-1837 CD
                                               Dunterton Parish Clerk, Luke Gassien.
                                               BDM dates:  From the Bible of Henry Hopper Adams. 
                                               The Ships Lists - Online
                                               South Australia Genealogy & Heraldry Society – BDM Index - CD. 
                                               Index to Historical Births, Deaths & Marriages in Victoria [also available CD]. 
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