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                                           Cornwall, England
                                                                   Updated March 2011

                     Leonard Adams                  Amelia 'aka Maria' Squire 
                              [1780-1847]                                       [1791-1873]

                                             of Werrington, Devonshire

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        To Peter S. [descendant] who kindly provided a copy of the above of the ambrotype 
      of Maria Adams [Squire]. It was in the original gilded frame about 60 x 80 mm in size.
        To Grant Adams [NZ - descendant] & Glenda Garrelts Mattes [OPC-Werrington]
                   for kindly providing the photos of the tombstone of Leonard Adams
                                   To Glenda Garrelts Mattes [OPC-Werrington] and
                                   To Karen Start [OPC Nth Petherwin]
  for their kindness and patience  with providing 'look-ups' for the following Parish Records.
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Leonard Adams was baptised on the 20th June 1780 at North Petherwin, Cornwall, the eldest child of Roger Adams[c.1745-1806] 
and his wife Elizabeth nee Hopper [1744-1821]. He had two siblings, a brother John [c.1782-1857] and sister Elizabeth [1786-1841]. 
He was the namesake of his maternal uncle Leonard Hopper, a Yeoman, brother of his mother Elizabeth, who lived at nearby 
Ashwater. Leonard's mother's Family Lineage begins with her parents and childhood in the Hopper Family of Bradford and her
Family Tree dates far back to the Reformation [1538] in the ancient township of Black Torrington, Devonshire. Many male 
descendants of the Adams Family carried the middle name 'Hopper' into the mid 20th Century. 

Leonard Adams was a pious man, converting to the Wesleyan Philosophy around 1814, he was deeply committed to his Faith. This 
unfaltering commitment to God is mirrored also in his widow, pictured above clutching her bible.  Several of their children later
continued the Methodist/Wesleyan Faith to Australia for several generations.

Leonard was recorded severally as farmer, husbandman and gardener, rearing his children in the tiny farming Hamlet of 
Yeolmbridge alongside the Werrington River. His farm lay approx. 3 miles N of Launceston, Cornwall and 1½ m W of Werrington, 
Devonshire, anciently part of the Black Torrington Hundred.  The river, which brought life to his farm rises westward from the 
village of Tremaine, ironically the birthplace of this father. Werrington, also embracing Yeolmbridge, boasted 685 residents in 1841
representing men, women and children, in all possibly around 350 families.  

Leonard was aged twenty-six when his father died in 1806 estimated aged fifty-one.
Five years later Leonard married Amelia 'Maria' Squire on the 27th March 1811 at nearby Werrington. 
                 The Parish Entry reads;
                             '27 Mar 1811 Leonard Adams OTP bachelor & Amelia Squire OTP spinster by Banns 
                              by John Braddon, Minister.  [Both made their marks].
                              Witness: John [illegible], Zacharas Searl [both signed] & Mary Westlake [her mark]
Maria Squire: According to later evidence Amelia [aka Maria] Squire was born at 
                      Marhamchurch, Cornwall around 1785.
                      The Marhamchurch OPC Kenneth S Heard could not find her baptism,
                      only isolated fragments of a 'Squire' family exist in the village. 
                      Several surrounding villages were investigated, however it is thought
                      that Maria's Family very likely patronised the Wesleyan Chapel for 
                      which the records do not seem to have survived. 
They had eight children; 

1812        Mary Adams [1812-1888] baptised 17th May 1812 at Werrington 
                                    'daughter of Leonard & Maria'
                                    According to ancient naming patterns, Mary is likely the namesake of her maternal grandmother 'Squire'.
1813        Elizabeth Adams [1813-1886] baptised 12 Dec 1813 at Werrington 
                                    'daughter of Leonard and Maria Adams of Yeolmbridge' - kindly submitted by Grant Adams [descendant]
                                    Elizabeth was the namesake of her paternal grandmother 'Elizabeth Adams [nee Hopper] [1744-1821]' 
1815        John Adams [1815-1895] baptised 25th June 1815 at Mary Magdalene - Wesleyan Chapel - Launceston 
                                   'son of Leonard & Maria of Yeolmbridge, husbandman'
                                   The ceremony was performed by John Braddon, Minister.
                                   John is assumed the namesake of Leonard's brother John. 
1817        Sally Adams baptised 13th April 1817  at Mary Magdalene - Wesleyan Chapel - Launceston 
                                   'daughter of Leonard & Maria Adams of Yeolmbridge, Husbandman'
                                   The ceremony was performed by John Rowe - minister.
                                   Sally Adams was recorded buried at Werrington on the 9th October 1819 noted; 
                                   'of Yeolmbridge, age 2'  
                                   The ceremony was performed by Roger Kingdon, Curate
                                   The name 'Sally' or variation 'Sarah' does not appear in the Adams Family, assumed a 'Squire' Family Name.
1819        Maria Adams baptised 4th May 1819 at Mary Magdalene - Wesleyan Chapel - Launceston 
                                   'daughter of Leonard & Maria'
                                   Maria is a 'Squire' ancestral name. 
1821        Henry Hopper Adams baptised 20th May 1821 at Mary Magdalene - Wesleyan Chapel - Launceston 
                                   'son of Leonard & Maria'
                                   Namesake of his paternal grandfather Henry Hopper [1708-1776]
1825        William Adams baptised 27th February 1825 at Mary Magdalene - Wesleyan Chapel - Launceston 
                                   'son of Leonard & Maria' 
                                   Could be anciently an 'Adams' Family name but more likely William Hopper [1774-1852], Leonard's 1st cousin, 
                                   who also lived nearby and later moved to Tetacott where he died testate. 
1829        Thomasin Adams [aka Tamzin] baptised 22nd Nov. 1829 at Mary Magdalene - Wesleyan Chapel - Launceston 
                                    'daughter of Leonard & Maria'
                                    Possibly a 'Squire' Family Name. 

Meanwhile in 1813, two years after his marriage, his mother's brother Leonard Hopper died testate in 1813. 
Leonard, his mother and siblings were legatees in the Will. Leonard was bequeathed £3. 
See full transcription of the Will in the Epilogue Hopper Family of Bradford.

Nine years later Leonard's mother Elizabeth Adams nee Hopper died, the Parish Record reads;
              'Elizabeth Adams buried 29th January 1821 - 72 years' 
The Ceremony was performed at Petherwin Gate, Methodist Church [she was actually seventy-seven].

Twenty years later;
1841 Census                Address: Village of Yeolmbridge; [ages rounded]
                  Leonard Adams, age 55, Agricultural Labourer, born in County.
                  Maria Adams, age 50, Not born in County [of Devonshire].
                  William Adams, age 15, Carpenters app [apprentice] born in County.
New! Original Image                      Tamzen Adams, age 12, born in County. [Thomasine!]

                                  Their son John was by now married and appears in the 1841 Census with his wife Betsey and their first born
                                   living at Milton Abbott.
Updated!                     Their son Henry Hopper Adams was Indentured to James Mules, a Shoemaker at South Molton, Devon and 
                                   was living at his master's house viz:  'Henry Adams, age 20 Shoe man, born Devon'.
                                  Their daughters Mary [now aged 30yrs]; Elizabeth [29] and Maria [21] have not yet been found on the census. 

Six years later
Leonard Adams died at the age of sixty-six, buried at Werrington Church; He departed this life quietly, reflecting the peaceful manner of his life. Click on images to enlarge Kindly submitted by Glenda Garrelts Mattes This image shows the location of the grave Werrington Parish Clerk taken by GrantAdams [NZ] [Descendant] whilst visiting England in 1983 Inscription; This stone is erected to the Memory of Leonard Adams of this parish (by his widow and 7 children) who died March 23rd 1847 aged 66 O may our feet pursue the way Our pious father trod With and love and holy zeal obey The counsels of his God. Transcribed by Glenda Garrelts Mattes - Werrington Parish Clerk Leonard was survived by his widow Maria of thirty-six years marriage, his seven surviving children; Mary Matters aged 35yrs; Elizabeth aged 34yrs; John aged 32yrs; Maria aged 28yrs; Henry [then living in NZ] aged 26yrs; William aged 22yrs, Thomasine aged 18yrs and four grandchildren; James 12yrs; Mary 9yrs and Henry Hopper Adams 3yrs by his son John and Leonard aged two [NZ] by his son Henry. POSTHUMOUS Four years later: Maria and her children continued to live in Devonshire where they were recorded four years later in the 1851 Census; Address: Hamlet of St. Thomas, Dunhead, Cornwall. Maria Adams, Head, Widow, age 65, Widow, born Cornwall, Marhamchurch. Thomasine Adams, Daughter, Unmarried, age 21, Dress Maker, born Devon, Werrington. New! original image Her daughter Mary [Matters] was living with her spouse Thomas and two young children at 18 Clarence St., Plymouth, Devonshire. Her son John was recorded still residing at Milton Abbott with his wife and children Her daughter Maria was recorded age 31, Unmarried, working at Launceston as a Servant for the Forst Family. Her son William was recorded aged 26, at North Petherwin working as a servant 'Carpenter Journeyman' for 27yr old Mary Cann and her young children, a Carpenter's widow employing 2 men. Her daughter Elizabeth has not been found on this census to date. Her son Henry Hopper Adams had immigrated to New Zealand per“Westminster” the first planned immigrant ship to Auckland, embarking from Plymouth on the 11th December 1842, arriving at Auckland on the 31st March 1843 - information kindly submitted by Peter S. The Adams Family move to Australia; Correction! Maria was the last to leave the motherland, immigrating to South Australia with her three unmarried daughters per barque 'Macedon' leaving Plymouth 15th September 1852 arriving at Adelaide 9th January 1853. They were listed as Maria Adams age 66, 'Maid' of Cornwall 'Single Parent'; Elizabeth Adams aged 37 - Servant; Maria Adams aged 32 - Servant and Thomas? [Thomasine] aged 22 - servant. Peter S [descendant] notes: Maria Adams, who was originally an assisted passenger but because she was found to be over 60 at embarkation had to pay 4 Pounds for the passage. Her married daughter Mary Matters with her spouse and young family embarked per barque"Sea Park" from Plymouth 24th August 1852, arriving Port Adelaide 10th December 1852. Her eldest son John Adams left England with his family per barque 'China' at Plymouth 26th July 1852 arriving Port Adelaide 12 August 1852. Her son William departed the motherland per 'St. George' with his wife and young daughter also in 1852, arriving at Port Melbourne where his wife had family in Victoria. William remained in Victoria, settling at at Castlemaine where he was twice elected Mayor. He was later joined by his nephew James Adams, son of his brother John. See Epilogue. Maria's Death: Maria continued living with her daughter Mary Matters and her family in South Australia until her death on the 3rd February 1873 at the age of eighty-eight [Reg. Bowden]. Left: Death Notice: South Australia Register: 27th February 1873. New! Original Image
[Child 1]
Mary Adams [1812-1888] [Matters]

- eldest child of Leonard Adams & his wife Maria [nee Squires]  
-  baptised 17th May 1812 at Werrington, Devonshire.

At the age of thirty-four Mary Adams married Thomas Matters in the Sept. Qtr. 1846.
In 1852 Maria and her family immigrated to South Australia accompanying her widowed 
mother and sister. She was widowed five years after arrival and left with two young sons 
and a child in eutro.  Another son was born two weeks later. Mary continued to care for
her mother until Maria's death in 1873. Her spinster sister Elizabeth also lived with her. 
Elizabeth died tragically in 1886, committing suicide at Maria's home at the age of 
seventy-two. See newspaper clippings and details in Epilogue below - Elizabeth. 
  Mary Matters [nee Adams] died 3rd May 1888 recorded aged seventy-six.
  She was survived by her three married sons: Charles Henry, Thomas James,
  John Leonard and Richard Adams Matters. 
Left: Death Notice: South Australia Register: Saturday, 5th May, 1888.

Maria died leaving a considerably large Estate, Probate advertised in the South Australia 
Advertiser, 24th May 1888;
   'The  following Probates (over £500) have been granted during the six days ended 
                  Wednesday, May 33: Mary Matters, of Semaphore, £4,000' 

Extended information; 
See:Biography Thomas Matters [1819-1857] & his wife Mary Matters [nee Adams] [1813-1888]
[Child 2]
Elizabeth Adams [1813-1886]
- daughter of Leonard Adams by his wife Maria [nee Squires]; 
- baptised 12th Dec. 1813 at Werrington, Devonshire.

Elizabeth never married and appears to have lived with her married sister Mary Matters for 
some time.  She took her own life at her sister's house around 7am Wed. 17th March, 1886.
Several articles were published with different aspects of the tragedy: The most informative 
was in the Sth Aust. Advertiser 18th March 1886;
  Section 1                   Section 2

In Elizabeth's defense, it would have been terrifying for her to face leaving the comfort of 
her home and family to the Asylum later that morning. It is reasonable to assume that 
this prospect almost certainly led her to desperation.
[Child 3]
John Adams [1815-post 1890]


- eldest son of Leonard Adams by his wife Maria [nee Squires].
- baptised 25th June 1815 at Mary Magdalene, Wesleyan Chapel, Launceston, Cornwall.
John married Betsey Williams on the 1st April 1838 at nearby Milton Abbott, Devon by whom
he had issue, immigrating his family to South Australia in 1852 settling at Mt. Barker.
John remarried following Betsey's death in 1872. 

Extended information;
See Biography of John Adams [1815-1895] & his wife Betsey nee Williams [1816-1908]
[Child 5]
Maria Adams [1819-post 1853]
- daughter of Leonard Adams & his wife Maria [nee Squires];
- baptised 4th May 1819 at Mary Magdalene, Wesleyan Chapel, Launceston, Cornwall.

Maria was last recorded immigrating to South Australia per 'Macedon' arriving in Pt Adelaide
9th January 1853 recorded aged 32yrs.  She disappeared after this point. 
Any information would be gratefully welcomed. 
[Child 5]
Henry Hopper Adams [1821-1874]

 -son of Leonard Adams & his wife Maria [nee Squires];
- baptised 20th May 1821 at Mary Magdalene, Wesleyan Chapel, Launceston, Cornwall.

Henry immigrated to New Zealand in 1843 and settled at Auckland where he married Irish 
born Johanna Kiley in 1845 by whom he had issue. His son Henry Hopper Adams [the younger]
was recorded for his hard handedness relating to his treatment of the Mauri Land Rights.

Extended Information;  
See  Full Biography of Henry Hopper Adams [1821-1874] & Johana Keily.
[Child 7]
William Adams  [1825-1905]
- youngest son of Leonard Adams & his wife Maria [nee Squire];
- baptised 27th February 1825 at Mary Magdalene, Wesleyan Chapel, Launceston, Cornwall.

William married Joanna Mason Bettess, daughter of John Bettess and Joanna [nee Mason]
at Stoke Dameral, Devon in the June Qtr. 1852.    They had one child in England, a daughter 
'Rosina Squire Adams' in the Sept. Qtr. 1852 [Reg. Launceston].

William and his family arrived in Port Melbourne Victoria per 'St. George' in 1853. 
On arrival William placed several advertisements in the Melbourne Argus, 11th January,  
looking for 'friends' John & Louisa Bettes.  
[assumed  to be Joanna's brother, later found to be a school teacher]   
                                       Image 1        -           Image 2  please click to reveal items
They settled at the Victorian mining town of Castlemaine and were later joined by William's 
nephew James Adams the son of his elder brother John  who had remained in South Australia
with their mother and sisters.

William was a Freemason, attaining the level of Past Master and established himself as a well 
respected auctioneer, twice elected Mayor of Castlemaine and founder of several Societies.
Argus, Tuesday 10th July 1883;
'At a meeting of the Executive Council yesterday, Mr. William Adams was appointed official assignee for the Castlemaine District, vice Mr. H.C. Thorburn resigned.' He advertised in the SA Advertiser 3rd Oct 1903,  ; 'Business ‘established 45 years [1852]’ in relation to the auction of a Tannery at Castlemaine on behalf of the vendor. Issue; Child 1] Their England born daughter Rosina died in Victoria [1860] recorded aged seven. 
They had a further five children, all born in Victoria; Child 2] William Leonard Squires Adams [born 1862] - died aged 9 weeks. Child 3] Rosanna Squires Adams [born 1863] - died aged 3 days. Child 4] Mary Jane Squire Adams [born 1864] - died aged 25 days. Child 5] William Ernest Adams [born 1865] - informant on father's death certificate in 1905. Child 6] Florence Frances Maria Adams [born 1869] - also survived.   William died at his home at Johnstone Street, Castlemaine, on the 29th May 1905, succumbing to Rheumatism & Senility, which had endured for the past five months. He was recorded as an auctioneer, aged eighty. His father was recorded as 'Leonard Adams, a gardener and mother Maria Adams formerly Squires'. His Obituary [left] was published in the Argus, Melbourne - 6th June 1905; Image 1 - Image 2 William was predeceased by his wife Joanna [nee Bettes] who died at Castlemaine Hospital on the 9th November 1899. Neither of their two surviving children appear to have married.  William Ernest Adams - grandson of Leonard Adams by his son William William Ernest established himself as an Auctioneer like his father, died Testate 19th Sept 1910 at Castlemaine leaving his Estate of £1,140 in Real Estate and £961 in assets to his sole heir, his spinster sister Florence Frances Maria Adams.  Florence Frances Maria Adams- granddaughter of Leonard Adams by his son William   Florence died unmarried & without issue at Castlemaine 10th March 1928.
[Child 8]
Thomasine Adams [1829-1895] 
- daughter of Leonard Adams & his wife Maria [nee Squire];     
- baptised 22nd November 1829 at Mary Magdalene, Wesleyan Chapel, Launceston, Cornwall.

Thomasine was last recorded in England in the 1851 Census aged 21 living with her widowed 
mother Maria [See above]. She immigrated to Australia with her mother and her married 
sister Mary in 1852.                                                           
Thomasine married James Rowe 29th July 1858 at the Wesleyan Chapel Adelaide, recorded;
           'James Rowe, single, aged 28, Father: James Butress Rowe.
            Thomasin Adams, single, aged 28, Father: Leonard Adams.'
James & Thomasin ultimately settled at Ingle Farm at Dry Creek.

Thomasine Rowe [nee Adams] died 22nd November 1895 at Dry Creek - recorded;
            'age 66yrs, married, husband James Rowe.' 
Her spouse James Rowe survived her a further seven years and died 9th Jan. 1902 
             at Dry Creek, aged 71 years. 
Child 1: James Butress Rowe born 26th May 1860, recorded: 
             'Father: James Rowe, Mother:  Thomasine Adams, of Dry Creek, Adelaide District.'
             James married Emma Whiting 28th March 1883 Adelaide, by whom he had issue.
                        'James Butress Rowe, Single, age 22, Father: James Butress Rowe.
                                   Emma Whiting, Single, age 26, Father: George Whiting.
                         Venue: at Residence of George Whiting, Adelaide.'
             James Butress Rowe died 12th March 1915 at Tiparra, S.A. aged 54yrs.
                        Julia Adams Rowe born 18th Feb. 1884 Moonta.
                        Nellie Bishop Rowe born 20th May 1885 Tiparra. 
                        Leonard George Rowe born 21st Oct. 1886 Tiparra.  
                        Frank Howard Rowe born 8th Dec. 1887 Tiparra.
                        Jessie Emma  Rowe born 8th August 1889 Tiparra.  
                        Fletcher James Rowe born 17th Oct. 1891 Hd of Tiparra. 
                        Blanche Catherine Rowe born 26th July 1893 Hd of Tiparra.
                        Millie Rhoda Rowe born 31st march 1895 Hd of Tiparra. 
                        Arnold Richard Rowe born 26th Feb. 1897  Hd of Tiparra.
                        Rosina Squires Rowe born 22nd June 1861: 
                            Parents: James Rowe & Thomasine Adams, Dry Creek, Adelaide District.'
                            Rosina died 13th Jan. 1864 at Dry Creek, Notes: age 2:  
                            'Father: Thomas!! Rowe. -Perhaps Thomasine registered the death?'

Child 2: Leonard Adams Rowe born  3rd Sept. 1862 - recorded: 
             'Father: James Rowe, Mother: Thomasine Adams, Dry Creek, Adelaide  District.'
             Leonard died 8th December 1882 at Gepps Cross, S.A. Notes: 
                        'age 20yrs: Father: James Rowe.'                                                        

Child 3: Josiah Rowe born 31st Oct. 1863 - recorded;
             'Father: James Rowe, Mother: Thomasine Adams, Dry Creek, Adelaide District.'
                    Josiah married Ada Jane Sly 24th Oct. 1888 at Wesleyan Parsonage, 
                    North Adelaide. recorded;
                               'Josiah Rowe, Single, age 24, Father: James Rowe
                                Ada Jane Sly, Single, age 21, Father: David Sly.
              Josiah died 27th October, 1901 at Dry Creek, Notes: age 37yrs.
              Issue:  TBA

Child 4: David Rowe born 31st Oct. 1863 - recorded;
              Father: James Rowe, Mother: Thomasine Adams, Dry  Creek, Adelaide District.
                     David married Emma Foster 26th July 1893 S.A.   Notes;
                               ' David Rowe, single, age 29, Father: James Rowe.
                                 Emma Foster, single, aged 30, father: John Foster.
                                 Venue: Residence of John Foster at Eaton.' 
              Issue:  TBA 
Child 5:  Thomasine Maria Rowe born 27th June 1866 - recorded;
              'Father: James Rowe, Mother:  Thomasine Adams, Dry Creek, Adelaide District.'
               Thomasine married John Thomas Tooze.
               Issue:  TBA

Child 6:  William Henry Rowe born 14th Sept. 1867 - recorded;
               'Father: James Rowe, Mother: Thomasine Adams, Dry Creek, Adelaide  District.'
               William died 3rd March 1868 at Dry Creek: 'age 5 months, Father: James Rowe'. 

Child 7:  Jabez Sleeman Rowe born 11th August 1871 at Dry Creek - recorded; 
               'Father: James Rowe, Mother:  Thomasine Adams, Dry Creek, Adelaide District.'
               Jabez married Martha Barbara Wright 27th Aug. 1902 - Notes: 
                              Jabez Sleeman Rowe, single, aged 31, father: James Rowe
                              Martha Barbara Wright, single, aged 34, father: William Wright.
                              Venue: Residence of George Wright - Northfield, Adelaide.'

Further information relating to James Rowe and the Ingle Farm can be found at Wikipedia:,_South_Australia  
Adams Family Extra Research Notes
In the 1841 Census there were a total of only twenty-seven houses or farms in 'Yeolmbridge Village' although many families had kin
in adjacent properties within the hamlet and 'Yeomanbridge House' supported two separate families.

Several parish entries recorded at Werrington may imply that Leonard had extended family members living with him at 
Baptism:  25th Jan 1814:    William base son of Mary Adams of Yeolmbridge, spinster by John Braddon, Minister
Burial:     13th Sep 1818:    Ann daughter of Mary Adams of Yeolmbridge, pauper by John Norton, Off Curate
Burial:       7th Mar  1841:  Dorothy Adams of Yeolmbridge age 79, by Thomas B Melhuish, Curate

These entries, if relevant, have not been placed to date. 
Main Resources: 
                                                        The National Archives, Kew, Surrey, England  [TNA]
                                                        The National Burial Index – Edition  2 [NBI] [CD]
                                                        National Library Australia - English Newspapers from 1660 [many counties] - Online
                                                        Cornwall Online Parish Clerks [COPC]
                                                        Phillimore's Cornwall Parish Registers [CD] 
                                                        Devonshire Family History Society 
                                                        Devonshire Wills Index - Genuki 
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