Extended Adams Family
                      Cornwall, England

       The Matters [Metters] Family of Cornwall, England

                                          David Metters
                                         of Launceston, Cornwall.

                                          Spouse:  Elizabeth Higgins

       Mary ADAMS married Grandson Thomas METTERS [aka MATTERS],
       the second son of Richard Metters by his wife Martha [nee Hatherley]
       at Launceston, Cornwall in 1846. 


                Compiled & Written by J.S.Adams based on the Research 
                                of both DianneT and PeterS [descendants]

                                       DAVID METTERS  was born around 1745, assumed in Cornwall.
                                                The name is reasonably rare in Cornwall however David's marriage at Launceston may imply
                                                that several later parallel Meters' families found in this Township were very likely close kin, subsequently
                                                also moving to Launceston. See below: Metters Families at Launceston.

                                    1780:  Marriage; 
                                               David Metter 'surjourner' to Elizabeth Higgins 'surjourner' 20th of June 1780 at St Stephens by Launceston.
                                               David was aged around 35yrs at this time and was very likely previously married although no evidence has 
                                               been found so far.
                                               The Term 'surjourner' would imply that David and Elizabeth were resident at Launceston only recently
                                               possibly due to the inferrence that Elizabeth was then in the third trimester of her pregnancy.  

                                               However the couple remained at Launceston where they recorded the following Issue; 

                                              Child 1: Richard Metters [1780-1834] was baptised on the 4th of August 1780 at St Stephens by Launceston. 
                                                                                           [six weeks after his parents marriage]. 
                                                                                         Further information see Epilogue below
                                              Child 2: John Metters baptised on the 6th of July 1782 
                                                                                           [presumed to have in early childhood]. 
                                              Child 3: Grace Metters baptised on the 13th of March 1785 at St Stephens by Launceston.
                                                                                           [No further information at the present time].
                                              Child 4: John Metters [1787-1869] was baptised on the 11th of March 1787, at St Stephens by Launceston. 
                                                                                          Further information see Epilogue below
                                              Child 5: David  Metters baptised 30th Oct. 1791 at St Stephens by Launceston.
                                                                                         Does not seem to appear in the Census 1841-1901
                                                                                         No further information.

                                     1820:     David METTER was buried at Lewannick, St.Martin on the 2nd June 1820 recorded aged 75 [NBI]. [born 1745]
                                                   [Lewannick is less than 5 miles from Launceston] 
                                                   No burial has been found for his spouse Elizabeth.  

                                                                                                      ADDITIONAL NOTES
                                                                          Other Metter Family entries Several items were recorded 
                                                                     under the name Matters/Metters at Launceston between 1778-1790.
                                            William Metter 'of St. Stephen near Launceston' to Elizabeth ISBELL 'o.t.p.' 21st April 1778 'by Banns'  
                                            William Matters: William Metter married Ann Culliss 6th Feb. 1785 at St. Stephen, Launceston.

                                            Richard Metters: Richard Metters to Honour Pascoe at St. Stephen, Launceston is not directly related to
                                            the above family.   Enquires for this Entry may by made by contacting Ms.M.Brooks [Descendant].

                                                                        Some isolated early fragments were found at the National Archives Kew Index [online] 
                                                                        for 'Metters' & 'Matters' in Cornwall and nearby Devonshire.  
                                                                        Towards the end of the eighteenth Century several Family Modules began to appear in 
                                                                        Parish Records within this region.  
                                                                        A handful were recording issue at Launceston, Cornwall 
                                                                        - See LDS IGI Online Batch Number: P002221. 
                                                                        Other Sources: Cornwall Online Parish Clerks.  

                        Richard Metters [1780-1834] eldest son of David Metters by his wife Elizabeth nee Higgins;
                                                 Richard remained at Launceston where he married and had issue.
                                                  By the 1841 census he had adopted 'Matters' as his Surname, this variation continued 
                                                  by many of his decendants save one; his son James who reverted to Metters, settling in Victoria,
                                                  Australia and became the founder of Metters Stoves, found in almost every home throughout the Southern
                                                  Continent during the late 19th to the mid 20th Century. 
                                                  His widow and son Thomas with his young family immigrated to South Australia where the family was 
                                                  recorded for several generations. 
                                                  See The Biography of Richard Metters [1780-1834] 

                                        John Metters youngest known 'surviving' son of David Metters by his wife Elizabeth nee Higgins;

                                                  John also remained in the Motherland and continued to call himself 'Metters'.
                                                  Originally a School Teacher, he became a Methodist Missionary working in the London area. 
                                                  Details of his marriage and issue is vague however;    
                                                  1851  Census:  Longotter, Hillingdon, Uxbridge,  Middlesex.  
                                                                             John  Metters, Head, age 64, Missionary, born Launceston, Cornwall. 
                                                                             Beatta S  Metters, wife, aged 63 born Stafford, West Bromarit 
                                                                             Emma L.  Reed, granddaughter aged 7 scholar, born Hillingdon, Middlesex.
                                                                             Julia  Hearrison or Julia Harrison, ‘in charge’ age 8 , born London, noted Blind.
                                                                             Lavina  Reed, Daughter, married, aged 30, Brickmaker’s foreman’s wife, 
                                                                                                      born Cranworthy  Water, Cornwall. 
                                                                             Alice Reed,  granddaughter, aged 7 months,  born  Heston, Middlesex. 
                                                   1861 Census:  Residence: Ordinance House, North High, Heston, Middlesex. 
                               John Metters, Head, age 74, Missionary, born St. Stevens, Cornwall. 
                                                                            Beatta S  Metters, wife, aged 64?  born Stafford, West Bromarit? 
                                                                            John D. Moxton, grandson, aged 2, born,  Uxbridge, Middlesex.

                                                   Beatta Metters died in the June Qtr. 1863 under the name Beatta Sands Metters [Registered Brentford]
                                                   John Metters died in the Sept. Qtr. 1869 at the recorded age of 82 yrs.   [Registered at Uxbridge]
                               His Issue and descendants have not been expanded at this present time.