Extended Adams Family of Cornwall

                                                                Generation III

         Thomas Matters [aka Metters]                           Mary Adams
                            [1819-1857]                                                              [1812-1888]

                                 of South Australia, formerly of Cornwall, England

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                                          Metters Page was written by J.S.Adams 
                         based on the Researches of PeterS and DianneT [descendants]
                                 ADAMS -  Mary Listed as Generation 5 [b] [left panel]
                                Adams Lineage Researched & Written by J.S.Adams

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            Photo: Richard Adams Matters [youngest son of Thomas & Mary]
                                                with his wife and children. Dated:  c. 1917.                                                
                                L-R:     Back Row:    Frank Hatherleigh Matters [son], 
                                                                   Gladys Emily Matters [daughter], 
                                                                   Arnold Hatherleigh Matters [son]
                                             Front Row:   Richard Adams Matters,
                                                                   Emily Grace Matters [nee Williams] [Spouse] ,
                                                                   Rosa Evangeline Matters [daughter]
                                            Back is written:
Mrs R A Matters
139 Fisher St
Malvern Kindly submitted by a Family Member.
                                        THOMAS MATTERS was baptised on the 4th July 1819 Mary Magdalene-Wesleyan, Launceston,Cornwall 
                                                             the son of  Richard Metters and his wife Martha [nee Hatherley].

                                                             His parents were married on the 7th May 1805 at Launceston, Cornwall.                                               
                                                             His father, the son of  David Metters, a shoemaker, and his wife Elizabeth [nee Higgins]. 
                                                             Thomas had five known siblings;
                                                                            Elizabeth Matters born 1st July 1808, baptised 10th August 1808.
                                                                            Grace Metters born 31st May 1811, bapt. 17th June 1811
                                                                            John Metters born 9 Dec 1813, bapt. 26 Dec 1813
                                                                           Ann Metters born 14th Feb. 1816, bapt. 11th Aug.1816
                                                                           James Metters born 21st March 1821, bapt. 6th May 1821           
                                                                           Hannah Matters born 20th Feb. 1828, bapt. 11th March 1828

                                   1834 Father's death;
                  Thomas was aged fifteen when his father died,  buried in the Weslyan Chapel at Launceston on the 23rd April, 1834
                                                at the recorded age of fifty-three. 
                                                Richard Metters was survived by his widow Martha of twenty-nine years marriage and their six  
                                                surviving children: Elizabeth [unmarried] aged 26yrs, Ann [unmarried] aged 23yrs, John aged 18yrs, 
                                                Thomas aged 15yrs, James aged 13yrs and Hannah aged six years.
                                                Richard provided for his family posthumous, his widow recorded of 'independant means' in 1841 [Census] 
                                                None of his sons adoped their father's trade as shoemaker.  See Link to Biography above.

                                      Seven years after his father's death;  

                                      1841 Census: 
                                                           Thomas Matters was recorded at South Petherwin, Cornwall, age 20 [rounded]
                                                           who appears to have been living at the residence of  Thomas Thoskine age 45 a builder & farmer and 
                                                           his wife Hannah. 
                                                           Also living with them appear to be George Dunston age 20 & Richard Hicks age 20yrs,
                                                           occupations like Thomas, are noted as U.S. [perhaps 'U' Servant]. 
                                                           All were noted born in the County of Cornwall.
                                                           His mother and his younger siblings James & Hannah were recorded living at Fore Street, Launceston.

                                   Five years later;
                                   1846:   Thomas Matters married Mary Adams on the 3rd September 1846, at Launceston, Cornwall.
                                                at the Wesleyan Chapel in the District of Launceston.

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                                                                                                Courtesy of PeterS. [descendant] 
Mary Adams was baptised 17th May 1812 at Werrington, Devonshire [2miles of Launceston, Cornwall, the eldest child of Leonard Adams and his wife Maria [aka Amelia] [nee Squire]
Her parents were married on the on the 27th March 1811 at Werrington and resided at Yeolmbridge a tiny hamlet near Werrington [2 miles of Launceston] The four youngest of her six siblings were baptised at St. Mary Magdalene, Wesleyan Chapel, Launceston, the same venue used by the MATTER's Family. The 'ADAMS' MATERNAL LINEAGE of this Family extends back in some sections to the early 16th Century. Issue; 1847 Child 1: By the following year Thomas and Mary had moved to 21 miles SSE to Plymouth, Devon recording their first born, a son, Charles Henry Matters born on the 4th September 1847 Plymouth, Devon. 1850 Child 2: A second son Thomas James Matters born on the 8th April 1850, baptised 13th June 1850 Plymouth, Devon.
                                    1851 Census: Address: 18 Clarence St., Plymouth, Devonshire. 
                                                             Thomas Matters, Head, aged 32, Mason (Journeyman), born Cornwall, Launceston.
                                                             Mary Matters, Wife, aged 38, born Devon, Werrington. 
                                                             Charles H. Matters, Son, aged 3, born Plymouth, Devon.
                                                             Thomas James Matters, Son, aged 11 months, born Plymouth, Devon.
                                                             Henry C. Hodges, Lodger, aged 21, Unmarried, Analytical Chemist, born Plymouth, Devon. 
                                                             Thomas Sergeant, Lodger, aged 49, Married, Customs House Officer, born Devon, Jackobstone.
                                                            Meanwhile in Launceston his widowed mother was still living at Fore Street, aged 71 years, working
                                                            as a Dyer, with his younger sister Hannah by now twenty-two, unmarried, also working as a Dyer, 
                                                            his sister Eliza Lincon, recorded married, aged 42yrs!, working as a laundress 
                                                            and his mother's widowed sister Anna Blake, a pauper, aged 76 years.   
                                                            See more details relating to his mother's family in the Biography of his father Richard Metters. 
                                    1851 Death: Mother; 
                                                            Martha Matters [nee Hatherley] died in the December Qtr. 1851 [Reg. Launceston].  
                                                            Her sister Ann Blake [nee Hatherley] was buried at St Mary Magdalene on the 7th February 1855.

                                     1852 Immigration;
                                                           During this time Mary's eldest brother John Adams had married Betsey Williams and settled at Tavistock,
                                                           Devon.  The two families were 'close knit'.
                                                           By 1852 both Thomas Matters and his brother-in-law John Adams had arranged to immigrate to 
                                                           South Australia. 
                                                           John was the first to leave the motherland with his family per the barque 'China' on the 26th July 1852,
                                                           arriving at Port Adelaide, South Australia on Friday 12th November 1852.   
                                                           Mary's  widowed mother Maria Adams and younger sister Hannah had chosen to make the voyage with 
                                                           Mary & Thomas and their children.                                                              
                                                           Two weeks after John's departure Thomas & Mary, with their three children, sister Hannah Matters and 
                                                           Mary's widowed mother Maria Adams left England per "Sea  Park" from Plymouth to South Australia
                                                           on the 12 August 1852 arriving at Port Adelaide on the 10th December 1852, a month after Maria's 
                                                           brother John.

                                 During the voyage it was discovered that Mary's mother Maria had the incorrect age details recorded.
                                                          In compliance with the Immigration Directives she was accordingly required to pay 'full fare'. 
                                                          Extended details and citation TBA - family member. 
                                   1852 Child 3: Their 'infant' daughter, recorded Mary Jane Matters died at sea, en route.

                                   Arrival:          Both Families initially settled at Adelaide and both had further issue.  
                                                           The names of their grandchildren imply that both the Matters and Adams Families remained in close 
                                                           contact for many decades. 
                                                           See old unidentified Adams Photographs of family visiting from South Australia 
                                                           [identification would be much appreciated]

                                   1853:  Child 4: John Leonard Matters was born on the 15th May 1853 in Bowden, Adelaide.                                                                

                                   1857 Death; Thomas Matters died five years after their arrival;
                                                          Buried 13th February 1857 recorded thirty-seven [Reg. Bowden, Adelaide, S.A.]
                                                          His widow Mary, was in the latter part of the third trimester of her fifth  pregnancy.

                                   1857 Child 5:  The pregnancy came to term two weeks later when Mary gave birth to a son; 
                                                         Richard Adams born 1st March 1857 recorded 'son of Thomas and Mary' [Reg. Bowden, Adelaide, S.A.]
                                                         Mary remained living at Bowden with her sons Charles now aged eleven,
                                                         Thomas aged seven, infant Richard and her aging mother Maria Adams.
                                                         Evidence in naming of future children would imply that she had the support of her eldest brother 
                                                         John Adams who was also living nearby in Adelaide.

                                   1873 Death of Mary's mother; 
                                                          Sixteen years later Mary's mother Maria Adams [nee Squire] died on the 23rd February 1873 
                                                          at the recorded age of  eighty-eight.   [Reg. Bowden, Adelaide, S.A.] 
                                                          See photo of Maria Adams [nee Squire] in previous generation. 

                                   Barossa:        The Family moved to the Barossa Valley.

                                   Tragedy:       As her children left home Mary's spinster sister Elizabeth Adams was living with her.  Elizabeth 
                                                          tragically took her own life in the house on the morning of Wed. 17th March, 1886.
                                                          CAUTION: The vivid details of this event may upset some readers - for details see the Epilogue
                                                                               in the Biography of their father Leonard Adams 

                                   1888 Death: Mary Matters [nee Adams] died fifteen years after her mother on the 3rd May 1888 recorded 
                                                         aged seventy-six. [Reg.  Exeter [South Australia]]. She had lived to see all four of her sons marry.

                                  Estate:           Maria died leaving a considerably large Estate, Probate advertised in the South Australia Advertiser, 
                                                         24th May 1888;     
                                                                                 'The  following Probates (over £500) have been granted during the six days ended
                                                                                  Wednesday, May 33: Mary Matters, of Semaphore, £4,000'     


                                                                    Written by J.S. Adams based on the Research compiled  by PeterS
                                                                                                       links provided by J.S.Adams

                                   Charles Henry Matters [1847-1893] eldest son of Thomas Matters and his wife Mary [nee Adams]

                                               Charles Henry Matters was born 4th September 1847 Plymouth, Devon
                                                              Charles married Hester Ann Jessop 22nd November 1872 North Adelaide, SA 
                                                                             Groom recorded Single, aged 25, son of Thomas Matters.
                                                                             Bride recorded Single, aged 21, daughter of Henry Jessop.
                                                                             Venue: at the Residence of Mr. Jessop, North Adelaide.
                                                                             HESTER ANN JESSOP: was born of the 5th May 1851 in Adelaide, South Australia, 
                                                                                                             the daughter of Henry Jessop and his wife Tryphena [nee Cole]
                                                                                                             Died 1923. 

                                              Charles Henry Matters died at St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria in 1923 recorded aged 87 years
                                                                           Parents Noted as:  Thomas Matters & Mary Adams. 

                                               In 1890 had Charles formed a Company, MATTERS, CH & Co (Auctioneers, Land, Estate and Financial Agents) ,
                                                             which was recorded run by Charles Henry Matters and his brother Thomas James Matters.
                                                             The Company was eventually sold. 
                                                                            Ellie Mary Matters born 11th August 1873 Adelaide, SA 
                                                                                             Ellie died in 1899 SA aged 26yrs.                          
                                                                            Howard Charles Jessop Matters born 14th August 1874 North Adelaide
                                                                                             married Rosie Phillips.
                                                                                             Died in 1934.
                             Harry Hamilton Matters born 31st January 1876 North Adelaide, SA 
                                                                                             Harry died in infancy on the 12th April 1876 SA
                                                                            Harry Norman Matters born 20th January 1877 North Adelaide, SA.
                                                                                            Died 1938 SA.     
                                                                            Olive Tryphena Matters born on the 17th April 1878 Goodwood, SA
                                                                                             Olive married Harold Thomas Nankivell on the 8th August 1907 Melb., Victoria
                                                                                             by whom she had issue. 
                                                                                             Spouse: Harold Thomas Nankivell was born 31st July 1874 Collingwood, Victoria
                                                                                                           the son of John Nankivell and his wife Annie nee Green.
                                                                                             Issue;    Pauline Ellen Nankivell 7th May 1909
                                                                                                           Olive Hatherleigh Nankivell 18th Feb. 1914
                                                                                                           Philip Harold Nankivell 18th Feb 1914. 
                                                                                              Extended information withheld. 
                                                                         Florence Hester Matters born 27th June 1879 Goodwood, SA
                                                                                             Florence married Perceval England .
                                                                                             Issue;   Brenda England 1909
                                                                                                         Geoffery England .
                                                                                             Extended information withheld.              
                                                                           Claude Leslie Matters born 23rd March 1881 Goodwood, SA
                                                                                             Claude married Effie [nee unknown]
                                                                                             Issue; Claire Matters
                                                                                             Extended information withheld.               
                                                                           Eric Stanley Matters born 6th June 1882 Goodwood, SA    
                                                                                             Eric died in infancy in 1883.      
                                                                           Eva Annie Matters born 30th September 1885 Goodwood, SA

                                   Thomas James Matters [1850-1933] second son of Thomas Matters and his wife Mary [nee Adams]  
                                               Thomas James Matters was born on the 8th April 1850  Plymouth, Devon
                                                             Thomas married 1] Emily Novis [1848-1881] by whom he had one son and three daughters - SEE LIST BELOW. 
                                                                                                Groom recorded Single, aged 21, son of Thomas Matters.
                                                                                                Bride recorded Single, aged 23, daughter of Josiah Novis.
                                                                                                Venue: at the Residence of Mr. Novis, Hindmarsh.
                                                                                                EMILY NOVIS:  was born 12th February 1848 Adelaide, daughter of Josiah Novis 
                                                                                                                              and his wife Ann nee Wise.
                                                                                                Emily Matters [nee Noris] died 26 July 1881 Exeter, SA. at the age of thirty-three.

                                                             Thomas married 2]  Jane Beadnell WATERHOUSE on the 8th January 1884, New Town, Tasmania
                                                                                                by whom he had issue - Listed below.  
                                                                                                JANE BEADNELL WATERHOUSE was born 10th Dec. 1855, Bendigo, Victoria. 
                                                                                                Died: 28th June 1929. 
                                                             Thomas went into business with his brother Charles Henry Matters as 
                                                             an Auctioneer Land, Estate and Financial Agent.  See Charles Henry Matters [above].    
                                                             Thomas James Matters died on the 18th October 1933 Unley Park, SA at the age of  eighty-three.
                                                             m1]      Ethelbert Thomas Novis Matters born 17th April 1874 Port Adelaide, SA
                                                                                             Ethelbert married Ethel Rigg Swann.
                                                                                             Issue; Gwenyth Matters b. 20th Sept. 1900 Adelaide.
                                                                                                       Audrey Matters b. 1904 .
                                                                                                       Lancelot Luxford Swann Matters b. 1908.
                                                                                             Extended information withheld.
                                                             m1]      Mabel Eloise Annie Matters born 31st August 1875 Port Adelaide, SA
                                                                                             Mabel married George Davey 26 April 1898 Port Adelaide, SA.
                                                                                             Issue;Phyliss Davey b. 1901.
                                                                                                       Dorothy Davey b. 1914.
                                                                                             Extended information withheld.           
                                                             m1]      Florence Victoria Matters born 24th May 1878 Port Adelaide, SA
                                                                                             Florence married Ernest Langelüddecke on the 23 June 1896 Adelaide, SA 
                                                                                             Issue;Emily Eloise LANGELUDDECKE b. 20th Jan 1899 Adelaide.
                                                                                                       Muriel Louise LANGELUDDECKE b. 29th Oct. 1903 Rose Park SA..
                                                                                                       Ivan Ernest Thomas Novis LANGELUDDECKE b. 19th Feb. 1905 Adelaide
                                                                                                                  - Died 10th May 1926 Port Augusta, SA. aged 21 yrs.
                                                                                                       Arthur Allendorff LANGELUDDECKE b. 4th June 1907 Islington SA.
                                                                                                       Valeska LANGELUDDECKEb. 9th May 1908 Islington SA - died 24th Jan. 1909 aged 7 months. 
                                                                                                       Eric Harold LANGELUDDECKE b. 26th June 1909 Islington SA.
                                                                                             Extended information withheld.
                                                             m1]      Rosa Lillian May Matters born 14th May 1880 Port Adelaide, SA
                                                                                             Died in infancy 11th December, 1880 recorded aged 7 months.
                                                             m2]      [Sir] Reginald Matters (known as Rex) born 23rd July 1892, Malvern SA
                                                                                             Enlisted WW1 with Rank of Captain - Medical Practitioner [1818-1819]
                                                                                             married Elbe Cornwall Mitchell (1894-1987) in 1919 Strathfield NSW.
                                                                                             Extended information withheld.
                                                             m2]      Clement Waterhouse Matters born 23rd Nov. 1884 - Adelaide SA.
                                                                                             married Dora Victoria McLennan
                                                                                             Issue;  Joanna Waterhouse Matters b 1914.
                                                                                                         Fayetter Constance Matters b. 1919.
                                                                                             Extended information withheld. 
                                                            m2]       Arthur Towers Matters born 28th Jan. 1887 - Adelaide SA.
                                                                                             married Averil Constance STOW SMITH 11th Sept. 1919, SA.
                                                                                             Extended information withheld.
                                                            m2]       Stuart William Matters born 11th Jan 1889 Adelaide SA
                                                                                            married Doris GORDON 16th June 1920 Adelaide SA. 
                                                                                             Extended information withheld.
                                                            m2]        Mary Dorothea Matters born 26th Jan. 1899 Port Adelaide.
                                                                                           married Douglas PEEL 2nd April 1924.
                                                                                             Extended information withheld..
                                   John Leonard Matters [1853-1943] son of Thomas Matters and his wife Mary [nee Adams]
                                                             John Leonard Matters was born in 1853 in Adelaide, SA
                                                             John was a cabinetmaker and later a stockbroker, he educated his children at the finest schools. 
                                                             John married Emma May Warburton on the 19th October 1874 Adelaide, SA.
                                                                                         Groom: John L. Matters, age 21, batchelor, resident Bowden, Father: Thomas Matters.
                                                                                         Bride: Emma A. Warburton, age 19, minor, resident Lower N Adelaide, 
                                                                                                     Father: Charles Warburton.
                                                                                         Both signed. 
                                                                                         Witnesses: Chas. H. Matters, Printer, Melbourne Street. [signed]
                                                                                                              Elizabeth Ann Warburton, Lower North Adelaide. [signed]
                                                                                         Officiated: by Thomas Lloyd.  
                                                                                         Venue:   The house of Mr. Warburton, Lower North Adelaide.
                                                                                         Taken from a copy of the Original.  
                                                                                          EMMA MAY WARBURTON [1853-1944] was born on the 18th March 1855 
                                                                                                                                            Crickhowell, Brecon, Wales 
                                                                                   Mary Ethel Ann Matters born 28th November 1875 Adelaide, SA     
                                                                                                       Mary died in infancy in 1876  Adelaide, SA         
                                                                                   Elsie Alma Lily May Matters born 1st October 1876 Adelaide, SA
                                                                                                       Elsie married Walter William Charles Cross 17th December 1902 Adelaide, SA,
                                                                                                                  Atholstone Charles CROSS b. 1905
                                                                                                                  Ann CROSS.
                                                                                                      Extended information withheld.              
                                                                                   Muriel Lilah Matters born 12th November 1877 Adelaide, SA
                                                                                                       Murial was an extaordinarily beautiful woman famed for her Activist involvement
                                                                                                       as a suffragette throughout throughout England and Australia.  
                                                                                                       She married William Arnold Porter on the 15th October 1914 London, England
                                                                                                                William Arnold Porter was born in 1870 Boston, Massachusetts USA
                                                                                                       Murial died without issue at Hastings, England on the 17th November 1969,
                                                                                                       at the age of ninety-two.  Photograph and full biography - redirected to other sites; 
                                                                                                       See more: http://www.nla.gov.au/pub/nlanews/2003/feb03/article2.html
                                                                                   Harold Dutton Matters born 23rd July 1879 Adelaide, SA               
                                                                                   John Athelstan Matters born c. 1882.
                                                                                                       John married Lilly Hawks in 1908 in Perth, Western Australia. 
                                                                                                       Issue: Robert Matters b. 1906 - died in infancy.   
                                                                                   Leonard Warburton Matters calculated born 1882 c.1880 Port Adelaide, SA 
                                                                                                       Leonard married Emily Domela by whom he had issue.  
                                                                                                       He was recorded in Perth Western Australia in the Electoral Roll for 1901
                                                                                                       living at 433 St. George's Terrace, Perth, Occupation Journalist.
                                                                                                       Leonard left for England where he was elected Labour member of Parliament 
                                                                                                       for Lambeth, Kennington, in 1929-31. 
                                                                                                       Leonard died in Hertfordshire, England in 1951.
                                                                                                                Lenore Matters b. 1911
                                                                                                      Extended information withheld.              
                                                                                   Charles Adams Matters born 28th October 1885 Port Augusta, SA
                                                                                                        Charles died in Active Service on the 7th August 1915 Galipoli, TURKEY
                                                                                   Mary Geraldine Matters born 8th July 1887 Adelaide, SA
                                                                                                        Mary died at West Perth on the 7th December 1911, aged 26 yrs. 
                                                                                   Isabel Emma Matters born 4th September 1893 Adelaide, SA
                                                                                                        Isabel married Jacques Charles Clement MONTY de KERLOY,
                                                                                                        Charles Clement MONTY de KERLOY was born 
                                                                                                                                  on the 19th March 1890 Nice, Alpes-maritimes, France. 
                                                                                                        Issue:  Jocelyn Jennifer MONTY de KERLOY - Perth W.A.
                                                                                                                   Adrienne Elisabeth MONTY de KERLY  - Perth W.A.
                                                                                                                   Pierre Clermont MONTY de KERLY   
                                                                                                      Extended information withheld.                                                
                                                                                   Keith Wylie Matters born 16th February 1895 Adelaide, SA
                                                                                                        Keith married Elsie Catherine Kreittling [born 1894] by whom he had issue.
                                                                                                        Issue:  Keith William Matters - West Perth, WA
                                                                                                                    Elaine Mary Matters - WA
                                                                                                                    Lynette Matters - WA
                                                                                                                    Margaret Matters - WA
                                                                                                      Extended information withheld.              

                                       Richard Adams Matters [1857-1948] son of Thomas Matters and his wife Mary [nee Adams]
                                                              Richard Adams Matters was born on the 1st March 1857, Adelaide, SA 
                                                              Richard married Emily Grace Williams on the 31st July 1886 [Reg. Adelaide S.A.]  
                                                                           Groom recorded Single, aged 29, son of Thomas Matters.
                                                                            Bride recorded Single, aged 25, daughter of Thomas Williams.
                                                                            Venue:  Church, North Adelaide.

                                                              Richard worked as a storekeeper [Ironmonger] and spent some time in Victoria recorded in the 
                                                                            Electoral Rolls in 1909;
                                                                                        Richard Adams Matters, Main Road, Doncaster, Storekeeper.
                                                                                        Emily G. Matters, Main Road, Doncaster, Home Duties.
                                                                                        Rosa Evangeline Matters, Main Road, Doncaster, Home Duties.
                                                                                        At this time Richard & Emily were aged 52yrs 
                                                                                        and their daughter Rosa was unmarried, aged twenty-two.
                                                                                        His sons Frank Hatherleigh Matters and Arnold Hatherleigh Matters 
                                                                                        were still in their  minority, aged 19yrs & 8yrs respectively.
                                                                                Note: Updated information in maroon italics [below], kindly submitted by a family member. 
                                                                                        Rosa Evangeline Matters born 12th July 1887 Port Adelaide, SA 
                                                                                         - died in 1970, aged 82       
                                                                                        Gladys Emily Matters born 10th December 1888 Port Adelaide, SA
                                                                                                         Gladys married Leslie Dunstone 24 January 1914 Adelaide, SA,
                                                                                                          by whom she had issue; 
                                                                                                               "Margaret Ruth Dunstone, born 27 December 1914 in Adelaide.
                                                                                                                Margaret married but died without issue at an advanced age. 
                                                                                                                 Of her father, Margaret wrote; 
                                                                                                                 We were great companions and he had a wonderful mind and bright wit. 
                                                                                                                 Sadly during his last three-and-a-half years he was totally blind. 
                                                                                                                 After a fall resulting in a broken hip, it was nursing home for him. 
                                                                                                                 Margaret nursed her uncle Arnold in the final years of his life."
                                                                                                                 Spouse: Leslie Dunstone was born 15th June 1888 Bordertown, SA
                                                                                      - Gladys Emily Dunstone [nee Matters] died in 1952, aged 63
                                                                                 Frank Hatherleigh Matters born 26th June 1890 Norwood, SA
                                                                                                        "In his 20's Frank changed his name to Frank Hatherley.
                                                                                                         He became a well known Radio Personality".   
                                                                                                         Frank's 1st marriage & issue has been expanded at another Site. 
                                                                                                         He ultimately married Clarice Kingsley by whom he had issue
                                                                                                         under the name HATHERLEIGH, however his sons later reverted
                                                                                                         to their older ancestral variation HATHERLEY.
                                                                                                         Further information -  This Link is directed to another website:
                                                                                                         URL  http://www.frankhatherley.com/page8.htm 
                                                                                   " - Frank Hatherleigh Matters aka Frank Hatherley died 17 April 1956 in Sydney aged 65." 
                                                                                 Arnold Hatherleigh Matters, born 11 April 1901 in Adelaide.
                                                                                                         "Arnold Hatherleigh Matters married Rose Ellen Waters (1898-1976) in 1933. 
                                                                                                         They had no children.
Arnold was a noted Australian opera singer He died without issue on the 11th September 1990 in Adelaide, S.A. aged 89 Extended information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arnold_Matters
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