Generation 2
                                    Cornwall, England

            William Adams                      Sarah Condon [Congdon]
                    [1704-1761]                                                [c.1712-1796]
                          of Tremaine, formerly of Lezant, Cornwall, England

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WILLIAM ADAMS was baptised at Lezant, Cornwall on the 4th July 1704 the son of Francis Adams and his wife Paternell. 
He had six siblings all baptised at the same venue: Elizabeth 1702; Peternell 1706; Richard 1707; Thomas 1709; Henry 1709;
Francis 1711 - died in infancy; Francis 1712.  His parents may have had previous Issue at another venue. 

At the age of thirty-three, William Adams married Sarah Congdon by Banns 23rd January 1737 at Lesnewth, Cornwall 
[10 miles WNW of Lezant]. William himself may also have been married previously.
Sarah Congdon [Condon]
            Sarah's baptism has not been found.
            It is certain that Sarah was born around 1717 based on her child bearing period of 
            twenty-one years estimated aged forty-one at the birth of her youngest child. 
            The Congdon Family was resident at Lesnewth for decades, the earliest entry was 
            the marriage of William Congdon to Margeret Salter on the 28th Sept. 1665.
            Sarah's parents may have adopted the Wesleyan Philosophy, the records for which
            do not appear to have survived.
The couple eventually settled at Tremaine [4 miles of Lesnewth] where William was documented as having possession
of a sizeable property around 1740-1760.  Upon his decease, this Property was subsequently leased to 
John Andrew and further upon his decease, the property was then leased to William Wingfiedl of Middlesex for a 
99year term in 1805, with a consideration of 5/-.
At that time ownership of the tenement was in then in the possession of Sir. John St.Aubyn of Clowance and according to Law
the two prior tenants were mentioned on the Deed viz; 
               'Parts of Tremaine tenement being dwelling-house, barn, stable, wain-house and 5 fields (19 acres.),   
                 with crofts (10acres), and 2 adj. fields called The Nankivels  (11acres), late occupation of WILLIAM ADAMS, 
                deceased, then John Andrew, deceased.'   [National Archives, Kew, Surrey - Online Index]

This would indicate that William was a Yeoman [a farmer working his own tenanted land]. 

They had seven children;
                            Robert Adams [1736-1810] baptised 18th March 1736 at Otterham [3miles WSW of LESNEWTH].
                            William Adams[1741-1785] baptised 7th July 1741 at Treneglos.
                            Peternel Adams baptised 2nd Sept. 1744 at Treneglos.
                            Mary Adams baptised 7th August 1748 at Treneglos.
                            Richard Adams baptised 30th August 1752 at Treneglos, 'son of William & Sarah of Tresmeer'
                            Roger Adams [1755-1806] baptised 9th March 1755 at Tremaine  - See BIOGRAPHY
                            Francis Adams baptised 20th August 1758 at Treneglos -  Died in infancy.
                                        - Francis was buried 5th May 1759 at Treneglos [Est. aged under one year]

William Adams was buried on the 27th February 1761 at nearby Treneglos estimated aged around forty-three.
               He was survived by his wife Sarah of 20 years marriage and his five surviving children;  
               Robert aged 23yrs; William aged 20yrs; Paternel aged 17yrs; Mary aged 13yrs; Richard aged 11yrs; 
               and Roger aged 8yrs.

His widow survived him by a further thirty-five years, buried at Treneglos on the 20th January 1796.
Robert Adams
- baptised 18th March 1736* at OTTERHAM [3miles WSW of LESNEWTH] 

At the age of twenty-six Robert Adams married Mary Parnell at Treneglos 12th April 1762.  
                 Mary Parnell was baptised at Boyton 7th Sept. 1733 daughter of John & Margaret.  
Taking with them Robert's younger brother Roger, aged nineteen, the couple moved to Boyton where 
they had the following issue before moving to North Petherwin;  
                 1] John Adams bapt. 16th June 1765 son of Robert & Mary at Boyton. 
                 2] Margaret Adams bapt. 10th Feb. 1777 daughter of Robert & Mary at Boyton      
                                    - Margaret is unlikely to have survived early childhood. 
                                      i] buried at North Petherwin 27th Nov. 1778 [est. aged 3m] 
                                      ii] buried 10th June 1795 [est. aged 4 yrs].      
Robert's spouse Mary nee Parnell was aged 44yrs in 1777 - her daughter Margaret was her last child.

                 No burials were recorded for either Robert or Mary at Boyton.     
                 It is assumed that they followed Robert's younger brother Roger Adams to  
                 North Petherwin after the death of his mother in 1796, and where where they were
                 both buried as follows; 
                      Mary Adams buried 17th January 1797 at North Petherwin [est. aged sixty-four].  
                      Robert Adams buried 4th October 1810 at North Petherwin [est. aged seventy-four]
                      [his brother Roger predeceased him by four years, also buried Nth Petherwin]

* Robert's Baptism predates his parent's marriage [23rd Jan 1737], the Parish Clerk remarks that
   baptisms in this era were often recorded 'out of order'. This may be attributed to a change in Calendar. 
William Adams
- baptised 7th July 1741 at Treneglos;    

At the age of twenty-four, William Adams married Elizabeth Parsons at Jacobstow [4m N Treneglos] 
21st May 1764.  
                 Elizabeth was baptised at TRENEGLOS 30th Aug. 1737 daughter of Thomas & Mary.
The couple returned to Treneglos where they recorded the following Issue;  
                 1] John Adams bapt. 26th Nov. 1769 Treneglos  [Elizabeth aged 32]
                 2] Sarah Adams bapt. 10th August 1772 Treneglos [Elizabeth aged 35]
                No Burials were found at Treneglos for either William or Elizabeth.   
                Elsewhere: Several burials could apply at various venues however only one venue gives 
                burials for both i.e. North Petherwin.  

                It appears that William was the first of the 'Adams' brothers to settle at North Petherwin, 
                later joined by Robert and Roger who were previously recorded at nearby Boyton. 
                       Elizabeth Adams buried 10th January 1779 at North Petherwin*.   
                       William Adams buried 30th March 1785 - alt. 10th June 1794 at North Petherwin. 
                William's youngest child was only seven when his wife died.  It was around this time that
                his elder brother Robert and his family moved to North Petherwin.
Peternel Adams
- baptised 2nd Sept. 1744 at Treneglos;  [the namesake of her paternal grandmother] 

At the age of thirty, Paternel gave birth to a base born son William Newton Adams  baptised
at Treneglos 14th August 1774. The family appears to have left Tremaine around this time i.e. 1774.
There was no record of Marriage or Burial at Treneglos or Tremaine for Peternel Adams.
Several marriages in other areas could apply. 
Mary Adams
- baptised 7th August 1748 at Treneglos. 
Nothing confident found at Treneglos, several marriages could apply at various venues. 
Richard Adams
- baptised 30th August 1752 at Treneglos.

Outcome unknown - was not married or buried at Treneglos.
Roger Adams

- baptised 9th March 1755 son of William & Sarah;

Around the age of nineteen Roger re-located to Boyton with his elder brother Robert and his family. 
Four years later he married Elizabeth Hopper at Ashwater 1779, the groom recorded 'of Boyton'.
They settled at North Petherwin where his brother William had already settled some years prior. 
Roger & Elizabeth recorded three children at this venue: Leonard 1782; John 1784 & Elizabeth 1786.
Roger was buried at North Petherwin on the 15th February 1806 at the est. age of fifty-one. 
ACCESS Biography of Roger Adams [1755-1806]
The appearance of Thomas Adams and his wife Ellenor in the baptism of their daughter Susanna on the 17th February 1752 
may be a family connection, particularly as Francis had a brother 'Thomas',  however the entry is isolated and may imply 
an unrelated family.
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