William Atmer & his wife Theodosia [nee Self]
                                                                             of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.

                       1755-1790:  Birth to Marriage;

                                              William Atmer is considered to have been born around 1755-1760 very probably in Norfolk.
                                              William Atmer married Theodosia Self around 1790.  
                                              Theodosia Self was born c.1761 [1841 Census aged 80, not born in County i.e. Suffolk] very probably also in Norfolk.  
                                              The Research is in its early stages regarding William & Theodosia's lineage.
                        1793-1798:   Issue;
                                               Settling at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, William and Theodosia had three 'known' children;  

                                               Child 1: Sarah Theodosia Atmer was born on the 9th March 1793 baptized at Great Yarmouth ten days after her 
                                                               birth on the 19th March 1793.  Her mother’s maiden name was also noted on the Parish Record.
                                                               Sarah Theodosia Atmer married Thomas Wright at Wells next the Sea Norfolk by Licence on the 
                                                               26th November 1818.
                                                               See Epilogue and a separate page relating to her issue and marriage to Thomas Wright. 
                                               Child 2: Harriott Atmer born 18th February 1796, baptised 22nd February 1796 at Great Yarmouth. [Mother's 
                                                               maiden name noted] Harriott Atmer married [christian name unknown] 'Ives'.  See in Epilogue.
                                              Child 3: William Atmer born 27th December 1798, baptised 21st January 1799 at Great Yarmouth. [Mother's 
                                                              maiden name noted] William Atmer [the younger] married Maria [nee unknown]. 
                                                              More information in Epilogue below. 

                      1803:     Sale of Holdings at Great Yarmouth - Indentures 18th &19th September 1803.

                             Extract from Land Revenue of  the Crown No. XLII   58 George III, 
                             to Rupert George, Ambrose Searle, and Thomas Hamilton as Commissioners, acting on the part and behalf of 
                             His Majesty;    
                             Lease being of six  parts, and made between William Atmer of Great Yarmouth, in the county of Norfolk, 
                             victualler, of the first part and two others with Samuel Woodward, and William Moon also of Great Yarmouth 
                             to the aforesaid Commissioners on behalf of His Majesty.  
                             The Estates included new built store-houses, stable,  granaries or corn chambers, which formerly were several 
                             Tenements or dwelling houses with the edifices,  buildings, stable, corn chambers, yards, ground and Storehouse
                              or warehouse and granaries, with the appurtenances, then some time since used as a cooper’s shop and 
                              warehouses.  In consideration of  the sum of one Hundred and thirty-three pounds six shillings and eight pence
                              to each of the the said William Atmer, Woodward, and  Moon, making together four hundred pounds did 
                              bargain sell and release.... URL;
                              Sometime soon after the family then moved to Wells next the sea in Norfolk where they settled for the next 
                              few years.  William is assumed to have run an Inn in the village of Wells. 
                    1811 William Atmer named as Executor in the Will of John Sidle of Wells next the sea;

                              On the 21st August 1811  William was named executor in the Will of John Sidle a Merchant at Wells next the 

                              John Sidle was a prominent and wealthy businessman at Wells.
                              The Will was proved six weeks later at London Perogative Court 7th October 1811.  

                    1811 - 1814 William Atmer named in the Challenge of the Will of John Sidle; 

                               The Will was Challenged and dragged out for several years, a subsequent Bill in detail is dated 15th June 1814; 
                                Bignold v Sidle.  Bill only.
                                Plaintiffs: Thomas  Bignold and others.
                               Defendants: Una Sidle, William Atmer, Robert Harles, John Sidle, Jane Sidle and Coe Sidle.
                               Amended by order  dated 15 June 1814: George Henry Sidle removed as defendant.
                               The Will bequeaths Tenements, Lands, Houses, Household Furniture, Chattels and personal estate to his wife 
                               Una and his three children.
                               There has been no link established between the Sidle & Atmer Families.  It is considered that William Atmer
                                and John Siddle were both prominent citizens at Wells.

                    1818:  Marriage of William's daughter Sarah by licence at Wells, William signing the document as witness;  
                                The next event was the marriage of William’s daughter Sarah Theodosia Atmer who married Thomas Wright 
                                of East Linch, Norfolk by Licence on the 26th November 1818 at St. Nicholas, Wells next the Sea, Norfolk.  
                                The Witnesses were William Atmer [Sarah's father, her brother William [the younger] being not yet 'of age' 
                                i.e. aged twenty], F Jickling and Sarah's sister Harriett Atmer. 

                                The witness 'F. Jichling' was Frances Jickling a Sail Maker and Rope Maker at Wells next the Sea.  
                                Frances Jickling was an extremely wealthy business man, who died testate in 1835.  His main benefiaries were
                                his children who were left large Estates in the area, his son mentioned as 'Esquire' in the Probatum.  
                                As one example of the extent of the fortune possessed by Frances Jickling in that he bequeathed his son-in-law,
                                the spouse of his deceased daughter some five thousand pounds in cash.   

                                A relationship between the Atmer and Jickling Families has not been found and it is considered that William
                               Atmer and Francis Jickling together with John Sidle were friends being successful and respected businessmen
                               at Wells.

                               A connection with the groom [Thomas Wright] has also not been established at the present time.

                    William Atmer [the elder] Death; 

                                William [the elder] does not appear in the burials at Wells next the Sea.  It is considered he may have died in 
                                Norwich, Norfolk.
                                William was certainly deceased between 1818 and 1841.  His wife Theodosia [nee Self] however survived him. 


                    Theodosia Atmer [nee Self]: Wife of William Atmer the elder;

                                       Theodosia was found in the 1841 Census living with her son William Atmer and his family at Halesworth,
                                        Suffolk noted aged eighty years.  [probably rounded]  [See her son William's section directly below].
                                        Theodosia Atmer [nee Self] died five years later in the March Qtr. 1846 aged around 85yrs. 
                                        [Registered at Blything]

                Sarah Theodosia Wright [nee Atmer]:    Eldest child of William Atmer & Theodosia nee Self. 

                                        Mary's Full Story is in the Biography of her Spouse, Thomas Wright. 

                Harriott Atmer:                  2nd child of William Atmer the elder & Theodosia nee Selfe;

                                        Harriot appears to have married [christian name unknown] 'Ives'.  
                                        Harriot and unknown Ives appear to have had one daughter  i.e. Mary Ives.   

                              Mary Ives:                  Assumed daughter of Harriott &  granddaughter of William & Theodosia;
                                                              Mary Ives was recorded living with her maternal Uncle William Atmer [the younger]  
                                                              at Halesworth in 1851 recorded his 'niece', aged 23yrs, 'Assistant'.  
                                                              She was recorded on the 1861 Census living with her 1st cousin
                                                              William Atmer [the youngest], recorded aged 34 years, 'housekeeper, born at Wallingham, 
                                                              Mary Ives appears to have died between 1861 - 1871. 
                     William Atmer [the younger];           Son of William Atmer [the elder] and his wife Theodosia nee Selfe. 

                                  1830;     The move to Norwich; 

                                        William [the younger] left Wells next the Sea before 1830, moving to Norwich, Norfolk leaving his sister 
                                        Sarah at Wells with her husband Thomas Wright and their two surviving sons.  
                                        William Amer took with him his aging mother and perhaps his father was still living at this time although
                                         by now would have been aged around seventy.

                                        In 1830, at the age of thirty-two William [the younger] was recorded to have owned the ‘Lamb Inn’ at 
                                        Norwich 18 miles west of his birthplace at Great Yarmouth.  

                                        Around this time William may have married Maria [nee unknown] from Kent. 
                                        In any case he did not stay at Norwich for long. 

                                 1834:   The move to Hailsham, Suffolk and a possible cousin, Samuel Selfe;

                                         Possibly drawn to 'greener pastures' at Halesworth some 21 miles SSE of Norwich by who is believed to 
                                         be his maternal 1st cousin 'Samuel Selfe', William became a highly successful brewer and victualler.  
                                         The Self Family were prominent at Halesham.

                                         It may have been soon after their arrival that Maria gave birth to a son, William [the youngest] in 1834 
                                         at Hailsham Suffolk.  
                                         William may have been their only surviving child.  

                                 1839:    The Angel Inn; 

                                         William Atmer [the younger] first kept the Angel Inn at Halesworth probably around 1832-1834.  
                                         He was found in the 1839 Post Office Directory as 'of the 'Angel' Inn at Halesworth' in Suffolk.

                                  1839:    William's Letter to the State House - Home Dept.  
                                                                      re Compulsory Apprenticeships - dated 10th June [1839-1841];

                                         'Evidence of Mr. Atmer; 
                                          see the complete document at Google Books;

                                  1841:      Census; 

                                           William was recorded in the 1841 Census living at The Thoroughfare, Halesworth, Suffolk; 
                                           William Atmer, aged 41yrs, Occupation: Innkeeper, not born in County;  
                                            Maria Atmer, aged 34 yrs, not born in County; 
                                            Theodosia Atmer aged 80yrs, not born in County 
                                            William Atmer, aged 7yrs,  who was born in County [Halesworth].  

                                            In the Census they were recorded as employed 9 servants; 
                                            Mary Butler 19, Mary Ann Hunter 26, Jane Lockwood 26, Mary Anne Laiter 26 Benjamin Bunn 23, 
                                            all servants were 'born in county' plus William Bunn 45 who was not.  
                                            Boarders were;
                                            John Clemestan 40, Commercial Traveler, 
                                            Benjamin Clemestan 50, 
                                            Fanny Clemestan 50 
                                            these boarders were not 'born in county'.            

                                 There is evidence to suggest that before 1844 William had returned to Great Yarmouth where it is assumed 
                                 that his maternal cousin or uncle 'Samuel Selfe'  was a malster with holdings in the township.  
                                 Both William and Samuel were recorded as malsters in the White’s business directory for 1844 and 1855.  
                                 William Atmer owning one of the largest maltings i.e. ‘Knight’s Angel’ within the township. 
                                 William was registered in the Directory at Bridge Street and Samuel Selfe in Chediston Street. 
                                 Samuel was recorded as a signigicant malster but no tenement of a major Malting was attributed to his  name. 
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Death of William Atmer [the younger's] mother; William's mother, Theodosia Atmer [nee Self] died five years later in the March Qtr. 1846 aged around 85yrs. [Registered at Blything]. The 1851 Census; The 1851 Census reveals William Atmer and his wife Maria remained at the Thoroughfare, Halesworth. William Atmer, Head, aged 52, an Innkeeper, born at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Maria Atmer, Wife, aged 34yrs. William Atmer, Son, aged 16yrs. Mary Ives, Neice, aged 23yrs, unmarried, Occupation: 'Assistant', born in Walsingham, Norfolk, Servants; Ann Brown, aged 57, Cook, unm, born Alderley, Norfolk; Mary Ann Hammond, aged 29, unm, Housemaid, born Holton, Suffolk; Matilda King, 18, kitchen maid, born Rumburgh, Suffolk; William Johncock, 26, 'Boots', born Mullin, Cornwall; Benjamin Chaston, 25, Pot Lad, born Friston, Suffolk. Several other documents; There are several documents relating to him which are held at the Suffolk Record Office, Ipswich Branch amongst the Family Records of the Rous Family, Earls of Stradbroke. These appear to be relating letters by William Atmer regarding Leaseholds held him at Halesworth. From the Index: National Archives, Kew; 1] From William Atmer - Date: February 1850. [Ref. HB26/412/1742] 2] Warrent from Rev. Charles Chapman, Acrise, Kent, as executor of the Will of Rev. Benedict Chapman, Ashden, Essex, to steward of manor of Halesworth to enter satisfaction for payment due on conditional surrender from William Atmer, Halesworth - Date: 31st October 1857. [ref. HB26/412/1321] 3] William Atmer, Halesworth - Date: 1865-1866. [Ref. HB26/412/1954] Many Documents were found for the Atmer Family in Norfolk dated the 16th Century, held at the National Archives, Kew. It is unknown for certain at this point if the Family is connected but it is assumed they were. See URL: 1861 Census; William Atmer and Maria moved to Chedeston in Suffolk where they were found in the 1861 Census living together with acreage employing several servants. On the same 1861 Census: Their son William had an acreage at Halesworth of 75 acres on which he employed 2 men and 1 boy. William Atmer, Head, age 27 yrs, unmarried Mary Ives, aged 38yrs, unmarried, 'housekeeper'. [Note: Mary was William's 1st cousin] Death of William Atmer; William Atmer died March Qtr. 1866 noted aged 67yrs. [Registered at Blything] Obituary: DEATHS - Beccles & Bungay Weekly News - at Chediston - date 23rd February, 1866; 'Mr. William Atmer, aged 67 years, for many years a respected in inhabitant of Halesworth, where he served the office of Parish Churchwarden for a lengthened term, to the great satisfaction of his fellow parishioners.' William Atmer the youngest: Son of William Atmer & Maria & grandson of William Atmer and his wife Theodosia nee Selfe The last recorded entry for William Atmer [jnr] was at Halesham in the 1861 Census. William Atmer jnr. predeceased his father by five years. He seems to have died unmarried and without issue a few months after the Census in the December Qtr. 1861 at the age of twenty-seven. Maria Atmer: wife of William Atmer [the younger]; 1871: Maria was found on the 1871 Census aged 63yrs managing the 75 acres at Halesworth which lay in Holten Street. She employed three servants. 1881: Maria Atmer was found on the 1881 Census at Halesworth aged 74yrs working as a servant. Maria Atmer died five years later in the March Qtr. 1886 noted aged 79yrs. [Registered at Blything] Other Information Atmer Marriages at Yarmouth ther possible kin:   Mary Atmer married Joseph Lambert 10th Sept. 1795 Nicholas Atmer married Ann Cordran 29th Nov. 1803                                                                 Catherine Atmer married William Rix 24th December 1816                                                              Mary Anne Atmer married James Dack 13th Feb. 1816 Frances Atmer married John Crofford 24th June 1818                                                               Ann Atmer married Jasper Matthews  19th Sept. 1826 The Atmer Family of Norfolk is represented at the National Archives, Kew from the 16th Century. URL: The Self Family 
                     Robert Self:       Considered a possible great nephew of Theodosia Atmer [nee Self].  
                             Robert Self  & his wife Hannah had a daughter baptized Theodosia Lydia Self  30th May 1834 at St. Giles, Norwich, 
                             Norfolk [LDS].  Robert as recorded aged 40yrs in the 1841 [recording daughter Theodosia aged 7yrs], 1851 census he was 
                             an agricultural labourer born in Dickleburgh, Norfolk.  Investigations were not continued at this date but will be resumed 
                            There are several burials at Norfolk relating to this family in the NBI [1st Edition].  These and more information regarding
                             Robert and his family will be included at the next update.  In the interim genuine family members may like to contact.

                            'Self' Family at Norfolk are well represented in the Index at the National Archives, Kew.