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                                                                  Direct Lineage
                              ADAMS,  ASHURST [Ashurst], ATMER, EAST, GOWLETT [Gowlate, Gowlet], HAMILTON,
                                                  HOPPER,  PAYNE [Paine], RILEY [O'Reilly] SIMPSON,  TIDESWELL [Tidswell], WRIGHT .

                                    Associated Extended Families
                                                                            Matters [Metters] - Wells
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Generation 1: ADAMS Francis [bef. 1680-1726] - Spouse Peteronell [nee unknown], of Lezant, Cornwall.
Generation 2: ADAMS m CONGDON William Adams [1712-1761] of Tremaine/Treneglos, Cornwall.
Generation 3: ADAMS m HOPPER - Roger Adams[1755-1806] - of North Petherwin, Cornwall.
Generation 4: ADAMS m SQUIRE  - Leonard Adams [c.1786-1847] - of Werrington, Devonshire
Generation 5: ADAMS m WILLIAMS  - John Adams [1815-1895] - Sth Australia formerly Werrington,Devon.
Generation 6: ADAMS m HAMILTON - James Adams [1839-1895] - Victoria, Australia. 
Generation 7: ADAMS m RILEY - Restricted - Alfred Adams [1870-1949]
                                                                              Spouse Olive Pendennis Riley - Family Members Only - by Request.
APPENDED: THE BEGINNING - Introduction to the History of the Adams Family in Cornwall.
APPENDED: ADAMS PHOTOS Dated circa 1890 and prior.
APPENDED: HENRY HOPPER of Bradford Cornwall. Spouse: Mary - Direct Ancestor. 
APPENDED: HOPPER LINEAGE CHART - From 1596 - Black Torrington, Cornwall.
                                                       ASSOCIATED EXTENDED FAMILIES
APPENDED: Henry Hopper Adams [1821-1898] - of NEW ZEALAND formerly of Cornwall + descendants. 
                       Spouse: Joannah Kiley[1824-1874].
                       son of Leonard Adams & Maria Squire [Generation 4], 
                       settled New Zealand in 1842. Biography & extended generations. 
NOTE:          Not to be confused with his NEPHEW Henry Hopper Adams [1844-1923] of Victoria 
                       & South Australia son of John Adams & Bestsey nee Williams - see Epilogue in Generation 5.
APPENDED: Thomas Metters [Matters] [1819-1857] - of South Australia, formerly of Cornwall. 
                       Spouse: Mary Adams [1812-1888] daughter of Leonard Adams & Maria Squire [Generation 4]. 
                       Submitted by Adams/Metters Descendants.
                       Extended:   Richard Metters [Matters][1780-c.1834] of Cornwall.  
                                           Spouse: Martha Hatherley [1775-1851].
                                            Submitted by Adams/Metters Descendants.  
                       Extended:   David Metters [bef.1768-1820?] of Cornwall] 
                                            Spouse: Elizabeth Higgins.
                                            Submitted by Adams/Metters Descendants. 

Generation 1
ROGER ADAMS [1755-1806] of North Petherwin, Cornwall, England

Roger Adams married Elizabeth Hopper [1744-1821], the daughter of Henry Hopper & Phillipy nee Rowe,
on the 23 August 1779 at Ashwater, Cornwall. They settled at nearby North Petherwin.
His spouse Elizabeth and two of their three children were beneficiaries in the Will of Elizabeth's brother, Leonard Hopper, the third, John, was omitted. ACCESS BIOGRAPHY.

1] Leonard Adams baptised 1780
2] John Adams baptised 1st June 1783
3] Elizabeth Adams baptised 13th August, 1786

See Full Details in BIOGRAPHY - ROGER ADAMS.

Generation 2
LEONARD ADAMS [1780-1847] of Werrington, Devonshire, England.

The eldest son of Roger Adams by his wife Elizabeth nee Hopper of North Petherwin,
Leonard Adams married Maria 'aka Amelia' Squires on the 27th March 1811 at nearby Werrington
[3m of his birthplace]. He settled at nearby Werrington. ACCESS BIOGRAPHY

1] Mary Adams baptised 17th May 1812
- see Epilogue
2] John Adams baptised 25th June 1815 -
See Next Generation
3] Maria Adams
baptised 4th May 1819
- see Epilogue
4] Henry Hopper Adams
baptised 20th May 1821
- see Epilogue
5] William Adams
baptised 27th February 1825
- see Epilogue
6] Thomasin Adams
baptised 22nd Nov. 1829 - see Epilogue

Generation 3
JOHN ADAMS [1815-1895] of South Australia, formerly of Werrington, Devonshire, England.

The son of Leonard Adams and his wife Maria
[aka Amelia] nee Squires of Werrington, Devonshire,
John Adams married Betsey Williams on the 1st April 1838 at nearby Milton A
bbott, Devonshire.
They baptised their first born at Eastacott, Devon and subsequently returned to Milton Abbott.
They migrated to Australia with their five children per ‘China’ in 1852 arriving at Port Adelaide,
South Australia 12th Nov 1852. ACCESS BIOGRAPHY

James Adams [1839-1895] married Charlotte Maria Hamilton.
See Next Generation.
2] Mary
Adams [1842-?] married Thomas Downie -
See Epilogue.
3] Henry Hopper Adams
[1844-1915] married Mary Jane Tippet -
See Epilogue.
4] Tamzin Adams [1846-1926] married John Teakle -
See Epilogue.
5] Maria Adams
- See Epilogue.
6] William Thomas Adams
[1852-Post 1895]
- See Epilogue.

Generation 4;
JAMES ADAMS [1839-1895] of Sandhurst, Victoria, formerly of Sth Aust, previously of
Milton Abbott
, Devonshire, England.

Baptised 29th Sept. 1839 at Eastacott, Devon, the son of John Adams and Betsey nee Williams,
He migrated to South Australia with his parents at the age of twelve. Subsequently working as
a Miner, he ventured to the Goldfields in Victoria.
James Adams married Charlotte Maria Hamilton, the daughter of James Hamilton and his wife
Fanny nee Gowlett , at Pleasant Creek Victoria on the 22nd Nov. 1869.
James Adams was killed in a mining accident in 1895. ACCESS FULL BIOGRAPHY

1] Francis Elizabeth Adams [1870-1956] -
Died Unmarried & without issue - See Epilogue
2] James Pelham
Adams [1873-1905]:
Engineer, married Harriet Gaylord - See Epilogue.
3] John Henry
Adams [1875-1877]:
Died at Sandhurst 1877 Typhoid Fever aged two years.
4] Alfred Hamilton
Adams [1877-1949]:
Married Olive Pendennis Riley - See Epilogue.
5] Mabel Maude
Adams [1880-1955]:
Died unmarried and without issue - See Epilogue.
6] Norman Stanley
Adams [1883-1953]:
Salvation Army Officer, m1 Charlotte Marie Gartner [New Zealand]
m.2. Ruby Heidorn. - See Epilogue.

7] Ruby Adams [1885-1967]:
Married Benjamin James Thomas - See Epilogue.
Family Photos available.

                                                          ASHURST FAMILY [Ashhurst]
Generation 1: ASHHURST m SIMPSON - John Swinton Ashhurst [c.1800-1841] of Brighton, Sussex
Generation 2: WRIGHT m ASHHURST - Fanny Ashhurst [1833-c.1863] of London formerly of Brighton.
Generation 3: RILEY m WRIGHT - Amelia Wright [1859-1934] of Melbourne, Australia formerly of London
Generation 4: RILEY m ADAMS - Olive Pendennis Riley married Alfred Hamilton Adams 
                                                       - Restricted -Family Members Only - By Request.     

Generation 1;
JOHN SWINTON ASHHURST [c.1800-1841] of Brighton, Sussex, England. - Variation: Ashurst.


John Swinton Ashurst worked in Brighton Sussex as a Law Stationer.
He had one known sibling; Robert Lewis Ashhurst - Master of Languages & Teacher.
John Swinton Ashhurst married Fanny Simpson on the 28th January 1827
at Preston, Nth of Brighton.
Both died prematurely leaving orphaned children aged 18yrs, 16yrs and 14yrs respectively.

Robert Lewis Ashurst c.1829, married Rebecca Barber 1828, had issue -
See Epilogue.
John Swinton Ashurst c. 1830, married Mary Bonner 1854. Took on the care of his niece -
See Epilogue.
Fanny Ashhurst: bapt. at Brighton 1833 married Thomas Wright, 1851 -
See Next Generation

Generation 2;
FANNY ASHHURST [1833-c.1864]
of London, formerly of Brighton Sussex, England.
- Variation: Ashurst.

Born the daughter of John Swinton Ashurst and his wife Fanny nee Simpson, after the death of her
mother, travelled to
London with her brother John.
Fanny Ashurst married Thomas Wright in 1851 at Poplar in London. After their marriage Thomas
and Fanny remained in London where they ran the Trinity Arms Inn at Orchard Place, London.
ACCESS BIOGRAPHY - Photo Displayed.

See issue List in Synopsis for her spouse Thomas Wright

                                                          ATMER FAMILY [VARIANTS Atmere, Atmeer]

Generation 1: Variants: Atmere, Atmeare, Atmar, Atmeer.

William Atmer was resident at Great Yarmouth Norfolk.
He was recorded in several documents as a licenced Inkeeper and Victualler.
William and Theodosia moved to Wells next the Sea after 1798 where William
became a respected citizen of the village. His name is connected to another two
wealthy and influentual businessmen of the village. ACCESS FULL BIOGRAPHY

SARAH THEODOSIA ATMER born 9th March 1793 - married Thomas Wright.
Harriott Atmer born 18th February 1796. See Epilogue.
William Atmer
[the younger] born 27th December 1798. Successful Inkeeper - See Epilogue.

Generation 2;

Name Sarah Atmer

Born 9th March 1793
Baptised 19th March 1793 [Great Yarmouth]
Father William Atmer [Inn Keeper]
Mother Theodosia nee Self
Married Thomas Wright 26th November 1818 Wells next the sea, Norfolk.
Died 1865

Sarah Theodosia Atmer had two known siblings.
Sarah was found on the 1841, 1851 & 1861 Census England, noted in the latter living with her son
Thomas Wright who in 1861 was the licensed Victualler of the Trinity Arms at Orchard Street,
Poplar, London. In the house was also Thomas's wife Fanny [nee Ashurst] and their five daughters.

Issue; [baptised at Wells next the Sea, Norfolk];
THOMAS WRIGHT bapt. 3rd July 1822 s.o.Thomas & Sarah Theodosia [late Atmer]
married Fanny Ashhurst.
Sarah Wright baptised 30th December 1824. Died at the age of 6 [accidentally burnt].
Francis William Wright 'William Wright' born c. 1831.


Generation 1
Name : Mary East
Born : c. 1715
Parents : See Research

Married : William Gowlett1739 Uxbridge, Middlesex, England [copy of Parish Entry displayed]
Buried : 15th November 1772, Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
See issue in Synopsis for spouse William Gowlett [2]

                                                           GOWLETT  [Variations - Gowlate, Gowlet,]

Gowlett Origins, Etymology, Early Migration, Essex & Middlesex early Entries;

Follows the development of the Gowlett Name and the earliest known Records [1524] in Essex and other
areas throughout England
with some Early Documents and Demography. Also discusses likelihood of a
common Progenitor and the Gowlettt Family during the English Civil War [1642-1651].

Continues with Early Life in Uxbridge, Middlesex.

Gowlett Ecclesiastic Records in the Hillingdon Parish from 1601;

Early 'Gowlett' Parish Entries at Uxbridge, Hillingdon, Cowley, Harrow, Harlingdon, Hayes, Ickenham,
Pinner, Ruislip & Uxbridge within the Hillingdon Parish, Middlesex, England.

'GOWLETT' PARISH ENTRIES [Hillingdon, Uxbridge, Ruislip, Hayes, etc.]

Golwett Newspaper Articles & Trivia relating to Uxbridge;

Various Newspapers and Published Articles from
1703 -1897

Andrewe Gowlett [c.1570-?] of Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex, England [7m N of Uxbridge].

Follows the marriage of Andrewe Gowlett & his 1st wife Elizabeth nee Pedley and 2nd Wife Alice,
and his issue, particularly his sons Richard, John and Robert who later settled in Sunbury & Uxbridge.


Robert Gowlett [1627-1686] of Uxbridge, Middlesex, England

Believed to be the son of Andrewe Gowlett,
Robert Gowlett married Frances Parnes
[1637-1714] on the 21st September 1663 at Uxbridge.
He was recorded in the Uxbridge Hearth Tax Records in 1664.
[Scan Displayed]
Biography discusses his Political Affiliations during the English Civil War.
Also gives the Lineage Dorcas and her Family's involvement in the English Civil War.
His widow Dorcas Gowlett nee Parnes is Documented in a Newspaper Article in London, with her
son Thomas and several others in 1703, implicated but later exhonorated of a murder committed
at Iver near Uxbridge. Article Displayed.

Known Issue;
Thomas Gowlett [c.1670-1745]
- See Epilogue.

WILLIAM GOWLETT [Aka Gowlate] [c.1696-1768]
of Uxbridge, Middlesex, England.

Considered born around 1696, William Gowlett is the first proven Progenitor of the subsequent
detailed Gowlett Family at Uxbridge.
Discusses his relationship to parallel Family at Uxbridge i.e. Thomas Gowlett, son of Robert Gowlett.
William Gowlett married Sarah unknown around 1715 and settled at Uxbridge. His Biography
includes scans of Original Records relating to his issue.

1] Elizabeth Gowlett,
baptised 27th April 1717 - Buried 1729 aged 12.
2] William Gowlett aka Gowlate baptised 2nd March 1818 - Married Mary East - See next Generation.
3] Sarah Gowlett - recorded 'Twin'
baptised 22nd November 1721
4] Mary Gowlett - recorded 'Twin'
baptised 22nd November 1721 - Buried 16th March 1722.
5] John Gowlett, baptised 8th April 1723 - Buried aged 2yrs
6] Isaac Gowlett baptised November 1726
- See Epilogue.
7] Mary Gowlett [2], baptised 9th Feb. 1729 - See Epilogue.

WILLIAM GOWLET Aka Gowlate [1718-1747] of Uxbridge, Middlesex, England.

The eldest surviving son of William Gowlett [c.1696-1768]
William Gowlett married Mary East on the 5th November 1739 at nearby Hillingdon.

Biography Includes scans of the Original Record relating his marriageand his issue.
Also Appendage Page relating to Research for the East Family.

1] William Gowlett, born 1740 - Buried age 0, 28th September 1740.
2] RICHARD GOWLETT, baptised 23rd Sept. 1741 - See Next Generation 3.
3] Elizabeth Gowlett, baptised 29th February 1744
- Buried 23rd January 1756 - Age 12yrs.
4] WILLIAM GOWLETT [3], baptised 4th June 1746 - See Extended Family Generation 3.

Generation 3;
RICHARD GOWLET aka Gowlate [1741-post 1792] of Uxbridge, Middlesex, England.

Richard Gowlett was born the son of
William Gowlett and his wife Mary [nee East] of Uxbridge.
He married ] Mary [nee unknown] c. 1767 and around 1781 married 2] Mary Gravenor 13th Dec. 1781.

Richard Gowlett [the younger] baptized on the 16th April 1769 - See Extended Generation 4.
2] Elizabeth Gowlett baptised on the 23rd Oct 1771
- Married James Briant - See Epilogue.
3] Isaac Gowlett was baptised on the 13th May 1774 See Next Generation 4.
4] Sarah Gowlett baptised 25th December 1776 -
Buried 11th April 1778, est aged 16 months.
5] Mary Ann Gowlett baptised 24th February 1779 -
Buried 6th November 1781 est aged 3yrs.
Fanny Gowlett baptised 17th October 1781 -
See Epilogue.
Sarah Gowlett [2] , baptised in April 1785 -
See Epilogue.

WILLIAM GOWLET aka Gowlate [1746-post 1801] of Hillingdon, Middlesex, England.


The youngest son of William Gowlett and his wife Mary [nee East],
William Gowlett married 1] Elizabeth Lovejoy 17th December 1780 at Hillingdon.
William Gowlett married 2] Mary married Mary Pembroke on the 29th May 1787 at
St. Marys Marylebone, London later returning to Hillingdon where they recorded issue.

Issue Marriage 1];
William Gowlate baptised 27th May 1781 -
buried 10th August 1781 at the est. age of 3 months.
Dinah Gowlate born 1782/3 -
buried 14th March 1783 'daughter of William & Elizabeth'.
Issue Marriage 2];

Mary Gowlett baptised 4th October 1789 -
See Epilogue.
Matilda Gowlett baptised 4th May 1791 - Base Born son - WILLIAM GOWLETT See Generation 4
Harriot Gowlett baptised 8th Jan. 1794 -
See Epilogue.
William Gowlett baptised 9th Aug. 1795 -
See Epilogue.
Anne Gowlett baptised 29th Jan. 1797 -
See Epilogue.
John Baker Gowlate baptised 10th Jan. 1799 -
See Epilogue.
James Gowlet baptised 20th Sept. 1801 -
See Epilogue.

RICHARD GOWLET [1769-1845] [aka Gowlate] [the younger] of Uxbridge, Middlesex, England.

Eldest son of Richard Gowlet [the elder] by his wife Mary [nee unknown],
Richard Gowlett married Phoebe Fletcher [1774-1843] the base born daughter of Susannah Fletcher,
on the 9th December 1792 at Hillingdon. Richard was recorded in the 1841 Census.
ACCESS FULL BIOGRAPHY [including outcomes for their children]


1] Elizabeth Gowlett baptized on the 16th June 1793 -
See Epilogue
2] Richard Gowlett baptised 18th Sept. 1795 -
See Epilogue
3] William Gowlett baptised 21st August 1795 [late baptism] -
See Epilogue
4] Twin: Ann Gowlett baptized 3rd Dec. 1797 -
Twin  -
died in early infancy [LW].
5] Twin: James Gowlett baptized 3rd Dec. 1797 – Twin
– died in early infancy [LW].
6] James Gowlett , baptised January 1799, Uxbridge -
Died in infancy.
7] William Gowlett [1802-1845] baptised 7th Jan 1802 - Follow Link to Biography.
8] James Gowlett [1803-pre 1861], baptised 30th Dec. 1803 - See Extended Generation 4
9] Phoebe Gowlett, baptised 29th Jan. 1804-
Did not survive.
10] John Gowlett, baptised 7th March 1806 -
died in 1808.
11] Eliza Gowlett , baptised 28th May 1809
- See Epilogue
12] John Gowlett, baptised 11th August 1811
- See Epilogue
13] Charles Robert Gowlett, born 6th Dec. 1814, baptised 27th Sept. 1816, Uxbridge
- See Epilogue
14] Samuel Gowlett, baptised 27th Sept. 1816, Uxbridge
- See Epilogue.
15] Phoebe Gowlett, baptised 1st July 1818, Uxbridge.

ISAAC GOWLET [1774-1827]
of NSW Australia formerly of Uxbridge;

The youngest son of
Richard Gowlett [the elder] of Uxbridge and his 1st wife Mary,
Isaac married Mary Osborne in 1795 and several months later was accused of stealing a sheep, Tried at
at the Old Bailey London, initially sentenced to Death, later commuted to Transportation for Life.
He was sent to Sydney Cove that year.He formed relationships with two convict women by whom he had
issue. Biography Includes numerous Original Scans relating to the events in his life in Australia
including a copy of his handwritten letter to the Orphanage at nearby Parramatta requesting admission
of two of his young daughters just prior to his death. Includes extended outcomes for his daughters.

Issue Relationship 1 - Mary Miller;
1] Isaac Gowlett baptised 16th March 1804 Parramatta -
buried 20th December 1814 recorded 11 years.
Issue: Relationship 2 - Mary Stevenson;
2] Fanny 'Adele' Gowlett [c.1818-1890] Synopsis - See Generation 6
3] Sarah Gowlett [c.1823 - post 1839] -
Base Born Child: Harried Gowlett - did not survive - See Epilogue.
4] Maria Gowlett [1821-post 1861] -
Married Patrick Matthew, Sydney 1841 - See Epilogue.

JAMES GOWLETT [1803-pre 1861]

Born the son of Richard Gowlett [the younger] and his wife Phoebe nee Fletcher,
married Elizabeth nee unknown around 1823 and had issue. A Publican by occupation
he was recorded the vicualler at 'Catherine Arms' Inn nee Uxbridge. ACCESS BIOGRAPHY

1] Richard Joseph Gowlett 'twin' baptised 19th March 1824 - See Synopsis Extended Generation 5
2] James Isaac Gowlett 'twin' baptised 19th March 1824 - See Synopsis Extended Generation 5
3] Elizabeth Gowlett baptised 10th Jul 1828 -
See Epilogue.
4] Thomas Samuel Gowlett 'twin' baptised 12 Jul 1833 -
See Epilogue.
5] Phoebe Gowlett 'twin' baptised 12 Jul 1833
- See Epilogue.

[1818-1890] - Daughter of Isaac Gowlett & Mary Stevens

Born in Parramatta, Sydney, Australia, the daughter of Isaac Gowlett,, Convict, formerly of Uxbridge,
Middlesex, England and Mary Ann Stevenson [aka Stevens], Convict, born Ireland.
Her mother left the family when she was quite young and her father struggled with the two eldest
daughters left in his care for several years. His health deteriorating he placed Fanny and her younger
sister into the Orphanage at Parramatta. He
died shortly after.
Fanny spent the next five years in the institution with her sister Sarah who remained when Fanny was
assigned to the Hayes Family where she was treated well.
Fanny Gowlett married 1] Edward Hillyard 1838 Sydney NSW and married 2] James Hamilton c. 1843.
She had issue by both unions.

For a list see Synopsis for her Spouse

WILLIAM GOWLETT [4] [1807-1853] - Base born son of Matilda Gowlett.

Married Mary Carter in 1832 and settled at Bell Yard, Uxbridge where they had issue.
William & his family were recorded in the 1841/1851 Census. ACCESS FULL BIOGRAPHY

Matilda Gowlett baptised 11th August 1833 Uxbridge
2] Mary Ann Gowlett baptised 8th December 1837 Uxbridge
3] Mary Ann Gowlett [2] baptised 8th December 1839 Uxbridge
4] Sarah Gowlett baptised 19th December 1841 Uxbridge
5] William Gowlett baptised 5th May 1844 Uxbridge
6] Fanny Gowlett baptised 25th October 1846 Uxbridge
7] William James Gowlett baptised 4th March 1849 Uxbridge
8] Harriet Gowlett baptised 30th Nov. 1851 Uxbridge

JAMES ISAAC GOWLETT [1824-1899] [twin] son of James Gowlett and his wife Elizabeth.
Extended Family of Richard Gowlett[the younger] and his wife Phoebe nee Fletcher.

James Isaac Gowlett married Charlotte Bignell at Hillingdon on the 10th October 1852.
They remained at Uxbridge where James worked as a Coachman.
Biography includes outcomes for children
He was recorded in the 1841/1851/1861/1871/1881/1891 Census. ACCESS FULL BIOGRAPHY

1] Louisa Gowlate [Gowlet], baptised 11th December 1853 at Hillingdon -
See Epilogue.
2] Thomas Gowlate [Gowlet], baptised 11th February 1855 [age0] at Uxbridge
- See Epilogue.
3] James Richard Gowlate [Gowlett] baptised 19th July 1857 at Uxbridge -
See Epilogue.
4] Dorothy Ann Gowlate [Gowlett], baptised 7th November 1858 at Uxbridge -
See Epilogue.
5] George Richard Gowlate [Gowlett], baptised 29th July 1860 at Uxbridge -
See Epilogue.
6] Richard Gowlate [Gowlett], baptised 14th March 1862 at Uxbridge -
See Epilogue.
7] Phoebe Elizabeth Gowlate baptised 27 Dec 1863 at Uxbridge -
See Epilogue.
8] William Henry Gowlate [Gowlett], born 1865 -
See Epilogue.
9] Ann Gowlate [Ann Gowlett] baptised 12th Sept. 1869 at Uxbridge -
See Epilogue.
10] Emily Jane Gowlate [Emily Jane Gowlett], born 1872 -
See Epilogue.

RICHARD JOSEPH GOWLETT [1824-1896] [twin] son of James Gowlett and his wife Elizabeth.
Extended Family of Richard Gowlett [the younger] and his wife Phoebe nee Fletcher.

Richard was recorded an 'Army Pensioner' in the 1891 Census which may account for him not
able to be found in the 1851/1861 Census. After his marriage he was recorded as a 'Labourer'.
Richard Joseph Gowlett married Annie Elizabeth Witting at Wandsworth in the Dec. Qtr. 1863.
Richard was aged 39yrs, Elizabeth aged 29yrs. They settled at Uxbridge. ACCESS BIOGRAPHY


1] John Gowlett born 1865 Tilbury Essex. [Census] -
See Epilogue.
2] Annie Elizabeth Gowlett
[the younger] born 1871 Westminister, London. [Census]- See Epilogue.

MATILDA GOWLETT [1833-1886] - Daughter of WILLIAM GOWLET and his wife Mary Carter.
Extended Family of William Gowlett & his wife Mary Pembroke


Matilda Gowlett married John Wells at Uxbridge on the 11th September 1854, the son of
William Wells and his wife Elizabeth of Fingest Oxfordshire.
They settled at Bell Yard, Uxbridge.
Matilda was recorded in the 1841/1851/1861/1871/1881 Census.
Her Biography includes oucomes for her children. ACCESS FULL BIOGRAPHY


1] William Gowlett Wells born 1855 -
See Epilogue.
2] Henry James Wells born 1857 -
See Epilogue.
3] John Walter Wells born 1859 -
See Epilogue.
4] Matilda Elizabeth Wells born 1860 -
See Epilogue.
5] Emily Wells born 1863 -
See Epilogue.
6] Anne Wells born 1864 -
See Epilogue.
7] Harriet Wells born 1869 -
See Epilogue.
8] Thomas James Wells born 1870 -
See Epilogue.
9] Edward Wells born 1872 -
See Epilogue.
10] Fanny Wells born 1874
- See Epilogue.

[1860-1940] - daughter of
Henry Wells and his wife Matilda [nee Gowlett]

Matilda Wells married Henry Grove, the son of Henry George Grove & his wife Ann nee Carter
[Matilda's cousin] in the June Qtr. 1884 at Fulham, London.
The couple returned to Bell Yard, Uxbridge where Henry died in 1902.
Matilda Wells married 2 William Thomas Pickett 17th December 1904 there was no issue from
this union.
Extended information relating to Matilda's marriages, issue & Photograph can be found in the
Epilogue in the Biography of her father: Henry Wells and his wife Matilda [nee Gowlett]

Issue: Marriage 1;
1] Emily Matilda Groves born 1886 -
See Extended Epilogue
2] John Henry Groves born 1888 -
See Extended Epilogue
3] Maud H. Groves born 1889 -
See Extended Epilogue
4] William Robert Groves born 1891 -
See Extended Epilogue
5] Albert George Groves born 1898 -
See Extended Epilogue

Extended Family of Henry Wells - spouse of Matilda Gowlett.
Kindly submitted by Jan Dawes [UK] - Descendant. ACCESS: WELLS FAMILY

Born                   :  Unknown
Married             :  Sarah Pelham
John Hamilton Captain of the Hussars, of Devonshire, England. married  Sarah [nee Pelham]. 
They were said to have one son born in Exeter  Devonshire: James Hamilton born 1809.  
There is evidence of other possible births.
                                                      Currently Under Research. 
JAMES HAMILTON;            
Father                :   John Hamilton 
Mother               :  Sarah [nee Pelham] 
Born                   :  1809 Exeter, Devon
Married 1           :  unknown
Married 2           :  Fanny Gowlett c.1843 Sydney NSW
Died                    :  1869 Horsham Vict. Aust.
James Hamilton  born Exeter Devonshire c1809 purported to be the son of  John and Sarah 
[nee Pelham] Hamilton. 
He was said to have come to Australia around 1826 as a Soldier in the British Army.  
He married [unknown] between arrival c. 1826 and 1848. 
James Hamilton then married Fanny Gowlett the daughter of Isaac Gowlett and Mary Stevens [alias 
Stephenson]  both previously convicts. 
James and Fanny had seven children;  
Lucy Hannah Hamilton [1844], married John Hill 1870, had issue, cont. below. 
Henry Yeoman Hamilton  [1847-1909], does not appear to have married. 
Charlotte Maria Hamilton [1847 – 1934], married James Adams 1869, had issue, see next generation  
James Pelham Hamilton [c.1849 – 1893], married Caroline Weavers1877, had issue, cont. below.  
Eliza Adilla Hamilton [1851-1936], married 1870 Frederick Sargent 1895], had issue, cont. below. 
SPECIAL FEATURE: The Biography of Frederick Sargent by his two grt. grt. granddaughters, photos.
Alice Kate Hamilton [1854-1941], never married, devoted her life to nursing, cont. below.  
Mary Ann Hamilton [1856 – 1897], married James Hamilton formerly of Glasgow], had issue, cont. below.
Stepdaughter: daughter of Fanny [nee Gowlett] from her previous marriage; 
Frances Elizabeth Hillyard [1839-1905], married Thomas Bass 1862, had issue, cont.  below; 
Most BDM Certificates are held and some family photos are available. 

                                            For More Information & old Family Photos: ACCESS
Father                :  James Hamilton
Mother               :  Fanny nee Gowlett
Baptised             :  1847 Hobart Tasmania Australia
Married              :  James Adams Victoria 1869
Died                    :  1934 Melbourne Vic.  
Charlotte Maria Hamilton was born in 1847 Tasmania the daughter of James & Fanny  Hamilton 
[nee Gowlett]
Charlotte Marie Hamilton married James Adams in 1869 at Pheasant Creek in  Victoria.  
They lived predominately at Sandhurst Bendigo.  James was killed in a mining accident in 1895.
Children are listed in the synopsis for her spouse James Adams

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PROPOSED HOPPER LINEAGE - Black Torrington from 1538.
Generation 1: Henry Hopper [1708-post 1776] of Bradford, Devon - Spouse: Phillipy Rowe.
Generation 2: Elizabeth Hopper [1744-1821] - Spouse: Roger Adams.
Appended: William Hopper [1774-1852] Died Testate - Spouse: Mary Penhale- Extended Family Only.  
Generation 1 Henry Hopper  [1744-post 1776] of Bradford, Devon, England
Henry Hopper was baptised at Black Torrington in 1708 the son of Hugh Hopper, 
Henry Hopper married Phillipy Rowe at Bradford in 1738 
the family later moved to Ashwater.
1] Leonard Adams baptised 1780 [see Epilogue in his father's Biography]
2] John Adams baptised 1st June 1783 [see Epilogue in his father's Biography]
3] Elizabeth Adams baptised 13th August, 1786 - married  Roger Adams

Generation 2
Elizabeth Hopper [1744-1821], the daughter of Henry Hopper & Phillipy nee Rowe of Bradford.
Elizabeth Hopper married Roger Adams in 1779 at Ashwater.
For Synopsis see Roger Adams [above] OR  ACCESS FULL BIOGRAPHY.
Appended - extended Family.
William Hopper [1774-1852] - Died Testate.
William Hopper was born 1774 the son of Henry Hopper [the younger] by his wife Mary [nee Norly]
and grandson of Henry Hopper [the elder] & his wife Phillipy nee Rowe. 
William Hopper married Mary Penhale at Bradford in 1795 subsequently settling at Tetcott, Devon
where he established as a successful farmer.
Ann  Hopper baptised 4th December 1795 Bradford married John Shepherd Beare Feb. 25, 1818 Tetcott.
Mary  Hopper bapt. July 10, 1803 Tetcott.
Elizabeth Hopper baptised 10th October 1808 at Tetcott.
 Access Biography of William Hopper
                                                                        PAYNE [Paine]
Generation 1:THOMAS PAINE [Payne] [c. 1723-1725]Brighton, Sussex
Generation 2: JOHN PAINE; [Paine] [1757-post 1788] Brighton, Sussex
Generation 3: Fanny Paine [1784-1828] Brighton. Sussex - married Thomas Wright.  
Born                 :  c. 1723-1725
Married           :  Elizabeth Curley 1749 Brighton, Sussex 
Died                 :  Unknown.

Thomas Payne was born around 1723 –1725. 
He married Elizabeth Curley on the 30th November 1749 at Brighton, Sussex. 
They had four recorded children; 
Child 1: Thomas Payn bapt. 5th August 1750 at Brighton - did not survive.  
Child 2: Thomas Payne bapt. 21st December 1754 at Brighton. 
Child 3: John Payne baptized at Brighton on the 3rd July 1757 [above],  
Child 4: Fanny Pain bapt. 22nd Sept. 1759 at Brighton.
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JOHN PAINE; [Paine]   
Baptised                 :  1757 Brighton, Sussex
Father                    :   Thomas Payne
Mother                   :   Elizabeth nee Curley
Married                  :  Sarah Unknown c.1780
Died                        :  Unknown

John Payne was baptized at Brighton on the 3rd July 1757 the son of Thomas Payne and Elizabeth 
nee Curley.  
He married Sarah [nee unknown] around 1780. 
They had two recorded children born at Brighton;  
Fanny Paine [1784-1828], married William Simpson 1805, see next generation below. 
Sarah Paine baptized on the 25th May 1788 also at St. Nicholas.  See parents biography. 
John may have remarried. 
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Father                :   John Paine
Mother               :  Sarah nee unknown
Born                   :  1784 Brighton,Sussex
Married              :  William Simpson 1805 Brighton  Sussex
Died                    :  1828 Brighton Sussex
Fanny Paine was baptized at Brighton, Sussex in 1784 the daughter of John Paine and his wife Sarah. 
She married William Simpson in 1805 at St. Nicholas Brighton,Sussex. 
Only three children were found of the marriage; 
Fanny Simpson [1] [1806-prior 1808]. 
Fanny Simpson [2] [1808-1847], married John Swinton Ashhurst, had issue see spouse. 
Possibly another sister Sarah also born at Brighton.

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                                                                         RILEY   [O'Reilly] 

                                                               RILEY [O’Reilly]
         History of the Name from the very earliest Irish Legends taken from the Annals of the Four Masters. 
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Born                :  c.1796 Ireland
Married          :  Catherine Coyne c.1816
Died                :  post 1851.
Michael Riley married Catherine Coyne and settled in Dublin around 1816. They later migrated to the 
Cheshire/Lancashire border in England where they settled.  They had seven ‘recorded’ children:  
Patrick Riley c 1819-1858; married Elizabeth Oates. Migrated to Victoria, Australia 1852. Land Agent. 
No Issue
John Riley c.1821 – 1874; married Eliza Tideswell 1853. Migrated to Victoria, Australia in 1853/4. Issue.
Bridget Riley c. 1821/26 – died post 1851. 
William Riley c. 1824 – 1883; migrated to Australia in 1852, never married, no issue.  Land Agent. 
Michael Riley c 1825 – died post 1851. 
Ann Riley c.1830/5 – died post 1851. 
James Riley c.1831- 1860; Migrated to Australia c.1852. Married Mary Ann Lake 1860. Theatrical Actor. 
Had Issue.  
Evidence of another daughter ‘Catherine’ or daughter-in-law  – A Renown Actress in Victoria Australia 
who also performed previously in London. 
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Born              :  c.1821-1874 
Father           :  Michael Riley
Mother          : Catherine nee Coyne
Born              :  c.1821 Dublin Ireland
Married        :  Eliza Tidswell 1853 Melb.Vict.
Died              :  1874 Victoria Australia 

John Riley was born in Dublin Ireland c. 1821, the son of Michael Riley and Catherine nee Coyne.  
After forming a relationship with Eliza Tideswell around 1848 he and Eliza had four children in 
Manchester, England, two sons did not survive.  He traveled to Victoria Australia arriving at the time of 
the Eureka Stockade around or just before October – December 1854.  
Eliza and their two surviving children John Coyne Riley and Catherine Riley followed him to Victoria 
in 1855. John Riley finally married Eliza Tideswell soon after her arrival in Melbourne 1855. 
In total John and Eliza had nine recorded children;
One possible infant infant born in England pre 1851. Died in infancy. [uncertain]
John William Riley born Manchester England 1850-1851. 
Catherine Riley [c.1851-1830], married William Spry 1878, had issue, cont. below.
John 'Coyne' Riley born Manchester Eng. [1852-1911], married Amelia Wright in Melbourne, Vic., 
had issue.
See next generation.  
James Patrick Riley [1856-1857], died in early childhood. 
James Michael Riley [1857-1858], died in early childhood. 
Sarah Riley [1860-1895], never married, cont. below. 
Ada Riley [1] [1861-1864], died in early childhood. 
Emily Riley [1863-1913], married widower Alfred Tennyson Dickens the son of the 
English Author Charles Dickens, no issue, cont. below.  
Ada Riley [2] [1866-1906], never married, cont. below.
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Father             :  John Riley
Mother            :  Eliza nee Tideswell
Born                 : 1852 Manchester, Lancashire
Married           : Amelia Ann WRIGHT 1881 Melb.Vict.
Died                 :  1911 Melbourne Vict. 
John Coyne Riley was born 1852 in Manchester, Lancashire, England, the son of John Riley and 
Eliza Tidswell.  He migrated to Victoria Australia with his mother and sister Kate in 1857.  
In 1881 John married Amelia Ann Wright at Melbourne Victoria, the daughter of Thomas and 
Fanny Wright [nee Ashurst] of London, formerly Wells next the Sea, Norfolk and Brighton, 
Sussex respectively.   
John and Amelia settled in Victoria where they had the following children; 
John Lawrence Riley 1882-1882.  
Clarence W. Riley 1883-1883. 
Olive Pendennis Riley b.1885; Married Alfred Adams 1911, had issue. 
Harold Francis Lytton Riley [1889-1950], married Ada Watson 1913, had issue.

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Born               : c1774 Brighton, Sussex.
Married         : Fanny Paine 1805 Brighton Sussex
William Simpson was born around 1784 or prior, the Simpson Family was prevalent at Brighton. 
He married twenty-one year old Fanny Paine on the 15th September 1805 at St. Nicholas Brighton, Sussex.
Fanny Paine was born at Brighton in 1784 the daughter of John & Sarah Paine. 
William & Fanny had only two children found recorded during their marriage; 
Fanny Simpson [1], born 1806, at Brighton,  did not survive early childhood,
Fanny Simpson [2], [1808-1847], at Brighton, married John Swinton Ashhurst at Brighton in 1827. 
had issue.
See next generation below. 
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Born                     : 1809, Brighton, Sussex.
Father                  : William Simpson
Mother                 : Fanny Paine
Married                : John Swinton Ashhurst 1827 at Brighton Sussex
Died                      : 1847 Brighton,Sussex 
Fanny Simpson was born in Brighton, Sussex in 1809 the daughter of William Simpson & Fanny nee Paine
of Brighton.  Fanny married John Swinton Ashurst at Brighton in 1827. 
Fanny and John Ashurst settled at Brighton where both John [the elder] and Fanny [the elder] died 
leaving their children aged 18yrs, 16yrs and 14yrs respectively.
Fanny and John were known to have three children born at Brighton; 
Lewis Ashhurst [c.1829-?], in Military Service in Ireland, married Sarah unknown in Ireland, had issue. 
John Swinton Ashhurst [the younger] [c.1830-1877], married Maria Bonner 1854, no issue, cared for niece.  
Fanny Ashhurst [the younger] [1833-post 1861], married Thomas Wright 1851, had issue, see her spouse.

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                                                                TIDSWELL   [Tideswell]  
Baptised              : unknown
Father                 : unknown
Mother                : unknown
Married              :  Elizabeth Hutchinson 11th February 1822 at Manchester Cathedral, 
                               Manchester, Lancashire.
Died                    :  uncertain
William Tidswell was born 1803 in Manchester, Lancashire England. 
He married Elizabeth Hutchinson in 1822 [Manchester]. 
Remaining in Manchester they had the following children; 
Eliza Tideswell[1824-1904], migrated 1855, migrated to Australia 1855, married John Riley 1855; 
James Tideswell [1] [1827-pre 1839]. 
Thomas Tideswell [1829-post 1851]. 
Martha Ann Tideswell [1832-post 1841]. Married 1851.         
Francis Tideswell [son] [1835-1875]. 
Sarah Tideswell [1836-post 1851].            
James Tideswell (2) [1839-Post 1851]. 
Elizabeth Tideswell [1842-post 1851].            
Caroline Tideswell 1847-1858.
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ELIZA TIDSWELL;  [Tideswell]
Baptised               : 3rd October 1824, Manchester Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, England. 
Father                  : William Tidswell
Mother                 : Elizabeth nee Hutchinson
Married                : John Riley 1855 Sydney Australia
Died                      : 1904 Melbourne Victoria
Eliza Tideswell was born in Manchester Lancashire in 1824, the eldest of nine children born to 
William Tideswell and his wife Elizabeth nee Hutchinson. 
After forming a relationship with John Riley born in Ireland c. 1821, [the son of Michael Riley and 
his wife Catherine nee Coyne] around 1848 he and Eliza had four children in Manchester of which 
two sons did not survive. It is considered that John may have been previously married. 
When John traveled to Victoria Australia in 1854 to join his three brothers who had migrated two 
years prior. 
Eliza followed him, arriving in Port Melbourne with their two surviving children John Coyne Riley and 
Catherine Riley in 1855. John and Eliza were married in Melbourne Australia in 1855 soon after her 
John and Eliza had a further six children.

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THOMAS WRIGHT,  [the younger]; of Wells next the Sea, Norfolk, England
Born                :    Norfolk
Father             :    Unknown
Mother            :    Unknown
Married          :    By Licence:  Sarah Theodosia Atmer 26th November 1818 at St. Nicholas Wells.
Died                :   13th October 1844 at Wells.
Buried            :   17th October 1844 at St. Nicholas at Wells, recorded age: fifty-seven years. 

Sarah Wright:    baptised 20th December 1825 at St. Nicholas, Well next the sea. 
                             Died [accidentally] at the age of six, buried 24th November 1831. 
Thomas Wright: baptised 3rd July 1822 at Wells, married Fanny Ashurst at Poplar London 1851.  
                             For details of his marriage see next Generation Biography.
Francis William Wright: known as 'William' baptised 28th June 1828, does not appear to have married.

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Baptised           : 3rd July 1822 at St. Nicholas, Wells next the Sea, Norfolk, England.   
Father              : Thomas Wright
Mother             : Sarah Theodosia Atmer 
Married            : Fanny Ashurst 1851 Poplar, Middlesex, London, England.
At the age of approximately twenty-nine Thomas Wright married Fanny Ashurst at Poplar Middlesex 
in 1851.  Thomas was the Publican at the Trinity Arms in London.   
He was said to have died Testate but no Will has been found to date. 
Fanny  Matilda Wright [1852–1891], married Thomas Beard 1875 had issue.  See sister's biography
Julia Wright [1855-1903], died unmarried and without issue 1903 Melbourne, Australia.
Teresa Wright [1856-post 1861], Access below. 
Amelia Ann Wright [1859], Married John Coyne Riley, Melbourne Australia 1881. Next generation.
Elizabeth Wright [1860-post 1861]. 
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Father                   : Thomas Wright
Mother                  : Fanny nee Ashhurst 
Born                      : 1859 [Poplar, London] 
Married                :  John Coyne Riley 1881 [Melbourne, Australia]
Died                      :  1934 [Sydney, Australia]
Amelia Ann Wright was born in 1859 at Poplar London the third child of Thomas Wright his wife 
Fanny nee Ashhurst.
Amelia had four siblings, Family Legend tells that her parents owned a London Pub and died when 
she was young. Amelia and her sister Julia were said to have taken a holiday to Melbourne Australia 
using the inheritance bequeathed by their father. 
This legend in part has been proved to be true. See the Biography of her parents. 
Amelia married John Coyne Riley at Melbourne in 1881. Julia remained with her sister and never 
married. Amelia and John settled in Melbourne Victoria. 
John Lawrence Riley 1882-1882, 
Clarence W. Riley 1883-1883, 
Olive Pendennis Riley b.1885 
Harold Francis Lytton Riley b.1889.
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