Adams Family of Cornwall, England

                                    Generation 3 [Maternal]

                 Hopper Family of Bradford, Devonshire, England

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                                           Henry Hopper                  Phillipy Rowe
                                                     [1708-1776]                                          [1706-1780]
              All events were held at the ancient All Saints Church at Bradford unless otherwise indicated

1] Hugh Hopper [1733-1799] baptised 27th Feb 1733 - married Honor Allin, had issue, settled at Milton Dameral. 
2] Leonard Hopper [1736-1812] baptised 21st August 1736  - DIED TESTATE without Issue
3] Mary Hopper [1739-1823] baptised 4th April 1739   - married John Chichester & had issue settled at Sheepwash.
4] Henry Hopper [1743-1804] baptised 27th March 1743 - married Mary Norlie, only son William settled at Tetacott.
5] Elizabeth Hopper [1744-1821] baptised 9th January 1744 - married ROGER ADAMS, had issue, settled at Nth Petherwin 
6] John Hopper [1747-post 1779] baptised 17th Jan 1747 - married Elizabeth Beare, had Issue, settled at Ashwater
7] Phillipa Hopper [1751-post 1813] baptised 14th Oct. 1751 -  - died unmarried & without Issue.

                                                                               Full Biography Below


                                                                               With Special Thanks
                                         David Hopper of Devonshire, England for his help and distance friendship.  
                                              Karen Start, the Cornwall Parish Clerk for North Petherwin,
                                                      Angela Wood, the Devon Parish Clerk for Ashwater
                                                     Jane Taylor, the Devon Parish Clerk for Sheepwash,  
                                       for their kindness & patience with BDM 'Look-Ups' presented on this Page.
 Inference to the Adams Family Lineage is based solely on the author's interpretation of the items provided.


                                                                                                         Distances from Bradford;  Black Torrington -  3 miles ESE
                                                                                                                                                       Thornbury            -  1 mile ESE
                                                                                                                                                       Milton Damerel   -  3 miles NW
                                                                                                                                                       Ashwater               -  8 miles SSW
                                                                                                                                                       Sheepwash            -  4 miles E
                                                                                                                                                       Werrington           - 13 miles SSW 
                                                                                                                                                       Nth Petherwin     -  14 miles SW 

                                                                                                [Entries taken from the LDS Film, Thornbury Births, Deaths, Burials & Bishops Transcripts]
                                                                                               [Entries taken from the LDS Film, Bradford Births, Deaths, Burials & Bishops Transcripts]

Henry Hopper was baptised at Black Torrington on the 17th August 1708  the son of Hugh Hopper and Mary [formerly Braund].                                                  
He had an elder brother John, baptised at the same venue 13th March 1705.                                    
Henry's Lineage generates from the ancient  Hopper Family of Black Torrington [currently being updated] - Please contact the Black Torrington Online Parish Clerk for any queries in the interim.

His father/grandfather/uncle Hugh Hopper  was buried at Black Torrington 4th Apr 1712  
His father/grandfather/uncle Hugh Hopper  was buried at Black Torrington  21st Mar 1717
His mother Mary Hopper [formerly Braund] was buried at Black Torrington 4th Aug 1717 recorded  w.o. Hugh [wife of]

Henry and his brother John were now orphaned, the boys aged nine and twelve respectively.  It is not known who cared for the boys during and after this period. According to the Parish Records there were 
no other 'Hopper' families recorded at Black Torrington at this time.  The boys may have been reared by their mother's family.  It has not yet been established whether their mother Mary Braund was a 
spinster or widow.  Although the Parish Records do not reveal an annotation to this effect, her family name is in doubt particularly as the name of their  son 'Henry' does not match the 'Hopper' family 
pattern nor 'Braund' at Black Torrington. Research is continuing.  

Fifteen years later at the age of twenty-five Henry Hopper married Phillipy Rowe at Bradford on the 30th January 1733.
              Bride: Phillipy Rowe was the daughter of Abraham Rowe and his wife Sarah nee Fishley [the daughter of Leonard & Elizabeth Fishley] of Thornbury Devon.
                          Abraham & Sarah had six children baptised at Thornbury; 
                          [Entries taken from the Original LDS Film, Thornbury Births, Deaths, Burials & Bishops Transcripts]
                                    Leonard Row bapt 24th May 1699 'son of Abraham & Sarah' - namesake of Sarah's father
                                    Elizabeth Row bapt 12th  Jan 1702 'daughter of Abraham & Sarah' - namesake of Sarah's mother Buried at Thornbury 2nd Oct  1713 'daughter of Abraham' [estimated aged around 11yrs]
                                    Phillipa Row bapt 2nd  Jan 1706 'daughter of Abraham & Sarah' - Rowe family name – married Henry Hopper at  Bradford
                                    Abraham Row bapt 22nd  Dec 1709 'son of Abraham & Sarah' - namesake of his father - Buried 22nd Dec 1709 at Thornbury 'son of Abraham'
                                    1812? See Elizabeth below
                                    Thomas Row bapt 17th March 1714 'son of Abraham' - appears to be a Rowe family name
                                    Elizabeth Row bapt 21st May 1718* 'daughter of Abraham & Sarah' - namesake of Sarah's mother
                                    [Entries taken from Film - Parish Record however the Bishop's Transcript [same film] gives baptism year date 1712 - Elizabeth [1] did not die until 1713 and so this latter date is considered correct.
                           No Burials were found for either Abraham or Sarah at Thornbury, they had possibly moved to another parish after this time, although the Parish Records are fragmented.
                          Research is continuing for this Family Branch & more information relating to Sarah Fishley's family will be available at the next update.  

Henry & Phillipy remained at Bradford where their seven children were born;
                                    Hugh baptised 27th Feb 1733 [namesake of his paternal grandfather Hugh Hopper]
                                    Leonard baptised 21st August 1736 [namesake of his mother's elder brother Leonard Rowe]
                                    Mary baptised 4th April 1739 [namesake of her paternal grandmother Mary Hopper [formerly Braund]]
                                    Henry baptised 27th March 1743 [namesake of his father]
                                    Elizabeth baptised 9th January 1744 [namesake of her mother's sisters*] 
                                    John baptised 17th Jan 1747 [namesake of his father's brother] 
                                    Phillipa baptised 14th Oct. 1751 [namesake of her mother]
              * Phillipy was only seven years old when her elder sister Elizabeth died at the age of eleven, this would undoubtedly had a profound effect on Phillipy at this impressionable age. 
                 She remembers her deceased sister and her younger sister also named Elizabeth.

His brother John Hopper married twice at Black Torrington and had issue (TBA). John is known to have remained at Black Torrington and appears to have been Churchwarden from at least 1762 
when he is recorded witnessing  many marriage entries. 
John was buried at Black Torrington 1st July 1782 estimated aged seventy-seven.  

Little is known of Henry & Phillipy's life.  Certainly their children were interactive during their lifetimes not only with their parents but also their siblings. See Epilogue.

Henry was buried at Bradford on the 7th May 1776 - estimated aged sixty-eight.
          He was survived by his widow Phillipy of forty-three years marriage and his seven children;
          Hugh [married with issue] aged 43years; Leonard [married but childless] aged 40; Mary [married with issue] aged 37; Henry [married with issue] aged 33; 
          Elizabeth aged 32 [married with issue]; John [married with issue] aged 29 and Phillipa [unmarried] aged 22 years

After Henry's death his widow appears to have moved to Ashwater very likely into the home of her childless son Leonard & his wife Hannah. 
Her body was transported to Bradford at her death, very likely to be buried near Henry. 
Phillipy was buried at Bradford on the 7th January 1780 noted 'widow, of Ashwater', estimated aged seventy-four.

All of their children were married before their deaths excepting their youngest daughter Phillipa who ultimately died unmarried and without issue.

The most significant surviving Documents for this family were;
                                   A full copy of the Bastardy Order for grandson John Hopper whereby Henry & Phillipa's son Leonard Hopper is bondsman. [A web of intrigue] [See Epilogue: Leonard]
                                   A full copy of the Will of Henry & Phillipa's son Leonard Hopper naming all his siblings. [Transciption below]

Timeline for Henry & Phillipy:
                                                       1705: John Hopper [brother] baptised at Black Torrington [Parents: Hugh & Mary Hopper]
                                                       1706: Phillipy is baptised at Thornbury, Devon [Parents: Abraham & Sarah Rowe].
                                                       1708: Henry Hopper baptised at Black Torrington [Parents: Hugh & Mary Hopper].
                                                       1712: Hugh Hopper [father/grandfather,uncle] dies, buried at Black Torrington. 
                                                       1717: Hugh Hopper [father/grandfather,uncle] dies, buried at Black Torrington.
                                                       1717: Mary Hopper [mother] dies, buried at Black Torrington [Brothers Henry & John now orphaned aged 9 & 12 respectively] 
                                                       1733: Henry Hopper & Phillipy Rowe marry at Bradford.
                                                       1762: John Hopper [brother] records as witness  1762-1771 [Churchwarden] when Volume 2 Parish Marriage Books open at Black Torrington in 1762
                                                       1769: Henry Hopper [son] marries at Bradford and starts his family.
                                                       1772: Mary Hopper [daughter] marries at nearby Sheepwash, remains there and starts her family. 
                                                       1773: Hugh Hopper [son] marries at Milton Damerel, remains there and starts his family.
                                                       1776: Henry Hopper [self] dies at Bradford est aged 68yrs
                                                       1779: Hugh Hopper [son] revisits Bradford to Witness his brother Leonard's marriage, undoubtedly sees his mother and then returns to his family in Milton Damerel. 
                                                       1779: Leonard Hopper [son] marries but has no children.
                                                       1779: Elizabeth Hopper [daughter] marries Roger Adams at North Peterwin, Cornwall and remains there and starts a family. 
                                                       1780: Phillipy Hopper [nee Rowe] dies at her son Leonard's home at Ashwater, her body is transported to Bradford where she was buried [near/with Henry?]. est. aged 74yrs
                                                       1782: John Hopper [brother] [Chruchwarden] is buried at Black Torrington. est aged 77yrs 
                                                       1789: Leonard Hopper [son] and his wife Hannah employ a young girl apprentice, Jane Headon, at their home at Ashwater.
                                                       1795: Hugh Hopper [son] revisits Bradford to Witness his nephew William Hopper's marriage [only surviving child of his deceased brother Henry]
                                                       1799: Hugh Hopper [son] dies at Milton Damerel, leaving his widow with their youngest child only seven. est aged 66yrs.
                                                       1800: Leonard Hopper (son) and his wife Hannah employ another young apprentice, Elizabeth Gerry
                                                       1804: Henry Hopper [son] dies at Bradford est aged 61yrs
                                                       1804: Elizabeth Hopper [daughter] youngest son John Adams marries his uncle's apprentice Jane Headon at Ashwater (Jane is pregnant).
                                                       1809: Whilst married to Jane Headon (then with child), John Adams father's another child by his uncle's apprentice Elizabeth Gerry.
                                                       1809: Overseer's of the Poor sue John Adams & his uncle Leonard Hopper for the maintenence of the illegitimate child of Elizabeth Gerry, £100.
                                                       1809: A son James is born to Elizabeth Gerry. [No outcome found]
                                                       1812: Leonard Hopper [son] draws up his Last Will & Testament.
                                                       1812: Leonard Hopper [son] dies a childless widower at Ashwater aged 77yrs.
                                                       1813: Leonard Hopper [son] Will is granted Administration and is dispersed to his named surviving siblings, nieces & nephews etc.
                                                       1821: Elizabeth  Hopper [Adams] [daughter] dies at North Petherwin. aged 77yrs.
                                                       1823: Mary Hopper [Chichester] [daughter] dies at Sheepwash est aged 84yrs
                                                       ------: John [son] not mentioned in the Will of his brother Leonard, his burial has not been found 
                                                       ------: Phillipa Hopper [daughter] was a spinster aged 61 yrs  when a legagee in the Will of her brother in 1813. No burial has been found been found for her.  

                                                                                                                              For extended details see Epilogue

Child 1: Hugh Hopper [1733-1799]:  eldest son of Henry Hopper and his wife Phillipy [nee Rowe];
                                                             1733:    Hugh Hopper was baptised 27th Feb 1733 at Bradford, Devon, namesake of his paternal grandfather Hugh Hopper
                                                             1773:    At the age of forty Hugh Hopper married Honor Allin by Banns 26th Sept. 1773 at Milton Damerel 
                                                                                Bride: Honor the daughter of Thomas & Honor Allin aged 28yrs baptised at Milton Damerel 3rd Nov.1745
                                                                           Hugh returned to Bradford to witness the marriage of his brother Leonard in 1779 and then returned to Milton Dameral.
                                                             1799:    Hugh Hopper buried at Milton Damerel 24th February 1799 by  Rector Thomas Clack, estimated aged sixty-six.   
                                                                           His widow's burial has not been found.

                                                                           The couple had remained at Milton Damerel where they recorded seven children;
                                                                                          John bapt 6th March 1774 [namesake of his father's brother John Hopper]
                                                                                          Hugh bapt 30th October 1775 [died young?]
                                                                                          Hugh bapt 21st December 1776 [namesake of his father & paternal great grandfather Hugh Hopper]
                                                                                                              Hugh married Ann by whom he had issue bapt at Milton Damerel;
                                                                                                                       - William Hopper 9th January 1820
                                                                                                                       - Thomas Hopper 28th December 1823
                                                                                                                       - Samuel Hopper 8th October 1826
                                                                                                              Hugh buried age 74 on 6th August 1848 - Rector Thomas Clack - Milton Damerel
                                                                                          William bapt 8th January 1779 [namesake of mother's brother & his father's nephew, son of his deceased brother Henry]
                                                                                          Roger bapt. 15th Feb 1781 [namesake of his father's sister's spouse Roger Adams]
                                                                                                               Roger married Ann Curtis at Hartland, Devon 11th November 1813 [groom aged thirty-two]
                                                                                                               Roger and Ann and moved to nearby Hartland, with his brothers Richard & John.
                                                                                                                       - Margaret 14th Nov 1824 - mother: Curtis father: Farmer by Bible Christians*, Shebbear performed at 'Edistone'. 
                                                                                                                       - Mary Jane 17th Dec. 1829 born 18th Nov 1829 - mother: Curtis Father: farmer] Bible Christians*, Shebbear  performed at 'Edistone'.
                                                                                                               Roger and his family moved to Hartland and had further issue. 
                                                                                                               Roger was recorded on the 1861 Census aged 83, widower, with his son Richard, aged 29, a farmer of 200 acres
                                                                                                               and his young family.  Richard was born in Hartland and mistakenly recorded his father born same, 
                                                                                                               however his father was born in Milton Dameral. Roger had another son living with them i.e. Roger [jnr] aged 39.
                                                                                                               Roger died two years later in the Dec. Qtr. 1863.  
                                                                                          Samuel Hopper baptised 7th February 1783 [died young]
                                                                                          Leonard Hopper baptised 19th December 1784 [namesake of his father's brother Leonard Hopper]
                                                                                                               Leonard  Hopper married Jenny Chidley 1st Jan 1811 at Milton Damerel
                                                                                                                         - Mary Hopper 28th July 1811
                                                                                                                         - John Hopper 20th February 1814
                                                                                          Samuel Hopper baptised 18th July 1787
                                                                                                               Samuel married Elizabeth by whom he had issue;
                                                                                                                         - John Hopper 11th July 1813
                                                                                                                         - Samuel Hopper 7th January 1816
                                                                                                                         - Elizabeth Hopper 4th Feb. 1821
                                                                                                               His spouse Elizabeth was buried age 68 on the 1st July 1851 - Officiating Minister Francis B. Briggs
                                                                                                               Samuel Hopper buried age 83 on 26th January 1867 - Rector W.D.Anderson.
                                                                                          Richard Hopper 18th July 1787
                                                                                          Margarett Hopper 25th March 1792 'Possibly' same Margaret Hopper buried 18th Dec. 1810 [est.aged 18yrs]

Child 2: Leonard Hopper [1736-1812]  2nd son of Henry Hopper and his wife Phillipy [nee Rowe];

                                                                1736:  Leonard Hopper was baptised 21st August 1736 at Bradford, Devon, the namesake of his mother's elder father & brother, both 'Leonard Rowe'
                                                                1779:  At the age of forty-three Leonard Hopper married Hannah Tetherleigh [Possibly Hatherleigh] at Ashwater on the 17th January 1779.
                                                                           Leonard noted as 'Husbandman'.   Both signed with their marks. Witnesses: Hugh Hopper [Leonard's brother] & Anthony Donnie Snr.
                                                                           No other annotations were found however Hannah may have been a widow.
                                                                           No Issue has been found for them and it considered that Hannah had past childbearing age.

                                                                           Ten years later in 1789, Leonard and his wife Hannah employ an apprentice at their home at Ashwater. Jane Headon aged eight,
                                                                           the daughter of William Headon and his wife Sarah nee Badget of Ashwater. [National Archives, Kew, Index Online].
                                                                           Eleven years later in 1800, Leonard, now sixty-four and his wife Hannah employed another young apprentice, Elizabeth Gerry. 
                                                                           Leonard's nephew John Adams by his sister Elizabeth was by now aged seventeen.
                                                                           Four years later Leonard' wife Hannah died, buried at Ashwater on the 30th January 1804.

                                                                           It was this year that Leonard's nephew John Adams had just come of age when he formed a relationship with his Uncle Leonard's
                                                                           former Apprentice, Jane Headon by now aged twenty-three. By mid 1804 Jane had conceived a child and John Adams married Jane Headon 
                                                                           on the 20th November 1804 at Ashwater. [The Groom aged twenty-one and the bride aged twenty-three.] Several children followed.

                                                                           Three years later in 1809, whilst Jane was pregnant with John's 4th child John had formed an extra marital relationship with his uncle
                                                                           Leonard's second Apprentice, Elizabeth Gerry which also resulted in a pregnancy.

                                                                     On the 4th October 1809 the Overseers of the Poor of Ashwater brought suit against John Adams in a Bastardy Order on behalf of 
                                                                           Elizabeth Gerry's child still in eutro for projected costs and maintenance, amounting to a Bond of £100. 
                                                                                   Original Document & Transcription kindly submitted by David Hopper, UK.
                                                                                   PERSONS BOUND:    John Adams, labourer and Leonard Hopper, Yeoman.
                                                                                                                  Know all men by these present that we, John ADAMS of the Parish of Ashwater in the County of Devon,
                                                                                                                  Labourer and Leonard Hopper, YEOMAN are held and firmly bound unto Humphrey May Churchwarden
                                                                                                                  and John Lashbrook and Richard Baskerville overseers of the poor of the said parish of Ashwater
                                                                                                                 (In trust for the parishioners/ in one hundred pounds of good and lawful money of Great Britain to be paid
                                                                                                                  to the said Humphrey May. churchwarden and John Lashbrook and Richard Baskerville and overseers and
                                                                                                                  their Attorney their executors,administrators of assigns to which payment well and truly be made we bind
                                                                                                                  ourselves and each of us jointly and severally and our each and every of our heirs executors and 
                                                                                                                  administrators firmly by these present Sealed with our seals and dated the fourth day of October in the
                                                                                                                  forty ninth year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lord George the third by the Grace of God of the United
                                                                                                                  Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland King Defender of the Faith and in the year one thousand eight
                                                                                                                  hundred and nine.                                               
                                                                                                                  The condition of the obligation is such that Whereas Elizabeth GERRY of the said parish of Ashwater, 
                                                                                                                   single, hath in by her voluntary examination taken in writing and upon oath before Richard Kingdom
                                                                                                                  Esquire one of His Majesty's Justice of the Peace in and for the said County of Devon declared that she is
                                                                                                                  with child and that the said child to be born a bastard and to be chargeable to the said parish of Ashwater
                                                                                                                  and that the above bound John ADAMS in the Father of the said child. If therefore the said John Adams
                                                                                                                  and Leonard Hopper or either of them their or other of their heirs Executors or administrators do and so
                                                                                                                  shall from time to time and at all times hereafter and fully and clearly indemnify and save harmless as 
                                                                                                                  well the above names churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the said parish of Ashwater and their 
                                                                                                                   successors for the time being as also all and singular the other parishioners and inhabitants of the said
                                                                                                                  parish of Ashwater which now are or have after shall be for the time being of and from all manner of costs
                                                                                                                  taxes rates of assessment and charges whatsoever for or by reason of the birth education and maintenance
                                                                                                                  of the said child and of and from all suits troubles and other charges and demands whatsoever touching and
                                                                                                                  concerning the same then this present obligation to be void otherwise of force.

                                                                                                                  SEALED AND DELIVERED (being first duly stamped in the presence of) }  the mark of John Adams
                                                                                                                  Rich WAYLOCK, ATTORNEY HOLSWORTHY                                           }  the mark of Leonard Hopper 

                                                                           The pregnancy came to term with the birth of a son, James Gerry baptised 29th January 1810 at Ashwater 'son of Elizabeth - illegitimate' .
                                                                                 No further information has been found for James Gerry i.e. Census, Civil BDM's or Parish Records at Ashwater.
                                                                           This same year on the 16th Nov 1809 Leonard employed another apprentice, this time a boy, William Baker aged 7years the son of James 
                                                                           and Elizabeth Baker of Ashwater, master Leonard Hopper's at 'Burrow' [property] at Ashwater, trade Yeoman. [Devon Record Office]

                                                                           On the 8th December 1812, at the age of  seventy-five, Leonard drew his Last Will & Testament.1812:  Leonard Hopper was buried at Ashwater 
                                                                           on the 13th February 1813, at the recorded age of 'eighty' ! [actually 76yrs]
                                                                           He appears to have died a day or two before this date as Administration of his Will was granted 12th February 1813, one day 'before' his burial, 
                                                                           which was perfectly legal although unusual.

                                                                           New evidence supports that Leonard's nephew John Adams, by his sister Elizabeth, was principal beneficiary and executor in his Will
                                                           Will of Leonard Hopper

                                                           Original Document kindly submitted by David Hopper
                                                                             Transcribed by J.S. Adams
                                                           Dated: 8th December 1812. Proved 12th February 1813.

In The Name of God Amen, the Eight Day of December in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twelve. 
I Leonard Hopper of the Parish of Ashwater  in the County of Devon, Yeoman, being weak in Body but of perfect mind and memory,
thanks being unto God for the same [?] calling unto mind the mortality of of my body and knowing that it is appointed that all men
must die, Do make publish and ordain this forward writing to be and ordain my last Will and Testament in the Manner following 
(that is to say).
Principally and first of all I give and Recommend my Soul to into the Hands of Almighty God who gave it me, and my body to the 
earth from whence it came to buried in decent Christian Burial at the Discretion of my Executor, nothing doubting but at the 
General Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the Almighty Power of God and as realising? such Worldly Estate wherewith
it hath pleased God to Bless me with in  this life, I give and dispose of the same in the manner and form following  (that is to say)

I give to my sister Elizabeth Adams of the Parish of North Petherwin the sum of one guinea at the end of one year next after my decease.
[Leonard's sister, widow, aged 67 yrs]         
Also I give to Elizabeth Adams, my sister’s daughter the sum of [Five or Two] pounds to be paid to her one year next after my  decease.
[niece Elizabeth Adams now aged 26 yrs]
Also I give to Mary Chichester the sum of one guinea to be paid to her at the end of one month next after my decease.
[Leonard's sister, widow, aged 73yrs]
Also I give to Phillipy Chichester the sum of ten shillings and six pence to be paid to her at the end of one month next after my decease. 
[unmarried niece, aged 32yrs [Mary's daughter]]
Also I give to John Chichester the sum of five shillings to be paid him as the end of one month next after my  decease.
[nephew, aged 39 yrs [Mary's son]]
Also I give undo Hugh Chichester my sister’s son the sum of five shillings to be paid him one month next after my decease. 
[nephew, aged 34 yrs [Mary's son]]
Also I give unto Phillipy Hopper, my sister the sum of Five Shillings to be paid at the end of one year next after my decease.   
[Leonard's unmarried sister, aged 61 yrs]
Also I give unto William Hopper, my Brother’s son the sum of Ten Shillings to be paid to him one month after my decease. 
[Nephew, only surviving child of Leonard's brother Henry Hopper [jnr] - then aged 38 yrs]
Also I give unto Leonard Hopper, son of William Hopper the sum of Three Pounds to be paid to him one year next after my decease. 
[Grandnephew, aged 11 yrs, the son of Leonard's nephew William Hopper above]         
Also I give unto Ann Hopper, Elizabeth Hopper and Mary Hopper, daughters of William Hopper the sum of ten shillings to each of 
them to be paid them one year after my decease.  
[Grandnieces, daughters of William Hopper  [above]- Ann aged 17 yrs; Elizabeth aged 3 yrs and Mary aged 9 yrs] 
Also I give unto Leonard Adams son of Elizabeth Adams the sum of one guinea to be paid him one month after my decease.  
[nephew, aged 32 yrs - son of his sister Elizabeth]
Also I give unto Phillipy Hopper, daughter of John Adams the sum of twenty pounds as hereafter particularly expenses (that is to 
say) the sum of Twenty Pounds should be [kept?] in good security until she attains the age of twenty-one years together with the interest
thereof after my decease and to be applied towards her maintenance and finding her clothes But if the said Phillipy Hopper shall 
happen to die before she attains the age of twenty-one years, then I give the said Twenty Pounds to Hannah, daughter of John Adams
aforesaid and Interest (if any be) the said sum to be paid her when she attains the age of twenty one. 
[Great nieces, the daughters of John Adams, the son of his sister Elizabeth - Phillipy was aged 6 yrs and lived to claim her inheritance; 
Hannah was aged only 1 year old at this time] 
Also I give unto Henry Hopper son of John Adams the sum of twenty pounds to bring him to some Trade such as his father thinks 
proper when he attains the age of twenty one years or before he attains that age.       
[great nephew, Henry was aged 3 yrs at this time - he lived to claim his inheritance] 
Also I give all the rest, residue and [?] of my Personal Estate whatsoever and wheresoever at my decease and also Goods, Chattles 
and Credits, Bills and [?] for [?] of [?] whatsoever and kind soever and whensoever? before given I give to and dispense to the same 
unto John Adams, my kinsman, whom I constitute and ordain my whole and sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament and
I do hereby utterly disallow, revoke and [dis...?] all and every other former Wills and Bequests by me, Ratifying and confirming this
and no other to be my Last Will and Testament In witness whereof I the said Leonard Hopper have to this my Last Will have [?] 
my hand and Seal the day and year first written.  The Mark of X Leonard Hopper [small seal = SS attached] 
Signed, Sealed, Published and Declared by the said Leonard Hopper As and for  his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us 
Benjamin Gerry [signed], John Veale son of Willm Veal, Ashwater [signed]  The Mark of X Sarah Dines.
The above and preceding Sheet contains a true copy of the Original Will of Leonard Hopper late of Ashwater deceased the same 
having been carefully examined therewith by us Rich Tarring & James Hillis Jnr [signed] Clerks to Walter Prediauex? Deputy Register
of the Archdeacons Court of Totnes.
                                                                           Cover Page: For the Stamp Office
                                                                           Copy of the Will of Leonard Hopper 
                                                                                 Ashwater, Devon, Yeoman.                                    
                                                               Executor:      John Adams of Ashwater, Devon, Yeoman                         
                                                               Proved in the Archdeacon’s Court of Totnes 12th February 1813.                           
                                                               Walter Prediauex? Deputy Register

Transcriber's notes:   Previously the name of the exectutor was transcribed as 'John Davies' however a clearer copy of the Will has
                                      established the executor as 'John Adams - my kinsman' consistent with above Probate - apology for the error.

          Executor:           Initially considered that John Adams [Executor], Yeoman, and Kinsman to Leonard Hopper was not his nephew of 
                                      the same name in view that a yeoman would have lands to farm and his nephew John was recorded as 'labourer' only 
                                      six years earlier.
                                      The term 'kinsman', usually relates to a peer, in this case possibly brother-in-law i.e. unrecorded brother of Roger
                                      Adams. However further evidence has come to light confirming that the Testator was in possession of 'Burrow' Farm
                                      at Ashwater three years before his death, recorded in the newly found excerpt of Indenture of his apprentice Jame Baker
                                      aged 7yrs.  The same property 'Burrow Farm' was the residence of John Adams [nephew of the Testator] in the 1851 Census.
                                      It is surprising that the Testator would have referred to John as his 'kinsman' as Executor and yet 'the son of my sister 
                                      Elizabeth' in the body of the Will.  
                                      Nevertheless in conclusion the evidence would support that nephew & executor are one and the same.  
                                      John Adams [nephew] was then the principal beneficiary of his Uncle's Will. 
Child 3: Mary Hopper [1739-1823]  eldest daughter of Henry Hopper and his wife Phillipy [nee Rowe];

                                                                 1739:    Mary Hopper was baptised 4th April 1739 at Bradford, Devon, namesake of her paternal grandmother Mary Hopper [formerly Braund] 
                                                                 1772:    At the age of thirty-three Mary Hopper married John Chichester at nearby Sheepwash 29th December 1772.
                                                                              Groom noted: 'a Sojourner' o.t.p. ['of the Parish'] and signed the Record. Bride noted: o.t.p. and made her mark.
                                                                              Witnesses: Thomas Hele [likely the Parish Clerk] and John Williams.
                                                                              They remained at Sheepwash where they recorded the following issue; 
                                                                                               i] John Chichester baptised 25th July 1773.   [Mary aged 34yrs]
                                                                                              ii] Hugh Hopper Chichester baptised 21st July 1778. [Mary aged 39yrs]
                                                                                             iii] Phillipy Chichester baptised 29th August 1780 [Mary aged 41yrs]
                                                                               Mary's spouse John Chichester was buried at Sheepwash on the 17th December 1806. He was survived by his widow 
                                                                               Mary Chichester [nee Hopper] of thirty-four years marriage and his three children; John Chichester aged 33yrs; 
                                                                               Hugh Hopper Chichester aged 28 yrs and their only daughter Phillipy Chichester aged twenty-six. 
                                                                               Mary and her three children remained at Sheepwash and were all legatees in the Will of Mary's brother Leonard Hopper in 1813.
                                                                 1823:    Mary Chichester [nee Hopper] was buried at Sheepwash on the 3rd February 1823 recorded eighty-seven.
                                                                                                The Parish Clerk at Sheepwash found no marriages or burials for their children i.e. 
                                                                                                John, Hugh or Phillipy. No information has been found for them post 1813.

Child 4: Henry Hopper [the younger] [1743-1804]; 3rd son of Henry Hopper and his wife Phillipy [nee Rowe];

                                                                1743:   Henry Hopper [the younger] was baptised 27th March 1743 at Bradford, Devon, namesake of his father 
                                                                1769:   At the age of twenty-six Henry Hopper [the younger] married Mary Norly at Bradford on the 3rd Dec. 1769
                                                                            Both Bride & Groom were noted 'of this Parish', 
                                                                            Witnesses were Hugh Hopper (very likely Henry's brother) & John Perkin (appears to be the Parish Clerk)
                                                                            Both Henry's parents were living at Bradford at this time and almost certainly were also in attendance.
                                                                            The couple appears to have moved to Black Torrington and later nearby Werrington but recorded their children at Bradford;
                                                                                         i]   Ann Hopper baptised at Bradford 13th August 1771 - Buried 21st July 1772 at Bradford recorded 'daughter of Henry Hopper of Black Torrington'.
                                                                                        ii]   William Hopper baptised 6th Jan. 1774 - their only known surviving child.
                                                                                       iii] Ann Hopper baptised 28th Oct. 1777 at Bradford 'daughter of Henry & Mary Hopper of Werrington] was not mentioned in the 1813 Will - believed deceased.
                                                                1804:   Henry was buried at Bradford 25th March 1804 estimated aged sixty-one.
                                                                            His wife Mary Hopper [nee Norly] had predeceased him by ten months buried at Bradford 3rd May 1803.
                                                                            They were survived by their only son William who was a legatee in the Will of Henry's brother Leonard in 1815, which by this time William 
                                                                            had moved to Tetcott after his parents' deaths, with his wife Mary Hopper [nee Penhale] and their children also legatees in his uncle's Will.  
                                                                            William became a successful farmer at Tetcott and himself died Testate in 1852 at the age of seventy-eight. 
                                                        Extended:   Biography of William Hopper [1774-1852] [son of Henry, the younger]

Child 5: Elizabeth Hopper [1744-1821]:

                                                              1744:    Elizabeth Hopper was baptised 9th January 1744 at Bradford, namesake of her mother's sisters
                                                              1779:    At the age of thirty-five, Elizabeth Hopper married Roger Adams at neighboring Ashwater on the 23rd August 1779.
                                                                           This was three years after her father's death and her widowed mother appears to have moved Ashwater during this time to live with her son Leonaard.   
                                                                           The Groom was noted 'of Boyton' and signed the Parish Entry.  Elizabeth made her mark. 
                                                                           Witnesses: Elizabeth Hopper (wife of her brother John), Emanuel May (unknown, possibly Parish Clerk) & John Chichester (spouse of her sister Mary). 
                                                                           After their marriage Roger and Elizabeth settled at nearby North Petherwin where they recorded three children;
                                                                                            i]   Leonard Adams baptised 20th June, 1780. See Biography link below
                                                                                           ii]   John Adams baptised 1st June 1783. 
                                                                                          iii]   Elizabeth Adams baptised 13th August, 1786.
                                                                            Elizabeth's youngest son John's life was later heavily entwined in the life of her brother Leonard.
                                                                            Elizabeth's spouse Roger Adams was buried at North Petherwin on the 15th February 1806, the same year her sister Mary was also widowed.
                                                                            She was a legatee with two of her children in the Will of her brother Leonard Hopper in 1815.
                                                                            Her younger son John being omitted but his children were legatees.
                                                              1821:     Elizabeth was buried at the North Petherwin Methodist Church at Petherwin Gate on the 29th January 1821 recorded aged 72yrs*[actually 77yrs].   
                                                                            She was survived by her three children Leonard aged 41yrs [married]; John aged 38yrs and Elizabeth aged 35yrs.  Also  seven surviving young 
                                                                            grandchildren, hree by her eldest son Leonard and four by her son John.  The fate of her illegitimate grandson James, by Elizabeth Gerry is not known. 
                                                      Extended:      Biography of Roger Adams 1755-1806
                                       Further Extended:      Biography of Leonard Adams [1780-1845]  son of Roger Adams & Elizabeth [nee Hopper]

Child 6: John Hopper  [1747-post 1773]: youngest son of Henry Hopper and his wife Phillipy [nee Rowe];

                                                            1747:      John Hopper was baptised 17th Jan 1747 at Bradford, namesake of his father's brother
                                                            1773:      John Hopper married Elizabeth Beare at Ashwater on the 23rd May 1773
                                                                                             i] Hugh Hopper baptised 11th June 1773 'son of John' at Ashwater.
                                                                            His wife Elizabeth was witness to his sister Elizabeth's marriage at Ashwater in 1779. 
                                                                            A tenuous thread was found in the marriage of John Hockaday and Elisabeth Dawe at Black Torrington, 16th January 1795 -  Witness: John Hopper.
                                                                            John nor his family were not mentioned in the Will of his brother Leonard Hopper 1813              
                                                                            No burial for John Hopper or his wife Elizabeth nor son Hugh at Bradford or Ashwater. 

Child 7: Phillipa Hopper [the younger] [1751-post 1813]: youngest child & daughter of Henry Hopper and his wife Phillipy [nee Rowe]; 
                                                            1751:       Phillipa Hopper [the younger] was baptised 14th Oct. 1751 at Bradford, namesake of her mother
                                                                            Phillipa Hopper was recorded unmarried, a beneficiary in the Will of her brother Leonard 1813. She is estimated to have been aged 62yrs at that time
                                                                            and to have died unmarried & without issue. No Burial was found at either Ashwater or Bradford.
                                                                                                                                                                            The Biography of Roger Adams & his wife Elizabeth [nee Hopper]