Scard Family      

                                      Isaac Candy                                                  Elizabeth Gerrish
                               [1805-1851]                                                                                                        [1803-1889]
                                                                                                           of Wilton, Wiltshire

                                   Mary Candy, daughter of Isaac Candy & Elizabeth Gerrish,  married JAMES SCARD formerly of Henstridge, Somerset
                                                                                             in SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 10th August 1857.
                                                                                                         Generation I  
                                            The Life of Isaac Candy [1805-1851] and his wife Elizabeth nee Gerrish [1803-1889]
                                                                                                  of Wilton, Wiltshire - SEE FURTHER BELOW.
                                                                                                Generation II - Part I
                                                                                  The Life of daughter Mary Candy [1836-1929] 
                                                                     Her marriage to James Scard and the life of  her brother George  
                                                                                           [All Immigrated to Sydney 1857] 
                                                                           James Scard deserted Mary and her children in 1869
                                                                                                 Generation II - Part II
                                                                    Mary Candy's subsequent marriages post 1869 and further children
                                                       Her Story is continued in the Biography of her son William James Scard [1859-1940]
                                                                                             Lineage Research in Progress
                                                                                                  Candy Family of Wiltshire
                                                                                                   Lineage Research to date
                                                                                                 Gerrish Family of Wiltshire

                               Isaac Candye was baptised on the 21st March 1805 at St. Mary’s Church at Wilton by Salisbury, Wiltshire.               
                               His birth was recorded in the Parish Register by his mother Elizabeth Candye there was no father’s name recorded. For more 
                               information relating to Isaac's early life Access  Isaac's Lineage Research

                               Isaac Candy married Elizabeth Gerrish on the 12th December 1825 at St. Mary’s in Wilton by Salisbury, Wiltshire.  
                               Groom age est. twenty-one. Bride age est. twenty-three.

                                                      Elizabeth Gerrish was baptised on the 25th September 1803 at St.Mary’s Church in Wilton by Salisbury, 
                                                      Wiltshire the daughter of John Gerrish and his wife Ann.      
                                 Elizabeth’s father John had a brother William who also lived at Wilton Wiltshire where he owned a grocery shop 
                                 till he died late in 1859 at the age of 78.   Elizabeth appears to have had a great deal of contact with her paternal uncle, 
                                 living nearby his shop at Wilton.  

                                 The Jeffery family also lived next door to the shop for many years. In fact it would appear that Elizabeth and also her 
                                  children probably had more contact with her uncle William Gerrish than her own father, implied by the span between 
                                  sibling births, consistent with the possible Military Service of her father and that her daughters Mary and Maria later 
                                  were involved in Grocery Businesses possibly spawned by memories of their great uncle's shop as children.  
                                 Elizabeth's brother, John Gerrish also ran a similar shop at Wilton.
                                             For more information relating to Elizabeth's early life Access Elizabeth's Parents, Siblings and Lineage Research

                                 Isaac and Elizabeth remained at Wilton where they had the following issue;
                                 Child 1:  Isaac Candy [the younger] born 1827 
                                 Child 2:  Elizabeth Candy [the younger] born 3rd January 1829, baptised 25th January 1829.  [St. Mary's, Wilton]  
                                 Child 3:  Maria Candy baptised 20th March 1831.  [St. Mary's, Wilton]      
                                 Child 4:  William Candy born 1834 
                                 Child 5:  George Candy born 1835 -  George later immigrated to Australia in 1857 with his sister Mary - see documents. 
                                 Child 6:  Mary Candy baptised  4th August 1839 [St. Mary's, Wilton]  Mary later immigrated to Australia in 1857 with her brother George - see documents. 
                                                 Baptism Certificate
                                                                          click to enlarge
                                 Child 7:  Emma Candy baptised  21st Dec. 1845 [St. Mary's, Wilton]  
                                 [Elizabeth's age is est. 42yrs at the birth of her last child]
                                 The 1841 Census in England was taken on the night of 6 June 1841 and records Isaac and his family living at North Street 
                                 Wilton, Wiltshire;
                                  Isaac Candy, age 35yrs, no occupation recorded, Born in County;
                                  Elizabeth Candy - age 35yrs, B in C; 
                                  Isaac Candy, age 14yrs, B in C; 
                                  Elizabeth Candy, age 12 yrs, B in C;  
                                  Maria Candy, age 10 yrs, B in C; 
                                  William Candy, age 7 yrs, B in C; 
                                  George Candy, age 2 yrs, B in C; 
                                  Mary Candy [was on the next page], age 1 year, B in C. 
                                  NOTE:  Emma was not born yet.
                                  Interestingly the next entry [living next door] was;
                                  Thomas Vincent age 50, B in C; Ann Vincent age 55, B in C; Henry Gerrish, age 15, B in C.  
                                  [It is unknown if Henry Gerrish and/or Elizabeth nee Gerrish were related to the Vincents].
                                   In 1851 a further census was taken 30th march 1851. The family was still living at Faney Row, North Street; 

                                   Isaac Candy,  Head , age 47 yrs, An Agricultural Labourer,  Born Wilton, Wiltshire.
                                   Elizabeth Candy, Wife, age 47 yrs.  A Charwoman, Born Wilton, Wiltshire. 
                                   Maria Candy, Daughter, age 20 yrs.  A Charwoman, Born Wilton, Wiltshire. 
                                   William Candy, Son, age 18 yrs. Born Wilton, Wiltshire.
                                   George Candy, Son, age 15 yrs.  A scholar, Born Wilton, Wiltshire.   
                                   Mary Candy, Daughter, age 12 yrs.  A scholar,  Born Wilton, Wiltshire. 
                                   Emma Candy, Daughter, age 6 yrs.  A scholar, Born Wilton, Wiltshire. 

                                   Missing children: Isaac Candy [the younger] [aged 24yrs] & Elizabeth Candy [the younger] [age 22yrs]. 
                                   Isaac Candy [the younger]  was recorded 1851 Census working as a Servant 'footman' near Hog Market in Middlesex 
                                   recorded aged 25yrs. He married soon after and settled at Middlesex .... . Continued in Epilogue.

                                   Elizabeth Candy [the younger] married John Musslewhite in June Quarter 1847.  She was recorded in the 1851 Census
                                   at Goulbridge Lane, Barford, Wiltshire with her husband John  age 26, an Agricultural Labourer, born in Hammersmith,
                                   Middlesex and their two children; 
                                   Emily Musslewhite aged three 
                                   Henry I Musslewhite aged 11 months [died June Qtr 1845]. They remained at Barford ....... . Continued in Epilogue. 
                                   1851:  Isaac Candy [the elder] died Dec. Qtr. 1851 at Wilton, Wiltshire. Recorded aged 46yrs.  He was survived by his wife
                                              Elizabeth of twenty-six years marriage and his seven children 


                       Elizabeth Candy [nee Gerrish]:  Wife of Isaac Candy;  
                                     Elizabeth continued to live at Wiltshire after Isaac's death. 

                                     The next time she was recorded was in 1857 when children 5 & 6 [George & Mary] immigrated to Sydney Australia and
                                      on both their shipping papers they record her as their mother living at Wilton, Wiltshire and that their father was 

                                     Over the next four years, gradually her children married and dispersed [see their own sections below], the youngest, 
                                     Emma the only child remaining at home.                        

                                      1861 Census was held on the 7th April. Elizabeth [the elder] and her youngest daughter Emma were living at the house
                                      in Faney Row at Wilton;

                                      Elizabeth Candy, Head, aged 57 yrs. Occupation: a servant.  
                                      Emma Candy, Daughter,  aged 15 yrs, also a servant.
                                      1871 Census was taken on the night of 2 April. Enumeration forms were distributed to all households a few days before.
                                      Elizabeth was recorded still living at Faney Row in North Street, Wilton;

                                      Elizabeth Candy, Head, aged 67 yrs. Occupation: A  washerwoman. 
                                      Emma Candy, Daughter, aged 25 yrs, a dressmaker, 

                                      NOTE:  The Vincent couple next door i.e. Thomas & Ann in last census have moved.   
                                                     The house is now occupied by Maria VINCENT born in Wilton, Wiltshire, Widow, a Boarder.
                                      1874:  Emma died 3 years later in unmarried and without issue in 1874 recorded at Wilton noted aged 29yrs.
                                      The 1881 Census was taken on the night of 3 April 1881. With Emma now gone, Elizabeth lives on her own at Faney 
                                      Row noted as aged 77yrs and no occupation was recorded. 
                                      1889:      Elizabeth Candy [nee Gerrish] died at her home in Faney Row Home in North Street, Wilton in 1889 recorded
                                       aged 88yrs.  She was survived by six of her seven children and many grandchildren.

               Child 1: Isaac Candy [the younger]: Son of Isaac Candy & Elizabeth [nee Gerrish]

                                       Isaac Candy [the younger] married Mary Chopping [ born in Harlow 1836, Essex] June Qtr 1857 at London.
                                       The 1861 Census finds them living at London;

                                       Isaac Candy, Head, aged 34, Occupation Bank Messenger. 
                                       Mary Candy, Wife, aged 25 
                                       William I Candy [Assumed middle name 'Isaac'] aged one year [this child does not appear to have survived].       

                                       Both Isaac and his wife Mary were further recorded on the 1871, 1881, 1891 & 1901Census.
                                       His occupation was a Bank Messenger by 1891 he was retired.
                                       In 1901 they moved to Essex where their son married son Percy and his family was also recorded living with them.     

                      Their Children recorded on the prior census were;
                                       1871 Census - Residence: 57 Queen Margaret Grove, Islington; 
                                       Carry Candy age 8, 
                                       William Candy age 6, 
                                       Alfred Candy age 3, 
                                       Walter Candy age 9 mths.  
                                       Servant: Emma Willey age 15. 

                                       1881 - Residence 65 Old Broad St. London; 
                                       Caroline M.E. Candy age 18 [Carrie on the previous census], 
                                       William H J Candy aged 16, 
                                        Alfred Candy age 14, 
                                        Walter C Candy aged 10, 
                                        Alice E Candy age 8, 
                                        Percey N Candy aged 4, 
                                        Florence M Candy age 4 mths. 
                                        Servants: Rosanna Brooks age 22 & Caroline Brooks age 18 
                                         1891 - Residence 82 Nevill Road, Hackney, London; 

                                         Alfred Candy, aged 24, 
                                         William Candy, aged 20, 
                                         Alice Candy, aged 18, 
                                         Percy Candy, aged 14.  
                                         VISITOR: Mary Ann Neal aged 23 yrs

                                         1901 - Residence: 38 Wilton Road, Ilford, Essex; 

                                          Isaac & Mary were recorded as 74yrs & 65yrs respectively, 
                                          Issac was recorded as head of the house, aged 74yrs,  retired Bank Messenger
                                          His wife Mary was aged 65 yrs. 
                                          Also with them was; 

                                          Percy H Candy age 24, Occupation: Stock Broker's Clerk, his wife Florence Candy aged 23 and their  
                                          two children Sydney H Candy age two & Olive M Candy aged 11 months, 
                                          both children were recorded born at Illford, Essex.

                                         1906:  Isaac Candy [the younger] died at Essex June Qtr. 1906 noted aged 79yrs [recorded at Romford].
                                         His wife Mary survived him by a further 13yrs and died at Essex March Qtr. 1919 noted aged 83yrs [recorded at Romford].
                                         Further Candy BDM's  can be found at Free BDM online.

                     Child 2:  Elizabeth Musslewhite [nee Candy]; Eldest Daughter of Isaac Candy and Elizabeth nee Gerrish;

                                   Elizabeth Candy [the younger] married John Musslewhite in June Quarter 1847.  She was recorded in the 1851 Census
                                   at Goulbridge Lane, Barford, Wiltshire with her husband John  age 26, an Agricultural Labourer, born in Hammersmith,
                                   Middlesex and their two children; 
                                   Emily Musslewhite aged three 
                                   Henry I Musslewhite [assumed middle name 'Isaac' aged 11 months [died June Qtr 1845]. 

                                   Elizabeth and her spouse John Musselwhite continued to live at Barford 5 miles west of  Salisbury near Wilton.   
                                  They were recorded in the 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 & 1901 Census.   
                                  Children recorded on these census were;
                                  1861 Census:  

                                  Emily Musselwhite, daughter, aged 13, 
                                  John Musselwhite, son, aged 10, 
                                  William Musselwhite, son, aged 8, 
                                  Mary A Musselwhite, daughter, aged 5, 
                                  George Musselwhite, son, aged 2, 
                                  Alfred Musselwhite, son, aged 2 mths.  

                                 1871 Census; 

                                 Emily Musselwhite, Daughter, aged 23, 
                                 John Musselwhite, Son, aged 20, 
                                 William Musselwhite, Son, aged 18, 
                                 Mary A Musselwhite, Daughter, aged 15, 
                                 George Musselwhite, Son, aged 12, 
                                 Alfred Musselwhite, Son, aged 10, 
                                 Michael Musselwhite, Son, aged 7, 
                                 Elizabeth Musselwhite, Daughter, aged 5, 
                                 Henry Musselwhite, Son, aged 5 
                                 Maria Musselwhite, Daughter aged three. 

                                1881 - Children: Alfred 20, Michael 17, Elizabeth 15, Maria 12, Eliza 7.  
                                1891 - Children:  Son John 40 still unmarried, Daughter Eliza 25 unmarried.  
                                1901 - Son John 49 [unmarried]  Plus: granddaughter Isabel Candy aged 10yrs.

                                Elizabeth Musselwhite nee Candy died at Wilton, Wiltshire in the September Qtr. 1904 at the recorded age of 74yrs. 
                                Her spouse John Musslewhite survived her by a further three years and died at Wilton in the December Qtr. 1907 at
                                the recorded age of 80 years.             
                      Child 3:  Maria Gubbins [ Nee Candy]; Daughter of Isaac Candy and Elizabeth nee Gerrish; 

                                1859 At the age of twenty eight Maria Candy married Joseph Gubbins in the June Qtr. 1859 at Wilton, Wiltshire.

                                Maria & Joseph moved to Warwickshire where Joseph was born.  
                                They appear to have had no surviving issue.  

                                They were recorded in the Census of 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 & 1901.  
                                They lived together, alone during these periods.  
                                Joseph was recorded as a 'farmer', cow - keeper and agricultural labourer although on one Census Joseph was recorded 
                                as a 'Grocer' and farmer.  
                                He may have tried his hand at the new vocation at the encouragement of Maria whose Maternal Uncle and Great Uncle 
                                both ran Grocery Shops at Wilton when she was a child.  
                                They lived around the Beausale area. 
                                Joseph was born in Burton [Shrewby] Warwickshire around 1823.
                                It is considered that Maria died without issue, 
                                Record of her death and that of her spouse have not been found. 
                     Child 4:  William Candy;  Son of Isaac Candy and Elizabeth nee Gerrish; 

                                William's whereabouts has proved illusive. 

                                Only the 1881 Census displays a tenuous item recorded;
                                William Candy born 1845 at Salisbury who was living as a boarder at 26 Simnell Street, Southampton, Hampshire.  

                                 William may have immigrated.
                                 In 1857 he was not mentioned as 'resident of the Colony' in his sibling's immigration papers to Australia in 1857. 
                                 [only a 'cousin' John Gerrish was mentioned - see George Candy next].  

                      Child 5:  George Candy; Son of Isaac Candy and Elizabeth nee Gerrish; 

                                 George with his sister Mary departed England per the Immigration Ship 'Beejapore' [built at Liverpool 1851] departing 
                                 Southampton, Hampshire on the 02 Dec 1856, Edward M Drenning the Master.  

                                 Bound for Sydney, NSW, Australia, aboard were 193 adult males, 167 adult females, 39 male children, 53 female children,
                                 9 male infants and 8 female infants.  The duration of the voyage was three months and twelve days! 

                                Also on the same ship was another emigrant, James Scard. 

                                During the voyage a ship-board courtship began between James Scard and George's sister Mary.

                                Berthing in Sydney Harbour on the 14th March 1857, the Ship's Stewart completed the passenger details on arrival, 
                                recording their condition at Port - ACCESS Original.   

                                Transcription reads;  
                                 George Scard:   Condition on arrival, ‘good’, Age: '20' [actually he was 22], Calling [Occupation]: 'Labourer', 
                                                             Native Place and County [Birth]: 'Wilton, Wiltshire', Parent's names, and if alive, their residence: 
                                                             'Isaac & Elizabeth, father dead, mother living at Wilton',
                                                             Religion: 'C of E', Read or Write: 'both', Relations in the Colony: 'Cousin John Gerrish soon to arrive' *.  
                                                             George paid ₤1 for the voyage. 
                                                             * Little has been found in Australia for 'Cousin' John Gerrish.
                                  Five months after arrival George witnessed and gave his consent to his sister Mary's marriage to James Scard in Sydney 
                                  on the 10th August 1857.   

                                 George settled 600kms North at Grafton NSW with his sister and new brother-in-law James. 
                                 George married Sarah J. Gilmore [middle name assumed ‘Jane’], the daughter of Charles & Ann Gilmore. 

                                 They later moved south closer to Sydney where they lived in various areas.   
                                 George Candy [the elder] died at Sutherland, Sydney, in 1917 aged 80 years. 
                                 His wife Jane Candy [nee Gilmore] survived him by three years and died at Auburn, Sydney in 1920.
                                 Issue;  Child 1:   George W. Candy born 1861 to George &  Sarah, Grafton.                                            
                                             Child 2:    George Candy [the younger] married Fanny E. Short at Sydney, 1992.  
                                                                They lived at Sutherland, Sydney, had issue.
                                                                 He died in 1966 at Sutherland, aged 91 yrs.  
                                                                 His father appears to have lived with them in later life.  
                                 Note: Sarah seems to have adopted her middle name recording their  subsequent children under ‘George & Jane’                  
                                              Child 3:    James Joseph Candy [born unknown]. Possibly married Catherine Dolan 1882 at Waterloo.  
                                                                 Died 1941 Granville parents noted as ‘George & Jane’.               
                                              Child 4:    Anne E Candy born 1864 Parramatta to George & Jane,  Parramatta - No further  information.                  
                                              Child 5:    Robert Candy born 1867 Woolongong to George & Jane. Married Edith F. Davis in Sydney 1895.                 
                                              Child 6:    Mary E Candy born 1869 Woolongong to George & Jane. No further  information.               
                                              Child 7:    Isaac George Candy born 1875 Woolongong to George &  Jane. No further information.  
                   Child 6: Mary Candy; Daughter of Isaac Candy & Elizabeth nee Gerrish; 

                                              Mary with her brother George immigrated to Australia in 1857 per 'Beejapore.  
                                              See Details ABOVE for George for voyage also departure and arrival dates.

                                              During the voyage Mary was courted by another immigrant, James Scard. 
                                              Mary's immigration details on arrival were recorded as;

                                              Mary’s condition on arrival: ‘left blank!’, Age: '19', Calling [Occupation]: 'Housemaid', Native Place and 
                                             County [Birth]: 'Wilton, Wiltshire', Parent's names, and if alive, their residence: 'Isaac & Elizabeth, father dead, 
                                             mother living at Wilton',
                                             Religion: 'C of E', Read or Write: 'both', Relations in the Colony: 'none'.  
                                             [note: Her brother gives details of a cousin 'John Gerrish' soon to arrive]. 
                                             Mary paid 10/- [10 Shillings] for the voyage.  Original Document.
                                             Five months after arrival Mary Candy married James Scard on the 10th August 1857 at Sydney. 

                                            James Scard was born in 1830 at Reading, Berkshire, the son of James Scard & his wife Elizabeth nee Porter of Henstridge. 

                                            The marriage was witnessed by Mary's brother George who gave his consent. 

                                            Mary and James Scard settled 600kms North at Grafton, NSW where their four children were born. 

                                            Mary's brother George followed and married Sarah Jane Gilmore there in 1861 [see above]. 

                                            James deserted Mary and the children in 1869.

                                            Mary then married Henry Hillary 1882 and had a further four children. 
                                            They moved to Queensland where Henry died in 1893.  
                                            Mary then married Henry Williams 1889 and they ran a the mixed business. 

                                            Mary died at Lidcombe in 1929 at the age of ninety and lies beside her beloved daughter Geraldine 'Theresa' Scard
                                            at Rookwood Cemetery, Burwood, Sydney. 

                                             ACCESS The full story of Mary's Marriage to James Scard    
                                             ACCESS The full story of Mary's life after James deserted her can be found entwined 
                                             in the Biography of her son William.

                                             ISSUE:  MARRIAGE 1 - SCARD ; 

                                             Child 1: Recorded ‘unnamed’ Scard born 23rd May 1858.  
                                                            The infant was baptised Harriet Elizabeth Scard two weeks later at Grafton on the 8th June 1858 [Cof E].
                                                            This child is believed to be the namesake of James’s only sisters Harriet & Elizabeth who died at the 
                                                            ages of 13yrs and 16yrs respectively at Henstridge, Somerset, England. 
                                                            Harriet Elizabeth did not survive, buried five weeks later later 19th July 1858 aged 2 months.
                                             Child 2: Recorded ‘unnamed’ Scard born 5th October 1859 at North Grafton.  
                                                            The infant was baptised William James Scard eight weeks later at Grafton on Christmas Day 25th 
                                                            December 1859 [CofE].  
                                                            William Scard married1 Emma Hurst in 1883
                                                            They had 13 children of which only 6 survived infancy.  
                                                            Emma died in 1911.  
                                                            At the age of 56 William married2 twenty-two year old Ivy Sophia Elhers in 1913 they had four children.
                                                            William James Scard died at Katoomba NSW on the 1840. 
                                                            See the Full Biography of William Scard.

                                             Child 3: Alfred Henry Scard was recorded born at Grafton 1862.  
                                                            Considered named after James's two brothers Alfred and Henry still residing at Henstridge, England. 
                                                            Alfred married Amy Eveline Rudder the daughter of Julian John Rudder and his wife Mary Ann nee 
                                                            Chilcot in 1884 at Kempsey.  
                                                            They had 3 children. 
                                                            Alfred and Amy separated around 1902.  Neither remarried. 

                                                            Amy died in 1936 at Sydney aged sixty-nine. 
                                                            Alfred died on the 21st September 1951 at Manly aged eighty-nine.  
                                                            For more information on his issue see link to the Biography of his brother William James Scard.

                                            Child 4: Geraldine Theresa Scard was recorded born in Grafton 15th June 1864. 
                                                            At the age of seventeen Geraldine 'Theresa' traveled to Sydney accompanied by her mother and 
                                                            stepfather Henry Hillary in 1882 to begin training as a nurse at Sydney Hospital.  
                                                            It was arranged for 'Theresa' to 'live-in'.  
                                                            Two years later Geraldine contracted Typhoid Fever and did not recover.  
                                                            During her two-year Term, known as 'Theresa' she was endeared  by all the Hospital Staff.  
                                                            Geraldine Theresa Scard died on the 11th March 1884, Administration informed the family that they 
                                                            would arrange the Headstone for her grave paid by the Hospital Board.  
                                                           Geraldine was buried at Rookwood Cemetery, aged nineteen. 
                                                           The name on her Tombstone is 'Theresa' Scard'.  
                                                           The Inscription reads; 
                                                                                                           'Theresa Scard' 
                                                                                          'From illness contracted during the
                                                                                           performance of her duties in the 
                                                                                           Sydney Hospital.  
                                                                                           Erected by the Board of Directors.' 

                                        Forty-five years later her mother Mary Williams [nee Candy] was interred alongside her beloved daughter.

                                       ISSUE:  MARRIAGE 2  -  HILLERY; 

                                       Child 5:  Stephen Hillary:  
                                                       Stephen married Margaret Edith Jane Thom in Qld 21st August 1902. 
                                                       Stephen Hillary settled at Bulimba. 
                                                       Stephen was married and working as a security officer at the local Meat Works.' 
                                                       They had issue.                

                                       Child 6:  Berthenier Hillary: 
                                                       Berthenier married James Rigby 3rd March 1897 in Qld. To recap [above] 
                                                       From the Biography of her half brother William James Scard [see more]
                                                       Taken from the memoirs of his son; 
                                                            'It was at Inglewood that William's sister Berthenier Hillary had married and her husband Jim 
                                                             managed a small timber mill and also grew wheat on his property........'
                                                             They had issue.                

                                        Child 7:  Isaac Hillary: 
                                                        Issac married Harriet Williams 27th Sept. 1898 and had issue.              
                                                         From the Biography of her half brother William James Scard [see more] ]

                                        Child 8:  Ellen Hillary; 
                                                        Ellen married Mathew Pettigrew 9th March 1898 in Qld and had issue. 
                                                        From the Biography of her half brother William James Scard [see more]          
                                                                                      Mary Candy [front right] with 3rd Husband John Williams [front left] and daughter-in-law [2] Ivy nee Ehlers [back] dated c. 1914

                                                           Photo taken c. 1913 by Mary's son William James Scard [a camera buff] 

                                                           Front:  John Williams [Mary's 3rd husband] 
                                                                        & Mary Williams, formerly Mary Hillery, formerly Mary Scard, nee Candy.
                                                           Back:   Ivy Scard [nee Ehlers] Mary's daughter-in-law from her son William's 2nd marriage. 

                                                           Other Photos of the Family and of Mary are in the Biography of her son William James Scard.                        
                                                           OR   ACCESS The full story of Mary's Marriage to James Scard