EAST FAMILY

                                                                                  of Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire pre 1715

                                                                                                         Mary East 
                                                                                              Spouse:  William Gowlett 

                           Mary East married William Gowlett on the 5th November 1739 at St. Johns Hillingdon - both of Hillingdon  Access Pointer  Marriage of William Gowlett and his wife Mary nee East    
                           Possible Lineage [Research];

                           Mary East was very likely the daughter of Richard East and Hannah [nee Hawkins] baptized14th Sept. 1715 
                           at Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire about 13 miles west of Uxbridge.
                           Richard East married Hannah Hawkins 13th April 1707 West Wycombe,  Buckinghamshire. Groom est. 13yrs.
                           The couple moved to Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire  5.2m SSE
                           where they had issue;

                                           Elizabeth East  baptized 11th  July 1708 at Great Marlow, Bucks. Baptized when she was a few months old.   
                                                                      Elizabeth died before 1719 [aged 0 to 11yrs]. 
                                           Richard East  baptised 5th February 1709 at Grt. Marlow at the church of his father’s baptism.
                                           Mary East baptized 4th September 1715 at Great Marlow, Bucks.  
                                           Elizabeth East [2] baptized 4th October 1719 at Great Marlow, Bucks.

                           Richard East's [the elder] Parents; 
                                           Richard East was the son of Thomas East and his wife Sarah. 
                          Thomas & Sarah had the following issue;

                                           Sarah East bapt. 5th Feb 1665:   Buried 28th Sept. 1677 West Wycombe [W.Y.]. Baptised at age 2 yrs.  
                                           John Easte baptized 27th December 1671: Buried 5th Oct. 1677 W.Y. Age 6 buried 7days after his sister.] 
                                           Richard East baptized 5th October 1677 W.Y. [Baptised the same day as his brother’s burial]. 
                                           Jane East baptised 4th March 1675 at West Wycombe.

                         Thomas East's Parents?;                  
                                           Thomas East was the son of Thomas East and his wife Alice of West Wycombe? 
                         Thomas [the elder] and Alice had issue; 

                                           Mary East bapt. 2nd Sept. 1627 at West Wycombe
                                           Thomas bapt. 6th Dec. 1629 at West Wycombe [this would make him 36 at the baptism of his first child]