Henry Frederick William Ehlers                                  Susan Ehlers [formerly Kay, nee Lucas]
                              [1857-1921]                                                                   [1847-1921]
                                                                         of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
                                                    formerly of Bremen, Germany & Hobart, Tasmania respectively.

                                                        With Special Thanks to Marie Sheehan and  Michelle Ehlers
                                                       whose valuable research and input also contributed to this page.
1857-1883 - Bith to Marriage: 
Henry Frederick William Ehlers was born on  the 21st October 1857, Bremen, Hanover, Germany, the son of Henry Ehlers 
and his wife Mary nee Branal [or Braun?*]
*Maiden name taken from Marriage Document. May also have been 'Schmidt' according a Family Legend.               
Leaving the coastal Port of Bremen, Germany  per ‘Wolden’ Henry aged twenty-six, arrived at Port Melbourne on the 
3rd October 1883, subsequently working as a stevedore & laborer presumably at the Port Melbourne Shipping Yards in the 
near vicinity.  Four years later, at the age of thirty-one Henry Frederick William Ehlers married forty-year-old  widow 
Susan Kay [nee Lucas] by Licence, on the 12th November 1887.
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              Susan Kay [nee Lucas] was baptized on the 15th July 1847 at Circular Head, Nth Tasmania, the daughter of a Publican
              John Richard Lucas and his wife Sarah nee Porter. Her ancestry stretches back to the First Fleet to the Colony 1788.
              At the age of twenty Susan Lucas married James Ferguson Kay [born 1838 Tas] the son of Robert Kay and his wife 
              Elizabeth nee Couper. They recorded seven recorded children;

                              Elizabeth Sarah Kay born 1867, Horton, Tas. -  died 1883 recorded aged 8yrs, Melbourne, Victoria.
                              James Kay born 1868, Tas.                            - died 1884  recorded aged 15yrs, Port Melbourne, Victoria. 
                              George Charles Kay  born 1870.                    - married Mary Ann Nickell 1892 - died 1940 aged 70yrs, Melbourne. Victoria. 
                              John Richard Kay b 1873 Emerald H, Melb.    -  died 1874 Emerald H, recorded aged 4 months, Melbourne, Vic. 
                              John Pascoe Fawkner Kay b1876, Sandhurst. - recorded in 1940 - See Epilogue.. 
                              Elizabeth ‘Rhodah’ Belinda Kay b 1878, Sandhurst. See Photo & Epilogue.  
                              Florence ‘Melbah’ Kay baptized 1881 at Sandhurst. married Frederick William Jose 1905, had issue see Epilogue.
                                                                                   James Ferguson Kay died 22nd March 1883 at the recorded age of 45yrs.
           At the time of her marriage to Henry, Susan was living with her four surviving children at the address considered her previous matrimonial
           home ‘Milbah Cottage’ at Spring Street, Port Melbourne. After their marriage the couple remained living there where Susan bore 
           Henry two children.
                              Child 1:    Henry Frederick William Ehlers [jnr.] born on the 18th October 1888 at Spring Street.  
                                                Susan records the birth and Henry's age as 36yrs and her own as 41yrs. 
                                                Henry's occupation was recorded as both Lamper and [?] Laborer. The midwife was Mrs. James.  
                              Child 2:    Ivy Sophia Ehlers born 3rd February 1891, the birthplace recorded as ‘Milbah Cottage’ Spring Street, Port Melbourne. 
                                                Susan again records the details, her age as 42yrs and Henry’s as 41yrs.  
                                                Henry's occupation was recorded as both Lamper and [?] Laborer. The midwife was Mrs.Von Maher.
           Susan now aged forty-four, this would be her last birth.
           Photo of Susan and three of her children at Milbah House, in 1890, a few weeks before the birth of her youngest child.

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                                                                          Photo above: Susan Ehlers with her three youngest children.
                                                                                                 The Plaque on the front roof of the house reads 'Melbah Cottage'.
                                                                          L-R:               Rhoda Kay [aged  12yrs], Milbah Kay [aged 9yrs], Henry [jnr] Ehlers aged 2yrs, 
                                                                                                 a child friend,  Susan Ehlers nee Lucas [aged 43yrs]. Dated 1890. 
                                                                         Inscription on back; 
                                                                                                  'Milbah Cottage, 1  penny.  
                                                                                                   My Mother and 2 sisters & a friend, also my Brother Henry
                                                                                                   this was taken before I was  born. Ivy Scard.' 

          During the following years the six children would form a deep bond, which would endure for the rest of their lives
         Subsequently the family moved several times around the City eventually settling in a grand two storey house
         at Albert Park, South Melbourne [photos available]. 
        Henry's Bicyle Shop in Melbourne; 
         Henry purchased a Bicycle Shop at Carlton in which he was successful.  The love of bicycles was prevalent in all the children, 
         and tales of their ‘penny-fathing’ cycle one of many in the shop, is legendary in the family.  The ensuing years brounght a 
         deeper affection between the Kay and Ehler’s siblings.   Their mother Susan was held in the fondest of memories. 

1892: George was the first of Susan’s children to marry.  
           At the age of twenty-two George Charles Kay married Mary Ann Nickell at Melbourne in 1892. 

                                                                                                                        EHLERS Ivy Fred Rhodah Milbah 1905
                                                                                L-R: Ivy  Ehlers [aged 14yrs], Frederick Jose, ‘Rhodah’ Kay [aged 27yrs]
                                                                                        ‘Milbah’ Jose nee Kay [aged  24yrs]. Dated: 6 th November 1905.
                                                                               Inscription on back: “Ivy 6/11/05, Mil in front, Rhoda & Fred in Back.” 

1905: At age twenty-four Milbah Kay married Frederick William Jose in 1905.

1911: Henry's Australian Naturalisation;                     
          Meanwhile Henry [the elder] was granted his Australian Naturalization on the 28th August 1911.   
          He was recorded living at 21 Glover Street South Melbourne.  
          Henry was granted his Papers two weeks later on the 13th September 1911. [Original Papers held by the family]
1912: Son Henry marries; 
          At the age of twenty-four  Henry Ehlers [the younger] married Gladys Elsie Marie Bell on the 8th August 1912.  
          Henry’s wife Glady’s gave birth to a son, William Frederick Bell Ehlers at Port Melbourne early the following year.  
          Henry's marriage had lasted in all six months Gladys left him and returned to live with her mother at 24 Mobray Street, Albert Park.  
          The infant did not survive and died at Kensington Hill sometime during the same year.

1913: Youngest Daughter Ivy marries; 
          During this time Henry and Susan's youngest child Ivy had found her way to Brisbane, Queensland where it is 
          thought she was staying one of her Kay siblings. 
          At the age of twnety-two Ivy Sophia Ehlers married fifty-six year old widower William James Scard at the Anglican Cathedral in 
          Brisbane on the 31st March 1913.   
                                                                          William Scard was born at Grafton NSW in 1859 the son of James Scard formerly of Henstridge, 
                                                                          Somerset, England and his wife Mary nee Candy formerly Wilton, Wiltshire.  
                                                                          Both had immigrated to Australia in 1857.  
                                                     The couple settled at William's property at Tygallah on the Tweed River near the border NSW/Qld Border.  
                                                     William had six surviving children from his previous marriage many of whom were older than Ivy.
                                                     Ivy bore him four children. See the Biography of William James Scard [1839-1940]
1914:       The Great War - Henry Ehlers [the younger] enlists; 
                                                     Henry Ehlers jnr. enlisted on the 24th August 1914. 
                                                     He was described on his medical examination as 26yrs & 10 months, 5’ 6½” tall, 161cm tall, Eyes Grey, 
                                                     Hair Brown and Religion as ‘Baptist. He had a tattoo on each arm. 
                                                     His mother was noted as next-of-kin, Mrs. S. Ehlers of 31 Lyell St., South Melbourne. 
                                                    An allotment was arranged to be sent to his mother whilst he was on active duty. 

                                                    Assigned to the 10th Battalion and within a few short weeks Henry embarked for overseas duty in France.
                                                    With the the troopers was a contingency of Australian Stock horses, their story too touch the hearts of 
                                                    Australians for all time.  They were despatched to the Middle East Gallipolli, Turkey per the “Ionian’ 
                                                    on the 2nd March 1915.  
                                                    Forging an heroic campaign, the stories of the unbounded bravery of the ANZAC Forces at Gallipolli are 
                                                    unparalleled, Henry fought astride his valiant and untiring horse ‘Tom’.
                                                    The consequences of the epic ANZAC battle is now etched in the pages of History, the toll on our men was 
                                                    horrific. Before withdrawing a decision to destroy their horses was devastating to the men torn by the knowledge 
                                                    that if left in Turkish hands they would not be treated well.  
                                                    Before leaving these alien shores, Henry like many others of his fellow mates took bullet to the head of his own 
                                                    beloved horse in a heart breaking moment. which he like all the men without exception would never forget. 
                                                    Henry then saw service in Cairo and in France till he returned home to Australia per ‘Kasis’ on the 
                                                    24th September 1918.  He was discharged on the 24th January 1918.  

1918:     Henry [the younger]; 
                                                   Henry and estranged wife Gladys divorced around 1919 to 1920.  Henry was living at home with his parents at this time. 
1921:     Henry [the elder] dies;
                                                    Meanwhile the aging Henry the elder and Susan had moved to 6A Little Paige Road, Albert Park.  
                                                    Although relieved at the ending of the Great War and the return of their son, both had been ill for some time, 
                                                    Susan now in her seventy-fourth year was suffering from debility coupled with carcinoma of the stomach. 
                                                    Henry was plagued with sciatica.
                                                    His son Henry who was also living in the house later recorded; 
                                                                         “he had often threatened suicide on account of the pain he suffered”. 
                                                    On the 10th March 1921 Henry could bear the pain no longer and tying his hands together he jumped into 
                                                    the harbour at Port Port Melbourne and ended his life.
            Police Report 10th  March 1921:   
                                                    Report of James Slattery Constable 6119; 
                                                    Relative to: Finding a dead  body of man named Harry [Henry] Ehlers. 
                                                                          'I have to report that at about  8.40am 10-3-2 a man named Clarence Farmer 
                                                                           of 76 Dow St. Port Melbourne came to the Police Port Melbourne and informed 
                                                                           me that he found the body of a man washed up on the beach opposite John Harper 
                                                                           & Co, Port Melbourne.  
                                                                           I went to the spot and examined the body. It  did not appear to have been in the 
                                                                           water long. 
                                                                           It was that of a man about 65 years of age, about 5 feet 8 inches high, stout build, 
                                                                           grey moustache, grey  hair, dressed in a rough black coat, striped trousers, black
                                                                           laceup boots, black flannel and striped shirt.  
                                                                           I examined the body but found no marks of external violence except the hand were
                                                                           tied loosely with a piece of cord in front.
                                                                           On searching the body I found 1/3 [one shilling and three-pence] in a purse in his 
                                                                           hip pocket also a lead pencil and a white handle pocket knife, there was no papers 
                                                                           on the body that would lead to its identification.  
                                                                           Later his son Henry Ehlers examined the body on the beach and identified it as that
                                                                           of his father.  
                                                                           I had the body removed to the Morgue by Drayton and Gaison Undertakers where it 
                                                                           now lies awaiting the coroner’s instructions.
                                                                           [Signed] James Slattery.'

                                                  The subsequent autopsy showed that Henry was in fairly good health and no injuries apart from part 
                                                  of the top of his little finger was lost in an old injury. 
                                                  The statement of Clarence Rupert Farmer, Milk Carter of South Melbourne;
                                                                         I found the body of the deceased at 7.40pm.  
                                                                         I went to the beach and I found the body of the deceased with his head in about  2 inches of water. 
                                                                         I went and called the Police and when I got there the hands were tied.
                                                  The statement of James Slattery, constable  of Police of Port Melbourne;     
                                                                        On the 9th instant from what I  was told I made a report and that report is correct. 
                                                                        About 2 hours after I took the body to the morgue, I went to his house and found 
                                                                        the string produced which is the same as was tied round his hands.
                                                  The Inquest was dispensed with on the 23rd March 1921.  
                                                  Henry was buried on the 11th March 1921 at Coburg Cemetery, aged sixty-four.  
                                                  He was survived by his wife Susan of thirty-four years marriage and his two children Henry [the younger] aged 33yrs
                                                  and his daughter Ivy Sophia Scard nee Ehlers aged 30 yrs and one grandson Ronald Henry Scard aged 7yrs 
                                                  by his daughter Ivy. 

1921: Susan Ehlers dies;
                                                 Henry's widow lived a further three months and died at their home at 64 Page Street, Albert Park at the age 
                                                 of seventy-four succumbing to debility and carcinoma of the stomach.  
                                                 Susan is buried beside her husband Henry  Ehlers at Coburg Cemetery. 
                                                 She was survived by her six children, George Kay aged 51yrs, John PF Kay aged 45yrs, Rhodah Kay aged 43yrs, 
                                                 Melbah Jose [nee Kay] aged 40yrs, Henry Ehlers aged 33yrs, Ivy Sophia Elhers aged 30yrs and an undetermined
                                                 number of grandchildren. 
                            Henry Frederick William Ehlers [the younger]; son of Henry F.W. Ehlers and Susan [nee Lucas]; 
                                                 Henry [the younger] subsequently met and married Eva Kathleen O’Brien in 1921.  
                                                 On the 15th August 1923 Henry applied for a War Service Home Grant.  
                                                 He was then living at 32 Finlay St., Albert Park. 
                                                 During their forty-three year marriage Henry and Eva had the following children;
                                                             Douglas Ehlers born 1923.
                                                             Mavis Ehlers born 1924.
                                                             Elaine Ehlers born 1925.
                                                             Frances Ehlers born 1927.
                                                             Allan Ehlers born 1931.
                                                             Keith Ehlers born 1933. 

                                                Henry Ehlers Jnr died on the 8th November, 1965 of Coronary Thrombosis at the age of seventy-seven. 
                                                He was also suffering Congestive cardiac failure for two years prior and Arteriosclerosis for many years.
                                                At the time of his death Henry was recorded at 39 Beston Street, East Reservoir, Melbourne.  
                                                His wife Eva was the informant recorded living at 67 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, considered the matrimonial 
                                                Henry was buried at the same venue as both his parents at Coburg Cemetery, Melbourne.  
                                                He was survived by his wife Eva of forty-three years marriage, all of his children and an undetermined number
                                                of grandchildren.

                                  Ivy Sophia Scard [nee Ehlers] daughter of Henry F.W. Ehlers [the elder] and Susan [nee Lucas]

                                                           See full details of Ivy's life and marriage   
                                                 Continued briefly; 
                                                 Ivy and her spouse William Scard, sold the Property in Tygallah in 1915 and after a brief interlude 
                                                 with Ivy's half brother John Pascoe Fawkner Scard at Murwillumbah, moving to Penrith and later 
                                                 the inner Western Suburbs of Sydney. 
                                                 During this time Ivy and William had the following four children; 
                                                              Ronald Henry Scard, born 1914. 
                                                              John P.F. Scard, born 1921.
                                                              Sylvia Scard, born 1923.
                                                              Betty Scard, born 1925.                   

                                                 By 1940 William and Ivy moved to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, NSW where Ivy's brother 
                                                 John Pascoe Fawkner Kay was also living.  Family Legend supported by photographs indicate that 
                                                 William and Ivy purchased a boarding house in the township.  
                                                 William became ill and was taken to Katoomba Hospital where he died 24th October 1940 at the age 
                                                 of eighty-one.  The informant on William's death Certificate was Ivy's brother, 
                                                 John P.F.Kay of 182 Bathurst Street Katoomba.  
                                                 During the years Ivy had kept contact with her sister Milbah,  whom she was very fond.  
                                                 Many photos of her beloved sister Melba were found in Ivy's possessions after her death.  
                                                 Ivy also kept in contact with Melbah's son Pascoe Jose and the contents of a letter to 'Aunt Ivy'  in 1961 
                                                 indicates that the family had retained close ties after Milbah's death in 1928. 

                                                 Ivy died at Balmain Hospital on the 27th December 1976 at the age of 84 years and 11 months of 
                                                 Bronchopneumonia. She was also suffering from a broken femour [accidental].  
                                                 Ivy was buried at Rookwood Cemetery and lies beside her husband William and their young daughter Sylvia.  
                                                 She was survived by her two sons, two granddaughters and five great grandchildren who loved her dearly.
                                                 See the Full Story of Ivy's life with William Scard and the lives of her children in the
                                                 the Biography of her spouse William Scard [1859-1940]. 
                            George Charles Kay: son of James Ferguson Kay and Susan [nee Lucas];   

                                                  Little is known of George's life with his wife Mary Ann [nee Nickell] after their marriage in 1892.  
                                                  No births appear to be recorded in the State of Victoria.  
                                                  George Charles Kay died 1940 at the age of 70 years, Melbourne. Victoria. 

                            John Pascoe Fawkner Kay: son of James Ferguson Kay and Susan [nee Lucas];

                                                  By 1915 John was working at the Munitions Factory at Murwillumbah on the North Coast of NSW.  
                                                  He contacted his sister Ivy to say there was plenty of work in the township. 
                                                  John appears to have remained at Murwillumbah. 
                                                  By 1940 he was recorded to have moved to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, NSW he was recorded as the 
                                                  informant on his brother-in-law William Scard's death certificate, then of 182 Bathurst Street Katoomba.
                                                  John Pascoe Fawkner Kay died just before Christmas Day on the 22nd December 1952 at Dromana Hospital
                                                  in South Melbourne at the age of seventy-six.  
                                                  John recorded his full name on admission and little else.  
                                                  He succumbed to Myocharditis of which was suffering from for several days and was noted with several 
                                                  other maladies [illegible] one of which was Arteriosclerosis for many years. 
.                                                 John's usual address was given as the Nepean Highway Dromana. 
                                                  John was buried on the 27th December 1952 at Dromana Cemetery.  
                                                  There was no family or further details on the Death Certificate. 
                                                   It is considered he may have died unmarried and without issue. 

                             Elizabeth 'Rhoda' Belinda Kay daughter of James Ferguson Kay and Susan [nee Lucas];

                                                   Rhoda made her way back to her mother's native Tasmania where she was very likely living with 
                                                   some of her mother's Lucas family.  
                                                   At the age of thirty seven Eliza Rhoda Belinda Kay married Edward Timothy O'Brien in Smithtown, 
                                                   Tasmania on the 13 January 1915.  
                                                   There were rumors that Rhoda and her husband moved to Queensland. 
                                                   No issue has been found.  

                            Florence ‘Milbah’ Kay daughter of James Ferguson Kay and Susan [nee Lucas]; 

                                                   After her marriage to Frederick William Jose in 1905, Milbah gave birth to two children;
                                                                     Thelma Susan Jose born in 1906.
                                                                     Pascoe James William Jose born in 1910.

                                                   Milbah kept in constant contact with her sister Ivy, there was a deep bond between the two girls, 
                                                   Ivy born when Milbah was ten. 
                                                   Photos of her beloved sister Melba Kay were found in Ivy's possessions after her death.  
                                                   Melba's son Pascoe Jose also kept in contact with his 'Aunt Ivy'  in a letter dated 1961 indicates that
                                                   the family had retained close ties.

                                                   Milbah died in 1828 at Port Melbourne, at the age of forty-seven.  
                                                   The Death Certificate has not been obtained. 
                                                   She was survived by her husband Frederick of twenty-three years marriage and their two children 
                                                   Thelma aged 22yrs and Pascoe aged 18yrs. 

                                                    Milbah's husband Frederick Jose lived a further twenty-nine years and in later life deteriorated.  

                                                   On the 4th July 1957 he was admitted into to the Royal Park Receiving Center and found to be 
                                                   in an extreme state of neglect, suffering with mild congestive cardiac failure. 
                                                   When he was cleaned he was co-operative and appeared of a bright disposition and lucid about recent events.  
                                                   His daugher was called and after several hours he became rapidly unconscious with increased vital signs. 
                                                   Frederick Jose died at 6.30pm on the 6th July 1957.