Paternal grandparents of John Pascoe Fawkner [JPF], eminent Statesman of Melbourne.

JPF's father John Fawkner was convicted of receiving stolen goods in London and transported to the 
Colonies in 1803, Accompanying his convict father on the same ship with his mother and young sister 
Elizabeth, the family ultimately became one of the original pioneer settlers of Hobart, Tasmania 

The death certificate for his father implies John Fawkner 'snr' was born in Birmingham, Warwickshire 
in 1772. John was also documented in the Colony, as a dissenter, a member of the Weslyan Chapel in Hobart.  
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Later in life John Pascoe Fawkner mentions his paternal grandparents in his memoirs as John and Mary Fawkner
 who died in England around 1802 [J.Billott].  JPF like his father also followed Weslyan Philosphy in the Colony 
and was himself baptised in London at the Jewin Street Independent, Greater London on the 30th November 1792.

Such a 'John Faulkner' born in Birminham, the son of a dissenter John Faulkner and his wife Mary, baptised 
7th May 1772 at the New Meeting House, Moor Street, Unitarian Chapel, Birmingham.

                                                      John Faulkner                                                                                    Mary Barnett
                                                                                                                of Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.

                                                                       From the 16th century Birmingham had become the center of many metalworking industries with a 
                                                                       skilled population of ironmongers. Strongly dissentarian during the Civil War 1642-1651

Birth:                John Fawkner was probably born in Birmingham, Warwickshire around 1747.
                              John Faulkner was born around 1747.   Although no suitable baptism can be found an 
                                      entry was found at the National Archives, Kew, relating to an elder 'John Faulkner' working in the area of 
                                               Gough Family’s household  accounts: Bills and Receipts; 
                                                                    'From John Faulkner for repairing  a well [in Tup Street]' 
                                                                     Dated 1733-1734. [Catalogue Ref. MS 3145/262/16]
                                     A gap occurs of what appears as a  generation later, the three following entries appear at Perry Hall;

                                                             Perry Hall is the seat of the Hon. Frederick Gough, the principal owner  of the soil and Lord of the 
                                                             manor, which lays near the village of Handsworth about two miles NW of Birmingham.
                                                ‘Mrs.Gough’s Bills’:  [Ref. 3145/310] ;
                                                           'From John Faulkner for carriage repairs and upholstery': date 1761 [Ref. 3145/310/26]
                                                           'From John Faulkner for repairs to the chariot': date 1763 [Ref. 3145/310/51]
                                                           'From John Faulkner for timber and repairs': date 1764 [Ref. 3145/310/66 a-b]

                                   The three later entries are considered to be John Faulkner the son of the former, old family Estates often calling on 
                                   subsequent generations of a known family to continue maintenance.  

                                  John Faulkner [the elder] is considered born around the early 1700’s. 
                                  A year after the assumed 2nd Generation Entry in 1761 a great change came to Birmingham in the form of a new 
                                  Industrial Icon 'The Soho Works';

                                                         In 1762 at Soho near Handsworth 2 miles from Birmingham, Boulton & Co established  the ‘Soho Works’ 
                                                         producing at its commencement buttons, buckles, watch chains, trinkets, medals, fine vases, calabra, and other
                                                         articles of similar description. By 1788 it had a mint producing foreign coins. Boulton later joined with James Watt
                                                         and the warehouse became famed in the manufacture of Steam Engines, housing up to 1,000 workers. 
                                                         [Wikipedia online].

                                   At the establishment of the Soho Works in 1762 John Faulkner would have been 15 years old [born c. 1747], the ideal 
                                   age for apprenticeship. His own son John Faulkner [born 1772]  was later documented to have the skills that may have 
                                   been learnt in the early period of the Company's development i.e. A Fine Metal Refiner of Buttons and Similar Articles. 
                                   Although later displaying Dissenter Beliefs John Faulkner married Mary Barnett at the Anglican Church of Saint 
                                   Martin, Birmingham on the 7th April 1768.  
                                   In marriage, the venue was often the preference of the bride and/or her family. 
                                   This tolerance was not allowed in the baptisms of their children. 
                                   John is considered to have been around 21yrs at his marriage [thus tentative birth year c.1747].  

                                   In view that there was only one Faulkner couple 'John & Mary'  recorded at Birmingham in this period;
                                   John and Mary [nee Barnett] had four recorded children baptised at Birmingham [and another possible daughter in 
                      Child 1: Mary Faulkner baptised 7th Feb. 1770 at the New Meeting House Moor Street-Unitarian in Birmingham, Warwickshire
                                     Mary appears to have died between 1770-1779.  
                     Child 2: John Faulkner baptised on the 7th  May 1772 at the New Meeting House Moor Street-Unitarian in Birmingham.
                                     John would later establish himself as a worker in fine metals and buttons in London.  He married Hannah Pascoe at 
                                     St. Giles, London in 1792.  He was convicted of Receiving Stolen Goods in London 1802 and Transported to establish a
                                      settlement at Sullivan's Cove, south of Sydney Cove in 1803.  See the Biography of John Faulkner.
                                      His Death Certificate dated 1854 gives his age as 83yrs [i.e. born 1772] and his birthplace 'Birmingham, England'   
                      Child 3:   Thomas Thompson Faulkner baptized on the 2nd  February 1775 at the same venue.
                                      No Link has been found for 'Thompson'.  It is considered to be a Faulkner Maternal Name.
                      Child 4:  Mary Faulkner baptised 15th July 1779 at Saint Martin, Birmingham with the same parents.

                                      It seems that John has mellowed and Mary appears to have won over the choice of venue for her daughter's baptism 
                                      in 1779.
                                      After a thorough search of the LDS, FHO and NBI John & Mary appear to be the only Faulkner family recording 
                                      baptisms in Birmingham at this time, therefore this considered to be the same family.

                      A possible move to London;
                                      John & Mary's eldest son John was married in London in 1792.  The family may have moved to London prior to this.
                     Possible Child 5:  Ann Faulkner born 21st January 1783 was baptised on the 8th  January 1784 at St.Sepulchre, London, London 
                                     the parents recorded as John and Mary Faulkner.

                                     No other baptisms were recorded for this couple. Considering Mary nee Barnett’s age of thirty-six, this birth is possible.
                                     Certainly the arduous move to London in 1783, a distance of around 120 miles with resettling etc. may have caused the 
                                     delay in Anne’s Baptism.  
                                     If indeed the family, moved to London around 1783 their childrens' ages would have been; 
                                                  John Faulkner [b. 7th May 1772] would have  been aged eleven.
                                                  Thomas Thompson Faulkner [b. 1774] would have been aged nine.
                                                  Mary Faulkner [b. 1779] would have been aged four.

                                   John's son, John Faulkner mirrored his father's life in his beliefs.  His son's marriage as held at an Orthodox Church,
                                   the baptisms of his children were performed at a Unitarian Chapel.
                                   John Faulkner the younger was also later noted on the 1841 Census held in Hobart Town, Tasmania as 'a Dissenter' 
                                   and in later years was known to have joined the congregation at the Wesleyan Chapel also at Hobart Town
                                   being one of their earliest members.
                                   There is reason to believe that John Faulkner [senior] died in 1801, subsequent to his son John Fawkner [the younger]
                                   Trial at the Old Bailey.  
                                   This information was purported to have come from the memoirs of  his grandson John Pascoe Fawkner's memoirs. 
                                   The only burial entry found was at St. Mary's in the village of Handsworth near Birmingham 29th October 1801, where
                                    the earlier records of the family were recorded [above]

                                    Whatever their beliefs and attitudes to Marriages and Baptisms, one thing is certain - They had to be buried.

                                                      As the Dissenter were persecuted continuously throughout the 18th Century, in Birmingham particularly
                                                      the Unorthodox Meeting Houses very likely had no burial grounds.               
                      Future Research; 
                                                                         Birmingham is a village on the border of the Counties of Warwickshire & Staffordshire. 
                                                           The nearest villages were;Smethwick 3m W; Handsworth 2 miles NW; Harbone 4 miles WSW 
                                                           Great Bar 5 miles NNW.
                     Warwickshire & Staffordshire Burials - For the purpose of Further Research.
               [limited to select villages] 

                     Arthur Faulkner                     7th April 1774               Aston, St. Peter & St. Paul.
                     Mary Faulkner                       11th Nov. 1739               Aston, St. Peter & St. Paul.               
                     Henrietta Falkner                  23rd Dec. 1824               Avon Dassett, St. John the Baptist.               12 yrs
                     William Faulkner                  27th March 1813            Bedworth, All Saints.                                        1 yr

                     Elizabeth Faulkner                19th Jan. 1823               Berkswell, St. John the Baptist.                     80 yrs

                     Ann Falconer                          11th June 1746              Birmingham, St. Martin.
                     Anne Faulkner                       18th Dec. 1774               Birmingham, St. Martin.
                     Cornelias Faulkner               26th Feb. 1765               Birmingham, St. Martin.
                     Elizabeth Faulkner               24th May 1775               Birmingham, St. Martin.
                     Jane Faulkner                         6th March 1791            Birmingham, St. Martin.
                     John Faulkner                       12th June 1787              Birmingham, St. Martin.              
                     Mary Falconer                        3rd March 1742             Birmingham, St. Martin.         
                     Mary Faulkner                       6th Dec. 1818                 Birmingham, St. Martin.                               18 months. 
                     Richard Faulkner                 17th Feb. 1782                Birmingham, St. Martin.
                     Sarah Faulkner                    25th Oct. 1755                Birmingham, St. Martin.
                     Thomas Falconer                  17th Feb. 1740                Birmingham, St. Martin.
                     William Faulkner                 26th April 1814              Birmingham, St. Martin.

                     Alfred Faulkner                    21st May 1820                Birmingham, St. Mary Wittall St.                 12 weeks.
                     Elizabeth Faulkner              20th Jan. 1793                Birmingham, St. Mary Wittall St.       
                     Henry Faulkner                     4th March 1818             Birmingham, St. Mary Wittall St.                   5 yrs
                     John Faulkner                       4th June 1816                Birmingham, St. Mary Wittall St.                   4 yrs
                     John Faulkner                     14th Dec. 1814                 Birmingham, St. Mary Wittall St.                 55 yrs
                     Mary Fawkner                       4th Feb. 1817                  Birmingham, St. Mary Wittall St.                42 yrs
                     William Faulkner               14th Dec. 1810                  Birmingham, St. Mary Wittall St.

                     Ann Faulkner                        5th March 1809              Birmingham, St. Paul 
                     Ann Faulkner                        9th Aug. 1810                 Birmingham, St. Paul
                     Ann Faulkner                        2nd Feb. 1813                 Birmingham, St. Paul                                      83 yrs
                     Benjamin Faulkner            20th Oct. 1811                  Birmingham, St. Paul
                     Charles Faulkner               24th May 1810                  Birmingham, St. Paul
                     Charles Faulkner               28th May, 1823                 Birmingham, St. Paul
                     Frederic Faulkner                2nd Aug. 1810                 Birmingham, St. Paul
                     George Faulkner                14th Jan. 1811                  Birmingham, St. Paul
                     Harriet Faulkner                  9th Oct. 1814                  Birmingham, St. Paul                                       13 months
                     James Faulkner                  15th June 1790                 Birmingham, St. Paul
                     John Faulkner                      8th Oct. 1783                  Birmingham, St. Paul
                     John Faulkner                      8th Nov. 1789                  Birmingham, St. Paul
                     John Faulkner                    15th Nov. 1816                  Birmingham, St. Paul                                        37 yrs.
                     Joseph Faulkner                 23rd Oct. 1791                  Birmingham, St. Paul
                     Joseph Faulkner             13th Nov. 1793                     Birmingham, St. Paul
                     Joseph Faulkner             1st Dec. 1794                       Birmingham, St. Paul
Joseph Faulkner 6th Jan. 1802 Birmingham, St. Paul Mary Faulkner 1st May 1788 Birmingham, St. Paul Mary Faulkner 10th May 1811 Birmingham, St. Paul Mary Faulkner 13th June 1823 Birmingham, St. Paul 51 yrs. Mary Ann Faulkner 27th April 1803 Birmingham, St. Paul Mary Ann Faulkner 15th Jan. 1818 Birmingham, St. Paul 14 mths Stephen Faulkner 5th May 1816 Birmingham, St. Paul 2 mths Theodosia Faulkner 23rd May 1798 Birmingham, St. Paul William Faulkner 22nd April 1796 Birmingham, St. Paul William Faulkner 1st Nov. 1807 Birmingham, St. Paul William Faulkner 7th April 1816 Birmingham, St. Paul 6 mths William Faulkner 27th Oct. 1819 Birmingham, St. Paul 52yrs William Faulkner 23rd April 1820 Birmingham, St. Paul 33yrs Daniel Faulkner 9th Jan. 1759 Birmingham, St. Philip Eleanor Faulkner 10th April 1825 Birmingham, St. Philip 1yr Eleanor Faulkner 27th Nov. 1771 Birmingham, St. Philip Henry Falkner 4th Nov. 1734 Birmingham, St. Philip James Falkner 9th Oct. 1735 Birmingham, St. Philip John Faulkner 20th April 1782 Birmingham, St. Philip Joseph William Faulkner 12th Nov. 1803 Birmingham, St. Philip Rebecca Faulkner 10th April 1764 Birmingham, St. Philip Elizabeth Falkner 17th Oct. 1821 Bishops Tachbrook, St. Chad 46 yrs. Emma Falkner 26th Jan. 1821 Bishops Tachbrook, St. Chad 3 yrs. John Falkner 3rd Dec. 1825 Bishops Tachbrook, St. Chad 76 yrs. Mary Ann Falkner 9th July 1830 Bishops Tachbrook, St. Chad inf. Eliza Falkner 20th Jan. 1822 Brailes, St. George 6yrs. William Faulkner 5th Sept. 1800 Brailes, St. George Elizabeth Falkner 11th May 1817 Churchover, Holy Trinity 21yrs. John Falkner 14th May 1692 Clifford Chambers, St. Helen Elizabeth Falconer 28th Sept. 1823 Coughton, St. Peter 14 mths. Eleanor Faulkner 16th Jan. 1772 Coventry, St. Michael John Falkner 1st Feb. 1741 Foleshill, St. Laurence Joseph Faulkner 20th Dec. 1741 Foleshill, St. Laurence Martha Faulkner 15th March 1756 Foleshill, St. Laurence Philip Faulkner 14th Feb. 1753 Foleshill, St. Laurence Samuel Faulkner 2nd March 1801 Foleshill, St. Laurence Sarah Faulkner January 1748 Foleshill, St. Laurence Thomas Falkner 20th Nov. 1710 Foleshill, St. Laurence Ann Falkner 24th Oct. 1809 Kingsbury, St. Peter & St. Paul. George Falkner 25th May 1804 Kingsbury, St. Peter & St. Paul. Sarah Falkner 1st Nov. 1805 Kingsbury, St. Peter & St. Paul. Thomas Falkner 22nd May 1821 Kingsbury, St. Peter & St. Paul. 65 yrs. Sarah Faulkner 28th Sept. 1825 Mancetter, St. Peter 1 yr. Sarah Faulkner 1st April 1800 Middleton, St. John the Baptist. Thomas Faulkner 16th Oct. 1817 Nuneaton, St. Nicholas 39 yrs. Jane Falkner 29th May 1813 Ratley, St. Peter ad Vincula infant. Hannah Faulkner 27th June 1740 Sheldon, St. Giles. Mary Faulkner 14th March 1793 Sutton Coldfield, Holy Trinity Ruhanan Faulkner 17th Jan. 1795 Sutton Coldfield, Holy Trinity Ann Faulkner 23rd Oct. 1816 Walsgrave on Sowe, St. Mary 1 yr. Ann Faulkner 1st Feb. 1816 Walsgrave on Sowe, St. Mary 35 yrs. Anne Faulkner 28th Oct. 1818 Warmington, St. Nicholas 64 yrs. Elizabeth Faulkner 4th Jan 1813 Warmington, St. Nicholas 20 yrs. [unnamed] Falkner 21st Oct. 1774 Warwick, St. Mary Alice Faulkner 19th Oct. 1712 Warwick, St. Mary Benjamin Falkner 25th May 1707 Warwick, St. Mary James Falkner 11th Dec. 1810 Warwick, St. Mary Joseph Falkner 19th March 1806 Warwick, St. Mary Joseph Faulkner 15th Nov. 1800 Warwick, St. Mary Joseph Faulkner 6th June 1806 Warwick, St. Mary Judith Falkner 19th April 1711 Warwick, St. Mary Lydia Faulkner 10th Feb. 1789 Warwick, St. Mary Lydia Faulkner 22nd August 1797 Warwick, St. Mary Mary Faulkner 22nd Feb. 1709 Warwick, St. Mary Thomas Falkner 10th March 1802 Warwick, St. Mary William Faulkner 21st May 1785 Warwick, St. Mary
Staffordshire; Charlotte Faulkner 14th Jan. 1788 Handsworth, St. Mary. John Faulkner 29th Oct. 1801 Handsworth, St. Mary. John Faulkner 8th Feb. 1798 Harborne, St. Peter. John Faulkner 16th May, 1798 Harborne, St. Peter. Lydia Faulkner 4th Nov. 1812 Harborne, St. Peter. Mary Faulkner 12th June 1788 Harborne, St. Peter. Mary Faulkner 31st Aug. 1796 Harborne, St. Peter. Mary Faulkner 6th April 1799 Harborne, St. Peter. Mary Faulkner 27th May 1813 Harborne, St. Peter. 17 yrs. Nancy Faulkner 7th July 1774 Harborne, St. Peter. Samuel Faulkner 3rd May 1789 Harborne, St. Peter. Sarah Faulkner 16th July 1807 Harborne, St. Peter. Susannah Faulkner 14th May 1788 Harborne, St. Peter. William Faulkner 4th Oct. 1801 Harborne, St. Peter. William Falconer 5th March 1815 Harborne, St. Peter. 78 yrs. William Faulkner 8th March 1816 Harborne, St. Peter. 63 yrs. William Faulkner 8th August 1822 Harborne, St. Peter. 29 yrs. James Falkner 8th Nov. 1815 Tamworth, St. John the Baptist. 41yrs. Joseph Falkner 17th March 1816 Tamworth, St. John the Baptist. 1 yrs. Mary Falconer 14th June 1814 Tamworth, St. John the Baptist. 10 yrs.