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                                                 Additional Advertisements at Hobart Town, relating to John Fawkner senior.
                                                                                 Kindly submitted by another Researcher. 
               Advertisement appearing in the Gazette only 10 days after Hannah’s death perhaps submitted sometime  prior.   
               It is repeated again a week later.
               1821  January 28 and February 4: Advertisement;
                               “To Merchants,  Storekeepers and others – to be sold, to those eligible and central premises in Collins Street
                                  nearby opposite the  ‘Ship Inn’, now in the possession of the proprietor.  The house is very commodious, 
                                  having seven rooms, with four others on the premises, and is capable of much improvement.  
                                 Application as above John Fawkner.”
                                 [This Property was sold  on the 15th November 1828.  A  dealer from Hobart Town purchased house and land
                                 for 300]
              1825  February 11: Advertisement;
                                 “To be let or sold – A  neat cottage, finished in superior style, situated at the upper end of Macquarie Street,
                                 corner of Molle Street  containing 6 rooms with a kitchen detached, and a garden of nearly 2 acres 
                                 Enquire on  the premises – John Fawkner.”
                                [This Property was sold  on 10th Sept. 1825].
                                [Trivia:  Fourteen years later, on 29th April 1839 a gentleman from Hobart Town purchased the same property 
                                 – Cnr. Macquarie & Molle Streets backing onto the Hobart Rivulet for 1000 pounds.]
            1825   May 4: Advertisement;
                                "To be let and may be shortly entered upon, those eligible brick premises no occupied by Mr. Fawkner  in 
                                Elizabeth Street a few doors beyond the residence of Mr. Bostock.   The house contains two parlours, two
                                bedrooms and a kitchen, ceiled, plastered and glazed throughout with a large loft and two exceedingly dry 
                                “Also to be let, with immediate possession, a bake house adjoining the premises. Apply the Gazette Office.”