Gowlett Family of Hillingdon Parish, Middlesex, England 

                                                                                                         Richard Joseph Gowlett 
                                                                                                                      [1824-1896] [twin]
                                                                                                           Spouse: Annie Elizabeth Witting 

                                     Birth:        Richard Joseph Gowlett was born a twin, baptised 19th March 1824 at Uxbridge the son of 
                                                        James Gowlett and his wife Elizabeth

                                    Siblings;    Richard had five siblings, his twin brother James Isaac Gowlett and a younger sister Elizabeth born in 1828 
                                                        followed by a further set of twins Thomas Samuel and Phoebe born in 1833.

                                     Grandparents;  Richard Joseph's paternal grandparents, Richard Gowlett & Phoebe [nee Fletcher] were both living 
                                                                 at Uxbridge during this time.

                                    1841 Census his mother Elizabeth was recorded living at Windsor Street, Green, Uxbridge with his younger siblings;
                                                        [Ages rounded this Census] [Ancestry Index = Gawler]
                                                                          Elizabeth Gowlet, age 50, [widow crossed out], born in County.
                                                                          Elizabeth Gowlet, age 15, born in County.
                                                                          Thomas Gowlet, age 10, born in County.
                                                                          Phoebe Gowlet, age 6, born in County.  

                                    1841 Census; Richard Joseph was not found in the Census is thought he may have been staying with his elderly
                                                             grandfather Richard Gowlett and may have been inadvertently recorded as 'Thomas'.


                                     1841 Census: His twin brother James Isaac was working as a 'Domestic Servant'  at a nearby Iver with their 
                                                              paternal grandmother, Phoebe Gowlett also working at the same residence as a Servant. 

                                     1843/5            Grandparent's and paternal uncle's deaths;
                                                            His grandmother Phoebe returned home to Uxbridge and died two years later in 1843 at the age of 
                                                            sixty-three. His grandfather Richard Gowlett died a further two years later in 1845 at the age of seventy two.
                                                            His paternal Uncle William [on Census] was also buried at this time.

                                     1851 Census:  His mother was recorded a 'Widow' working in London as a Servant.
                                                            His father's death has not been found to date.

                                     1851 Census: Not found to date. 
                                                              Note: Richard records himself as an 'Army Pensioner' in 1891. 
                                                                         It is possible that he may have been in Service at this time.
                                     1861 Census: Not found to date. 
                                                              Note: Richard records himself as an 'Army Pensioner' in 1891. 
                                                                         It is possible that he may have been in Service at this time. 
                                     1863 Marriage:       
                                                            Richard Joseph Gowlett married Annie Elizabeth Witting at Wandsworth in the Dec. Qtr. 1863.  
                                                            Richard was aged 39yrs, Elizabeth aged 29yrs. 
                                                            Annie Elizabeth Witting was born at Dereham Norfolk in 1834.
                                                                       John Gowlett born 1865 at Tilbury Essex.
                                                                       Annie Elizabeth Gowlett [the younger] born 1871 at Westminister, London. 

                                     1871 Census: Address: No. 2 Ponsbury St., London; 
                                                             Richard Gowlett, Head, aged 47, Labourer, born Middlesex.
                                                             Annie E Gowlett, Wife, aged 37, born Norfolk.
                                                             John Gowlett, Son, aged 6, Scholar, born Essex.
                                                             Annie E Gowlett, Daughter, aged 4, born Westminster.

                                     1881 Census: Address: 11 White Hart St. Lambeth, Surrey with their two children John aged 16yrs, a railway porter
                                                              and Annie Elizabeth a scholar.  
                                                              Richard recorded himself as a 'General Labourer' aged 55yrs and his wife Annie Elizabeth aged 47yrs.

                                     1891 Census: Address: 17 Fentaman Road, Lambeth, Surrey;
                                                             Recorded at the home of Sophia Coxe, Single, aged 55, Living on own means, born Lambeth.
                                                             Annie Gowlett, Servant, Married, aged 57, Domestic, born Norfolk, East Dereham.
                                                             Richard Gowlett, Servant, Married, aged 65, Army Pensioner, born Uxbridge.    

                                     1896: Death:  Richard Joseph Gowlett died in the March Qtr. 1896 at the Recorded age of seventy-two.
                                                             [Registered at Mitford Norfolk]

                                     1899:               Richard's twin brother James Isaac survived him by three years and died at Uxbridge in 1899.

                                     1893:               At the age of twenty-two their daughter Annie Elizabeth Gowlett married Joseph Henry Clark
                                                             in the December Qtr. 1893 [Registered St.Saviour [London].                                    

                                     1901 Census: Richard's widow Annie Gowlett returned to her native East Dereham, Norfolk transpositioning her 
                                                             Christian Names;
                                                             Address: Quebec Street, East Dereham;
                                                                            Elizabeth A Gowlett, Head, Widow, aged 67, Caretaker of Solicitor's Office, born East Dereham.
                                                                            Elizabeth Jackson, Aunt, Widow, aged 81, born Great Fransham, Norfolk.  
                                                                            James B Baldwin, Boarder, Single, aged 32, Gardener, Domestic, born Barton Turf?, Norfolk.
                                     1905:               Richard's widow Annie Elizabeth [nee Witting] remained living near Mitford, surviving Richard by 
                                                              a further nine years.
                                                              Annie Elizabeth Gowlett [nee Witting] died in the December Qtr. 1905 at the recorded age of 


                                      Both their children John Gowlett and his sister Annie E  Clark [nee Gowlett] were recorded together in the 1901 Census; 

                                      1901 Census: Address: 52 Bishops Road, Lambeth; 
                                                             Joseph H Clark, Head, aged 31, Corn Dealer's Assistant, worker, born London, Brixton.
                                                             Annie E Clark, Wife, aged 29, born London, Simlico.
                                                             Henry R Clark, Son, aged 6, born London, Brixton.
                                                             Albert E Clark, Son, aged 3 months, born London, Brixton.
                                                             John Gowlett, Visitor, Single, aged 36, - - K, born Tilbury, Essex. 

                                       No further Information.