LONDON See Middlesex
Samuel Gowlett married Sarah Dunstan 5th December 1723 St. Mary at Hill, London. 

Mary Gowlett married Henry Cowper 24th August 1746 Westminster London [LDS]

John Gowlett baptised 17th February 1751 St. Andrew, Holborn, London son of John & Sarah [LDS] 

George Gowlett baptised 28th June 1752 St.James Clerkenwell, London, son of George & Sarah [LDS] 
Agnis Gowlett married John Jarvis 18th January 1754 Westminster, London [LDS]
James Gowlett baptised 6th August 1766 St. Giles Cripplegate, London son of James & Elizabeth - buried 25th June 1667 [LDS]
James Samuel Gowlett baptised 8th January 1769 St.Giles Cripplegate, London son of James & Elizabeth - buried 25th June 1667 [LDS] 
Ann Gowlet married 4th November 1770 St. Sepulchre, London
Isaac Gowlett married Hannah Bey 12th December 1785 St. Mary-St. Marylebone Road, St. Marylebone, London. [LDS] 

                               SOME BDM PARISH ENTRIES at HILLINGDON & UXBRIDGE

                                                                                                   Hope they may help someone                                                                                              

                                                                                         Hillingdon is 1.4 miles from Uxbridge.
                                                                  The transcriber accepts no responsibility for omissions or errors.
                                                                        [I only have the pages listed] 

                                  Also List of 'Gowlett/Gowlate' Entries from various Parish Records

                                                                        St. Margaret's Uxbridge;
                                                                              Baptised from 5th July 1721 to 26th December 1721
                                                                              Buried from 4th August 1721 to 16th March 1722
                                                                              Married from 23rd February 1738 to 24th September 1740
                                                                              Baptised from 1st November 1740 to 23rd September 1741
                                                                              Buried from 1st September 1741 to 18th March 1742
                                                                              Buried from 23rd July 1758 to 26th December 1758
                                                                              Baptised from 10th March 1774 to 30th October 1774 

                                                                           St. John' Hillingdon
                                                                              Baptised from 21st September 1718 to 2nd January 1719 
                                                          Married from 23rd February 1738 to 24th September 1740
                                                                              Baptised from 3rd January 1785 to 9th July 1785
St. Margaret's Uxbridge: Baptised 1740-1741 [Nov - Sept Respectively] 
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Full Transcription from the top of the page;
John Freeman son of Jo [John?] & Anne Freeman baptised 1st November 1740
Mary Thatcher dau of Samuel & Mary Thatcher baptised 9th November 1740
Thomas Batty son of Jo [John?] & Mary Batty baptised 14th November 1740
Elizabeth Alford dau of Geo & Anne Alford baptised 14th December 1740
William Footman son of Jo [John] & Elizabeth Footman baptised 25th December 1740
John Dovoy son of William & Sarah Dovoy baptised 14th January 1741
Elizabeth Hall daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Hall of Hillingdon baptised 25th Jan 1741
Sarah Hardman twin daughter of William & Mary Hardman baptised 27th Jan 1741
Mary Hardman twin daughter of William & Mary Hardman baptised 27th Jan 1741
Hannah Ellis dau of Thomas & Hannah Ellis baptised 15th March 1741
Charles Serjeant son of Mr C & Anne Sarjeant  [perhaps Sargeant?] baptised 17th March 1741
End of Section, signed Richard Mills, Vicar. 
Thomas Cox son of Stephen and Love Cox baptised 7th April 1741
Latitia [Letitia] - Maria Church? dau of Mr Geo & Mary Church [illegible] baptised 24th April 1741
Hannah Grove dau of William & Anne Grove baptised 28th April 1741
Mary Peacock dau of William & Mary Peacock baptised 10th May 1741
George Sweat son of William & Mary Sweat baptised 17th May 1741
Job? - Arnold Glover son of George & Elizabeth Glover baptised 19th May 1741
Jane Stanborough dau of William & Martha Stanborough baptised 22nd May 1741
Abel son of Mr ?  & Sarah Aldridge baptised 24th May 1741
John Paico son of Edward & Sarah Paico baptised 31st May 1741
Mary Plummer  dau of [illegible] Plummer baptised 5th June 1741
Illegible entry ink smudged
Rebecca Williams dau of Peter & Elizabeth Williams baptised 10th July 1741
Hannah Goodwin dau of Jo [John] & Hannah Goodwin baptised 14th July 1741
Kitty Mellish dau of Mr William & Hannah Mellish [illegible] baptised15th July 1741
John Gross? son of Bromley & Elizabeth Gross? baptised 19th July 1741
Susannah Partridge dau of James & Rhoda baptised 9th August 1741
Richard Gowlate son of William & Mary Gowlate of Hillingdon baptised 23rd September 1741
End of the page:  Signed Richard Mills - Vicar

St. John's Hillingdon: Baptised 1718 to 1719 [Sept.-Jan. respectively].

ROBERT JONES  baptised 21st September 1718 son of Robert Jones & Elizabeth.
ANN MERCER baptised 4th October 1718 dau of John Mercer & Hannah.
MARY GYDEON baptised 21st October 1718 dau of John Gydeon & Sarah.
JOHN PUTCHEL baptised 27th October 1718 son of John Putchel Jnr & Mary.
SUSANNAH KIMBERLEY baptised 30th October 1718 dau of William Kimberly & Elizabeth.
JAMES STEVENS baptised 1st December 1718 son of Joseph Stevens & Elizabeth.
SARAH JENNINGS baptised 26th December 1718 dau of Dan [Daniel!] Jennings & Sarah.
MARTHA BOWYER baptised 8th December 1718 dau of Thomas Bowyer & Rebecca.
JULIA KEWDEGATE or JULIA KEWLEGATE baptised 1st January 1719 dau of George Kewdegate [Kewlegate] Esquire and 
Sarah his wife, 'Born December Baptised Jan 1.'
STEPHEN HUMBLE baptised 21st January 1719 son of Benjamin Humble and Catherine his  wife.
WILLIAM COLLINS baptised 23rd January 1719 son of William Colins & Mary.
ANN ALLOM baptised 25th January 1719 dau of Richard ALLOM & Elizabeth.
WILLIAM JAMES ATTLEE baptised 25th February 1719 son of William James Attlee & Catherine his wife.
WILLIAM GOWLET baptised 2nd March 1719 son of William Gowlet and Sarah his wife. 
 JOHN HARRINGTON baptised 3rd March 1719 son of John Harrington and Mary his wife.
WILLIAM COLLIER baptised 16th March 1719 son of Thomas Collier and Mary. 
MARY PRATT [entry crossed out] entered at top of April no day mentioned dau of Henry Pratt & Elizabeth could be a burial that 
the Rev had perhaps inadvertantly  placed in the wrong book, there is two lines through the entry. 
CATHERINE SWANSON baptised 6th April 1719 dau of Leonard Swanson & June. 
LUKE WEEDON baptised 17th April 1719 son of Luke Weedon and Ann. 
MARY PRATT baptised 1st May 1719 dau of Henery or Henry Pratt and Elizabeth.
FRANCIS LEAKON baptised 19th April 1719 son of Rowland Leakon and Joyce.
ARABELLA SAUNDERS baptised 28th April 1719 dau of Mr John Brett Saunders and Henrietta Maria, 
Born 19th May 1719.
JOHN PHILIPS baptised 29th April 1719 son of Herbert Philips & Martha.
ANN DELL baptised 12th June 1719 dau of William Dell and Ann.
WILLIAM BEAMAN baptised 18th September 1719 son of Michael Beaman and Ann.
JAMES PHILIPS baptised 20th September 1719 son of Robert Philips & Mary.
JAMES BALDIN baptised 24th October 1719 son of Samuel Baldin and Ann.
THOMAS BOWRY baptised 2nd November 1719 son of Francis Bowry & Elizabeth.
WILLIAM GINGER baptised 12th December 1719 son of William Ginger & Ann.
DANIEL TIBATS baptised 1st January 1720 son of Daniel Tibats & Ann.
MARY LEWIN or Lewis baptised 1st January 1720 dau of Daniel Lewin [Lewis] & Elizabeth. 
MARY GRACE baptised 2nd January 1720 dau of William Grace & Mary.

St. Margarets Uxbridge: Baptised 1721: [July to December inclusive]

MARY HILLMAN baptised 5th July 1721 dau of John Hillman and Mary his wife.
JOHN STONEHILL baptised 22nd July 1721 son of John Stonehill and Jane his wife.
WILLIAM GREEN baptised 21st August 1721 son of Thomas Green and Mary his wife.
JOHN BOVINGTON baptised 8th September 1721 son of Michael Bovington and Elizabeth his wife. 
MARY GRILLS baptised 8th September 1721 son of John Grills and Keziah his wife. 
THOMAS BASON baptised 17th September 1721 son of William Bason and Dorothy his wife. 
EDWARD BAYLEY baptised 19th September 1721 son of Edward Bayley and Elizabeth his wife. 
SARAH WOOD baptised 22nd September 1721 dau of Thomas Wood and Sarah his wife.
MARY HICKMAN baptised 6th October 1721 dau of William Hickman and Sarah his wife. 
ANN COPELAND baptised 18th October 1721 dau of John Copeland and Ann his wife. 
RICHARD WESTERN baptised 19th October 1721 son of Thomas Western and Ann his wife. 
JONATHAN DUNSTALL baptised 22nd October 1721 son of John Dunstall and Mary his wife.
MATHEW EDWARDS baptised 22nd October 1721 son of Nathaniel Edwards and Mary his wife. 
RALPH EVANS baptised 29th October 1721 son of Ralph Evans and Elizabeth his wife.
KATHERINE GANDEN or CATHERINE GAUDEN baptised 2nd November 1721 dau of Thomas Ganden [Gauden] and Elizabeth his wife. 
SARAH & MARY GOWLET Twins baptised 22nd November 1721 daughters of William Gowlet and Sarah his wife.
JOHN MILLAR baptised 19th December 1721 son of William Millar and Ann his wife. 
THOMAS GOWLET baptised 26th December 1721 son of Thomas Gowlet and Mary his wife.
St. Margarets Uxbridge: Buried 1721 to 1722 [Aug. to March respectively]
AZENA TOLJAMBE or AZENA HOLJAMBE or FOLJAMBE a Trooper in Col Fieldings Regiment killed in a duel, Buried 4th August 1721.
ELIZABETH GLADMAN  buried 5th August 1721.
WILLIAM JENNINGS buried 13th August 1721.
HANNAH SMART Widdow buried 24th August 1721. 
ELIZABETH RICHARDSON wife of Joseph Richardson Buried 29th August 1721. 
JOHN CROMTON buried 30th August 1721. 
ANN JAQUES buried 6th September 1721 dau of Mr Jaques late minister of Uxbridge.
JANE LAWRENCE buried 8th September 1721.
EDWARD BALEY buried 21st September 1721 son of Edward Baley. 
IZABEL RAVISH Widow buried 30th September 1721.

JOHN BOVINGTON buried 3rd October 1721 son of Michael Bovington. 
ANN COPELAND buried 23rd October 1721 dau of John Copeland. 

RICHARD PERRIS buried 2nd November 1721 son of Richard Perris. 
MARY NICHOLLS buried 4the November 1721 dau of John Nicholls.
SIMON DAVIS buried 1st December 1721. 

THOMAS BROWN from London Buried 6th January 1722. 
MERCY COWDERY buried 30th January 1722 dau of Gamahel Cowdery [Clark illegible]
ARNOLL [Arnold] DOUCE or DONCE buried 31st January 1722 son of John Douce of Donce. 

HIGGINS BROWN from London Buried 11th February 1722.
MARY WHITE buried 23rd February 1722 dau of John White. 
JAMES BALDWIN buried 25th February 1722 son of John Baldwin.

JOSEPH WHEAT & BENJAMIN WHEAT Twins Buried 1st March 1722 twin sons of Joseph Wheat. 
JOHN ADKINS buried 5th March 1722. 
MARY HAYNES Widdow Buried 10th March 1722. 
MARY GOWLET dau of William Gowlet.
All this year 1721 were buryed in Woollen [?] [probaby 'shrouds']*
according to Statute by Affidavit.
Wittness by my hand John Wolfe [co-signed] "5th April 1722 seen and allowed by us Geo Cooke & James Rogers" [each signed separately]
* During this period it was mandatory that all shrouds be made of Wool.  There were heavy fines for non compliance and affidavits had to 
to be signed by witnesses to the burials. See the Internet at many sites for further details i.e. Google Search:  'Wool Burials'.

St. Johns Hillingdon: Married 1738 - 1740 [Feb. to Sept. respectively]

Robert Ivos & Sarah [no maiden name] married 23rd February 1738.  Richard Mills Vicar.
John Brown & Martha Beagin married 19th August 1739. Both of Uxbridge. Richard Mills Vicar.
Robert Bunyon or Robert Buriyon & Elizabeth Smith married 22nd September 1739. Both of Hillingdon. Richard Mills Vicar.
William Gowlate & Mary East married 5th November 1739.  Both of Hillingdon. Richard Mills Vicar.
James Smith & Elizabeth Gom married 2nd March 1740.  Groom of Ickenham - Bride of Hillingdon. Richard Mills Vicar.
Mr Everard Sayer & Mrs Elizabeth Marriot married 7th April 1740.  Groom of Doctor's Commons - Bride of St. Dunstans Sth West L?
Mr. Richard Weedon & Miss Mary Stiles married 12th June 1740.  Groom of St. John's Wapping - Bride of Hillingdon. 
Harry Johnson & Betty Atlee married 24th September 1740.  Groom of St. Augustin L. - Bride of Hillingdon.
a small appendage to this marriage reads 'at Perivale'. [?].

St. Margarets Uxbridge: Buried 1741 - 1742 [Sept. to March respectively]

JOAN WALTON buried 1st September 1741. 
REBECCA WILLIAMS buried 2nd September 1741 dau of Peter Williams. 
MARGARET KIBLE  buried 5th September 1741. 
CATHERINE MELLISH buried 6th September 1741 dau of Mr. William Mellish [Chirurg OR Chirury?][transcriber's note: Could 
mean 'from' .  The closest match could be Chirbury in Shropshire 132 miles WNS?].
MARTHA PIERCE buried 20th September 1741 dau of Henchman Pierce.
GEORGE SWEET buried 20th September 1741 son of George Sweet. 
REBECCA STRUTTON buried 20th September 1741 dau of Thomas Strutton. 
ELIZABETH GILBY buried 25th September 1741 wife of Edward Gilby. 
MR JAMES HAMPTON Attorney Buried 25th September 1741. 
SARAH MERCER buried 30th September 1741 dau of Mr John Mercer [entry displays the date as 31st September?]
ALICE SMITH buried 2nd October 1741.
MARY PIERCE buried 12th October 1741 dau of Henchman Pierce. 
KITTY MELLISH buried 16th October 1741 dau of Mr William Mellish  [Chirurg OR Chirury?]
ELIZABETH WILLIAMS buried 17th October 1741.
ELIZABETH JONES buried 18th October 1741.
RICHARD JERREY or RICHARD JERROY buried 20th October 1741.
[no Christian name] TYRREL OR TYRRIL Widow buried 21st October 1741. 
EDMUND BLUNT buried 30th October 1741. 
[No Christian name] PHILIPS Widow Buried 31st October 1741.
JOHN JONES buried 11th November 1741.
ANN FISTER buried 13th November 1741 dau of William Fisher.
ANNE GINGER buried 13th November 1741 dau of William Ginger.
KEZIAH SMITH Widow Buried 15th November 1741.
THOMAS GOWLATE Snr Buried 15th November 1741.
ANNE GOLDING buried 19th November 1741. 
MR BENJAMIN KEM buried 28th November 1741.
RICHARD HALE buried 7th December 1741.
OWEN JONES buried 9th December 1741 son of John Jones.
WILLIAM READ buried 18th December 1741 son of William Read. 
JOHN EDMONDS, Wheeler, buried 21st December 1741 ['Wheeler' looks like an occupation].
JANE SIMMS buried 27th December 1741. 
ANNE EGLES or ANN EALES buried 31st December 1741. 
THOMAS ELLIOT buried 10th January 1742 son of Thomas Elliot. 
JOHN WILKINS buried 19th January 1742 son of James Wilkins.
WILLIAM DOVOY buried 14th February 1742 son of William Dovoy. 
THOMAS HIDER buried 20th December 1742 son of John Hider.
JOHN BATTEY Snr, Barber, buried 24th February 1742.   [Chirurg OR Chirury?]
MARTHA PAICE or MARTHA PAICO, Midwife, buried 18th March 1742.
Noted: Each Burial on the Page was marked to show it was accompanied by an Affidavit. 
END OF PAGE.  Signed Richard Mills Vicar - Co-Signed on the 22nd April 1742 "seen by us George Cook and [illegible]
Again this entry and the mentioned affidavits which relate to the mandatory  burials in Wool.

St. Margarets Uxbridge: Buried 1758 [July to December inclusive]

NOTE: On the opposite page, not photo-copied the following surnames appear as buried in 1758;
Pearson, Pullman, Nepthorn, Frost, Herne, Talbot, Clayton Rancal.
Sheers, Duel, Smith. 
Harris, Melton. 
Johnson, Carr, Bailey, Philips.
Carr, Douce or Douco, Wright.
Grocer, Axtel.
The next page begins [dates above];
MARY CORUTHERS, buried 23rd July 1758 dau of George Coruthers.
CHARLES IVOS, buried 26th July 1758 son of Philip Ivos.
ALICE STURGES buried 8th August 1758 wife of John Sturgess. 
MRS DEBORAH BATBEY Widow buried 21st August 1758.
MARTHA WETHERLEY buried 1st September 1758 dau of Thomas Wetherley.
GERARD COWDERY buried 8th September 1758 son of Nathaniel Cowdery.   [entry has 'D' meaning daughter, considered an error]
BENJAMIN PUDDIFONT buried 15th September 1758.
MARIAN COWDERY buried 20th September 1758 dau of Nathaniel Cowdery
JAMES SHADE burided 3rd October 1758 son of John Shade.
WILLIAM SAVAGE buried 4th October 1758. 
MARY WEATHERLEY buried 22nd October 1758 dau of Thomas Weatherley.
VERTICO GREEN buried 23rd October 1758 of, Found W. Hospital.
PATIENCE STEEL buried 23rd October 1758 of, Found W. Hosptial. 
DANIEL PAICO buried 26th October 1758 son of Daniel Paico. 
MR THOMAS SCOTT Oilman, buried 27th October 1758. 
THOMAS MERCER buried 27th October 1758. 
MARY PAICO buried 29th October 1758 dau of Daniel Paico. 
ANNE PAICO buried 29th October 1758 dau of Daniel Paico.
STEPHEN PEEL buried 15th November 1759.
MARY GOWLATE buried 29th November 1759 wife of Thomas Gowlate.
JOHN BURTON buried 29th November 1759 son of William Burton.
ANNE ADAMS buried 7th December 1759 dau of William Adams.
DANIEL HARVOY or DANIEL HARVEY buried 11th December 1758.
ANNE BAILEY buried 13th December dau of Robert Bailey.
WILLIAM READ buried 16th December 1758.
ANNE BRACKLEY buried 16th December 1758 of, Found Hospital. 
JOHN BRIGHT buried 24th December 1758.
JOHN EVANS buried 24th December 1758 son of Robert Evans.  
JOHN HYDER buried 26th December 1758.
Note: All entries were noted with Affidavits.  
End of Page: Richard Mills Vicar. 

St. Margarets Uxbridge: Baptised 1774 [March to October inclusive]

THOMAS BONEY  baptised 10th March 1774 son of William & Mary Boney. 
JOSEPH HONOUR baptised 20th March 1774 son of William & Mary Honour, Glazier.
JOHN ILSBY or JOHN ILSLEY baptised 3rd April 1774 son of Charles & Sarah Ilsby [Ilsley]. 
LUCY LOVETT baptised 10th April 1774 dau of Joseph & Hannah Lovett. 
JOHN PORVEL or JOHN POIVEL baptised 10th April 1774  son of William & Sarah Porvel or Poivel?
ANN FRANCLYN & MARTHA FRANCLYN Twins baptised 15th April 1774 twin  dau of Thomas and Elizabeth Franclyn .
[Another spelling: ANN FRANKLIN & MARTHA FRANKLIN] Twin dau of Thomas & Elizabeth Franklin]. 
ANNE THOMAS baptised 22nd April 1774 dau of William & Mary Thomas.
JAMES WATTS baptised 22nd April 1774 son of William & Ann Watts.
THOMAS LAWNER baptised 27th April 1774 son of Thomas and Ann Lawner.
THOMAS SYMONDS baptised 6th May 1774 son of James & Elizabeth Symonds. 
PHOBE FLETCHER baptised 8th May 1774, illegitimate, dau of Susan Fletcher. 
WILLIAM TOLLET baptised 11th May 1774 son of John & Elizabeth Tollet. 
JOSEPH BIGNALL baptised 13th May 1774 son of John & Anne Bignall. 
ISAAC GOWLATE  baptised 18th May 1774 son of Richard & Mary Gowlate.
ELIZABETH FOWLER baptised 27th May 1774 dau of William & Elizabeth Fowler.
JOHN CORUTHERS baptised 5th June 1774 son of James & Eleanor Coruthers. 
WILLIAM AUSTEN baptised 10th June 1774 son of Gabriel & Rachel Austen.
FRANCES NEAL baptised 10th June 1774 daughter of John & Maria Neal. 
ELISABETH ASHLEY baptised 12th June 1774 dau of Richard & Mary Ashley, born March 14.
JOHN BALL baptised 17th June 1774 son of Richard & Sarah Ball of Hillingdon. 
MARY BLACKWEL or MARY BLACKWELL baptised 17th June 1774 dau of William & Mary Blackwel [Blackwell]
JOHN  PIDDINGTON baptised 19th June 1774 son of Richard & Elizabeth Piddington.
ROBERT CARTER baptised 19th June 1774 son of Robert & Mary Carter.
ANN TURNER baptised 19th June 1774 dau of Richard & Jane Turner of Hillingdon. 
JOHN CLEMENTS baptised 1st July 1774 son of John & Mary Clements.
BERNARD ROLFE baptised 10th July 1774 son of John & Sarah Rolfe.
SUSANNAH PORTER baptised 17th July 1774 dau of Richard & Sus Porter !!! 
NANNY HILLIER baptised 31st July 1774 dau of William & Elizabeth Hillier.
JOHN PORTER baptised 1st August 1774 son of Richard & Susannah Porter !!!
FANNY LEVERSUCH baptised 7th August 1774 dau of William & Martha Leversuch. 
BETTY CHESHIRE baptised 10th August 1774 dau of William & Hannah Cheshire.
JANE WHITE baptsed 21st August 1774 dau of Richard & Mary White.
THOMAS WILLIAMS baptised 24th August 1774 son of Thomas & Catherine Williams, of Hillingdon. 
JOSEPH COMBES baptised 24th August 1774 son of William & Sarah Combes.
SOPHIA HOWARD baptised 26th August 1774 dau of Mr Thomas & Charlotte Howard of Chirurg.
MARY PRIOR baptised 2nd September 1774 dau of John & Martha Prior of Hillingdon.
MARY MAY baptised 4th September 1774 dau of James & Anne May. 
WILLIAM AXTEL baptised 11th September 1774 son of William & Susan Axtel.
HENRY HEARN batised 2nd October 1774 son of Moses & Sarah Hearn.
JAMES ROOKER baptised 19th October 1774 son of William & Anne Rooker, from Hillingdon.
MOLLY WHITTINGTON baptised 20th October 1774 dau of Richard & Elizabeth Whittington, from Hillingdon.

St. John's Hillingdon:  Baptised 1785 [January to July inclusive] 

MARY CLARKE baptised 3rd January 1785 dau of John & Mira Clarke, Parish Clerk. 
WILLIAM SMITH baptised 16th January 1785 son of Thomas & Ann Smith, Labourer. 
SARAH NEIGHBOUR baptised 30th January 1785 dau of Thomas & Pamela Neighbour, looks like 'Blacksmith'. 
MARY ANNE KNOTT baptised 30th January 1785 dau of William & Ann Knott, Labourer.
SUSANNAH READING baptised baptised 6th February 1785 dau of John & Ellenor Reading, Labourer. 
WILLIAM BOVINGTON baptised 6th February 1785 dau of William & Sarah Bovington, Gardener. 
MARY LISSIMAN baptised 13th February 1785 dau of Francis & Elizabeth Lissiman, Labourer. 
CHARLOTTE HORTON 13th February 1785 dau of Richard & Sarah Horton, Labourer.
HENRY PEYTON or HENRY POYTON baptised 20th February 1785 dau of Thomas & Mary Peyton [Poyton], Gardener. 
MARY SADLER baptied 28th February 1785 dau of William & Evis Sadler, Labourer.
GEORGE STEVENS  baptised 6th March 1785 son of Thomas & Mary Stevens from Uxbridge, see Uxbridge Reg. 
This child was apparently baptised at St. Margaret's Uxbridge and inadvertantly written in Hillingdon Book.  
LUCY FRIEND [no day but earliest entry for the month after crossed out entry above] baptised March 1785 daughter of Rebecca Friend 
& [crossed out name barely legible E [Edward?] Pan or Pan, Illegitimate. 
REBECCA HIPPOTT baptised 18th March 1785 dau of Richard & Dinah Hippott [no occupation].
ROBERT WILLIAMS or ROBERT WILLIAM FRIEND baptised 20th March 1785 of Mary Friend, illegitimate.
MARY FISHER baptised 27th March 1785 dau of John & Mary Fisher, Labourer.
SARAH GOWLATE baptised 3rd April 1785 dau of Richard & Mary Gowlate, [occupation crossed out so much, impossible to read]
SARAH BODY baptised 27th April 1785 dau of William & Mary Boddy, Gen or Gov or ? Dealer.
THOMAS SWIFT baptised 1st May 1785 son of Thomas & Susannah Swift, Labourer. 
GEORGE PERRYMAN baptised 17th May 1785 dau of George & Martha Perryman, Farmer. 
JOHN HAWKINS baptised 18th May 1785 son of Joseph & Elizabeth Hawkins, Esquire.   [transcribers note: i.e. Joseph Hawkins Esq.] 
SARAH MANLY or SARAH NANLY baptised 22nd May 1785, dau of William & Mary Manly [Nanly], Labourer.
MARTHA WEAVIN baptised 5th June 1785 dau of William & Mary Weavin, Labourer.
ELIZABETH HEARNE baptised 5th June 1785 dau of Noris or Moris or ? & Sarah Hearne, Labourer.
LUCY CLARKE baptised 15th June 1785 dau of John & Hannah Clarke, Sawyer. 
MARY HAINES baptised 24th June 1785 dau of Thomas & Jane, Farmer. 
ANN BOVINTON [possibly ANN BOVINGTON] baptised 24th June 1785 dau of Michael & Mary Bovington [or Bovinton], Gardiner. 
JAMES DAUNCY PERRIMAN baptised 26th June 1785 son of William & Susan Perryman, Farmer.
PHOEBE EAST baptised 3rd July 1785 dau of John & Anne East [illegible word then looks like pau before surname East,Occupation illegible
RICHARD MILLS baptised 9th July 1785 son of the Rev Thomas Mills & Anne - Jane his wife, born 10th June 1785, Vicar.

                                                              Variants Applearing in the Parish Books: Gowlet, Gowlate, Goulet, Goulette.
                                                                                   Original Images: London Metropolitan Archives. 
                                           Parish Entries sourced from the Hillingdon Family History Society also Jan Dawes of Middlesex & LW.
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on the Hill
7 miles ENE
4.5 miles SSE
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    0 miles
                                             COWLEY  [records not fully investigated]
                                            1.4 miles S of Uxbridge 
COWLEY:  Marriage;

1743: William Gowlett to Hannah Sage 31st October, 1743. Groom note: 'of Ichenham'
Bride note: 'of Ruslip'. [MMI]
NOTE: Settled at  Ruislip where they had issue.
                                           ENFIELD  [records not fully investigated]

ENFIELD: Marriage; [tenuous]
Henry Goult to Mary Miles 31st August 1818
Bride Note: Marked Mills. [MMI]
                                                4.5 miles SSE of Uxbridge
HARLINGTON: Marriages; 

1733: John Gowlet to Mary Simpson 19th November 1733.


1777:  Mary Gowlett buried 29th April 1777  [same date as Mary at Ruislip]
                                                HARROW ON THE HILL
                                                 7 miles ENE of Uxbridge
HARROW:  Marriages;

1601: Andrewe Goulette to  Elizabeth Pedley married 27th September 1601
1629: Richard Gowlett to Mary Curtin married 29th June 1629
1638: Catherine Gowlet to Edward Blank married 26th March 1638 [also an LDS IGI entry]

HARROW: Baptisms;

1604: Elizabeth Gowlett baptised 22nd April 1604 [No parent details] [also an LDS IGI entry]
1606: Further information is available Richard Gowlett baptised 10th April 1606 - 'Son of Andrew'  [also an LDS IGI entry]
1612: Further information is available John Gowlett baptised 5th July 1612 [No parent details] [also an LDS IGI entry]
1614: Mary Gowlet baptised 30th October 1614 [No parent details] [also an LDS IGI entry]
1617: Joan Gowlett baptised 11th January 1617 [No parent details] [also an LDS IGI entry]
1621: Agnus Gowlett baptised 14th March 1621 [No parent details] [also an LDS IGI entry]
1623:  Robert Gowlet baptised 1st October 1623 [No parent details] [also an LDS IGI entry]
1639: Elizabeth Gowlett baptised 14th September 1639 - 'daughter of John' 
1646: Andrew Gowlett baptised 29th April 1646 - 'son of John of Sunbury'
1649: Susanne Gowlett baptised 30th August 1649 'daughter of Richard'

HARROW: Burials;

1605: Grace Gowlett buried 7th November 1605.
1610: [No Forename] Goweltt buried 15th February 1610.
1616: Elizabeth Gowlett buried 18th May 1616.
1621: Agnes Gowlett buried 14th March 1621.
1627: Alice Gowlett buried 29th May 1627.
                                             3.5 miles SE of Uxbridge

HAYES: Marriages

1759:    Thomas Goulet to Rose Shepherd married 13th October 1759 [By Banns]
              Witnesses:  Boswell, John Langton   
NOTE:  Thomas & his wife Rose appear to have settled at nearby Yeading see entries marked '***'
              Yeading is a small Hamlet adjacent Hayes  3½ miles S.E. of Uxbridge & by definition had 
              no church of it's own. Yeading is likely to have only a handful of residents during this era 
              i.e. less than 10 houses. 
              His son Robert also married and baptised his issue at the Church at Hayes.
1793:  Elizabeth Gowlet to Henry Homber married 1st May 1793 
           - Witnesses: Samuel Sherman William Barden
1797:  Robert Gowlett to Sarah Jesse married 27th November 1797 
           - Witnesses: James Tapin, Wm Bardan
1829:  Martha Gowlet to George Shepherd. Bride Note: 'widow'

HAYES ; Baptisms 

1638:  John Gowlat baptised 16th June 1638 - 'son of John and Alice'
1769: Robert Gowlet baptised 7th June 1769 - 'son of Thomas and Rosanna'
1772: Elizabeth Gowlet baptised 29th November 1772 - 'daughter of Thomas and Rosanna'
1778: Ann Gowlet baptised 18th October 1778 - 'daugher of Thomas and Rosanna'
1800: Mary Gowlett baptised 1st June 1800 - 'daughter of Robert and Sarah'
1802: William Gowlet baptised 27th June 1802 - 'son of Robert & Sarah'
1804: Eliza Gowlett baptised 3rd July 1804 - 'daughter of William and Charlotte'
1804: John Gowlett baptised 11th November - '1804 son of Robert and Sarah'

HAYES: Burials

1792:  Rose Gowlett buried 12th August 1792 - 'wife of Thomas of Yeading'
1796:  Ann Gowlet buried 24th June 1796
1799:  Mary Gowlett buried 7th February 1799 - 'child'
1800:  Unnamed Gowlett buried 15th June 1800
1802:  Mary Gowlett buried 20th August 1802
1810:  Thomas Gowlett buried 26th November 1810 - 'age 60yrs'
            - [i.e. born 1750 - very likely born 2 years prior]

HILLINGDON Marriage Banns

1729 Henry Gowlitt - 10th May - 17th May - 24th May - Langton  
1770 William Goulate to Anne Parker of Uxbridge - 28th Oct  - 4th Nov - 11th Nov 1770 


1663:  Robert Goulett to Dorcas Parnes married 21st Sept. 1663 'both of Uxbridge'. 
1739: William Gowlate to Mary East married 5th November 1739 - both 'of Hillington'
1760: Mary Gowlate to John Page married 16th April 1760 - 'both Uxbridge'
1774: William Goulet [signed] to Jane Neville
1777: James Gowlett to Mary Wells married 12th August 1777
1780:  William Gowlate to Elizabeth Lovejoy married 18th December 1780
1781:  Richard Gowlate to Mary Gravenor married 14th December 1781 
           - Bride note: 'of Rickmonsworth'
1791: Elizabeth Gowlate [signed] to James Briant married 16th October 1791
           - both of Uxbridge
1792:  Richard Gowlett to Phoebe Fletcher married 9th December 1792        
1795:  Isaac Gowlett to Mary Osborne married 30th August 1795        
1803: Mary Gowlate to William Turner married 3rd January 1803 - Bride: 'Widow' 
         - Groom: 'of Uxbridge'.         
1810: Sarah Gowlett to Daniel Button married 22nd May 1810 - both 'of  Uxbridge'
1812: Harriot Gowlet to William Harris married 17th May 1812
1813: Ann Gowlett to Thomas Pierce married 23rd March 1813 - Witness: Frances Gowlett
1829:  William Gowlett to Martha Overshot married 1st June 1829
1832: William Gowlett to Mary Carter married 27th February 1832.
1832:  James Gowlett to Martha Butler married 24th July 1832 - Witness Mary Gowlett
1835: William Gowlett to Elizabeth Abram married 7th Sept. 1835 - Groom note: 'Widower'
1852:  James Gowlett [signed] to Charlotte Bignall married 10th October 1852 
           - Groom note: Father James Gowlett deceased.


1696:  Sarah Gowlett baptised 1st September 1696 - 'of Uxbridge'  'Born August ' 
1718:   William Gowlett baptised 2nd March 1718 - 'son of William & Sarah'
1744:    Elizabeth Gowlett baptised 29th February 1743 - 'daughter of William & Mary'
1746:   William Gowlate baptised 4th June 1746 - 'son of William & Mary' 
1756:  John Gowlate baptised 7th November 1756 - 'son of John Gowlate'
1777:  William Gowlate baptised 17th August 1777 - 'son of James & Mary'
1781:  William Gowlate baptised 27th May 1781 - 'son of William & Elizabeth' .
1781:  Fanny Gowlett baptised 17th October 1781 - 'daughter of Richard & Mary'
1785:  Sarah Gowlett baptised 3rd April 1785 - 'daughter of Richard & Phoebe'
1789:  Mary Gowlate baptised 4th October 1789 - 'daughter of William & Mary'
1791:  Matilda Gowlate baptised 4th May 1791 - 'daughter of William & Mary'
1794:  Harriott Gowlate baptised 8th January 1794 - 'daughter of William & Mary'
1795:  William Gowlate baptised 16th August 1795 - 'son of William & Mary' 
1795:  William Gowlate baptised 18th September 1795 - 'son of Richard & Phoebe. 
1795:  Richard Gowlate baptised 18th Sept. 1795 - 'son of Richard & Phoebe' 'of Uxbridge'
1797:  Ann Gowlate baptised 29th January 1797 - 'daughter of William & Mary'
1797:  Ann Gowlett  baptised 3rd Dec. 1797 – 'Twins' - 'daughter of Richard & Phoebe'
            - [submitted by LW]
1797:  James Gowlett baptised 3rd Dec. 1797 – 'Twins' - 'son of Richard & Phoebe' 
            – [submitted by LW]
1799:  John Baker Gowlate baptised 7th April 1799 - 'son of William & Mary'
1801:  James Gowlett baptised 20th Sept. 1801 - 'son of William & Mary'
1804:  Phoebe Gowlat baptised 29th January 1804 - 'daughter of Richard & Phoebe'
1806:  John Gowlate baptised 7th March 1806 - 'daughter of Richard & Phoebe' 

HILLINGDON Burials for Gowlett
1740:  William Gowlate buried 28th September 1740 - 'of Wm & Mary'    
1740:  Elisabeth Gowlate buried 19th June 1744 - 'of Tho & Mary'
1747:   William Gowlate buried 21st March 1747
1768:   William Gowlate buried 15th March 1768
1756:  Elisabeth Gowlate buried 23rd January 1756 - 'daughter of William'
1772:  Mary Gowlate buried 15th November 1772 - 'wife of William'
1778:  Sarah Gowlate buried 11th April 1778 - 'of Richard & Mary'
1780:  Ann Gowlate buried 29th January 1780 -'of James & Mary'
1780:  Mary Gowlate buried 19th May 1780 - 'wife of James'
1781:  Jane Gowlate buried 17th January 1781 - 'wife of William'
1781:  William Gowlate buried 10th August 1781 - 'of William & Elizabeth'
1783:  Dinah Gowlate buried 5th March 1783 - 'of William & Elizabeth'
1785:  Elizabeth Gowlat buried 26th January 1785 - 'wife of William'
1795:  William Gowlet buried 26th Sept. 1795
1829:  James Gowlett buried 5th March 1829 - '13 mths'

ICKENHAM: Marriages

1801: William Gowlet married Charlotte Smith 14th September 1801 
           - Bride Note: 'widow'.

ICKENHAM: Baptisms 

1749:  James Goulet baptised 14th January 1749 - 'son of William & Hannah'
1802:  Henry Goulatt baptised 2nd May 1802 - 'son of William & Charlotte' 
           Note: 'born 28th March 1802'


1782:  William Gowlett buried 19th September 1782
1794:  James Gowlet buried 19th September 1794
PINNER: Marriage;
1687-1696:  Andrew Gowlett to [no bride name] 'labourer'.
Comments: During Lapse in Record Keeping. 

PINNER: Baptisms
1692:  William Gowlett baptised 14th April 1692 - 'son of Andrew' 
1694:  Mary Gowlett baptised 25th March 1694 - 'daughter of Andrew'
1696:  Thomas Gowlett baptised 2nd August 1696 - 'son of Andrew'
1704:  Andrew Gowlett baptised 12th December 1704 - 'son of Andrew'
1714:  Robert Gowlett baptised 4th May 1714 - 'son of Andrew'  [or looks Andera!] 
1714:  Hannah Gowlett baptised 26th December 1714 - 'daugher of William & Mary?'
1716:  Sarah Gowlett baptised 26th August 1716 - 'daughter of William' 
1719:  William Gowlett baptised 2nd April 1719 - 'daughter of William' 
1722:  Ann Gowlett baptised 1st April 1722 - 'daughter of William & Mary'   
1727:  Mary Gowlett baptised 3rd September 1727 - 'daughter of William'

RUISLIP: Marriages

1733: John Gowlett to Mary Simpson married 19th November 1733 1763: 
Ann Gowlett to Thos Parsons married 13th Nov. 1763 
          - Witnesses: Crosier and Scarbrook - Groom Note: Widower
1763: Ann Gowlett to Thomas Weeden married 23rd Nov. 1763
           - Witnesses: Sceeny and Scarbrook

RUISLIP: Baptisms

1745:  Ann Goulet baptised 9th June 1745 - 'daughter of William & Hannah'
          [NOTE: Parents William & Hannah married in 1743  see details at Cowley]
1747:  Hannah Goulet baptised 26th January 1747 - 'daughter of William & Hannah'  
            [26/1/1746 by another researcher]
1748:  William Goulet baptised 1st May 1748 - 'son of William & Hannah' 
1751:  Nanny Gowlet baptised 26th May 1751 - 'daughter of William & Hannah'
1753:  Mary Gowlett baptised 8rd July 1753 - 'daughter of William & Hannah'
1753:  Hannah Gowlett baptised 26th Feb. 1755 - 'daugher of William & Elizabeth !'
1756:  William Robert Gowlet baptised 1st July 1756 - 'son of William & Hannah'

RUISLIP: Burials

1749:  Ann Gowlett  buried 29th November 1749 'of William' 'child' 
1749:  William Gowlett buried 29th November 1749 'of William & Ann'  'infant'  
1749:   Henry & Sarah Gowlett buried December  1749  
1755:  William Gowlet buried 23rd June 1755 'infant'
1756:  William Gowlett buried [day & month ?] 1756.
1777:  Mary Gowlett buried 29th April 1777

Uxbridge Baptisms;

1794/5: William Gowlett 22nd June 1694/5 - 'son of Thomas & Mary' 
1696/7: Sarah Gowlett; 
             Born 27th August 1696/7, 
             Baptised 1st Sept. at St. John's Hillingdon. No Parent Names.
1699/1700: Thomas Gowlet;
            Born 18th Sept. 1699/1700, 
            Baptised 1st October 1699/1700 - 'son of' Thomas Gowlet & Elizabeth 'Labourer'
1700/1 John Gowlett 
            Born 25th Sept. 1700/1, 
            Baptised 1st October - son of Thomas Gowlett & Elizabeth 'Butcher'                     
1703    William Gowlett  
            Born 31st August 1703 
            Baptised 1st. Sept. 1703 - 'son of Thomas Gowlett & Elizabeth' 'Labourer'
1705/6 Mary Gowlett
            Baptised 8th November 1705/6 - daughter of 'Thomas Gowlett & Elizabeth' 
1717:  Elizabeth Gowlett baptised 6th Nov 1717 - 'daughter of William & Sarah'
1721:  Mary Gowlet baptised 22nd Nov 1721 - 'twins'  - 'daughters of William & Sarah' 
1721:  Sarah Gowlet baptised 22nd Nov 1721 - 'twin' - 'daughter of William & Sarah' 
1721:  Thomas Gowlett baptised 26th Dec 1721 - 'son of Thomas & Mary'
1723:  Mary Gowlet baptised 22nd Sepember 1723 - 'daughter of Thomas (Jnr) & Mary' 
1724:  John Gowlet baptised 8th April 1724 - 'son of William & Sarah'
1726:  Issac Gowlate baptised 6th November 1726 - son of William & Sarah'
1729   Mary Gowlate baptised 9th February 1729 - daughter of William & Sarah'
1728:  Sarah Gowlate baptised 25th September 1728
1730:  John Gowlate baptised 30th October 1730
1733:  Mary Gowlate baptised 23rd November 1733
1736:  Samuel Gowlate baptised 11th March 1736
1741:   Richard Gowlate baptised 23rd September 1741 - 'son of Wm & Mary'
1754:  Elizabeth Gowlate baptised 8th February 1754
1769:   Richard Gowlate baptised 16th April 1769 - 'son of Richard & Mary'
1771:  Elizabeth Gowlet baptised 23rd October 1771 - 'daughter of Richard & Mary'
1774:   Issac Gowlate baptised 18th May 1774 - 'son of Richard & Mary'
1776:  Sarah Gowlate baptised 25th December 1776 - 'daughter of Richard & Mary'
1779:  Mary Ann Gowlett baptised 24th February 1779 - 'daughter of Richard & Mary'
           - 'of Hillingdon'
1793:  Elizabeth Gowlett baptised 16th June 1793 - 'daughter of Richard & Phoebe' 
1799:  James Gowlett baptised January 1799 - 'son of Richard & Phoebe'  
1802:  William Gowlett baptised 7th Jan 1802 - 'son of Richard & Phoebe'
1803:   James Gowlett  baptised 30th Dec. 1803 - 'son of Richard & Phoebe' 
1807:   William Gowlett baptised 22nd November 1807 - 'son of Matilda Gowlett' 
            - 'Base Born'
1809:  Eliza Gowlett baptised 28th May 1809 - 'daughter of Richard & Phoebe'
1811:  John Gowlett baptised 11th August 1811 - 'son of Richard & Phoebe'
1814:  Charles Robert Gowlett baptised 27th Sept. 1816 - 'son of Richard & Phoebe 
            - of Uxbridge - Labourer' 'Born 6th Dec. 1814'
1816:  Samuel Gowlett baptised 27th Sept. 1816 - 'son of Richard & Phoebe 
            - of Uxbridge - Labourer' 
1818:  Phoebe Gowlett baptised 1st July 1818 - 'daughter of Richard & Pheobe 
            - of Uxbridge - Labourer. 
1824:   Richard Joseph Gowlett baptised 19th March 1824 - 'son of James & Elizabeth 
            - of Uxbridge - Publican'
1824:   James Isaac Gowlett baptised 19th March 1824 - 'son of James & Elizabeth
            - of Uxbridge - Publican' 
1833:  Matilda Gowlett baptised 11th August 1833 - 'daughter of William & Mary' 
             - age ‘0 - 'Labourer’
1837:  Mary Ann Gowlett baptised 8th December 1837 - 'daughter of William & Mary 
           - age '0’ - 'Labourer’  or 1839
1840:  Sarah Gowlett baptised 19th December 1840 - 'daughter of William & Mary 
           -  'of Uxbridge' - age'0'  - Labourer' 
1844:  William Gowlett baptised 5th May 1844 - 'son of William & Mary 
            - of Uxbridge - Labourer' 
1846:  Fanny Gowlett baptised 25th October 1846 - 'daughter of William & Mary
            - of Uxbridge - Labourer' 
1849:  William James Gowlett baptised 4th March 1849 - 'son of William & Mary
             - of Uxbridge - age '0' - 'Corn Porter'
1851:  Harriett Gowlett baptised 30th November 1851 - daughter of William & Mary 
            - of Uxbridge - age '0' - Grocer' 
1853:  Louisa Gowlett baptised 11th Dec. 1853 - 'daughter of James & Charlotte 
           - of Hillingdon - Groom'
1855:  Thomas Gowlett baptised 11th Feb. 1855 - 'son of James & Charlotte 
            - of Hillingdon - Servant. 
1855:  William Gowlett Wells baptised 19th August 1855 - 'son of John & Matilda Wells
             - of Uxbridge - Wheelwright'
1855:  Elizabeth Ann Gowlett baptised 28th Oct. 1855 - 'daughter of 'Samson & Sarah Ann 
            - of Uxbridge - Servant' 
1857:  Thomas Gowlett baptised 17th July 1857 - Twins'  'sons of Samuel & Ann 
            - of Uxbridge - Hawker' 
1857:  Charles Gowlett baptised 17th July 1857 - Twins'  'sons of Samuel & Ann 
            - of Uxbridge - Hawker' 
1857:  James Richard Gowlett baptised 19th July 1857 - 'son of James & Charlotte'
             - of Hillingdon - Servant' 
1857:  Harriett Fanny Gowlett baptised 18th Oct. 1857 - 'daughter of Samson & Sarah Ann'
              - of Uxbridge - Servant' 
1859:  George Richard Gowlett baptised 29th July 1859 - son of James & Charlotte'
             - of Hillingdon - Coachman' 
1862:  Richard Gowlett baptised 16th March 1862 - son of James & Charlotte'
              - of Hillingdon - Coachman'  
1862:  Sophia Phoebe Gowlett baptised 18th April 1862 - daughter of Samuel & Ann'
              -  of Uxbridge - [China?]

UXBRIDGE, Burials 

1686:   Robert Gowlett buried 13th March 1686 
1714:   Dorcas Gowlet buried 22 August 1714
1741:  Thomas Gowlate 'Snr' 15th November 1741 
                      [Afft' = Wool burial']
1836:  James Gowlett buried  5th June 1836 
            [James died a year after his wife est. aged thirty-five]  
1839:  Mary Ann Gowlet buried 29th September 1839 
            [later research found to be a child]  
1845:  William Gowlett buried 12th October 1845 
           [later research found to be an infant]

Note:  many of the early Parish Pages for St. Margarets are very difficult to read.
                                  Gowlett Parish Records in other nearby Areas


IVER: Baptisms; [3 miles of Uxbridge] 

1787:  Elizabeth Gowlet baptised 14th January 1787 - 'daughter of Isaac & Hannah' 
          - St. Peter,  Iver, 'born 27th December 1786' 

DENHAM: Baptisms;
1885:  Mary Louise baptised 29th November 1885 - 'daughter of William Henry & Mary' 
           - 'of New Denham - Carter' - St. Mary, Denham, 'Born 11th Sept. 1885'