Gowlett Family of Hillingdon Parish, Middlesex, England  
                                                    William Gowlett
                                                                                                       Labourer & Corn Porter of Uxbridge
                                                                                   Spouse:  Mary Carter 

                                     1807      William Gowlett was baptised at St. Margaret’s Uxbridge, 22nd November 1807 noted age ‘0’ the base born son
                                                    of sixteen-year-old Matilda Gowlett, the daughter of William Gowlett and his wife Mary [nee Penbrook 
                                     1811       William was aged four when his then twenty-year-old mother Matilda married John Street at Hanwell, 
                                                    Middlesex on the 22nd Sept. 1811.  Nothing further is known of Matilda or her spouse.

                                     1832       The Gowlett Family were still resident Uxbridge during the next two decades and it is possible that upon his 
                                                    mother marrying that he spent some time with the Family there.  He was resident at Uxbridge ten years 
                                                    later when at the age of twenty five William Gowlett married twenty year old Mary Carter 27th Feb. 1832 
                                                    at nearby Hillingdon the daughter of George Carter [1775-1831], a harness maker and his wife Sarah [1791-1849].
                                                    Witnesses to the marriage were Jane Laphane & Mary’s brother, Robert Carter.
                                                    Mary Carter was baptised at Uxbridge 2nd Feb. 1812. 
                                                    After their marriage William and Mary settled at Uxbridge where they had the following issue;


                                     1833       Matilda Gowlett baptised 11th August 1833 St. Margaret’s Uxbridge noted aged ‘0’, father ‘a  labourer’.
                                     1837       Mary Ann Gowlett baptised  8th December 1837 noted aged ‘0’, father ‘a labourer’. 
                                                                       Mary Ann was buried 29th September 1839 at Uxbridge aged 2yrs. 
                                                                       Her sibling Matilda was aged six. 
                                                   At this time Mary was in the last trimester of her 3rd pregnancy which came to term in December.
                                     1839      Mary Ann Gowlett [2]  baptised 8th December 1839 at Uxbridge noted aged ‘0’, father ‘a  labourer’.          

                                     1841Census: 6th June 1841.  At this time the family were living at Bell Yard, Uxbridge;


                                        1841 Census:  Their eldest daughter Matilda was visiting her maternal grandmother Sarah Carter, a Green Grocer 
                                                                  and her paternal uncle Thomas Carter, also at Bell Yard, Uxbridge; 


                                                                                         Bell Yard, Uxbridge just before demolition in 1930.

                                      Issue Continued;                       

                                      1841      Sarah Gowlett baptised 19th  December 1841 at Uxbridge noted aged ‘0’. 
                                      1844      William Gowlett baptised  5th May 1844 at Uxbridge.
                                                                     William was buried 12th October 1845 at Uxbridge at the age of 17 months. 
                                                                     His siblings were aged: Matilda now twelve, Mary Ann six and Sarah three. 
                                      1846      Fanny Gowlett baptised 25th October 1846 noted born 25th Sept. 1846 at Uxbridge. 
                                      1849      William James Gowlett baptised 4th March 1849 at Uxbridge noted aged ‘0’ father ‘corn  porter'.
                                                                     William James was buried 24th Oct. 1850 at Uxbridge at the age of 19 months. 
                                                                     His siblings were aged: Matilda now seventeen, Mary Ann eleven, Sarah nine and Fanny four. 

                                     1851 Census - 30th March 1851.  The family was still living at Bell Yard, Uxbridge;

                                                             William Gowlett, Head, age 43, Corn Porter, born Middlesex, Uxbridge. [Ancestry Index=Gawlett]
                                                             Mary Gowlett, Wife, age 39, born Middlesex, Uxbridge.
                                                             Matilda Gowlett, Daughter, Unmarried, age 17, born Middlesex, Uxbridge.   
                                                             Mary Gowlett, Daughter, age 11, Scholar, born Middlesex, Uxbridge.
                                                             Sarah Gowlett, Daughter, age 9, Scholar, born Middlesex, Uxbridge.
                                                             Fanny Gowlett, Daughter, age 4, born Middlesex, Uxbridge. 

                                     1851       Harriet Gowlett baptised 30th Nov. 1851 at Uxbridge noted  aged ‘0’, father corn porter.
                                                    At the birth of their eighth child William was aged forty-four and Mary thirty-nine. 
                                     1853      William Gowlett died of Consumption at his home in Bell Yard, Uxbridge on the 20th March 1853 at the age
                                                    of forty-five.  The witness/informant was noted as his wife Mary and his occupation ‘a grocer’.  
                                                   William was buried a week later on the 27th March at the venue of his baptism at St. Margaret’s  Uxbridge.  
                                                    He was survived by his widow Mary [nee Pembrook] of twenty-one years marriage and their five daughters;  
                                                    Matilda aged twenty, Mary Ann aged fourteen, Sarah twelve, Fanny seven and Harriet two.

                                                    His widow remarried. 

                                      Mary Gowlett [nee Carter]; wife of William Gowlett; 
                                                  Mary remarried [date & venue unknown] recording at the that time ‘Spinster’ ‘father: George Carter Gowlett! 
                                                  Harness Maker.  At this time Mary was living at Southampton Street, Camberwell.

                                                  Mary Gowlett [nee Carter] married William Cribb in the December Qtr. 1854 [Reg. Camberwell].
                                                  1861 Census: Address:  No. 1 Johns Place, Camberwell 
                                                                              William Cribb, Head, aged 49, Grocer & Cheesemonger, born London, Camberwell.
                                                                               Mary Cribb, aged 49, born Uxbridge
                                                                               Sarah Gowlett, Step-daughter, Unmarried, aged 19, Laundress, born Uxbridge.
                                                                               Harriet Gowlett, Step-daughter, aged 9, Scholar, born Uxbridge.  
                                                  1871 Census: Address:  No. 1 Johns Place, Camberwell - William and Mary living alone.
                                                  Mary died of Senile Decay at 7 Anshurd St. Peckham, Camberwell on the 18th January  1891 at the age of 
                                                  seventy-eight.  The witness/informant was her sister Mary Ann Grove [nee Carter] of 176 Bird Bush Road, 
                                                  Camberwell.  [Submitted by Jan Dawes - descendant] 
                                      Matilda Gowlett: [1833-1940]; eldest daughter of William Gowlett and his wife Mary [nee Pembrook];

                                                 Eighteen months after her father's death, Matilda Gowlett now aged twenty-one John Wells [1832-1901] 
                                                 the son of William Wells and his wife Elizabeth of Fingest Oxfordshire , on the 11th September 1854 at Uxbridge. 
                                                 The groom was recorded as aged twenty-one.  Matilda notes her deceased father’s occupation 'William Gowlett' 
                                                 occupation ‘a porter’.                                          
                                                 See the  Biography of Matilda Gowlett [1833-1940]    
                                     Mary Ann Gowlett [2]  [1839-?]: daughter of William Gowlett & Mary [nee Carter]; 

                                                  Mary Ann Gowlett married Edward Dear [1836-1902], June Qtr. 1859 [Reg. Camberwell]. 
                                                  No further information. 

                                      Sarah Gowlett [1841- ?]: daughter of William Gowlett and Mary [nee Carter]; 

                                                  Sarah Gowlett married William Henry Nash [1849-?] in the March Qtr. 1868 [Reg. Camberwell] 
                                                  No further information.

                                      Fanny Gowlett [1846 - ?]: daughter of William Gowlett and Mary [nee Carter];

                                                  Fanny Gowlett married William Charles Arnold [1852-?], date of marriage unknown.  
                                                  Fanny was recorded as a washerwoman/ironer.   
                                                  No further information.  
                                     Biography of Matilda Gowlett [1833-1940]