Gowlett Family of Hillingdon Parish, Middlesex, England       
                                                                         [variant Gowlate]
                                                                                                                William Gowlett [the younger]
                                                                                                                      Spouse:  Mary East 

                                      1718    William Gowlett was baptised at St. John's Hillingdon on the 2nd March 1719 the son of 
                                                    William Gowlet and his wife Sarah. 

                                                  He had six siblings, four of whom died young; William [1740-1740] and a sister Mary [twin] [1721-1722]
                                                  and John [1724-1727]  [William was aged nine years at the death of his young brother] and an elder sister 
                                                  Elizabeth [1717-1729] who died at the age of twelve [William was aged eleven at the time of his sister's death]

                                                  Of his considered surviving siblings there was Sarah [twin] [1721-?] of whom no further information has 
                                                  been found to date. A brother Isaac and a sister Mary [2] born 1729 were the only of his siblings for which 
                                                  there was a likely recorded outcome. 
                                     1739    At the age of twenty-one William Gowlett married Mary East at nearby St. John's Hillingdon one mile from 
                                                 Uxbridge on the 5th November 1739 recorded as 'both of Hillingdon'.

                                                                  Mary East may have been baptized 4th September 1715 at nearby Great Marlow, 
                                                                  Buckinghamshire, the daughter of  Richard East and his wife Hannah [nee Hawkins].

                                     1740    William Gowlett [Gowlate], age 0, buried on the 28th September 1740, s. of William and Mary.
                                     1741     Richard Gowlate [Gowlett]:  baptised 23rd September 1741 at St.Margaret’s at Uxbridge, s.of William & Mary.


                                     1744    Elizabeth Gowlett baptised 29th February 1744, at St.John’s at Hillingdon d. of William & Mary.

                                     1746    William Gowlett baptised 4th June 1746 at St.Johns at Hillingdon s. of William & Mary.

                                     1747    Two burials appear for 'William Gowlett' at St. John's Hillingdon, considered father & son; 
                                                 the first on the 21st March 1747 and the second on the 15th March 1768.      
                                                 In view that William [the younger's] wife Mary was still living in 1747 and that the baptisms for the couple
                                                 ceased suddenly the year before, it is almost certain that the earlier burial applies to William the younger.
                                                 William Gowlett [the younger] is considered to have been buried at Hillingdon 21st March 1747 at the age
                                                 of twenty-nine, survived by his wife Mary [nee East] of eight years marriage and his surviving issue; 
                                                 Richard aged seven years, Elizabeth aged three years and William aged one year.
                                                 He is considered to have predeceased his father by twenty-one years.  

                                                 His widow Mary never remarried and is assumed to have been supported by her father-in-law William Senior 
                                                 in raising her children.

                                      1756   Their daughter Elizabeth was buried 23rd January 1756 'daughter of William' estimated aged 12years.
                                                 At this time her siblings were aged: Richard twelve and William ten. 

                                      1768   William's father, William Gowlet [the elder] is considered to have been buried at St. John's Hillingdon on the
                                                 15th March 1768 at the estimated age of seventy-three.

                                      1772   William's widow, Mary Gowlett [nee East] was buried at Hillingdon 15th November 1772 at the estimated age 
                                                  of fifty-seven.   
                                  Richard Gowlett [the younger] [1741-post 1792] the eldest surviving son of William and Mary [nee East];
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                                         William Gowlett [1746-Post 1801] the youngest surviving child of William and Mary [nee East];
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