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                                                                                                  SARGENT FAMILY
                                                                                             of Tasmania & Victoria Australia
                                                                                     previously of Bimfield Berkshire & London                                                                                    
                                                                        Frederick Sargent married Eliza Hamilton in 1870 [Victoria] 
                                                                          Information Submitted by Carolyn Scott & her sister Heather, 
                                                                             descendants of Frederick Sargent & Eliza nee Hamilton.

           Generation 1:   Thomas Sargent [1781-1830] and his wife Mary nee Hollyer [1778-1831]

           Thomas Sargent was born in 1781 at Bishopgate London.  He married Mary nee Hollyer.   Mary was born in 1778 at Bimfield 
           Berkshire.    Thomas died at Bishopgate London in 1830 at the age of fifty-one.  His wife Mary survived him by a year, returning 
           to her native Bimfield where she died in 1831 at the age of fifty-three. 
           They had one known son, Frederick Sargent born at Bimfield in 1805.  

           Generation 2:     Frederick Sargent [1805-1866] and his wife Margaret nee Enwright [1818 -?]. 

           Frederick Sargent was born at Bimfield in 1805 the son of Thomas Sargent and his wife Mary [nee Hollyer].

           In 1826 at the age of twenty-one Frederick appeared at Chelmsford Court, Essex accused of stealing a horse.  Transcription; 

                                                                                Chelmsford Assizes, Essex. 
                                                                                         10th July 1826

                           'Two persons stand in the dock today before the County Magistrates, each are Charged with Horse Theft 
                            and other Charges Larceny by persons present in Court. After hearing all of the evidence against the
                            accused the Magistrates have decided that the charge of Horse Theft and those of Larceny have been 
                            proven. The two persons so charged and named below are this day sentenced to Death for the afore- 
                            aforementioned crimes and are to await His Majesty's Pleasure.'  

                            Convicted: Thomas Raynham and Frederick Sargent.
                            Magistrates: J. Barrington and J. Lodwick.                                       

               The Sentence for both prisoners was later commuted to Transportation for 'Life'.  Frederick was transported to the Van Dieman's 
               Land per 'Governor Ready' in 1827.

               The 'Governor Ready' was built at Prince Edward Isles in 1825 of 512 tones.  The Ship's Master was John Young and the surgeon
                was Thomas B Wilson.   Departing Plymouth on the 3rd April 1827 and arrived at Hobart Town 31st July 1827.  The duration
                of the voyage was 119 days and only one soul was lost in transit. 

                At the age of thirty-four Frederick Sargent married twenty-one year old Margaret Enwright in 1839 at Avoca Tasmania. 
                Margaret was born in 1818 Limerick Ireland.  She came to the Colony three years prior in 1836 per 'Amelia Thompson' as an 
                Irish Emigrant in answer to an advertisement in a London Paper;

                                                                                            London Paper 
              Frederick Sargent:  born Parish of Evandale Tasmania 1843.

              Frederick Sargent [the elder] was granted a 'Free Pardon' [No.80] on the 9th June 1842.  It was noted that having been in only 
              two Services in the Colony since his arrival, and his conduct having been very good, never having been brought before a 
              Magistrate in either and being much strongly recommended.

              The family had moved to Melbourne Victoria in the early 1850's. His parents continued to move around Victoria eventually and 
               eventually settled at Tarnagulla and Jones Creek. While there his father Frederick, built the first Hotel at Jones Creek in 1856 and 
               it was a stop-over for coaches.  Frederick went to school there for a few years and later as a young man he also mined, as it was a big 
               gold mining area. He and his brother did find a nugget of gold which was quite a reasonable size, what happened to the money from 
               it is unknown. Frederick also played cricket for Tarnagulla and was known as a good bowler in the 1860's.

               Frederick Sargent [the elder] died in 1866 at Blackwood Victoria at the age of sixty-one.  

               Generation 3:       Frederick Sargent [the younger] [1843-?] and his wife Eliza nee Hamilton [?-?]

               At the age of twenty-seven Frederick Sargent [the younger] married nineteen-year-old Eliza Hamilton in 1870 at Pleasant Creek 
               near Stawell, Victoria. They settled at Sandhurst near Bendigo where Eliza's family were living.
               Child 1: Frances Margaret Sargent born 1871 at Sandhurst. Died at the age five years 1876 at Sandhurst. 
               Child 2: Frederick James Sargent born 1874 at Sandhurst. Married Mabel Maude Holland, 1903 at Bendigo. 
               Child 3: William Henry Sargent, born 1875 Sandhurst. Married Katherine Lillian Slavery, 1911 NSW. Died 1928 Caulfield - 53yrs
               Child 3: Florence Eliza Sargent in 1876 at Sandhurst. Married Frank Gillard, 1916 Victoria. Died Chel 1970 Age 93yrs.   

               During this time Eliza and her sisters were often together, sharing the interests of their growing families.  Eliza's widowed mother,
               Fanny was also living at Sandhurst and appears in several documents assisting with the births of her daughter's children.  There 
               were also several of Eliza's younger unmarried siblings.  Her sister's spouses and Frederick seemed compatible See Hamilton Story  
               Frederick and Eliza were there for about fourteen years.  During this time Frederick enjoyed family life, continuing his interest in
               Cricket, Eliza was said to enjoy watching him play. 

               The Family appears to have moved; 
               Child 4: Albert Edward Sargent born 1879 at El.Ho [?].

               They then moved to Melbourne around 1880 where their other children were born;

               Issue continued;  
               Child 5: Adella Ada, born 1881 Collingwood, Melbourne. Married Thomas Guiver in 1907 at Collingwood. Died 1960 - 79yrs.  
               Child 6: Caroline Victoria Sargent, born 1882 at Hawthorn, Melbourne. Died at Port Melbourne in 1884  aged 23 months.
               Child 7: Eda May Sargent, born 1884 at Melbourne. Married James Battley, 1914 Victoria. 
               Child 8: Evelyn Beatrice Hamilton Sargent, born 1886 at Essendon. Married George Guiver [i.e. Evelyn married her brother-in-law]
                              in 1910 Victoria. Died 1964 - 76yrs. 
               Child 9: Athol Theodore Sargent, born 1888 at Essendon.
               Child 10: Alexandria Violet Sargent [twin], born 1892 at Ken Hill Melb. Married George Swindon 1920, Victoria. Died 1963 - 70yrs. 
               Child 11: Ronald Victor Sargent [twin], born 1892 at Ken Hill Melbourne.  Died 14th Oct 1893 aged 15 mths – cause Gastroenteritis 
                & Pleurophenomonia – duration 3 weeks].
During this time Frederick worked as a builder but due to a recession in the 1890's, lost his money. It was around that time he joined one of the Mens' Lodges in Melbourne. Frederick died in 1895 after an operation at the age of 52 years. He was survived by his wife Eliza of twenty-five years marriage and and their five surviving children, all under the age of sixteen. 
His wife Eliza [nee Hamilton] survived him by a further 41 years. Eliza Sargent died at “Levuka” Private Hospital, Nelson Road, Box Hill on the 12th February 1936 at the age of eighty-three, the cause noted as Arteriosclerosis and chronic myocharditis – years.  Eliza was buried the following day at Melbourne Cemetery.
                                                             Sargent Family Photo 1890
                                                                  Frederick Sargent                          The Sargent Family 
                                                                                                              L-R: Top: Probably Frederick, Albert, William 
                                                                                                                       Middle:  Probably Frances, Eliza [nee Hamilton], Florence.   
                                                                                                                       Bottom: Probably Evelyn Beatrice, Athol, Alexandria, Eda May or Adela.
                                                                                                                       [Positively identified: Evelyn Beatrice & Eliza [nee Hamilton]].       
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