James Hamilton
                                                                                Coach Maker, formerly a Soldier
                                                  Of Victoria, Australia formerly of Exeter, Devonshire and Parramatta NSW & Victoria, Australia [respectively]. 
                                                                           Spouse: Fanny Gowlett
                                                                                                              click to enlarge.
                                                                                                        Above: Fanny Hamilton 
                                                                                                   [formerly Hillyard, nee Gowlett]
                                                                           Kindly submitted by Carolyn Scott and her sister Heather [descendants]

                                               1809    James Hamilton was born in Exeter Devonshire c.1809, purported to be the son of 
                                                           John Hamilton, Soldier, Captain of the Hussars and his wife Sarah [nee Pelham] [Death Certificate].
                                                                                       click on image to enlarge.
                                                                                      Death Certificate of James Pelham Hamilton 
                                                                                   [1808-1866] formerly of Topsham Devonshire.
                                                                          Family Legend; 
                                                                          Family Legend tells that James Hamilton purchased his Commission in Military Service, 
                                                                          arriving in Australia around 1830. 
                                     The Enigma; 
                                                            There is evidence to suggest that James may have had an elder brother in England, recorded in a marriage 
                                                            at St. David's Exeter, Devonshire on the 16th April 1829 between Henry Yeoman Hamilton [estimated
                                                            born before 1807] and Jane Channings. Witnesses were James Geldard and John Keen. 
                                                            The Groom was noted as a soldier 'Private in the 34th Foot'.
                                                           'Henry Yeoman Hamilton' was the name James used when naming his eldest son, who was also the 
                                                            informant recorded on the above death certificate of his father in 1866. 

                                                            The Legend continues that James was also related to Sir William Hamilton [1730-1803] the British 
                                                            Envoy to Naples [1774] and noted Archaeologist, the spouse of the famed beauty Lady Emma Hamilton,
                                                            nee Lyons] [1761-1815],  the historic consort of Admiral Horatio Nelson [of the Battle of Trafalgar [1805].
                                                            Extensive research has been made relating to the lineage of Sir William Hamilton, however a connection
                                                            to John Hamilton or any connection to the Pelham Family has not been found at the present time.  

                                               1830-1843 Marriage 1;
                                                               James Hamilton married 1] [unknown] sometime after his arrival in NSW and although the details of 
                                                               his 1st marriage are noted on his Death Certificate, record of the marriage has not been found.
                                                               [See above scan]
                                               c.1841/2  Marriage 2;
                                                                James Hamilton married 2] Fanny Hillyard nee Gowlett at Parramatta NSW around 1841/2. 
                                                                Record of the marriage has not been found.

                                                                                     Fanny Gowlett was born in c.1818 the daughter of  Isaac Gowlett and Mary Stevens 
                                                                                     both formerly convicts transported to Sydney Cove 1796 & 1815 respectively.  
                                                                                     Deserted by her mother when she was around five, her father struggled to rear her and 
                                                                                     her sister Sarah as he battled with ill health.  Nearing the end of his life, Isaac sought 
                                                                                     admission of his two daughters to the Parramatta Orphanage where they were accepted 
                                                                                     in 1824 [scans available see Biography of her father], her father died 10 months later.  
                                                                                     At the age of twelve Fanny was assigned to Mr. & Mrs. Elizabeth Hayes as a servant.

                                                                                     At the age of nineteen Fanny married Edward Hillyard an engineer, in Sydney on the 
                                                                                     11th November 1837. Fanny’s mother is recorded having given. 
                                                                                     Fanny gave birth to a daughter, Frances Elizabeth Hillyard baptized on the 8th Oct. 1838
                                                                                     in Sydney.  Edward Hillyard appears to have died between 1838-1842 although record of 
                                                                                     his death has not been found. It was around this time Fanny Hillyard [nee Gowlett] met 
                                                                                     and married James Hamilton. 

                                                                Fanny conceived a child between June/July 1843.  
                                                                They moved to Fallbrook in Northwest NSW where Fanny’s pregnancy came to term. 

                                               Issue;               Lucy Hannah Hamilton born 15th March 1844, baptized 19th May 1844 - Falbrook, NSW.
                                                                       Henry Yeoman Hamilton born 15th October 1845, baptised 19th September 1847, Hobart Town, Tasmania 
                                                                       Charlotte Maria Hamilton born 25th July 1847, baptised 19th September 1847, Hobart Town, Tasmania 
                                                                       James Pelham Hamilton born May/June 1850 at Hobart Town. 
                                                                       Eliza Adella Hamilton born June/July 1851 assumed at Willunga, Victoria.
                                                                       Alice Kate ‘Ada Kate’ Hamilton born 4th April 1854 at Willunga, Victoria.  
                                                                       Mary Ann Hamilton born 15th September 1856 at Willunga, Victoria.
                                                                       John Hamilton born on the 5th May 1858 at Willunga, Victoria. 
                                               1844: Child 1;         
                                                                 Lucy Hannah Hamilton born 15th March 1844 was baptized 19th May 1844 in the Parish of Falbrook, 
                                                                 Jerry’s Plains, Warkworth NSW, County of Durham. Her father's occupation noted as a 'Coach Maker'.
                                                                 It is very likely that James Hamilton worked for Michael or William Noland in the building and 
                                                                 maintenance of their Coaches between 1844 to around 1847.  

                                                                                     Falbrook is located in North West New South Wales just NW of Singleton.  
                                                                                     Coach builders Michael or William Noland built and ran the first passenger coaches at
                                                                                     Singleton around this time, running from the 'Old Wool Road'  which joined the inland  
                                                                                     to the river port of Morpeth NSW to Camberwell on Victoria’s southernmost coast 1,039 kms S.
                                                                                     The Firm was purchased thirty years later by Cobb & Co in 1876.  
                                                                                     In the early days, the Nowland line was the only Coach Building Company known to be 
                                                                                     in the vicinity of nearby Falbrook.

                                               1845: Child 2;
                                                                 Henry Yeoman Hamilton born 15th October 1845 nineteen months after arriving at Falbrook, 
                                                                 He was baptised at Hobart Town 19th September 1847 [aged one year and 11 months], together with his 
                                                                 younger sister Charlotte Maria Hamilton who was born in Hobart Town. 
                                               1847: The move to Hobart Town; 
                                                                 Sixteen months later James and Fanny answered an advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald 
                                                                  on the Wednesday 7th April 1847 announcing the departure of the Schooner ‘Cheerful’ bound for 
                                                                 Hobart Town, Tasmania;

                                                                                           FOR HOBART TOWN   To Follow the “Waterlilly”
                                                                                                     The fast sailing Schooner  CHEERFUL
                                                                                        150 Tons,  T. H. Bell Commander will sail on Tuesday next. 
                                                                                               For freight  or passage apply on board: at Hobart Town
                                                                                             Packet Wharf or to John Macnamara Queen Street. 
                                                                                             Kindly submitted by Carolyn Scott and her sister Heather [Descendants]
                                                                                During this period it was mandatory for any persons undertaking journeys by ship to advise
                                                                                their departure by advertisement. This was normally undertaken by the Captain of the vessel,
                                                                                the names taken from their  passenger lists.  This ‘Clearance’ procedure was introduced in
                                                                                order to notify any creditors or interested parties of their intentions, thus reducing chances
                                                                                of persons absconding from debt or obligation.  

                                                                   A week later the following notice appeared also in the Sydney Morning Herald dated Thursday 
                                                                   15th April 1847.
                                                                                                 April 14 – Cheerful, schooner, Captain Bell for Hobart Town: 
                                                                                                    Passengers – Mr.Horsby and two  children, Mrs.Morton, 
                                                                                                       Mr. J. Hamilton, Mrs. Hamilton and three children, 
                                                                                                              Mr. Burg and child and Mr. Darby Kelly.
                                                                                             Kindly submitted by Carolyn Scott and her sister Heather [Descendants]  
                                                                                     The reference to ‘three children’ traveling on board with Fanny and James were considered
                                                                                     to have been Fanny’s five-year old daughter Frances Elizabeth Hillyard [from her previous 
                                                                                     marriage], Lucy Hannah now three and Henry Yeoman aged about eighteen months.  
                                                                                     The baptism of their daughter Charlotte a few months later would imply that at this time
                                                                                     Fanny was entering the third trimester of her fourth pregnancy.

                                                1847: Child 3;
                                                                  Charlotte Maria Hamilton born 25th July 1847 three months after arrival at Hobart Town. 
                                                                  Baptised 19th September 1847 at Hobart Town together with her elder brother Henry Yeoman Hamilton
                                                                  then aged one year 11 months [born at Falbrook]. 

                                                                                       According to Family Legend the circumstance surrounding Charlotte's birth is intriguing.
                                                                                       These 'Family Legends' were from the mouths of two aged aunts, sisters Eileen 'Lee' & 
                                                                                       Lesley [nee Adams] in 1986 [taped], who as children had frequent contact with their 
                                                                                       paternal grandmother, Charlotte Adams [nee Hamilton]. 

                                                                                       At that time the writer had no knowledge of Lineage, and these elderly aunts had no access 
                                                                                       to the Records we have available today.  They were interviewed separately and both versions
                                                                                       were identical. They were adamant that their grandmother Charlotte nee Hamilton was
                                                                                       the daughter of James Hamilton & Fanny Gowlett, they related the tales she had told them
                                                                                       of her father's lineage in England and his entry into Australia and told many stories,
                                                                                       fallen from their grandmother's lips, which with the help of Computers, Internet and the 
                                                                                       increasing access to Genealogical Records have been proven to be true in almost every detail.
                                                                                      Charlotte's birth; 
                                                                                      'Just before nana's birth [Charlotte Hamilton] her mother Fanny [Fanny nee Gowlett] was 
                                                                                       nearing her delivery, they were in an Army Barracks in Hobart, when she witnessed the 
                                                                                       hanging of a convict.  So shocked and distressed at this event her mother immediately 
                                                                                       went into labour and nana was born.'

                                                                                      Twenty years later, now with Internet Access & resuming the Family History, the writer
                                                                                      emailed the Tasmanian Archives for searches and was mailed the following result;

                                                                                Baptisms of Charlotte Maria Hamilton and her brother Henry Yeoman Hamilton at St. David's Hobart.

                                                                                      Investigations were made regarding a possible convict execution on this date but the records 
                                                                                      do not seem to have survived. 
                                                                                      That they were resident in the Army Barracks at Hobart is a possible testament to 
                                                                                      the previous Legend in that James was once in Military Service.
                                                                                      Certainly the two aged aunts were absolutely correct in venue of their grandmother's birth
                                                                                      as with many other parts of their stories, which have since been proven.

                                                          In all James and Fanny remained in Hobart between April 1847 to June 1850. 

                                             1850: Child 4;
                                                                 James Pelham Hamilton born May/June 1850 at Hobart Town.

                                             1850:   The move to South Australia;
                                                          At this time the family was preparing to move to South Australia. A notification of ‘Shipping  Intelligence’
                                                          from a South Australian Newspaper reported the arrival of several ships on 21st June 1850; 
                                                                                                           SHIPPING  INTELLIGENCE
                                                                            Same day – The Schooner 'Antares',  Mc Arthur, from Hobart Town. Passengers;
                                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Hamilton and five children, 
                                                                                                  Mr. McDougall and Jno. Williams.
                                                                                             Kindly submitted by Carolyn Scott and her sister Heather [Descendants]
                                                                             The ‘five’ children mentioned traveling would have been; Frances Elizabeth Hillyard now eleven, 
                                                                              Lucy Hamilton six, Henry Hamilton five, Charlotte Hamilton three and James Hamilton, Infant.

                                               1850:    Settling at Willunga, South Australia;

                                                            On arrival the family traveled by coach to remote Willunga in north-west Victoria where they settled.

                                               1851: Child 5;
                                                                 Eliza Adella Hamilton was born around June or July 1851, a year after their arrival.

                                              1853:  Council Records;

                                                                            The Willunga District Council has surviving early records showing James Hamilton
                                                                             in a Council Assessment Book;                
                                                                             J. P. Hamilton [James Pelham] recorded to have paid Council Rates in that year
                                                                             and was listed as the occupier of a house and half an acre at Willunga.

                                              1855, 1856, 1857, 1858 Council Records at Willunga;  
                                                          The same information in recorded in 1855,  1856, 1857 and 1858 together with the additional note that
                                                          Henry Malpas was the owner of the property, which James and his family occupied.

                                                                            Note: They also refer to an earlier entry in 1850 for a Hamilton and Henderson as the occupiers
                                                                                       of Section 63 in the district.  This was a section of 70 acres a mile or so east of the 
                                                                                       Noarlunga Settlement near Willunga.  
                                                                                       The source noted:  'Christian names or initials are not recorded, so it is not clear whether
                                                                                                                          this is the same J.P. Hamilton who later lived in Willunga'.
                                                          All council records kindly submitted by Carolyn Scott and her sister Heather [Descendants]   
                                                                            Employment at Willunga; 
                                                                                       The township of Willunga boasted a Coach Service prior to 1839. 
                                                                                       This earliest coach service ran from Adelaide every Monday morning at 5am and arriving
                                                                                        at Willunga the same evening, the fate of  this coach is unknown. 
                                                                                        Later the Firm of W & J Rounsevell opened a Pirie Street Stables in 1844.  
                                                                                        They sold out to Cobb & Co who later sold it to John Hill & Co.  
                                                                                        The J. Hill Company not only carried passengers on the Willunga route passing through
                                                                                        Noarlunga but had the mail contracts also,  which necessitated the presence of a 
                                                                                        'mail guard'.  These coaches, strongly built to withstand the rough roads of the time and
                                                                                         had powerful brakes on both sides of the back wheels. The only Coach line in the vicinity,
                                                                                         it is certain that James worked for either or both the Cobb & Co. or John Hill, employed
                                                                                         to make the necessary repairs and maintenance to all the coaches, and in the interim, 
                                                                                         building new vehicles.
                                                                                                                                 Coach said to be built by James Hamilton
                                                                                                                                         "Family Photo"
                                                                                                 Coach said to be built by James Hamilton date unknown.
                                                                                                                  From an exhibit 'at Vaucluse House' Sydney.

                                                            The Coaches built by James were of the finest quality of the time, his occupation during this period
                                                             was noted on the subsequent birth certificates of his children.

                                              1854: Child 6;  
                                                                 Alice Kate ‘Ada Kate’ Hamilton born 4th April 1854 at Willunga.  
                                              1856: Child 7;
                                                                 Mary Ann Hamilton born 15th September 1856 at Willunga. 
                                              1858: Child 8;
                                                                 John Hamilton born on the 5th May 1858.
                                                                 By now Fanny was forty and James  forty-nine.  This would be Fanny’s last  birth.
                                                                             School at Willunga; 
                                                                             During this time, from when the Hamilton children arrived around 1850 Willunga School 
                                                                             had already been established only three years prior by James Bassett in 1847.
                                                                             There is no proof found to date to imply that the Hamilton children attended the school,
                                                                             Fanny may have tutored them herself, learning her literary skills before her father's death
                                                                             and subsequently from the age of seven at the Orphanage at Parramatta. 
                                                                             Frances Elizabeth Hillyard was then twelve, Lucy six and Henry five.

                                                                             In 1852 two other schools were established but eventually closed for various reasons.   
                                                                             By the end of 1853 the schools run by James Basset and his wife Mary were thriving, 
                                                                             now accommodating a boy’s school with 36 boys enrolled by 1853 and separate girls school 
                                                                             run by his wife Mary with 33 students attending.  

                                                                             At this time Frances Elizabeth was fifteen, Charlotte six, James Pelham five years old 
                                                                             and Lucy then nine.
                                                                             Note: Lucy developed a talent for the piano undoubtedly nurtured during this period at Willunga.

                                                         During this time the Hamilton children seem to have enjoyed their childhood. 
                                                         In later years Eliza was known to have taken great interest in her grandson's playing cricket, considered  
                                                         that she was familiar with the game from her childhood years watching brothers play.   
                                                         Certainly it has been implied that overall that the Hamilton children had a happy childhood.
                                                         At the birth of their youngest sibling John in 1858, Frances Elizabeth Hillyard was by then nineteen, 
                                                         Lucy was fifteen, Henry was thirteen, Charlotte eleven, James nine, Eliza seven, Alice four 
                                                         and Mary Ann two years old. 

                                              1860:  The move to Horsham, Victoria;
                                                          Around 1860 the family traveled some 451 kms to Horsham Victoria just south east of the 
                                                          South Australian/Victoria Border where they rented a house from Stuart Bolton at Horsham.  

                                                         The first Rate Notice was paid by James in 1863 at the full net value of the property 
                                                          which was noted as ten pounds and rated at eight pence in the ₤  [pound stirling].
                                                         Rate notices above & below Kindly submitted by Carolyn Scott and her sister Heather [Descendants]

                                                         Later records indicate that it was around this time that their eldest son, Henry Yeoman Hamilton who was
                                                         by now eighteen had already learnt the trade of Coach Building from his father.  

                                              1862:  Fanny's daughter Elizabeth Hillyard marries;

                                                             At the age of twenty-four Frances Elizabeth Hillyard married thirty-year old Thomas Bass at Horsham 
                                                             on the 27th August 1862. The couple moved to Mors [?] and later to Wimmera near Horsham, settling 
                                                             there for the next four years.  

                                              1864:     Subsequent Rate notices were paid by James for the same house at Horsham in 1864 [increase in rates 
                                                            to 12 pence in the pound] and in 1865 [rated 12 pence in the ₤  [pound].

                                              1866: James Pelham Hamilton [the elder] dies; 

                                                           In the latter part of 1865 around mid November, James became ill.  

                                                          James Pelham Hamilton [the elder] died eight weeks later on the 16th January 1866 at the age of fifty-eight,
                                                          the cause - Dysentery.   
                                                          The informant on the Death Certificate was his 20 year-old eldest son Henry Yeoman Hamilton.  
                                                          Henry records that his father was the son of John Hamilton, a soldier, Captain of the Hussars, and his 
                                                          father's mother as Sarah Pelham.  
                                                          He also notes that his father had been previously married, the details unknown.  
                                                          He also notes that his father was born in Exeter Devonshire and his father's age. 

                                                          James Pelham Hamilton was buried at Horsham Cemetery.  
                                                          He was survived by his wife Fanny aged 47yrs of twenty-five years marriage and his seven children, 
                                                          whose ages are recorded on the document as Lucy 22yrs, Henry 20yrs, Charlotte 18½ yrs,  James 16½ yrs, 
                                                          Eliza 14½ yrs, Ada 12yrs, Mary Ann 8yrs and the youngest John recorded as seven years old.

                                              1866:  Step-daughter Frances Elizabeth returns; 

                                                          At hearing the news of her stepfather’s death Frances Elizabeth with her husband Thomas Bass 
                                                          immediately returned to Horsham with their two young sons, Edward Bass and John Bass, 
                                                          the latter only an infant, rallying to support her mother and step siblings.  
                                                          Their infant son John died not long after they arrived.  

                                                          There was a deep bond between all the children in the Hamilton Family.   James Hamilton was the
                                                           only father that Frances Elizabeth Hillyard ever knew.  James had married her mother when Frances was 
                                                           under the age of five.   The Hamilton children were her siblings and she was to them a very real sister, 
                                                           the affection for her shown many times in the naming of their children i.e. 'Frances Elizabeth'. 
                                               The family copes with the loss of their father;

                                                            The other older children, Lucy, Charlotte, James and Eliza also  pulled together doing what they could
                                                            to help support the family  while Ada, Mary Ann and John continued their schooling.
                                                            However as the eldest son, much of the responsibility fell on Henry’s young shoulders, not yet twenty-one.

                                                            Working as a coach-builder  he began to help support his mother and his younger siblings the family 
                                                            continued to live in Horsham.  
                                              1866      The Rates were recorded  paid nine months after James’s death on the 8th October 1866 by 
                                                            his son Henry Hamilton.  
                                                            The owner of House and Land – Stuart Boulton. Gross Annual value seven pounds 
                                                             – net A.V. six pounds, rated at twelve pounds.  

                                             1867       Frances Elizabeth and her husband John Bass and their children continued to live near the family 
                                                            to add their support, Frances giving birth to a daughter Frances Alice Bass born in Horsham 1867.   

                                             1867/9   Henry continued to the pay rates on the Horsham house, recorded paid by Henry Hamilton for a 
                                                            further three years i.e. 1867-1868-1869.  
                                                            A search of the rate notices for the subsequent five years was made and no further entries were recorded
                                                            for rates paid by any of the Hamilton Family.  It appears that they left Horsham mid to late 1869. 

                                              The move to Pleasant Creek, Victoria; 

                                                            The entire family including Frances Elizabeth and her husband appear to have left Horsham, 
                                                             making the 346 kms south east trek to Pleasant Creek.  
                                                            Although in modern times Pleasant Creek is merely 60 kms NE of Melbourne’s inner City, 
                                                            in this era it was a small country  township.
                                              1869/70 Daughters marry; 
                                                             Charlotte Maria Hamilton married James Adams, a miner, 22nd November 1869 at Pleasant Creek, Victoria.
                                                             Eliza Adella Hamilton married Frederick James Sargent, 18th April 1870, at Pleasant Creek.
                                                             Lucy Hamilton married John Hill at Gordon just east of Ballarat on the 24th October 1870.

                                              1871:     The move to Sandhurst, Victoria; 
                                                             In 1871 the Entire Family including the girls and their spouses moved further northwest, closer to the
                                                             then booming goldfields to Sandhurst near Bendigo diggings. The call from miners' needing lodgings
                                                             and home-cooked meals presented opportunity for their mother Fanny with still three dependant children. 
                                                             They settled for the next five years.

                                               Family Life; 
                                                              Fanny was by now fifty-three.  Her unmarried children still living with her were; Henry twenty-six, 
                                                              James twenty-two, Alice Kate 'Ada' seventeen,  Mary Ann fifteen and John thirteen. 
                                                              It was perhaps around this time that Alice Kate displayed the early signs of her later chosen career in

                                                              Her four married daughters were aged; Frances Elizabeth Bass [nee Hillyard] was now thirty-three, 
                                                              Lucy [Hill] now twenty-seven, Charlotte [Adams] twenty-four and Eliza [Sargent] now twenty.  
                                                              All living nearby.
                                                                                       The intimate details of the Fanny's life during the next ten years, 
                                                                                       together with extended information relating to her sons, her daughters
                                                                                       and their respective spouses were so interwoven during the six years 
                                                                                       that this Page is continued in the Story of her daughter 
                                                                                       Charlotte Hamilton and her spouse James Adams.  
                                                                                       Photos included.

                                              1877      By 1877 Fanny now sixty-two had moved from Sandhurst to Melbourne taking with her the youngest
                                                            of her children Mary Ann and possibly young John.   
                                                            Henry and James Pelham are thought to have also gone with her.  It was nearing the end of an era.

                                              1890      Fanny Hamilton dies; 
                                                            Fanny died at St. Leonard’s Hospital at Ascot Vale Melbourne on the 9th November 1890 at the age
                                                            of seventy-two - Cause of Death - ‘Senile Decay’.   The informant was her daughter Eliza Sargent.  
                                                                                                            A Eulogy for Fanny; 
                                                                              Although her final years saw Fanny sit quietly in the background of her children’s 
                                                                              lives. In her twighlight years, her sense of mind had left her, probably lost in the 
                                                                              memories of years gone by as often happens in Senility. 
                                                                              Left to wander through her childhood days with reminiscences of her beloved father 
                                                                              Isaac and the mother she rarely mentioned and the memories of her five years in the 
                                                                              Orphanage and of her beloved little sister Sarah Gowlett.
                                                                              These names were rarely mentioned in the Family Legends, the details went with 
                                                                              her to her grave.      
                                                                              The only glimpse of her past revealed was in her real name 'Adelle' Gowlett, the 
                                                                              legend adamantly professed by the two mentioned aged aunts and later found to 
                                                                              hidden in the middle names of the children of her sister Maria also in later 
                                                                              generations in her grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Her chosen name
                                                                              'Fanny' was the pet name used by her father Issac in her early childhood, the namesake
                                                                              of the little sister he left so long ago in England.  She carried this name from the
                                                                              Orphanage to her death. 
                                                            Fanny Hamilton was buried at the Melbourne Cemetery two days later on the 11th November 1890.
                                                            [Photo [above] in the Introduction]


                           Frances Elizabeth Hillyard [or Hillyard] Fanny’s daughter by her 1st marriage to Edward Hillyard;
                                                  Frances Elizabeth Hillyard had married Thomas Bass at Horsham on the 27th August 1862.  
                                                     Child 1:  Edward Bass born 1863 at Mors [?].   
                                                                      Edward Bass died in 1877 at the age of thirteen. 
                                                     Child 2: John Thomas Bass born 1865 at Wimmera.  
                                                                      John Thomas Bass died in 1866 aged one year. 
                                                     Child 3:  Frances Alice Bass born in 1867 - Horsham.  
                                                                      Frances Alice Bass died in 1882 at St. Kilda at the age of 15 years. 
                                                     Child 4:  Alfred George Bass born 1869 - Pleasant Creek.  
                                                                      Alfred died at North Carlton 1841 at the age of 71yrs. 
                                                     Child 5:  Emily May Bass born 1871 at Stuart Hill, Melb. 
                                                                     Emily died unmarried 1956 at the age of eighty-five.
                                                     Child 6:  May Bass born 1873 - Stuart Hill, Melb. 
                                                                     May died unmarried in 1936 at East Melbourne at the age of 61yrs.  
                                                     Child 7:  Ada Kate Bass born 1877 - St. Kilda.  
                                                                     Ada Kate died in 1895 in Coburg at the age of eighteen.
                                                     Child 8:  Thomas Henry Bass born 1884 - Coburg, Melb. 
                                                                     Thomas died in Melb. in 1965 at the age of eighty-one.
                                                Frances Elizabeth Bass [nee Hillyard] died at Collingwood, in 1905 at the age of sixty-five.
                                                Her husband Thomas Bass survived her by a further seven years and died at Coburgh in 1912 at the age of eighty-one.
                                                See further details of the marriage of Francis Elizabeth Bass & her spouse Thomas Bass in the Biography 
                                                of her brother-in-law James Adams and her sister, Charlotte Adams [nee Hamilton]. 

                                               See more information relating to Thomas Bass, his background & description and further details for Francis 
                                               and her family in the  Biography of her brother-in-law James Adams and her sister Charlotte Maria. 

                           Lucy Hannah ‘Lucihanna’ Hamilton: eldest child of James Hamilton & Fanny [nee Gowlett];
                                                Lucy Hannah Hamilton [aka Lucihannah] married John Hill in 1870 at Pleasant Creek Victoria. 
                                                Lucy was said to have had a beautiful voice and extremely musical.  
                                                John Hill was a teacher and highly educated Description.  
                                                Issue all born at Sandhurst Victoria near Bendigo;
                                                      Child 1: Thomas Henry Christopher Hill born Gordon 14th August 1871. 
                                                                      Married 1899 to Lillian Robina Galletly [1881-1935]  Lillian was formerly a Tivoli Dancer.
                                                                      Thomas died in Los Angeles 1910 at the age of thirty-nine. 
                                                                      Was known to have a lovely singing voice.  He had several issue.
                                                      Child 2:  Harold John Hill born 1873 at Sandhurst. 
                                                                      Married Jean Napier Davidson [born 27/8/1893 [England]-1962]. 
                                                                      Harold was a Mining Engineer. Died in South Africa 1927 at the age of fifty-four.  
                                                                      Had one daughter Pamela Hill b.1920 Pamela was a Novelist.  
                                                      Child 3:  Albert James Hill born 1875 at Sandhurst. Died unmarried 1909 in England at the age of thirty-four. 
                                                      Child 4:  Lela Frances Hill born 1875 at Sandhurst. Married Frank James Thompson [1869-1947] in Perth. 
                                                                      Died 1944 Perth at the age of sixty-nine.  
                                                      Child 5:  Edgar Hamilton Hill born 1879 at Sandhurst. Married Ruby Catherine Cornwall [1896-1962].
                                                                      Edgar died 1940 Wagin W.A. at the age of sixty-one.
                                                      Child 6:  Oswald Stanley Hill born 1881 at Sandhurst. Married Gladys Wells [1887-1972]. 
                                                                      Oswald died Perth 1840 aged 59yrs.
                                                      Child 7:  Horace Norman Hill born 1883 at Sandhurst. Had a lovely singing voice.   
                                                                      Died Perth 1911 at the age of twenty-seven. 
                                                      Child 8:  Clarice Lucy Hill born 4th Feb. 1884 at Sandhurst. Died 1885 aged one year. 
                                                      Child 9:  Hedley William Hill born 1886 at Sandhurst.  Died 16th Feb. 1887 aged one year.

                                                 John Hill 'Gentleman Jim' died at Sandhurst at 1886 at the age of forty-two as a result of injuries resulting 
                                                                    from a fall from his sulky, which had occurred three months prior. 
                                                                    After John’s death Lucy moved to Perth Western Australia with her young children where she 
                                                                    worked as a teacher. Dearly loved by her children who called her  ‘Ma’, while mirroring her own 
                                                                    mother’s amazing courage and perseverance Lucy saw her children all achieve successful careers,
                                                                    also reflecting the education,  presence and demeanor of their dearly loved father. 
                                                                    Several traveled abroad to England, USA and East Africa and one son became a world renown singer.  
                                                                    Many of her children 'adopted' their mother’s maiden name 'Hamilton' as a middle, 
                                                                    or annexed surname ‘Hamilton Hill’.

                                                  Lucy Hannah [nee Hamilton] died in Perth in 1910 at the age of sixty-six. 

                                                 See more information relating to John Hill, his background & description and further details for Lucy 
                                                 and her family in the  Biography of her brother-in-law James Adams and her sister Charlotte Maria.   
                           Henry Yeoman Hamilton: the eldest son of James Hamilton and Fanny [nee Gowlett];
                                                    Henry moved to New South Wales where he worked as a Coach builder. Little is known of his life except 
                                                    that he suffered with alcoholism.  
                                                    On the 8th of  January 1909 Henry presented at Liverpool Asylum in Sydney’s outer suburb of  Liverpool.  
                                                    The hospital was established primarily for the care of the destitute and needy.  On arrival his condition 
                                                     was assessed and Henry was admitted in an acute state, he was seen again by Medical Staff  J.A. Beatie 
                                                     two days later on the 10th and died soon after.   
                                                    Officially Henry Yeoman Hamilton died on the 10th  January 1909, the official cause – acute alcoholism.  
                                                    He was buried at the Church of England Section of Liverpool Cemetery at the age of sixty-four.   
                                                    His Occupation was noted as 'Coach builder' on his Death Certificate.  
                                                    His birth and parents details were recorded with perfect accuracy including middle names.  
                                                    He was recorded 'unmarried.  The informant was Bertha M. Long of Liverpool. 

                                                                        See more information relating to the Hamilton family in the
                                                           Biography of his brother-in-law James Adams and his sister Charlotte Maria. 

                          Charlotte Maria Hamilton:  daughter of James Hamilton and Fanny [nee Gowlett]; 
                                                    Charlotte Maria Hamilton married James Adams 22nd November 1869 at Pleasant Creek, Victoria.   

                                                    For the Full Story of Charlotte Hamilton's marriage to James Adams and her children ACCESS HERE.
                                   James Pelham Hamilton:  Second son of James Hamilton and Fanny [nee Gowlett]; 

                                                     Written by J.Adams based on information kindly supplied by J. Brownlow.
                                                     At the age of twenty-eight James Pelham Hamilton married Caroline Weavers on the 16th June 1877 
                                                     at Binda near Crookwell, just north of Canberra near Goulburn NSW.

                                                                    Caroline Weavers was born 9th August 1853 at Crooked Corner, NSW, the daughter of 
                                                                    Thomas Weavers and his wife Mary nee Brownlow.
                                                                    Caroline had one child before her marriage, a daughter Caroline Weavers baptised 6th November 1853
                                                                    in the Wesleyan Church. 
                                                                    Further information relating to the Weaver & Brownlow Family is available by contacting
                                                                    J.Brownlow via the webmaster in 'Contact' above. 

                                                    James & Caroline remained at Binda after their marriage, where James worked as a Miner.   
                                                    The naming of their children reflects the deep bond held between the Hamilton siblings. 
                                                         Child 1:  Adeline Mary Hamilton born 1877 - Binda, NSW - Died 3rd Feb 1913, Junction Point.
                                                                        Married James Hendry 13th Feb 1899 - 'Burwood', Binda, a carpenter, born c.1844 the son of John Hendry 
                                                                        & his wife Ellen nee McGinley. Had issue. Further information available.
                                                         Child 2:  Francis Elizabeth Hamilton born 21st October, 1878 - Binda, NSW. Died at an advanced age. 
                                                                        Married Stephen Russell George [1869-1963] 14th June 1899 in Crookwell, NSW - born 29th Sept. 1869 
                                                                        Jerrara, NSW, the son of George George and his wife Harriet nee Russell. Had issue. Further information available.  
                                                         Child 3:  Mary Ann Hamilton born 7th January 1881 - Gunning, NSW,  Died at an advanced age. 
                                                                        Married Edward George 14th Dec. 1898 the son of Frederick George and his wife Frances Reeves of 
                                                                        Nowra, NSW.  Had issue. Further information available.
                                                         Child 4:  William Henry Hamilton born 28th May 1884 - Crookwell.
                                                                        Married 1] Emily E. Benyon in 1911 - Lithgow, NSW; Married 2] Elsie Byrne in 1913 - Orange, NSW.  
                                                         Child 6:  James Francis Hamilton born 1885 - Gunning, NSW.
                                                                        Married Mary Jane O'Connell in 1915 - Goulburn. 
                                                         Child 7:  Lillah Edith Maud Hamilton born 30th August, 1888 - Lost River.  Died at an advanced age.
                                                         Child 8:  Lucy Hamilton born 23rd November 1891 - Binda.
                                                                        Had one known child, a daughter Eva Eacott Hamilton in 1911 at Binda. Further information available.

                                                     James’ life ended prematurely and in tragic circumstances, when his youngest child Lucy was barely two 
                                                     years old.   James was found drowned after a violent thunderstorm in the area on the 4th March 1893. 
                                                     His body found at Lost River Crookwell, a few miles from his home.  James was forty-four.

                                                             Crookwell Gazette: Wednesday 8th March 1893 -kindly sent by J. Brownlow;
                                                                            'Death by Drowning 
                                                                            Mr. James Hamilton of Lost River was drowned in the Crookwell River Saturday
                                                                            night last. Deceased had been working for Mr. Henry Carr, somewhere beyond
                                                                            Binda and was on his way home on horseback. He called at Binda where he was
                                                                            last seen by Mr. W. Rolfe. Next morning he was found washed up against a 
                                                                            tree, by, we believe Mr. Webster, about ¼ mile below where the Crookwell
                                                                            crosses the Wheeo Binda road.  An inquiry was held by Mr. E. A. Webster
                                                                            yesterday and Mr. S. L. Cox, when a verdict of accidental drowning was
                                                                            returned.  Deceased was about 40 years of age and leaves a wife and six 
                                                                            children in very distressed circumstances.

                                                                            FLOOD AT CROOKWELL
                                                                            Telegrams from Crookwell report rough weather. On Saturday a thunderstorm,
                                                                            which was unusually severe commenced about four o'clock and within two hours
                                                                            two inches of rain fell flooding the low-lying portions of the town.
                                                                            roger's store and several private homes were inundated. The river rose a 
                                                                            banker and carried away fences, culvers, and one bridge.  Heavy rain fell on 
                                                                            Saturday night and Sunday with the thunder storms. the total official 
                                                                            register was 540 points.  The police report having found the body of a man
                                                                            named James Hamilton washed up into a willow tree, three miles from Binda, 
                                                                            in the Crookwell River.  The deceased left the Binda royal Hotel about twelve
                                                                            o'clock on Saturday night for Lost River where he resided on a selection.  On
                                                                            Sunday morning Mr. A Webster found his horse in a paddock and mad a search
                                                                            along the river without result.  He then went for the police and they found 
                                                                            the body half a mile below the crossing, a magisterial inquiry was held
                                                                            yesterday and a verdict of accidental drowning was returned.  Hamilton, who
                                                                            was 40 years old, leaves a widow and six children totally unprovided for.

                                                     James Hamilton was survived by his widow Caroline Hamilton [nee Weavers] of sixteen years marriage and his 
                                                     six children; Adeline aged Francis aged 16; Frances aged 15; Mary Ann aged 12; James aged 9; Lillah aged 5 
                                                     and Lucy aged two years.

                                                     His widow remarried in 1895 to Peter Cavill, the witnesses to the marriage were her mother, 
                                                     now Mary Ann Derwin and her step-father James Derwin.  
                                                     His widow Caroline Cavil [formerly Hamilton, nee Weavers] died at Lost River on the 1st May 1904.
                                                                 Obituary:  Argyle Liberal: Tuesday 3rd May 1904 - kindly sent by J. Brownlow;
                                                                                    SUDDEN DEATH. It is with regret that we record the death of Mrs Peter Cavill, 
                                                                                    which took place at her residence off the Wheeo road, about six miles from 
                                                                                    Crookwell, on sunday afternoon last.  It appears that deceased suffered from 
                                                                                    bleeding at the throat, and was attended for this complaint by Dr. Pawlett
                                                                                    some two months ago.  Deceased recovered from the attack, and was up and
                                                                                    about her usual health to the day of her death, in fact she assisted in
                                                                                    cooking the family dinner on Sunday.  Shortly before dinner time on Sunday a
                                                                                    severe attack of bleeding at the throat and nose took place, and all efforts
                                                                                    to stop the bleeding were to now avail, death taking place some two hours
                                                                                    after its commencement, and before medical assistance could be procured.
                                                                                    Deceased was 52 years of age, and had resided in this district all her life, 
                                                                                    being highly respected by all who were acquainted with her.  We beg to extend
                                                                                    our sympathy to the bereaved family in their sad and sudden loss.

                                                                  Obituary - Crookwell Gazette: Friday 6th May, 1904 - kindly sent by J. Brownlow;

                                                                                    SUDDEN DEATH. A sudden death occurred at Lost River on Sunday afternoon last,
                                                                                    the victim being Mrs. Cavill, wife of Mr. P. Cavill, of that part.  She had been
                                                                                    ailing for some time past and was under medical treatment, but on Sunday
                                                                                    afternoon appeared no worse than usual.  However, she was suddenly attacked
                                                                                    in the afternoon and succumbed within two hours. An inquest was dispensed

                          Eliza Adella Hamilton: daughter of James Hamilton and Fanny [nee Gowlett]; 
                                                     Eliza Adella Hamilton married  Frederick Sargent in 1870 at Pleasant Creek Victoria.
                                                           Child 1: Frances Margaret Sargent born 1871 at Sandhurst. 
                                                                           Died at the age five years 1876 at Sandhurst.
                                                           Child 2: Frederick James Sargent born 1874 at Sandhurst. 
                                                                           Married Mabel Maude Holland, 1903 at Bendigo.
                                                           Child 3: William Henry Sargent, born 1875 at Sandhurst.
                                                                          Married Katherine Lillian Slavery, 1911 NSW. Died 1928 Caulfield - 53yrs                 
                                                           Child 4: Florence Eliza Sargent in 1876 at Sandhurst. 
                                                                           Married Frank Gillard, 1916 Victoria. Died at an advanced age.
                                                           Child 5: Albert Edward Sargent born 1879 at El.Ho [?].  
                                                           Child 6: Adella Ada, born 1881 Collingwood, Melbourne.
                                                                          Married Thomas Giniven, 1907 at Collingwood. Died 1960 at an advanced age.                    
                                                           Child 7: Caroline Victoria Sargent, born 1882 at Hawthorn, Melbourne. 
                                                                           Died at Port Melbourne in 1884  aged 23 months.
                                                           Child 8: Eda May Sargent, born 1884 at Melbourne. 
                                                                           Married James Battley, 1914 Victoria.
                                                            Child 9: Evelyn Beatrice Hamilton Sargent, born 1886 at Essendon. 
                                                                           Married George Gulliver, 1910 Victoria. Died 1964 - 76yrs.
                                                            Child 10: Athol Theodore Sargent, born 1888 at Essendon.
                                                            Child 11: Alexandria Violet Sargent [twin], born 1892 at Ken Hill Melb. 
                                                                           Married George Swindon 1920, Victoria. Died 1963 - 70yrs.
                                                            Child 12: Ronald Victor Sargent [twin], born 1892 at Ken Hill Melbourne.  
                                                                           Died 14th Oct 1893 aged 15 mths – cause Gastroenteritis & Pleurophenomonia – duration 3 weeks].

During this time Frederick worked as a builder but due to a recession in the 1890's, lost his money. It was around that time he joined one of the Mens' Lodges in Melbourne. Frederick Sargent died in 1895 after an operation at the age of 52 years. He was survived by his wife Eliza of twenty-five years marriage and and their five surviving children, all under the age of sixteen. Eliza [nee Hamilton] survived him by a further 41 years and died at “Levuka” Private Hospital, Nelson Road, Box Hill on the 12th February 1936 at the age of eighty-three, the cause noted as Arteriosclerosis and chronic myocarditis – years. Eliza was buried the following day at Melbourne Cemetery. See more information relating to Frederick Sargent, his background & description and further details for Eliza and her family in the Biography of her brother-in-law James Adams and her sister Charlotte Maria. Frederick Sargent's lineage is also linked.
Alice ‘Ada’ Kate Hamilton daughter of James Hamilton and Fanny nee Gowlet;
                                                      Alice Kate never married, she dedicated her life to Nursing and likely remained living with or near her
                                                      mother Fanny for most of her life.  At her Retirement she lived at 1 Yarra Street Hawthorn.
                                                      Alice Kate Hamilton was admitted to the “St.George’s Private Hospital in Cotham Road, Kew where
                                                      she died unmarried and without issue on the 8th May 1941 at the age of  87 – the cause: Cerebral hemorrhage
                                                      – 2 days,  Arteriosclerosis.  Her occupation was recorded: Nurse [retired].  
                                                      The Doctor attended her last on the day before her death.  
                                                      Alice Kate Hamilton was interred at the Melbourne General Cemetery at Carlton. 
                                   Mary Ann Hamilton [nee Hamilton] – daughter of James Hamilton and Fanny Gowlet;
                                                       Mary Ann Hamilton married James Hamilton at the Registry Office at Fitzroy on the 6th December 1880.
                                                       James Hamilton was born in 1837 in Scotland, the son of John Hamilton and Isabella [nee Morrison].  
                                                       After their marriage Mary Ann and James settled at the Melbourne suburb of Carlton then later at Richmond.
                                                              Child 1: Isabella Hamilton born 1881 at Carlton.
                                                              Child 2: Ada Hamilton born 1885 at Richmond.
                                                       The family then living at 4 Cremourne Street Richmond.   No further births were found recorded.  

                                                        Mary Ann Hamilton [nee Hamilton] died on the 22nd April 1897 at Gippsland Hospital Melbourne 
                                                        at the age of thirty-eight, buried at Melbourne General Cemetery.   
                                                        She was survived by her husband James of seventeen years marriage and her two daughters Isabella 
                                                        aged 15yrs and Ada twelve.  
                                                        Her husband James survived her a further fourteen years and died at Cheltenham at the age of seventy four.

                                                                                     See more detailed information relating to the family in the 
                                                                 Biography of her brother-in-law James Adams and her sister Charlotte Maria.
                           John Adams: Youngest child of James and Fanny;
                                                        The last record relating to John was on his mother’s death certificate [1890] aged 30yrs.  
                                                        No further details have been found to date. 

                                                                                 See more detailed information relating to the family in the 
                                                                 Biography of his brother-in-law James Adams and his sister Charlotte Maria.

                                                                                                              The continuing story of Fanny, her daughter Charlotte and her sisters with their spouses after the death of James Hamilton, in greater detail.