Lucas Family

                                 John Richard Lucas                       Spouse1: Sarah Porter           Spouse2: Susannah Wilson
                               [1816-1883]                                            [1825-1854]                                 [1830-1909]

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                                                                                                     of Collingwood, Victoria formerly of Tasmania. 
                                                                                                                 Birth, Parents, Early Life
                                                                                                                 Spouse 1: Sarah nee Porter [1825-1854]
                                                                                                                 Life at Horton & Diamond Head
                                                                                                                 Sarah's death
                                                                                                                 John Pascoe Fawkner 
                                                                                                                 Spouse 2: Susannah Wilson [1830-1909]
                                                                                                      M.1:   John Richard Lucas[Jnr][1841-1841]
                                                                                                      M.1:   Ann Lucas[1] [1842-1842]
                                                                                                      M.1:   Sophia Lucas[1843-assumed died young
                                                                                                      M.1:   Ann Lucas[2] [1845-1836]
                                                                                                      M.1:   Susan Lucas[1847-1921]  
                                                                                                      M.1:   Thomas Pascoe Lucas[1850-1880]
                                                                                                      M.1:   Sarah Lucas[1852- assumed died young   
                                                                                                      M.2:   [Twins] Ada Lucas[1856-1856] & Mary Lucas[1856-1856]
                                                                                                      M.2:   John Nathaniel Lucas[1858-?]
                                                                                                      M.2:   Lucy Patterson Lucas[1859-1859]
                                                                                                      M.2:   Ada Lucas[1859-post 1883] [could be surviving twin] 
                                                                                                      M.2:   Amelia Lucas[1861-1861] 
                                                                                                      M.2:   Rebecca Emma Lucas[1862-1879]
                                                                                                      M.2:   Sarah Lucrettia Lucas[1865-1945]
                                                                                                      M.2:   Mary Naomi Lucas[1869-post 1883] 
                                                                                                      M.2:   Edward Ambrose Lucas[1870-1941]
                                                                                                      M.2:   William Ernest Lucas[1873-post 1883]





1833: John Richard

1841: Marriage1:


Issue - Marriage1:
1841: Child 1: 

1842: Child 2: 

1843: Move to Horton:

1843: Child 3: 
1845: Child 4:
1847: Child 5:
1850: Child 6:

1851: Mother dies:

1852: Child 7:

1853: Diamond Head
and his sister Ann:

1854: Sarah dies, 
Tragedy of Flood: 

1854: Maternal 
Grandmother dies: 

1855: Letter from 
Uncle J.P. Fawkner: 

1855: Subsequent 
Letter from JPF:

1856: Marriage2:

1856: The Twins:


1858: Child 10:

1859: Child 11:

c.1859:Child 12:

1861: Melbourne: 

1861: Child 13: 

1862: Father dies:
The Tragic Accident
at Hobart:  

1862:Child 14:

1865:Child 15:

1867:Child 16:  

1869: Beneficiary:

1870:Child 17:

1871 Insolvent: 

1873:Child 18:

1879: Daughter
Rebecca dies

1883:  DEATH 
John Richard Lucas dies; 

1909: Widow dies: 
John Richard Lucas was born 13th December 1816 the son of Richard Lucas & his wife Elizabeth nee Fawkner. 
He was born a year after his Paternal Grandfather's death. His birth date was recorded nine years later at his Baptism, 
on the 14th December 1825 at Hobart Town, the Ceremony performed by William Bedford, his sister Amelia Sophia Lucas
 was baptised on the same day.  He seven siblings and a had a half-brother:  Thomas Green [the younger] [1810-post 1846]  
by his mother's previous marriage. 

John Richard's grandparents arrived at Sydney Cove during the first two years of the Colony. Born in England, his 
grandfather Thomas Lucas, a former Marine of the First Fleet to Botany Bay leaving the motherland in 1787.  
His grandmother Ann Howard was a former convict of the 2nd Fleet arriving in 1790. 
After remaining at Sydney Cove the couple settled with a grant of land at the fledgling Colony at Norfolk Island. 
They were relocated at Brown’s River near Hobart Town in 1808.  His grandfather was a Freemason and much research 
has been done regarding the Family's ties in England. 

John Richard's mother Elizabeth was the daughter of John Fawkner [convict] and his wife Hannah [nee Pascoe],
who were one of the first families to colonize Hobart after an aborted attempt at a settlement at Sullivan’s Cove in 1803.  
At the age of nine Elizabeth with her mother and brother, were free settlers voyaging on the same ship as her convict father 
John Fawkner.

John Richard and his siblings spent their early childhood around Glenorchy, Tasmania.   
Their father was known to have held Nash's Farm bequeathed to him by his father and subsequently held a further 100 acres 
next to his younger brothers Nathaniel had the 100 acres on the other side of John to the south east in the District of Strandford,
which lay a few miles north of Kingston where their father’s original Grant lay.

Hobart Courier: Friday 29th March, 1833;
Whereas on Wednesday night, the 20th instant, my apprentice John Richard Lucas,  aged 15yrs, absconded from my 
service without any lawful cause or provocation, and carried off with him some money and sundry other articles, 
my property.  All persons are hereby cautioned against  harbouring or employing the said John Richard Lucas, 
my apprentice, as a warrant has been granted by the Assistant Police Magistrate for his apprehension.
William  Copperwheat. Coroner of Bathurst and Argyle Streets. March 28th  1833.
National Library of Australia [NLA] online  
Later investigations revealed that William Copperwheat was a wheelwright in Hobart.
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At the age of twenty-four John Richard Lucas formed a relationship with fifteen-year-old Sarah Porter and 
a child was conceived in November 1840.
Five months later John Richard Lucas married Sarah Porter then sixteen, on the 10th April 1841, 
the marriage recorded at Hobart Town according the rites of the Church of England, the officiating 
Minister was W. J. Aislabie.  
The witnesses on the document were William Pascoe Lucas and Amelia Sophia Lucas, the siblings of John.  
All parties signed their names and John Richard was recorded as a Publican.

Sarah Porter was baptised at Hobart Town on the 9th May 1825 the daughter of George Porter [convict] 
                        and his wife Susannah O'Brien [baptised Susannah Mely Screech 1790].  
                        Sarah's father George Porter was previously a convict arriving on the 2nd Fleet to Sydney Cove 
                        per Scarborough [2nd voyage] in 1790. 
                        Sarah's mother Susannah was 20years younger than her father and was born at sea aboard 
                        the 'Lady Juliana' arriving as an infant in 1790 the daughter of Susannah Mortimer [Convict].
                        The Porters were also early settlers in Glenorchy near Hobart and both George and Susannah
                        had been resettled from the early Norfolk Island farming settlement in 1808. 
                        They later settled at Black Snake [now known as Graton] on the edge of the Derwent River, 
                        7kms south of Brighton where her father was now a Constable and Farmer.
John Richard’s recorded occupation as Publican is not surprising in that both his paternal and maternal 
Uncles were also involved in the Industry.  
1)  His Paternal Uncle Thomas Lucas [the younger] who had became the licensee of the “City of London Arms”  
     Hotel in Campbell Street, Hobart in October 1823.  
     At the time of John Richard’s marriage in 1841, his uncle Thomas Lucas was by then forty-seven and a 
     successful businessman.  Thomas also had interests in the Whaling Industry but always retained his 
     license for the Hotel, recorded as living on the premises till his death in 1846. 
     [details in the Epilogue - Biography of his paternal grandfather father Thomas Lucas 'Snr']
2)  John Richard's Maternal Uncle John Pascoe Fawkner had built the Cornwall Hotel at Launceston. 
     John Richard Lucas was considered JPF's favorite nephew. 
     [details of JPF in the Epilogue - Biography of his maternal grandfather John Fawkner] 
3)   William Patterson the spouse the spouse of John Richard's mother's Aunt i.e. Elizabeth Patterson nee O'Brien 
       who was the half-sister of Sarah's mother.  
       William was licensee at 'The Mogul Tavern' in Argyle St. in 1837 & the 'Pembroke Inn' Richmond/Sorell in 1849.
       [See details in the Epilogue - Biography of Susannah Mortimer & Thomas O'Brien]
John Richard named one of his daughters Lucy 'Patterson' Lucas.
After their marriage John Richard and Sarah moved to Brighton where four months later Sarah gave birth to a son, John Richard Lucas born on the 6th August 1841 This child did not to survive and died 12 days later on the 18th August 1841. Remaining at Brighton their second child Ann Lucas was born on the 13th June 1842.   This child also did not survive buried the next day on 28th June 1842. The following year in 1843 John Richard and Sarah traveled to the far north of the Island some distance to Horton where more Issue were born. Sophia Lucas born 19th May 1843 at Horton. Ann Lucas[unnamed female] born 28th August 1845 at Horton. Child 5: Susan Lucas born 15th July 1847 at Horton. Child 6: Thomas Pascoe Lucas born 2nd February 1850 at Horton. John Richard's mother Elizabeth Lucas [nee Fawkner] died at the age of fifty-six on the 23rd April 1851 of an abscess on the lung at his paternal Uncle John Lucas's property at Kingston. JR's uncle John Lucas was noted as the informant. Child 7: Sarah Lucas [unnamed female] b. 11th August 1852 at Horton. John Richard purchased 80 acres of land from Mr. Emmett at Diamond Head near Horton, North Tasmania, buying the adjoining parcel of acreage to his sister Ann and her husband William Coventry who had also moved to the area. Diamond Head: Mr. Emmett was already a prominent figure at Circular Head when he bought the block. A well respected official who had worked originally as the VDL Co. clerk and storekeeper, Emmett left their employ after nine years. He was a coroner in 1855, was acting police magistrate for a short period ending in 1856 and was later a member of the Circular Head Marine Board. Two years after Emmett's purchase, the company recorded the names of 15 further buyers, most of them described as farmers. It is not clear however how many occupied their land in 1853 and some, like the surgeon, Dr Andrew Mowbray, and cleric, Rev.T.N. Grigg, would have seen it as an investment.   Denis Carroll, who bought 80 acres, was one of the early Forest settlers, as were Samuel Atkins and John Richard Lucas. Other farmers who bought land were Thomas Gray, Henry Webb, William Smedley, Thomas Brugh, William Coventry and John Robinson."
Sarah Lucas was buried at Horton on the 3rd June 1854 at the recorded age of twenty-nine, 
the cause of death noted as ‘Flooding’.
Note:  Two of Sarah's daughters i.e. Sophia Lucas [who would have been now aged eleven] 
and Sarah Lucas [now aged two years] have not been found on subsequent records.   

Sarah was survived by  her husband John Richard Lucas of thirteen years marriage and her 
surviving children; [Sophia aged eleven?], Ann aged nine, Susan aged seven, Thomas Pascoe 
aged four and [Sarah aged two?].  
It is almost certain that John Richard’s sister Amelia and her husband William Coventry living 
nearby, helped John Richard with his young children during and after the tragedy.

Three months later John Richard's Maternal Grandfather John Fawkner [the elder], 
 died on the 24th September 1854 of Bronchitis at Pascoe vale, Victoria at the age of  84 years. 
His widow [3rd wife] soon after lived with his son John Pascoe Fawkner and his wife Eliza [nee Cobb].
A year after Sarah’s death John Richard received a letter from his maternal Uncle John Pascoe Fawkner in Melbourne,
who had also written a similar letter to John Richard’s father Richard Lucas.  
The aging Uncle asked if John might consider sending one of his daughters to the mainland for company for his wife 
and in return he would see to her education. John Richard sent his daughter Ann.
31st  March 1855 Collingwood.
            Dear Richard [meaning John Richard]                                 
            I did not write sooner, thinking that I would visit VDLand.  At present this is not likely.   
            How are you, and the family.  How many are you - what are you doing, are you  prospering 
            or not – write [back] fully.  Mrs. Fawkner, says that she wants a little girl for company 
            – Have you  any such little one – can you interest her if you have one in Mrs. F – she will 
            see to her education and future advancement, and as we have no children, it might be of 
            advantage to one of yours.  Think it over and let us know at your earliest. I have written 
            your father on the same subject.  Both the Mrs. Fawkners* are well, I am a little better.
            Accept dear Richard my best wishes for you and yours and believe me your true friend 
            John Pascoe Fawkner.
            To Mr. R Lucas Circular Head  VDLand.
             Original: The Pioneer Families of Faulkner, Lucas, Orpen, Sproule, Gerlach by R.V. Gerlach
* Meaning John PF's wife Eliza and his widowed step-mother. 
June 7th 1855, Smith Street, Collingwood
Dear Nephew,
            Your daughter arrived here safe and well yesterday – Mrs F. and I were out at Pascoe vale 
            but we had a female in charge of the house who received and took care of Anne. 
            She was sick on the passage but soon got over that.  The Viper came up the River, and the 
           Captain brought Anne out to Collingwood himself. She seems to like the place, and already
           Mrs. F. Senior has begun to teach her. Her voyage has not hurt her in the least, she seems 
           in good health and good Spirit. I think both of the Mrs. F.’s will like her. 
           Anne desires me to state that she sends her love and duty to her dear father and love 
           to her sisters and brother.  Both Mrs Fawkners send their  best respects to you and to all 
           the little ones. I am, my dear Nephew, your friend and relative, 
            John P Fawkner.     
            to J.R.Lucas
            Original: The Pioneer Families of Faulkner, Lucas, Orpen, Sproule, Gerlach by R.V. Gerlach

Richard appears to have returned south to his family where John Richard Lucas married Susan Wilson 
13th May 1856 at Hobart Town. 

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Note: All Newspaper Articles were sourced from the NLA see Bibliography. 

Susan Wilson:  was the daughter of  John Wilson and Rebecca [nee Spitty].
                                       Nothing further is known of Susan prior to her marriage. 
John returned to Circular Head where he fathered the next five of his, ultimately eighteen children.
It is not clear whether his children by his 1st marriage resided with them. Record of John Richard's first 1st Marriage 
and the respective children were absent on his death certificate.

Twins Ada Lucas and Mary Lucas were born 17th November 1856 at Horton.  
Ada died the next day buried on the 18th November 1856 
Mary died three days later on the 20th November 1856.
The couple continued to live at the  property at Horton/Circular Head for a further 4 years at 
which time by 1858 Susan was pregnant and John Richard corresponded with his uncle 
John Pascoe Fawkner at Collingwood, telling him the news and receiving a reply on the
21st July 1858, his uncle delighted.

John Nathaniel Lucas  was born at Horton on the 4th March 1858.

Lucy Patterson Lucas was baptised at Horton on the 14th Sept 1859.
Lucy did not survive and was buried the same day 14th Sept. 1859.

An unrecorded child Ada Lucas mentioned on JR's death Certificate appears to have been born at Horton in 1859
A move across the Tasman brought them to Collingwood, near where John Richard’s Uncle 
John Pascoe Fawkner was known to reside.

Amelia Lucas born in October 1861 at Collingwood.  
Amelia lived only a few weeks, died on the 3rd Dec. 1861.
Cause:-Convulsions; Age 11 weeks.  
Her father was informant signing his name to the document recording their address 
at that time: Easy Street, East Collingwood.

John's father, Richard Lucas was killed in an accident in a cart when driving homeward near Hobart 
on the 22nd January 1862 at the age of sixty-seven. 
His Obituary & also his Funeral notice was advertised in the Hobart Mercury; 
FATAL  ACCIDENT:  We regret to have to announce the sudden and melancholy death ......
FUNERAL  NOTICE: Richard Lucas’ funeral will take place....
Full Transcription See Biography of  Richard Lucas[1796-1862]        

Rebecca Emma Lucas  born 1862 at Collingwood.

Sarah Lucrettia Lucas born 1865 at Collingwood. 

Mary Naomi Lucas born 1867 at Collingwood.
John Richard's maternal uncle John Pascoe Fawkner died at his home at Smith Street Collingwood 
on 4th September 1869 at the age of seventy-seven. He had one of the largest Funerals in Melbourne, 
hundreds lining the streets to pay their last respects to the eminent Statesman.   
JPF died Testate, John Richard Lucas and his siblings were named as Legatees receiving equal 
shares of a 17th part of his Estate. See the Epilogue in the Biography of John Fawkner 'snr' 

Edward Ambrose Lucas born 1870 at Collingwood.

Several Newspaper Articles at the NLA Newspapers [Online] report John Richard's Insolvant Estate.  

William Ernest Lucas born 1873 at Collingwood.

The next recorded event for the family was the death of John and Susan's daughter Rebecca Emma Lucas, 
died 29th September 1879; 
Occupation Tailoress; Cause: "Erysipelas extending to the brain" Duration 4 days; Age 17 years. 
Her death registered by her father J.R.Lucas of Sudby Villa, Hoddle Street, Collingwood, 
Father's Occupation – Dealer. Mother: Susannah Lucas formerly Wilson.
John Richard’s handwriting as informant is visibly unsteady.
Note: Death was very rare in this infection.

Four years later, John Richard Lucas died at Melbourne Hospital on the 30th June 1883 aged sixty-five as
a result of “injuries accidentally received by getting off a train whilst in motion”. 
The incident occurred at East Richmond Railway Station. John's first marriage to Sarah Porter nor any of 
his children were recorded on his death certificate.                                                 
Only his marriage and children by his 2nd wife Susannah nee Wilson were recorded on the document as; 
John Lucas 24yrs,  Ada Lucas 23yrs, Sarah Lucas 18yrs, Mary Lucas 16yrs, Edmund Lucas 15yrs,
William Lucas 10yrs and '4 dead'.  

An Inquest was held - Reported in The Argus Melbourne, 4th July 1883;
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His widow Susannah Lucas [nee Wilson] survived him by a further twenty-six years.  
Susannah in 1909 at Richmond Victoria recorded aged 79yrs, the daughter of  John Wilson and Rebecca [nee Spitty].
Sophia Lucas [1843-?]:  born 19th May 1843 Horton, of John Richard Lucas and his 1st wife Sarah [nee Porter].
                                                  No further evidence for Sophia has been found to date, although her sister full sister Susan named 
                                                  her youngest child’s middle name 'Sophia', suggesting that the two sisters may have been together for some time.
                                                  She may have died aged 11yrs with her mother in the Flooding at Diamond Head in 1854 and her body not found
                                                  thus no burial.
                                                  Her youngest sister Sarah, aged 2yrs in 1834 who certainly died before 1862 with no record of death/burial may  
                                                  also have died under the same circumstance. 
                                                  See note relating to her mother's death.
Ann Lucas [1845-1936]:  born 28th August 1845 Horton, of John Richard Lucas and his 1st wife Sarah [nee Porter].

                                                  Ann Lucas remained with her maternal uncle John Pascoe Fawkner .  
                                                  At the age of forty-one she married a friend of the Fawkners’ John James Walsh [her senior by 20 years] 
                                                  at Geelong in 1884 under the name 'Elizabeth' Ann Lucas.
                                                  There were two possible children of the marriage born to John 'Joseph' Walsh and Elizabeth Ann Lucas;
                                                                      John Joseph Walsh born at Kew, Victoria in 1885
                                                                      Robert Butler Walsh born at Drouin? in 1888
                                                  The birth of Robert would have brought Ann's age to forty-five. 
                                                   If same John Joseph Walsh died in 1877 at the age of sixty-six.  
                                                  In later life Ann surrounded her home with Memorabilia relating to her paternal uncle John Pascoe Fawkner. 
                                                  Ann Walsh nee Lucas died in Victoria in 1936 at the age of ninety-three. 
Susan Lucas [1847-1921]: born 15th July 1847, of John Richard Lucas and his 1st wife Sarah [nee Porter].

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                                                                           One of several Family Photos displayed in the Detailed Biography of Susan Lucas [separate page]
                                                   Marriage 1:    At the age of twenty three Susan Lucas married 1 James Ferguson Kay at Horton in 1866.  
                                                                            Susan and James had seven children.  [see full details in the Biography]              
                                                                            Sarah Kay:  born 1867, Tasmania: Died 1883 recorded aged 8yrs, Melbourne, Victoria.
                                                                            James Kay:  born 1868, Tasmania: Died 1884 at the recorded aged 15yrs, Port Melbourne, Victoria. 
                                                                            George Charles Kay:  born 1870, married Mary Ann Nickell 1892, died 1940 aged 70yrs, Melbourne, Victoria. 
                                                                            John Richard Kay:  born 1873 Emerald H.  Died 1874 Emerald H, recorded aged 4 months, Melbourne, Vic. 
                                                                            John Pascoe Fawkner Kay:  born 1876, Sandhurst, Melbourne. Died unmarried in Victoria 22nd December 1952.
                                                                            Elizabeth ‘Rhodah’ Belinda Kay: born 1878, Sandhurst, Melbourne, Victoria. 
                                                                                         Returned to her mother's family in Tasmania where at the age of  thirty-seven 
                                                                                         Elizabeth Rhoda Belinda Kay married Edward Timothy O'Brien on 13 January 1915 in Smithstown, 
                                                                                         Tasmania. No issue has been found so far. 
                                                                           Florence ‘Melbah’ Kay: baptized 1881 at Sandhurst,  married Frederick William Jose 1905, 
                                                                                          they had two children [Family Photos]; 
                                                  James Ferguson Kay died 22nd March 1883 at the recorded age of 45yrs.

                                                  Marriage 2: At the age of forty-one Susan married 2 Henry Frederick William Ehlers, on the 15th October 1887
                                                  at Port Melbourne.  Henry was a German immigrant.  
                                                  The family continued to live in Melbourne where they had a successful bicycle shop.  
                                                  Susan had a further two children by her second husband. [see full details in the Biography]
                                                  Henry Frederick William Ehlers [Jnr.]: born 1788 at Port Melbourne.  
                                                                      Henry married twice and had in all seven children.  
                                                                      He was a veteran of Gallopolli and also served in France during WWI.  
                                                                      Henry died at Victoria on the 8th November 1965.
                                                  Ivy Sophia Ehlers: born 1891 Port Melbourne.  Full Biography:  
                                                                      At the age of twenty-two Ivy Ehlers married fifty-four year old widower William James Scard.  
                                                                      Ivy and William had four children.  Ivy died in Sydney in 1976.                 
                                                  Susan Ehlers [formerly Kay, nee Lucas] died at her home in Albert Park, Melbourne on the 2nd June 1921 
                                                  at the age of seventy-three.  
                                                  Her spouse Henry Ehlers had preceded her by three months, taking his own life in the March.
                                                  For more information access The Biography of Susan Lucas

Thomas Pascoe Lucas [1850-1880]: born 2nd February 1850, of John Richard Lucas & his 1st wife Sarah [nee Porter].

                                                 Thomas Pascoe Lucas married Hannah Eastlake in 1876 in Victoria. 
                                                 They had only one recorded child: 
                                                 Amy Elizabeth at Sale in 1878. 
                                                 Thomas Pascoe Lucas died at Sale, Victoria in 1880 at the age of thirty-three.   
Sarah Lucas [1852-before 1862]:  born 1852 at Horton, of John Richard Lucas and his 1st wife Sarah [nee Porter].

                                                 Sarah certainly appears to have died young, implied by the birth a second 'Sarah' i.e. Sarah Luctretia Lucas 
                                                 by John Richard's second wife in 1862.
                                                 She may have died aged 2yrs with her mother in the Flood at Diamond Head 1834 and her body not found, 
                                                 thus no burial record.
                                                 Her sister Sophia also of whom there is no subsequent record, aged 11yrs in 1834 my also have died under the 
                                                 same circumstance.                                    

John Nathaniel Lucas [1858-post 1888]: born 1858 in Victoria, of John Richard Lucas and his 2nd wife Susannah [nee Wilson];

                                                  John married1 Lizzie Cross
                                                  John married2 Annie Maria Munton in 1880. They had five 'known' children; 
                                                             Frances Rebecca Lucas born 1880. 
                                                             Richard Earnest Lucas born 1882. 
                                                             Annie May Lucas born 1884 - did not survive, buried 1886 aged 2 at Williamstown Victoria; 
                                                             Alice Petra Lucas born 1886
                                                             Clara Ruby Lucas born 1888. 

Ada Lucas [1859-post 1883]  of John Richard Lucas and his 2nd wife Susannah nee Wilson;

                                                             Ada was mentioned on the Death Certificate of her father in 1883 still living.  
                                                             She would have been aged twenty-four at this time. No further information.               

Sarah Lucrettia Lucas [1865-1945]: born 1865 of John Richard Lucas and his 2nd wife Susannah [nee Wilson];
                                                             Sarah married William Clark. 
                                                             She died in 1945. 

Edward Ambrose Lucas [1870-1941]: born 1870 of John Richard Lucas and his 2nd wife Susannah [nee Wilson];
                                                             Edward married Elizabeth Hartley. 
                                                             He died in 1941.  

William Ernest Lucas [1873-?]: born 1873: of John Richard Lucas and his 2nd wife Susannah [nee Wilson];
                                                             William married Isabella Barkas.  
                                                             They had three known children. 
BDM's & Certificates:    Tasmania:  Tasmania Archives.
                                            Victoria:     Victorian BDM [CD] & online.                                       
Newspaper Articles: National Library Australia [NLA] online:
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