Lucas Family

                                                Richard Lucas                                    Elizabeth Fawkner      
                                                  [c.1794-1862]                                                           [1796-1851]

                                                                                                 Early Tasmanian Settlers


                                                                                                 Ann Lucas [1816-1906]                  
                                                                                                 John Richard Lucas [1817-1883]
                                                                                                 Amelia Sophia Lucas [1820-1890]
                                                                                                 Mary Louisa Lucas [1822-?]
                                                                                                 William Pascoe Lucas [1824-1872]
                                                                                                 Nathaniel Lucas [1826-1888]
                                                                                                 James Lucas [1830-1915] 
                                                                                                 Alfred Anguish Lucas [1832-1913]
                                                                                                 Walter Charles Lucas [1835-1918] 
                                                                                                 Thomas Green [the younger] [1810-Post 1869] son of Elizabeth.
Birth & Childhood:

1815: Richard's father dies:

1816:Child 1: Ann:

1816: Richard marries:

Elizabeth Fawkner:

1817: Child 2: John Richard:

1819: Appointed Poundkeeper

1820:Child 3: Amelia Sophia

Catching up:

1821: Increases land holdings:

1821: Theft of Richard's Watch:

1821: The Stray Bull:

1822:Child 4: Mary Louisa: 
1824:Child 5: William Pascoe: 
1826:Child 6: Nathaniel:

1827: Petitioned the Governor:

1829: Black Bush:  

1830:Child 7: James: 

1832:Richard's Mother dies:

1832:Child 8: Alfred Anguish:

1833: Troubled times: 

1835:Child 9: Walter Charles:

1835: More Land: 

1837:Daughter Ann marries:

1837: The Stray Horse:

1838: The Disappearing Tutor:

1839: Bankruptcy:

1841:Son John Richard marries:

1841:Amelia Sophia marries:

1848: Census:

1848: Son William marries:

1851: Elizabeth dies:

1851: Younger children marry:

1854: Two Sons widowed
           and remarried:

1855: Letter from brother-in-law 
John Pascoe Fawkner

1862: Richard's Tragic Death: 

Funeral Notices:
Richard Lucas has been said to have been born at Norfolk Island on the 20th December 1794*
the second son of Thomas Lucas, formerly a Marine on the First Fleet to Sydney Cove in 1788 and 
his convict wife Ann Howard.
His parents ultimately settled at the early farming settlement at Norfolk Island just prior to Richard's
birth.  He had three Siblings Thomas [the younger] born in 1792 at Sydney Cove and a further three
brothers John [1797] and Nathaniel [1799] born on the Island.  The Family lived on a 60 Grant of Land
in a comfortable two storey house until the Island's evacuation in 1808.  Richard now twelve, the Family 
was re-located to Brown's River in Van Diemen's Land near Hobart where at first they lived in a crude hut.
* Documented proof of information has not been found.  

In 1815 Richard's father died testate bequeathing Richard an 100 acre Estate at 'Nash's Farm' 
together various stock, i.e. horned cattle, sheep, hogs and some goats.
Richard was by now twenty and was working as a Constable at Hobart Town and had already  
formed a relationship with a neighbouring young widow Elizabeth Green [nee Fawkner].  
Elizabeth conceived Richard's child around September 1815, less than a month after his father died.

By June the following year a daughter was baptized Ann Lucas on the 6th June 1816.   

Five weeks later Richard Lucas and Elizabeth Green [nee Fawkner] were married by Banns 
on the 13th August 1816 at Cottage Green, Glenorchy, the residence of  Reverend Robert Knopwood 
witnessed by Mary McCarty and William Maum.
Notice of the marriage was published in the Hobart Town Gazette: 17th August 1816;

                                                   Click on image to enlarge
                                        Information for Rev. Robert Knopwood 
                                        and Witnesses Mary McCarty & William Maum - See Epilogue

Elizabeth Fawkner was born in London in 1795 the daughter of John Fawkner by his wife Hannah [nee Pascoe]
She had an elder brother John.  Her father was indicted in London for receiving stolen goods and 
transported for Life, arriving at the Colony in 1803 per the 'Calcutta' [2nd voyage] to establish a new settlement
ultimately near the now known 'Hobart Town'.  Elizabeth, her brother and mother accompanied the voyage
as free settlers. At the age of fourteen Elizabeth married former convict Tom Green in 1809, he ten years her
senior. Tom was transported on the same ship as Elizabeth and her parents per 'Calcutta' 1803.
Her brother ultimately became renown as the eminent Politician and Founder of Melbourne John Pascoe Fawkner.

The arrival of the Lucas Family saw their young neighbour Elizabeth, within four years, widowed with two 
small children within four years, Thomas Green [the younger] born in 1810 and Sarah born 1812 who died at
he age of 16 months.  Elizabeth was widowed shortly before. 
At the time of Richard's marriage to Elizabeth she was still caring for her son Thomas Green now aged 
six years.

John Richard Lucas born on the 6th December 1817

Within two years Richard was appointed Poundkeeper for Brown's River District.
Hobart  Gazette Saturday 22nd May 1819;
                                                   Click on image to enlarge

A year later;
Amelia Sophia Lucas born on he 9th April  1820.
At Amelia's birth their daughter eldest child Ann was by then four years old and Elizabeth’s only 
surviving child by Tom Green was aged nine.

The Lucas Family;
 Richard’s eldest brother Thomas [now 25yrs], barely mentioned in his father's Will had by now 
married and had three daughters, the youngest Sarah, only two months old, being born in May that year.  
Thomas had interests in a Hotel at Hobart Town and was also involved in the Whaling Industry. 
Richard's two younger brothers John [aged 24] and Nathaniel [aged 22yrs] had inherited equal shares 
in the main Estate of their father of 180 acres at the place where the Town of Kingston now stands.  
At this time they were both still unmarried, living with their mother Ann who was by now sixty-two. 

With Nash's Farm bequeathed to him by his father, within the next five years Richard had increased 
his Land Holdings with another 100 acres adjacent to another grant of his brother John. 
The Testimony as follows dated 25th July, 1821;
                                                   Click image to enlarge

Three months later;
The theft of Richard's gold watch three years before [1818] was resolved, 
the culprit John Snell [convict] convicted.
Hobart Gazette: Saturday 6th October 1821;
                                                    Click on image to enlarge

Five months later;
A bull strays from the Yard, Richard advertises for its return with Reward. 
Hobart Gazette: 22nd December 1821; 
                                                    Click on image to enlarge

Richard’s youngest brother Nathaniel had the 100 acres on the other side of John to the south east.  
The District of Strandford lay a few miles north of Kingston where their father’s original Grant lay. 

It was in that same month that the above mentioned document was signed, that Elizabeth conceived another child,
the pregnancy came to term with the birth of another daughter the following year followed by other births; 

Child 4: Mary Louisa Lucas baptized 14th March 1822, 
Child 5: William Pascoe Lucas baptized 27th October 1824 
Child 6: Nathaniel Lucas baptized 2nd October 1826.

During the course of these events a new road had been built from the township of Norfolk, 
which lay to the north  west of these acreage.  
The New Hobart – New Norfolk  Road was completed in 1819.   
It has been noted from a private source that in 1827 Richard petitioned the Governor for 
compensation for fencing, which was removed when the Road had  been built. 
Two years later in 1829, Richard and his family were said to be living at Black Bush.  
It is considered that this was the Stradford Property mentioned above. 

Child 7: James Lucas born in 1830.

Richard's mother dies;
After his father's death [1815] his mother had continued living in the family home at 
Queensborough, [later named Kingston] still caring for her two younger sons John and 
Nathaniel who also helped maintain the farm.  
Ann had survived her spouse Thomas Lucas by seventeen years.  
Ann Lucas was buried on the 10th June, 1832 at the recorded age of 74,  at St. David’s 
Park Church at Hobart.  
She was survived by her four sons; Thomas 41; Richard 38; John 35 [unmarried]; and 
Nathaniel 33 [unmarried] and fourteen grandchildren.

Child 8: Alfred Anguish Lucas born in 1832 [said to have been named so because of a difficult childbirth]

At the age of fifteen Richard's eldest son was noted in the Hobart Town Courier on the 29th March 1833,
Indentured to William Copperwheat, a Wheelwright of Hobart, absconded from his Master's residence. 
A warrant was issued for the adolescent's arrest. No further details were published.
Child 9: Walter Charles Lucas born in 1835.
Richard was by now forty-one and Elizabeth forty.  This would be Elizabeth's last birth.

Richard was known to have three parcels of land during this time.  
A parcel of this land was given or sold to Richard’s brother Nathaniel, which 
'after suffering fatigue which caused Nathaniel a long, severe and expensive illness, 
had in July 1835 transferred 90 acres of  land noted previously belonging 
to his brother Richard.'

Richard's eldest child Ann was the first of their children to marry.  
At the age of nineteen Ann Lucas married William James Coventry at St. Marks  Pontville Tasmania on the 
14th December 1834.   
They settled in the Brighton area north of Hobart where her brother John Richard owned the adjoining acreage. 
Hobart Courier  

Richard appears to have found a stray horse and advertises for his owner to come forward. 
Colonial Times: Tuesday 6th June 1837; 
                                                    Click on image to enlarge

Richard was known to be literate, signing at the time of his marriage, however Elizabeth was not offered this skill 
during childhood, unlike her renown brother JPF who was educated at the expense of their wealthy maternal 
grandfather in England.
Richard appears to have employed a Teacher for the purpose of educating his children who left his employ without 
cause in 1838.
Richard placed a notice regarding the incident, published in the Colonial Times: Tuesday 27th February 1838. 


Hobart Courier Fri.
19th July 1839
Colonial Times Tuesday 
26th November 1839
Family Legend tells that Richard had been guarantor for a neighbour and when defaulted 
Richard was held responsible for the Debt.  It further relates that Richard went to Debtor's Prison
in Launceston where he was rescued by his brother John. From that time Richard and his family
were said to have lived on John's Property. 

At the time of his bankruptcy in 1839 most of Richard's children were still dependant.  
While Thomas Green, [child of Elizabeth by Tom] was now aged 26yrs and Ann now twenty-three 
was married and John Richard now twenty-two, Amelia nineteen [nothing is known of Mary Louisa], 
William [15yrs], Nathaniel [13yrs], James [9yrs], Alfred [7yrs] and their youngest Walter 4yrs. 
Richard was by now forty-four & Elizabeth four-three.   
At the age of twenty-four John Richard Lucas married 16yr old Sarah Porter at Hobart Town 
on the 10th April 1841. 
His siblings William Pascoe Lucas [17yrs] and Amelia Sophia Lucas were witnesses. 
All parties signed their names and John Richard was recorded as a Publican.

Six months later;
At the age of twenty-two Amelia Sophia Lucas at the age of twenty-two married Thomas Hollis Stace 
at St. Mark’s Pontville Tas. on the 20th October 1841.
Seven years later a census was taken in the Colony on the 1st January 1848.
Richard was recorded at North West Bay, the head of the household.
The proprietor of the property was recorded as John Lucas.  
The house was made of wood and nine persons [including Richard] were recorded usually on the property, 
of which only seven  were ‘free’;
Aged 7-14:    two males between 7-14, assumed to be Alfred 16yrs and Charles 13yrs; 
Aged 14-21:  two males, assumed to be Nathaniel 22yrs and James eighteen; 
Aged 21-45:  one male, perhaps William aged 24yrs but more likely a servant; 
Aged 45-60:  one male, married, assumed to be Richard
                      one female, married, assumed to be Elizabeth. 
Aged 60 & upwards: one female, married - Relationship Unknown. 
Seven were recorded Church of  England and one Wesleyan Methodist.   
Five were recorded in the category of farmers 
Two males in the category of Gardeners, Stockmen and Farm Servants. 
Two of  the inhabitants were recorded 'not free'.

Five months later their son William Lucas married Sarah McGorey at St. Bethesda Hobart 
on the 15th June 1848. 

At the beginning of winter on the 24th April 1851 Elizabeth Lucas [formerly Green, nee Fawkner] 
died of an abscess on the lung, at the of fifty-six.  
She was recorded as a farmer’s wife, the informant was her brother-in-law John Lucas noted of 
Brown's River. 
Death Notice appears in the Colonial Times, Hobart: Friday 2nd May 1851;
                                       Click on image to enlarge 
Elizabeth was survived by her husband Richard of thirty-five years marriage and by at least seven 
of her ten children, also an undetermined number of grandchildren.
Son James marries;
Eight months after his mother's death James Lucas married Matilda Flavilla Henwood 
at St. Clements Kingston on the 18th December 1851.  
See Epilogue for more details re James and his issue. 

Son Walter marries;Walter Lucas married fifteen-year-old  Elizabeth Sproule [b.1840] 
at North West Bay, Margate on the 29th August 1855.
See Epilogue for more details re Walter and his issue.     Son Alfred marries; 

Alfred Lucas married Beatrix Reid at St.George’s Hobart on the 24th August 1857. 
See Epilogue for more details re Walter and his issue.                   

William lost his wife Sarah [nee McGorey] in 1853 leaving young children but had re-married 
within a year.  See Epilogue.
John Richard and had lost his wife Sarah [nee Porter] in a flood in 1854 leaving him with five 
young children.  Richard re-married the in 1856.  See Epilogue.   
In 1855 Richard received a letter from his  brother-in-law John Pascoe Fawkner, by then a 
Statesman of the City of  Melbourne, he and his wife childless, asking if Richard would consent to 
one of his young daughter’s to come to Melbourne for companionship for his wife.  
Richard of course had no young daughter’s to offer, as all were by this time married.
However an identical letter was sent to Richard's eldest son John Richard Lucas, widowed only 12 months 
before had three young daughters.  John Richard sent his daughter Ann who lived with the Fawkners
for many years. 

Seven years later at the age of sixty-seven, Richard died in a Tragic accident involving his horse and cart, 
on the 22nd January 1862.  His obituary in the Hobart newspaper The Mercury: 24th January 1862;
                                                      Click on image to enlarge
Death Notice
The Mercury, Hobart:
Friday 24th January 1862.
Funeral Notice
The Mercury, Hobart:
Friday 24th January, 1862

Legacy of John Pascoe Fawkner

Ann Lucas: [Coventry]

John Richard Lucas

Amelia Sophia Lucas [Hollis]

Mary Louisa Lucas

William Pascoe Lucas

Nathaniel Lucas

James Lucas

Alfred Anguish Lucas

Walter Charles Lucas

Thomas Green
 [1809-before 1869]
                    Note: Elizabeth’s brother John Pascoe Fawkner a prominent and eminent 
                               Statesman in Melbourne, died without issue in 1869.  
                               He left a substantial Estate of which each of the children of his sister 
                               Elizabeth [below] were named beneficiaries.

Ann Coventry [nee Lucas]: eldest child of Richard & Elizabeth Lucas [nee Fawkner];

Ann continued her life with William James Coventry  [1/1/1815-2/9/1906].   
Ann and William had 14 children.
During their lives Ann and William lived nearby her brother John Richard Lucas and were next door 
during the flood of 1854 when his his first wife Sarah was drowned.   
More information relating to their land and their involvement with her brother; 
Access- John Richard Lucas Biography 
Ann died on the 5th January 1890 at the age of seventy-four.
William lived a further sixteen years and died on the 2nd September 1906.

John Richard Lucas: eldest son of Richard & Elizabeth Lucas [nee Fawkner];

John Richard remarried in 1856 two years after Sarah's death. 
John Richard and his second wife Susannah Wilson subsequently moved to Melbourne Victoria.  
He was the favorite nephew of his maternal Uncle John Pascoe Fawkner.  
More information can be found at: The Biography of John Richard Lucas.

Amelia Sophia Hollis [nee Lucas]:   

born 9th April 1820;
Amelia married Thomas Hollis Stace [1820-5/8/1890  NZ, the son of Thomas Alfred Stace previously a wholesale 
stationer in London and Charlotte Sidney Hollis] at St. Mark’s Pontville Tas. on the 20th October  1841 
at St. David’s Park. 
They traveled to New Zealand in 1853 per the schooner  ‘Munford’ from Hobart.  
They settled on a 200 acre property at Pauatahanui on the North Island near Wellington.   
Amelia and Thomas had nine children.  
Amelia was known for her bravery in quelling an uprising of Maoris, speaking their language. 
Amelia died in New Zealand on the 5th August 1890 at the age of seventy and was survived by 
many descendants. 

Mary Louisa Lucas:   

born 14th March 1822;
No further information had been found for Mary, some consider she may have died in infancy or early childhood. 
William Pascoe Lucas:

 born 27th Oct. 1824;
William married 1] Sarah McGorey  [9/1/1824-24/5/1853] at St. Bethesda Hobart on the 15th June  1848.  
Sarah and William had three children. 
Sarah died 24th May 1853 at the age of twenty-nine when her children were very young.   
Seven months after Sarah’s death William married 2] Ann Shorter Morris [27/1/1825-23/4/1905] 
at North West Bay, Margate and had a further four children. 
William Pascoe Lucas died on the 19th April 1872 at the age of  forty-eight.  
He is buried at St. George’s Cemetery. 

Nathaniel Lucas:   

born 2nd Oct. 1826;
Nathaniel never married and died without issue at  “Glen Hall” on the 1st June 1888 at the age of sixty-two. 

James Lucas: 

born 6th January 1830;
James [Jimmy] Lucas married Matilda Flavilla Henwood  [1834-28/4/1899] at St. Clements Kingston 
on the 18th December 1851.  James and Matilda had seven children.   
James was known to have built Glen Hall at Kingston, destroyed in the February 1967 bush fires.  
It was then owned by Jim Hazell.  
James died on the 4th September 1915 at the age of eighty-five. 
“By the death of Mr. James Lucas which occurred at Sandy Bay last week, one of the oldest of our 
native-born of this state has been removed.  
The deceased was born in the Black Brush district 85 years ago and was the first white child to make its 
appearance in that locality.  
His mother was a sister of the late John Pascoe Fawkner, one of the founders of Melbourne.  
Mr. Lucas spent the greater part of his life in farming pursuits at Brown’s River with a fair amount of 
success, but retired  from active work about ten years ago.   
He was the last survivor of the wreck of the 'City of Melbourne' which occurred on 7th August 1852 at King 
Island when 250 persons were cast ashore.  
Mr. Lucas expressed to a friend in Launceston his vivid recollections of the event, when among the 
number of passengers they had only two days rations, which supplied them for eleven days.  
A quantity of sheep skins amongst the cargo were readily devoured by the hungry people.  
A number of them started from the island in an open boat, were picked up at sea and taken to Wynyard, 
where they found several craft loading potatoes.  
The cargoes were quickly discharged, and they proceeded to the rescue, bringing all  safely to land except 
one seaman who lost his life in the attempt.  
Fifty years afterwards Mr. Lucas visited Launceston and pointed out the spot where they landed at the 
Cataract Mill, on  their return from the island.  
The deceased gentleman, who was very highly esteemed, was laid to rest by the side of his late wife 
in the Anglican Cemetery at Brown’s River on Sunday, September 6, the Rev. Dean Kite conducting 
the Service in the Church and at the grave.  
He leaves one son and six  daughters resident in various part of this State and the Mainland’

Alfred Anguish Lucas: 

born  4th October 1832;
Alfred Lucas married Beatrix Reid [1832-18/10/1896] at  St.George’s Hobart on the 24th August 1857.  
Alfred and Beatrix had nine children only  six of which survived childhood.  
Alfred died on the 21st December 1913 at Eight Mile Ridgley, Tasmania at the age of  fifty-six. 

Walter Charles Lucas:

born  5th June 1835;
At the age of twenty Walter married fifteen-year-old  Elizabeth Sproule [b.1840] at North West Bay, 
Margate on the 29th August 1855.  
The couple settled at  North West Bay near where Walter’s parents were living on his paternal 
Uncle John’s property.  
They lived on the Margate end of the Sandfly Road where Walter developed an orchard and a small
fruit farm.  In lean times Walter  worked on the construction of the road to open up the Huon and 
Channel areas.  
Walter and Elizabeth had thirteen children.  
He left the Margate area in the early 1900’s a Notice appearing in a Hobart  Newspaper: 
‘A farewell social was tendered to Mr. And Mrs. Walter C. Lucas in the 11th inst., on the eve of their 
departure from this district, to  take up their residence at Sandy Bay.   
They have been residents of Margate for many years and were greatly respected.  
They together with their family, now grown up and settled elsewhere, have been active members 
of the  Methodist Church and will be greatly missed.  
Mr. Lucas owned a pleasantly situated farm, but a  good offer for his farm decided him in his 
increasing years to sell out and spend the rest of his span in ease and comfort. 
The Margate Hall was tastefully decorated for the occasion; games, songs and good supper kept 
the interest up until after  mid-night.  
A silver Coffee Pot was  presented to the couple on behalf of the residents.
The proceedings terminated by all joining hands and singing ‘Auld  Lang Syne’.’. 
Walter died on the 13th May 1918 at the age of eighty-three.  
His wife Elizabeth [nee Sproule] survived him by only a short time and died at the home of her 
daughter Ruth. She was much loved by all her children. 
Thomas Green [the younger]:  

Richard's Stepson:  Son of Elizabeth Fawkner by her 1st marriage.
Thomas Green does not appear to have been included in the Will of his maternal 
Uncle John Pascoe Fawkner. He may have died before the Will i.e. 1869.  
Thomas Green married Mary Selina Bott at Hobart Town in 1846. 
Unfortunately no further information for Thomas.
BDM's:  Tasmania Archives [Microfische & Films]
Newspaper Articles: The National Library Australia [NLA Newspapers - Online]
Epilogue:  Extended Family members - See Additional Notes. 

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