Thomas Lucas
                                                                                            Freemason, Marine, Glazier, Farmer
                                                                     1st Fleet to Sydney Cove 1788, later of Norfolk Island & Tasmania

                                                                      Part III
                                                                         Settling in the Colony


            Relationship with Ann Howard [1758-1832][Convict]
                About Ann Howard
                Ann Howard scan of original Document & Transcription relating 
                to the further Deposition annexed to her Trial [London Metropolitan Archives [LMA]]
                - Appended Page.
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                Child 1: Thomas Lucas [birth]
                The Move to Norfolk Island
                Children 2 & 3: Richard Lucas [by inference] & John Lucas
                Child 4:  Nathaniel Lucas                             
                Establishing a Freemason Lodge without Warrant
                More Information regarding Thomas's invovement in Freemasons [London] - Appended Page 
                Marriage:  Thomas Lucas to Ann Howard - the original document with signatures and witnesses
                                    Thomas also witnessed two marriages whilst on Norfolk Island. 
                Life at Norfolk
                Rumours of impending Evacuation - Preparations to Leave the Island
                Letter to Lieutenant John Piper 1807 [Original Image Enlarged] - Appended page
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                Evacuation of Norfolk Island
                Settling in Van Diemen's Land
                Neighbours - O'Brien & Fawkner Families
                Death of Thomas Lucas
                Burial of Thomas Lucas - Excerpt from Rev. Robert Knopwood's Diary. 
                Tombstone of Thomas Lucas
                Will of Thomas Lucas - Appended Page
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            Widow: Ann Lucas [1758-1832]
                Thomas Lucas[the younger] [1791-1846] 
                Richard Lucas[1794-1862]
                John Lucas[1797-1883]
                Nathaniel Lucas[1799-1875]

                                              Further Reading
                Thomas Lucas Part 1 - England  - Appended Page
                Thomas Lucas Part 2 - Voyage - Appended Page
                Marines of the First Fleet - Appended Page
                Thomas Lucas & Nathaniel Lucas - Were they Related? - Appended Page

Ann Howard:

1791: Child 1: Thomas


The Move to Norfolk Island;

1794: Child 2: Richard

1797: Child 3: John:

Lodge without Warrant:

More Information re
Thomas & Freemason's
in England

1799: Child 4: Nathaniel

1801:Thomas and Ann 

Life at Norfolk;

Rumours of Evacuation:

1807: The Parting Letter to 
Captain John Piper;

1808: Evacuation 
of Norfolk Island;

1808: Brown's River
          Van Diemen's Land

The Fawkners:

The O'Briens:

Death of Thomas Lucas



The Will of Thomas Lucas

The arrival of the 'Lady Juliana' on the 3rd June 1790 brought with her Ann Howard, a convict and formerly 
a nurse of London. 
Within eight months of arrival, in the March of 1791, Ann Howard conceived the first of four sons born to 
Thomas Lucas.

                    Ann Howard  was convicted at the Old Bailey, London indicted for Simple Grand Larceny, indicted 
                                          for stealing a quantity of clothing from her employer John Rieder, printer of London.
                                          The Trial was brief:  The Trial of Ann Howard [Old Bailey London Online].
                                          Date: 12th December 1787. Ann Howard was indicted for stealing, on the 
                                          8th day of December, one corded dimity petticoat, value 3 s. two muslin aprons, 
                                          value 4 s. a child’s laced cap, value 10d. the property of John Reader.  
                                          The Prisoner went to nurse the prosecutor’s wife, and carried away the things 
                                          the next day, and the petticoat was on her; she was taken directly.
                                          Guilty - Transported for seven years.
Additional Deposition to the Trial of Ann Howard.
[London Metropolitan Archive, MJ/SP/1787/12/014]
Excerpt from page 1 of 2;
                                          Click on image to enlarge
Full Transcription;
Middlesex to wit:  The Information of John Reidor of No. 378 Strand, Printer [or Painter], 
Hugh McDonald of the same place Porfumor and Elizabeth Chalk Wife of James Chalk of 
No. 13 Denmark Court, Labourer taken before me this 14th day of December 1787. 
[two day error in date] 
Who being upon Oath Severally say, and first the said John Reidor for himself says that he 
hath lately had stolen in his Lodging the following Articles Viz: one white dimity Petticoat, 
two Muslin Aprons and a Child's laced Cap. And this Informant further says that the person
now present who calls herself Ann Howard came into his House on Saturday the 8th of 
December Instant to nurse his Wife. And the said Hugh McDonald for himself says that in 
the Afternoon of the same day he saw the said Ann Howard go out of the said House apparently 
with Something concealed under her Cloaths.  And the said Elizabeth Chalk for herself says 
that on the Night of the same day she examined the said Ann Howard and found the Petticoat 
now produced concealed under her Cloaths and the Apron also now produced she threw out of 
her Pocket upon the ground. And the said John Reidor further says that the Petticoat and Apron
now produced are his property and were stolen in his Lodgings as aforesaid. 
Sworn before me the day and year aforesaid}  Sampson Wright [Signed]
                                                                                John Rieder [signed - note: spelling differs']
                                                                                Hugh McDonald [Signed]
                                                                                Elizabeth [X] Chalk [Her Mark]

See futher details Ann Howard

During this time the Marines were given the opportunity to take up a Land Grant in the Colony or Return England 
consistent with the Admiralty's Offer subject to their volunteering their Services for this maiden Voyage. 
Although twenty-nine marines previously mentioned in John Easty's Journal in entry for Monday 24th October, 1791 
accepted offers of Land Grants to settle at Norfolk Island, Thomas Lucas re-enlisted in the Corps, signing up for a further 
three years, promoted to Corporeal.

Over this period Thomas, with some of the Officers in the Settlement  who had allegiance to the ‘Order of Freemasons’ 
applied to Governor Arthur Phillip hoping to establish a Lodge with in the compound.  Phillip refused. 

Ann Howard's pregnancy came to term with a son Thomas Lucas recorded born on the 29th December 1791. 
Six months later the infant was baptized at Sydney Cove on the 29th June 1792.

Philip resigned his Governorship due to ill health, returning to England at the end of 1792 and the discipline in the 
Settlement ultimately fell into the hands of the relieving Military of the second Fleet, which came to be known as 
the NSW Corps or better know historically as the 'Rum Corps'.  

Thomas remained at the Cove for a further two years with Ann and their young son Thomas. 
His service terminating in 1794 he accepted an offer of a Grant of 60 acres at Norfolk Island. 
Ann and her young son Thomas left for the Island in the 4th October 1794 aboard the ‘Daelalus’, Thomas joined her 
a week later on the 13th October 1794.
Settling at the farming colony, Thomas was provided with a large two storey house shingled and boarded [24’ x 12’]  
built by convict labour very likely under the supervision of  Nathaniel Lucas, a Convict & Master Carpenter also of the 
1st Fleet - per Scarborough, considered by some descendants be close kin of Thomas Lucas.  Nathaniel was sent to 
Norfolk Island during the earliest days of the fledgling settlement and had constructed many of the houses on the 
small Island.     
Ann's second pregnancy has been said to have come to term on the 20th December 1794 although no evidence 
has been found to date to substantiate this claim.  However their second son Richard has been firmly proven
by inference.

Thomas and Ann had now been on the Island for three years when on the 25th June 1797 their third son 
John Lucas was born. 

Thomas also continued his involvement in the Masonic Order and although on the 6th July 1797 a minute of 
the Grand Lodge of Ireland, meeting in Dublin, records a petition for a warrant to hold a Lodge in the 
New South Wales Corps (102nd Regiment) the decision was deferred by the Grand Lodge and nothing was 
ever heard. Three years later a small group of the brotherhood at Norfolk Island decided to take matters into 
their own hands, assuming that there would be no objection to the request and that the affirmation was probably
still on its way.  A small parcel of one ½ acre of land on Norfolk was noted to be purchased by Thomas Crowder 
and the Masonic Lodge of St.John, No.1. on the 27th  April 1800.  
This Lodge was holding meetings there without a Warrant until 1807.   Thomas 'Past Master' was a member.

There is more information relating to Thomas Lucas and his initiation into the Freemason 'Lodge of Temperance' 
London with a photo of his Masonic Apron how held and displayed by the Masonic Lodge at Hobart and other 
research regarding his life in England.  Follow Link to appended page Thomas Lucas Part 1 - England.

On the 19th October 1799 Ann gave birth to their fourth child Nathaniel Lucas, baptized at Norfolk Island 
on the 2nd August 1801 with his brother John.  Ann aged forty-one, this would be her last birth.

Thomas and Ann had been together for ten years.  
Thomas Lucas displays a persona of a conservative nature, the reluctance of Thomas to marry Ann prior to 
this time would possibly imply that one or both of them may have been previously married in England, more
likely Ann.  

During Rev. Fulton visit to Norfolk Island, 
Thomas Lucas and Ann Howard were married on the 17th August 1801 the fourth marriage on the Island 
recorded by Rev. Fulton.  Thomas signed the register and Ann made her mark.  The witnesses were 
John Barnes and Martha Edwards [their marks]. 
Original Entry Film No. 6002

A month later the same two witnesses, John Barnes and Martha Edwards were married on the Island 
7th September Thomas again signing the Parish Book as a witness. 
Original Entry Film No. 6002. 

The Lucas Family was a Colonial Success Story prospering for another four years.  
In 1805 Thomas was recorded as a 1st class settler with wife and four children.  
He was noted having a house, a large floored barn and six outhouses.  He had cultivated 31 of  his 60 acres, 
with 20 still waste and owned 26 sheep and 31 swine. Thomas was also recroded working as a glazier.'
Excerpt from The Founder's of Australia by Mollie Gillen. 

For two years now rumors were rife and objections raised regarding the Governor’s decision to disband 
the farming settlement at Norfolk.   It was argued that shipping was treacherous and although the Island’s 
farmers had supplied a large proportion of food to the mainland Colony during the early days, that now 
the farming  settlement at Parramatta was now sufficiently accommodating the needs of the Settlement.

The settlers were reluctant to leave and the government offered them huge parcels of lands at the new
settlement at Hobart Town by compensation, but it was not until 1805 that the residents began to slowly 
migrate to Van Diemen's Land.  Thomas began to run down his stocks.

'On New Years Eve of the 30th December 1806 he was paid 37 pounds and 13 shillings for 25 full-grown sheep
and one hog.   By 1807 he had only twelve of his 60 acres in grain the rest was left to  pasture and still held 
200 bushels of maize in hand 44 sheep and 60 hogs.  Both the elder boys Thomas nearly 17 and Richard 14 
were recorded as being ‘off stores’ and the two younger still dependant.' 
Excerpts from The Founder's of Australia by Mollie Gillen.

At the end of the year Thomas was still tying up his affairs on the Island and on the 18th December 1807 
Captain John Piper, Relieving Commandant of the Island was recipient of a letter signed by Thomas and 
some of his brethren regarding their gratitude for his permission to establish their Masonic Lodge.
NSW State Archives;  
Enlarged Scans of the Original Document & Transcription - Appended Page 
These are large readable images: PLEASE WAIT FOR THE IMAGES TO DOWNLOAD when accessing the Page
On the 3rd September 1808, together with the last remaining settlers on the Island Thomas, Ann 
and their four sons left the Island aboard the ‘City of  Edinburgh’ bound for the new settlement at Hobart Town.

Two weeks after arrival Thomas was granted a total of 530 acres, at Brown’s River in the District of Queenborough, 
about eight miles from the embryo township of Hobart.  It was here that Thomas and Ann settled.  
'This time without the help of convict labour, a crude hut was built and Thomas and his sons quickly cleared four 
acres to sow wheat and barley'. Excerpt:

One of the earliest settlers of Brown's River was John Fawkner, a convict and his wife Hannah 'a free woman' 
who with their two young children had accompanied John as a 'Free Settler' on the convict ship 'Calcutta' 
[2nd voyage], eventually establishing the virgin settlement at Hobart Town in 1804. 
Now emancipated, John was given a grant of  50 acres of land near Brown’s River, and although a novice at 
farming his enthusiasm made up for his lack of farming knowledge. 
He had two children John & Elizabeth.  
Although Elizabeth married at the age of fourteen she was widowed within four years.
Thomas's second son Richard and Elizabeth nee Fawkner would marry shortly after Thomas died in 1715.
Also see Epilogue. 

Another newer settler at Brown's River also evacuated from Norfolk Island was Thomas O'Brien, a former
Marine of the 1st Fleet.  Thomas O'Brien married Susannah Mortimer a former convict of the 'Lady Juliana'
the same ship that conveyed Ann Howard.  In the web of events to come ultimately Susannah Mortimore's 
granddaughter Sarah Porter would marry the grandson of Thomas Lucas by his son Richard. 
See:  John Richard Lucas & Sarah Porter

Thomas Lucas published his Will on the 4th August 1813 [transcription below].

Thomas died two years later in late winter, on the 29th August, 1815 at the recorded age of 56.

Rev. Robert Knopwood was the Officiating Minister who entered the following details in his diary for that day;    
'1815-1[st] September.  

              At 3.00pm I buried Mr. Lucas from Browns River. He has been a marine that came out when 
              the settlement at Port Jackson was formed, then  became a settler and went to Norfolk Island.
              There he remained till the island was evacuated; most of the settlers came to this colony. 
               He was a Mason, and buried by the Brothers in masonic form.' 

Thomas was survived by his widow Ann and his four sons; Thomas aged 24, Richard aged 21, John aged 18 
and Nathaniel aged 16. He was Interred at St.David’s Park Church in Hobart. Tombstone inscription now reads; 
                                                             THOMAS LUCAS
                                          a marine settler who came from England
                                          with his Ex-Excellency, Governor Phillip,
                                   at the first forming of the Territory of New South Wales,
                                                       who died 29th August, 1815
                                                                [aged 56 years]
                                                                  ANN LUCAS
                                                              wife of the above
                                                        who died 10th June, 1832
                                                                 aged 74 years
             [Source: Inscription in Stone - St. David's Burial Ground 1804-1872.  Compiled by R. Lord]

WILL OF THOMAS LUCAS  Both Pages of the Original Will are displayed on an Appended Page
Courtesy of the NSW State Library [Fiche 3261; 4/433 No. 84 pp. 107-8 Colonial Secretary's Papers].                                  
These images are enlarged and readable - please wait for images to upload - when accessing the Page. 

       In the Name of God Amen, I Thomas Lucas Yeoman of Brown’s River in the District of Queenborough 
       Van Diemen’s Land of sound disposing Memory and understanding  thanks be to God the same Do 
       make this my last Will and Testament in the manner following. 
       [Viz]  I do nominate constitute and appoint my beloved Wife Ann Lucas, to wit Executrix with my well 
       respected Friends Richard Pitt of Pitt Farm and Robert Littlejohn of Montrose Estate both of the District
       of Buckingham Van Diemen’s Land, Executors and Trustees to act as General Trustees and Executors 
       in the perfect management of all the concerns herein after named.

      Firstly I give and bequeath with love and affection to my beloved Wife and Executrix Ann Lucas all my freehold
      Estate of one hundred and eight-two acres of land known by the name of Lucas’s Farm which I now possess
      together with all my horned cattle, sheep, hogs and goats and all my household goods and furniture during her
      natural life, then and immediately after the decease of my said wife Ann Lucas 

      I give devise and bequeath the aforesaid Free Holding Estate of one hundred and eight-two acres at Browns River 
      and District aforesaid to my two natural sons John and Nathaniel Lucas to them, their heirs and assigns for ever 
      to be equally divided between them by my aforesaid Executors Richard Pitt and Robert Littlejohn aforesaid.

      Also I give devise and bequeath to my natural son Richard Lucas all that my Freehold Estate known by the name
      of Nash’s Farm at Brown’s River aforesaid of One Hundred acres of Land to him, his Heirs and Assigns for ever.
      Also I  give and bequeath all the horned cattle, sheep, hogs and goats & household furniture after the decease of 
      my Wife aforesaid to my four natural sons Thomas, Richard, John and Nathaniel Lucas to be equally divided
      amongst them  share and share alike by my Executors aforesaid Provided and always that if any of my above
      natural sons should happen to die under the age of twenty one years his Estate to be divided amongst the Survivor
      or Survivors share and share alike, and that my Debts, Mortgages be contracted by them that shall effect the 
      Estates under the age of twenty one years.   

      Also my meaning and will is that my just debts and funeral expenses be paid out of my freehold Estates commonly
      known by the names Lucas’s Farm and Nash’s Farm aforesaid 

      and I do hereby revoke and make Nil and Void all former Will and Wills by me at any time here to fore made and
      do declare this to be my  last Will and Testament in witness whereof I have subscribed my name and set my hand 
      and seal this Fourth Day of August Eighteen Hundred and Thirteen.   Thomas Lucas [Signed]

      Signed, sealed, declared and  published by the above [?] Thomas Lucas the testator as his Last Will and Testament
      in presence of us at his request and in his presence have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.
      James LordRobert Nash. [both signed]
                                                 My gratitude goes to Miss Dulcie Lucas [deceased] whose family tree diagram
                                                  [noted compiled by herself, over years of research], which provided some of the 
                                                 BDM  dates and some residences of the children and grandchildren of Thomas
                                                 and Ann Lucas noted herewith. Dulcie was a renown and respected Lucas 
                                                 Family Historian and her contributions in the Research of the Early Lucas 
                                                 Family in Tasmania has been an invaluable asset to all  Descendants of this
Ann Lucas [aka or nee Howard] [c.1758-1832]:  widow of Thomas Lucas;

                           Ann was fifty-four when Thomas died and she continued living in the family home at Queenborough, 
                           still caring for her two younger sons John and Nathaniel who also helped maintain the farm.  
                           Ann survived Thomas by a further seventeen years.  
                           Ann Lucas was buried on the 10th June, 1832 at the recorded age of 74 and was buried at St.David’s Park 
                           Church in Hobart interred beside her beloved husband Thomas.  
                           She was survived by her four sons; Thomas 41; Richard 38; John 35; and Nathaniel 33 [unmarried]
                           and fourteen grandchildren.
Thomas Lucas [the younger] [1791-1846] - son of Thomas Lucas and Ann [aka or nee Howard]; 
                          Four months after his father’s death Thomas married Elizabeth Blinkworth [b.1798] on the 14th December,1815
                          at Hobart Town. 
                          Elizabeth was the daughter of  John Blinkworth [1758-1846] and Elizabeth nee Cummings [1772-1832].  

                         Thomas established a whaling station at Adventure Bay on Bruny Island in 1825 and four years later formed at partnership
                         with Captain James Kelly.  The two men had other stations including those at Slopen Island and Maria Island.  
                         Thomas also had interests in several Hotels in the Hobart region, a well-respected Publican. 
                          Details of Land Grants can be found in the Colonial Secretary’s Papers Index Online;LSD 1/87/287-96;
                         In May 1829 he made an Application for additional grant without purchase.  60  acre Grant – 200 acre Purchase. 
                         Had erected dwelling house,  weatherboard £100; barn £180; outhouses £20; ½ m fences. 
                         House: Hotel £500;  Schooner £800; 5 whale boats £250.
                         Statement of Thomas [Larcelles?];
                                                                 “I  have known this Applicant Mr. Thomas Lucas ever since I came to the Colony
                                                                   and I am sure I could not recommend a more deserving Individual”.
                         Thomas states he is native of Colony –  May 1829 with wife and 5 children.  
                         Had impressed his [Pitt  Water?] farm which cost c. 1,000 pounds.  
                         Whale fishing extensively for last three years.  Schooner and boats £1,400.
                         House about £500. 
                         Dated: 10th July  1829; [CSO1/400/9017?] NSW State Library; 
                         Thomas became a licensee of the “City  of London Arms” Hotel in Campbell Street, Hobart in October 1823 and lived there
                         until his death in 1846. 
                         He also had land on the corner of Collins and Campbell St. Hobart, a grant of land at Kingsborough and 200 acres at Pittwater.  
                         He also owned land at Ross, and it was reported that his whaling interests had earned him £9,000 [Family file:Tasmanian Archives].   
                         He was also a shipbuilder and in 1840 when his new vessel was completed, he was unable to buy an anchor for it.  
                         He applied to the Governor but was told that there were none to spare [CS05/233/5925]. 

                         Thomas' wife Elizabeth Lucas [nee Blinkworth] died on the 12th October 1830 at the age of thirty-two.  
                         Her children’s ages at her death were; Elizabeth 14yrs, Susannah 12yrs, Sarah 9yrs, Thomas John 7yrs, Mary Ann 5yrs.
                         Thomas does not appear to have remarried.
                         He was recorded on the 1842 and 1843 Census held  in Tasmania.
                         Thomas survived his wife Elizabeth by sixteen years and died suddenly on the 5th February 1846 at the age of 55yrs.  
                         Notice of his death was published the following Day; 

                         SUDDEN DEATH:- Our Obituary of to-day reads the death, after a short illness, of Mr. Thomas Lucas of the 
                         London Arms, in the Old  Market-place, - affording another example of sudden dissolution, of which we have 
                         lately witnessed so many instances. Mr. Lucas’s funeral takes place  tomorrow, and no doubt a numerous [?]
                         of mourners will follow his remains to their last resting place.  Mr. Lucas was much esteemed by a large circle 
                         of friends, who appreciated his [?], as a man of strict habits and sterling integrity. 

                         Thomas appears to have died Testate:  Two entries at the Tasmania Archives recording Wills are;                                 
                         Lucas, Thomas – 1846 – AD960/2 – 287.
                         Lucas, Thomas – 1846 – AD961/2 – 645–192.

                         Issue:  Thomas and Elizabeth recorded six children;

                                                 Elizabeth Lucas:  born 16th Nov.1816.  Elizabeth married Michael Connor on 16th Nov. 1835 St. David’s Hobart.
                                                 Susannah Lucas: born 20th Nov. 1818.  Susannah Lucas married William Nichols [4/6/1817–12/7/1880] 
                                                                                on the 30th July 1838 Clarence Plains.  
                                                                                Susannah died on the 28th Sept 1894 at the age of seventy-six.
                                                 Sarah Lucas:        born 1st May 1821.  Sarah Lucas married William Field [b.1816] on the 6th April 1839 
                                                                                at Holy Trinity Hobart. 
                                                                                Sarah died on the 18th Nov. 1861 at the age of forty.
                                                 Thomas John Lucas: born 21st September 1823.  
                                                                                Thomas John Lucas married Emily Jane Sims [17/5/1826-2/8/1888] at 
                                                                                St. David’s Hobart on the 13th April 1847.  Thomas like his father was a shipbuilder.  
                                                                                Thomas died on the 19th April 1866 at the age of forty-three.  
                                                                                His widow Emily remarried seven months later to William Short at St.Georges Sorell 
                                                                                on the 12th November 1866.
                                                 Mary Ann Lucas: born 8th December 1825.  
                                                                                Mary Ann married John Ritchie [b.1822] at Christs Church Longford.  
                                                                                          Eliza Ritchie born in 1828 who died in infancy on the 24th  July 1828.
                                                                                          Louisa Ritchie born17th May 1829.  
                                                                                          Louisa died two months after her mother on the 30th December 1830 aged 7 months.
                                                Further reading:'s_sisters.html
                                                Further Newspaper Articles: National Library Australia:
Richard Lucas [1794-1862] - second son of Thomas Lucas and Ann [aka or nee Howard];
                                                After his father's death in 1815 Richard worked as a Constable in Hobart.  
                                                Richard Lucas married the young widow Elizabeth Green [nee Fawkner] in 1816.                                     
                                                Richard and Elizabeth nee Fawkner had nine children.
                                                Richard was killed in a cart accident in 1862 at the age of sixty-eight.   
                                                For the Full Story of Richard's marriage to Elizabeth nee Fawkner and their children 
                                                and their respective outcomes; 
                                                See linked page The Story of Richard Lucas and Elizabeth nee Fawkner.
 John Lucas  [1797-1883] - third son of Thomas Lucas and Ann [aka or nee Howard]; 
                                                John was nineteen years old when he was beneficiary in his father’s Will in 1815.  
                                                An Estate of 180 acres was to be shared by John and his brother Nathaniel after their mother’s death.  
                                                Both John and Nathaniel lived on the Estate working the farm till their mother's death in 1832. 
                                                John Lucas married Sophia Sherburd [b.1807 Norfolk Is.]  on the 21st  July 1824 at St. Davids Hobart Town.  
                                                Sophia was the daughter of William Sherburd [1770 Middlesex Eng. – 1826 Hobart] and Esther nee Thornton 
                                                [1758 Middlesex, Eng. – 1822 Hobart].   
                                                Prior and after his mother’s death John became successful at farming.
                                                Details of Land Grants can be found at the Colonial Secretary’s Papers Online - NSW State Records.

                                                John Lucas was found on the 1851 Census in Tasmania;
                                                He was recorded as the Head of the Household.  His house was of wood & 18 persons resided in the house 
                                                of various ages. There were two Catholics a male and female, the remainder in the house were C of E. 
                                                Recorded was one Farmer, seven Gardeners, Stockment & Farm Servants. 
                                                Also, In: 'All other Persons not included in the foregoing Classes 
                                                1 married - 8 single males and one married - 4 unmarried females. 
                                                According to the estimated count, only one of John's younger daughters does not appear to be in the house
                                                that night. The document is dated 3rd March 1851 at Browns River.  

                                                John like his brother Thomas was also engaged in Shipbuilding later at Battery Point.  
                                                One of his vessels was the “The Star of Tasmania”[Courier 2 May 1859].
                                                John Lucas died on the 11th June 1883 at Kingston Tasmania at the age of eighty-six.  
                                                His Obituary was recorded as follows; 
                                                   ‘THE LATE MR. JOHN LUCAS. – A very old and respected resident of Kingston, Mr. John Lucas, sen., 
                                                     died at 3 o’clock  yesterday morning, greatly respected by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.  
                                                     Mr. John Lucas, sen., was born at Norfolk Island on the 25th June 1797, and arrived at the ‘settlement’, 
                                                     Hobart, with his parents and three brothers, in the ship ‘City of  Edinburgh’, about the month of October, 
                                                     1808.   The deceased with his parents, shortly after their arrival and in the year 1809, went to reside at 
                                                     Brown’s River, near where the new bridge is now  being erected, his father having secured a grant of land 
                                                     along the banks of that stream, including the site on which the village of Kingston now stands.  Upon the 
                                                     death of his father in 1815, the deceased and his younger brother Nathaniel carried on farming  operations 
                                                     until the death of their mother, when they entered into a  partnership which existed for some years, during 
                                                     which additional properties in the neighborhood and at North West Bay were obtained by the partners.  
                                                     Upon dissolution of the partnership and the division of the properties of the firm, the deceased became the 
                                                     owner of the  property on the southern side of Brown’s River, on which he resided until his  death, and his 
                                                     brother that on the north side. The deceased took an active interest in local politics from the inauguration  
                                                     of responsible government, and also in all public matters connected with the district of Kingborough and 
                                                     the colony generally, until incapacitated by age and bodily infirmities; and until within a short time of his 
                                                     death kept up that  interest, although confined to his room. [From p.19: House. The History of  Kingston]. 
                                                    John may have died Testate and it is advised that interested persons could visit the Tasmanian Archives Online 
                                                     under Index to Wills. 
                                                    John's widow Sophia survived him a further 16 years and died on the 28th Nov. 1899, buried 
                                                    at St.Clements Kingston at the age of ninety-two. 

                                                          William Lucas     born 13th March 1825. William died 15th  May 1826 aged 14 months.
                                                          John Lucas           born 11th  June 1826. 
                                                                                        John married Sophia Strang [b. 1829] at St.Davids Hobart on the 9th March 1848.
                                                                                        He became a Master Mariner, Captain and Ship Builder.  
                                                                                        Sophia died on the 23rd June 1881 aged fifty-two. 
                                                                                        John died on the 27th April 1908 aged eighty-two.
                                                          Nathaniel Lucas  born 14th July 1828.  
                                                                                        Nathaniel married Julia Abel [b.1831] marriage date unknown.  
                                                                                        Julia was the daughter of William ‘the younger’ and Julianne Abel [nee Hibbins].   
                                                                                        Nathaniel died on the 7th  February 1889 at the age of sixty-one.
                                                          Sophia Lucas       born 3rd Nov. 1830.  
                                                                                        Sophia married Henry William Hopwood [b.1/5/1824] the son of George and Ann Hopwood 
                                                                                        [nee Sherburd] at Kingston on the 10th March 1853.
                                                                                        Sophia died on the 11th June 1909 at the age of seventy-nine.
                                                           Thomas Lucas    born 25th March 1833.  Thomas married Elizabeth Agnus McCann [b.1834] 
                                                                                        at St. Josephs Roman Catholic Church at Hobart on the 29th  March 1853, 
                                                                                        nineteen days after his sister Sophia's marriage. 
                                                                                        Thomas died on the 1st September  1872 at the age of thirty-nine.
                                                           William Robert Lucas born 6th Sept 1835.  
                                                                                         Robert became a Solicitor.   
                                                                                         He married 1) Annie Baker  [12/5/1834-12/10/1880] at Kingston on the 10th Sept. 1856. 
                                                                                         After Annie’s death in 1882 Robert married Elizabeth Cooper Kay [10/1/1860-16/5/1899]  
                                                                                         being 25 years her senior.  
                                                                                         They were married at Holy Trinity Hobart on the 25th April 1882.  
                                                                                         William Robert Lucas died on the 14th July 1896 at the age of sixty-one.              
                                                           Richard James Lucas born 1st Nov. 1837. 
                                                                                         Richard James married Elizabeth Fisher at St.John Baptist Hobart on the
                                                                                         12th June 1867. Elizabeth died on the 23rd Jan 1913.   
                                                                                         Richard died three years later on the 17th July 1916 at the age of seventy-nine.
                                                           Sarah Esther Lucas born 7th  March 1840.  
                                                                                         Aged 21yrs Sarah Esther Lucas married William Richard Coventry on the 
                                                                                         25thDecember 1861.
                                                          Mary Ann Lucas:  born 7th March 1840.  
                                                                                          Mary Anne never married,  she was fondly known as ‘Aunt Annie’ by her niece, 
                                                                                          Dulcie Lucas,the renowned  Lucas Family Historian [now deceased – by 2006] 
                                                                                          mentioned above. 
                                                                                          Mary Ann Lucas died without issue on the 5th Sept. 1923 aged eighty-one. 
                                                          Charlotte Jane Lucas:  born 25th July 1844.  
                                                                                          Charlotte Jane married  Richard John Fisher [30/5/1839-28/10/1883] the son of Joseph
                                                                                          & Mary Fisher of Brown’s River.  
                                                                                          Charlotte and John were married at Kingston on the 1st April 1865.  
                                                                                          Charlotte Jane died a widow on the 30th  Nov. 1907 at the age of sixty-three.
                                                          Susan Elizabeth Lucas: born 17th  January 1847.  
                                                                                          Susan Elizabeth married Mowbray Tapfield [b.1841] at Brown’s River on the 
                                                                                          4th December  1872.  
                                                                                          Susan Elizabeth died on the 4th Sept. 1921 at the age of seventy-four.
                                                          Ellen Amelia Lucas:  born 1st June 1849.  Ellen Amelia Lucas married William John Fisher [25/10/1843-2/6/1930] 
                                                                                          at Holy Trinity Hobart on the 8th December 1883. William was the son of Joseph & Rosannah 
                                                                                          Fisher nee Stanfield of Oatlands.  
                                                                                          Ellen Amelia died on the 22nd December 1943 aged ninety-four.
                                                         Further Reading
                                                         Newspaper Articles: The National Library Australia:
 Nathaniel Lucas [1799-1875] -  Youngest son of Thomas Lucas and Ann [aka or nee Howard];
                                                        Nathaniel was eighteen years old when he was  beneficiary in his father’s Will in 1815.  
                                                        An Estate of 180 acres was to be shared by Nathaniel and his brother John after  their mother’s death.  
                                                        Both John and Nathaniel lived on the Estate working the farm till their mother's death in 1832. 
                                                        Nathaniel and John formed a partnership after the death of  their mother and ran the farm as a 
                                                        joint venture acquiring other neighbouring  properties [See newspaper obituary for his brother John [above].] 

                                                       Two years after his mother’s death,  Nathaniel Lucas married Elizabeth Fisher [born 24/12/1810 VDL] 
                                                        at Hobart Town on the 16th April 1834. 
                                                        Nathaniel like his father and brothers was a Colonial Success Story.
                                                        He was recorded on the 1842, 1848 & 1852 Census for Tasmania.  

                                                       After some years the partnership was dissolved  between Nathaniel and his brother John and Nathaniel 
                                                       took possession of the Estate to the North, his brother John took the half to the south. 
                                                       Nathaniel then built an outstanding two-storey house, now a local Icon, still known today as the ‘Red House’. 
                                                       [a photo is available online at Kingston Council Web site].
                                                       Nathaniel [the elder] died at his home in Kingston on the 24th March 1875 aged seventy-six.
                                                       He may have died Testate and it is advised that interested persons could visit the Tasmanian Archives Online 
                                                       under Index to Wills: Lucas, Nathaniel – 1875 – AD960/11 – 77  – 1787. 

                                                       His widow Elizabeth [nee Fisher] survived him by a  further twenty-six years.   
                                                       Elizabeth  died on the 26th June 1901 at the ‘Red House’ and was buried at St. Clements Kingston 
                                                       at the age of ninety-one. 
                                                       The ‘Red House’ is now in the possession of the Kingston Golf Club and is still in use as their 
                                                       Clubrooms to this day. 

                                                       Nathaniel and Elizabeth [nee Fisher] had the following children;

                                                       Nathaniel Edward Lucas: born 31st Jan. 1835.  
                                                                                                   Nathaniel Edward died on the 26th June 1835 aged 5 months.
                                                       Mary Ann Lucas:              born 20th  April 1836.  
                                                                                                   Mary Ann died two days before Christmas on the 23rd December 1860 aged 24 yrs.
                                                                                                   Mary Ann does not appear to have married.
                                                      Thomas William Lucas:    born 11th August 1838.  
                                                                                                   Thomas William Lucas married 1)  
                                                                                                             Susan Bellett [11/5/1833-1/3/1868] at Sorell Tas. 6th October  1858.  
                                                                                                             Susan died ten years later in 1868.  
                                                                                                    Three months after Susan’s death Thomas William Lucas married2;
                                                                                                             Matilda Jane Worsley [10/8/1845-31/1/1873] at St. Clements Kingston 
                                                                                                             on the 5th January 1869.  
                                                                                                             Matilda died four years later in 1873. 
                                                                                                     Eighteen months after Matilda’s death Thomas William Lucas married3 
                                                                                                             Rosannah Fisher [b.4/10/1848] at Church of St. Peter Oatlands.
                                                                                                     Thomas William Lucas died on the 10th August 1914 at the age of seventy-six.
                                                      John Joseph Lucas:           born 28th  Dec. 1840.  
                                                                                                   John Joseph married 1)  
                                                                                                             Joanna Keen [22/2/1848-16/12/1881] at Hobart on the 5th Oct. 1868.  
                                                                                                             Joanna died 13 years later in 1881.  
                                                                                                    Four months after Joanna’s death John Joseph Lucas married2 
                                                                                                             Elizabeth Prentice Chittern [1860 – 23/10/1926] at St.Clements Kingston
                                                                                                             on the 12th April 1882.   
                                                                                                    John Joseph Lucas died on the 19th May 1902 at the age of  sixty-two.
                                                      Susannah Elizabeth Lucas:  born: 22nd Dec. 1842.  
                                                                                                     Susannah Elizabeth Lucas died on the 22nd June 1849 aged 6 ½ years.
                                                      Emily Sophia Lucas:          born 16th April 1846.  
                                                                                                    Emily never married and appears to have lived with her two sisters 
                                                                                                    Susannah Elizabeth [2] and Alice Sarah.   
                                                                                                    All three died at the same address, without having been married.  
                                                                                                    Emily Sophia Lucas was the first of the three spinster sisters to die. 
                                                                                                    She died at ‘Cleavedon’ at 26 Tindale Road Artarmon NSW on the 
                                                                                                    2nd March 1928 at the age of  eighty-two.                          
                                                      Edward Lucas: 'Red Ted':  born 16th June 1848.  
                                                                                                    Edward Lucas died unmarried & without issue on the 19th April 1916 
                                                                                                    aged sixty-eight.
                                                      Susannah Elizabeth Lucas [2]: born 31st  March 1851.  
                                                                                                     Susannah  lived with her two unmarried sisters Emily Sophia and Alice Sarah. 
                                                                                                     All three died at the same address, without having been married.  
                                                                                                     Susannah Elizabeth Lucas [2] was the second of the three spinster sisters to die. 
                                                                                                     She died at ‘Cleavedon’ at 26 Tindale Road Artarmon NSW on the 
                                                                                                     5th March 1931 aged eighty. 
                                                      Alice Sarah Lucas:              born 18th September 1853.  
                                                                                                     Alice lived with her two unmarried sisters Emily Sophia and Susannah Elizabeth [2].   
                                                                                                     All three died at the same address, without having been married.  
                                                                                                     Alice Sarah Lucas was the youngest of the three spinster sisters and the last to die.  
                                                                                                     She died at ‘Cleavedon’ at 26 Tindale Road  Artarmon NSW on the 12th June 1939
                                                                                                     aged eighty-six.
                                                     Further Reading; 
                                                     Several Newspaper Articles:
Richard Pitt- Joint Executor - Respected Friend; 

                                       It is not  known exactly when, but Thomas developed a strong friendship with two of the settlers nearby.  
                                       One was Richard Pitt who had arrived at the Colony as a Marine aboard the ‘Oceanic’ in 1803,the same 
                                       tiny two ship Fleet that the Fawkner family traveled aboard who were of the first settlers in VDL.  
                                       After sometime in the service of the Police Force in Hobart Town Richard Pitt  was granted a hundred acres of  
                                       land at Buckingham about 2 ½ miles northwest of Hobart.
Robert Littlejohn [1756-1818] - Joint Executor - Respected Friend; 

                                       Robert Littlejohn [1756-1818], also voyaged on the 1st Fleet to Van Diemen's Land per the Oceanic. 
                                       An Artist, teacher & Botanist, he held 120 acres also at Buckingham in the district known as 'Montrose Estate' 
                                       with his servant Thomas Littlefield.  The Estate was possibly named after the Scottish Township where he may 
                                       have been born.
                                       Further reading: + others - See Google Books. 
Whilst Thomas presents as careful, perhaps methodical and conservative, in contrast Ann Howard, contrary to Trial where she is depicted
as a silent and seemingly timid victim, in the appended deposition Ann's demeanor displays a strong spirit.  This strength would have been
a great asset through her voyage on the 'Lady Juliana'.  The articles stolen from the Reider Family might imply that Ann was married, 
particularly the child's cap would hint at a daughter. Ann very likely talked about her siblings and family in England.   
Ann's grandchildren are listed below with their respective parents in Chart Form and an attempt made to eliminate the family names
known to be synonymous with the spouses of their sons.


John Edward
John Pascoe




Alfred - Unknown
Alice Sarah [9]
Alice - Unknown 
Amelia Sophia
Child [3]
Ellen Amelia 
Child [12] 
Emily [Amelia?]
Sophia [6]
Amelia - Unknown but significant. 
Mary Ann
Child [5]
Child [1]
Mary Ann
Child [9]
Mary Ann
Child [2]
Ann - namesake of mother Ann nee Howard 
Mary Ann - combination could be significant.
Alfred Anguish
Child [8]
Anguish - said to be named such after 
a difficult birth.
Walter Charles
Child [9]
Charles - unknown 
Child [10]
Charlotte - unknown 
Child [7]
Edward - maternal grandfather
Child [2]
Elizabeth [5]
Elizabeth [8]
Namesakes of respective mothers.
Ellen Amelia 
Child [12]
Ellen - Unknown 
Emily Sophia 
Child [6]
Likely 'Amelia' - Unknown
Sarah Esther 
Child [8]
Esther - Unknown
James L 
Child [8]
James [7]
James - Unknown 
John [4]
John Richard
Child [2]
Child [2]
John Joseph [4]
John - John Lucas - paternal Uncle
John Joseph [4]
Joseph - Joseph Fischer - maternal Uncle
James L [8]
L - Unknown
Mary Ann
Child [5]
Mary Louise
Child [4]
Mary Ann
Child [9]
Mary Ann
Child [2]
Mary- a significant LUCAS Family Name. 
Child [6]
Mary Louise
Child [4]
Louise - Unknown
Child [6]
Child [3]
Nathaniel Edward 
Child [1]
Nathaniel - Nathaniel Lucas
William Pascoe
Child [5] 
Pascoe - Hannah Fawkner [nee Pascoe'
Maternal Grandmother.
John Richard
Child [2]
Richard James 
Child [7]
Richard - Richard Lucas
William Robert 
Child [6]
Robert - perhaps Robert Blinkworth, 
brother-in-law of father.  
Sarah Esther
Child [8]
Alice Sarah [9]
Sarah - unknown
Amelia Sophia
Child [3]
Child [4]
Emily Sophia 
Child [4]
Sophia - Sophia Lucas nee Sherburd, 
wife of John Lucas.
Child [1]
Susan Elizabeth
Child [11]
Susannah Elizabeth
Susannah Elizabeth
Susannah - a significant LUCAS name. 
Thomas John
Child [4]
Child [5]
Thomas William
Child [3]
Thomas - Thomas Lucas [snr.]
Walter Charles 
Child [9] 
Walter - Unknown
William Pascoe
Child [5]
Child [1]
William Robert
Child [6]
Thomas William
Child [3]
William - Possibly William Sherburd.
William - alternatively unknown.