Early Lucas Families of Leatherhead, Surrey

                      Andrew Lucas  
                                       of Leatherhead, Surrey, England 
                                 has one Document related to his son 1729

                                                Joseph Lucas  
                                           of Leatherhead, Surrey, England 
                                         Married heiress Catherine Goddard.
                                    Lineage of Catherine Goddard is included

                         John Lucas   
                                                      [before 1664-1738] 
                                             of Leatherhead, Surrey, England 
                                      died Testate, his descendants were later
                                      recorded in many Wills & Documents
                                       Items are displayed and/or Transcribed.
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                           Leatherhead History 
                        Including the list of local Lucas Burials from 1538-1836 [SBI CD]

                                             Andrew Lucas [c.1665-1737]
Andrew Lucas was born around 1665, one of three of the earliest progenitors recorded at Leatherhead 
in the late 17th Century. He recorded issue at Leatherhead from 1686, having ten children, three of
whom were sons. 
Tragically two of his daughters Sarah aged three and Lydia 16 months were buried on the same day 
23rd June 1696.  The dual burial is unexplained. 
Later his son Andrew Lucas [the younger], was recorded in one document, when at the age of twenty-two
he was involved in a dispute relating to several missing ducks in 1723.                     
Andrew 'jnr' predeceased his father by seven weeks, buried at St. Nicholas Leatherhead on the 
27th June 1737 recorded as Andrew Lucas "Jnr." at the estimated age of 36yrs.
He is assumed to have left a widow and four young children. [See below]

Andrew Lucas [snr] was buried 18th August 1737 at Leatherhead at the est. age of seventy-seven.

The following information follows the Parish Records at Leatherhead 
CAUTION:  These children have not been thoroughly researched as yet.
                       All 'Burials' and outcomes are assumed. 

Issue of Andrew Lucas [Snr]:  All Events were recorded at Leatherhead;
Child 1:   Elizabeth Lucas bapt. 30th Jan 1686.                  
                 May have married John Matthew 16th June 1702 at Leatherhead. 
                 [Bride’s age around 17yrs] 
                 Child 1 & 2 [Twins]: Ann & Mary Matthew, baptized 20th Jan. 1704.
                                       Buried:  26th Jan. 1704. recorded each as ‘twin’.
                She may have been the same Elizabeth Matthews buried 3rd Feb. 1704  
                at Leatherhead Recorded ‘widow’, thirteen days after childbirth. 
Child 2:   Mary Lucas bapt. 18th Dec. 1690.   
                 Possibly buried 3rd May 1697 at Leatherhead estimated age 6yrs?
Child 3:   Martha Lucas: 21st Nov 1723. 
                 Possibly buried Leatherhead 5th Sept. 1737. Est age 14yrs. 
Child 4:   Sarah Lucas bapt. 18th October   1693. [Late Baptism?!] 
                 Sarah buried at Leatherhead 23rd June 1696  Est. age 2years 8months. 
                 Buried the same day as her sister Lydia.
Child 5:   Lydia Lucas bapt. baptised 8th Feb 1694. 
                 Lydia was buried 23rd June 1696. Unrecorded est. age.16mths. 
                 Buried the same day as her sister Sarah.                
Child 6:   John Lucas bapt. 15th Feb 1696. 
                 John Lucas married Jane Marsh at Leatherhead 15th Jan. 1718 
                 [age of Groom 22yrs]
                 Child 1: Martha Lucas: Sept; 1718. Buried 2nd April 1719 
                 Child 2: Elizabeth Lucas: 30th Oct. 1719. No further information. 
                                Several burials could apply.
                 Child 3: Martha Lucas: 21st Nov 1723. Buried 5th Sept. 1737. 
                                Est age 14yrs.
                 Note:  There are no other 
Child 7:   Martha Lucas baptised 4th January 1698. 
                  Married John Potterton at Leatherhead 16th June 1720
                  [Bride’s age 22yrs]
                  Child 1: William Potterton bapt. 27th Oct. 1724. 
                                 Possibly William Potterman buried 30th May 1797 
                                 recorded aged 83yrs. [would have been aged 73yrs].
                  Child 2: Martha Potterton bapt. 7th July 1730. No further information. 
                  Child 3: Hannah Potterton bapt. 29th Jan. 1732.  
                                 Buried 11th Feb. 1732. 
                  Child 4: Richard Potterton bapt. 7th April 1734. 
                                 Buried 28th July 1756. Est. aged 22yrs.
                  Child 5: Anne Potterton bapt. 13th Jan. 1736.  
                                 Married John Barton 14th Oct. 1760. Brides age: 24yrs. 
                                Buried:  Martha Potterton [nee Lucas] 
                                              may have died 28th Jan 1773 recorded 'widow'.
                                Buried: John Potterton [father or son] buried 7th Jan. 1749 
                                              or 29th April 1766. 
                              All events were recorded at Leatherhead.
Child 8:  Sarah Lucas bapt. 7th Feb 1700. 
                Sarah buried 15th Feb 1700.
Child 9:  Andrew Lucas born 10th March 1701.
                Andrew married unknown c. 1725  [Groom's age around 24yrs]
                Occupation: Laborer - worked for a time at Mickleham 
                - Recorded in a Document dated 1723 
                [he would have been aged twenty-four at this time]
                Issue:  Child 1: Thomas Lucas: 5th October 1726. No further information. 
                           Child 2: Mary Lucas; 14th Dec 1729 No further information. 
                           Child 3: Sarah Lucas; 14th April 1733 No further information. 
                           Child 4: William Lucas; 25th Nov. 1735 No further information.
                 Buried: Andrew Lucas [the younger] buried 27th June 1737 recorded as 
                               Andrew ‘jnr’.  Est aged 38yrs. 
Child 10: Bennett Lucas; 6th March 1703. 
                  No further information.

Issue spanned 17yrs. 
Prevalent family name = Martha
Buried: Andrew Lucas [the elder] was buried 18th August 1737 Leatherhead.  
Est. age 77yrs.

Image courtesy of the Surrey History centre [click on images to enlarge]
Page 1: Plaintiff's Deposition:  Transcription;

  The information of William Sprules of  Mickleham 
  yeoman taken upon Oath before me the 26th Day of 
  March 1723. 
This Examinant saith that about two months ago he lost out of his 
yard eight Ducks and found little times before that, he lost several 
more of his Ducks.  And that yesterday he missed two more of his 
Ducks and upon search with a Warrant, he found the said …. Two 
Tame Ducks in the possession of Andrew Lucas Jnr at his house in
Leatherhead and saith that the said Andrew Lucas and John 
Clements of Leatherhead avowed, being charged with taking away 
the said two Ducks, they severally [?]  [?] they took the [?] out of 
the Examinants Meadow, and further saith not. 
[Signed]  George Ballard  [Signed] William Sprule.
Image courtesy of the Surrey History centre [click on images to enlarge]
Page 2: Defendants' Deposition:  Transcription;

 The Examination of Andrew Lucas Jnr. and Peter Clements 
  both of Leatherhead, laborers, taken before me on the 6th 
  Day of  March 1723. 
Those Examinants severally say that yesterday about half an hour past 
six o’clock in the afternoon as they were coming from work, at Mr. Sprules
house in Mickleham, they saw in the out of his lodging one tame duck and
one other lying pretty near, both  dead, which they took up and carried 
away with them, and say that they did not know whose Ducks they were, 
but they [?] the said Ducks, which the said Sprules owned to be his and 
further saith not.
[Signed]  George Ballard    
The Mark 'X' of Peter Clements   The Mark 'X' of Andrew Lucas.
                                                                                                  Extended information
Thomas Sprule [yeoman]: Nothing further was found for Thomas [or his ducks.].  The ducks were worth [alive] about a shilling each. 
Peter Clements was baptised at Leatherhead in 1700 the son of Ralf 'Clemence'.  Peter was a little older than Andrew, they were likely friends.
Andrew Lucas was baptised at Leatherhead on the 10th March 1701 the 9th child of Andrew Lucas [the elder]. Extended details further  below. 
George Ballard [esq] was a widower who resided at Leatherhead and died testate in 1751.  He rented a Brick Shop at Worplesdon.  His 'office' 
abutted S.E. to Eton Chapel, N.W. and a house occupied by Mary Hanson around a mile from the County Court at Guildford situated about
5 miles W of Leatherhead.  The Shop front 'or office' faced Slough Road which is where Andrew Lucas and the other parties very likely  
presented, required to make their statements on the day noted.  [Further items for George Ballard held at the National Archives, Kew]
Thomas Sproule very likely traveled to his office the morning in question by wagon or horseback from Mickleham to Worplesdon.  
Young Andrew and Peter possibly walked from Leatherhead to George Ballard's Office at Worplesdon taking around an hour or so.
                                    Joseph Lucas [bef.1674 - 1740]  
Joseph Lucas was born before 1674 and was buried at Leatherhead 30th Aug 1740 est aged 66yrs.
He married1 [unknown] by whom he recorded a son, John at Leatherhead in 1696.
He married2 twenty-one year old Catherine Goddard at Leatherhead on the 4th July 1707 by whom 
he recorded nine children of whom three were sons.  

          Catherine Goddard was the daughter of Edward Goddard, Gentleman and his wife Catherine 
                                            [nee Best] of Leatherhead, formerly of Yorkshire.  She was co-heir with 
                                            her brother, to the Melmerby Manor in West Riding, an Estate passed 
                                            down through her mother for several generations.   
                                            See The Goddard Family - Right Panel                                             

Issue of Joseph Lucas:  All events recorded at Leatherhead [LDS-IGI & SBI]

[Marriage 1]
Child 1: John Lucas: bapt. 11th Feb 1696, Leatherhead, son of Joseph - Did not survive
[Marriage 2]

CAUTION:  These children have not been thoroughly researched as yet.
                       All 'Burials' and outcomes are assumed.
Child 2: Joseph Lucas bapt. 13th May 1707 s.o. Joseph Lucas & Catherine Goddard 
                Illegitimate birth or incorrect transcription, may also be change in Calendar. 
                No marriage or issue found. May have predeceased his father. 
                Assumed buried at Leatherhead 11th July 1757 [est aged 56 yrs].
Child 3: John Lucas bapt. 11th Feb 1708.   
                May have had an illegitimate child with Mary West. No marriage found.  
                Possible Issue;
                Ann Lucas on the 17th July 1749 recorded 'daughter of John Lucas & Mary West'.
                [Possible Illegitimate birth] 
                Mary West was baptized at Leatherhead 3rd Nov.1720 the daughter of William West.
                She may be the same Mary West, buried under her own name at Leatherhead 27th April 
                1777 [i.e. born 1720] at the estimated age of fifty-seven.                                                       
               John Lucas is possibly the same buried at Leatherhead 16th Dec 1769 [aged 61yrs] 
                or 27th June 1772 [estimated aged 64yrs].             
Child 4: Thomas Lucas: bapt. 4th May 1712.  
               No Marriages at Leatherhead, No Issue at Leatherhead .Several burials could apply 
Child 5: Catherine Lucas:  bapt. 11th April 1714. Catherine Lucas: 11th April 1714.  
                Catherine appears to have had an illegitimate child;
                Joseph Lucas; baptised 13th May 1752 mother’s name Catrin Lucas – No  father’s name. 
                Paternity has not been established. No further information for Catherine.
                Her son Joseph may have been buried at nearby Betchworth [4.6 m NW of Leatherhead] 
                10th June 1795 est. aged 43 years.
Child 6:  Ann Lucas: bapt. 27th Nov 1715. 
                No marriage or issue found. There is a burial in 1759 which could apply to Ann, although
                there are several other candidates for this entry. 
Child 7:  Mary Lucas: bapt. 23rd May 1718. 
                No marriage or issue found.  Several burials could apply. 
Child 8:  Elizabeth Lucas: bapt. 26th Feb. 1721.
                No confident marriage or issue found. Several burials could apply . 
Child 9:  William Lucas; bapt. 26th August 1726. 
                No Marriages or issue recorded at Leatherhead.
                One burial could apply: William Lucas buried 23rd Dec. 1733 [estimated aged 7 yrs]. 
                                         The Goddard Family

Edward Goddard married [heiress] Katherine Best [venue unknown], the daughter of George and his wife Katherine.
Katherine Goddard [nee Best] was aged around forty-five when she gave birth to her youngest child, she very likely
                likely had previous non surviving issue. She would have had to been born a few months after her father's
                decease in 1639. 
                The Melmerby Manor in West Riding Yorkshire fell to her by succession upon the death of her brother in 
                1673.  Upon her marriage the Manor fell to her husband Edward Goddard. The Estate was first held, together
                with other Estates, by the Best Family in 1555 acquired by Robert Best i.e. Catherine's great, great, great 
                grandfather. See Lineage listed below.   
Issue;     Edward Goddard [the younger] baptized 28th June 1684. [Catherine aged around 44yrs]
                Katherine Goddard baptised 23rd October 1685. [Catherine aged around 45yrs]
Edward Goddard [the elder] died Testate in 1686 buried at Leatherhead as 'Mr' Edward Goddard, 16th Dec. 1686.
                He was survived by his wife Katherine [nee Best] and his two children Edward [the younger] aged two and
                Katherine [the younger] aged one.

                                                            Will of Edward Goddard [Excerpt]
                                           Documents Online Wills - National Archives, Kew, Surrey.
Summary of the Will of Edward Goddard, Dated 14th October 1686.  Proved 18th December 1686.
                House & and Land at Leatherhead to wife Katherine during widowhood, in case she should remarry; to son 
                Edward Goddard and his lawful issue, [in dfl] to daughter Katherine Goddard and her issue, [in dfl] to 
                Testator's brother John Goddard for life, at his decease to his son John and his issue, [in dfl] to Edward 
                Gates, son of Testator's sister Ann Gates and her issue. 
                Son Edward Goddard to receive ₤1000 at 21, the said money to be placed out at interest and 25 pounds yearly
                paid to wife during son's minority. Executor ₤120 per annum out of Manor Melmerby during life of
                mother-in-law Katherine Best in trust to pay ₤25 per annum to wife. Residue to be put forth at interest for 
                benefit of daughter, the whole to be paid to her at 21 or marriage. Brother Thomas Goddard ₤5, Sister Ann 
                Gates ₤20, John Nicholson of Old Southampton Buildings, County of Middlesex full Executor. 
                Witnesses: Richard Forde, Jno Williams, Sam. Wilson, clerk to Mr. Dobyns of Lincoln's Inn
                Proved 18th December 1686 by Executor.  
                The Administration Passed to son Edward Goddard 17th August 1705 [then aged twenty-one]

                                     INFORMATION PATERNAL LINEAGE OF CATHERINE GODDARD [The Younger]

No information has been found relating to Edward Goddard's Lineage other that gleaned from his Will i.e.; 
Brothers: John Goddard:  issue: a son John Goddard [the younger].
                  Thomas Goddard:  no further information. 
Sister:      Ann who married unknown Bates: issue: a son 'Edward Gates.

                                      MATERNAL LINEAGE OF CATHERINE GODDARD [The Younger]

Chronologically;  [Research Pieced together through the Sources: British History Online, Wills and Parish Records]. 
                               The Manor at Melmerby [mentioned in the above Will] was in the Parish of Wath, County 
                               Yorkshire. The Best Family at one point also incorporated the Manor at The Grange, Middleton 
                               Quernhow less than a mile North.
Robert Best        :  Robert's father or brother Christopher Best was the incumbent of St. John the Baptist Church at
                                Wath near 'The Grange', Middleton Quernhow, West Riding, Yorkshire in 1546. 
                                The Manor at 'The Grange' Middleton Quernhow was held by the Scrope Family who had 
                                possession for several centuries.
                                They leased the Manor to Robert Best and Thomas Hoppes in 1555 for a period of 21yrs.  At the 
                                reversion in 1576 to James & Thomas Fox & their heirs.
                                The Best Family continued residence in Middleton Quernhow and eventually in 1591 Robert's son 
                                or grandson Henry Best together with John Wells managed to lease the Manor at 'The Grange' 
                                and also the nearby Manor at Melmerby together with several other various tenements.
Henry Best         :  By 1609 the heir of the Scrope Family, Emanuel Lord Scrope of Bolton acquired the Manor when his 
                                father died and sold it to Henry Best before 1630.  It was during this time he appears to have acquired
                                the Manor at Melmerby.  Henry died in 1630 and was succeeded by his son Thomas. 
Thomas Best      :  Thomas gave the Estate to his son George.                                 
George Best       :   George married Katherine [nee unknown].  George died in 1639 [predeceasing his father]. His wife
                                 Katherine survived him by many years recorded alive in 1686 estimated to be aged around seventy.
                                 George and Catherine had two surviving children Henry and Katherine. Son Henry was aged two 
                                 years and six months at the time of his father's decease, his daughter Katherine appears to have 
                                 been born a short time after her father's demise. In time, the Estate was eventually seized by his son 
                                 Henry, probably around 1658 [when he attained the age of twenty-one]. 
Henry Best          :  Henry sold Manor at 'The Grange' in 1661 but retained the Manor at Melmerby. Henry died in 
                                 1673 unmarried and without issue at the age thirty-seven. The Manor then fell by succession to his
                                 sister Katherine.                                 
Katherine Best   :  Katherine married Edward Goddard and thus Melmerby Manor fell into the hands of her husband.
                                 They were found at Leatherhead in Surrey some 204 miles south of Melmerby in 1684 where Edward
                                 'gent.' was in possession of an Estate comprising a House and Land. 
                                 Edward & Katherine and had two surviving children who were baptised at Leatherhead; 
                                 Edward Goddard [the younger] born 1684, baptised 28th June 1684 and a daughter Katherine born
                                 1685, baptised 23rd October 1685. By this time Katherine was aged forty-five. 
                                 Edward Goddard [the elder] died Testate in 1686, passing on the Melmerby Manor to his son 
                                 Edward Goddard [the younger] who was by then aged two years. In the interim preceding his son's 
                                 future possession, the Interest derived from the Manor was to go to his daughter Katherine who 
                                 was, at the time of his death, aged one year. 

                                During the following years Katherine Goddard [nee Best] appears to have continued to live at the 
                                Leatherhead Property after the death of her husband Edward, with her two children and the ₤25 annuity 
                                for their maintenance.

Edward Goddard [the younger]:  Upon reaching the age of twenty-one Edward [the younger] assumed administration 
                                of his father's Estate on the 17th August 1705. His sister Catherine was entitled to a share but was not
                                yet 'of age' being at that time only twenty. Edward took possession of Melmerby Manor which he later 
                                sold to Sir Reginald Graham in 1714.

Catherine Goddard [the younger]; In 1706 Catherine had reached the age of twenty-one.  It is assumed she took possession 
                               of her share of father's Estate.
A year later; 
Catherine Goddard married Joseph Lucas on the 4th July 1707 at St. Nicholas Leatherhead.
                               CAUTION: The following date may imply a change in Calendar. 
                               An infant baptised 'Joseph Lucas' 13th May 1707 three months before their marriage at St. Nicholas, 
                               Leatherhead recording parents as Joseph Lucas & Catherine Goddard. 
                               Ultimately Catherine gave birth to nine children by Joseph Lucas. Catherine died a widow, at Leatherhead
                               buried at St. Nicholas on the 23rd January 1746 at the age of sixty-one surviving her husband Joseph Lucas
                               by six years.  Issue listed  
                               No further information has been found for Catherine's mother or brother Edward.  Neither were buried at