Early Lucas Families of Surrey
Assumed son of John Lucas [above]
                                                   History of the Township
               Also some fragmented Very Early Parish Entries for 'Lucas' at Leatherhead 
                                                     Lucas Burials
           List of Lucas Burials in various villages at and near Leatherhead, Surrey [SBI].
                                                      John Lucas 
                                                       [before 1664-1738]
                    recorded Issue at Leatherhead from 1686, died Testate  - Appended Page                           
                    Andrew Lucas
                                        Recorded Issue at Leatherhead from 1686
                 Has one Document relating to his son dated 1727- Appended Page
                            Joseph Lucas   
             of Leatherhead, married heiress Catherine Goddard - Appended Page
                                                         Robert Lucas 
                  Assumed by inference to be the son of John Lucas [above] - Appended Page
                                                         James Lucas
                                                  Son of John Lucas [above]
                             Many Documents recorded for his descendants who some
                       later settled at Thames Ditton and Southwark - Appended Page
                                                           John Lucas
                                      Son of James Lucas [above] - Died Testate
                         Settled with his family and sister Frances at Thames Ditton
                             Many Documents relating to this Family - Appended Page
                                                            John Lucass [aka Lucass]
                                Grandson of John Lucas 'snr' [bef.1664-1738] [above]
               Died Testate, without Issue, distributed his substantial Estate amongst the 
               surviving descendants of his paternal grandfather - Appended Page
                                    Ann Woodruff [nee Lucas]
                      Daughter of John Lucas 'snr' [bef.1664-1738]  - Appended Page
                             Mickleham & Dorking
         Lists Lucas Families & related Documents for these townships only two miles 
                                 and five miles [respectively] South of Leatherhead 
                                     from the Reformation [1538] - Appended Page 
                         Thames Ditton
                     Later Lucas Families at Thames Ditton with the History of the Township
                          Kingston upon Thames
                       Later Lucas Families at Thames Ditton with the History of the Township
Leatherhead History
JOHN LUCAS [Born before 1630]
Issue: John Lucas baptised 27th Oct.1656 son of John at Leatherhead. 
Buried: John Lucas [father or son] 2nd April 1658 at Leatherhead.         
SARAH LUCAS [Born c. 1649]
Married John Martin 4th April 1669 at Leatherhead.
Two isolated burials for ‘Martin’ at Leatherhead; 
Joseph Martin: 18th Sept.1738 at Leatherhead [son?]
Sarah Martin: March 1739 at Leatherhead
No issue recorded baptised at Leatherhead.
GEORGE LUCAS [Born: unknown.]
Buried: 18th Dec.1668 at Leatherhead.
ROBERT LUCAS [Born before 1649]
Issue baptised at Leatherhead: 
Robert Lukas: baptised 26th June 1670 son of  Robert.
Buried at Leatherhead;
Robert Lucas [father or son] buried 22nd Jan.1674
JOHN LUCAS [Born before 1650]
Issue baptised at Leatherhead;
John Lucas baptised 30th Nov.1673 son of John.
Ann Lucas baptised 27th April 1675 daughter of John.
Burial: Several Burials could apply see Burials
ANNA LUCAS [Born before 1658]
Anna Lucas married Nathaniel Prier 7th May 1678. 
[Spouse: Nathaniel baptised St. Mary's Guildford 
               11th April 1640 the son of Edward & Mary.] 
They settled at Guildford.
Nathaniel was buried at Holy Trinity Guildford 2nd Dec. 1711 
at the estimated age of seventy-one.
Ann may have survived him by a further five years buried
 at the same venue recorded as 'widow Prior' 8th April 1716.
JAMES LUCAS [Born before 1660]
Issue baptised at Leatherhead;
James Lucas bapt. 21st Oct. 1673 son of James.
William Lucas bapt. 20th Feb.1675 son of James.
Jasper [could be Joseph] Lucas bapt. 4th Jan. 1678 son of James.
James Lucas Bapt. 28th April 1700 son of James.
Burial at Leatherhead;
James Lucas [father or son] 30th July 1701.
Leatherhead Township
"Known in mediaeval times as Turncraft, Leatherhead is a small town [or large village] 4 miles south-west of 
Epsom and 5 miles north of Dorking." [1]
The Parish Church 
of St Mary & St Nicholas
The Church at Leatherhead is dedicated to St. Mary & St. Nicholas.  It was built in the 12th Century and a list of 
the incumbents survives from 1086. [2]. 
No mention of the Lucas Family Members was noted. The Lucas Family patronized the Church for many decades.
Alternatives to 
Early Parish 
Records - Taxes
The Lay Subsidy Rolls 1200-1694 not found for Leatherhead. 
1524-1569 Muster - not found for Leatherhead. 
Protestation Returns 1642 not found for Leatherhead. 
The Hearth Taxes of 1664 [abolished in 1688] not found for Leatherhead.
The Civil War
During the Civil War.  Leatherhead was strongly Royalist however at the onset of the war in 1642 
a garrison was established very nearby, by the Parliamentarian Forces just 20 miles south at Farnham.  
Leatherhead and the surrounding villages were subject to Cromwell’s forces for about 4 years.  At the end 
of the War in 1660 8,000 troupes massed to the north nearer to Leatherhead.  Thanks largely a mandate 
enforced by the House of Commons, [Die Martis, 4 Julii, 1648 Prayers, Garrisons & Counties*], the County of 
Surrey saw little conflict after 1648. But these were troubled times as young men joined sides according to their 
ideals, often brother set against brother, many families lost their sons. 
Journal of the House of Commons: volume 5: 1646-1648 (1802), pp. 622-23. [1]
Reverend Richard Levytt
[c.1556-post 1646] 
'The Civil War touched Leatherhead in the removal of Rev. Richard Levytt  who held the living at St. Nicholas  
since 1590. Well educated, he was the former Vicar of Twickenham and in the early 1600s in a Star Chamber case 
over the payment of tithes refers to his 'painful and diligent teaching over many years'. Deprived in 1646 by 
Cromwell’s ‘government’ when he was aged over 90, he was replaced by Thomas Mell, previously curate of the 
parish, a Dissenter and not in Holy Orders, but ordained in accordance with the Act of Uniformity 1662.'
[During the Conflict,]' between 1653-1660 no Feast Days were allowed and marriage Services in the Church were
forbidden.' [2]
Fire of London
The 1662-1664 Plague: Duration 2 years; The Burials at Leatherhead imply that the Historic Plague in London 
during this period, although only a relatively short distance from Leatherhead [20miles NNE], appears to have had 
little effect on the township's  population. The smoke from the subsequent Fire would have been viewed from 
Robert Johnson
The kindly Vicar of

The incumbents of St. Mary & St. Nicholas Church during this period record that Rev. Robert Johnson 
was appointed in 1686, the same year John Lucas’s [the elder] first child 'Robert' was born.
Robert Johnson would have been not much younger than John and held the living at St. Nicholas for 
the next 63 years, during which time he baptized and buried many members of the Lucas Family 
between 1686-1749.  Robert never married and recorded no issue. 
                    'In 1707 he was adjudged poor enough to receive money from Queen Anne’s
                     Bounty, a charity set up to assist poorer clergy.' [2]                    
It is considered he was a kind man, as a more forceful Parson would have demanded more than to have left himself 
so destitute. After over six decades of service Robert retired in 1749 at the estimated age of eighty-four.
Robert Johnson was recorded buried three years later on the 14th April 1752, recorded in the Parish Books of his 
beloved St. Nicholas.
Social Life 
A Market Privilege, presumably weekly and also an Annual Fair was held at Leatherhead granted in 1248 and 
held for 15 days at the feast of St Peter ad Vincula [i.e. 1st August]. [1]
It was held regularly during the period of the Lucas Family's occupation and was an event attended by all citizens of
John Lucass of Leatherhead was noted at 'British History Online for his Charitable bequeathals to the poor of
the village and as the founder and patron of the Wesleyan School also in Leatherhead as a bequeathal in part of his
Will in 1797.  "The Independents have a place of worship. A free school, endowed with £30 per annum, principally 
from bequests by John Lucas and David White, has merged into a national school, for which a school-house was 
erected in 1839.     Several benefactions have been made for distribution among the poor."    
"Mr. John Lucas, by Will, endowed a school with 500 in 1797."
"In 1797 John Lucas, the founder of the school, endowed a midwife with £100, and left £100 for bread, the latter sum
being diverted to the school in 1815." 
From: 'Parishes: Leatherhead', A History of the County of Surrey: Volume 3 (1911), pp. 293-301.
In fact it was David White who initially founded the School in his Will in 1725 although nothing appears to have   
been done of note until a challenge to the former Will occurred in 1806.      
The testator [1797] John Lucass in his interesting bequeathal to the Wesleyan School at Leatherhead may very well
have known the original founder of the school, David White.  John Lucass would have been aged twelve at the time of
David White’s death.   David White was a bricklayer who lived for some time at Ewell, Surrey about 5 miles NE of 
Leatherhead. He died Testate in 1725. David White was buried at Epsom Surrey 4 miles NE of Leatherhead. 
His Will revealed that David had left annuities for the support of Free Schools [Wesleyan] at Abbots Langley, Ewell, 
Ashtead   [Leatherhead] and Epsom,the maintenance for which was to be issued from Annuities derived by Stock held 
by the South Seas Company. He also encouraged apprenticeships and purchased land for the use of these schools.    
A reference to David White founding a Wesleyan Free School at Montrose, a seaport township 72 miles NNE of 
Edinburgh, Scotland was mentioned at the British History Online however David White's Will of 1725 made no 
reference to the Montrose School in his Will.
The legacy to the School, in both Wills in the form of Interest derived from Stock held by the same Old South Seas
Company, the dividends continued for over 200 years and have been noted in several historic publications and Court 
Proceedings as still being paid annually to the Board of Education as recently as 1986. 
Local Legends 
‘The Tunnyng of Elynour Rummynge’
Although many nobles visited Leatherhead [Turncraft] over the centuries, the most notable and publicized local 
legend is depicted in the poem ‘The Tunnyng of Elynour Rummynge’ written by 16th Century Poet John Skelton. [4]

Elynour was the tavern keeper at Leatherhead around 1545.  The poem describes describes her [most unflattering] 
in vivid detail and although the Lucas name is not mentioned the poem describes the village and life in the 
early 16th century.  According to many authorities little had changed up to the time when the Lucas Family was 
known to be resident. The name of the Inn run by Elynour is now called 'The Running Horse' and is found near 
the bridge. There are many Sites online quoting the full poem. It is doubtful that the Lucas Family was resident at 
Leatherhead at this time. 


Kingston upon Thames Lucas Familes 
             Kingston upon Thames History 
The appearance of the Lucas name is relatively recent in the 

Parish Records at Kingston upon Thames, which lays adjacent by

only a mile from Thames Ditton where evidence of a Lucas Family has
been found with ancestral roots at Leatherhead 16 miles South. 
                                 Kingston Upon Thames 
Thomas Lucas [1751-1840] married Sarah Cooker at Kingston 2nd Oct. 1791
Issue baptised at All Saints, Kingston; 
1] Susannah Lucas 13th Jan. 1793 son of Thomas & Sarah
2] Thomas Lucas 1st June 1794 son of Thomas & Sarah
     In Military Service - Married & had issue 
3] Moses Lucas 17th Jan. 1796 son of Thomas & Sarah
4] James Lucas 29th July 1798 son of Thomas & Sarah
     James Lucas married Elizabeth Lee 6th July 1827
     Issue baptised at Kingston;
               Harriett Lucas 16th May 1802 daughter of James & Elizabeth. 
               Harriet Lucas 30th Sept. 1827 daughter of James & Elizabeth 
5] Sarah Lucas 30th June 1799 daughter of Thomas & Sarah
Thomas Lucas buried 23rd Dec 1840 recorded 89 years
                               Other Families 
John Luckess buried 6th Dec 1759 
Francis Lucas buried 27th Oct 1766 
Robert St. John Lucas married Mariana Ellison 28th Aug. 1773
Alice Lucas married John Jarrit 29th June 1789
Mary Ann Lucas buried 1st Aug 1802
Maria Lucas buried 30th March 1804  'daughter of Peter'  
Elizabeth Lucas buried 21st Feb 1808  'wife of Peter' 

Sarah Lucas buried 2nd Nov 1817         'Age 1 month'   
Mary Ann Lucas buried 18th Oct. 1821  'Age 5 months'   
Harriet Lucas buried 8th Feb 1828       'Age 5 months'
Eliza Lucas married Edward Barnett 1st July 1832
Civil Registration was introduced in September 1837.
                              Earlier Families [fragments]
ANTHONY LUCAS [born before 1613]
John Lewcas baptised 4th Feb. 1633 son of Anthony
Ann Lucas buried 8th June 1634 'wife of Anthony'
Anthony Lucas buried 12th June 1634 
[Anthony Lucas was a Malster at Kingston and died Testate]
William Lucas married Elizabeth Loue [could be Lous] 16th July 1635
Mary Luckcus buried 11th Nov. 1669 'wife of James'  
Elizabeth Lewcas baptised 7th March 1680 daughter of Richard
Richaard Luckkes buried 12th Sept. 1684. 
Thomas Luckcus buried 4th June 1685 'son of Richard' 
Isley Luckes married Edward Matthes [could be Matthew]  6th April 1686
Elizabeth Lucas married William Sendley 28th May 1709
Sarah Lucas married John Elyat 17th Sept. 1721

Thomas Lucas buried 6th Feb 1741  
Joshua Lucas buried 26th Feb 1741
The Village of
Kingston upon
Thames, Surrey  
The history of Kingston upon Thames can be accessed at British History Online
URL: http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=43014&strquery=Kingston upon Thames All Saints.
Church &

Parish Books 
In the year 1769, an Act of Parliament was obtained for separating the Parish Church of Kingston and its dependant 
Chapels of Richmond, Maulsey, Thames Ditton, Petersham and Kew and forming the whole Parish into two vicarages 
and two perpetual curacies.   
The Incumbent at Kingston eventually passed to Samuel Markham who was virtually non-resident, and no proof that 
he officiated more than once [in 1774] after 1771.  In the period 1771-97 there were seventeen successive curates.  
One of these was Mr. Durnford who was host to the 87 year-old John Wesley on the night of the 23rd February 1791. 
Wesley gave the last of his 42,400 sermons in a room in Kingston House. The following day Wesley returned to London
within the week he was dead. British History online.

The Registers dating from 1542 up to 1812 are summarized at British History Online URL:
http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=43014&strquery=Kingston upon Thames All Saints.
Kingston School was Founded by Queen Elizabeth I by Royal Charter in 1561 as a free grammar-school.  Amongst the
various buildings and lands attached to it was the St. Mary Magdalen’s Chapel which today is used as a schoolroom 
and another two small chapels also adjoining the Estate.  The School’s History dates back prior to this time to around 
AD1309.  The School Records have not survived. 


Thames Ditton Lucas Families 
Thames Ditton History 
There is one Lucas Family prominent Thames Ditton. They had ancestral ties to Leatherhead [6miles Sth] 
Their earliest progenitor was proven to be John Lucas [bef.1665-1738] of Leatherhead who died Testate.
Several Wills and Documents were found for this Family dating from 1727-1808. 
This branch settled at Thames Ditton between 1748-1766, namely John Lucas[1732-1808] & his wife Mary 
[nee Bradford]. Although none of the baptisms of his children appear to be recorded at Thames Ditton, 
later Parish Records, together with several Documents found at the National Archives, Kew, Surrey prove 
their residence in this Township.
William Luckess baptised 6th Dec. 1765 son of John
Fanny Lucas married Thomas Boxell 16th Jan. 1766
Mary Lucass married John Ford 7th June 1778
Nathaniel Lucas married Margaret Mitchell 25th August 1782.
Lucas 'Mrs'  buried 24th March 1784 recorded 'pauper'. 
Sharllot Luckess baptised 6th Sept. 1778 daughter of James.
Eliza Lucas:[Born 6th Sep. 1785] Baptised 25th Sep. 1785 d.o. William & Sarah
John Lucas: [Born 30th Sept. 1787] Baptised 28th Oct. 1787  s.o. William & Sarah
William Lucas: [Born 11th April 1789] Baptised 10th May 1789 s.o. William & Sarah
Philip Lucas: [Born 10th August 1790] Baptised 5th Sept. 1790 s.o. William & Sarah
Thomas Lucas: [Born 23rd January 1792] Baptised 19th Feb 1792 s.o. William & Sarah   
Joseph Lucas: [Born 30th March 1793] Baptised 28th April 1793 s.o. William & Sarah
Caroline Lucas: [Born 11th May 1794] Baptised 7th June 1794 d.o. William & Sarah           
Caroline was buried at Thames Ditton on the 5th May 1795 recorded as 'child'  [est. aged 1yr]
The Family moved to Sandy Log Walk in Southwark near London by July 1795 where 
William and his wife Sarah recorded further Issue.
                                        Other Lucas Records at Thames Ditton 
James Lucas [1791-1879] married Leah Stovell [1792-1879] at Thames Ditton on the 19th May 1818.
This James Lucas was recorded born in Effingham c. 1791, a Carpenter by trade [1851/61/71 Census]
Effingham is also synonymous with the family of the above John Lucas [born at Effingham in 1732 son of James].   
James & Leah moved to Great Bookham 1 mile WSW of his native Effingham and 8 miles SSE of Thames Ditton
where they had issue. Details are appended to the above Family. 
James Lucas married Louisa Stanley 13th July 1828 
Mary Lucas married John Whittington 18th December 1841 
The Village of
Kingston upon
Thames, Surrey  
The Full History of Kingston upon Thames can be accessed at British History Online
Thames Ditton Church
Thames Ditton was a Chapelry of Kingston upon Thames until 1769.  
The Ancient Church at Thames Ditton dates from the earliest Norman buildings originally a long narrow hall with 
from the Bell Tower to the Chancery with modifications in the 14th and 15th Century.  The earliest documented 
reference dates around 1573 however the Church has one of the finest fonts in Surrey which is dated around AD1120.  
After the dissolution in 1538 the avowson  passed into private parsonage till 1786 when it was purchased by the Provost 
and Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge to which it belongs today. 
In English ecclesiastical Law, the avowson was the right of presentation to a vacant benefice. Presenting a nominee to 
a vacant ecclesiastical benefice. The patron has the right of presentation to the benefice, to present his or her choice of 
parish clergy to the bishop for appointment.  Generally, the patron may expect to receive a small yearly fee from the 
parish priest depending upon the income of the benefice, taken from the tithes or other income of the church.   It would 
appear that under the avowson the Church at Thames Ditton may have been left dormant for many decades.  
Church &

Parish Books 
In the year 1769, an Act of Parliament was obtained for separating the Parish Church of Kingston and its dependant 
Chapels of Richmond, Maulsey, Thames Ditton, Petersham and Kew and forming the whole Parish into two vicarages 
and two perpetual curacies.   
The Incumbent at Kingston eventually passed to Samuel Markham who was virtually non-resident, and no proof that 
he officiated more than once [in 1774] after 1771.  In the period 1771-97 there were seventeen successive curates.  
One of these was Mr. Durnford who was host to the 87 year-old John Wesley on the night of the 23rd February 1791. 
Wesley gave the last of his 42,400 sermons in a room in Kingston House. The following day Wesley returned to London: 
within the week he was dead. British History online.
The Registers dating from 1542 up to 1812 are summarized at British History Online
Parish Records  
PARISH REGISTERS;   Thames Ditton:  An extract from British History online gives the following information; 
‘The first book of registers contains mixed entries between 1663 and 1695, a second book has entries 1753 to 1778, 
a third book appears to be a duplicate of the second 1765 to 1773.  There is a marriage book to 1781 and a printed 
marriage book, 1781 to 1812, also a book containing baptisms and burials 1781 to 1812.’
The Baptisms held for Thames Ditton by the LDS revealed only four Christenings held before 1761 
i.e. Hannah Bedson the entry recorded as simply 1754, Seoman Land 14th July 1752, Bengeman and Charles Bedsor 
both baptized 1760 [twins?] father William. A gap of one year then precedes a gradual increasing number of baptisms 
from 1762 to 1872.   
Marriages were found to date from 1753 to 1875 with many records during the 1753 to 1762 period where baptisms 
are absent.
It would appear that records were only spasmodically kept after the dissolution and resumed around 1752 for a handful 
of patrons increasing gradually after 1762 to 1875.


                                              Lucas Burials 
                             A LIST OF LUCAS BURIALS [Within an 8 mile Radius of Leatherhead][SBI] 
Distance from 
Age of Church
History of
Village & Church
St. Giles
From 1662
1. 6 miles NE
12th Century
St. Michael
From 1653 
4. 6 miles SE
13th Century 
From 1560 
5 miles SE
From 1656 
4. 6 miles NNE
From 1538
4. 3 miles S
Horsley East
From 1666 
4. 9 miles WSW
Horsley West
From 1600
St. Lawrence 
From 1565  
3. 5 miles WSW 
13th Century
From 1695 
3. 7 miles NE
From 1608
5 miles NE 
St. Mary’s 
From 1562
1. 4 miles WSW
Pre 11th Century
Great Bookham
From 1632 
2. 3 miles WSW
From 1663
2. 8 miles ESE
Kingston upon Thames
All Saints
From 1542 
8 miles N
Pre 11th Century
Access History
St. Nicholas
From 1656
0 miles
Pre 11th Century
Access History
Little Bookham
From 1587 
2. 8 miles WSW
St. Michael
From 1549 
1. 9 miles S
Pre 11th Century
From 1561
7 miles SE
Stoke D’ Abernon
From 1619 
4 miles WNW
Thames Ditton
St. Nicholas
has large gap
see History  
6.5 miles N
Pre 11th Century
Access History
Walton on the Hill
From 1631 
3. 9 miles ESE
St. Giles, Ashtead - Lucas Burials
Lucas,     Amelia 22nd December 1813     'Age 50'  
Lucas,     Thomas 22nd December 1813    'Age 50' 
St. Mary's & St. Nicholas - Leatherhead - Lucas Burials; 
Lucas,   29th March 1719                          'son of John'
Lucas,   Andrew  27th June 1737             'Junior'
Lucas,   Andrew 18th August 1737  
Lucas,   Ann 28th Sept. 1759   
Lucas,   Avis 12th Sept 1766                     'w'  
Lucas,   Edward 4th Oct. 1761
Lucas,   Edward 7th Oct. 1805                  Age 63   
Lucas,   Eleanor 29th May, 1791             Age 47   
Lucas,   Eliza 12th Nov. 1820                   Age 35   
Lucas,   Elizabeth 3rd April, 1729   
Lucas,   Elizabeth 23rd Oct 1734             'w'
Lucas,   Elizabeth 27th March 1737  
Lucas,   Elizabeth 24th April 1743   
Lucas,   Elizabeth 25th Dec. 1743   
Lucas,   Elizabeth 6th Jan. 1769             'widow' 
Lucas,   Elizabeth 22nd October 1829    Age 73   
Lucas,   Elizabeth 21st Feb. 1830            Age 48   
Lucas,   George 18th Dec. 1668   
Lucas,   George 14th Jan. 1810                Age 57   
Lucas,   George 21st March 1819             Age 4   
Lucas,   Henry W  - - 1863                        'infant'   
Lucas,   James 30th July 1701   
Lucas,   John 2nd April 1658                  
Lucas,   John  13th Jan. 1690   
Lucas,   John  2nd Aug. 1714   
Lucas,   John 10th Aug. 1731   
Lucas,   John 11th Sept. 1734
Lucas,   John  4th Feb 1738                      'Senior' 
Lucas,   John 16th Dec. 1769   
Lucas,   John 27th June 1772   
Lucas,   John 24th May 1797                    Age 83   
Lucas,   John 20th Jan 1838                     Age 49   
Lucas,   Joseph 30th August 1740   
Lucas,   Joseph 11th July 1757   
Lucas,   Lydia 23rd June 1696   
Lucas,   Martha 22nd May 1701               'w'   
Lucas,   Martha 2nd April 1719   
Lucas,   Martha 5th Sept. 1737   
Lucas,   Mary  3rd May 1697   
Lucas,   Mary 20th Feb. 1707   
Lucas,   Mary 9th Feb. 1715  
Lucas,   Mary 7th May 1736   
Lucas,   Mary 22nd Oct. 1736   
Lucas,   Mary 7th Sept. 1740   
Lucas,   Mary 20th July 1778                    'w'
Lucas,   Mary 14th Dec. 1781                    'widow'
Lucas,   Mary 16th March 1783  
Lucas,   Mary  28th March 1814              Age 89   
Lucas,   Mary A  1846                               Age 59   
Lucas,   Mary  1862                                   Age 42   
Lucas,   Mary  1863                                   Age 66   
Lucas,   Mary  1865                                   Age 49   
Lucas,   Robert 22nd Jan. 1674   
Lucas,   Robert 8th March 1762   
Lucas,   Robert 3rd August 1764   
Lucas,   Robert  - - 1853                            Age 67   
Lucas,   Sarah 23rd June 1696   
Lucas,   Sarah 15th Feb 1700   
Lucas,   Sarah 30th Nov. 1741                  'widow'
Lucas,   Sarah  9th April 1751   
Lucas,   Sarah 24th March 1808              'infant'   
Lucas,   Susan 7th July 1740   
Lucas,   Susan 26th Nov. 1755   
Lucas,   Susan 10th April 1768                'w'  
Lucas,   Thomas 7th May 1708   
Lucas,   Thomas 8th June 1732   
Lucas,   Thomas 29th July 1742   
Lucas,   Thomas 1st April 1792                Age 11   
Lucas,   William 13th Oct. 1722   
Lucas,   William 23rd Dec. 1733   
Lucas,   William 12th Oct. 1785               Age 81   
LUCK,   Hannah 25th Nov. 1822              Age 25   
LUKESS, James 5th April 1778   
LUKIS,   Catherine 23rd Jan  1746   
LUKIS,   Edward 28th Jan. 1749   
LUKIS,   Martha 29th Aug.  1746   
LUKIS,   Patience 16th Jun 1751.
All Saints -Kingston - Lucas Burials 
Lucas     Ann 8th June 1634                      'wife of Anthony'   
Lucas     Anthony 12th June 1634   
LUCKCUS  Mary 11th Nov. 1669             'wife of James   
LUCKKES  Richard 12th Sept. 1684. 
LUCKCUS Thomas 4th June 1685           'son of Richard'   
Lucas     Thomas 6th Feb 1741  
Lucas     Joshua 26th Feb 1741   
LUCKESS  John 6th Dec 1759 
Lucas     Francis 27th Oct 1766   
Lucas     Mary Ann 1st Aug 1802   
Lucas     Maria 30th March 1804              'daughter of Peter'  
Lucas     Elizabeth 21st Feb 1808              'wife of Peter' 
Lucas     Sarah 2nd Nov 1817                     Age 1 month   
Lucas     Mary Ann 18th Oct. 1821            Age 5 months   
Lucas     Harriet 8th Feb 1828                   Age 5 months  
Lucas     Thomas 23rd Dec 1840                Age 89 years[i.e. born 1751]
St. Nicholas - Thames Ditton - Lucas Burials;
Lucas    24th March 1784,                            'Mrs.'
Lucas    Caroline 5th May 1795                  'child'

St. Lawrence - Effingham - Lucas Burials
Lucas,   Elizabeth 15th Feb. 1737              'infant'
Lucas,   Frances  21st Apr 1772                  'w'
Lucas,   Harriet - - 1859                              Age 55
Lucas,   James 2nd June 1746
Lucas,   James 31st March 1761
Lucas,   Joan 13th Aug. 1833                      Age 69
Lucas,   John 24th Nov 1713
Lucas,   John 20th June 1826                     Age 72
Lucas,   Mary 3rd Apr. 1745
Lucas,   Thomas 29th Sep. 1630
Lucas,   Thomas 22nd March 1748            'Child'

St. Michael's Betchworth - Lucas Burials
Lucas,   'widow' March 1675                        [no day date]
Lucas,   Benjamin 18th Jan 1743                'son of Benjamin'
Lucas,   Benjamin 10th May 1763               'son of Thomas'
Lucas,   Benjamin 25th Feb 1781
Lucas,   Benjamin 25th Dec 1840                Age 73
Lucas,   Charles 23rd Sept. 1728
Lucas,   Charles 31st Jan 1768
Lucas,   Dorothy 2nd Jan 1715                     'wife of Charles'
Lucas,   Edward 23rd Dec 1831                      Age 33
Lucas,   Elizabeth 21st March 1724             'widow'
Lucas,   Elizabeth 5th May 1756
Lucas,   Elizabeth 3rd March 1764
Lucas,   Elizabeth 12th October 1776
Lucas,   Elizabeth 11th June 1796                'Infant'
Lucas,   Elizabeth 7th Nov. 1821                   Age 80
Lucas,   George 9th Oct. 1775
Lucas,   James 18th May 1764
Lucas,   James 31st Aug. 1783                       'infant'
Lucas,   James 6th Nov. 1796                         'infant'
Lucas,   James 23rd July 1806                       'son of Benjamin & Phyllis'
Lucas,   James 20th March 1821                    Age 83
Lucas,   Jane 17th May 1763
Lucas,   Jane 26th June 1773       
Lucas,   Jane 6th October 1826                    Age 56
Lucas,   Jane 27th Jan. 1832                         Age 5 months
Lucas,   John 4th April 1778
Lucas,   John 6th August 1786
Lucas,   John 28th June 1840                       Age 77
LUCKAS, John 10th Jan. 1667
Lucas,   Joseph 10th June 1795
Lucas,   Margaret 9th April 1715                'widow'
Lucas,   Martha 6th June 1777                    'infant'
Lucas,   Mary 23rd Nov. 1695                      'daughter of Charles'
Lucas,   Mary 19th Jan. 1733                      'daughter of Walter'
Lucas,   Mary 9th April 1755
Lucas,   Mary 25th Aug. 1781                      'infant'
Lucas,   Mary 24th Nov. 1820                       Age 43
Lucas,   Rebecca 22nd March 1820             Age 3 months
Lucas,   Rebecca 3rd April 1834                  Age 6
Lucas,   Sarah 5th April 1812                     'widow of Thomas Age 75'
Lucas,   Sarah 1st Nov. 1840                       Age 74
Lucas,   Thomas 16th Feb. 1668
Lucas,   Thomas 11th June 1798
Lucas,   William 17th June 1827                 Age 27
Lucas,   William 20th Jan. 1839                  Age 67
LUCUS, William 20th April 1699
LUCUS, William 8th Feb. 1701

Great Bookham - Lucas Burials 

Lucas,    Elizabeth 2th Oct. 1836                'infant'
Lucas,    John 1st Feb. 1753
Lucas,    William 6th Jan. 1732

Fetcham - Lucas Burials

Lucas,     5th Sept. 1630                               'mother Lucas'  'old'
Lucas,    John  May 1631                              
Lucas,    Thomas 9th Feb. 1631

Little Bookham - Lucas Burials

Lucas,    Elizabeth 19th Oct. 1721
Lucas,    Elizabeth 15th March 1856          Age 4 months
Lucas,    John 22nd Dec. 1854                     Age 11 months
Headley - Lucas Burials

Lucas,    4th May 1686                                 'widow'
Lucas,    12th March 1760                           'widow'
Lucas,    Ann 29th April 1699                     'widow'
Lucas,    Ann 6th April 1725                       'wife of John'
Lucas,    Ann 21st Dec. 1753
Lucas,    Elizabeth 23rd May 1721             'widow'
Lucas,    Jane 4th March 1727
Lucas,    John 28th Feb. 1691                      'occ'
Lucas,    John 6th Dec. 1711
Lucas,    Richard 12th May 1704                 'son of John'
Lucas,    Robert 22 - 1668                             'son of D'
Lucas,    Thomas 3rd Sept. 1665                 
Lucas,    William 20th June 1719              
Lucas,    William 12th Nov. 1741                'son of John'
Lucas,    William 31st Aug. 1746                'yeoman'

Epsom - Lucas Burials

Lucas,    13th Jan. 1750                                'dame'
Lucas,    12th July 1753                                'Mrs.'
Lucas,    19th Jan. 1768                                'Mrs.'
Lucas,    Ann 7th Dec. 1827                          Age 41yrs
Lucas,    Charles 29th July 1773                 
Lucas,    Edward 12th Jan. 1719
Lucas,    Edward 4th April 1758
Lucas,    Elizabeth 7th March 1698            'widow'
Lucas,    Elizabeth 2nd Feb 1748         
Lucas,    Elizabeth 19th Aug 1839               Age 55yrs
Lucas,    Jacob 8th March 1741
Lucas,    John 10th June 1734
Lucas,    John 16th Feb. 1772
Lucas,    John 25th Sept. 1774
Lucas,    John 8th Oct. 1750
Lucas,    John 4th Aug. 1775                        'Mr.'
Lucas,    John 26th Nov. 1789
Lucas,    John 15th Feb. 1801                       'Mr.'
Lucas,    John 7th Dec. 1827                         Age 6
Lucas,    Lewin or Lewis 2nd Feb. 1750       
Lucas,    Lewis 1st. Jan 1738
Lucas,    Mary 22nd Aug. 1771
Lucas,    Mary 30th July 1791
Lucas,   Samuel 15th Oct. 1722
Lucas,   Susannah 14th Aug. 1828               Age 78
Lucas,   Thomas 2nd March 1739
Lucas,   Thomas - July 1799
Lucas,   William 30th Nov. 1762
Lucas,   Winefred or Winifred 14th July 1729

Mickleham - Lucas Burials

Lucas,   13th Nov. 1635                                 'Child of John'   'infant'
Lucas,   Alice 22nd Jan. 1671                       'w'
Lucas,   Alice 10th Sept. 1742                      'als Fryar'
Lucas,   Ann 14th Sept. 1684
Lucas,   Ann 6th Dec. 1713                            'w'
Lucas,   Ann 10th May 1737                          'widow'
Lucas,   Elizabeth 5th Jan. 1713
LUCASE, Elizabeth 18th July 1652             'widow'
LUCASE, Helen 14th Sept. 1660                  'w'
Lucas,   Harry 15th may 1674                        'old'
Lucas,   Henry 4th June 1620
Lucas,   Henry 29th March 1641
Lucas,   James 25th Aug. 1650
Lucas,   James 14th Oct. 1728                       'Junior'
Lucas,   James 7th Dec. 1743                          Age 90
Lucas,   James 3rd Nov. 1752
Lucas,   Jane 27th March 1606                       'w'
Lucas,   Jane 1st July 1571                             
Lucas,   John 13th May 1573
Lucas,   John 20th Jan. 1648
Lucas,   John 17th April 1686
Lucas,   John 26th June 1725
LUCASE, John 15th Oct. 1663
Lucas,   Margery 23rd Dec. 1607                     'widow'
Lucas,   Marian 11th June 1552
Lucas,   Mary 26th July 1682
Lucas,   Patience 2nd Feb. 1653
Lucas,   Raffe or Ralfe 27th Jan. 1599
Lucas,   Sarah 19th Dec. 1645
LUCASE, Sybill 11th July 1664                      'widow'
Lucas,   Thomas 10th Dec. 1572                       'the elder'
Lucas,   Thomas 13th Dec. 1600
Lucas,   Thomas 22nd April 1612
Lucas,   Thomas 30th Jan. 1638
Lucas,   William 22nd March 1689
Lucas,   Winifred 19th April 1749                     'w'

Buckland - Lucas Burials

Lucas,   20th Nov. 1669                                      'widow'
Lucas,   27th Oct. 1681                                      'widow'
Lucas,   Ann 6th Dec. 1737                                'daughter of Thomas & Sarah'
Lucas,   Elizabeth 6th May 1606                       'wife of Thomas'
Lucas,   Elizabeth 28th Oct. 1733                     'wife of George'
Lucas,   George 21st June 1729
Lucas,   George 3rd March 1765
Lucas,   Jane 15th Sept. 1656                             'daughter of Richard & Jane'
Lucas,   Jane 10th July 1671                              'wife of Thomas'
Lucas,   Joan 10th July 1563
Lucas,   John 13th April 1652                            'son of Richard & Jane'
Lucas,   Richard 31st Oct. 1638                         'yeoman'
Lucas,   Richard 12th Sept. 1678
Lucas,   Sarah 23rd Feb. 1677                            'daughter of Thomas & Joan'
Lucas,   Thomas 20th Nov. 1680

Walton on the Hill - Lucas Burials

Lucas,   Ann 31st Jan. 1691                                'daughter of Edward & Lucretia'
Lucas,   Ann 27th March 1737                           'daughter of William & Margaret'
Lucas,   Ann 12th Jan. 1739
Lucas,   Edward 28th June 1764
Lucas,   Elizabeth 7th Oct. 1689                        'daugher of Thomas'
Lucas,   Jane 15th July 1750                              'widow'
Lucas,   John 14th Sept. 1700
Lucas,   John 12th Sept. 1714                            'son of Thomas'
Lucas,   Lucretia 30th May 1735                       'widow'
Lucas,   Margaret 19th April 1762
Lucas,   Mary 8th June 1761                             'wife of Edward'
Lucas,   Richard 29th Oct. 1692
Lucas,   Thomas 4th Nov. 1686                          'son of Thomas'
Lucas,   Thomas 10th July 1690
Lucas,   Thomas 10th June 1735                       'Mr.'
Lucas,   Thomas 28th Nov. 1736                        'son of William & Margaret'
Lucas,   Thomas 18th Dec. 1750
Lucas,   William 22nd Dec. 1759

Reigate - Lucas Burials
Lucas,    5th Aug. 1621                                       'child of Richard'   'infant'
Lucas,    24th Feb. 1648                                      'child of Richard'   'infant'
Lucas,    6th April 1652                                      'child of Harry'
LUCUS, 22nd Aug. 1655                                    'widow'
Lucas,    15th April 1657                                    'widow'
Lucas,    9th August 1665                                   'wife of William'
Lucas,    23rd Feb. 1667                                      'wife of William'
Lucas,    21st May 1667                                      'wife of Richard'
Lucas,    15th Dec. 1676                                     'daugher of George'
Lucas,    3rd Aug. 1684                                       'child of Richard'
Lucas,    15th Sept. 1684                                    'wife of John'
Lucas,    19th April 1686                                    'child of Richard'
Lucas,    27th August 1710                                 'wife of Richard'
Lucas,    Ann 21st Jan. 1731                               'daughter of Charles & Ann'
Lucas,    Anthony 2nd May 1624                        'son of William'
Lucas,    Benjamin 24th Feb. 1793              
Lucas,    Catherine 5th March 1646                  'widow'
Lucas,    Eliza 24th April 1825                            Age 4
Lucas,    Elizabeth 20th August 1624
Lucas,    Elizabeth 1st Jan 1627
Lucas,    Elizabeth 3rd March 1713                   'daughter of Richard'
Lucas,    George 15th Jan. 1764
Lucas,    James 21st June 1801                          'son of James'
Lucas,    James 11th Oct. 1810
Lucas,    John 31st May 1689                             'son of Richard'
Lucas,    John 25th Nov. 1700               
Lucas,    John 18th March 1750
Lucas,    Mabel 30th Oct. 1639                           'daughter of Edward'
Lucas,    Mary 5th April 1675
Lucas,    Penelope 2nd Feb. 1726                       'wife of John'
Lucas,    Richard 13th Dec. 1667                        'Senior'
Lucas,    Richard 26th March 1737                     'occ'
Lucas,    Robert 8th Oct. 1629                             'son of Richard'
Lucas,    Sarah 18th Sept. 1757
Lucas,    Susanna 24th Dec. 1751
Lucas,    Susanna 19th Oct. 1761
Lucas,    Thomas 21st Feb. 1656                          'son of widow'
Lucas,    Thomas 29th Aug. 1656
Lucas,    William 16th Oct. 1649
Lucas,    William 6th March 1674
Lucas,    William 10th July 1689

Dorking - Lucas Burials
Lucas,    30th Sept. 1629                                     'daughter of Ralph'
Lucas,    17th June 1633                                     'daughter of Anthony'   'still'
Lucas,    27th Oct. 1714                                       'wife of Ralph'
Lucas,    19th Nov. 1723                                      'child of Henry'
Lucas,    25th Jan. 1767                                       'son of William & Mary'
Lucas,    Angel   6th April 1639                          'widow'
Lucas,    Ann 1st May 1626                                  'w'
Lucas,    Ann 30th May 1631                               'w'
Lucas,    Ann 5th Oct. 1644
Lucas,    Anne 12th March 1669                          'widow'
Lucas,    Ann 30th March 1682                            'widow'
Lucas,    Anne 10th Dec. 1707                              'widow'
Lucas,    Ann 23rd April 1772                               'w'
Lucas,    Anthony 10th March 1646
Lucas,    Benjamin 14th June 1793
Lucas,    Benjamin 5th Feb. 1838                        Age 59
Lucas,    Bridget 31st Jan. 1659                           'widow'
Lucas,    Charles 5th Feb. 1837                           Age 30
Lucas,    Charles 1st Nov. 1784
Lucas,    David William 1850                               Age 8   [on the page for that year]
LUCCAS, Edward 8th Aug. 1718
Lucas,    Edward 4th Feb. 1780
Lucas,    Edward Haward or Howard 5th May 1786
Lucas,    Eleanor 26th June 1755
Lucas,    Elizabeth 17th Oct. 1619                        'w'
Lucas,    Elizabeth 22nd Dec. 1635                       'spinster'
Lucas,    Elizabeth 14th Feb. 1643                        'widow'
Lucas,    Elizabeth 19th Oct. 1645                        'infant'
Lucas,    Elizabeth 20th July 1657
Lucas,    Elizabeth 19th Dec. 1714
Lucas,    Elizabeth 25th Nov. 1763                        'w'
Lucas,    Elizabeth 20th Aug. 1777                       'widow'
Lucas,    Elizabeth 9th Nov. 1795
Lucas,    Elizabeth 28th Feb. 1797
Lucas,    Emily Eliza 1852                                      Age 5
Lucas,    Frances 1852                                             Age 5 weeks
Lucas,    George 7th Feb. 1829                               Age 33yrs
Lucas,    Grace 12th June 1689                              'w'
Lucas,    Hannah 1st Sept. 1839                             Age 41yrs
Lucas,    Henry 29th Nov. 1772   
Lucas,    Henry 20th July 1827                               Age 43yrs
Lucas,    Henry 6th June 1694              
Lucas,    Henry 30th June 1719 
Lucas,    James 26th Feb. 1693
Lucas,    James 22nd Sept. 1771
Lucas,    James 25th Dec. 1783
Lucas,    James 6th May 1827                                Age 9 months
Lucas,    James 18th July 1833                              Age 88yrs
Lucas,    Jane 28th Jan. 1667                                  'w'
Lucas,    Jane 28th Aug. 1720                                 'w'
Lucas,    Jane 5th Oct. 1725                                    'w'
Lucas,    Jane Phyllis 1859                                      11 months
Lucas,    Jean 3rd June 1701
Lucas,    Joan 27th Dec. 1593
Lucas,    Joan 2nd May 1627                                   'spinster'
Lucas,    John 3rd Nov. 1613
Lucas,    John 3rd April 1639
Lucas,    John 8th Oct. 1672
Lucas,    John 8th Dec. 1685
Lucas,    John 8th Feb. 1704
Lucas,    John 19th May 1706
Lucas,    Katherine 21st Aug. 1664                           'w'
Lucas,    Louisa 1845                                                 Age 30
Lucas,    Lydia 6th April 1688                                  'widow'
Lucas,    Margaret 8th Feb. 1794
Lucas,    Marian 7th March 1623                             'spinster'
Lucas,    Mary 1st July 1658
Lucas,    Mary 10th June 1672
Lucas,    Mary 15th April 1702
Lucas,    Mary 20th June 1784                                'w'
Lucas,    Mary 29th July 1798
Lucas,    Mary 9th Nov. 1806                                   Age 67yrs
Lucas,    Mary 23rd Oct. 1814                                 Age 37yrs
Lucas,    Mary Ann 1845                                          'infant'
Lucas,    Matilda 20th April 1783
Lucas,    Peter 19th Oct. 1828                                  Age 52
Lucas,    Ralph 23rd Dec. 1556
Lucas,    Ralph 4th Sept. 1588
Lucas,    Ralph 14th March 1590
Lucas,    Ralph 3rd April 1647                                 Age 56yrs
Lucas,    Ralph 25th Oct. 1687
Lucas,    Ralph 15th Jan. 1719
Lucas,    Ralph 26th Feb. 1766
Lucas,    Richard 8th July 1579
Lucas,    Sarah 5th April 1736
Lucas,    Sarah 2nd Sept. 1778
Lucas,    Sarah 2nd Nov. 1790                                  'w'
Lucas,    Sarah 22nd Dec. 1833                                Age 47yrs
Lucas,    Stephen 19th March 1627
Lucas,    Stephen 17th Sept. 1627
Lucas,    Stephen 22nd March 1684
Lucas,    Thomas 17th July 1599
Lucas,    Thomas 18th Nov. 1622
Lucas,    Thomas 22nd April 1773
Lucas,    Thomas 1851                                              Age 82
Lucas,    William 19th Sept. 1555
Lucas,    William 31st Oct. 1563                             Age 12yrs
Lucas,    William 12th April 1612
Lucas,    William 21st Oct. 1629                             Age 72
Lucas,    William 30th Aug. 1635                            'ba'
Lucas,    William  27th May 1798
Lucas,    William 11th Sept. 1827                           Age 69yrs
Lucas,    William 4th Dec. 1828                              Age 66yrs
Lucas,    William 6th March 1835                           Age 1yr
Lucas,    William 1841                                              Age 22

Ewell - Lucas Burials

Lucas,   2nd Sept. 1609                                            'wife of Ralph'
Lucas,   21st Oct. 1694                                             'widow'
Lucas,   Anne 23rd July 1713
Lucas,   Anne 21st Sept. 1713
Lucas,   Edmund 26th Feb. 1719
Lucas,   Edward 16th Dec. 1827                               Age 40yrs
Lucas,   Guy 15th Jan. 1758
Lucas,   John 5th April 1740
Lucas,   John 27th Nov. 1742
Lucas,   Ralph 19th April 1613
Lucas,   Sarah 10th July 1730
Lucas,   Sarah 19th Dec. 1742
Lucas,   William 6th Dec. 1719
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