The Ancient Lucas Family of Leatherhead  
                                              Later of Kingston Upon Thames, Thames Ditton and Southwark Surrey.
                 Robert Lucas 
                                                 Spouse:  Mary Bartlett                                     

Robert Lucas was baptised at St. Nicholas, Leatherhead on the 18th Feb.1686 recorded
'son of John'.  In the absence of another progenitor recorded 'John' in Leatherhead at this 
time, Robert is considered to be the son of John Lucas ]bef.1665-1738] a wheelwright of 
Leatherhead, who Recorded several Issue baptised at this venue between 1786-1701, Robert 
assumed his first born. 

At the age twenty seven Robert Lucas married twenty-one year old Mary Bartlett, the third 
daughter of Edward Bartlett, at St. Nicholas, Leatherhead on the 2nd November 1713.
See Bartlett Family Chart below.

Although he was resident at Leatherhead and living at the time of the death of his presumed
father, the latter's Will does not mention Robert or his children, as it does the other surviving
children and their progeny formerly attributed to the Testator in the Parish Records.

This anomaly is further complicated in a subsequent Will made by the grandson of the above
Testator in 1797, whereby the 2nd Testator died without Issue and distributed his sizeable 
Estate between the surviving descendants of his grandfather.  None of Robert's children are 
mentioned [assuming they survived], however the great nephew of his wife 'Thomas Bartlett'
was a beneficiary. See Bartlett Family Chart below.

Robert follows almost exactly the naming pattern of this era in his first born, the namesake of 
his father [John], the second son to himself, the third to the maternal grandfather i.e. Edward. 
following this pattern the forth son 'William' would almost certainly be his brother. This still 
gives the researcher little joy in separating him from the progeny of John Lucas snr. 

Robert Lucas appears wealthy in his own right, his son Robert married Mary Hill by Licence
at Leatherhead in 1751, the bond was £150.  This formerly unprecedented Licence within the
Lucas Family only affordable in families of means was repeated only once six years later in 
the marriage of John Lucas senior's grandson John Lucass also at Leatherhead in 1758 with
the same bond of £150.  This same grandson was recorded the following year in a Deed for 
land at nearby Abinger  with William Lucass who died the following year in 1760 for which 
there is no account.
In this tangled, fragmented web the two marriage licence and the moderate Wealth held by
the John senior's grandson in 1797 [Estate £5,000] hints at some affluence within the family.
In this regard it may be that Robert being the eldest son of John Lucas Senior, that there may
have been some Prenuptial agreement in the latter's marriage, which would direct the major
part of any Estate to the eldest son.  In such cases any residue of the estate, usually very little,
can be distributed amongst the younger children.  To date no such agreement has be found and
with no indication of a second likely John Lucas at Leatherhead in 1686 to claim paternity, 
Robert's place in this Lucas Family's lineage remains an enigma.
Childbearing span for Robert [the elder] and Mary nee Bartlett was 21 years.
Several burials could apply to Robert's wife Mary [nee Bartlett] at Leatherhead i.e. two in 1736 and another in 1740 - See Lucas Burials
Robert Lucas [the elder] and his son Robert Lucas [the younger] were buried at Leatherhead 8th March 1762 [aged 76 yrs/45yrs] 
or 3rd Aug 1764 [aged 78yrs/47yrs]
Issue baptised at Leatherhead;
Child 1:        John Lucas bapt. 17th July 1714 'son of Robert'.
                       [Possibly Buried 2nd August 1714. Est age 2 weeks?]
Child 2:        Mary Lucas bapt. 1st February 1717 'daughter of Robert'
                       Buried 9th Feb 1715. Est. aged 1 week
Child 3:        Robert Lucas [the younger] baptised 22th July 1717 'son of Robert'.
                      Married Mary Hill at Leatherhead in 1751 by Licence by whom he had Issue - See Original Document Epilogue.
Child 4:        Edward Lucas baptised 21st Jan 1719 'son of Robert'.
                      In view that there were two 'Edward Lucas' around the same age at Leatherhead - See Epilogue. 
Child 5:       William Lucas baptised 4th March 1721 son of Robert.
                      [Possibly buried 13th Oct 1722.  Est. age 19 months] 
Child 6:        Mary Lucas baptised 23rd March 1723 'daughter of Robert'
                      See Epilogue. 
Child 7:        Elizabeth Lucas baptised 27th March 1729 'daughter of Robert'
                      Buried 3rd April 1729. Est. age 1 week.
Child 8:        Hannah Lucas baptised 3rd Feb 1730 'daughter of Robert'
                      Outcome unknown. 
Child 9:        Anne Lucas baptised 31st Jan. 1732 'daughter of Robert'
                      Outcome unknown.  
Child 10:      Elizabeth Lucas baptised 15th March 1736 'daughter of Robert'
                      Outcome unknown.
Child 3:  Robert Lucas [the younger] baptised 22th July 1717.
                Occupation Carpenter.
                At the age of thirty-four Robert Lucas [the younger] married Mary Hill by Licence 2nd November 1751.
                            Mary Hill the details on the Licence imply she was of Dorking and aged above twenty-five years.
                                              Two baptisms could apply: 1]  1722 daughter of John & Ann
                                                                                             2]  1726 daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth
                                              The latter baptism appears part of the family of Samuel Hill [assumed Mary's grandfather] 
                                              who is recorded in the Will of John Ellis of Horsham, Sussex bequeathed a sizeable property
                                              in this county. National Archives, Kew. 
               Robert does not follow the normal naming patterns in his children.

                                           Marriage Licence of Robert Lucas 1751
                Child 1:  George Lucas bapt. 29th September 1752. 'son of Robert & his wife Elizabeth'
                                 Occupation Bricklayer.  
                                 His father and Grandfather appear to have died [1762/1764] when George was aged 10 & 12yrs.  
                                 A thread: An Indenture was found Registered in London dated 1767 for George Lucas [usual age 
                                                   for apprenticeship 14 or 15yrs.  Ten pounds was paid by John Lucas to John Hurst of 
                                                   Leatherhead, Bricklayer, dated 1767.
                                 George appears to have married Elizabeth [nee unknown] and had Issue following naming patterns
                                 of the era. 
                                 Issue; [baptised at Leatherhead]
                                                     Child 1: Robert Lucas baptised 25th December 1785
                                                                    Robert married Mary [nee unknown] and had issue.
                                                                    In the 1841 Census he was recorded living at China Row, Leatherhead aged 55yrs, 
                                                                    a Bricklayer Journeyman, with his wife Mary aged 40yrs and their two younger 
                                                                    children: Robert 14yrs and Emma aged twelve. 
                                                                    In the 1851 Census he was living at Bridge Street, Leatherhead he was recorded 
                                                                    'father-in-law', aged 65yrs, a widower, Bricklayer - Journeyman, noted born at 
                                                                    Leatherhead. In the house with him was his daughter Lucy Lee aged 46, her spouse
                                                                    Thomas Lee aged 33yrs a pauper/agricultural labourer [both recorded born in 
                                                                    Leatherhead] and their three daughters: Sarah Lee 10yrs, born Epsom, 
                                                                    Eliza Lee 9yrs born Daybrook, Nottingham and Harriet Lee 4yrs born at Leatherhead.
                                                                    Robert Lucas was buried at Leatherhead in 1853 recorded aged 57 years. 
                                                     Child 2: Mary Ann Lucas baptised 16th December 1787 
                                                     Child 3: Susan Lucas baptised 28th Feb. 1790
                                                     Child 4: Elizabeth Hannah Lucas baptised 8th January 1792
                                                     Child 5: Lucy Lucas baptised 16th December 1792
                                 George was Buried at Leatherhead 14th Jan. 1810 at the recorded age 57yrs.
                                 George or any of his progeny were not included in the Lucass Will [1797]. 
                 Child 2: Susannah Lucas bapt.  8th Nov 1755. 
                                Buried 26th Nov. 1755 at St. Nicholas Leatherhead est. age 8 days. 
Child 3: Susanna Lucas bapt. 27th June 1758. Outcome not investigated.
Child 4:  Edward Lucas baptised at Leatherhead 21st Jan 1719 'son of Robert'.

                There were several Edward Lucas hinted born in 18th Century Leatherhead.
' Edward Lucas' was also the name of the grandson of John Lucas Snr of Leatherhead, and one of the beneficiaries
in the latter's Will in 1738, mentioned as 'son of Henry', for  whom no outcome has been established. 
This Edward Lucas was deceased by 1797, not mentioned in the subsequent 'Lucass' Will in that year. 
Nor was there any indication made in the latter Will of any surviving Issue for this Edward. 
A child was baptised at Leatherhead 'Edward Lukis' 3rd June 1747 son of Edward.
Edward Lucas married Elizabeth [nee unknown] c. 1753.  [born before 1731]
                 Issue of Edward and Elizabeth baptised at St. Nicholas, Leatherhead; 
                                 Child 1; Elizabeth Lucas: b. 26th October 1754. 
                                 Child 2: Ann Lucas: b. 31st March 1757. 
                                                [Possibly the same buried 28th Sept. 1759 [est. aged two]. 
                                 Child 3: Edward Lucas: b. 25th Jan 1760. 
                 No further issue recorded. Childbearing span six years. 
                 Edward is assumed buried at Leatherhead 4th October 1761. 
                 His wife Elizabeth buried 'widow', 6th January 1769.
An Edward Lucas was mentioned 'in passing' in the Will of William Baker [1799],  
a Barber at Leatherhead, as resident at a leasehold belonging to the Testator.  William Baker who was earlier named
as the sole Executor to the Estate of John Lucass in 1797.  Edward was noted as residing at that time with the 
'Widow illegible'. 
An Edward Lucas married Eleanor Kearn 8th May 1774 at Leatherhead. [Edward born 1742]
When Eleanor died when her children were aged 16yrs to 4yrs. 
Issue: [of Edward Lucas and Eleanor nee Kearn] baptised at Leatherhead;
           Child 1: James Lucas baptised 28th April 1775
           Child 2: Mary Lucas baptised 2nd Feb. 1777
           Child 3: Ellinor Lucas baptised 12th December 1778
           Child 4: Thomas Lucas baptised 18th May 1780. 
                          Buried 1st April 1792 at the recorded aged 11yrs.
           Child 5: Bet Lucas baptised 22nd September 1782 
           Child 6: Edward Lucas baptised 28th November 1784
           Child 7: Ann Lucas baptised 14th October 1787
Edward Lucas was buried at Leatherhead 7th October 1805 at the recorded age of  63yrs [born 1742].
His wife Eleanor predeceased him, buried 29th May 1791 at the recorded age of 47yrs. 
Child 6:    Mary Lucas: 23rd March 1723. One of  two candidates to have married William Nichols at Leatherhead 
                   25th November 1743 [age 20yrs]. The other candidate was Mary Lucas d.o. Joseph b. 23rd  Nov 1718 
                   [age 25yrs].  No Issue recorded at Leatherhead. 
                                       THE BARTLETT FAMILY OF LEATHERHEAD
Mary Bartlett was the daughter of Edward Bartlett.  Edward Bartlett recorded five baptisms at St. Nicholas, 
Child 1: Susannah Bartlett b. 15th June 1684.  Married Edward Geale 21/5/1711 [bride age 27yrs].  
Child 2: Elizabeth Bartlett b. 17th Nov. 1689
Child 3: Mary Bartlett b. 5th Jan. 1692.  At the age of twenty one married Robert Lucas at Leatherhead 2nd November 1713.
Child 4: William Bartlett baptised 22nd June 1695
                William married Mary [nee unknown] around 1723.  
                William was buried ten years later 23rd December 1733 at the age of 38yrs.  
                [seven mths after the birth of his youngest child]       
                Issue: baptised at St. Nicholas Leatherhead;
                Child 1: William b. 7th April 1725
                Child 2: Edward b. 12th Sept. 1727
                Child 3: Thomas b. 19th Aug. 1729 – died.
                Child 4: Ann b. 17th May, 1731
                Child 5: Thomas Bartlett b. 15th May 1733 at Leatherhead.
                                Married Sarah Bundell 9th July 1763 Leatherhead.
                                Occupation: Carpenter.                            
                                Thomas Bartlett was known to live in a cottage owned by John Lucass, wheelwright of Leatherhead 
                                [John Lucass [Testator 1797 Will] was twenty years old when Thomas Bartlett was born].
                                Thomas Bartlett's grandmother was the sister-in-law of the father of John Lucass/
                                 Thomas Bartlett was a lessor beneficiary in the Will of John Lucass [1797]. 
                                Thomas Bartlett was aged 64yrs at Testator’s death [1797].
                                 Thomas Bartlett was a Defendant in the Challenge to the same Will in 1806 [with others].
                                Thomas Bartlett was 73 years old at the date of the Challenge. 
                                Thomas Bartlett was buried L'hd 13th December 1812 at the recorded age of  79yrs.
                                 Issue of Thomas Bartlett & Mary his wife, baptised at L'hd;
                                              Child 1: William Bartlett: bapt. 29th Jan 1764          
                                              Child 2: Thomas Bartlett: bapt. 26th Feb. 1768 - buried 28th Feb. 1768.         
                                              Child 3: Ann Bartlett: bapt. 7th Oct. 1770 [late baptism]         
                                              Child 4: Sarah Bartlett: bapt. 3rd March 1771         
                                              Child 5: George Bartlett: bapt. 27th Nov. 1774         
                                              Child 6: Thomas Bartlett: bapt. 5th July 1780  
Child 5: Edward Bartlett bapt. 22nd Oct. 1697.
               Child: Edward Bartlett bapt. 12th Sept. 1727.   
               No further information. 
Bartlett Family Members who may have entered this Site, there is more information 
relating to the Lineage of the Bartlett Family and some Wills are recorded.