Earliest Lucas Families 
          Mickleham & Dorking, Surrey

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                                     EVENTS AT DORKING 
                    EVENTS AT MICKLEHAM
                               Sources:  Baptisms & Marriages - Latter Day Saint International Genealogical Index [LDS IGI]
                                                Burials:  Surrey Burial Index [CD] - West Surrey Family History Society.
                                                Documents:  Surrey History Centre, Surrey.                 
                                                  Three assumed Brothers: Steven Lucas, William Lucas, Thomas Lucas;

Steven Lucas

of Dorking

Born c. 1510
Steven Lucas recorded two daughters at Dorking;
Amye Lucas baptised 16th June 1539 d.o. Steven 
Amye's baptism was one of the first at Dorking to comply 
with the new Order 1538.
Elizabeth Lucas baptised March 1540 d.o. Steven
Steven may certainly have had sons before these baptisms, 
prior to the Mandate. 
Evidence of Steven's burial was not found at Dorking and 
he may have subsequently moved elsewhere but there are 
indications of the existance of a son or namesake in or 
returning to Dorking is inferred in the burials of the 
Stephen Lucas buried 19th March 1627 - Dorking
Stephen Lucas buried 17th Sept. 1627 - Dorking
Stephen Lucas buried 22nd March 1684 - Dorking
None of these individuals recorded issue at Dorking. 
William Lucas

of Dorking

Born c. 1510
William Lucas recorded one child at Dorking; 

Susan Lucas baptised 7th June 1543 d.o. William
William may have had sons prior to Mandatory Parish
William's burial was not found at Dorking. 
Richard Lucas

Born c. 1525
Richard possibly came from Mickleham. See right panel:-
Richard Lucas married Alice Gooden three years later 
at Dorking 15th Jan. 1558 then moved to London.

A set of baptisms was recorded in London from
1573-1580.  This would give a laps in records of 15 years
but exactly falls within the child bearing frame of 22 years. 
One of these issue was a son 'Steven Lucas' in 1573 and
a daughter Alice in 1576.
Steven being an uncommon name in early Lucas Families
it leaves a tenuous thread perhaps leading back to 
not too distant Dorking. 
Children baptised in London;
[All at St.Lawrence Pountney, London]
Steven Lucas 14th March 1573
Alice Lucas 6th March 1574
Ann Lucas 5th February 1575
Katherine Lucas 28th Feb. 1576
Judith Lucas 5th Feb. 1580.
Richard Lucas

Born c. 1525 
Richard Lucas was born before the 1538 Mandate. 

He recorded one child at Mickleham

Joane Lucas 1st  Jan 1555 d.o. of Richard & 
Elizabeth Hadlod.

 Appears to continue in a marriage at Dorking.
John Lucas 

of Mickleham

Born c.1523
John Lucas was born before Madate of 1538. 

He recorded four daughters baptised at Mickleham;
Elizabeth Lucas  d.o.  John 31st July 1553
Joane Lucas d.o. John 19th  Jan 1557

of Dorking

Born c. 1523
Very likely brother or at least 1st cousin  
'Lucas' is the name taken from the Parish Records for 
the Baptisms of his children.
1] John Lucas baptised 26th Dec 1549 
2] Thomas Lucas baptised 26th Dec 1552
        This child did not survive.  
3] Eme Lucas baptised 16th Sept. 1555    
4] Thomas Lucas baptised 31st Dec 1559
5] Raphe Lucas baptised 4th Nov 1561   
6] William Lucas baptised 9th Jan 1563
    William married c. 1593
  Elizabeth Lucas baptised 23rd July 1594
     Richard Lucas baptised 8th Jan 1597
     William Lucas baptised 2nd Feb 1601  
      John Lucas baptised 2nd Dec. 1604  
      Anthony Lucas baptised 17th July 1608 
      died 24th July 1608 – est 1 week
      Joane Lucas baptised 21st jan 1609

7] Alice Lucas baptised 11th march 1565
8]  Thomas Lucas baptised 14th May 1567 
 Raphe Lucas
of Mickleham

Born c. 1526
Very likely brother or at least 1st cousin. 
Raphe Lucas [the elder] died Testate,  buried at 
Mickleham on the 27th January 1599 
Occupation: Husbandman. 

Issue baptised at Mickleham;  
 1] Joane Lucas baptised 7th Dec 1551
 2]  Elizabeth Lucas baptised 5th Oct 1554
 3]  EMME LUCAS baptised 28th April 1559
 4] Johane Lucas baptised 22nd oct 1559
 5]  Isabell Lucas baptised 14th Oct 1560
 6]  RALPHE LUCAS baptised 2nd April 1562
 7] Henrie Lucas baptism not found. 
2] RALPH LUCAS baptised 4th Nov 1561   . 
Raphe Lucas married Elizabeth Peeter 
30th August 1590 at Dorking;
Issue baptised at Dorking; 
John Lucas 15th July 1591 son of raphe
Elizabeth Lucas 28th Jan 1592 do raphe
Ursula Lucas 22nd May 1595 do Raph
Joane Lucas 3rd feb 1596 do raphe
Ann Lucas 24th Feb 1599 do Ralph
Frances Lucas [female] 17th July 1603 do Ralph
1]   Raphe Lucas was baptised  2nd April 1562 
       son of RALPH LUCAS of Mickleham.
Ralphe Lucas married Emme Lucas around 1587.
It is likely he married his 1st Cousin [above]. 
Eme Lucas was baptised 16th Sept. 1555 daughter of LUCAS of Dorking.
He very likely married his 1st Cousin. 

Emme was pregnant when Ralph died the following year 1588.

Rolfe Lucas Will 23rd September 1588, husbandman, being weak in body.
To be buried in Dorking Churchyard.
Poor of the  Parish:  Five Shillings & eight  pence. 
Kinsman:           William Lucas – ten shillings
Sister:                Cheeseman - Five Pounds.  
                            Note: Swythen Lucas married  John Cheesman 7th Nov 1586 Dorking 
                                       - no baptism found.
Unspecified:       Henry Peter – Ten Shillings. 
Unspecified:       Richard Peter – Ten Shillings. 
Unspecified:       Matthew Peter – Ten Shillings. 
Unspecified:       Margaret Peter – Ten Shillings
Unspecified:       James East? – one quarter of wheat.
Sister:                Cheesman? My clothes as will make her a gown?  
                            and Ten shillings towards the gown.
'To Emme:         now my Wife and the child that she now gothe' [taken to mean 'in eutro'] 
                            – all the rest of my estate  [not expanded].
Joint Executors: William Leather & Roger Weller, Yeoman of  Dorking with ten shillings 
                              over and above their charges.
'If my wife should happen to marry, the said child being then born and living, that she, 
my said wife and her husband that before their marriage joyfully enter into a bond [?] 
payment of half of the money in the power of indifferent men, to be passed to my 
said child at age twenty years.
Debts of Ralph Lucas to be paid as follows: 
William  Lucas – my kinsman – for wages: Thirty  Shillings.
Agnus Lane – Four Pounds. 
To my father-in-law, Ralph Lucas – Five pounds. 
Ralph Lucas  – my wife’s  brother – Sixteen Shillings. 
To William  Peter – Fifteen pence. 
To Barnard  Edmundes – of [?] – two hundred loades of Billett by bond to be delivered of  
Leatherhead, with a further five hundred loades. 
John Peter  – paid for all his carriages [assumed for the delivery of above]
Owing to the Testator – the said Ralph Lucas to  see to the payment; 
[?] Goodman  {?] Of [?], [?]  - eight pounds ten  shillings. 
Thomas Skeet of [Effing?] – Forty Shillings and more – twenty shillings – fifteen shillings
 & six pence. This entry is interesting!
Edward  Milforde – thirty shillings.
Thomas Withbrooke – Fifteen Shillings. 
Payment for  wood not yet delivered to [?] but ordered – sixteen shillings.
Proved:  Administration granted 18th September - Emme Lucas is mentioned.
Will: National Archives Kew Surrey, Online 

No baptism  was recorded at Dorking or Mickleham for a child of Ralph
Ralph’s  widow married John Stillwell at Dorking on the 9th June 1589.
Emma had one daughter by John Stillwell i.e. Emme Stillwell baptised at Dorking.
No burials or baptisms for the Lucas Family found at Leigh in the 16th Century [SBI].    
Then came the two Thomas Lucas's who have no baptism details - one of Dorking and one of Mickleham.
The former Thomas of Dorking is significant in that he baptised his son 'Raphe Lucas' one month after the death of Raphe Lucas [the younger].
The latter Thomas of Mickleham does not appear to have a connection to the families.

Deed Document; 
Title begins with conveyance of Cokshottes by John Cokshotte to John Penekoke  and John Parker in 1445.  It then passes (with Hartshurst) 
to Richard and John Kyre (1446), to Richard Hulot (1453), William Atte Stone (1461), and  Matthew Atte Stone (1492).
In 1545 a recovery of lands in Abinger and Wotton is suffered by William Perkyn, who, in 1554, conveys Cokshottes and Harthurst to Thomas Atte Stone.
A deed of 1567 conveys the use of the property to John Yonge and Thomas Lucas.  In 1635 John Stone senior conveys Hartshurst to his son, John, who, in 1661, conveys part of his property to Henry, his second son.
Compiled by and copyright of Surrey County Council Heritage Conservations Team.
Thomas Lucas
of Dorking

Born c. 1565 
11 children from 1586-1607 [spanning 21 years]
Occupation: Carpenter. 
Thomas Lucas married Frances King 7th August 1586 at 
nearby Fetcham. He later married Elizabeth [nee unknown]
Died:  Testate 
Issue baptised at Dorking;
1] Anthony Lucas baptised 20th Nov. 1586 son of Thomas
    Only Surviving son of Thomas Lucas. 
Anthony was buried 10th March 1646 at the est. 
     age of sixty. 
     At his death, his youngest child was eight years old.
     Two of Andrew's three sons recorded issue at Dorking.
     Anthony Lucas married1 Ann Tayler 23rd Jan 1616
     Issue Marriage 1; 
                 Anthony 7th  July 1619 son of Anthony
                 Daniell 16th  Aug 1621 son of Anthony
                 Anne 2nd March  1623 son of Anthony
                 Stephen 6th  May 1627 son of Anthony
     Anthony Lucas married 2 Bridget Wicker 11/9/1632
                  *A daughter born 17th June 1633. 
                  *Buried 17th June 1633 'daughter of Anthony 'Still'.
                  Marie 18th aug  1634 do anthony
                  Elizabeth  24th  July 1636 do Anthony
                  Hannah 19th Aug 1638  Anthony
2] Elizabeth Lucas baptised 15th Feb 1589 do Thomas  
3] Raphe Lucas baptised 30th Oct. 1589 so Thomas - buried 1590.     
4] Marie Lucas 31st aug 1592 do Thomas TWIN?
5] Ann Lucas 31 Aug 1592 Thomas TWIN?
6] Jane Lucas 28th sept 1595 do Thomas
7] Thomas Lucas 11th Feb 1598 so Thomas - did not survive. 
8] Susan Lucas 15th June 1600 do Thomas
9] Frances Lucas 26th June 1603 Thomas
10] Alice Lucas 14th sept 1606 do Thomas
11] [unnamed] Lucas 31st May 1607 do Thomas
Archdeaconry Court of Surrey
Testator: Thomas Lucas (X) of Dorking, carpenter
Date of Will: 19 November 1619
(To be buried in the churchyard)
Residue to my now wife Elizabeth, Executrix and if she outlives me 
all the messuage I live in now with all lands etc. for life; to my son 
Anthony Lucas for my wife's life the new room where I live with 
whatever rooms he builds; if any of my daughters be destitute of 
dwelling where my son Anthony now lives on the north side of my 
house they may live there as long as they remain unmarried; after
my wife's death all my lands to my son Anthony who shall pay 
twenty pounds to those I bequeath it to; to my daughter Elizabeth 
wife of William Wood of Dorking, tailor, ten shillings; to my
daughter Mary wife of Robert Steere of Warnham, Sussex, 
husbandman ten pounds; to my daughter Ann ten pounds; to my 
daughter Jane ten pounds; to my daughter Susan ten pounds; to 
my daughter Frances ten pounds; to my daughter Alice ten pounds;
to Thomas Wood, John Wood and Susan Lucas children of the said 
John and Elizabeth Wood four pounds each at age twenty one; to 
Robert and William sons of Robert Steere by my daughter Mary 
four pounds each at age twenty one. Overseers: Richard Mason snr.; 
William Rogers both of Dorking Witnesses: Richard Daye snr.; 
RM; WR (X)  Proved: 9 December 1622
DW/PA/7/10 ff262-3; DW/PA/5/1622/55
Surrey Wills Online
Thomas Lucas 
of Mickleham

Born c. 1550

Thomas Lucas buried 10th Dec. 1572 noted 'the elder'
Agnes Lucas do Thomas 21st  Aug. 1597
John Lucas so Thomas 9th Dec 1599 
Thomas Lucas so of Thomas   15th Aug 1602
Harry Lucas so Thomas  18th  March 1603   
Lived to a great age buried ‘old’ 15th May 1675

Lucas,   Thomas 30th Jan. 1638
Lucas,   Thomas 13th Dec. 1600 BURIAL  
Lucas,   Thomas 22nd April 1612 burial
of Dorking
JOHN LUCAS was baptised a Mickleham 1624 the 
Only son & Heir of Henry Lucas of Mickleham  
John Lucas married unknown c. 1637 [groom aged 23yrs?]
       Mary Lucas daughter of John baptised 1st  July 1638
       RALPHE LUCAS son of John baptised 4th April 1641 -HEIR 
       Mary Lucas daughter of John baptised 27th March 1642
       Elizabeth Lucas daughter of John & Lidia baptised 
       7th Sept. 1645
       Elizabeth Lucas in Grant of jointure 4th October 1688.
1)  Richard Wells of Reigate, fellmonger
2)  Charles Brincklow, gardener, William Hoo, tallow chandler, and Elizabeth Lucas of Dorking, spinster
  Hannah Lucas baptised 1st Sept. 1650 daughter of John
Henry Lucas 
of Mickleham
HENRY LUCAS of Mickleham was recorded in several deed documents 
Elizabeth Lucas daughter of Henry baptised 19th Nov 1609
Mary Lucas daughter of Henry baptised 7th May 1611
John Lucas son of Henry baptised 15th May 1614  - HIS ONLY SON
JOHN LUCAS settled at Dorking where he recorded issue.
Henry held land of 4 acres at Leatherhead called 
'The Hills' this land was held by 
Edward Skeete of Ewell, Gentleman.
**Item ref: K145/23a-b
Conveyance between Edward Skeete of Ewell, gent, and Henry Lucas of Mickleham, yeoman.
Reversion of 4 acres called the Hills, Leatherhead.
With bond to observe covenants, 20 Nov 1616
Date(s): 20 Nov 1616
Court  held 30 Oct 15 Charles I: entries include 
presentments of Richard Turner, gent,  
for cutting down 'a great deale of tymber and coppice 
which was wast by custome  of this
 manor'; of William Page for pasturing offence; of 
Henry Lusse for  erecting a cottage without 
licence; of Henry Lucas for a cottage in ruin;  
William Ottway recognised having uprooted 
bushes on his land.
**Bond to assign copyhold after age of 21
1) John Bennett of Wiston, yeoman, and 
Robert Bennett his brother
2) Henry Lucas of East Horsley.
Mary Lucas, youngest daughter of Henry Lucas 
to assign Ruddells Mill in Wiston, Sussex   
Date(s): 1 Apr 1625
**Enseoffment 28th May 1625;
1) Henry Lucas of East Horsley and Elizabeth, 
his daughter
2) John Bennett of Wiston.
Ruddells Mill, Wiston, Sussex. [Seals]
**Assignment:  19th May 1625
1) Henry Lucas of East Horsley
2) John Bennett of Wiston, Sussex.
Lucas copyhold in Wiston,Sussex.
**All Deed Documents;
Compiled by and copyright of Surrey County Council 
Heritage Conservations Team. 
RALPH LUCAS was baptised at Dorking in 1641 the only son 
& heir of John Lucas [above]
Ralph was a clothier who acquired lands at Fetcham. 
Ralph Lucas baptised 14th Oct 1670  son of Ralph & Anne -Heir
Mary Lucas baptised 29th Nov 1671 daughter of  Ralph & Ann
Elizabeth Lucas baptised 1st Dec 1673 daughter of Ralph & Ann
James Lucas baptised 15th June 1676 son of Ralph & Ann
Lease and Release and bond:  27-28 Jan 1693
1) Ralph Lucas of Dorking, clothier, son and heir of John Lucas, 
deceased, who was only son and heir of Henry Lucas of 
Mickleham, yeoman, deceased, and Mary, his wife
2) William Bothell of Dorking, tallow chandler.
Close of land of 2a adjoining dwelling house late of Ralph Peter 
now of  Thomas Mighill; 8a land dispersed in Common Fields, 
formerly occupied by John Williter, then by Widow Williter, late 
by Richard Peter, now by Edward Waker; in Fetcham
Compiled by and copyright of Surrey County Council Heritage 
Conservations Team.
Grant of jointure 4th October 1688;
1)  Richard Wells of Reigate, fellmonger
2)  Charles Brincklow, gardener, William Hoo, tallow chandler, 
      and Elizabeth Lucas of Dorking, spinster
Compiled by and copyright of Surrey County Council Heritage 
Conservations Team.
Mortgage by demise for 500 years - 2nd August 1698;
1)  Edward Wells of Reigate, glover
2)  Ralph Lucas of Dorking,    yeoman
3)  Elizabeth Wells, widow
Compiled by and copyright of Surrey County Council Heritage 
Conservations Team.
Lease: 28-29 Jun 1693 
1) Ralph Lucas
2) William Bothell.
2r meadow: 1r in Reath Meade, 1r in Nether Meade, Fetcham, 
late occupied by Richard Peter, now by Edward Waker
Compiled by and copyright of Surrey County Council Heritage
Conservations Team.
Lease and Release and bond: 28-29 Aug 1694 
1) Ralph Lucas
2) William Bothell.
Messuage or tenement, barn, garden and orchard in Fetcham, 
late occupied by Richard Peter, now by Edward Waker
Compiled by and copyright of Surrey County Council Heritage 
Conservations Team.
Miscellaneous 1693-1706;                  
Messuage and lands formerly of Ralph and Richard Peter.
Compiled by and copyright of Surrey County Council Heritage 
Conservations Team.
Further baptisms at Mickleham & Dorking can be found in the IGI LDS 
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