Susannah Mortimer

                                                               Convict, of Norfolk Island, Australia, believed formerly of Devonshire or Hampshire, England.
                                                     For information relating to Susannah's marriage to Thomas O'Brien see this Series - Part III - Thomas O'Brian & Susannah Mortimore

                                                                                                                ENGLAND RECORDS

                                                        For those readers familiar with Susannah's life, considering that she was aged twenty-eight when transported, 
                                                        it is very likely at this stage in her life that she may have been married in any case.
                                                        Nonetheless, several LDS Parish Films and other material have been transcribed on the premise that she may 
                                                        have been unmarried considering the recent evidence relating to 'Nathaniel Mortimore' who was living with and 
                                                        provided for by Susannah and her family at Glenorchy for twelve years from 1834-1846.

              West County Lent Assizes 18th February 1788 - [Itinerary - Newspaper Clipping:
              Hampshire Assizes held 5th March 1788 - DOCUMENT:
                                 - New! - Newspaper Clipping 12th March 1788 - Results of Trials at Winchester Castle.  
              Exeter Assizes held 17th March 1788
                                - Murder - DOCUMENTS
                                - Sheep Theft - DOCUMENTS
                                - Newspaper Clippings - Results of Trials at Exeter Castle Lent Assizes 1788.
New!      The Enigma of Nathaniel Mortimore
                                - New! - Information relating to Noah Mortimore believed by some to be aka Nathaniel Mortimore
                                - New! Inquest into the Death of Nathaniel Mortimore of Glenorchy at the home of James O'Brien [son of Susannah Mortimore] 
                                               DOCUMENT Transcription by Lynn Pilsbury
                                - Other alternatives relating to the identity of Nathaniel Mortimore
Updated! Chagford, Devon Parish Records transcribed from LDS Parish Films by Lynn Pilsbury
Updated! The 'Mely/Screech' Enigma - BAPTISM DOCUMENT
New!       Brendon & Bridford Parish Records - Transcribed by C.A.T. Fursdaon in 1935 [collated with Bishops Transcripts] 
New!       North Bovey Parish Records - Transcribed by Lynn Pilsbury       
New!       Mortonhampstead Parish Records - Transcribed by Lynn Pilsbury
              Tombstone of Susannah Mortimore - Photographed by Peter McCormick


OVERVIEW:                                  Susannah Mortimore was transported to Sydney Cove per 'Lady Juliana' in 1789, indicted and found guilty of 
                                                             sheep-stealing at Exeter Castle, Devonshire, West County Lent Assizes 1788, with her co-conspirator John Rice, 
                                                             on the 17th March 1788.  
                                                             They were first sentenced to Death and later the sentence was commuted to seven years transportation to the 
                                                             Fledgling Colony at Sydney Cove.  In transit Susannah gave birth to a daughter baptised a few weeks after her
                                                             arrival in the Colony on the 9th July 1790 named 'Susannah Mely Screech' -'father William Screech - labourer, 
                                                             mother Susannah Screech - Convict'.  John Rice died on the voyage and Susannah ultimately married 
                                                             1st Fleet Marine Thomas O'Brian at Norfolk Island around 1791 by whom she had several issue.  
                                                             They first settled at Norfolk Island and in 1808 were relocated to Van Diemen's Land with their family.  
                                                             Susannah died in 1846 at the recorded age of eighty-six - Tombstone 
                                                             Further Reading: This Series: PART III - Thomas O'Brien & Susannah Mortimore


LENT ASSIZES 1788:                       
                                                             Rural Assizes were held twice a year in England from the 13th Century 
                                                                              - Lent Assizes [aka Spring, Epiphany or Easter] usually beginning in March. 
                                                                              - Summer Assizes usually beginning around August.
                                                             The West County Lent Assizes for 1788 were held between March 5th to 27th and moved through various venues
                                                             throughout several Western Counties Mr. Baron Hotham and Mr. Justice Buller presiding.
                                                             The Itinerary for the Lent Assizes in 1788 were published in the Morning Chronicle & London Advertiser, 
                                                             Monday 18th February 1788 - Issue 5858 as follows; 
                                                                                                                   Section I                          Section II
                                                                                                                  Click on images to enlarge. 

                                                                              Southampton                          - Tuesday March 4, at the Castle of Winchester. 
                                                                             Wilts [i.e. Wiltshire]                 - Saturday March 8, at New Sarum.              
                                                                             Dorset                                     - Thursday March 13, at Dorchester.
                                                                             Devon                                     - Monday March 17, at the Castle of Exeter, 
                                                                                                                             the same day, at the Guildhall of the City of Exeter.
                                                                             Cornwall                                 - Saturday March 22nd, at Launceston.
                                                                             Somerset                                 - Thursday March 27th, at the Castle of Taunton.


SOUTHAMPTON SESSION:     HAMPSHIRE, Winchester Castle -  4th March 1788; 

                               -   MENTIONED:   Susannah Mortimore; 
                                                                 Further down the page       Click on images to enlarge
                                                                                                                  'Susanna Mortimore  Let her remain to be removed by Habeas Corpus 
                                                                                                                   to the Common Goal of the County of Devon being charged with 
                                                                                                                   Sheep-stealing in  that County'.

                               - NEWSPAPER:       No indictment was published for Susannah Mortimore in the newspapers for these Sessions.
                                                                 Newspaper article for the Southampton Court Lent Assizes 1788;
                                                                 World [London]: Wednesday,     12th March 1788 - Issue 375;

                                           Click on image to enlarge


HAMPSHIRE - Research relating to Susannah Mortimore in Hants:
                    No record of the nature of the charge for Susannah Mortimore was found in the 45 pages relating to the Assizes held at Devon & Hampshire although the entire 
                    copy of the Circuit Book was not ordered.  Susannah appears to have been acquitted.
                    Considering she was implied in Devonshire in August 1787, it is unlikely that she would have been recorded in the Summer Assizes at Hampshire, which usually 
                    began around early August. It has not yet been established if the Assizes for this periods has survived. 

                    However it is still an enigma, why Susannah was in Hampshire in the first place - Winchester being 110 miles WSW of Moretonhampstead, Devonshire 
                    ['as the crow flies'].  Very likely she had family in Hants.
                    The Hampshire Record Office hold the Newspapers for this era and any reference could possibly be found using this avenue.
                    The Hampshire Burial Index CD, Parish Records for Baptisms and Marriages are not as freely available online as other counties.


EXETER SESSION:             DEVONSHIRE - Two weeks later - 17th March 1788;
                                                                 Calendar of Prisoners; 
                                                    Susannah Mortimore - Committed by T. Reynolds, gent, coroner, for poisoning her husband, William Mortimore.
                                                                 Susannah Mortimore - Committed by G. Cooke, clerk, etc, for stealing a sheep and a lamb, property of Elias Langdon.
                                                                 Devon Quarter Sessions - Lent 1788 [DRO - QS34/6627Z/Z/1] - Transcribed by Brian Brassett

                                                                  The Original Documents were subsequently ordered from the National Archives, Surrey;

                           -MURDER:               Several descendants online imply this woman was aged in her fifties whereas Susannah Mortimore, indicted for sheep stealing, has been 
                                                                  proven to have been aged only twenty-eight at this time, although no documentation or source proving the alleged
                                                                  age of the former Susannah Mortimore was submitted or has been found so far.  
                                                                 However there is a tenuous thread, which may indicate that this hypothesis may have been correct [see Bere Ferres]. 

                          TRIAL DOCUMENT: 
                                                                              Susannah Mortimore           -   is not mentioned in any subsequent news items relating to these Assizes.
                                                                              Joseph Wales [at large]       -   not found mentioned anywhere in subsequent documents or news articles. 
                                                                                                                             He appears to have absconded and was still at large during the Trial. 
                                                                                                                             He may have subsequently changed his name and/or identity.
                                                                 Witnesses [for the Crown];
                                                                              John Browning                     -   several possible entries at TNA, one has him settling at Bere Ferres, Devon in 1764. 
                                                                                                                              A few later entries post 1789 at other nearby areas in Devon. 
                                                                              Thomas Clark                      -   Nothing confident.
                                                                              Thomas Bradall                    -   was the nephew of Lord Fairfax. 
                                                                                                                              He was a Surgeon of Tavistock, Devon, aged in his mid thirties at this time.
                                                                              Abraham Freeman Dennis   -   was a Surgeon, he was later appointed Surgeon of the Tavistock Corps of 
                                                                                                                              Military Volunteers 20/11/1796. Would assume he was also of Tavistock.
                                                                              Richard Lucas                      -   may be the same Richard Lucas who died Testate of Bere Ferres, Devon in 1813.
                                                                              Jane Blatchford                   -   No information.
                                                                              Susanna Paloy                     -   No information.
                                                                              Jane Ferze                           -   may be the same who petitioned a Bastardy Order at Bere Ferres, Devon in 1788.
                                                                              James Williams                   -   No information. 
                                                                              Joan Philip                           -   No information. 
                                                                              Thomas Polmear                  -   No information.

                                                                It would be reasonable to assume that such a large Trial would have been published in the newspapers in England, picked up by 
                                                                London Papers and/or in other counties, but none have been found so far.
                                                                There was no mention of this Murder Trial in the several news articles published for this Assizes 
                                                                [See Newspaper Clippings for Devon Assizes 1788 further below].

                Bere Ferres, Devon:              Nine miles S of Tavistock [24 miles SW of Drewsteignton, Devon]                                                     
                                                                Possible evidence that this Susannah Mortimore was acquitted is found in a Document at the National Archives, Kew, Surrey. 
                                                               Three months after the above Trial a Susannah Mortimore, widow of William Mortimore formerly of Drewsteignton
                                                                applied to the Bere Ferres Poor House for refuge for herself and her two young children. 
                                                                This William Mortimore was indexed at TNA employing several apprentices from 1767-1787 and appears to have been 
                                                                born into a moderately wealthy lineage. Records kept at the Devon Record Office: Ref: 1237A/PO21/57 - 1788.
                                                                Several early surviving Wills for this family were found in the Devon Wills Online.

           - SHEEP THEFT:      On the same day and venue as the above Murder Trial
                                                                It is assumed that a second Susannah Mortimore faced the same Judges;

                         - TRIAL DOCUMENTS:                       Heading I                                                           Section II

                                                                                                                    Click on images to Enlarge
                                                                                                                            Section III                                                                    Section IV

                                                    Accused:                           Susannah Mortimore 
                                                                                             John Rice                     - was very likely the same man who married Susannah Brittain [aka Britton] the daughter
                                                                                                                                  of John Britton at Morten Hampstead, Devon on the 16th February 1786.
                                                                                                                                 There are several possible baptisms for John Rice at Devonshire, the closest match, possibly 
                                                                                                                                  baptised at Chagford in 1768 making him a newly wed, aged around twenty-one at the Trial.  
                                                                                                                                  He was transport on the 2nd Fleet to Sydney Cove per the infamous 'Surprise'.
                                                                                                                                 John Rice did not survive the voyage.
                                                    Charges:                           Stealing one lamb [?]  5/- and one welter sheep [?] 12/- the property of Elias Langdon at Parish 
                                                                                             of Morton Hampstead on 1st August last and for stealing a lamb the goods of persons unknown - Guilty.
                                                    Sentence:                          To be Hanged - later commuted to Transportation for seven years.
                                                   Witnesses for the Crown:   Elias Langdon            - Elias Langdon was around three years older than Susannah.
                                                                                                                                 He was baptised at Moredon Hampstead 2nd June 1757* son of William and his wife Mary.
                                                                                                                                 He never married.
                                                                                                                                 Three months after Susannah arrived in the Colony, Elias Langdon was killed as a result of 
                                                                                                                                 injuries inflicted when thrown from his horse in October 1790.
                                                                                                                                 He was buried at St. Andrew's Moreton Hampstead aged thirty-three. 
                                                                                                                                 The details of his death were published Whitehall Evening Post [London] 
                                                                                                                                 Thursday, 21st October 1790 Issue 6562;
                                                                                                                                 His Obituary was later published; 
                                                                                                                                        "In memory of Mr. Elias Langdon"  ob. 13 Oct: 1790 Aetet. Ann. aged 33 [yrs].

                                                                                              Jane Cummins         - No Information found.

                                                 'Letter' mentioned:               Section III                - Nearly all those persons reprieved of the Death Sentence had the same mention of a 'Letter'
                                                                                                                                 against their names. No other details were given.   

                        -  NEWSPAPER ARTICLES:  Re Lent Assizes Devon - Death Sentence;
                                                               NOTE:  None of the four Newspaper Articles mention the prior Trial for the Murder of William Mortimore.  
                                             Whitehall Evening Post [London]                    Morning Chronicle and London Advertiser         Bath Chronicle [Somerset] 
                                              March 29, 1788 - Issue 6378                           Fri. March 28, 1788 - Issue: 5892;                       Thursday, 3rd April 1788
                                                                                 Section I
                                                                                                               Same article as Whitehall Post [far left]. 
                                                                                 Section II
                                                            Section III

                                Exeter Flying Post dated 27th March 1788 - Kindly submitted by Lynn Pilbury.
                                                                          'Saturday Last ended the Assizes for the county of Devon, when William SMITH and John RICHARDS, for the murder of 
                                                                           Mr Phillip SMITH between Plymouth and Dock, recived sentence of death. and their bodies to be hung in chains near the spot.
                                                                           George, William, and Peter SALTER and Daniel GOSLING for the murder of two excise officers also received sentence of death
                                                                           and their bodies to be anatomized. James DAWE for stealing a lamb, Thomas LANE for stealing a cow, John KESWELL for 
                                                                           housebreaking, Peter LOOSEMOOR for stealing a bullock, William DELBRIDGE for sheep stealing, John COX for
                                                                           housebreaking, Dennis CONNOR and James STICKE for highway robbery, Nick HINE for stealing a watch, and 
                                                                           Elizabeth STATTON-LETHERBY for house breaking, and J. RICE and Susannah MORTIMORE for sheep stealing,
                                                                           all received sentence of death. Thomas LUXON and William PARSONS for divers thieveries, and John ROWE and 
                                                                          Abraham PLIMSOLE for horse stealing to be transported for seven years. John MABYN for stealing a cow, to be imprisoned one year, 
                                                                          and whipt, Nicholas COOK for  stealing wheat to be imprisoned three months and whipt. George POLLEY and John BASSETT for 
                                                                          having Kings Stores in their custody, to be imprisoned  six weeks and whip at Dock.   Edward COOMBE for thievery to be imprisoned
                                                                          six months, 
                                                                          Thomas ELLIOT for thievery, to be whipt, and 13 were acquitted.
                                                                          Source: WestCounty Studies Library, City of Exeter.

       REPRIEVES   -    NEWSPAPER ARTICLE:  Re Lent Assizes Devon;
                                                                  Extract: Whitehall Evening Post: Saturday, March 29 1788 - Issue 6378 *;

                                         Later in the Colony in 1834, when Susannah was aged seventy-two and living at Glenorchy with her married daughter Margaret McDonald 
                                         [nee O'Brien].  Living next door was her son James o'Brien and his wife Ann [nee Cowen] and their infant daughter Susannah.  It was at 
                                         this time that James took into his house 'Nathaniel Mortimer' who lived in their house and he kept and provided for him for the next 
                                         twelve years until his death in 1846 at the age of eighty-eight. An Inquest was held into Nathaniel Mortimore's death [document transcription below 
                                         and James's wife Ann and their thirteen year old daughter Susannah O'Brien gave evidence.  James's married sister Margaret McDonald was also 
                                         mentioned. This man is assumed to have been a relative of Susannah from the motherland.
                                         Some descendants are of the opinion that 'Nathaniel' was Noah Mortimore, a former convict of the First Fleet to the Colony [1788] 
                                         who is implied to have changed his name around 1834 to avoid another brush with the Law.  Certainly Noah seems to have disappeared 
                                         from this point and no record of Death has been found for him under this name.

- Information for Noah Mortimore;  
                                       Briefly, Noah had stood Trial at Exeter Castle on the 20th March 1786 for stealing sheep and 40lbs of mutton. He was transported to the Colony for 
                                       seven years with co-conspirators, his father John Mortimore and brother-in-law Edward Westlake, all of Chagford, Devonshire. On arrival
                                       he was amongst a small group of convicts sent in the first settlement at Norfolk Island, later granted land and eventually re-located to 
                                       Van Diemen's Land during the island's evacuation in 1808. 
                                       Although his wife Ann was still living in Devonshire [died 1841 at Chagford aged 85yrs], Noah married 2nd Fleet Convict Mary Cottle on Norfolk Island
                                       in 1805 where they adopted an orphan child James Williams [1796-1851].  Since Emancipated, after the resettlement he established himself
                                       at Glenorchy near Hobart. Further reading: Tony Harrison Site. 
                                       Always under the eye of the Law Noah appears in the Hobart Town Gazette 7th January 1825 regarding the heinous slaughter of over 200 stolen sheep
                                       near his farm and again in the Colonial Times Hobart 24th Sept. 1834 when he was aquited of stealing several sundry articles with John Turner, but 
                                       both were held over on another charge not defined. Noah disappears after this time.

                                       Glenorchy was also host to Thomas O'Brien and his wife Susannah [formerly Mortimore] and their family, who were also evacuated from Norfolk Island
                                       during the same era.  
                                       Noah's Ancestry has been compiled from the Parish Films at Chagford and is displayed further below, however nothing in the Mortimore Family Tree of 
                                       Chagford, Devonshire points to any connection with Susannah Mortimore so far [see Chagford Chart below].  
                                       However the Inquest Document below may point to a possible distant connection. 

- Inquest of Nathaniel Mortimore - Glenorchy, Tasmania dated 5th June 1846;
                                                                        Scans of Original Documents and Transcriptions kindly submitted by Lynn Pilsbury
                                                                                       [descendant of Susannah Mortimore & Thomas O'Brien]

                                     'Information of witnesses taken this fifth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty six before me 
                                      Mr John Price esquire, one of her Majestys coroners for this island of van of diemens lands and its dependencies at the House 
                                      of Susan Connor, known by the sign of the Kensington Inn at New Town in the said islands upon the body of Nathaniel Mortimore 
                                      then and there lying dead as follows. To wit

                              - The information on oath of Anne O'brien saith I live at Glenorchy in this island, I know the deceased Nathaniel Mortimore 
                                       who has lived with me for the last twelve years. He was aged eighty eight a free man.  He died on Wednesday last the third instant having been 
                                      taken ill on Monday last. I was absent from home that day and on my return I found him very  ill having left him in his usual health.
                                      No medical man saw him and he would take no medicine.  I attended him up to the time of his death. 
                                      My husband kept him in provisions he had all the necessaries of life.  On wed last I was with him the greater part of the day and had
                                      left him about 10 minutes before his death, hearing a noise I went to the room of the deceased and not receiving any answer I attended
                                      a light and found the old man lying dead on the floor.
                                      Immediately I obtained the assistance of Thomas Bannister. The deceased was subject to a giddyness in the head and as he had lived
                                      with us for so many years I did not ask to remove him to hospital.   The deceased on the day I had last seen him alive had been in 
                                      great pain but towards evening he appeared to be easier and I left him believing he was going to take a little rest.'
                                      Ann Obrien, by her mark
                                      Sworn before me this 5th day of June, 1846 John PRICE [signed], Coroner
- The information on Oath of Susan O'Brien, aged thirteen saith I am the daughter of Mrs Ann Obrien,  I knew the deceased Nathaniel Mortimer, on Monday last I saw him at my fathers house about ten o clock and went to the seaside. I saw him about half an hour after lying down by the sea side he then told me he was dying and asked me to help him up to the house.  I got him up a little way and he fell down again he was again got up by my assistance and again he fell down, at last he got home by crawling on his hands and knees. I sent for Mrs McDonald who came but no doctor saw him, he did not let me know he had first been taken ill. He had been in good health before leaving home that day.' Susan Obrian [signed] Sworn before me this 5th day of June,1846, John PRICE [signed],Coroner. - The information on Oath of Mr. Sergeant Constable Isaac Stephens saith I knew the deceased Nathaniel Mortimore I saw him on Monday afternoon last about one oclock at his place of residence he told me that he had been at the house in the morning chopping wood and that he had fallen down back[wards] in a fit and remained insensible some time [&] had crawled up home on his hands and knees he told me he required nothing and was often before with these fits adding that he should get better he expressed no desire for medical advice. Isaac Stephens [signed] Sworn before me this 5th day of June,1846,John PRICE, [signed] Coroner
- The Information on Oath of Richard BRIGHT Esq[uire] saith I am a legally certified medical practitioner and have this day made a post mortem examination of the body of Nathaniel Mortimore. I found the heart was much enlarged being about three times the natural size.   The other viscera are all healthy, the immediate cause of death is [...?] appoplexy the deceased died from natural causes, there are no [bruises?] on the head. Richard BRIGHT Esquire [signed] Sworn before me this 5th day of June,1846,John PRICE [signed] Coroner
- Other alternatives for Nathaniel Mortimore; - The new improved LDS Genealogy Website has several baptisms for 'Nathaniel Mortimore' in Devonshire but none in Hampshire. One family entry in Devonshire is of particular interest; Nathaniel Mortimore married Susannah Macy* at All Hallows, Goldsmith Street, Exeter 2nd August 1752. Issue; John Mortimore bapt. 11th June 1753 at Shillingford St. George, Devon [3 miles S of Exeter]. Mary Mortimore bapt. 18th Jan. 1754 same venue. Elizabeth Mortimore bapt. 25th March 1759 same venue. Nathaniel Mortimore bapt. 5th Nov. 1762 same venue. * the bride's name may be a transcription error for 'MELY', see the Melly/Screech Enigma. They may have subsequently moved to Hampshire - Worth investigation.
Mortimore of Chagford, Devonshire Family Tree; 
                                                                                 CHAGFORD, Devonshire
Compiled using Transcription of the Chagford Parish Records kindly submitted by Lynn Pilsbury
Parish Registers, Devon, England 1598 to 1850 - Film 916834. 

Some entries were also taken from the LDS online where indicated.
Transcriber Notes:   1770-1771:  Baptism pages indecipherable - the pages have been wet. 
1772/3 : From Bishops Transcripts
Witnesses [marriages]: 'James Jeffery' & 'Humphrey Thorn' were listed as Wardens and Parish Clerks. ADDED NOTES: By Judith Adams in blue text. 1] Lawrence Mortimer married1 - Emblin Rogers at Chagford 27th May 1700 by whom he had at least four recorded children - listed below. Lawrence Mortimer married2 - Mary Bishop at Chagford 31st January 1738 by whom he had one son George Mortimore bapt. 11th November 1739 'son of Lawrence and Mary' - assumed same 'George Mortymore buried 23rd Jan. 1739'. Laurence Mortimore buried 17th June 1743 [estimated aged around sixty-two based on age twenty-one at his first marriage in 1700] Issue of Lawrence & Emblin; 2] 1702 - Elizabeth Mortimore baptised 3rd November 1702 at Chagford of Lawrence & Emblin. 2] 1704- [no Christian Name] Mortimore baptised 30th January 1704 of Lawrence & Emblin. ?] 1706 - Henry Mortimore 'young child' buried 18th December 1706 2] 1707 - Noah Mortimer baptised 20th July 1707 at Chagford 'son of Lawrence & Amy' [Emblin] - married Alice Nowsworthy 22nd Feb. 1726 at St. Mary Arches, Exeter [LDS Online]. - Noah died at Chadford in 1758 [estimated aged fifty-one] - 'Buried: Noah Mortimore 6th October 1758' - Alice died at Chagford in 1779 [estimated aged seventy-three] - 'Buried: Alice Mortimore 1st February 1779'. Issue of Noah & Alice; 3] 1727/8 Elizabeth Mortimore baptised 17th March 1727/8 at Chagford - Base born child:
Ann Mortimore baptised 27th June 1749 at Chagford 'base' daughter of Eelizzabeth. 3] 1732 Mary Mortymore baptised 16th January 1731 at Chagford - Mary Mortymore buried 15th July 1733. 3] 1733/4 JOHN MORTYMORE baptised 25th February 1733/4 at Chagford - married Joan [nee unknown] c. 1753. Joan died in 1782 [five years before John was convicted] - 'Joan Mortimore buried 8th May 1782'. John & Joan had seven children before John was Transported to the Colony in 1787; 4] 1754 - Elizabeth Morimore baptised 12th May 1754 'daughter of John & Joan' - married EDWARD WESTLAKE 30th December 1779 by Banns - Witnesses: James Jeffery & Humphrey Thorn - Elizabeth & Edward had three children before Edward was Transported to the Colony in 1787; 1780 - John Westlake, bapt 15th May 1780 at Chagford [LDS Online]. 1784 - Edward Westlake, bapt 29th Feb. 1784 'son of Edward & Elizabeth - Pauper' 1785 - Thomas Westlake, bapt 11th Dec. 1785 'son of Edward & Elizabeth [LDS Online] 4] 1758 - Jane Mortimore baptised 16th April 1758 'daughter of John & Joan'. 4] 1760 - John Mortimore baptised 20th February 1760 'son of John & Joan' - married Jane Vicars 1782 at Chagford by Banns - Witnesses: James Jeffery & Humphrey Thorn. 4] 1761 - NOAH MORTIMORE baptised 11th May 1761 at Chagford - married Ann [Nee Unknown] - 'Ann Mortimore buried at Chagford 16th February 1841 'aged eighty-five'. Noah & Ann had two children before Noah was Transported to the Colony in 1787; 1782 - Thomas Mortimore bapt. 20th Jan. 1782 'son of Noah & Ann' 1784 - James Mortimore bapt. 19th Sept. 1784 'son of Noah & Ann' 4] 1763 - Joan Mortimore baptised 25th April 1763 a 'daughter of John & Joan' - assumed died in infancy. 4] 1766 - Joan Mortimore baptised 9th March 1766 'daughter of John & Joan' - Base born child: Joan Mortimore baptised 6th January 1786 'base' daughter of Joan 'Pauper'. 4] 1767 - Thomas Mortimer baptised 12th July 1767 'son of John & Joan' 4] 1769 - George Mortimore baptised 10th September 1769 'son of John & Joan' - married Jane [nee unknown] Issue; 1798 - George Mortimore baptised 11th March 1798 'son of George & Jane' 1800 - Thomas Mortimore baptised 13th July 1800 'son of George & Jane' 3] 1736 Mary Mortimore baptised 9th May 1736 at Chagford - Mary Mortimer 'young child' buried 14th June 1736 3] 1737 Noah Mortimore baptised 8th May 1737 at Chagford - [LDS Online] No further mention. 3] 1739 Mary Mortimore baptised 5th March 1739 at Chagford [Baptism LDS Online] - married Richard Webb 11th Jan. 1760 by Banns, - witnesses Edward Jeffery & Noah Mortimore. ?] 1709 - Hannah Mortimore 'young child' buried 29th October 1709 2] 1710 - Sarah Mortimore baptised 5th September, 1710 at Chagford - Lawrence and Amy [Emblin?] [LDS Online]. Other Mortimore entries at Chagford; 1742 - BAPTISM: John Mortimore baptised 15th July 1742 son of Edward & Frances - John Mortimore 'young child' buried 19th July 1742 1781 - BAPTISM: John Mortimore baptised 2nd December 1781 'son of John & Mary 1782 - BAPTISM: Simon Mortym baptised 4th August 1782 'son of Sampson & Mary' 1793 - BAPTISM: Mary Mortimore baptised 8th September 1793 'base born daugher of Nancy' 1817 - MARRIAGE: Joanna Mortimore married John Harvey 5th May 1817 - Witnesses: Elias Mortimore & Richard Thorn [Parish Clerk] 1820 - MARRIAGE: George Mortimore married Elizabeth Harvey 27th December 1820 - Witnesses: Richard Harvey, William Northcote & Richard Thorn [Parish Clerk] 1823 - MARRIAGE: William Mortimore married Ann Bowdden 25th December 1823 - Witnesses: John Crispind & Richard Thorn [Parish Clerk] 1824 - BAPTISM: William Mortimore baptised 18th January 1824 'son of George & Elizabeth' - father's occupation: French Beer Labourer. 1824 - BAPTIMS: John Mortimore baptised 30th May 1824 'son of William & Ann' - father's occupation: Labourer. 1824 - BAPTISM: James Mortimore baptised 3rd October 1824 'son of Elias & Damaris of Thorn' - father's occupation: Labourer. 1827 - BAPTISM: Grace Mortimore baptised 1st April 1827 'daughter of Elias & Damaris of Thorn' father's occupation: Labourer. 1828 - BAPTISM: Dinah Mortimore baptised 24th February 1828 'daughter of Edward & Lydia of Stinneal' - father's occupation: Labourer. 1830 - BAPTISM: Ann Mortimer baptised 22nd January 1830 'daughter of George & Elizabeth - father's occupation: French Beer Labourer. 1831 - BAPTISM: Ann Mortimore baptised 10th July 1831 'daughter of William & Ann - father's occupation: Labourer. 1834 - BAPTISM: Joseph Mortimore baptised 28th September 1834 'son of Elizas & Damaris of Thorn - father's occupation: Labourer. 1838 - BURIAL: John Mortimore buried 24th January 1838 'aged seventy-eight' [could be sibling of Noah? i.e. son of John & Joan bapt. 1760] 1841 - BURIAL: Ann Mortimore buried 16th February 1841 'aged eighty-five' [assumed wife of Noah Mortimore transported to the colony] 1842 - MARRIAGE: 23rd October 1842 - John Mortimore 'occupation Mason, son of Robert, occupation Labourer' married Ann Kauknapman, occupation: Weaver, of Great Week, daughter of George, occupation Labourer - Witnesses Richard Thorn [Parish Clerk] & John Thorn 1843 - BAPTISM: Mary Mortimore baptised 6th February 1843 'daughter of George & Elizather - father's occupation: French Beer Labourer. 1843 - BURIAL: Mary Mortimore 'of French Beer', 23rd October 1843 - 'aged two months'. 1847 - MARRIAGE: 5th February 1847 - John Mortimore 'occupation: Labourer, son of George, occupation: Farmer, married Mary Harvery, occupation Mantu Maker, daughter of John, occupation: Farmer - Witnesses: William Mortimore & Richard Thorn [Parish Clerk] 1847 - WITNESSES: John & Ann Mortimore were witnesses to the marriage of William Hutchins & Ann Northcott on the 5th February 1847. 1848 - MARRIAGE: 24th November 1848 - James Mortimore, farmer of Walkamton, son of Elias, farmer married Dinah Harvey of Guraton, daughter of John, Farmer - Witnesses: William Harvey & John Mortimore. 1875 - MARRIAGE: 1st December 1785 - Mary Mortimore married Joseph Pike - Witnesses: Suzanne Rottenburgy & Richard Thorn [Parish Clerk] Other entries of interest at Chagford; 1728 - J.E. Rice baptised 15th October 1728 'son of William' 1731 - Elizabeth Rice baptised 8th August 1731 'daughter of John and Elizabeth' 1768 - John Rice baptised 29th September 1768 'son of John & Mary' 1797 - Joseph Westlake baptised 7th May 1797 'base son of Elizabeth' 1840 - ? Westlake 'of Great week' buried 6th May 1840 'aged ninety'
 Other investigated alternatives in Devonshire:

Lustleigh, Devon:                  1761 - Susannah Mortimore bapt. 14th June 1761 at Lustleigh daughter of Walter and his wife Mary.  
                                                        Walter does not appear in the names of Susannah's subsequent children in the Colony. 
                                                        This entry very likely applies to Susannah Mortimore, spinster, who died testate at Lusterleigh in 1841.

Halberton, Devon:                 1787 - Will of John Mortimore of Halberton, 30th November, 1786.
                                                        He leaves John Chave, Esq., of said parish, 30 in trust for daughter Mary, wife of Robert Seaman of Willand.
                                                        To daughter Jane, wife of John Templeman, Langford Budvile, Somerset, 20. 
                                                        To daughter Elizabeth, wife of William Webber of " Milocton," Somerset, 20 (Milverton (?), near Langford Budville). 
                                                        To daughters Sarah 20***, and Susannah and Ann Mortimore 60 each. 
                                                        Daughter Dinah Mortimore 150?, 
                                                        and daughter Joan Mortimore ?.
                                                        To said Trustee the estate known as 'Burruges' otherwise 'Joans' in Bradninch, for use of son John Mortimore at 21.
                                                        To grandsons John and Thomas Seaman 5 each at 21.
                                                        Residue to wife Hannah, who is Sole Executrix. 
                                                        Proved 9th February, 1787
                                                        *** Sarah died testate, a spinster, at Halberton 1809 - See:  Death Duties Register: Documents Online - Wills.  
                                                        A Collection of Annotated Testamentary Abstracts. Author: Charles Worthy Esq. - Edition I, 1896 [Book] - Also Searchable online
                                                        The book gives extended details of several 'Mortimore' Wills at the Archdeaconry Court of Exeter.
                                                        Several of the 'Mortimore' entries in the LDS IGI for Devonshire were found to have died Testate [see Sources].
Denbury, Devon:                   1786 - Apprenticeship of Susannah Mortimore to Thomas Crossing [Carpenter] by consent - from A2A & TNA online index. 
                                                        Document held at Devon Record Office.
                                                        This item did not show any hint of a connection to Susannah of the second fleet.                                 
The 'Mely/Screech' Enigma:

       Left Image: Baptism Sydney Cove - 7th July, 1790 Susannah Mely Screech, father William Screech, labourer,
                            mother, Susannah Screech, convict. 
       This entry is universally accepted as the baptism of Susannah Mortimer's daughter Susannah aka Susannah O'Brien
       who was born at sea per 'Lady Juliana' in 1790. 
       As there were no emancipated convicts in the colony during this era, and no evidence of any such persons 'William Screech'
       on the second fleet, research in Devonshire revealed that such a person did exist when Susannah was in this County.
       Although very tenuous, the hypothesis based on the fact that security was lax on the 'Lady Juliana' before the voyage. 
       The women's shackles were removed immediately they boarded the vessel, were frequently allowed visitors and the crew 
       would turn their eye for a price.  A visit from a 'friend' was possible.

                 - Christian Name:                            It is felt by the writer that Susannah would be unlikely to name her daughter after herself. 
                                                                           Susannah was possibly her mother's name and/or certainly an ancestral family name. 
                                                                           Other ancestral names are very likely mingled amongst her daughters by Thomas O'Brien i.e. 

                 - William Screech of Devonshire:  This William Screech may have been baptised 31st May 1755, the only surviving son of William Screech 
                                                                           by his 2nd wife Susannah [nee unknown] of Crediton. He does not appears to have married.

                 - The Mely Connection:                  Susannah was the first 'Convict' to record a baptism with a middle name.  
                                                                           Mely and its variants /Melly/Melley/Mealey, is of Irish Extraction and may have been Susannah's maiden name
                                                                           or that of her mother.
                                                                           Nathaniel Mortimore married Susannah Macy* at All Hallows, Goldsmith Street, Exeter 2nd August 1752. 
                                                                                 John Mortimore bapt. 11th June 1753 at Shillingford St. George, Devon [3 miles S of Exeter].
                                                                                 Mary Mortimore bapt. 18th Jan. 1754 same venue. 
                                                                                 Elizabeth Mortimore bapt. 25th March 1759 same venue.
                                                                                 Nathaniel Mortimore bapt. 5th Nov. 1762 same venue.
                                                                                 * the bride's name may be a transcription error for 'MELY', also see The Enigma of Nathaniel Mortimore.
                                        However these names are not consistent with Susannah's children by Thomas O'Brien. 


 Mortimore of Bridford
                                                                   BRENDON & BRIDFORD, Devonshire.

PARISH RECORDS: transcripted in  1935, by C.A.T.FURSDON, collated with Bishops Transcripts 
- Brendon & Bridford, Devon England, 1538-1837 - LDS Film No 916822 
ADDED NOTES: submitted by Judith Adams in bold blue text. 
1601 - MORTIMER  John married Amerye WYLNOTT 13 Jun 1601
1601 - MORTIMER  Edward bapt. Son of John 22 Oct 1601
1604 - MORTIMER George bapt. Son of John 26 Sep 1604        
1607 - MORTIMER Gylbert bapt son of John 30 Jun 1607
1609 - MORTIMER John bapt son of John 22 Jan 1609
1611 - MORTIMER Symon bapt son of John 27 Dec 1611
1613 - MORT????  Wyllyan bapt son of John  02  feb 1613/14? 
1613 - MORTIMER Wyllyam burial Feb 1613 ( date not readable)
1618 - The last Will, nuncupative, of Amy Mortimer of Dunsford, Widow, dated 24th June, 1618. 
          She leaves her best gown to son John Mortimer of Bridford 
          and the rest of her apparel to her " natural daughter, Jone Hedgeland."
          Residue to son Thomas Mortimer, who is Sole Exor.
          Proved nth July, 1618.
1631 - MORTIMORE  Edward married Elizabeth WILLES 19 apr 1631
1632 - MORTIMER  Priscilla bap dau of Edward & Elizabeth 20 Apr 1632 - Burial Priscilla 'dau of Edward' 30 May 1632
1633 - MORTIMORE  Tamsyn bapt dau of Edward & Elizabeth 12 Jun 1633
1635 - MORTIMER  Edward bapt son of Edward & Elizabeth 06  Mar 1635
1635 - MORTYMER  William??  burial 'wife of John' 06 Oct or Nov 1635 (month  not clear)
1636 - MORTIMORE John burial Mar 1636 (no readable date) - DIED TESTATE
           The last Will, nuncupative, of John Mortimer of Bridford, Husbandman.
           To the poor of the parish, 2s. 
           To son Edward, and to his children, small bequests
           and also to son Gilbert.
           Residue to sons John and Symon Mortimer, who are joint Executors.
           Proved 28th April, 1637.
           Sum £53 I2s
           * Refer to March, 1618, Will of Agnes [Amy?] Mortimer.
1637 - MORTIMORE Mary married ????? 13 Apr 1637 (missed writing down) - Witnesses Simon & Elnor BERR
1638 - MORTIMER  Abraham bapt son of Edward & Elizabeth 09 Dec 1638
1639 - MORTEMER Gelberd bapt son of  Simon & Ellenor 11 May 1639
1641 - MORTIMER Nathaniel bapt son of Edward & Elizabeth 18 Sep 1641
1643 - MORTIMORE John burial 'son of John' 13 Dec 1643
1644 - MORTIMER Gilbert bapt son of Edward  23 Jun 1644
1650 - MORTIMORE  Edward burial 07 Aug 1650 - DIED TESTATE
          The last Will of Edward Mortimore of Bridford, dated 3rd Aug., 1650.
          He leaves to the poor of the parish, 35. 4d. 
          To eldest son, Edward, 40 
          and like sums to sons Abraham, Nathaniel, and Gilbert, at 21, and to daughter Thomasine 
          Lease of 'Townsend living' in Dunsford to wife Elizabeth.
          Trustees: 'my good friends Thomas Mortimer of Dunsford and Gilbert Mortimer of St.Thomas.' 
          Residue to said wife, who is Sole Executrix.
          Proved 6th Sept., 1650. 
          Sum 247 I2s. 4d.
1654 - MORTYMORE  William bapt son of William 07 Nov 1654
1657 - MORTYMORE  Simon bapt son of Nathaniel 21 Feb 1657
1657 - MORTYMORE  Frances bapt dau of William 27 Dec 1657
1667 - MORTIMER  Susanna bapt dau of Nathaniel & Susanna 22 Nov 1667
1669 - MORTIMER  John bapt son of Nathaniel & Susan 20 Feb 1669
1673 - MORTIMER  Nathaniel bapt son of Nathaniel 10  Jan 1673 - died young
1671 - MORTIMER  Richard bapt son of Edward 10 Mar 1671
1672 - MORTIMER John bapt son of Edward 28 Mar 1672
1674 - MORTIMER Agnes bapt dau of Nathaniel & Susan 14 Feb 1674
1675 - MORTIMER George bapt son of George & Elizabeth 06 Sep 1675           
1676 - MORTIMER Elizabeth bapt dau of Edward 11 Jun 1676
1677 - MORTYMER  Nathaniel bapt son of Nathaniel 09 Sep 1677
1678 - MORTIMORE  Richard burial 'son of Nathaniel' 12 May 1678
1678 - MORTIMORE Agnes burial 26 Nov 1678
1679 - MORTYMER  William bapt son of Nathaniel 20 Apr 1679
1681 - MORTIMORE Christian bapt dau of Nathaniel 22 Dec 1681
1682 - MORTIMORE  Elizabeth bapt dau of Nathaniel 25 Feb 1682 
1685 - MORTIMORE  Nathaniel burial 12 May 1685
1702 - Administration to the effects of Nathaniel Mortimore, late of Bridford, 
          granted 3rd Feb. 1702, to Susanna Mortimore, widow. 
          Wm. Mortimore, of Bridford, joins the bond.

1702.  Admin. to the effects of John Mortimore of Bridford, granted 3rd Feb. 1702, 
          to Susannah Mortimore his mother.
         Wm. Mortimore joins the bond. 

1728 - MORTIMORE Susannah burial 07 Apr 1728
1743 - MORTIMORE  Edward, married Elizabeth HAWKINS 14 April  1743
                                                             [HAWKINS  Betty bapt dau of John 13 Oct 1719 at Bridford]
                                  1743 - MORTIMORE  Samuel  bapt son of Edward & Elizabeth 12 Jan 1743 - MORTIMORE  Samuel  burial 15 Feb 1744?
                                  1744 - MORTIMORE  Ann bapt dau of Edward & Elizabeth 21 may 1744
                                              - Samuel married Elizabeth SOAPER 12 Mar 1776 - Witnesses  –  Elizabeth MORTIMORE & William WOODLY 
                                                1775 - MORTIMORE  Mary bapt dau of Samuel & Elizabeth 09 jun 1775
                                                1778 - MORTIMORE  Edward bapt son of Samuel &  Elizabeth 21 Apr 1778
                                                1781 - MORTIMORE  Betty bapt dau of Samuel & Elizabeth 12 May 1781
                                                1785 - MORTIMORE  Samuel, bapt son of Samuel & Elizabeth 20 Mar 1785
                                  1747 - MORTIMORE  Mary bapt dau of Edward & Elizabeth 10 Nov 1747
                                  1754 - MORTIMORE  Betty bapt dau of Edward & Elizabeth 10 feb 1754
                                  1757 - MORTIMORE Sarah bapt dau of Edward & Elizabeth 14 aug 1757
                                  1762 - MORTIMOR  Susanna bapt dau of Edward & Betty 21 Feb 1762 - The most popuar choice amongst her descentant for the baptism 
                                                                                                                                                 of Susannah Mortimore of the 1st Fleet.
                                                                                                                                                 However the parent or sibling names or in fact any names liste 
                                                                                                                                                 are not consistent with the names of any of the children by her 
                                                                                                                                                 spouse Thomas O'Brien in the Colony.
1743 - MORTIMORE Joan burial 08 May 1743
1754 - MORTIMORE  John bapt son of Samuel & Mary 04 Jul 1754
1757 - MORTIMORE  Elizabeth bapt dau of Samuel & Mary 12 May 1757
1760 - MORTIMORE  Joanna bapt dau of Samuel & Mary 11 Mar 1760
1777 - MORTIMORE  Charlotte bapt dau of John & Elizabeth 20 May 1777
1778 - MORTIMORE  Mary bapt base child of Elizabeth 04 Jan 1778         
1780 - MORTIMORE  Samuel  bapt son of John & Elizabeth 27 Mar 1780
1782 - MORTIMORE Mary burial ' widow of Samuel 18 Feb 1782 
1782 - MORTIMORE  John bapt son of John & Elizabeth 30 Jun 1782 Twin?
1782 - MORTIMORE  Betty bapt dau of John & Elizabeth 30 Jun 1782 Twin?
1763 - MORTIMER  Nathaniel burial 'son of Nathaniel'  07 feb 1763
1802 - MORTIMORE  William of Bovey Tracey, married Catherine LETHBRIDGE 2 Mar 1802 - Witnesses Henry TRIGGS & Sophia ESAMUND
1805 - MORTIMORE  Thomas burial 17 Jan 1805
1818 - MORTIMER John married Mary Ann TUCKETT 17 Dec 1818 - Witnesses- William TUCKETT, Nicholas TUCKETT


                                                                                            MORETONHAMPSTEAD, Devonshire
Transcribed and kindly submitten by Lynn Pilsbury.
MORETONHAMPSTEAD Parish Register, Devon England 1711 to 1850 LDS film 916869
1718    - MORTIMORE Mary burial dau  of George 25 Apr  1719
1726    - MORTIMORE  Wilmot bapt son of George 03  Nov 1726
1742    - MORTIMOOR  George marriage Mary PERRYMAN 13  Feb 1742
1742    - MORTRIMORE  John marriage Susannah MARDON 10  Oct 1742
1743    - MOORTIMOOR  John bapt son of George 06  Dec 1743
1745/6 - MORTIMORE  George burial 12 Feb  1745/6
                     1752 All buried  in woollen according to an act of Parliament
1759/60 - MORTIMORE  William burial 13 Jun 1759/60
                     1783/4  From this time takes place an act of Parliament, entitled as an Act for granting
                                  to his Majesty a stamp duty on the registry of Births and Christenings
1751/2 - MORTIMER  Susanna burial dau of John 20 Jjul 1751/2
1751/2 - MORTIMER  Elizabeth burial dau of John 19 Oct 1751/2
1752/3 - MORTIMORE  John bapt son of John 12 Aug 1752/3
1753/4 - MORTIMOORE  George bapt son of George  17 Jun 1753/4
1754/5 - MORTIMORE  Elizabeth bapt dau of john 12 May 1754/5
1756    - MORTIMORE Anne burial 02 Apr 1756
1758/9 - MORTIMORE  William bapt son of John 15 May 1758/9
1756   - MORTIMORE  Elizabeth burial 02 Apr 1756
1758/9 - MORTIMORE  William bapt son of John 15 May 1758/9
1759/60 - MORTIMORE  Noath marriage Sarah BROCKDON 05 jun 1759/80
1760    - MORTIMORE  Anne bapt dau of John 12 Jan 1760
1760/1 - MORTIMOOR  Cattern bapt dau of Noath 17 Apr 1760/61
1760/1 - MORTIMOOR  Cattern burial dau of Noath 16 May 1760/61
1762    - MORTIMOOR  Anne bapt dau of John 16 Jun 1762
1764/5 - MOORTIMORE  Mary bapt dau of John 15  Jul 1764/5
1765/6 - MORTIMER  Ann & Mary bapt dau of John 4 Jul 1765/6 
          Note:  as this was on the same line I took the entry to mean twins, 
                   rather than 2 children bapt on the one day to save money as 
                   the tax was per baptism, not per child.
1766   - MORTIMER  Samson bapt son of John 14 Dec 1766
1770   - MORTIMORE  Edward bapt son of John 22 Apr 1770
1778   - MORTIMORE  William burial 27 Feb 1778
1778/9- MORTIMORE  William burial son of John 12 Aug 1778/9
1783   - MORTIMORE John burial son of Ann 02 aug 1783
1783   - MORTIMORE  Elizateth burial dau of John 24 dec 1783
1785   - MORTIMORE  Elizabeth burial 27 Nov 1785  - NO TAX
1786/7- MORTIMOOR Mary burial 11 Oct  1786/7
1787  -  MORTIMOOR Mary burial 08 May 1787
                                                                                       NORTH BOVEY, Devonshire
Transcribed and kindly submitted by Lynn Pilsbury.
Parish Register 1572-1791 LDS Film No  917206
1631 - MORTIMER Walter marr Richaurd GROOTE, North Bovey 24 Oct 1631 - Pg 41
1632 - MORTEMER Thomas, bapt son of Walter 04  Jan 1632 - Pg 19
1632 - MORTIMER Richaurd   bapt. Dau  of Walter 29 Sep 1632 - Pg 20
1641 - MORTEMER John, bapt.  Son of Walter  27 Jun 1641 - Pg 21
1646 - MORTEMER Walter bapt. Son of Walter 26  Aug 1646 - Pg 22
1658 - MORTAMER William Burial son of Walter 08 Oct 1658 - Pg 66     
1668 - MORTEMEW Thomas marr Elizabeth WATLING 31 Mar 1668 - Pg 44 
1670 - MORTEMER Wilmet  bapt. Dau of Walter (? 17)07 Mar 1670 - Pg 28
1670 - MORTIMEW Walter marr Wilmet LANGAMAN 28 Apr 1670 - Pg 45
1670 - MORTIMEW John, marr Iset WILLS 02 Aug 1670 - Pg 45 
1671 - MORTEMY John bapt son  of John 28 May 1671 - Pg 29
1671 - MORTEMY John burial son of John 14 Sep 1671 - Pg 69
1672 - MORTIMEY Walter burial 28 Apr 1672 - Pg 69        
1672 - MORTEMY John bapt son  of John 25 Aug 1672 - Pg 29     
1673 - MARTIMORE William bapt son  of Walter 29 Apr 1673 - Pg 29     
1674 - MORTIMER Henery bapt son  of John 28 Sep 1674 - Pg 30     
1675 - MORTEMER  John bapt son of Walter 06 Dec 1675 - Pg 30
1676 - MORTEMEW  Henry burial son of John 03  Apr 1676 - Pg 70
1670 - MORTEMEW John burial son of Walter 13 Apr 1676 - Pg 70     
1676 - MORTEMEW Isett bapt son of John 05 Sep 1676 - Pg 30    
1677 - MORTEMOW  Agnis bapt dau  of Walter 24 Apr 1677 - Pg 30
1679 -MORTEMEW Richard burial 10 Jun 1679 - Pg 71     
1679 - MORTEMEW John burial 12 Jun 1679 - Pg 71       
1679 - MORTEMEW  Henery bapt son of John 06 Jul 1679 - Pg 30
1681 - MORTEMEW Thomas burial 30 Apr 1681 - Pg 71 
1686 - MORTIMORE  Elizabeth bapt dau of Walter 06 Mar  1686- Pg 33 
1687 - MORTEMEW Elizabeth burial 19 Jun 1687 - Pg 72        
1689 - MORTEMEW Mary bapt dau  of Walter 06 Oct 1689 - Pg 34
1697 - MORTIMORE Wilmett marr Andrew HARVIE  08 mar 1697 - Pg 101 
Church of St John the Baptist North Bovey.
This book was bought in the year of our Lord God One thousand six hudred and ninety four by Walter  MORTEMORE, 
Deputy to Mr Tapper LANGDON and John CORNISH, Church Wardens for the  year.
1700 - MORTEMORE Elizabeth burial 19 Sep 1700
170? - MORTEMORE Walter burial 07 Feb 170?
1711 - MORTEMORE Agnis bapt dau of Walter 31 Apr 1711
1714 - MORTEMORE Wilmote  burial 14 dec 1714 - Pg 113    
1719 - MORTEMORE George bapt son  of Walter 17 Jan 1719 - Pg 80    
1719 - MORTIMORE Walter bapt son of Walter & Joan 17 Jan 1719 - Pg 81
1719 - MORTIMORE Mary of Moreton Hampstead marr William QUASH 7  Apr 1719 - Pg 102     
1726 - MORTIMORE Mary bapt dau of Walter & Agnes 09 May 1726 - Pg 82     
1729 - MORTIMORE  Nicholas bapt son of Walter & Joan 08 Apr 1729 - Pg 83     
1733 - MORTYMORE William bapt son of Walter & Agnes 18 Sep 1733 - Pg 86
1733 - MORTYMORE William burial son of Willam & Agnes 14 dec 1733 - Pg  118        
1745 - MORTIMORE John bapt son of Walter & Mary 15 Apr 1745 - Pg 87     
1746 - MORTIMORE George marr Ann LEYMAN 10 jun 1746 - Pg 105
1747 - MORTIMORE Ann bapt son of George & Ann  03 Nov 1747 - Pg 88     
1747 - MORTIMORE Walter bapt son of Walter & Mary Of Lustleigh 02 Feb 1747 - Pg 88     
1749 - MORTIMORE Mary bapt dau of George & Ann 17 oct 1749 - Pg 88 
1753 - MORTIMORE Joan bapt dau of George & Ann 11 jun 1753 - Pg 89
1753 - MORTIMORE Walter burial 25 jul 1753 - Pg 122 - DIED TESTATE
         WILL OF WALTER MORTIMER of North Bovey, Yeoman. 
         To wife Joan, the best bed, "and one thing of a sort necessary for a single woman to have the use of, for life."
         Bequests: to eldest son George 
                         to daughter Agnes, wife of John Boone, and to their children, Joan, Mary, Benjamin,Elizabeth, and Susanna Boone. 
                         to daughter Mary Mortimer 10, 
                         and to son-in-law Richard Honniwill 2/6.
                         Residue to sons Walter and Nicholas Mortimoor, who are Joint Exors.
                         Witnesses: John Willcocke, John Tallamy, George Underhay.
                         Proved 8th May, 1754.   
1754 - MORTIMORE George bapt son of Nicholas & Grace 28 oct 1754 - Pg 89 
1755 - MORTIMORE  Elizabeth bapt dau of George & Ann 16 oct 1755 - Pg 89 
1757 - MORTIMORE John bapt son of Nicholas & Grace 10 aug 1757 - Pg 91
1758 - MORTEMORE Ann burial 22 Jun 1758 - Pg 124     
1758 - MORTIMORE William bapt son of William & Mary 23 jul 1758 - Pg 91
1760 - MORTIMORE Mary bapt dau of Nicholas & Grace 03 oct 1760 - Pg 91
1761 - MORTIMORE William bapt son of William & Mary 13 dec 1761 - Pg 91
1762 - MORTIMORE George marr Mary  SOPHER 08 Jun 1762 - Pg 107
1763 - MORTIMORE Mary bapt dau of William & Mary 14 aug 1763 - Pg 92
1764 - SOPHER Elizabeth marr Thomas ELLIOT 03 feb 1764 - Pg 107
1764 - MORTIMORE William bapt son of Walter & Mary  03 jun 1764 - Pg 92
1768 - MORTIMORE Joanna bapt dau of William & Mary 10 apr  1768 - Pg 93
1771 - MORTIMORE Elizabeth burial 06 jan 1771 - Pg 127 
1773 - MORTIMORE Sarah marr William  DAVIS 01 jun 1773 - Pg 108
          Charles LOCK Rector 10 sep 1774 – 8 mar 1775
1775 - MORTIMORE Elizabeth marr Jason RICHARDS 12 Jan 1775 - Pg 108
           Charles LOCK, Rector  1775
1776 - MORTIMORE William bapt son of Walter & Sussana 21 jul 1776 - Pg 95
1777 - MORTIMORE Mary burial Wife of George M 08 nov 1777 - Pg 128 
1778 - MORTIMORE Elizabeth bapt dau of Walter & Sussana 21 apr 1778 - Pg 96
1780 - MORTIMORE Wilmet bapt dau of Walter & Sussana 05 Mar 1780 - Pg 96
1781 - MORTIMORE George bapt son of John & Mary 27 May 1781 - Pg 97
1785 - MORTIMORE Susannah  bapt dau of John & Mary 20 feb 1785 - Pg 97
1786 - MORTIMORE George bapt son of Walter & Sussana 29 jan 1786 - Pg 98
1786 - MORTMORE  Mary bapt dau of Mary & John 25 Dec  1786 - Pg 98
MORTIMORE Mr George burial 14 Nov 1787 - Pg 131     
1787 - MORTIMORE John bapt son of Walter & susanna 23 dec 1787 - Pg 99
1788 - MORTIMER (no name given) burial  04 aug 1788 - Pg 132 
1790 - MORTIMORE Walter bapt son of Walter & Susanna 04 jul 1790 - Pg 100
1791 - MORTIMER John 'He died of apoplexy'  aged 76 burial  03 nov 1791 - Pg 132
Susannah died on the 31st December 1846 at Glenorchy, Tasmania at the recorded age of eighty-six years. 
The gravestone of Susannah O'Brien [formerly Mortimore] 
                                                         Full image of Susannah's Headstone photographed by P. McCormick.
                                                        Images of the Headstone were generously 
                                                        submitted by Mr. Peter McCormick [descendant] 
                                                        photographed in 2008.

Her son James O'Brien and his wife Ann [nee Cowen] lie with her. - Further reading re James O'Brien and his family - See Part III - Thomas O'Brien & Susannah Mortimore. 

Note:  According to Susannah's age at burial, she would have been aged around 46 to 48 at the birth of her youngest child by Thomas O'Brien. 

Her daughter Susannah Mely Screech ultimately married emancipated convict George Porter, 
twenty years her senior and settled near Hobart, Tasmania, where they had several Issue.  
Susannah [the younger] died at Glenorchy, Tasmania on the 7th May 1835 at the recorded age of forty-five [scan available]. See Biography of George Porter. 

Further Reading:  This Series Part III - Thomas O'Brien & Susannah Mortimore 

Trial Documents: National Archives, Kew, Surrey, England - Online Index [apology for not giving Assize Ref No's as it was so long ago they were request, I have since misplaced them].
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