Thomas O'Brien                &                Susannah Mortimore
                                                                      [Before1760-post 1818]                                                   [1760-1846]
                                                    Marine - 1st Fleet to Sydney Cove [1788]                      Convict - 2nd Fleet to Sydney Cove [1790]

                                                                                                                     PART III
                                                                                               Their life together in the Colony, their children
                                                                                               and the enigma of Nathaniel Mortimore

                                                                               PART 1  -  Susannah Mortimore prior to leaving England.
                                                                                                Trial Documents and Research.
                                                                              PART II -  Marines of the First Fleet - Under Construction.

                                                                                                                    PART III
                                                                       Thomas O'Brien - Marine
                                                                       Thomas O'Brien - Irish Ancestry
                                                                       1788 Muster - Original Image
                                                                       Testimony of Thomas O'Brien Marine in Colony's first Murder Trial 1788 - Transcription
                                                                       Arrival of Susannah Mortimore - Convict
                                                                       The enigma of Noah/Nathaniel Mortimore - Convict 1st Fleet- Recent Evidence. 
                                                                       Life at Norfolk Island
                                                                       Resettlement in Van Diemen's Land
                                                                       Life at Glenorchy & last days of Thomas O'Brien
                                                                       Susannah dies
                                                                       Susannah's legacy to her grandson, son of her daughter Margaret McDonald
                                                                       and thescandalous destruction of O'Brien's Bridge

                             Child:  Susannah Screech aka O'Brien [1790-1835] - daughter of Susannah Mortimore 
                             Child:  Catherine O'Brien [1792-1843] 
                             Child:  Mary Ann O'Brien [1794-1795] 
                             Child:  Agnus Theresa O'Brien [1795-1879]
                             Child:  Elizabeth O'Brien [1799-1842]
                             Child:  James O'Brien [1800-1863]
                             Child:  William O'Brien [1802-1829]
                             Child:  Margaret O'Brien [1807-1876]
                             Child:  Mary Ann O'Brien [1804-1887]
                             Child:  Thomas O'Brien [the younger] [1808-?]

                             Unplaced possible grandson: James Obrien - born c.1829 - died 13th April 1886 of Obrien's Bridge
                                                                          - Hobart Mercury 17th April 1886 aged 57 yrs. 

                                                             Further Reading
Thomas O'Brien - Marine

Thomas O'Brien - Ancient Ancestry

Early Naming Patterns: 

Irish Records:

1788 Muster:
   Left                   Right

Thomas gives evidence in 
first Murder Trial in the Colony:

2nd Fleet - Susannah Mortimore

Susannah's Trial, including scans of
'Original' Documents in both Devon
& Hampshire Assizes.

The enigma of John & Noah/Nathaniel
Mortimer - 1st Fleet. 

Life at Norfolk Island:

Susannah Jnr.:


1808: Evacuating the 


1808: Susannah Jnr.

1809: Life at Glenorchy:

1819: Muster:


1822:The Farm continues:

1837: Census

1846: Susannah dies:

1857: Historical Icon; 
          The destruction of
           O'Brien's Bridge:
Thomas O'Brien was a marine of the 1st Fleet in the 32nd Company, Portsmouth Division, volunteering to 
escort 751 convicts to establish a new settlement at Botany Bay under the Command of Arthur Philip in 1787. 
The Fleet of seven ships left Spithead, Portsmouth bound for Botany Bay in the early hours of Sunday 
the 13th May 1787 arriving at the destination point on the 19th January 1788.  Botany Bay proved an unsuitable
site and on the 26th January 1788, the Motherland's Flag was raised near the spot now known as Circular Quay, 
in Sydney.

Thomas O'Brien has been said to have been born in Tyronne, Ireland although no concrete evidence has been 
found to support this hypothesis. Anciently a great deal can be learnt from the roots of this ancient Irish Name
and his ancient lineage.  Ireland's Early Clans were extremely territorial and his Ancestry certainly stretches 
back to the colourful legends of his first O'Brian ancestor Brian Boru in the 10th Century. 
This vein of Research can be followed in great detail in Ancient Manuscripts Online at Ireland in Maps.

It is noted above that Thomas places the order of his children with own namesake being his youngest son.  
This follows the ancient patterns of the 17th and 18th Centuries whereby a man would not usually place himself
above his father, particularly in the case of naming the eldest son. It is therefore possible to assume that 
'James' was the namesake of Thomas's father. See an example of Naming Patterns

There are now several sites where online Irish Records are available. See Links at Irish Roots. 
Also the LDS site is now slowly extending and improving their online records. 

Thomas O'Brien remained at the Cove for the next two years, during which time the Colony he was 
recorded in the 1788 Muster assigned to Captain Tench's Company as at the 30th September have a debt to the
Admiralty of £1.5s7d [usually deducted from marines' pay in the next month - this is discussed in detail in the 
'First Fleet Marines' with scans of pay sheets etc.  - Currently under construction.
Six weeks later, on the 17th November 1788, Thomas O'Brien gave evidence in the Trial of fellow marine 
Private James Baker indicted for the murder of Marine Private Thomas Bullmore.  Three other marines 
were also implicated i.e. Privates Luke Haines, Richard Askew and Richard Dukes.
Thomas testified that on the morning of 7th November he was asked by the deceased to stand his shift 
for him, he not being well. Thomas refused and four days later Bullmore died as a result of wounds 
inflicted in a fight with the accused on the day mentioned. The Charges were later reduced to Manslaughter 
and all  marines were given 200 Lashes.   
See transcription of Trial:  Macquarie University Law: R. v. Baker and Others [1788] NSWKR 8.  

Two years later, the arrival of the second fleet brought with it twenty-eight year-old 
convict Susannah Mortimore, formerly of Devonshire, and her infant daughter Susannah born at sea en route
aboard the convict transport 'Lady Juliana'.

Susannah was indicted firstly at the Hampshire Assizes assumed found innocent and then moved to Exeter
Castle, Devonshire, to stand trial for stealing a sheep with co-conspirator John Rice on the 17th March 1788.
Both were initially sentenced to death but later reprieved to serve seven years transportation to the Colony. 
See Documents relating to her Trial in this series PART I. 

During the voyage, Susannah gave birth to a daughter and reports of her boarding the vessel with another child,
although no documentation has been found to support the existance of this elder child. 
Within a few short weeks after arrival at Sydney Cove, Susannah and her infant daughter were sent to Norfolk
Island per 'Surprise' on the 7th August 1790. 

Already on the Island were 1st Fleet Convcits John Mortimer and his son Noah, who were convicted for theft
at Devonshire Assizes 20th March 1786 sentenced to seven years transportation to the Colony. 
Recent evidence implies that Noah later used the name 'Nathaniel Mortimer' and is the same man who lived
at the home of James O'Brien, the son of Susannah and Thomas at Glenorchy since 1834. There is substantial 
evidence to this effect recorded in the Inquest into his death twelve years later in 1846 whereby James's wife
Ann [nee Cowen] and their adolescent daughter Susannah O'Brien, aged thirteen, gave evidence at the Inquest.
See:  The Enigma of Noah/Nathaniel Mortimer in this series PART 1 - also in the Epilogue: James O'Brien.  

At this point the Marines were allowed to accept the offer made by the Admiralty prior to their Departure, 
to either settle at the Colony with a Land Grant, enlist in the establishment of the newly arrived relieving 
NSW Corps or return to England.
According to Sergant James Scott's Journal a further enticement to settle on the following Encouragement;
Eighteen months Provisions with 60 Acres of Land, 1/2 an acre Cleared.   
   'A house built; two Breeding Sows; Six Hens & one Cock; four. Jackets; Four Waistcoats; 
    four pair drawers; four pair Trousers; four pair Shoes; four pair Hose; two Hats; four shirts
    & thread Needles; a Bed & Blankets.'
This Order was made on the 5th April 1791, however they were not allowed to leave until their houses were built. 
Thomas O'Brien was one the first twenty nine marines to choose to settle in the Colony.  He was discharged 
on the 24th October 1791 and left Sydney Cove two days later aboard the 'Atlantic' to settle at Norfolk Island. 

Within weeks Thomas O'Brien and Susannah Mortimore were very likely married in November 1791, in one of 
several ceremonies performed on the Island by Rev. Johnson at that time - No records have been found.

Susannah's child Susannah jnr was nearing the age of two years at their marriage, she later adopted the 
name of her step-father and ultimately married under the name Susannah O'Brien.  Susannah formed a 
close bond with her half siblings. Moving into their newly built two storey home, several Issue followed as 
the family prospered. 
Catherine Obrien baptised at Norfolk Island on the 27th August 1792 - See Epilogue.
Mary Ann O'Brien  baptised on Norfolk Island on the 26th February 1794  - died in infancy - See Epilogue. 
Agnus Therese O'Brien was born on Norfolk Island on the 18th July 1795 - See Epilogue. 
Elizabeth O'Brien was born on Norfolk Island in 1799 [by inference] - See Epilogue.
William O'Brien born on Norfolk Island in 1800 [by inference] - See Epilogue.
Margaret O'Brien born on Norfolk Island in 1807 [by inference] - See Epilogue.
Mary Ann O'Brien born on Norfolk Island in 1804 [by inference] - See Epilogue.
Thomas O'Brien was born in 1808 possibly in Hobart [by inference] - See Epilogue. 
Susannah was now aged around forty-eight, this would be her last child. 

Although the Settlement at Sydney Cove had for many years been reliant on the rich harvests of Norfolk 
Island, the treacherous shipping conditions brought about the decision to evacuate Norfolk.  The houses 
were to be destroyed to deter settlement by foreign shipping and many of the settlers were to be re-located 
south of the mainland at Van Diemen's Land compensated with large Land Grants. 

The O'Brien Family left the Island per 'The City of Edinburgh' on the 3rd September 1808. 
By this time Susannah appears to have been carrying her youngest child en-eutro. 
With them were their six surviving children Catherine aged 16yrs; Agnus was aged 13yrs; Elizabeth aged 9yrs; 
William aged 8yrs and Margaret aged 1year and Susannah the daughter of Susannah's prior relationship aged 

During this time the O'Brien Family appear to have endeared forty-year-old convict George Porter [Scarborough2
-1790]] who had been working on the Island since 1792  George was also re-located to Van Diemen's Land at this
time.   Within a few weeks of arrival, after adopting the name of her Stepfather and with his blessing as a Witness,
young Susannah O'Brien married George Porter [twenty-two years her senior] at Hobart on the 21st November 1808, 
by whom she had several issue.  See Biography of George Porter. 

According to the Muster of 1809, Thomas was granted 100 acres of land of which three were under wheat and 
one in Barley.   It states he has six children.       
During the next few years a bridge was built across Humphries Rivulett a tributary of the Derwent River,
laying adjacent to the O'Brien Farm.  A vital crossing to local residents a bridge had been constructed, which 
became known as O'Brien's Bridge, standing as a local icon used locationally in many Deed & Legal Documents 
in Hobart for many decades.  

By the 1819 Muster Thomas O'Brien is recorded on the same property with ten acres in wheat, one in peas
and beans, three in potatoes and forty six under pasture.  
At this point his children were aged: Catherine 27yrs [unmarried]; Agnus 24yrs [unmarried]; Elizabeth 20yrs 
[unmarried]; James 19yrs; William 17yrs, Margaret 12yrs and Thomas aged eleven years. 

This Muster was the last recorded account of Thomas O'Brien, where and exactly when he died and was buried
remains a mystery, he is assumed to have been buried on the property shortly following.

Three years later, his sons James and William were both recorded living at the property, was now called 'O'Brien's 
William was recorded in an advertisement in the Hobart Town Gazette: Saturday 25th May 1822; 
           STRAYED, from O'Brien's Farm at Humphrey's Rivulet, about three weeks ago,
           3 young Steers, branded BJ on the left thigh, one of them with his right horn inclining towards 
           the cheek, one of a dark brown colour with a white forehead, the other, a light brown with 
           a white streak down the back. 
           Any person giving information where they may be found, will received Three Pounds Reward of
           W. O'Brien, the owner of the said cattle; but if found in any persons possession after this notice, 
           they will be prosecuted according to law. National Library Australia [NLA] Newspapers]

Susannah was recorded in the 1837 Census living with her daughter Margaret McDonald. 

Susannah O'Brien [formerly Mortimore] died on the 31st December 1846, buried at St. Matthew, Glenorchy
her Tombstone inscribed aged 86 years. 

                                                       Tombstone Photo kindly submitted 
                                            by Mr.P.McCormack [descendant], 
                                              photographed personally in 2007. 
                      Susannah's son James O'Brien is interred with her, died on the 21st December 1863.
                      His Spouse Ann O'Brien [nee Cowan] also shares the grave. See Epilogue

O'Briens Bridge had stood a local icon, servicing the local community for nearly half a century, built
on the corner of the O'Brien property, crossing Humphrey's Rivulet at Glenorchy.  
The orginal Bridge was torn down piece by piece in 1857  by a disgruntled neighbour, annoyed by traffic
on his land.  The records that he acquired the adjacent property sold to him by Susannah & Thomas's 
grandson 'McDonald', assumed to be James McDonald, the son of their daughter Margaret. .  
Susannah's eldest son James O'Brien gave evidence in a subsequent dispute mentioning the event. 
Hobart Town Mercury: Wednesday 17th June 1857. Click on Images to enlarge;
   Part 1
Remainder & Outcome
See: NLA 17th June 1857 
Relatively recently a Plaque was erected commemorating the once Historical Landmark with engraved
reference to Thomas O'Brien former Marine. See National Library. 
The plaque was raised near Glenorchy Shopping Centre [Northgate].

                                           EPILOGUE [Below] 
    With many thanks to Peter McCormick and R. Coup for their contributions
Susannah O'Brien [born Screech] [1790-1835], the daughter of Susannah Mortimore.
                         Born the daughter of Susannah Mortimer at Sea per Lady Juliana, baptised Susannah Screech 
                         at Sydney Cove on the recorded the daughter of William Screech 'Labourer' and his wife 
                         Susannah 'Convict'.
                                                                                     Click on Image to enlarge
                         At the age of twenty, now carrying the name of her step-father, Susannah O'Brien married former convict 
                        George Porter, twenty years her senior, on the 21st November 1808 at Hobart Town.
Catherine O'Brien [1792-post 1828] daughter of Thomas O'Brien by his wife Susannah [formerly Mortimore]; 
                        Born 27th August 27th 1792, Norfolk Island
                        At the age of twenty-eight Catherine formed a relationship with Alexander Waddle.

                                  Alexander Waddle [1785-1852] was a former convict transported to Hobart per 'Indefatigable' sentenced to
                                  transportation for Life by Court Marshall in Canada on the 21st August 1810, arriving at Hobart in 1812.
                                  Alexander Waddle was already married to Sarah Barresford [1813] and had issue by the union; 
                                  a son Joseph Waddle [1819] and a daughter Mary Waddle [1822] during their marriage.
                                  The couple separated shortly following the birth of their youngest child. 

                         During this time Catherine O'Brien and Alexander Waddle had formed a relationship and had a child.
                                  Elizabeth Waddle born in 1821 - married Henry Samuel Launceston in 1845 – 2 children. 
                         After Waddle & his wife's separation the couple moved to Launceston continuing their de facto relationship 
                         where Alexander was recorded as a Publican and further issue were born;                         
                                  Alexander Waddle born 1823 - assumed not to have survived.  
John Waddle born 1826 - Married Mary Ann Theresa Church in 1848  Hobart.
Jane Waddle born 1828 - Married William Fowler Wathen in 1847 Launceston – 6 children. Catherine was now aged thirty-six, this was her last recorded birth. A Family Legend exists whereby Catherine became ill and her niece, Mary Ann Porter, by her half sister Susannah*, stayed with Catherine for some time. *the daughter of her mother Susannah Mortimore born at sea 1790 - married George Porter An enigma surrounds Catherine's death. Hypothetically , it is likely that Catherine died between 1828-1835. This would be assumed on the basis that her niece Mary Ann Porter and Alexander Waddle began to record baptisms at Launceston from 1836 - 1843. It would be unlikely that Mary Ann would have usurped her Aunt during her lifetime and that Alexander Waddle was a highly respected citizen at Launceston, it would be doubtful he would openly accept paternity of Mary-Ann's children if Catherine was still living. The second scenario is that Alexander Waddle was living a double life, this is extremely unlikely considering his status and that Mary-Ann's children were registered in Launceston. However this Death Notice appears in the Colonial Times, Tuesday 11th April 1843. There was a death registered at Launceston for Catherine O'Brien in 1843 [Tasmania BDM CD]. Considering that Alexander was very likely the informant, the gnawing possibility presents that this may in fact be the death of Mary Ann Porter[who may have died in childbirth] or his original wife Sarah for the following reasons; In 1836 Waddle [aged 51yrs] and Mary Ann Porter [aged 28yrs] already had a child with subsequent children following. Issue registered at Launceston; Sarah Ann Waddel 1836 Alexander James Waddel 1838 George Porter Waddel 1842 Mary Waddelle 1843 & Jessie Waddell 1843 - twins. See full extensions in the Porter Family Page - Epilogue: Mary Ann Both twins died soon after birth. From the date of the death in 1843 it could be assumed that Mary Ann may have died in childbirth or shortly following. Waddle married in 1847 at Launceston aged sixty-two. Waddle died in testate late 1852 and his Obituary appeared in the Colonial Times, Hobart on the 10th December 1852; 'On the 7th Instance, at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. W. F. Wathen, Mr. Alexander Waddle aged 67 years'. This was the home of his youngest daughter Jane by his former relationship with Catherine O'Brien.
Mary Ann O'Brien [1794-1795] daughter of Thomas O'Brien by his wife Susannah Mortimore;
                         Born Norfolk Island on the 26th February 1794
                         Died Norfolk Island on the 21st February 1795  -   estimated aged 1 year.
Agnus Theresa O'Brien [1795-1879] daughter of Thomas O'Brien by his wife Susannah [formerly Mortimore];  
                        Born Norfolk Island on the 18th July 1795. 

At the age of twenty-five Agnus Theresa O'Brien married Thomas Cruse [aka Cruise, Cruice] at Hobart 
on the 11th December 1820.
The couple initially settled near the O'Brien Family at Black Brush where the couple was recorded residing in 1830;

A notice in Hobart Town Courier 25th Sept. 1830;
              'IMPOUNDED: One brown bullock branded TC on right hip and swallow fork in right ear
                                           impounded by Thomas Cruse, Black Bush, Damages due.'

They were still living at Black Bush four years later when a notice appears in the Hobart Town Courier: September 1834; 
                                          'I hereby caution every person or persons who may trespass on my Grand of Land at 
                                           Black Bush, bounded on the west side by McNally's Grant and on the do so no longer,
                                           and empower Thomas Cruse, my tenant, to proceed against such persons who may so offend, 
                                           as he may see occasion.'   

They later moved to the Richmond area where they settled at Enfield until their deaths.  

Thomas Cruse died on the 5th August 1877 recorded aged 85yrs. His Death Notice appeared in the Hobart Mercury 1st Sept. 1877; 
          'on the 5th August at Enfield near Richmond, after a long and painful illness, Thomas Cruse in his 85th year'

Agnus died two years later, on the 21st November 1879 recorded aged 84yrs. Her Death Notice appeared in the Hobart Mercury 
on Wednesday 26th November 1879;
           'On Thursday November 21st, at her residence Enfield, near Richmond, Agnus Theresa, relict of the late Thomas Cruse, 
            in her 85th year, her end was peace.'

Issue;  [source Tasmania Archives Online]
           Elizabeth Cruse born 1822 
                          - married William Parker in 1839 at St. Johns Catholic Church, Richmond by whom she had seven children. 
           Mary Cruse [Cruie] baptised 1824: Father Thomas; Mother: Agnus O'Brien - outcome unknown.
           Maria Cruse [Cruice] born 1827: Father Thomas; Mother: Agnete O'Brien  - outcome unknown. 
           Joannes Cruse [Cruice] baptised 1827: Father Thomas; Mother: Agnete O'Brien   - outcome unknown. 
           Catherine Cruse [Cruice] baptised 1829: Father Thomas; Mother: Agnete O'Brien 
                                       - married William McCannon 18th May 1852 at Richmond: Brides age 24; Groom age 32.
           Thomas Cruse [Cruice] baptised 1830: Father Thomas; Mother: Agnete O'Brien
                                       - married Hannah Siggs Hobart 30th June 1868: Groom age 38; Bride age 21.   
                                       - Child Ida Stella Cruse 1868.  
           Patritius [Patrick] Cruse [Cruice] baptised 1832: Father Thomas: Mother Agnetis OBrien - outcome unknown.

           Agnus was aged thirty-seven at the birth of this last recorded child, it is possible they may have had other issue.
Elizabeth O'Brien [1799-1842] daughter of Thomas O'Brien by his wife Susannah [formerly Mortimore];
                      Born Norfolk Island in 1799 [by inference] 

                       Elizabeth O'Brien married William Patterson, former Marine, on the 21st April 1818 the announcement was published
                       in the Hobart Town Courier on the 25th April 1818;
                                                                                   Click image to enlarge.

                             William Patterson was born in England around 1799 the son William Paterson, a Marine of the 1st Fleet to settle 
                             Hobart in 1803. As a child he and his mother with siblings Joseph, accompanied his father to settle in the new Colony.
                             A sibling Frederick was born after arrival with several others. William Patterson Snr. died in testate in 1828 whereby 
                             his widow and her now grown children took steps towards Administration of his Estate.  All three brothers eventually
                             settled at Sorrel where Joseph died in 1871 aged 71yrs and Frederick in 1878 aged 70 yrs.

                      Settling at Bream Creek, Sorrel, William was granted huge parcels of Land.  There are many newspaper articles relating
                      to several transactions.

                      The births of their children cease in 1842 when Elizabeth was aged forty-three.  The exact date of her death has not been 
                      established, however several family members have submitted the date around 1842.
                      Sarah Elizabeth Patterson born 1819 - outcome unknown
                      William Patterson born 1820 
                     - William Patterson the younger married Eliza Grace 1844 in Launceston, they had seven children.  
                     - several newspaper articles relating to him [NLA - Online]. 
                     Mary Patterson born 1822 - outcome uncertain. 
                     Charlotte Patterson born 1828 - Married John Hayton at Sorell in 1858 - 2 children. 
                     Eliza Susanna Patterson born 1829 - outcome unknown.
                     Louisa Maria Patterson born 1831- outcome unknown.
                     Matilda Rebecca Patterson born 1833 - died 1838 at Sorell. Age 6 yrs. 
                     Joseph Patterson born 1835 - married Eliza Hayton at Sorell in 1864 [his brother-in-law's sister]
                     Ann Jane Patterson born 1837
                    - 'Marriages: By special license, at the Carlton, on 19th November, by the  Rev. J. Norman, 
                       Joseph, fifth son of Joseph Hayton, Esq. of Wood Brook, Sorell,  to Anna Jane seventh daughter
                       of William Paterson, Esq., of Bream Creek, Tasmania.'  Hobart Mercury Wed 19th Nov. 1862.
                     Amelia Rebecca Patterson born 1839
                      - Amelia Rebecca Paterson died at Sorell in 1863 unmarried and without issue. Age 24yrs.  
                     Edward Alfred Patterson born 1842
                      - Edward Alfred Paterson married Mary Ann Dunbabin at Hobart in 1864.
James O'Brien [1800-1863] eldest son of Thomas O'Brien by his wife Susannah [formerly Mortimore];
                    Born Norfolk Island 1800 [by inference].
                   By the age of twenty-seven James was recorded living at Humphrey's Rivulet where several blankets were stolen. 
                   Hobart Town Courier Sat. 1st Dec 1827;
                         'James Binks & William Taylor were convicted of stealing 3 blankets from James O’Brien.'
                          A few days later a further notice describes William Taylor was fully committed for trial for stealing three blankets
                          in the dwelling house of James O’Brien at Humphrey’s Rivulet.
                   James O'Brien married Ann Cowen at Hobart in 1832 by whom he had several issue[listed below].

                   James and Ann were recorded in the 1837 Census with their daughter Susan. [District: New Town; POL361/1/1 - Page 138].

                   Around 1834 James and Ann took in Nathaniel Mortimer believed to be the 1st Fleet Convict, Nathaniel Mortimer
                   who like James's mother Susannah was indicted at Exeter Castle for theft.  They cared for the elderly man for 
                   twelve years and when he died at their home in 1846 James's wife Ann and their young daughter Susannah gave evidence 
                   at the inquest. This suggest some connection between their mother and the Mortimer Family in Devon.
                   Excerpts from the Inquest into the Death of Nathaniel Mortimore, transcribed by Lynn Pilsbury;
                                     'The information on oath of Anne O'brien saith I live at Glenorchy in this island, I know the deceased Nathaniel Mortimore 
                                       who has lived with me for the last twelve years. He was aged eighty eight a free man.  He died on Wednesday last the third 
                                      instant having been taken ill on Monday last. I was absent from home that day and on my return I found him very ill having 
                                      left him in his usual health. No medical man saw him and he would take no medicine.  I attended him up to the time of his
                                      death.  My husband kept him in provisions he had all the necessaries of life. On wed last I was with him the greater part of 
                                      the day and had left him about 10 minutes before his death, hearing a noise I went to the room of the deceased and not 
                                      receiving any answer I attended a light and found the old man lying dead on the floor.
                                      Immediately I obtained the assistance of Thomas Bannister. The deceased was subject to a giddyness in the head and as he 
                                      had lived  with us for so many years I did not ask to remove him to hospital.   The deceased on the day I had last seen him 
                                      alive had been in great pain but towards evening he appeared to be easier and I left him believing he was going to take a
                                      little rest.'
                                      Ann Obrien, by her mark
                                      Sworn before me this 5th day of June, 1846 John PRICE [signed], Coroner
- The information on Oath of Susan OBRIEN, aged thirteen saith I am the daughter of Mrs Ann Obrien,  I knew the deceased Nathaniel Mortimer, on Monday last I saw him at my fathers house about ten o clock and went to the seaside. I saw him about half an hour after lying down by the sea side he then told me he was dying and asked me to help him up to the house.  I got him up a little way and he fell down again he was again got up by my assistance and again he fell down, at last he got home by crawling on his hands and knees. I sent for Mrs McDonald who came but no doctor saw him, he did not let me know he had first been taken ill. He had been in good health before leaving home that day.' Susan Obrian [signed] Sworn before me this 5th day of June,1846, John PRICE [signed],Coroner.
Full Transcription see: Susannah Mortimore PART 1 Twenty years later James appeared in the Hobart Town Mercury in 1857 as a witness relating to passageway dispute and the destruction of O'Brien's Bridge. In this testimony he mentions his mother Susannah O'Brien and also a portion of land set aside in trust for her grandson 'McDonald' [Article: Refer above] James O'Brien died at his residence at O'Brien's Bridge, on the 21st December 1863. His Burial records the cause of death as Pythsis, recorded a Farmer/Labourer buried at St. Mathew, Glenorchy His obituary appeared in the Hobart Mercury, Thursday, 24th December 1863, viz; Reference in his Obituary to Ballarat, Victoria and New Zealand implies there were several members of the family who may have left the area. Investigations at the Online Sites NZ Newspapers and NZ Historical BDM's have not been pursued. In Victoria BDM CD, other than James's sister Margaret Cringe, formerly McDonald, nee O'Brien and her son James McDonald, no other entries appear to be related. Child 1: Susannah O'Brien born Hobart in 1833 [recorded daughter of James and Ann]
[Tasmania Archives] Susannah was recorded in the 1837 Census with her Parents in the New Town district. Susannah may have married William Mahow at Hobart in 1852. Child 2: A Female unrecorded [by inference]. Child 3: Mary Ann O'Brien born 1838 [by inference]. The Hobart Town Daily Mercury: Friday 1st April 1859; 'Married on the 29th Instant at the residence of the Brides’ father, by the Rev. C. Simpson Mr. Henry Edward Triffett, Oatlands to Mary Anne, third daughter of Mr. James O’Brien.' Mary Ann died on the 22nd April 1917 at Glenorchy recorded aged 79yrs relict of the late Henry Trippet of York Plains. Her Obituary was published in the Hobart Mercury on the 23rd April 1917. Child 4: Female born Hobart in 1841 [Tasmania Archives, online]. Child 5: Margaret Elizabeth Cowen O'Brien born 28th November 1843 Died 8th September 1852 'Accidentally Drowned' Child 6: Charles O'Brien born 1st August 1847. Other miscellaneous news items; The Colonial Times: Tuesday, 30th December 1834 reports that James O'Brien appeared at the Supreme Court in a Civil Matter regarding a Land Dispute in the Glenorchy, Humphrey's Rivulet area. James O'Brien examined.- Has known Humphrey's Rivulet about 24 years; has known its course 23 years........
William O'Brien [1802-1729] second son of Thomas O'Brien by his wife Susannah [formerly Mortimore];Born Norfolk Island 1802 [by inference]
                          The first confident reference to William was the Advertisement in the Hobart Town Gazette: Saturday 25th May 1822 
                          regarding a Reward posted by his regarding Strayed Cattle from O'Brien's farm near Humphrey's Rivulet.

                           The Hobart  Town Courier Saturday 29th December 1827 reports John Parker was indicted for several crimes including
                           stealing blankets from Mr. William O’Brien of Glenorchy.

                           William seems to have disappeared from this point with no Marriage or Issue found.
                           A burial appears for William O'Brien on the 11th February 1829 at Sorell,, where at that time his sister Elizabeth was living 
                           with her spouse spouse William Patterson and their five children. He would have been aged twenty-seven at this time.
Mary Ann O'Brien [1804-1887] youngest daughter of Thomas O'Brien by his wife Susannah [formerly Mortimore]; 

           Mary Ann is accepted as being born at Norfolk Island around 1804.   
                At the age of nineteen she appears to have married John Smith at St. Davids, Hobart on the 10th March 1823, by whom she 
                had several children.
                It is equally accepted by most descendants that Mary Ann died at Forbes Castle 31st October 1887 at the age of eighty-three. 
                Several sites online have already extended this information.  
Margaret O'Brien [1807-1876], daughter of Thomas O'Brien by his wife Susannah [formerly Mortimore];                 
Margaret was very likely the ‘unnamed’ infant recorded at the time of her parents evacuation of Norfolk Island in 1808. 

                 William McDonald born 1826 - no informaton
                 Thomas McDonald born 1828 - no informaton
                 James McDonald born 1830 
                  - James McDonald died at Springdallah Victoria in 1882 aged 57 [Reg. 3561] Parents recorded William & Margaret O'Brien.
                  - He is assumed the same 'McDonald' mentioned in a Court Hearing in 185, put aside a parcel of land in Trust by his grandmother
                    Susannah O'Brien.  See Supreme Court Tuesday, 30th December 1834  in the article mentioning the destruction of O'Brien's Bridge. 
                  Margaret McDonald born 1840 - no informaton 
                  John Charles McDonald born 1841 - said to have died in early childhood 1843. Hobart. 
                  M. McDonald born 1842 - no informaton

Margaret O’Brien married William McDonald at  Hobart in  1827.  According to the Tasmanian Archives they had six recorded children
although other family websites imply they had eight children.
The Story of William’s colourful life including the time of his marriage to Margaret OBrien can be found at URL;

Margaret cared for her aging mother Susannah O’Brian nee Mortimer at Hobart during her later years, recorded in the Tasmanian Census. 
William was last recorded in 1843 and her mother died in 1846.  Margaret appears to have moved to Victoria where she remarried. 
Margaret McDonald [nee O'brien] married2  Thomas Cridge at St.James Melbourne [CofE] in 1853 [Pioneer Index Vict Reg No. 6286].  
She would have been aged forty-six at this marriage. There appears to be no issue from this union. 
Margaret died in Victoria in 1876 under the name Margaret Cridge; aged 69.  Her parents were recorded on her Death Certificate as 
Thomas O'Brien and Susannah formerly Mortimer. The informant also recorded her birthplace as Tasmania. 
[Source: Pioneer Index Victoria CD]
Thomas O'Brien [the younger] youngest son of Thomas O'Brien by his wife Susannah [formerly Mortimore]; 

           Thomas O'Brien was probably born in 1808, assumed shortly after the family's arrival in Van Diemen's Land. 
                Further information would be gratefully accepted. 

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