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                                                            PASCOE Family

                                                                        John [1723-1803] & Elizabeth [1731-1802] Pascoe

                                                                          of London, said to be formerly [post c.1790] of Cornwall 

                     According to 'The Biography of John Pascoe Fawkner' by J. Billott taken from the memoirs the memoirs of the said 
                     eminent Pioneer and Statesman of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, who mentions two daughters of his maternal 
                     grandfather, John Pascoe.  One, Hannah his mother and the other her [unnamed] unmarried sister. 
                     Information regarding the Family of JPF prior and at arrival in the new Colony in 1803 can be found on another page. 

                    According to Author J. Billott just prior to Hannah's marriage in 1792, her parents, he quotes 'native of Cornwall',  had only 
                    recently moved to London, purchasing a house in Cock Lane.  Billott's book also implies that Hannah and her Spouse John 
                    hard pressed to make ends meet when their first child John was young, that Hannah’s parents, with Hannah's unmarried 
                     sister offered to take on the responsibility of the child and his education.  Hannah's Father was said to have died 1803 & 
                    her mother the year before.  Hannah returned to England in 1813 and claimed her inheritance from her father's Estate,
                    she then returned to her family who were settled near Hobart Town [Tasmania].

                                                                          Research Relating to Hannah Pascoe's Parents

                    Based on the information in the aforementioned book, two burials were found in close vicinity to where Hannah's parents
                    were said to be living and the implied dates of their deaths;
                    Pascoe, Elizabeth:   buried 26th June 1802 at Bunhill Fields, age recorded as 70yrs [b.1732], 
                                                      address at death: Glass House Yard [Aldersgate St.]
                    Pascoe, John:           buried 12th February 1803 at Bunhill Fields, age recorded as 80yrs [b. 1723]
                                                      address at death: Glass House Yard. 

                   Bunhill Fields Burial Ground in London is only a very short distance  [about a 1/4 km as the crow flies] west of White Cross Street.
                   However Glass House Lane was a working class area at this time.  
                   Comments:  The rounded figures in their ages perhaps may imply that they were both elderly and perhaps only approximate.
                                          It is considered that Hannah's child was probably around four or five years old at the time [1797-1798] when he 
                                          was taken into the care of the Pascoe's living there then for four years. 

                                          Cornwall is mentioned as 'native' to the couple and indeed this County holds the largest population for the name
                                          'Pascoe'.  However a tenuous thread was found in 'Bradwall' in Cheshire. The Memoirs of JPF would need to be 
                                          investigated further. 

A tenuous thread; 

              A marriage was John Pascoe and Elizabeth Chapman was recorded [LDS Member] at Hope in Derbyshire on the 24th Sept. 1754.  
              This would make John approximately 31yrs old at his marriage and Elizabeth aged around twenty-two based on their ages at burial. 
              This John and Elizabeth had three daughters recorded baptised at this same venue; 

              Frances Pascoe baptised 22nd November 1759 
              Margaret Pascoe baptised 23rd May 1762 
              Hannah Pascoe baptised 25th September 1773 

              All three infants were noted 'born at 'Bradwall' or more likely, the couple 'of Bradwall'.   Bradwall is in Cheshire is 28.3 miles 
              [45.6 kms] from Hope in Derbyshire.

              The gaps between marriage and subsequent baptisms imply that some issue did not survive infancy.  Also the lack of a son would 
              also be consistent with the Pascoe Family in question and their eagerness to care for their grandson, also their implied protective 
              wing surrounding their daughter Hannah. However there are other baptisms in Cornwall which may be investigated.  
             The above baptisms would make Elizabeth aged approximately 41yrs old at Hannah's birth. 

             The journey from Bradwall to resettle in London 145 miles SE would have been an arduous one, doubtlessly by coach over several 
             days but no further than Cornwall to London from the south as suggested in J. Billott's book.  
              An extensive search was made to locate the Will of John Pascoe or Probate relating to his Estate but neither Document was found. 
              After consulting the LDS Database and other resources, a search was made for a possible baptism of John Pascoe around 1723. 
              Nothing was found in Cheshire or Derby.