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                                         PAYNE Family
                                                                                                    of Brighton, Sussex, England.  
                                                                                                                Variant Paine

                                                                                  Proposed Generation II

                                                                                    John & Sarah Payne 
John Paine was very probably the same John Payne baptized at Brighton, Sussex on the 3rd July 1757 
the son of Thomas Payne and Elizabeth nee Curley. Right Panel 
John Paine married Sarah [unknown]  around 1780.   They had two recorded children born at Brighton; 
           Child 1:  Fanny Paine was baptized on the 29th  February 1784 at St. Nicholas, Brighton, Sussex
                            At the age of twenty one Fanny Paine married William Simpson  at St. Nicholas, Brighton  
                            on the 15th September 1805. 
                            She was buried a wdow on the 7th November 1828 in the Yard at St. Nicholas Church,  Brighton
                            at the recorded age of 45yrs.   She was known to be survived by her daughter Fanny aged 20yrs.  
                            Nothing conclusive has been found for the death her husband William.   
                            William Simpson and Fanny [nee Payne, the younger] , had two children recorded at Brighton;
                                    1806: A daughter Fanny Simpson born in 1806 who did not survive.
                                    1808: A second daughter also baptized Fanny Simpson.
                                              William & Fanny's daughter Fanny later married John Swinton Ashhurst a Legal Clerk, 
                                               at Brighton
           Child 2:  Sarah Paine baptized on the 25th  May 1788 also at St. Nicholas, Brighton Sussex. 
                            No further information at the present time  
A Possible 2nd marriage : John Paine to Sarah Barber was recorded at St. Nicholas Brighton6th  Dec 1791.  
               They appear to have had  one child:
                             Martha Paine  baptized on the 10th June 1798 at St. Nicholas, Brighton.
No further information has been found
                                                                      Proposed Generation I

                                                    Thomas Paine & his wife Elizabeth [nee Curley] 
Thomas Paine is estimated born around 1721 – 1724 and very likely baptized at St. Nicholas at  Brighton.  
The Paine Lineage in the Village of Brighton Sussex goes back to the Reformation although there is no 
firm link to Thomas's Parents at this time.  
There are two baptism entries which could relate to Thomas although it may be pointed out that the entire 
family seems to be interconnected and the sharing of family Christian names between families was frequent. 
                       Thomas Payne married Elizabeth Curley on the 30th November 1749 at Brighton. 
They had four recorded children;
                       Child 1:  Thomas Payn bapt. 5th August 1750 at Brighton - did not survive.
                       Child 2:  Thomas Payne bapt. 21st December 1754 at Brighton.
                                        Several marriages at Brighton could apply
                       Child 3:  John Payne baptized at Brighton on the 3rd July 1757 See left Panel
                                        married Sarah  [unknown] around 1780. They had two children baptized at Brighton; 
                                        Fanny in 1784 
                                        Sarah in 1788 
                       Child 4:  Fanny Pain bapt. 22nd Sept. 1759 at Brighton.
                                        Several marriages at Brighton could apply 

No satisfactory burials have been found for either Thomas or Elizabeth.