George Porter 
      of Black Snake & Glenorchy, Tasmania 
   previously of Sydney Cove & Norfolk Island
             formerly of Islington, Middlesex. 
                    Susannah O'Brien 
                   baptised Susannah Mely Screech
                 born at Sea, per Lady Juliana in 1790
          the daughter of Convict Susannah Mortimore

                                                              BIOGRAPHY of George Porter [c.1768-1828]

                                                                                    Research in England

                                                         Child 1:  George Porter [the younger] [1809-1831]      
                                                         Child 2:  James Porter [1812-?]                 
                                                         Child 3:  Catherine Porter [1813-1851] 
                                                         Child 4:  Mary Porter [1815-?]
                                                         Child 5:  Susannah Porter [1817-1905]  
                                                         Child 6:  William Porter [1820-1895]
                                                         Child 7:  Eliza Porter [1823-unknown]
                                                         Child 8:  Sarah Porter [1825-1854]     -    BIOGRAPHY
                                                         Child 9:  Margaret Porter [1827-1872?]


George Porter was born circa 1768 based on his recorded age at his burial in 1828 'aged 60yrs' in Hobart, Tasmania.

Research into his birth and family in England;
There is evidence presented below [Trial], which indicates George was recorded 'of Islington' in 1789. Based on this 
information, his age and the naming pattern of his children a search for his family was conducted using online resources
at various Churches at Islington and the surrounding parishes. The 'Porter' name was surprisingly rare at most venues, 
however the most interesting results were found in the 'Original' Parish Records at St. Mary's, Islington [not on LDS]. 
See Results so far.

Assumed aged around twenty-two, George Porter was indicted with William Cook at the Old Bailey, London on the 25th 
February 1789 for stealing a single slipper and six silk handkerchiefs [value 12 shillings] and a leather slipper [value 2s], 
the property of Ann Goodall, Shopkeeper of Islington, a month prior on the 21st January that year. During the Trial 
George called one witness to attest to his character, however details of this witness has not been found at the LMA 
[London Metropolitan Archives]. It was mentioned in the document that one of the witnesses knew him well and he was 
'of Islington'. William Cook was acquitted of the Crime however George Porter was found guilty and sentenced to Death. 
Read Full Transcription of Trial [online] 

Details of George's crime was advertised in the World [London], Saturday, 28th February 1789;
                                                                Click image to enlarge

Details of George's Sentence was published in several London Newspapers [all identical to below]; 
Public Advertiser (London) Thursday, 26th February, 1789. Issue 17040.

George remained in Newgate Cells adjacent the Old Bailey for a further eight months to await his fate, when on the
9th September 1789 George, with several other Capital Offenders, was again brought before the Bench with an
offer of Reprieve in the form of Transportation for 'Life'.  This day every man without exception accepted the offer. 
Details of George's Reprieve was published in several London Newspapers [all identical to below]; 
Published: 9th September 1789; 
Ultimately George was assigned to the Ship Scarborough [Private Charter] on her second voyage to Sydney Cove, 
New South Wales, accompanying a fleet of six ships.  George departed the Motherland on the 19th January 1790, 
arriving at Sydney Cove 28th June 1790.  
                                                                   NSW State Library Image - per Ancestry com.
This second Fleet was the most notorious in the History of the Colony, many convicts died en route, particularly 
those transported in the former Slave 'wet' Ships 'Surprise' & 'Neptune' whose crew had sold the prisoner's rations 
for their own profit.  Starved and enduring appalling conditions in the Hull they died by the hundreds.  At their 
destination, those who had miraculously survived were thrown like bags of wheat overboard when many died in the
waiting small craft, some could barely crawl.  Others died when breathing fresh air for the first time since 
departure, the marks of their shackles to the bone.  The Scarborough had better conditions, however on arrival at 
the Cove the Master reported that the convicts were confined to the Hull with minimum time on the deck for fresh 
air during the voyage for fear of mutiny.  George's condition on arrival is not known. 

After a year at Sydney Cove, George was sent to Norfolk Island in September 1791 [3] where he remained for the next
15 years, recorded in the 1803 Muster working as a gardiner, assigned to James Warwick. 

A burial of an infant, 'Mary Ann Porter - age 1' was recorded at Norfolk Island in 1793 [no other details] [4]
It is not known if this infant was the child of George Porter.

George also appears to have been associated with the family of Thomas O'Brien, a former First Fleet Marine [1788] 
who settled on the Island in October 1791.  Thomas O'Brien's convict wife Susannah Mortimore had a child born en-route 
to Sydney Cove aboard the 'Lady Juliana' in 1790.  The infant was baptised Susannah Mely Screech at the Cove
soon after her arrival in July 1790.  Susannah [the younger] had since adopted the name of her stepfather 'O'Brien'.
Although around twenty years her senior, George Porter appears to have formed an attachment to the young 
Susannah O'Brien prior to 1806.  

Norfolk Island's rich soil had produced plentiful crops, together with the early community established at Parramatta, 
had supported the Colony for nearly twenty years.  By then the Colony was now self sufficient and the hazardous shipping 
conditions surrounding the Island, prompted the Governor's decision to evacuate the Settlers back to the mainland
or in most cases, relocate to Van Diemen's Land.  Large land Grants were offered to compensate. This mass evacuation 
occurred between 1803-1808. 

Amid the evacuation George Porter was relocated to Van Diemen's Land leaving Norfolk Island on Christmas 
Day, 25th December 1807 per the City of Edinburgh together with the O'Brien Family.

Three months after arriving at Hobart Town, George Porter married Susannah O'Brian [aka Screech/Mortimore] 
on 21 November 1808 the ceremony performed by Rev. Robert Knopwood, Witnesses: Thomas O'Brian 
[Susannah's step-father] and Francis Parnes [Parish Clerk]. Both Bride & Groom signed with their mark [5].
The bride was aged 18yrs and the Groom aged 40yrs. 
                                                             Tasmania Archives BDM extract

The first seven children was baptised by Robert  Knopwood the following year, and George and Susannah's address
was given as Hobart Town. The last two records give the address as Glenorchy, and George's  occupation as farmer.
However they were on their farm at Black Snake, Granton, long before 1825. 
The children born to George and Susannah are listed above and extended in the Epilogue below.

George was recorded in the index to land grants in Van Diemen's Land (Fiche 3262; 4/438 pp.70,72) 
Colonial Secretary's Index Online. 

In 1811 he was recorded in the Muster as at Hobart Town. [ Musters 1806-1849]]

His land prospered and in 1817 George was supplying the Government Stores, with fresh meat, and wheat. 
In 1819 George was on the list of persons owing quit rents in Van Diemen's Land for land in the District of 
Glenorchy (Fiche 3270; X19 p.20) Colonial Secretary's Index [Online]

In the December 1821 Hobart Town Gazette the following advertisement appeared:   
            'STRAYED, about three weeks ago, from the Black Snake, two Working Bullocks, branded G P 
             on the near shoulder, one has a black  mark with a star on the forehead, the other red colour with 
             a white back -  Whoever will give information where they are, to George Porter, the owner, as above, 
             will receive  2 pounds for their trouble; but if found in any person's possession after this  notice, 
             they will be prosecuted agreeably to the Colonial regulations. NLA Newspapers [Online]

On the 25th May 1827 George was appointed 'Constable' by the Governor. 
                                                  NLA Newspapers online.

During the following year several events occurred.

Child 2: At the age of fourteen, Catherine Porter married1 Thomas Simpson on the 17th September 1827, they had
only one child, Catherine Simpson born c. 1828.  It is assumed with the absence of further issue and subsequent 
evidence that Simpson seems to have disappeared not long following, either died prematurely or deserted Catherine.
Being so young, Catherine may have returned to her parents' home.  Further details see Epilogue.

George [snr] is recorded in the capacity of Pound keeper in the Hobart Town Gazette, 13th October, 1827: 
                                                  NLA Newspapers online.

George's son, George Porter [the younger] although aged only eighteen appears to also have been appointed 
pound keeper at Launceston around this time. See Epilogue.  
George Porter died on 8 September 1828, at the age of  60, leaving his wife responsible for a family of eight children
ranging from ages eighteen to an infant under age one.
                         Transcription: [Name] George Porter [Abode] Black Snake [Buried] 8 September [Age] 60years
                                               [Ship's Name] Scarborough [Calling or Profession] Constable 
                                               [Ceremony performed by] Wm Berford. Hobart Town Burials 1828 [Pge 33] [5] 


Susannah appears to have held the farm together, with the help of her sons not yet of age.  
A year after George's death an Impoundment Notice was placed in the Hobart Town Courier by the new Pound keeper
for Glenorchy.  He advertises several stock, one a cow the property of Mrs. Porter.
                                                 Click to enlarge

To add to Susannah's grief, three years after George's death, their eldest child George [the younger] was killed
at the age of twenty-two having fallen from his horse in 1831. See Epilogue.

A burial appears on the 11th June 1832 for 'Ann Porter of Black Snake, aged two year and four months - Settler's child'
The child's baptism has not been found to establish maternity or paternity, only that she appears to have been 
born around February 1830 and cared for by Susannah and the family. Susan's eligible daughters would have 
been aged thus at this time: Catherine aged 17yrs [assuming she had left her former marriage]; Mary aged 15yrs.
Sons George would have been aged twenty and James eighteen.     
                                                 click image to enlarge. 

At the age of eighteen Susan's daughter Susannah married Charles Mansfield 14 June 1833. Reg. Hobart. See Epilogue.

The marriage of Susan's eldest daughter Catherine appears to have dissolved and by now aged only twenty-one by 1834, 
Catherine had already formed a relationship with Thomas Blackhall of Hobart and gave birth to a daughter Eliza Blackhall 
born 1st January 1835.  Her daughter Catherine by Thomas Simpson was aged six.

Susan died four months later on the 7th May 1835, recorded aged forty-five, 'settler's wife'.
She was survived by her children: James aged 23yrs; Catherine aged twenty-one [newly married];  
Mary Porter 20yrs; Susannah aged 18yrs ; William aged 17yrs; [Eliza aged 12? if survived] 
Sarah aged 10yrs and Margaret aged eight years and two grandchildren, by her daughter Catherine.


It is not clear who exactly maintained Susan's younger children. Certainly the small family would have been after their 
mother's death to assume the responsiblity and care of the siblings.  Susannah's O'Brien siblings were also close at hand
in Glenorchy and the children's maternal grandmother, Susannah O'Brien [formerly Mortimore] was still living, although
now aged in her early seventies. 

The Porter Farm appears to have fallen to their eldest son James Porter, whom a year after his mother's death, assumed 
two land Grants in his fathers name at Black Snake, Glenorchy. One a Grant of 30ares and the other 32acres.  The former 
was advertised 'For Sale' [recorded owner 'James Porter'] in December of that year. The following year [1837] the Hobart 
Town Courier publishes the sale of the Property.  Information for James is vague after this point but there is evidence 
to suggest that he remained at Glenorchy [1856], presumably on the latter Grant.  This prior Land Sale was
likely prompted by James not having enough support to maintain two farms with his only brother still in his minority.
The need of money to support the family may have also been a significant influence.  

At this time his eldest sister Catherine by now twenty-one appears to have been deserted by her spouse 
Thomas Simpson and her only daughter by the union aged eight. Catherine had already formed a de-facto
relationship with Thomas Blackhall, with a child by him only an infant at this time. It would be another six years
and two further children before the two would eventually marry. 

The whereabouts and status of their sister Mary by now aged twenty is still under investigation [See Epilogue].
However out of all the sisters, it seems to be her name, which is the most endeared amongst her namesakes
generated by the subsequent children of her siblings.

William aged seventeen, Sarah aged 10yrs and Margaret aged eight years were still in their minority and with their elder 
sisters struggling with their marriages/relationshipsout of all the possible scenarios above, at least William very likely 
lived with his brother James at least until he was 'of age'. Of the two younger girls, Sarah was fourteen when she became
involved with John Richard Lucas, a Publican at Hobart and by him was pregnant at the age of fifteen.  They married five
months before the pregnancy came to term in 1842. Where Sarah lived in the interim is not known but very likely with 
one of her sisters. Daughter Margaret, although the youngest, did not to marry until the age of twenty-one, some thirteen
years after her mother's death. Again it is not know who cared for young Margaret during the interim.
George Porter [the younger] [1809-1831]: eldest son of George Porter by his wife Susannah

George Porter [the younger] was baptised in 1809 [Hobart] no day or month.  Parents noted: George Porter & 
Susannah O'Brien.

              George was recorded in several Newspaper Articles;
1828:     While Georges father was appointed Constable and Pound keeper of Glenorchy, George Jan appears
               to have appointed in the same positions at Launceston.
               Colonial Times: Friday 11th January 1828; 
                                                    NLA Newspapers [Online]
1828:     Young George did not retain his position as Constable very long, dismissed the same year.
              Hobart Town Courier: Saturday, 5th April, 1828;               
                                                    NLA Newspapers [Online]
1829:    However by the following year he appears to have been reinstated as constable.
             Hobart Town Courier: Saturday 24th January 1828:  Central Criminal Court, Launceston. 
             Monday 19th January, 1828; 
1830    George also appears in several Newspaper Articles in relation to his position of Pound keeper.
            Hobart Town Courier, 27th November 1830: Re: The Public Pound, Glenorchy on 12th November; 
              'Impounded by George Porter of Glenorchy - damages claimed ls. per head.
               If the above animals be not claimed, taken away, and expense* paid, on or before Wednesday
               the 1lth December.they will be sold by me at the Pound, according to the provisions of the Impoun-
               ding! Act.. -Dated this 17th day of November 1830 - John Geiss'.

              Four months later - Death; 
1831:     George Porter [the younger] died at the estimated age of twenty-three years, 
             tragically in the lifetime of his mother.  The details of his death were published as follows;  
              Hobart Town Courier: Saturday 12th March 1831;
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

George Porter [the younger] was buried at Hobart on the 14th March 1831.
It is believed that he died unmarried and without issue.
James Porter [1812-?]; 2nd son of George Porter by his wife Susannah

James Porter was born 1812 son of George Porter & Susannah O'Brien.
James Porter was recorded in several Newspaper Articles; 
1836:     Hobart Town Courier: Friday, 20th May 1836;
              Registrar of Supreme Court. 
              The following claims for grants are to be forwarded for the approval of the Commissioners
              of the Caveat Board on the 13th day of July.  Persons, therefore, who have counter claims
              must enter them before that period, or they will be too late;
              1] James Porter,  30a, Glenorchy parish, county of Buckingham, originally a grant of 30a to Geo. Porter.  
              2] James Porter, 32a, Glenorchy Parish, ditto, originally a grant of 32a to Geo. Porter.   
1836:    Hobart Town Courier: Friday, 9th December 1836 
             For Sale by Private Bargain, Thirty acres of excellent land, situated at the Black Snake, 
             about a quarter of a mile from the main road. Apply to James Porter on the farm.'  
1837:   Hobart Town Courier: Friday, 21st April 1837 re Transfers [land]
            ...... James Porter, Black Snake, 734 [.....among others]
Nothing further has been found at the present time.

1856:   CAUTION: 
             Courier  Hobart:  Thursday, 28th August 1856;
             HOBART TOWN 
             List of all Persons entitled to be upon the Electoral roll  for the Return of Members of the 
             House of Assembly for the Electoral District of Hobart Town with the polling place assigned to 
             each Elector by the Revising Barrister for the Southern Districts.  
             J.W. Rouses, Clerk of the Peace.
             Porter, James
             Porter, James
Catherine Porter  [1813-1851] eldest daughter of George Porter by his wife Susannah

Information below was written based on the information kindly submitted by P. McCormick [descendant] 
from the research Notes compiled by his mother, Mrs. P. McCormick, over several decades. [7]

Catherine Porter was christened on the 4th October 1813 - daughter of George Porter & Susannah O'Brien. 
At the age of fourteen, Catherine Porter married1 Thomas Simpson on the 17th September 1827 
at St Matthews Church of England, New Norfolk, Tasmania, by whom she had issue.
Thomas Simpson, a convict arrived on the ‘Countess of Harcourt’.  He obtained his ‘Certificate of Freedom’ 
in the week ending 21st January, 1826.
Catherine and Thomas had only one child, 'Catherine Simpson', born around 1828.  
Thomas Simpson seems to have disappeared within the following nine years. His burial has never been found. 

By 1834, Catherine, now aged twenty-two had formed a relationship with Thomas Blackhall by whom she 
gave birth to a child. Eliza Blackhall, on the 1st January 1835.  At this time Catherine's daughter by Thomas 
Simpson was aged seven. Four years later Catherine and Thomas Blackhall had two sons out of wedlock, 
Thomas Blackhall, born 1st May 1839, for whom no outcome has been found and William Blackhall, born
6th May 1841.

The following year Catherine Simpson [nee Porter] and Thomas Blackhall were married on the 19th July 1842 
at the venue of Catherine's previous marriage at St. Matthew's Hobart. The Groom was recorded aged 42yrs 
and the Bride recorded aged thirty-three. [Reg. Hobart].  A month later another son, Samuel Blackhall was 
recorded born to the couple at Hobart on the 21st August 1842. Eight years later Catherine, now aged thirty-
seven gave birth to their last child, Richard Blackhall, born 28th June 1850. 

Within a year, Catherine Blackhall [formerly Simpson, nee Porter] died on the 29th April 1851 at Risdon [Limekilns], 
Tasmania at the estimated age of thirty-eight.  Her youngest child Richard died twelve months later 15th April 1852, 
estimated aged two years.

Outcomes for Children of Catherine nee Porter. 

Catherine Simpson [the younger] [c.1828-1921] by Thomas Simpson; 
At the age of sixteen, Catherine [the younger] married1 John Hunt on 9 September 1844 at the private home
of Dr F J Park, Assistant Colonial Surgeon, Oatlands, Tasmania. 
At the age of thirty-eight, Catherine married2 James Johnson on 4 July 1866 at the private home of James Johnson.
Wesleyan rites by the Rev Robert Smith Caseley.
Catherine Johnson [formerly Hunt, nee Simpson] died 27th August 1921 at the home of her grandson John Harding 
at Church St, Ross, Tasmania. She was aged ninety-three.

Eliza Blackhall [1835-1903] by Thomas Blackhall:   Born 1st January 1835
At the age of seventeen, Eliza married John Frederick Pye 21st June, 1852 at St Georges, Battery Point, Hobart, Tas.
Eliza died: 1st December 1903.  She was aged sixty-eight.

Thomas Blackhall [1839-?] by Thomas Blackhall: Born 1st May 1839 
Details unknown.

William Blackhall [1842-1881] by Thomas Blackhall:  Born 6th May 1841
Married Eliza Jane.
Died: 9th January 1881.  He was aged thirty-nine.

Samuel Blackhall [1842-1905] by Thomas Blackhall:  Born 21st August 1842.
At the age of eighteen Samuel married Mary Anne Jones (Hopkins?) 2nd July 1860 at Franklin, Tasmania.
Samuel died 1st December 1905.  He was aged sixty-three.

Richard Blackhall [1850-1852] by Thomas Blackhall:  Born: 28th June 1850 
Richard died in early childhood 15th April 1852, estimated aged two years.
Mary Porter [1815-*] 2nd daughter of George Porter by his wife Susannah
Baptised 30th August 1815, Hobart.

Mary was aged thirteen when her father died [1828] and twenty-two at the death of her mother [1835]. It is believed that 
during this time, or soon after her mother's death Mary had moved to Launceston to the home of her maternal aunt
Catherine O'Brien [1792-1835?], who had formed a de facto relationship with an Alexander Waddle several years prior 
following the separation between Waddle and his wife. The couple had several children out of wedlock between 1821-1828. 
             Alexander Waddle [1785-1852] was a former convict transported to Hobart per 'Indefatigable' sentenced to
             transportation for Life by Court Marshall in Canada on the 21st August 1810, arriving at Hobart in 1812.
             Alexander Waddle was already married to Sarah Barresford [b.1813] and had issue by the union;
             a son Joseph Waddle [b.1819] and a daughter Mary Waddle [b.1822] during their marriage.
             The couple separated shortly following the birth of their youngest child, when Waddle moved to Launceston with 
             his mistress Catherine O'Brien carrying his child in enutro and their illegitimate daughter aged one year.
             Waddle became a well respected Publican in Launceston.  
An hypothesis exists whereby Catherine became ill and her niece Mary Porter was living will the couple. It is believed that
Catherine died in 1835 leaving Waddle with three young children.  
From 1836-1843 several children were recorded born in Launceston between Alexander Waddle and Mary Ann Porter, believed
to be Catherine's niece.  No marriage was recorded.

Issue between Alexander Waddle and Mary Ann Porter; 
Alexander  James Waddle born 25th October 1838. 
               – Alexander James Waddle died  in 1932 at Launceston at the age of 94.  
               -  Married  Elizabeth Bracey in 1860 Launceston had 13 children. 
Sarah Ann Waddle born March 6th 1836 in Launceston 
George Waddle born 9th April 1842 Launceston.
               -  Death George Porter Waddle died 9th April 1842 recorded aged '0' Reg. Launceston. 
Mary  Waddle born 27th July 1843. Reg. Launceston. [Twin]
               - Mary Waddle died 27th July 1843, recorded aged '0'. Reg. Launceston.
Jessie Waddle born 27th July 1843, Reg. Launceston. [Twin]
               - Jessie Waddle died 27th July 1843, recorded aged '0'. Reg. Launceston. 

Colonial  Times [Hobart]  Saturday 5th April, 1856
Susannah Porter [1817-1905] 3rd daughter of George Porter by his wife Susannah

The following information was written based on the research kindly submitted by Malcolm Dale [Descendant]
The 'maroon text, was added by this Site author. 

Susannah Porter: Born [Christened?] 30th June 1817 in: Glenorchy, Tas - Died: 11 July 1905 in: Colebrook, Tas
Father: George Porter; Mother: Susannah Mely O'Brien. Married Charles Mansfield 14 June 1833 in: Hobart, Tas Charles Mansfield Born: 12 Jan 1812 in: Black Snake, Tas
Married: 14 Jun 1833 in: Hobart, Tas - Susannah Porter.
Died: 27 Oct 1876 in: Horsham, Vic
Burial: 29 Oct 1876 in: Horsham, Vic
Father: William Mansfield: Mother: Maria Cole-Tucker-Nichols Note: He left Susannah with the children, best guess is he went to Victoria chasing gold in the early 1860's. His brother James Garrett Mansfield also died at Horsham on 26.12.1885. Chasing gold also?
Hobart Town Advertiser 5th May 1858; Died at Mt.Pleasant, Mrs. William Mansfield, widow of the late William Mansfield in the 63th year of her age. Her funeral will take place from her residence on Friday next, the 7th inst. at 3 o'clock. Friends are invited. no circulars will be issued' Excerpt from the book 'Despatched to the Derwent' by Malcolm Dale.
Mary Mansfield: Born: 08 Nov 1838 Glenorchy, Tas Married: 17 Nov 1857 Hobart, Tas Spouse: William George Haywood Eliza Mansfield Born: 29 Oct 1840 New Norfolk, Tas Died: 03 Dec 1885 at 10 Davenport St, Glebe, Hobart, Tas Burial: 05 Dec 1885 in: Cornelian Bay Cemetery, Hobart, Tas Married: 09 Mar 1858 in: Chalmers Free Presbyterian Manse, Davey St, Tasmania Spouse: George Thomas Dale Maria Mansfield Born: 29 Jul 1843 Died: in: Auckland, NZ Married: 27 Jan 1868 at Chalmers Free Presbyterian Manse, Davey St, Tasmania
Spouse: Henry Wyvil Dale Alice Mansfield Born: 27 Jul 1845 Died: 16 Nov 1853 in Hobart, Tas - Died from burns sustained when night clothes caught alight [aged 13yrs]
Julia Mansfield Born: 14 Sep 1847 in: Mt Pleasant, (formerly Black Snake), Tas Died: 30 Nov 1923 in: Mt Seymour, Tas Burial: in: Oatlands Cemetery, Tas Married: 15 Dec 1863 in: Mt Seymour, Tas Spouse: George Steedman Emily Mansfield Born: 07 Aug 1850 in Hobart, Tas Died: 1913 in: Footscray, Vic Married1: 01 May 1874 in: Rev. E Lahaley, Emerald Hill, Vic Spouse: William Bonser Married2: 1884 in Victoria Spouse: Nicholas Peter Toncas Margaret Maria Mansfield Born: 26 Nov 1852 at New Norfolk, Tas Died: 06 Oct 1909 in: Alfred Hospital, Prahran, Vic Burial: 07 Oct 1909 in: Boroondara Cemetery, Kew, Vic Married: 18 May 1874 in: Wesleyan Parsonage, New Norfolk, Tas Spouse: William John Gadd Albert Walter Mansfield Born: 1856 in Hobart Died: 02 Apr 1928 in: Bothwell, Tas Burial: in: Bothwell, Tas Married: 17 Aug 1877 in: Congregational Church, Brighton, Tas Spouse: Sarah Watson * Harriet Amelia Caroline Mansfield Born: 1859 in: South Bridgewater, Tas Died: 28 Jun 1929 in: Hobart, Tas Burial: in: Cornelian Bay Cemetery Married1: 12 Feb 1879 in: Brighton, Tas Spouse: Herbert Hollingsworth Issue; Maria Jane Hollingsworth born 17th November 1789, Reg. Hobart. Julia Hollingsworth born 20th September 1881, Reg. Hobart. Susannah Hollingsworth born 15th September 1883. Reg. Hobart. Married Arthur James [Newton] Porter 13th March 1904. NLA Newspapers [online] Margaret Hollingsworth born 9th August 1885. Reg. Hobart. Charles William Hollingsworth born 15th December 1886, Reg. Hobart. Richard Derwent Hollingsworth born 26th November 1891 [New Norfolk] Leonard Hollingsworth born 11th January 1894, Reg. Hobart. Death Leonard Mansfield Hollingsworth died 15th August 1895, recorded aged 1yr. Reg. Hobart. Herbert died on the 18th March 1895 recorded aged thirty-five. He was survived by his widow Harriet Amelia Caroline [nee Mansfield] of fifteen years marriage and their seven children, the youngest an infant. Harriet remarried two years later; Married: 15 May 1897 in: Glenorchy, Tas Spouse2: George William Porter Harriet Amelia Caroline Hollingsworth [nee Mansfield]; A widow at the age of thirty-eight she married her 1st Cousin George William Porter 15 May 1897, by her mother's brother William Porter and his wife Harriet. Harriet Amelia had one child to George William Porter: John Malcolm Porter born March 18, 1899, at Elwick, Glenorchy. Her Death/Funeral notice appears in the Hobart Mercury 29th June 1939 Further information - See William Porter: Son George William Porter Adelaide Mansfield Born: 12 Jan 1860 Died: 11 Jan 1861 in: Black Snake, Glenorchy, Tas Burial: in: St Peter's Cemetery, Glenorchy, Tas [Estimated aged 1 year] Henry Mansfield Born: 1861 in: Mt Pleasant, Tas Died: 08 Jan 1899 in: New Norfolk, Tas
William Porter  [1820-1895]  youngest son of George Porter by his wife Susannah

               Baptised 30th August 1820 Hobart. 
               William Porter married Harriet Phipps/Phillips [date unknown]
               In 1856 William Porter [age 36] was recorded on the Glenorchy Electoral Roll, living at Grove Cottage, Glenorchy, 
               householder farm of 20 acres, property owner was Henry Bilton Landlord.
               Two years later William was recorded 'William Porter of Glenorchy' in several Newspaper Articles in relation to 
               his insolvency in the Hobart Courier: 18th August 1858 & October 1859.
               NLA Newspapers:
               It was around this time that William became involved in the Elwick Racecourse at Glenorchy where he became
               a greatly respected as an employee. This involvement in the Racing Industry continued until his death. 

               In 1875 his wife Harriet signed a petition of respect of the Hon. Mr. Butler of Glenorchy in 1875
               Harriet died at Hobart on the 24th June 1895 recorded aged 81 years. Reg. Hobart. 
               William survived her by a further two months. 
               William Porter died at his son's home at Elswick on the 19th August 1895 at the recorded age of seventy-seven. 
               His Death Notice was published in the Hobart Mercury 14th August 1895
                                                                  Click on image to enlarge

CHILD 1:  Louisa Porter [1843-1916] - eldest daughter of William Porter and his wife Harriet.

                 Louisa Porter baptised 27th September 1843                 
                 Louisa Porter married Thomas Alfred Bird 2nd December 1863 Hobart: noted Groom age 24yrs; Bride age 20yrs.  
                 Marriage: Hobart Mercury, 22nd December, 1863 
                 Click on image to enlarge
                 Thomas worked on the Railways. 
                 Louisa was recorded in the Hobart Town Courier 5th April 1877, when employed as a Cross at the Gatekeeper 
                 at the Railway Crossing at Glenorchy, in an inquest into the death of a woman killed at the Crossing
                 whilst Louisa was on duty.  The inquest was held over several days.  NLA Newspapers online. 

                 Louisa Bird [nee Porter] died 8th January 1916 at Elswick, Glenorchy aged 71yrs. Her death notice appeared in the
                 The Mercury [Hobart] Monday 10th January 1916. Her spouse survived her a further four months; 
                 Thomas Alfred Bird died 18th May 1916 at Elwick Junction 'in the 88th year of his age'.  See Notice NLA. 

                           Possible child - death: 
                                                  Eliza Ellen Susannah Bird, died 25th October 1863 age recorded 0 [infant]
                           Eveline Sylvia Bird born 10th December 1865, Reg. Hobart
                                                  Death: Eveline Sylvia Bird died unmarried and without Issue, February 1940 aged 75 years.
                                    Alfred William Bird: [by inference]; 
                                                  Death Notice: Hobart Mercury [1934];
                                                 'BIRD - On February 21 [1934] at his residence, Fenton Street Devonport, Alfred William 
                                                  eldest son of the late Alfred Thomas & Louisa Bird of Glenorchy and loving husband 
                                                  of......See Notice NLA. 
                           George Arthur Bird born 25th August 1869, Reg. Hobart
                                                  Death: George Arthur Bird died at Hobart, 26th November 1869 recorded aged 0 [infant]  
                           Edward Augustus Bird born 17th October 1870, Reg. Hobart
                                                  Death: Edward Augustus Bird died at Hobart 20th December 1879, recorded aged nine years. 
                           Mary Louisa Bird born 12th December 1873, Reg. Hobart
                                                  Marriage: Mary Louisa Bird married Richard Charles Rowlins at Hobart 31st March 1915. 
                                                  Mary died a widow at the age of seventy-three.  
                           Algernon Henry Bird born 24th July, 1876 Reg. Hobart
                                                  Marriage: Algernon Henry Bird married Ann Stevens [by Licence] at Hobart on the 
                                                  26th November 1904.  See Notice NLA. 
                           Richard Samuel Bird, born 28th September 1878, Reg. Hobart 
                                                  Death Notice: Richard Samuel Bird of 4 Fitzroy Place, loved and loving husband of Ruby Bird
                                                  and loving father of Marci Byron, Robert, Ken and Bessie [Mrs.G.Onn] and beloved brother
                                                  of Ethel.  Late Tasmanian Government Railways. No Mourning. Mercury Hobart, 23rd May 1951. 
                           Ethel Maud Bird born 22nd February 1881 Reg. Hobart.  Assumed still living in 1951. 
                                                  Died unmarried and without Issue.
                           Aban Horice Bird born 6th July 1883 Reg. Hobart.
                                                  Death: Aban Horice Bird died at Hobart 10th January 1888, recorded aged four years.
CHILD 2: Eliza Ellen Porter [1845-1922] - 2nd daughter of William Porter and his wife Harriet

                Eliza Ellen Porter was born 17th July 1845.
                Eliza Ellen Porter married Thomas Essen on the 20th December 1876 noted Groom age 23yrs; Bridge age 28yrs. 
                Marriage Notice: Hobart Mercury, Monday 22nd January 1877;
                Click on image to enlarge
                Thomas Essen died at Hobart 1st February 1889 at the recorded age of thirty-four [Reg. Hobart].
                His Death Notice was published in the Hobart Mercury 16th February 1889;
                'ESSEN - On Friday 1st at his redsidence Berridale, Glenorchy
                               Thomas Essen in the 34th year of his age.'   NLA Newspapers [online]      
                He was survived by his wife Eliza Ellen [nee Porter] of twelve years marriage  and their four surviving children 
                Florence aged 11yrs; Lilias aged 10yrs; Minnie aged 5yrs and Clarence aged 11 months.  
                Eliza Ellen Essen [nee Porter] died on the 1st February, 1922 aged seventy-six.
                Her death notice was published in the Hobart Mercury Thursday 2nd February 1922;
                'ESSEN - On February February 1 1922 at Montrose Road, Glenorchy, 
                               Eliza Ellen of the late Thomas Essen in the 76th year of her age.
                                NLA Newspapers [Online] 
                          Florence Jane Matilda Essen, born 24th March 1878, Reg. Hobart.
                                                 Married Albert O'Neil 5th August 1903. Reg. Hobart.  
                          Lilias Anne Essen, born 6th August 1879, Reg. Hobart. 
                          Arthur Henry Essen, born 27th December 1880, Reg. Hobart.
                                                 Death: Arthur Henry Essen died 5th October 1887 recorded aged six years Reg. Hobart.
                          Francis Thomas Essen, born 17th August, 1882, Reg. Hobart.
                                                 Death: Francis Thomas Essen died 17th May 1885 recorded aged two years. Reg. Hobart.  
                          Minnie Gertrude Essen, born 15th May 1884, Reg. Hobart.
                                                 Married Charles Thomas Roland on the 30th August 1911 at the residence of the 
                                                 bride's  aunt (Mrs. J.C. Bacon). Reg. Hobart.                            
                          Clarence Thomas Porter Essen, born 26th April 1888, Reg. Hobart.
                                                 Only surviving son, Clarence married his maternal 1st cousin Charlotte Jane Porter, 
                                                 his mother's niece by her brother George William Porter and his 1st wife Hannah. 
                                                 Married March 19th 1923. Reg. Hobart - Noted: Bride aged 40yrs; Groom aged 35yrs.
                                                 Charlotte died sixteen years later.
                                                 This pattern of 'late in life' marriages by 1st cousins was also mirrored Further down the page.

CHILD 3: George William Porter [1848-1917] [aka George William Porter] - eldest son of William Porter and his wife Harriet

                William George [aka George William Porter] born 29th October 1848.
                Married1 Ann Sparkes on the 13th March 1873 Reg. Hobart. Groom recorded aged 24yrs; Bride aged 25yrs. 
                by whom he had several Issue.
                Hannah Porter [nee Sparkes] aka Ann, died 10th September 1895 recorded aged 50 yrs. Reg. Hobart. 
                Her death Notice was published in the Hobart Town Mercury: Thursday 12th September 'wife of George Porter'.
                George Married2: Harriet Amelia Caroline Hollingsworth, nee Mansfield,his 1st Cousin by his paternal aunt
                Susannah Mansfield [nee Porter] and the relict of  Herbert Hollingsworth. See above. 
                They had one son.
                George William Porter died suddenly at Elwick Racecourse on the 17th June 1917. He died Testate, a copy of his 
                Will is available at Tasmania Archives [online]. 
                He was Greatly respected in the Horse Racing Industry, his huge Funeral was published in the
                Hobart Mercury 24th June 1917 
                The List of Dignitaries attending both at the Funeral and later at the Cemetery was endless.  
                Several Memoriam were published on the anniversary of his death; 
                Hobart Mercury, Tuesday 18th June 1918; 
                          'In memory of our dear father George William Porter who departed this life June 18, 1917.
                                        The calling sudden, the shock severe
                                        To part with one we loved so dear
                                        Always so loving, so good and so kind
                                        It is hard in this world his equal to find
                                        By his son Herbert Leslie Porter and and his wife. 
                 George's widow and son John Malcolm Porter and Herbert also published another a memoriam this day. 
                 See NLA Newspapers [Online].

                 George William's widow Harriet Amelia Caroline Porter [formerly Hollingsworth: nee Mansfield] died at 
                 274 Argyle Street, Colebrook, Tasmania. Her Death/Funeral notice appears in the Hobart Mercury 29th June 1929; 
                          .... widow of the later George W. Porter of Elwick, Glenorchy, formerly the widow 
                          of Herbert Hollingsworth and last surviving child of Charles and Susannah 
                          Mansfield of Bridgewater, in the 73rd year of her age. 
                        Marriage 1: 
                                          Annie May Porter born 26th December 1783: Reg. Hobart 
                                          George William Porter born 23rd April 1875: Reg. Hobart
                                                 George William Porter, like his father before him was also working at the Elwick Racecourse.
                                                 He gave evidence in a case involving cruelty to the racing mare 'Amelia' after her fall 
                                                 during racing. Hobart Mercury: 4th March 1887 [further information withheld]
                                          Arthur Ernest Porter born 15th May 1876: Reg. Hobart
                                                 Arthur worked with his father at the Elswick Racecourse [further information withheld]
                                          Walter Henry Porter born 7th March 1878: Reg. Hobart. [further information withheld]
                                          Herbert Leslie Porter born 23rd January, 1880: Reg. Hobart. [further information withheld]                      
                                          Charlotte Jane Porter born 28th January 1883: Reg. Hobart
                                                 A maiden at the age of forty, on the 19th March 1923, Charlotte married her maternal 
                                                 1st cousin Clarence Essen, the only surviving son of her aunt Eliza Ellen Essen [nee Porter] 
                                                 and her spouse the late Thomas Essen.  
                                                 Bride aged 40yrs; Groom aged 35yrs. There appears to be no Issue from the union. 
                                                 Charlotte died sixteen years later 12th January 1939 at Hobart Private Hospital 
                                                 beloved by her husband.
                      Marriage 2: 
                                          John Malcolm Porter born 18th March 1799
                                                   Hobart Mercury: Thursday 23rd March 1899: Birth Notice:  
                                                   'PORTER on March 18, 1899, at Elwick, Glenorchy, the wife of Mr. George W. Porter, a son.'
                                                   [further information withheld]                                                    

CHILD 4: Susannah Porter [1848-1916] 3rd daughter of William Porter and his wife Harriet
                Susannah Porter born 29th October 1848 (?*), christened 3rd November 1848 at St  Matthews Church, Glenorchy
                * This is the same day as the baptism/birth of her brother George William Porter aka William George
                Susannah Porter was recorded visiting with Mrs. Rachel Bird [Burn?] of Glenorchy [now assumed to be Susannah's 
                sister's mother-in law] and who was witness to the theft of a horse, the item published Hobart Town Mercury, 
                Monday 27th January, 1862;
                                Click on image to enlarge
                The identity of this young Susannah Porter had been an enigma for some time.
                Recently, descendant P.McCormick kindly submitted; 
                         "There was a Susannah Porter who was a daughter of William Porter and Harriet Phipps/Phillips.  
                           William Porter (born 1819) was a son of George Porter and Susannah Mortimer (O’Brien).  
                           This Susannah Porter was born in 1851, so she would only have been 11 years old in 1862." 
                Susannah Porter married Richard Chapman Quantril on the 29th May 1883, Reg. Hobart [P.McCormick] 
                Civil Registration: Noted: Groom age 28yrs; Bride age 32yrs.
                Richard Chapman Quantril died on the 3rd June 1889 recorded aged 30yrs: Reg. Hobart.
                Susannah died 22nd November 1916 at Queen St, Sandy Bay, Tasmania [P.McCormick]
                            Bertha Beatrice Quantril born 3rd may 1884 Reg. Hobart.

CHILD 5: Sylvia Porter [1851-1883] 4th daughter of William Porter and his wife Harriet

               Sylvia Porter born 27th July 1851.
               Sylvia Porter died unmarried and without issue at the aged of thirty-three. 
               She lived only a few doors from her brother George William Porter and his family at 274 Argyle St.
               Her Death Notice appears in the Hobart Mercury on the 16th January 1883
               'PORTER: At 181 Argyle Street, Sylvia Porter aged 33years  [looks like 83yrs - misprint]'
               Civil Index records: Sylvia Porter died 15th January 1883 at Hobart, Tasmania

CHILD 6: Arthur Augustus Porter [1857-1899] 2nd and youngest son of William Porter and his wife Harriet

               Arthur Augustus Porter born 8th March 1855, Reg. Hobart.
               Arthur Augustus Porter died on the 3rd June 1899 at Launceston Hospital at the age of 42 
               [Civil Registration records his age as 45yrs]
               Death Notice:  Hobart Town Courier 5th June, 1899; 
               'PORTER on June 3, at Launceston Hospital, Arthur Augustus Porter, aged 42, 
             the youngest son of the late William and Harriet Porter of Glenorchy, Tasmania. 
No marriage or Issue found to date.
Eliza Porter  [1823-?]  4th daughter of George Porter by his wife Susannah

baptised 5th January 1823, Reg. Hobart.
No further information. 
Sarah Porter [1825-1854]  5th daughter of George Porter by his wife Susannah

               Sarah Porter was baptised at Hobart Town on the 9th May 1825 
               At the age of sixteen Sarah Porter married John Richard Lucas, the son of
               Richard Lucas & his wife Elizabeth nee Fawkner
Sarah drown in a flooding at Horton, Diamond Head, North Tasmania 3rd June 1854 at the age of twenty-nine, leaving 
John Richard with several young children.
                                                                click on image to enlarge
               Transcription: Date of Death: 3rd June 1854; Name: Sarah Lucas; Sex: Female; Age: 29yrs; Cause: Flooding; 
               Informant: James Ferguson; Date Registered: 8th June 1854.

              John Richard Lucas remarried three years after Susannah's death having several more Issue from this 2nd marriage.   
              John Richard Lucas was the favorite nephew of John Pascoe Fawkner, the eminent Pioneer and Statesman of Victoria.

              Issue of Sarah Porter & John Richard Lucas; 
                         John Richard Lucas [the younger] [1841-1841]
                         Ann Lucas[1] [1842-1842]
                         Sophia Lucas [1843-unknown]
                         Ann Lucas[2] [1845-1936] 
                                   Ann was sent by her father to live with her great uncle John Pascoe Fawkner in Melbourne 
                                   She married John James Walsh, friend of her great uncle, her senior by many years by whom 
                                   she had Issue. 
                         Susan Lucas [1847-1921]  
                                   Susan married 1 James Ferguson Kay; 
                                   Susan married2 Henry Frederick William Ehlers 
                                   She had Issue from both marriages.
                                Thomas Pascoe Lucas [1850-1880]
                                   Thomas married Hannah Eastlake in 1876 in Victoria and had one child before his premature 
                                   death in 1880 at Sale, Victoria, aged thirty-three. 
                                   Amy Elizabeth Lucas born Sale, Victoria in 1878 
                         Sarah Lucas [1852-unknown]
Margaret Porter  [1827-1872?] 6th daughter and youngest child of George Porter by his wife Susannah

Margaret Porter was baptised 27th November 1827 [Reg. New Norfolk, Tas]. 
Margaret Porter married Reuben Lester [former Convict per Mangles] at Kingston, Tasmania 6th August 1849.
Groom's age recorded 28yrs; Bride age 21yrs.
They recorded one child in Tasmania: Frances Lester born 1st August 1852. Reg. Hobart.   
The couple later moved to the Goldfields in Victoria in 1853 where they recorded several issue under the names Lester 
and Porter.
Charles Reuben Lester born Ballarat, Victoria in 1856. Mother noted Margaret Porter.  [Vict. BDM Pioneer Index]
Julia Lester born Black Lead, Victoria in 1858. Mother noted Margaret Porter. [Vict. BDM Pioneer Index]
                   Died Julia Lester recorded died 1859 aged 4 months - Parents Unknown. [Vict. BDM Pioneer Index]
                   Victoria Inquest Index: 1840-1985 [CD]   : Julia Lester - 4 months - Ballarat - 1859 - Accident Burns - Infant. 

The records for the family seem to disappear at this point. A page has  been written with further information 
at Graves of Tasmania - Convicts: Rueben Lester. URL:
NLA Newspapers [online] may be of help. 


                                                                          RESEARCH IN ENGLAND
                                                                     Paternity of George Porter [c.1768-1828]
                                                                                 Islington, Middlesex 
Based on his age and the information at his Trial George Porter was resident at Islington at around or before the age of twenty-one
It would be reasonable to assume that having just past his minority that unless he was previously indentured, which does not seem
to be the case, as he had no trade in the Colony, that he would likely to have been living with family or extended family in the 
Islington area. 
Based on the naming pattern of his children born in the Colony, these names seem to be directly related to his young wife's 
family i.e. the O'Brien Family. However two anomalies occur, Sarah and possibly Eliza, although his spouse did have a sister named
Elizabeth.  This may imply that at the very least 'Sarah' would be exclusively connected to George's family in England, either
mother, sister or aunt. 
Another clue to George's family in the Islington/Middlesex area was the co-conspirator at his Trial in 1789, namely William Cook,
who appears to have been friend or close acquaintance of George Porter. 

The most popular hypothesis for George's birth 'George Porter born 8th June 1768: bapt. 9th June, the son of Edward and Alice
Porter at St. Ann Soho, Westminster, London, possibly simply because it is the only likely match on the LDS Online Site.
This entry must be treated with caution as a great many of the London/Middlesex BDM's are not yet online. 
It would also be reasonable to assume that of the Porter children born in the Colony at least one would carry George's mother's 
name.  The entry is not consistent with this scenario.

The writer has several CD's for Churches in the Middlesex/London area not yet included on the LDS Site, although the Site is 
currently making available many of their records and have introduced a new and improved search engine, this project is estimated
to take ten years before completion.

The London Metropolitan Archives [LMA] hold many Parish Records for the London area and have recently transferred some of
their holdings to Ancestry com [subscribed site], including the Churches at Islington, which have not yet been transcribed and
the search process is long and tedious. Although a baptism for George Porter was not found in the time frame between 1760-1770
there were several interesting Porter Families recorded at St. Mary's Islington. The search was expanded to various Churches 
nearby and looking through some hundreds of entries at various venues near Islington during this era, the name 'Porter' is not 
as common as one would expect. This would make the St. Mary's Islington entries even more inviting, however investigations 
are continuing. The search also includes any possible remote connection between the Porter and Cook Families.  
The London Newspapers have also been investigated with results displayed in the main panel above.
                                                                  [follow the links to see results]

Parish Records [Transcribed Online]: Latter Day Saint IGI : St. Ann Soho, Westminster, London.  

Parish Records Investigated [Not Transcribed online] - Ancestry com - London Parish Records -  Islington; 
                  Baptisms for St. Mary's, Islington [20]
                  Baptisms & Burials for St.Luke, Old Street, Islington [7]
                  Baptisms & Burials for St. John the Baptist, Islington [1]
                  Baptisms & Burials for St. James, Clerkenwell, Islington [2]

Parish Records Investigated [Not Transcribed online] - Ancestry com - London Parish Records - General: City of London;
                  Marriages & Burials for All Hallows Bread Street, City of London [No Porter families for dates]
                  Baptisms for All Hallows Lombard Street, City of London [No Porter families for dates]
                  Baptisms for All Hallows London Wall, City of London [No Porter families for dates]
                  Baptisms for All Hallows Staining, City of London [No Porter families for dates]
                  Baptisms for All Hallows the Great, City of London [No Porter families for dates]
                  Baptisms for All Hallows the Less, City of London [No Porter families for dates]
                  Baptisms for Bridewell Chapel, City of London [No Porter families for dates]
                  Baptisms for Christchurch, Newgate Street, City of London [No Porter families for dates]
                  Baptisms for Holy Trinity the Less, City of London [No Porter families for dates]
                  Baptisms for St. Alban, Wood Street, City of London [No Porter families for dates]
                  Baptisms for St. Alphage London Wall, City of London [No Porter families for dates]
                  Baptisms for St. Andrew, Hubbard, City of London [No Porter Entries for dates]
                  Baptisms for St. Ann Blackfriars, City of London [1]

Surrey Burial Index [CD] - Does not show anything helpful.

Baptism Marriage Records for St. Ann Solo, Westminster below are taken from 
the Latter Day Saint [LDS] International Geological Index [IGI] Online.

Caution: Tenuous thread; 
Edward Porter married Alice Pottinger Saint George Mayfair, Westminster, London, on the 18th February 1753 [1]
Baptised at St. Soho, Westminster, London [1];
-William Porter born 14th June 1754: bapt. 23rd June - died young.
-Edward Porter born 1st Aug. 1760: bapt. 31st Aug. 
-William  Porter born 19th Dec. 1761: bapt. 10th Jan. 1762.
-Mary Porter born 27th Dec. 1763: bapt 15th Jan. 1764.
-George Porter born 8th June 1768: bapt. 9th June.
St. Mary's Islington [Bapstims: 1752-1800 - 115 pages] only taken to December 1789 [2],
Burials have not been investigated yet.
Transcribed by J.S.Adams
[7]   PORTER: Elinor daughter of Thomas & Mary 28th July 1756.
[13] PORTER: Thomas son of Thomas & Mary 22nd November 1761
[16] PORTER: Mary daughter of Thomas and Mary 25th April 1764
[22] PORTER: Thomas son of Thomas and Mary noted 'Born 2nd April: Bapt. 26th May 1768'
[24] PORTER: Thomas son of Thomas and Mary 7th June 1769

[13] PORTER: John son of Richard and Elizabeth 7th February 1762
[16] PORTER: Lidia daughter of Richard and Jane 12th February 1764
[21] PORTER: John son of Richard and Jane 11th October 1767
[25] PORTER: Thomas son of Richard and Jane 4th March 1770
[36] PORTER: Mary daughter of Richard and Jane noted 'Born May 11: Bapt. 21st May 1775'
[53] PORTER: Betty daughter of Richard and Ann noted 'Born Jan.13: Bapt. 8th February 1782'
[57] PORTER: Martha daugher of Richard and Ann noted 'Born Nov 1: Bapt. 26th November 1783'
[61] PORTER: John son of Richard and Ann noted 'Born March 28: Bapt. 20th April 1785'
[67] PORTER: William son of Richard and Ann noted 'Born July 8: Bapt. 27th July 1787'

[20] PORTER: Richard son of George and Alice 10th August 1766

[31] PORTER: George son of George and Hannah noted 'Born Oct. 31st 1772: Bapt. 8th August 1773'

[29] PORTER: Anna-Maria daughter of Henry and Ann 28th June 1772

[31] PORTER: Lidia daughter of Thomas and Mary noted 'Born May 28: Bapt. 6th June 1773'

[64] PORTER: Catherine Alice daughter of John and Sarah noted 'Born March 20: Bapt. 30th April 1786'
[69] PORTER: John son of John and Sarah noted 'Born April 14: Bapt. 25th April 1788'
PORTER: Baptisms & Burials for St.Luke, Old Street, Islington
St. Luke, Old Street: Births, Baptisms, Burials [1766-1770 - 115 pages]

Charles son of Joseph Porter [mason] & Sarah born 9th June 1766, baptised 13th June 1766.
William Porter, a man [mortification] buried 16th December 1766. 
Lucy Porter a child [consumption] buried 21st January, 1770.  [no baptism found]
John Porter, a man [old age] buried 15th April 1770.
Harriet Porter, a child [convulsions] buried 16th October 1771. [no baptism found]
Sophia Porter, a child [asthma] buried 16th September 1771.  [no baptism found]
Dorothy Porter, a child [teeth] buried 31st March 1773.   [no baptism found]
St. John the Baptist, Islington
1764 - 1792 = No Porter Baptisms.  [2]
[Burials 1767-1773] - Jane Porter buried 5th October 1770.
St. James, Clerkenwell, Islington[2]
PORTER, John of John and Mary Porter - Born 2nd Dec 1766 - Baptised 14th December 1766.
PORTER, Ann of John and Mary Porter - Born 9th October 1769 - Baptised 9th October 1769. 
Nothing more to 1773.

Baptisms for St. Ann Blackfriars, City of London
PORTER, Francis son of Johnathan & Ann Baptised 25th April 1764. 

[1] Latter Day Saint Church [LDS]: International Genealogical Index [IGI] Online - Little found. 
[2] [subscribed Website] - BDM information recently transferred from the London Metropolitan Archives. 
[3] NSW State Library fiche -  arrivals & departures from Norfolk Island pre 1809.
[4] Tasmania Births, Deaths, Marriages Microfiche, Films & CD.
[5] A series of Books written by John Colbey relating to the Early Days of the Colony. 
[6] Tasmania Archives BDM CD. 
[7] National Library Australia - Australian Newspapers from 1803. 
[8] NSW State Library - Gale Newspapers Online - British Newspapers from 1660.