PORTER Family                                                                                              
                                                                                              Of Tunworth, Hampshire, England.                                                                          
                                                                                        Linked to the Scard Family of North Dorset
                                                                           Jane Porter married James Scard 1830 Reading Berkshire    
                                                                Jane Porter Lineage - Research so Far. 
                      Jane Porter was born c. 1801 at Tunworth, on the Hampshire Border about 14 miles south of Reading Berkshire
                                        where she married James Scard of Dorset in 1830 and five of their children were born.                         
                                        Jane & James moved to Henstridge Somerset around 1838 after James was blinded.  They had a further three
                                        children born at High Street, Henstridge.   Jane Scard [nee Porter] died a recent widow, at Henstridge in 1880 
                                         at the age of 78yrs.   
                      Parents:    Probable Father: John Porter of Tunworth.  Possible Mother: Ann [nee unknown].                        
                      Siblings:  John & Elizabeth.                                           
                                        [other non surviving siblings buried at Tunworth are listed below].

                                        All Saints, Tunworth Baptisms: Porter - ALL.
                                        Barbarah Porter   -   Bapt. 2nd Sept. 1778 Tunworth father John
                                        Thomas Porter     -   Bapt. 18th March 1790 Tunworth father John mother Sarah
                                        Leticia Porter       -   Bapt. 11th Dec. 1792 father John [Buried 1801 see below]
                                        Hannah Porter     -   Bapt. 30th July 1793 Tunworth  father John mother Ann [Buried 1801 see below]
                                        Sarah Porter        -   Bapt.Tunworth 1802 father John, mother Ann [Buried 1813 'recorded' aged 10yrs see below]
                                        Tunworth Burials [Hampshire Burial Index]: Porter - ALL 
                                         26 Apr 1801  Porter,    Fanny                -   Tunworth
                                         19 Apr 1801  Porter,    Hannah             -   Tunworth
                                         19 Apr 1801  Porter,    Leticia               -   Tunworth
                                         06 Dec 1804  Porter,   John                   -   Tunworth
                                         01 Apr 1813  Porter,   Sarah    Age10   -   Tunworth     
                       Tunworth is a very small village recording 11 houses the 1801 census, [the year of Jane’s birth] of which one was occupied
                        by Jane’s Family.   
            	                               TUNWORTH (All Saints), a parish, in the union and hundred of Basingstoke, Basingstoke and N. divisio
                                             of the county of Southampton, 3 miles (S. E.) from Basingstoke; containing 124 inhabitants. It comprises by
                                             admeasurement 1045 acres, of which 548 are arable, 200 down, 160 meadow and pasture, and 137 woodland:
                                             the earth rests upon chalk. The living is a rectory, valued in the king's books at £8. 18. 9., and in the gift of
                                             G. P. Jervoise, Esq.: the tithes have been commuted for £175; there is a parsonage -house, and the glebe
                                             comprises 40 acres. [British History online] 
                         Occupants of these houses in 1801: [from 1851 Census – Families still giving birth in Tunworth close to 1801].   All were
                                      established for at least one generation but most were very old Tunworth Families. This List was carefully checked and
                                      compared through three sources - 1851 Census [for surviving members], IGI  [Only Parish Records were extracted] & 
                                      the Hampshire Burial Index;
                                              Duckett Family                         
                                              Fidler Family
                                              Hutchins Family
                                              Lewington Family
                                              Paice Family
                                              Pamplin Family
                                              Porter Family
                                              Smith Family
                                              Terry Family
                                              Warton Family
                                              Weatland Family
                                              Coincidentally throughout the three separate searches the count was exactly 11 families. 
                       By the 1831 Census held on the 30th May 1831, a population of  94 individuals was recorded comprising 22 families.
                                                   Householder's names were not recorded in Census prior to 1841.    
                       A Tithe Record was found dated 27th March 1838 recording John Porter leasing an Estate at Tunworth comprising a house,
                                                   orchard and 30 acres from George Purely Jervoise Esquire.
                                                   Jane's Parents appear to have deceased prior to 1841.

                       SURVIVING SIBLING 1: 

                                                    Jane's brother, John Porter appears to have been heir to his father's Lease at Tunworth. 
                                                    John Porter married Jane Blackman 26th December 1814 at All Saints, Tunworth.
                                                               Sarah Porter baptized 29th Oct 1815 father John, mother Jane - All Saints, Tunworth.
                                                               James Porter bapt. 7th Feb 1819 father John mother Jane - All Saints, Tunworth.
                                                               Thomas Porter bapt. 5th Jan 1817 father John mother Jane - All Saints, Tunworth.
                                                               John Porter bapt. 22nd May 1825 father John mother Jane - All Saints, Tunworth.
                                                               Jane Porter bapt. 27th March 1831 father John mother Jane - All Saints, Tunworth.                                   
                       The 1841 Census revealed 24 houses [1 vacant] and 128 individuals in Tunworth comprising 23 families. 
                                                     Entry for John Porter [the younger] at Tunworth;
                                                     John Porter 45yrs,  Ag. Labourer, Born in County, living with his family on Acreage with wife Jane 45yrs
                                                     and children James 20, Jane 10 and Henry 8.                         

                       The 1851 Census sees John and Jane at the Tunworth acreage with his birthplace given as Hampshire - Unknown.
                                                     Son Henry was 18yrs and two visitors were 3yo [Robert] Upton and Jane Dowell aged 20yrs [married] 
                                                     assumed to be their daughter.                         
                                                     His eldest son James was living with his wife Martha and their family nearby.

                       The 1861 Census revealed John 66yrs still at the Tunworth Farm, a gardener and domestic servant, his birthplace
                                                     recorded as Tunworth and Jane 67yrs.
                                                     Living with them was their youngest son Henry who was then 28yrs, an agricultural Labourer, living with
                                                     his wife Matilda 24yrs and children Francis 5, Frederick 2 and Harriet 5 months.
                                                     Their eldest son James was still living at Tunworth with his family.

                       The 1871 Census finds John, a widower at the same residence with his son Henry and his family. He was recorded as
                                                      aged seventy-six.
                                                      Again his son James was still living at Tunworth with his family.

                       By the 1881 Census John had departed this life.  His son James & Henry continued to live at Tunworth with their families.
                       SURVIVING SIBLING 2:                             

                                                        Elizabeth Porter was born at Tunworth in c1796 [1851 Census].
                                                        Elizabeth Porter married James Davis at All Saints, Tunworth 3rd July 1824.

                        The 1841 Census revealed James Davis, a printer, aged around 40 at Inn St. Reading recorded not born in that County.
                                                        Elizabeth was recorded as his wife, aged around 40, also not born in that County.
                                                        Children were also noted; Frances aged 7yrs, Hannah aged 3yrs and Philip aged 1yr all born at Reading.
                                                        It is believed that her younger sister Jane and her husband John Scard lived nearby during the prior eleven
                                                        years, five of their children recorded born at Reading.  James Scard was blinded in 1834 and Jane, James 
                                                        and their children moved to Henstridge in Somerset where they settled.  
                                                        Jane died at Henstridge in 1800 at the age of 78yrs.

                        The 1851 Census finds Elizabeth at Weddal Street, Reading working as a laundress, recorded born at Tunworth, Hampshire.
                                                       Living with her was her daughter Hannah aged twelve and her mother-in-law Davis aged 63yrs.

                        Elizabeth died eight years later on the 5th April 1859 at 31 Zinzan St, Reading St Mary, Berkshire. The cause of death was
                                                        cancer of the breast [10 years].  
                                                       Death & Burial Information source: URL: http//: www.homepages.ihug.co.nz/~fiski/ft_atf/index.htm       
                                           Although suitable baptism records have not been found for either John, Jane nor Elizabeth Porter. 
                                           Because of their close ages, common birthplace, the size of the village, the Porters being an established family 
                                           in Tunworth, the evidence in burial records and the Tithe Records for John Porter it is considered that the 
                                           three former mentioned were siblings and that the Estate had been held by their parents, from at least 1792.   
                        Further information: - For Research Purposes; 
                        National Archives;
                        Date: 1436/7;
                       Jervoise family of Herriard Catalogue  Ref. 44M69  Charters ile - FREEFOLK; Grant - ref.  44M69/C/564  - Date: 1436/7  
                       Witnesses:  John Uvedale, Robert Dyngley, John Perot, John Porter, Stephen Dyer and others.  [Note: Freefolk is a small 
                       village in Hampshire, England.  It is near the village of Laverstoke,mid way between the town of Whitchurch and the larger 
                       village of Overton.]    
                        Date: 1449;
                        File - OVERTON; Award - ref.  44M69/C/585  - date: 1449  Of mease  with a garden and acre of lond in Overton, in dispute 
                        between Rychard Porter  the sone of John Porter and Henry Hunt.  Mildmay of Shawford, Twyford Catalogue Ref. 46M72
                        Date: 1613; 
                        TITLE DEEDS  ST JOHN  ODIHAM Odiham Common Fields  Evidences of title to 25a of land in Odiham Common Fields  
                        FILE   - Lease  for 60 years by Margarett Vaus of Odiham (widow) to John Porter of Long Sutton (yeoman) -  ref.  46M72/T51/1
                        - date: 1613 
A                      List of Burials for 'Porter' - Hampshire [many  villages] from 1580 may be requested by genuine family members for 
                        research purposes.