Michael Riley
                                                                                            [c.1791-post 1851]
                                                                                          of Cheshire, England, formerly of Dublin, Ireland. 
                                                                                       Spouse: Catherine Coyne
                                                                                                                       [c.1794-post 1851] 
                           c.1791   Born in Ireland around 1791, Michael Riley married Catherine Coyne in Co. Dublin, Ireland in 1818.
                                         [kindly submitted by Trina de Cusack] 
                           1827-1840:  The move to England;
                                          Irish Catholics, they migrated to England between 1827 - 1840, settling around Cheshire and Lancashire.  
                                          They had seven ‘recorded’ children;  
                                                     Patrick Riley [c 1819-1858]; Migrated to Australia in 1852
                                                     John Riley [1821 – 1874]; Migrated to Australia in 1852.  
                                                     Bridget Bridget [1821/26 – died after 1851]; No further information
                                                     William Riley [1824 – 1883]; Migrated to Australia in 1852
                                                     Michael Riley [c 1825 – died after 1851]; under research 
                                                     Ann Riley [c.1830/5 – died after 1851]; no further information
                                                     James Coyne Riley [c.1831- 1860].  Migrated to Australia in 1852
                                        Evidence of another possible daughter ‘Catherine’ or daughter-in-law who was later recorded as a renown 
                                        Actress in Victoria, Australia and was said to have also performed previously in London is currently under 
                                        investigation.  The only possible candidate for this marriage [in the latter case] is a possible spouse of 
                                        his son Michael Riley [the younger]. 

                                        In many documents later recorded by his sons in Australia, Michael’s occupation was documented as 
                                        ‘a Warehouse man’.  The name ‘Coyne’ was significant to the family being given to their youngest son 
                                        James and was carried into the subsequent generation by issue generating from their second son John. 
                                        1841    Census;
                                                    The Census of 1841 sees Michael and Catherine with their family living at Stockport, Cheshire
                                                     on the border of Lancashire as follows; [ages rounded/approximate in this Census]

                                                                Michael Riley, Head, Age 50yrs, Labourer, Born Ireland
                                                                Catherine Riley, Wife, Age 60yrs, Born Ireland
                                                                Michael Riley, Son, Age 15yrs, Born Ireland 
                                                                Jerry [James] Riley, Son, Age 11yrs, Born Ireland 
                                                                Bridget Riley, Daughter, Age 20yrs, Born Ireland 
                                                                Ann Riley, Daughter, Age 14yrs, Born Ireland. 
                                                     Their elder sons John, Patrick and William, were not found in the 1841 Census. 
                                                     Family Legend tells that one of the latter two was formerly a Catholic Priest.  
                                                     It is considered that they were still in Ireland during this time. 
                                    1851   Census; 
                                                     In the more descriptive 1851 Census the family was living  8 Henry Street Heaton Norris, Lancashire.  
                                                     Michael Riley, Head, Married, Aged 60yrs, Occupation Laborer, Born Ireland.
                                                     Catherine Riley, Wife, Married, age 60, “at home”, Born Ireland.
                                                     Bridget Riley, Daughter, Unmarried, age 30,“at home” Born Ireland.  See Epilogue.
                                                     Michael Riley, Son, Unmarried, Age 25, Factory Operative Cotton, Born Ireland. See Epilogue.
                                                     Ann Riley, Daughter, Unmarried, Age 20, Factory Operative Cotton, Born Ireland. See Epilogue.
                                                     Mary Maher, Sister-in-law, Married, age 40, “at home”, Born Ireland.  See Epilogue.
                                                     Ann Maher, Niece, Unmarried, Age 20, Factory Operative Cotton, Born Ireland. 
                                                     William Maher, Nephew, Unmarried, Age 16, Factory Operative Cotton, Born Ireland. 
                                                     James Maher, Nephew, Age 13, “at home”, Born Ireland. 
                                                     Catherine Maher, Niece, Age 9, “at home”, Born Ireland.  
                                          Three of their sons could not be found on this census; Patrick, William and young James.
                                          1851 Census:  Son John; 
                                                      Their son John now thirty was found living in a relationship with Eliza Tideswell and their infant son
                                                      John William Riley at 9 Black Cotton Street Manchester.  See Epilogue.

                                         As neither Michael Riley [the elder], his wife Catherine or Mary Maher and her family were not found recorded
                                         in the 1861 England Census, it is possible they returned to Ireland prior to their sons Patrick, William and later 
                                         John & James making their way to Australia 1852 &1854.                                                                            
Note: An influx of money from some quarter appears to have fallen to the Riley Family
around this time. Certainly their son 'John' was not employed, recorded living on a 
'Pension' [1851] and none of the brothers were recorded as 'assisted immigrants' to 
Australia.  They appear to have paid for their journey from private funds and on arrival 
established themselves in Melbourne as 'Land Agents' , which would have required 
some Capital. The source of this 'Capital' is unknown at the present time.
                 Michael Riley ‘the elder’ [1791-?];
                                                       No further information 
                 Catherine Riley [nee Coyne] [1796-?] – wife of Michael ‘the elder’;
                                                       No further information
                Patrick Riley [c.1818 – 1858] eldest son of Michael and Catherine [nee Coyne]; 
                                                       Patrick traveled to Australia around 1852.  
                                                       He may have married Elizabeth Coates prior to departure.  
                                                       Family Legend, nominates him as the Riley brother who was ‘previously a priest’ who never married
                                                       and spent his life educating his nieces and nephews, however it more likely applies to his brother William.  

                                                      Patrick established himself in Melbourne, Victoria, as a successful land agent.  
                                                      His wife Elizabeth had an affliction of the brain for many years.   
                                                      Patrick died in testate, without issue in 1858 at the age of 39 leaving an Estate worth over two hundred pounds.  
                                                      His 'wife' Elizabeth [nee Coates] died two weeks later.   
                                                      His brother John was successful in gaining Administration of his Estate who was also resident in Melbourne. 
                                                      Details of Patrick's life in Australia is included in the Biography of his brother John Riley.
                John Riley [c. 1821 – 1874]; son of Michael and Catherine [nee Coyne]; 
                                                      John formed a relationship with Eliza Tideswell in Manchester, Lancashire around 1847.  
                                                      They had four children at Manchester, only two of whom survived before John traveled from England 
                                                      to Melbourne Victoria at the time of the Eureka Stockade in 1854.  
                                                      Eliza followed, immigrating to Australia in 1855 with their 12 month old son John and two year old 
                                                      daughter Catherine.  
                                                      John and Eliza were married soon after Eliza’s arrival.  They had a further five children.   
                                                      John died Testate in 1874 aged 59 yrs, leaving a small Estate. Eliza died thirty years later in 1904.
                                                      See:  Biography of John Riley and his wife Eliza Tideswell and the Riley Family in Australia

                  Bridget Riley [1821/26 – died after 1851] daughter of Michael & Catherine; 
                                                       Investigations are continuing. 
               William Riley [1824-1883]: son of Michael and Catherine [nee Coyne]; 
                                                      William Riley traveled to Australia presumably with his brothers around 1852.  
                                                      He became a Land Agent in Melbourne, Victoria.
                                                      William never married and died without issue in 1883 at the age of sixty-nine. 
                                                      It is considered that he may have earlier been the earlier mention Catholic Priest but left the priesthood 
                                                      before coming to Australia.  William certainly had the opportunity to educate the children of his brother
                                                      John, as they lived nearby.                                                      
                                                      William's life in Australia is included in the Biography of his brother John Riley.
               Michael Riley ‘the younger’ [1826- ?] - son of Michael and Catherine [nee Coyne]; 
                                                       Michael may have married a Catherine [nee unknown] and remained in Lancashire.  
                                                       A Michael Riley was recorded on the 1861 Census, his age is correct, his wife Catherine aged 24 yrs, 
                                                       a child Thomas Riley was recorded aged 8yrs, it is considered the child was born to Michael's possible 
                                                       previous marriage/relationship considering the age of his spouse[?].  
                                                       Subsequent entries younger children are recorded for the couple in later Census.
                          Ann Riley Ann Riley [c.1830/5 – died after 1851]daughter of Michael & Catherine
                                                       No further information was found for Ann. 
                         James Riley [1831-1860] [aka 'Jerry' & 'Crisps']:  son of Michael and Catherine [nee Coyne]; 
                                                      James is considered to have accompanied his elder brother John to Australia around 1854.
                                                      He followed a Career in the Theatre as a Comedian/Actor. 
                                                      James Riley married Mary-Ann Lake on his death bed at Beechworth Hospital Melbourne Victoria in 1860.
                                                      His daughter Marian 'Mary Ann' Riley was born eight weeks after his death. 
                                                      Details of James' life in Australia is contained in the Biography of his brother John Riley. 
                          Catherine Riley [the younger] aka 'Kate O'Reilly' daughter or daughter-in-law of Michael & Catherine Riley.

                                 More information relating to 'Kate', her Career as an Actress in Australia can be found in the
                                                       Biography of John Riley and Eliza Tidswell

                Mary Maher sister of Catherine Riley [nee Coyne]. 
                                                       No further investigations have been made to date regarding the family of Michael’s sister-in-law 
                                                       Mary Maher. 

                                                       Note: The name ‘Campbell'  has been associated to the Family but no records have been found to 
                                                                  substantiate a firm connection.  
                                                                  Possibly relevant: John Riley [son of Michael & Catherine] was not recorded at home in the 
                                                                  1841 Census:  There was a 'John Riley', a cotton weaver, aged 20yrs residing with Mary Campbell
                                                                  aged 40 in Lancashire. Both recorded born in Ireland but this entry was considered too tenuous 
                                                                  to include.