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Iwerne Minster, Iwerne Courtney (Shroton), Shillingstone, Fiddleford and Henstridge (8miles Nth)
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      John Scard    -   Jane Abraham   -   Mary Everett
         [c.1763-1826]       -       [1755-1805]       -          (no issue)

          Elizabeth Scheard (Scard) [1784-1785] - died aged 19 months.
          Harriet Scard [1786-1830]  - (David Vincent) 
          Betty Scard 'aka Elizabeth' [1788-1872] - (William Masterman)
          John James Scard [1792-1792] - died in infancy
          John Scard [1797-1830] - assumed died unmarried
          Mary Scard[1798-1798]  - died in infancy
       * James Scard [c.1801-1879] - (Jane Porter)
The old Mill House at Shroton (Iwerne Courtney), Dorset, England,
back & front views, the home of the Scard Family for five decades
where John Scard and his siblings spent their early years from 1765
                                    (Courtesy of The Mills Archive Online).
The Family Legend
"That one of our ancestors was very Wealthy, a miller, and that 
subsequently part of the Family's Wealth was lost in a Card Game"
Submitted by a descendant of Charles Scard  [the son of James Scard 
of Henstridge].
Evidence to suggests the truth of this Legend in every respect.
                                                         Biography of John Scard [1763-1825] of North Dorset
                                                                                             Researched, Compiled and Written by Judith-Anne S Adams©2006 (Descendant)
1763-1782:    Birth & Family:  John Scard was baptised 14th August 1763 at Iwerne Minster, North Dorset, the eldest son of James Scard, 
                     a Miller of Shroton, Dorset and his 2nd wife Elizabeth nee Brookes. He had four surviving siblings Ann (1753); Elizabeth (1768) 
                     James (1770) and Maria (1777). At the age of seven, John was amongst several members of the Scard Family mentioned as legatee 
                     in the Will of his paternal grandfather Thomas Scard in 1769. Evidence suggests that later his father in particular had a great 
                     distrust in John in relation to money, the basis of a great rift between father and son. 

     John Scard married Jane Abraham (aka Jean/Jenny) by Licence at Winterbourne Kingston on the 19th November 1783. 
     The Licence reads  'John Scard, occupation Miller, residing at Shroton Dorset and Jane Abraham residing at 
     Winterbourne Kingston [Muston]. The Bondsman was Philip Loader, wheelwright of Spetisbury (the brother-in-law of 
     the bridge.  Witnesses to the marriage were the same Philip Loader & Joseph Read.
                                 The Bride: Although Jane signs her name 'Jean' on the Document, she was also recorded as 'Jenny' in others, however
    although she more frequently used the name Jane, she appears to have been baptised under the name 'Jenny' Abraham
    the daughter of James Abraham and his wife Sarah (nee Miller) of Evershot, Dorset in 1755.  Jane had several siblings, 
     two brothers; Richard & James and a sister Ursula.  There are several Wills when Jane's mother's was legatee. 
                                         Bondsman: Philip Loader - Philip was the brother-in-law of the Bride, the spouse of her sister Ursula Loader [nee Abraham].
                                         Witnesses:  Philip Loader - as above.
                                         Joseph Read:  Appears to have been Parish Clerk, witnessing many marriages at this venue over several years.  

1782:         The couple appear to have lived with or near Jane's sister Ursula and her husband Philip Loader at Spetisbury where Jane's first pregnancy
                   came to term (three months after their marriage) with the birth of a daughter Elizabeth.  The infant did not survive infancy and was buried at 
                   the Scard Family Church at Iwerne Courtney nine months later.  Jane already had a child in utero at the death of their first child.  
                   A daughter Harriet was born five months later, baptised at the church at Iwerne Courtney.  The couple moved to several locations after 
                   their marriage eventually settling at the family's Estate at Fiddleford, of which evidence would suggest was granted reluctantly by his father, 
                   only for the sake of John's two small daughters and certainly at the request of his mother. 

                    Issue:  Elizabeth Scheard (Scard) "daughter of John & Jane" baptised 8th Feb 1784 at Spetisbury
                                                                        - buried 18th Sept 1785 at Iwerne Courtney estimated aged 19 months.
                                Harriet Scard baptised 12th Feb 1786 at Iwerne Courtney
                                                                         - married David Vincent at Dorchester in 1812 & had issue - died at Dewlish 1830 recorded aged 42 years 
                                Betty Scard 'aka Elizabeth' baptised 15th July 1788 at Okeford Fitzpaine
                                                                         - married William Masterman in 1815 settling at Spetisbury died 1872 at same venue.
                                John James Scard baptised 3rd June 1792 at Child Okeford
                                                                         - buried 15th July 1792 at Iwerne Courtney estimated aged 6 weeks
                                John Scard baptised 19th February 1797 at Child Okeford
                                                                         - buried at Milbourne 29th April 1830, assumed unmarried and without issue recorded 34 years
                                Mary Scard baptised 27th May 14 1798 at St. Nicholas, Henstridge "daughter of John & Jane" (supports document dated 1818) 
                                                                         - buried 14th Sept 1798 "daughter of John & Jane" at Iwerne Courtney, Dorset
                                James Scard baptised 4th November 1804 with the annotation "age 3yrs" at Milford. 
                                                                         - married Jane Porter at Reading, Berkshire [1830], had several issue settling at Henstridge, Somerset 8m NW Fiddleford

                    Fiddleford: The couple had certainly been living at Fiddleford for some time, The tiny hamlet had only six houses all of which 
                    are assumed to have had a quantity of land.  See full list of occupants in section Additional Notes after the Epilogue. 

1795:            Father dies Testate: John was aged thirty-two when his father died in 1795 in whose Will he was bequeathed only a single shilling from the vast 
                    Estate, and to add insult to injury the house in which he was living with his wife and children, which formed part of the Family Estate at Fiddleford 
                    was bequeathed to John's two daughter's aged nine & seven with the provision he must pay an annual rent to his daughters deposited into trust 
                    fund formed for this purpose.  The bulk of his father's assets of over £1,000 cash + Estates, fell to his mother and siblings.

1797-98:        The Henstridge Mill: A Document dated 1818 shows that John rented a Mill House at Henstridge for a period of twelve months around 1798
                    also supported by the recorded baptism of his daughter Mary at St. Nicholas, Henstridge on the 27th May 1798 "daughter of John & Jane". 
                    The family returned to the Family Estate at Shroton where their infant daughter was buried at Iwerne Minster on the 14th Sept 1789 est
                    aged four months.   

                    Younger siblings marry:  Meanwhile John's eldest half sister Ann had already married Robert Lock in 1780 and already had two sons James Lock 
                    (1781) and John Scard Lock (1787), his full sister Elizabeth had married William Kerley in 1792 and at this point had no issue, his younger brother
                    James married the widow Fanny Fry in 1797 at Child Okeford, who was the relict of Thomas Fry who held the Mill at Child Okeford.  His youngest
                    sibling Maria married Enoch Cox at Child Okeford in 1799. 

1800:           Mother dies: John's mother Elizabeth Scard [nee Brookes] published her Will on the 1st January 1799 possibly while John was at Henstridge, 
                   and died twelve months later, buried at Iwerne Minster on the 7th Jan 1800 recorded aged fifty-nine.  She did not amend her Will to reflect the
                   marriage of her youngest daughter.  It is believed she was living under the care of her daughter Elizabeth Kerley at this time.
                   John faired better in his mother's Will (1800) being bequeathed the Family's Leasehold Estate situate at Iwerne Minster. It is not known if this was
                   the property which originally belonged to his paternal grandfather mentioned in his Will in 1769.  Also a small annuity from the profits of the 
                   Shroton Mill, which fell to his brother James. 

1800:            The enigma of the infant James Scard:  A child 'James Scard' recorded 'an infant' was buried at Iwerne Minster on the12th Nov 1800. No baptism 
                    has been found for this child. There were only two candidates for paternity within the Scard Family in this region i.e. John or his brother James.

1801-04:       The Mill near Ringwood, Hampshire: In 1801 Jane gave birth to a son James at the Fiddleford Estate. The infant was baptised three years later
                    at Milford, Hampshire on the 4th November 1804 with the annotation "aged 3 yrs".  This unprecedented move to this area appears to have been
                    connected to an advertisement which appeared six months earlier in the Salisbury & Winchester Journal 7th May 1804 for the Sale of a Mill at
                    at Damerham near Ringwood with directions to contact a Mr. Scarde.
                                                                      Mill at Damerham, May 1804             Baptism at Milford Nov. 1804

                    This event may have mirrored John's twelve month stint at the Henstridge Mill and he may have only remained at the property for a brief period.
                    Alternatively there was a Scard Family living at Ringwood who had a son Henry baptised also in 1804. There are some tenuous threads which imply
                    that John may have been related. John and his family returned to the Family Estate at Shroton where Jane died three months later early the 
                    following year. 

1805:            Wife Jane dies: John's wife Jane Scard [nee Abraham] died prematurely, buried at Iwerne Courtney 24th Feb 1805 “wife of John” estimated aged 
                    fifty. She was survived by her husband John aged forty-two, of twenty-two years marriage and her four surviving children Harriet aged 18yrs, 
                    Elizabeth [Betty] 16yrs, John 7yrs and young James aged four years.  Over the next few months John was found wandering with his children 
                    through Dorset.  Any sign of his inherited property at Iwerne Minster had since vanished during the prior four years.  It is possible that the 
                    family legend (noted above panel) was in fact true and that the loss of their home may have been the last straw for Jane perhaps contributing 
                    to her death. 

1805:           Insurance on Mill: Two months later, consistent with trust endowed to him by his mother, John's brother James procured an Insurance Policy
                     on the Mill at Shroton. Royal Exchange Fire Insurance policy 215435. Transcribed by H E S Simmons, Watermills of Dorset, Science 
                    Museum Library, 174.  Information borrowed from ‘The Mills Archive’ online]. 
                                                                 ‘16 April 1805:  James Scard of Child Okeford [Okeford], County of Dorset, Yeoman. 
                                                                 On a Corn Millhouse having no steam engine or kiln, situate at Shroton in the county of Dorset £170. 
                                                                 On a house adjoining £100.  On a bake house detached near £30. All brick and stone built and tiled.’
                    Meanwhile John had set off southward taking his children with him. First to Spetisbury where Jane’s sister Ursula Loader (nee Abraham)
                    (now forty-two) was living with her young family and husband Philip. The youngest of her ten children Caroline had been born in 1801.  
                    John seems to have stayed there for a short time leaving with her his daughter Elizabeth aged sixteen in the care of her aunt Ursula and
                     where she remained and where nine years later she married William Masterman in 1815 at Spetisbury. 

1809:           It appears that John had continued to southward to Dorchester where he married Mary Everat at adjacent Fordington 13th February 1809. 
                   Evidence reveals that his half sister Ann locke (nee Scard) was living in the area at this time, recorded buried at Fordington in 1828. 
                   There was no issue born to John's second marriage.  At this point his children by Jane living with him were aged: Harriet 23yrs; John 12yrs
                    & James eight.  It was here that three years later his daughter Harriet married David Vincent, a Sawyer, by banns at All Saints Dorchester
                    15th Nov 1812. Both Noted: Groom: "residing in the Parish of Holy Trinity in this town. Bride: "of this Parish".  The Groom made his mark, 
                    the Bride signed confidently. 

1812:          Brother James advertises the Sale of the Shroton Mill: Meanwhile back at Shroton, John's brother James had arranged the Sale of the 
                   Lease to Shroton Mill. The following notice was found in the Salisbury & Winchester Journal: Monday, September 7th 1812; 

                                "SHROTON MILL, DORSET: To be Sold by Private Contract - Those capital Water Grist Mills with convenient Dwelling House, 
                                 newly erected Bake-house, stable, cart-house, piggery, and garden adjoining, situate at Shroton, in the county of Dorset, now in
                                 the occupation of Mr. James Scard, the owner. The Mills are most advantageously situate for business, are supplied with a 
                                 constant stream of water, and capable of grinding ten loads of corn per week.  The whole of the Premises are in complete repair, 
                                 and held on a Freehold Lease for three healthy lives, aged respectively fifteen, ten, and eight years. Immediate possession will be 
                                 given. Further particulars may be obtained, on application [if by letter, free of postage] to Mr. Moore, solicitor, Blandford."

                     The 'three healthy lives' of which James indicated in the advertisement are almost certainly his two daughters Eliza aged 11yrs and 
                     Caroline now aged eight, the other child aged fifteen years i.e. born in 1797 was not recognised in the Will of his mother in 1800.  
                     It is possible that this child was James's stepson Thomas Fry (the younger) son of his wife's former marriage. 
                     Subsequently in the 1841, 1851 Census the Shroton Mill was found in the hands of  James & Fanny's son in law, Charles Burt,also a 
                     Miller, the spouse of their daughter Caroline Matilda, who married 18th August 1836 at Child Okeford. Groom: Signed, of Donhead, 
                     Wilts. Bride, Mark, 'of this parish'. Witnesses George Burt (may not be related) and Fanny Tiney/Tirey?  See Epilogue. 

1816:            John moves to Wiltshire: By this time John's daughters Elizabeth [Betty] & Harriet had married.  John appears to have left his young
                    sons John aged eighteen & James aged sixteen possibly in the care of their sister Harriet in Dorchester, and took his wife seemingly in
                    need medical treatment, John took Mary 38 miles north where she was recorded admitted at the Salisbury Hospital on the 
                    24th August 1816 under the name Mary Scard.  

1818:           Application to Poor House: They appear to have remained in Wiltshire for two years where a Document was found in Application for 
                   Admission for himself and Mary to the Salisbury Poor House 14th Sept 1818. John boasts he paid an enormous rent for a Mill at 
                   Henstridge twenty years previous; 
Transcription [by J.Adams]
CITY OF, NEW SARUM in the County of Wilts. (TO WIT)
The examination of John Scard now residing in the Parish of Saint Edmund in the said City of New Sarum (touching his *Settlement) taken upon Oath before us two of His Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the City aforesaid, this 14th Day of Sept 1818. THIS Examinant saith, That he is about 55 Years of Age, and was born in the Parish of Iwerne in the County of Dorset as he hath heard and believes, and that about 20 years ago since this examinant rented a Mill House and premises in the Parish of Henstridge in the County of Somerset at the yearly rent of Thirty pounds and lived thereon about twelve months and has done no other act since to gain a settlement – then about 9 yrs since this exam married Mary his wife at the parish of Fordington in the County of Dorset and has had no issue of that marriage. Sworn by   Henry [Emly?] Mayor
[Signed]  W. [Bouthers?]  [Signed]   [?]  John Scard   [Signed]
Source: Wiltshire Record Office Note: Antique drawings of Salisbury Work House Salisbury Wiltshire at Google Images.
1820:        By 1820 John's son James was around eighteen made his way to his father at Salisbury appearing to be suffering an illness when he too 
                 was admitted into the Salisbury Hospital on the 25th March 1820, discharged ten weeks later on the 6th May 1820 with a note to the effect
                'Cured'.  According to the 1818 document he was not living with his father and stepmother prior to these events and seems to have only 
                 recently arrived at Salisbury.  The following year it appears that James and his father had returned to Dorset where young James faced
                 imprisonment for a Bastardy Order for an illegitimate child born to Maria Legg of Dorchester. 

1821:       Son James is recorded at Dorchester Prison The scenario unfolds that Eliza Legg made the Bastardy Order in 19th July 1820 and although
                no extradition papers or habeas corpus were noted from Wiltshire young James found himself in Dorchester Prison where he was described
                as 5'5" tall; hazel eyes; fair complexion and a mole on his right cheek.  There was only one 'James Scard' born around the age of the
                prisoner described i.e. 1801 and that is James Scard of Henstridge.  It is assumed that James was living with his father and  sister Harriet
                or aunt Ann (Lock) at the time he was arrested. This episode in James's life is continued in his own Biography - see Epilogue. 
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1825:      John Scard dies: John Scard appears to have settled at Stalbridge where he was recorded buried on the 13th November 1825 recorded aged sixty five.

Ann Lock [nee Scard] - John's older half sister; 
                     Ann Lock (nee Scard) was buried at Fordington 14th September 1828 recorded aged seventy-one. It is not known if she was in touch with 
                     her half-brother John when he was resident. An outcome for her sons John & James has not been found to date. 

Elizabeth Kerley [nee Scard] - Sister;
                     Elizabeth Scard baptised at Iwerne Minster 26th October 1768 daughter James & his 2nd wife Elizabeth (nee Brookes). She was a legatee
                     in the Will of both her parents. Elizabeth Scard married at St. Mary’s at Shroton on the 8th April 1792. Nothing confident was found for 
                     Elizabeth after the death of her mother. No Issue has been found for the couple to date.

James Scard [the younger]: Brother;
                     James Scard"born 4th October", baptised 29th October 1770 St. Mary’s at Shroton son of James & his 2nd wife Elizabeth (nee Brookes). 
                     He was a legatee in both his parent's Wills. James was last recorded in the Advertisement for the Sale of the Shroton Mill in 1812. 
                     James would have been aged forty-two at this time. He did not appear in the 1841 Census, however at that time the Shroton Mill was 
                      occupied by his younger daughter Caroline Matilda Burt [nee Scard] and her spouse Charles Burt. James's spouse Fanny Scard nee Candy
                      [formerly Fry] was buried at Shillingstone just prior to the Census under the name Frances Scard 'of Shroton' on the 29th Jan. 1841 at the 
                      recorded age of 79 years. Also see item relating to Fanny Candey and her previous base born son and subsequent marriage to Thomas Fry
                     (includes documents re acceptance of paternity) after Epilogue.

                 Eliza Brownsea [nee Scard] - John' niece by his brother James:
                                               Eliza Scard bapt 28th Dec 1801 at Child Okeford daughter of his brother James Scard and Fanny [formerly Fry]
                                                 At the age of thirty-two, Eliza married Stephen Brownsea 17th January 1833 at St. Mary’s Shroton. They had five children; 
                                                 Julia Brownsea in 1834, Joseph Brownsea in 1837, James Brownsea in 1841 and Eliza Brownsea in 1846.  At the time of the
                                                 1841 Census they were living at Okeford Fitzpaine with their then three children Julia seven, Joseph four and James one year
                                                 old.  Stephen’s occupation was recorded as a farm labourer.  By the 1861 Census they had moved to Waights Terrace
                                                 Southampton Hampshire Recorded thus: Joseph Brownsea, Head, aged 24, unmarried, a Bread maker, born in Shroton 
                                                 Dorset Eliza Brownsea, Mother as married, aged 54, a farmer’s wife, born at Okeford. James Brownsea, brother, aged 20, 
                                                 unmarried, a Baker, born Okeford, Dorset; Eliza Brownsea, sister, unmarried, aged 15, a Seamstress, born at Okeford.
                                                 Eliza's spouse, Stephen Brownsea was found at Turnworth Dorset 1861 census living at Thorncombe Farm as a servant 
                                                 and labourer.
                                                 Eliza died in the December Qtr 1875 at Southampton aged 70 years. 
                   Caroline Matilda Burt [nee Scard] - John' niece by his brother James:
                                           Caroline Matilda Scard baptized 26th Dec 1805 at Child Okeford daughter of his brother James Scard and Fanny [formerly Fry]
                                                At the age of twenty-one Caroline Matilda Scard married Charles Burt, a Miller, on the 18th August 1826 at St. Mary’s at 
                                                Shroton. Caroline and Charles were shown occupying the Mill and Mill House at Shroton in the 1841 & 1851 census. 
                                                No children were recorded living with them at this time. The same census shows Caroline’s half-sister Fanny Fry 
                                                [the daughter of Thomas Fry]  who never married and was recorded on the 1851 Census as Charles’ sister-in-law.  
                                                Caroline Matilda was buried on the 8th March 1855 recorded aged of fifty-one. She is assumed to have died without issue.
                                                Her half-sister Fanny Fry continued living with her brother-in-law Charles Burt at the Shroton Estate, recorded on the 1861 
                                                Census as 'Unmarried', ‘a lodger’, occupation 'Domestic Servant'. Fanny Fry remained with Charles till his death in the 
                                                December qtr 1871 aged 66 years. Fanny died two years later unmarried and without issue at the age of seventy-seven in 1874.  
                                                Caroline's half brother John Fry married Susannah [maiden name unknown] and was found a widower on the 1861 Census 
                                                 aged 69yrs, a farmer with 409 acres employing 42 labourers he also had several servants and recorded three of his adult 
                                                children all born at Iwerne Minster. He was also found recorded at the Mills Archive as having control of Oyle’s Mill at 
                                                Iwerne Minster pre 1830-1867. No further investigations were made.

Maria Cox [nee Scard] - Sister;
                             Maria Scard baptised at Shroton 23rd February 1777 daughter James & his 2nd wife Elizabeth (nee Brookes). She was a legatee in the 
                             Wills of both her parents. Maria Scard married Enoch Cox "of Tunworth" 27th Oct 1799 at Childe Okeford. Her mother did not have
                             the opportunity to alter her Will to include Maria's marriage before her death in early January 1800.  Maria and her spouse Enoch
                              were recorded living together alone in the 1841 Census at Shillingstone. 
                              Maria Cox (nee Scard)  died 13th Feb buried at Shillingstone 16th Feb 1844 Cause: Asthma, recorded aged 66.  Her spouse Enoch Cox 
                              died Testate 19th August, 1847 buried 23rd Aug 1847 also at Shillingstone, Cause Paralysis, recorded aged 78. In his Will his legatees 
                              are his brothers and nephews, no mention of the Scard Family or Maria's Estates. There appears to be no children of the marriage.

Ursula Loader (nee Abraham) - Sister-in-Law;
                             Widowed in 1805 with six children still in their minority.  Her niece Elizabeth Scard aged 19yrs, daughter of her sister Jane of 
                              Iwerne Minster also deceased in 1805 began living at Spetisbury at this time. 
                              Ursula Loader [nee Abraham] was buried at St. John the Baptist Anglican Church at Spetisbury on the 2nd December 1821 recorded 
                              aged sixty-five. More information see Biography of her parents. 
Harriet Vincent [nee Scard] - Daughter;
                             Harriet Scard baptised 12th Feb 1786 at Iwerne Courtney daughter John Scard & Jane (nee Abraham). She was a legatee in the Will 
                             of both her grandparents. Harriet Scard married David Vincent, a Sawyer, by banns at All Saints Dorchester 15th Nov 1812. The couple
                             ultimately moved 22miles south to Dewlish around 1818. Issue: Elizabeth Vincent bapt 20th Dec 1822 at Fordington 'dau of David & 
                             Harriet ; Elizabeth Vincent bapt 5th Aug 1825 at Swanage  'dau of David & Harriet - buried at Dewlish 9th Dec 1828 aged 3yrs.
                             George Vincent bapt 11th Aug 1816 at Wyke Regis  'son of David & Harriet buried at Fordington 14th July 1874; John James Vincent 
                              bapt 16th Aug 1818 at Dewlish -  buried at Dewlish 28th June 189
                             Harriet died prematurely, buried at All Saints Anglican Church Dewlish on the 27th July 1830, her age was recorded as 42 years.   

Elizabeth Masterman [nee Scard]  - Daughter;
                            Betty Scard (Elizabeth) baptised at Okeford Fitzpaine 15th July 1788  daughter John Scard & Jane (nee Abraham). She was a legatee
                            in the Will of both her grandparents. Elizabeth Scard married William Masterman at Spetisbury, 17th November 1815 both recorded
                            'o.t.p' [of the Parish]. The marriage was by Banns and the witnesses were Susannah Carter and Henry Green. No information was found 
                            for the two witnesses.  Elizabeth remained at Spetisbury where she was recorded on the 1851 census as aged 62 years and her birthplace 
                           Fiddleford, Dorset.  Her husband William was also noted at the same residence aged 57 yrs, a labourer born in Shapwick. Also recorded 
                            was their son William aged 20 years [born in 1830 at nearby Shapwick] also a labourer. By the 1861 Census Elizabeth & William were 
                           both living alone at Blandford Road Spetisbury, noted aged 69 & 70 respectively.  Again Elizabeth's birthplace is recorded as 'Fiddleford, 
                           Dorset'. In the Census of 1871 they had moved to Middle Street, Spetisbury living together alone aged 80years and 79year respectively.
                           Issue: Charles Masterman bapt. 10th Oct 1816 at Shapwick - married Louisa Gawler at Spetisbury by banns 9th Aug 1846, Groom signed, 
                                        bachelor, aged 29, Porter on ECR, residence at marriage, Christchurch, Middlesex, father noted William, labourer. Bride, signed, age 24, 
                                        father James Gawler, Cooper. Witnesses: Sarah Cherrett (mark) &  J. Gawler (signed)
                                       Henrietta Masterman bapt 27th Feb 1822 at Spetisbury - married Richard Meaden at Spetisbury by banns 16th June 1849, bride signed,
                                       father noted William, labourer. Groom: of Shillingstone.  father James Meaden, Hay dealer. Witnesses: Love Meaden (mark) & Frederick 
                                       Masterman (signed);  George Masterman bapt 23rdAug 1823 at Spetisbury - buried at Spetisbury 22nd Feb 1838 "son of William 
                                       & Eliza" recorded aged 15yrs. William Masterman (by inference) no baptism found.  
                            Elizabeth and William ended their days after fifty-seven years marriage, Elizabeth was buried 5th Jan 1872 at Spetisbury aged 83yrs 
                            William was buried on the 1st June 1872 at same venue.       
John Scard [the younger] - Son; 
                            John Scard baptised 19th February 1797 at Child Okeford son John Scard & Jane (nee Abraham). He was a small beneficiary in the 
                            Will of his paternal grandmother. John was found to be residing in Milbourne just four miles East of Stalbridge where his father 
                            was living and died five years before.
                            John was buried at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, Milbourne on the 29th April 1830, his age was recorded as 34 years.  
                            He appears to have died unmarried and without issue.

James Scard - Son;
         Following his father's death in 1825 James took work as a 'Post Boy which took him to outposts throughout the region. Around
        1829 he formed a relationship with Jane Porter of Tunworth, Hampshire whom he married in 1830. The couple settled at nearby 
        Reading, Berkshire where several children were baptised.  James was blinded around 1834. The family finally settles at Henstridge, 
        Somerset.  For more information see  The Biography of James Scard and his wife Jane nee Porter

Above:  Image of a post boy.                             


Extra Notes

Extra Notes - Fiddleford

                   Fiddleford: The tiny hamlet had only six houses all of which are assumed to have had a quantity of land. 
                   Population:  Extracted from Census 1851-1881 -  Persons born at Fiddleford between 1793-1811; 
                The Dawson Family [2 sons, 1 unmarried daughter b.1793, b.1799, b.1803].   The Fish Family       [1 son: b.1795]. 
                                The Goodfellow Family [2 sons: b.1796, b.1806].                                          The Light Family      [2 sons: b.1811, b.1815].  
                                The Osmand Family      [2 sons: b.1792, b.1794].                                        *The Scard Family     [1 daughter b.1788, 1 son, b.1801]
       * Elizabeth [Betty] Masterson [nee Scard]               -          recorded born Fiddleford in 1788 [1851, 1861, 1871 Census] 
       * James Scard                                                        -          recorded born Fiddleford in 1801 [1861, 1871 Census] 
                              By the 1891 Census there were seven houses recorded at Fiddleford and the Hamlet boasted a population of 31 individuals
                                                                                                       Further Reading:
                                                                                   Fiddleford Mill at the end of walkway & Fiddleford Manor in the background
                                                                                        Extra Notes - Scard Family at Ringwood
                                                        The Ringwood Scard Family Page is currently under construction - check updates page
                                                     Some preliminary research information will be posted on the Updates Page at this site soon.

May be of interest to the Fry Family of Dorset Researchers

Extra Notes - Thomas Fry (widow Fanny married John's brother James Scard)

Re James Scard brother of John in relation to his spouse Fanny and the Estate of Thomas Fry:
Thomas Fry was a miller, who lived at Shillingstone where his family had been resident since the early 1600's. Thomas and his family were certainly known by the Scard Family for decades. A child Thomas Fry (Candey) was baptised at Child Okeford 14th October 1789 son of Fanny Candey (base born). Thomas Fry married Fanny Candy several months later at Childe Okeford June 13th, 1790 and had two further children, John Fry baptised 12th Oct 1791 at Child Okeford and a daughter Fanny Fry baptized at the same venue on the 7th April 1795. Thomas Fry was around thirty years senior to Fanny.
Full Transcript of extract from Somerset & Dorset Notes & Queries relating to Thomas Fry. "TOMBSTONE OF THOMAS FRY – When visiting Shillingstone in 1887 I was shewn some pieces of a tombstone to a Thomas Fry.  On a subsequent visit the stone had disappeared and presumably, is destroyed; it may therefore, not be out of place to record the inscription in the pages of S.& D, N & Q.
              In memory of Thomas Fry Of Childeokeford
  Who died December 21, 1796 Aged 61 years
This Thomas Fry is said to have been the largest farmer of his time, in Dorset, and to have held Beermarsh, Hanford and Childe Okeford farms. He was son of Thomas and Ann Fry, was baptized at Shillingstone, Aug. 8th 1736, was married at Childe Okeford to Fanny Candey on June 13th, 1790*, and was buried at Shillingstone, Decr. 22nd 1796.  His will, dated 28th April, 1792, was proved 6th Sept., 1797; in the Archdeacon’s Court, Blandford. His widow was married at Childe Okeford, 24th Sept. 1797 to James Scard
of Shroton. Geo. S. Fry. [10]

Upon his father's death Thomas Fry (otherwise Candey) was aged eight years and steps were taken for the Estate to be held in Trust until he reached the age of twenty-one. *by Licence groom signed, bride (mark) No baptism has been found to date for Fanny Candey. The Lds Genealogy Site online gives a possible match: Fanny Candy baptised 27th Oct 1765 daughter of James & Frances at Cloford, Somerset. This Fanny appears to have had several siblings. Also see Epilogue above: "James Scard" marriage & issue to Fanny Fry (nee Candy) relict of Thomas Fry.