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Digitised scans of Parish Records courtesy of
Thomas Scard      &     Mary his wife 
[1791-1769]                           [c.1705-1757]
 of Iwerne Minster, North Dorset
Thomas Scard [c.1719-1719] 
John Scard [1727-1743]
James Scard [c.1725-1796] 
Elizabeth Scard [c.1725-post 1770]
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"Lest we forget our beginnings"  J.S.Adams - site author

Top: Pegg's Mill Mill Bridge at Iwerne Minster, the Site of the ancient Pegg's Mill, an Icon in the area for centuries so named after Robert le Pegg who was granted the land, Messuage and Mill at Iwerne Minster in AD1516-7 (Courtesy of The Mills Archive Online). Thomas Scard and his wife Mary were documented resident at Pegg's Mill during the early 1700's. It was mentioned in 1774 as a Mill with adjacent Mill House with land and orchard with 175 acres. The Bridge spans the Fontmel Creek, the water from which was necessary for the operation of the ancient water powered Mill. Nothing has survived of the Original Building which was rebuilt around 1774 (see below).
Bottom: The Fontmell creek running through the original Pegg's Farm Site.
Photos courtesty of Dorset for You Website.

                                                       Thomas Scard         &         his wife Mary
                                                                                                 [1691?-1769] (died Testate)                            [c.1691-1757]
                                                                                                             by Judith-Anne S Adams ©2006 - Descendant

Thomas Scard is believed to be the same baptised at Sutton Waldron, Dorset on the 17th June 1691 one of several children baptised at the same venue 
between 1682-1694 born to Thomas Scard (senior) and his wife Mary at Sutton Waldron.  
He had several siblings is connected to an early Scard Family module at Sutton Waldron where the surviving Parish records from 1680. (under Research)   
Early stages of this research implies the Scard Family in this region preferred the Sutton Waldron venue until the death of their longstanding vicar the
Reverend Nathaniel Napier of thirty-five years 1680-1722.
The marriage for Thomas and his wife Mary Scard has not been found to date however indications are that they may have used the Iwerne Minster Church
for which the Records have not survived.  Mary was born around 1705 estimated roughly by her aged forty at the approx. birth of her youngest child c.1725.  

A later proven family of Millers, Thomas was in the possession Pegg's Farm Mill for some time during the early 1700's.  Situated at Iwerne Minster was 
recorded as a small two storey red brick mill enclosing a 12ft all iron waters hot water wheel. The Mill was a local Icon so named after 
Robert le Pegg who was granted land, Messuage and Mill at Iwerne Minster in AD1516-7.   More information and Internal images of the Mill are available 
- Mills Archive (online) A Mill House was attached and later an arable section subsequently known as Pegg's Farm a short distance away.   None of the
older buildings have survived.  According to a late 18th Century Advertisement this 'new' building (image below) was rebuilt around 1774.

                                                                                   The 'New' Pegg's Mill House - listed Heritage Grade II in 1985, 
                                                                                     this building was built around 1774 according to an article
                                                                                  published in the London Evening Post 28 June 1774 (Issue 2853)
                   1719 -  Burial:       Thomas Scard 
                                                                      "Thomas Scard jnr of Peggs Mill" (i.e. son of Thomas ) buried 2nd Feb 1719 G=1720) at Sutton Waldron
                   1721 -  Baptism:    John Scard
                                                                     "John son of Thomas Scard "of Pegg's Mill"and Mary his wife  baptised, 24th August 1721" at Sutton Waldron
                                                                       This was the last entry made for the family by the aging Vicar at Sutton Waldron. 
                                Buried:                          John was buried at Iwerne Minster on the 3th May 1748 (estimated aged 27yrs) assumed unmarried and without 
                                                                       issue (no progeny by him was mentioned  in his father's Will in 1769)
                 c.1725 - Will:          James Scard  "Imprimis, I give my dwelling House to my son James for his Life ...."
                 c.1725 - Will:          Elizabeth Scard"And I also give to my Daughter Elizabeth my Clock and one Half of my Household Goods ..." 

The missing Parish Records for Iwerne Minster prior to 1741* undoubtedly hold the records for this family from 1722 from the death of their 
long-time vicar when the family changed their patronage to the Iwerne Minster Church.  Likewise the baptisms of his son James and daughter 
Elizabeth who are estimated born around 1725-1735. Thomas mentions "his dwelling" in his Will in 1769 bequeathed to his son James.
Two properties at Iwerne Minster were found in the possession of his son in later years. One was leased under Fitzsimans or Hinkman 
Esq. of Salisbury Wiltshire or another leased under [Major] Thomas Boyer aka Bower Esq. of Iwerne House in Hampshire. Both Tenements comprised 
an Orchard and Garden, however this seems to be another property in the Family's possession in addition to Pegg's Mill forty years prior. 

Mary Scard was recorded buried at Iwerne Minster on the 8th October 1757 "wife of Thomas".  Both their surviving 
children married and had Issue during their lifetime. On the 23rd January 1769, Thomas approached local shopkeeper Steven Goulden to draw and 
witness his Will*.  Thomas Scard was buried at Iwerne Minster 27th July 1769 estimated aged around seventy-eight.

                                                   Mary's burial 1757                               Thomas's burial 1769*

                                    * Thomas's burial appears to have the number "80" underneath which may be his age, in that this would have been 
                                       at least ' fairly remarkable' longevity in this small village during this era.  The entry beneath has the number 
                                       1 or 17 underneath which applies to the  subsequent entry date 1st August. The age of eighty would be approximately
                                       consistent with his baptism in 1691 "son of Thomas and Mary at Sutton Waldron" and substantiates the name of 
                                       his first born son "Thomas" traditionally the namesake of the paternal grandfather. 

                                                                                     Will of Thomas Scard
                                                                                          click on image to enlarge - courtesy of Ancestry com
                                                                                                                   Transcribed by J.S.Adams (descendant)

            Dated: January 23 1769 
            I Thomas Scard of Iwerne Minster being of sound and perfect Memory do make out constitute This my last Will and Testament in Manner and 
            Form following. 
            Imprimis, I give my dwelling House to my son James for his Life, and after his Decease to my Daughter Elizabeth for her Life. 
            And I also give to my Daughter Elizabeth my Clock and one Half of my Household Goods, which shall be equally divided betwixt her and her 
            Brother, Share and Share alike. 
            Item, I give to my Grand Daughter Ann Scard the Sum of Five Pounds. 
            Item, I give to my Grandson William Beal the Sum of Five Pounds. And it is my Will and Desire that he shall be put on Apprentice with the 
            Five Pounds and that it shall be lodged in the Hands of my Executor herein after named for that Use. 
            Item; I give to my Grandson John Scard the Sum of Five Pounds. 
            And lastly, I give to my Son James the other half of my Household Goods, and all my other Effects
            and I hereby make him the whole and Sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament in Witness whereof I have set my hand and Seal the 
            Day of Date above written Sign’d Seal’d and Deliver’d in the presence of Stephen Goulden.  
            The Mark of  ~ Thos Scard.  The Mark x of Mary Marchant.
       Probatum: Administration was granted on the 14th day of July 1770 [Original Copy not displayed] 
             The within written Will of Thomas Scard deceased was proved by the Oath of James Scard the natural and lawful Son of the said deceased 
             & Sole Executor within named to whom Administration of all & singular the Goods Chattels & Credits of the said deceased was granted he 
             being first Sworne faithfully to administer the same according to law; also to exhibit a [? ] & perfect Inventory thereof into the Registry of 
             the Bishop of Bristol & to render a just Account thereon when thereunto lawfully required. Sworn before me Jno Cooth [S. illegible] (Surley?)

Legatees: James Scard (son)                       - married1 Elizabeth Painter in 1752 by whom he had a daughter Ann.  Elizabeth was buried 14th April 1759.  
                                                                           James married2 Elizabeth Brookes by whom at that time he had a son John born in 1763, an infant daughter 
                                                                           Elizabeth born 1769 (the infant Elizabeth was not mentioned in the Will). See Epilogue
                 Elizabeth (daughter)                   - married Joel Beale 5th March 1753 at Langton Long, Dorset by whom she had one surviving son William Beale 
                                                                           bapt 19th Feb 1756. Elizabeth was widowed 17th Dec 1766 (Tarrant Crawford).
                Ann Scard (granddaughter)         - age sixteen years - daughter of testator's son James by his 1st wife Elizabeth Painter (then deceased)
                William Beale (grandson)            - age thirteen years - son of testator's daughter Elizabeth by her spouse Joel Beal (then deceased) 
                John Scard (grandson)                 - age six years - son of testator's son James by his 2nd marriage to Elizabeth Brookes. 
                Stephen Goulden                          - Stephen Goulden has several documents relating to him searchable through the TNA (online) and died testate 
                                                                           in 1798 for whom exhaustive research proved no connection to the Scard Family.
                Mary Marchant                              - was considered perhaps to be the sister or close kin of the Testator however recent research reveals that banns 
                                                                           between Mary Tyers of Iwerne Courtney & John Marchant of Iwerne Minster in 1767. The marriage took place 
                                                                           at Iwerne Courtney viz: John Marchant 'of this parish' married Mary" otherwise Terier" of Iwerne Courney.
                                                                           She may have been a widow.

James Scard:   Son:                               James became a wealthy Miller and himself died Testate leaving cash of over 1,000 plus several Estates. 
                                                                           See Biography of James Scard [c.1725-1796]
Elizabeth:        Daughter:                  Elizabeth Scard married Joel Beal at Langton Long [4 miles ESE of Iwerne Minster] on 5th March 1753. 
                                                                           The bride was recorded 'of Iwerne Minster'. After the marriage Elizabeth and Joel moved 4 miles east to 
                                                                           Tarrant Gunville where it is known that Joel had family. It was there that they recorded a son baptised 
                                                                           William Beal on the 19th Feb 1756. They recorded the burial of another son Joel Beal buried 9th Jan 1763/4
                                                                           Her spouse was buried at Tarrant Crawford 19th Dec 1766. It is assumed Elizabeth died before 1796 as she 
                                                                           nor her son were mentioned in the Will of her brother James in 1796. 
                                                                           More information can be found in the Biography of her brother James (above).