Scard - The First Thousand Years
                                                                                         Scard Family - One Name Study
                                                                                                                            by Judith-Ann S. Adams

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Items covered
- Various Christian Names (1822-1866)
- Newfoundland
- Grand Bank
- Upper Burgeo
- Channel
- Memiors of Mr. Joseph Small (1915)
- 1880 US Census

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                                         With Grateful thanks to the Newfoundlands Site from which this data was compiled 
                                              and for the detailed memoirs of the late Mr. Joseph Small [JP] written in 1915, 
                                                         who knew the family well and wrote extensively about them.

This Family appears to have been established around 1815 initially at Grand Bank, Newfoundland by John Scard may have been born in Canada 
before 1797.There are several male 'Scard' Entries in England recorded at this site for whom there is no outcome. A list will be compiled in the 
near future. Check for Updates.

The first entry was for John SCARD [born before 1800] and his wife Hannah who lived at Grand Bank, Northampton. 
They recorded two daughters: 
              Charlotte SCARD bapt. 10th June 1822 (Grand Bank)
              Priscilla SCARD born 6th Sept. 1827, bapt. 29th July 1827 (Grand Bank)
Fifteen  years later;
              The marriage of Charles SCARD at Grand Bank, on the 31st December, 1842 for Charles Scard [Methodist] no bride name] witness 
              Johathan Hickman. Upper Burgeo, just across from the Mainland in Thomas  SCARD and his brother Richard. 

Thomas Scard was the first to marry but was widowed soon after. 
Richard married in 1842 at age twenty-one; 'Richard SKEARD, bachelor, to Eleanor Anderson, spinster, on the 16th  September 1842 
              Both of Upper Burgeo'.
Two years later the marriage of Thomas SCARD, a widower, to Elizabeth Kippen, spinster, on the 8th September 1844, 
               Both of Upper Burgeo, Witnesses: Martin  Blackmore, Amos Cutler & William Mead. 
A year later;
Richard SCARD aged 24 was recorded in Church 'Confirmations' in 1845. [born 1821]

Thomas Scard and his wife Elizabeth recorded six children baptised at Upper Burgeo
                1] John SCARD baptised 2nd June 1845 [twin]
                2] George SCARD baptised 2nd June 1845 [twin]
                       These two children may not have  survived as Rev. Martin Blackmore writes in his Journal; 
                          “June 2nd 1845: Called to the Island, Upper Burgeo, to baptize two infants (twins) just born very weak. George and John Scard of Thomas & Elizabeth”.
                3] Julia Ellen SCARD baptised 31st March, 1847
                          Julia appears to have recorded a son, Albert Samuel baptised 26th march 1864, Upper Burgeo.  
                4] Elizabeth SCARD baptised 13th May, 1849
                5] Unnamed SCARD baptised 10th May, 1857
                6] Harriett Jane SCARD baptised 27th Feb.1858

Richard Scard and his wife Eleanor recorded recorded three children at Upper Burgeo;
                     1] William SCARD born 21st Sept. 1843 baptised 16th Sept. 1843 s.o. Richard & Eleanor, Occ:Fisherman
                                        - This William later recorded an unnamed infant 'Scard' born 20th July 1867, bapt. 12th Aug. 1867 mother's name illegible. Upper Burgeo.  Occ. Fisherman.
                     2] George SCARD born 27th March 1846 baptised 17th May 21st Sept. 1846 s.o. Richard & Eleanor: Father's Occupation: Fisherman. 
                     3] Thomas SCARD baptised 27th May, 1846?
Eleanor died and Richard remarried;
                     Continued issue; 
                     4] Sarah Grace SCARD bapt. 29th July  1860 d.o. Richard & Elizabeth.
                     5] Richard SCARD bapt. 20th Dec. 1863  s.o. Richard & Elizabeth
                     6] Jonathan Benjamin SCARD bapt. 6th  May 1866 so Richard & Elizabeth, fisherman.

Several Cash Payments [1848] from the Church Society  Burgeo for Fish produce during 1848 were recorded for both Thomas Scard and Richard SCARD.

The memoirs of the late Mr. Joseph Small, J.P. written in 1915 who knew the family refers to them by the name SKEARD; 
                       "Thomas Skeard, a widower, lived here with two sons and one daughter. They moved to Channel in the late seventies. 
                          I know nothing of this family. Richard Skeard married Eleanor Anderson of Upper Burgeo, 16th September,  1842. 
                          She was the daughter of William Anderson, the first of that name, and  sister to Mrs. Chevalier. By this marriage there 
                          were two sons, William and Thomas. The latter was "adopted" by Mrs. [Susan] Chevalier, his aunt.  Mr. [Richard] Skeard 
                          married again. They all moved to Channel. I met the old  man last in 1900. We sat on a hill pan of an afternoon and talked 
                          of old times in Burgeo. Thomas Skeard, 'son of Richard', married his [first] cousin, daughter  of Thomas Skeard, and 
                          William married some person in Channel. We find also, in  this little cove, Henry Strickland, whose wife was a Skeard. 
                          She died many years ago and Mr. Skeard in, say the late nineties. They had a family: [Henry,  Dinah, Deborah, Joshua, 
                          and Harriet]." Some entries are confusing, suggest visiting the source at the Newfoundlands Site

1880 USA Census records a Robert Scard (born 1827) with both parenta born in Canada!
                           Robert states born Cananda recorded children; 
                           Robert SCARD born 1867
                           William SCARD born 1869
                           Laura SCARD born 1871
                           Walter SCARD born 1875
                           John Scard born 1878