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Within the Village of Cerne Abbas
The Poorhouse at Cerne
Documented evidence of the orphaned William Scard at Cerne Abbas Poorhouse
in 1764 records that he was given a new pair of breeches by the Parish following the death
of his widowed mother in 1760, affectionately named on several documents as "Bet Scard". William was aged seven when his mother died and recorded during his adolescence as "Scard's boy". Further evidence seems to indicate that an unidentified family did rescue him from the workhouse and from whom he learned some literacy skills. It is thought that names of these kindly persons are hinted in the naming sequence of William's children. The heart-warming story of this young boy and his struggles may never be fully know, but his background seems reflected in his son Robert Scard whose progeny has since become legendary for their kindnesses to the downtrodden and needy and later, particularly with 'workhouse boys' is a testament to this gentle boy of many decades past.
                     Scard One Name Study
           Researched, Compiled & Written by Judith-Anne S Adams ©2006


        Robert Scard             &           Sarah Moors
                  [c.1784-1864]                                                          [1787-1855]

               of Newport, Wales, formerly of Cerne Abbas, Dorset, England
                                                 ***   New evidence  *** 


                          Digitised scans of Parish Records courtesy of Ancestry

           Background - Artist's impression of an orphan boy at a workhouse
                                         Biography of Robert Scard [c.1784-1864] of Wales, formerly of Cerne Abbas 
                                                                                                 by Judith-Ann S. Adams ©2006
c.1784:   Robert Scard is traditionally accepted by inference to be the son of William Scard by his wife Margaret nee Groves who was said to be born circa 1784 recorded in 
               "Dorset Cerne"(1851 Wales Census).   Robert had several siblings recorded at Cerne Abbas, however there is some discrepancy surrounding his implied birth date
               - see Biography of his father William Scard [1753-1829] (access above panel).

               Robert was raised with his five siblings at Cerne Abbas, a village  intermittently plagued with outbreaks of small pox.  A major outbreak occurred just after the death
               of Robert's paternal grandmother Elizabeth [nee Jenkins] and lingered until well after after Robert's birth.  In 1826 his younger brother James [born 1793] was 
               recorded to be "heavily pitted with the scars of small pox" undoubtedly contracted during his childhood.   It is unknown if Robert and his other siblings also carried 
               the scars although it is highly probable that none of the children escaped the virus.      

               Whilst the Scard brothers William, James and Simon worked mainly in the timber industry as Fellmonger Sawyers and farming Robert followed a different path
                working in various occupations such as Carrier, Journeyman, Cheesemonger and Shopkeeper.

1810       He was aged eighteen when his younger brother  William, married Phoebe Gover in 1810 remaining at Cerne, where over the years they recorded several children.
1812       Two years later, at the age of twenty-one, Robert himself married; 
                        "Robert Scard "of Cerne Abbas" and Sarah Moors"of this parish" were married by Banns on the 7th July 1812" at Melcombe Horsey
                          Witnesses: John Moors & Jeremiah Baker .  The former witness is assumed the bride's brother.  All parties signed the document
                                                                                                                  click to enlarge 

                The young couple settled at Acreman Street, Cerne Abbas, parallel to Duck Street, where his brother William had formerly settled with his new bride. 
                ACCESS - Map of Cerne Abbas Streets dated 1798
                Robert and Sarah recorded several Issue at Cerne Abbas - (See Epilogue below for extended details);

                          1813  Moses Moors Scard [1813-1868] baptised 3rd May 1813 son of Robert & Sarah, Cerne Abbas - Father's occupation: 'Currier' 
                          1814  Robert Moors Scard [1814-1816] baptised 2nd Oct 1814 son of Robert & Sarah, Cerne Abbas - Father's occupation: Journeyman-Currier
                                                          Buried: Robert Scard 27th January 1816 'recorded age 1year ' of Acreman St. Cerne Abbas
                          1816  Robert Scard [1816-1879] baptised 12th October 1816 son of Robert & Sarah; Acreman Street, Cerne Abbas - Father's occupation: Journeyman Currier
                          1818  Simon Scard [1818-1820] baptised 26th August 1818 so Robert & Sarah, Acreman Street, Cerne Abbas - Father's occupation: Cheesemonger, Shopkeeper.
                                                          Buried: Simon Scard 29th June 1820 Simon Scard; 'recorded aged 2yrs' of Acreman Street, Cerne Abbas
 By Inference:  1824  Simon Scard [1824-1902]  1) 1841 Census recorded with Robert & Sarah at Cerne Abbas, moved to Wales c.1851.
                                                                                   2) 1851 Census gives George Scard staying with him noted as 'brother'.  See Epilogue
                           1834 George Scard [1836-post 1880] baptised 15th May 1836 son of Robert & Sarah, Greyhound Beerhouse, Cerne Abbas - Father's occupation:  Shopkeeper & C.

               Between young Simon's death in1820 and the baptism of George in 1834 when Sarah by then would have been aged around 47years (a reproductively viable age) 
               the couple certainly may have had several children during the interim.   
               Unplaced - 
                          1827  Jane Scard [1827-1879] aka Sarah Jane Scard           1) 1841 Census recorded with Robert & Sarah aged 14yrs at Cerne Abbas 
                                                                                                                                   1851 Census Sarah was recorded with a base born daughter 'Celia Scard' at the Union Workhouse
                                                                                                                                   at Cerne Abbas, the infant recorded aged one week in the 1851 Census (born 23rd March?)
                                                                                                                                   Sarah Jane moved to Wales with Robert and Sarah Scard just after this time where she married ...
                                                                                                                                   This story is continued in the section - Unplaced entries at Cerne Abbas.
                           1829  Charlotte Scard [1829-1843]                                        1) 1841 Census recorded with Robert & Sarah aged 12yrs at Cerne Abbas
                                                                                                                                   2)  Buried: Charlotte Scard buried 6th June 1843, recorded 'age 14', Cerne Abbas              
                          ?1819/23 Henry Scard [1819-1883]                                        1)  moved to Wales with Moses & Robert pre 1837
                                                                                                                            2)  1871 Census born Cerne Abbas unmarried.
                                                                                                                                   This story is continued in the section - Unplaced entries at Cerne Abbas.

               During this time time Robert was intermittently recorded in Dorset;

1821       In 1821 Robert was witness in the marriage of Edward Partington 'of Cerne Abbas' and Dinah Antell 'of Cerne Abbas'  by banns on the 27th August 1821.   
                Witnesses noted as Robert Scard and Sarah Partington.       The relationship to the Scard Family, if any is unknown

1828       In 1828 he was recorded at the Dorchester Court falsely 2nd July 1828 accused of stealing grass!  No personal details were recorded for Robert and he was granted
                bail with the annotation "This man was not brough into the goaler's custody - the warrant was sent from Cerne by the constable who delivered David Peaty into custody"
               A few days later he was acquitted

                 Meanwhile several events also took place within his family;

                 In 1823 a lease was signed by a Scard Family member of Cerne from the River's Estate comprising a messuage, yard and buildings.   [National Archives Kew]
           William's father was aged seventy and his mother Margaret aged sixty-seven it would be considered William Snr. would
                              have committed to a lease for such a large property. The lease was probably taken up by one of his sons.
               In 1825 his brother Simon married Mary Furber at Cerne Abbas settling at Cerne Abbas where he had Issue.
               In 1826 his brother James was indicted for theft, recorded at Dorchester Prison.  
               In 1829 Robert's brother William died prematurely buried at Cerne on the 25th June 1829 recorded 'age 39' years, noted 'of Duck Street, Cerne Abbas'. 
                             leaving a widow and nine surviving children.
               In 1829  Four months later Robert's father died recorded in the parish book viz
                              "William Scard buried  5th October 1829 'age 78'" at Cerne Abbas Noted 'of Dorchester Road' Cerne Abbas [DOPC]. 
               In 1830  Robert's eldest son Moses was indicted for stealing a fence, sentenced to two months hard labour.  Moses was recorded at Dorchester Prison Books
                              aged 17yrs; 5'6" tall, light brown hair, dark blue eyes and fair complexion. He had a mole on his right cheek and cut on the back of his hand.  
                              He was released on the 5th April 1830. 
               In 1836 three years after the surprise birth of his infant brother George, Robert's son Moses now aged twenty-four was accused of Stealing Hay to appear at 
                              Dorchester Court.  He was acquitted.   Soon after the Trial it appears that Moses moved to Newport, Wales. 
              The following year Robert's mother died,  buried at St. Mary the Virgin at Cerne 24th January 1837 at the recorded age of 81 years.

1841       Census: Robert and Sarah were recorded in the 1841 Census living at Cerne Abbas ;
                              Address:  Dorchester Road, Cerne Abbas;
                                             Robert Scard, aged 50, a shopkeeper, born in County
                                             Sarah Scard, aged 50, born in County
                                             Simon Scard, aged 21, farmers Tanner?, born in County
                                             Jane Scard, aged 14, born in County 
                                             Sharlotte Scard, aged 12, born in County  - died two years later in 1843. 
                                             George Scard, aged 5, born in County
                                              Note:  Living next door was John Groves [possibly a cousin?] aged 42 an agricultural labourer with his wife Elizabeth and their six children. 

1843:     Their daughter Charlotte died in adolescence; 
                               Charlotte Scard was buried 6th June 1843, recorded 'age 14', Cerne Abbas.
               At this point Robert and his family gradually leave Cerne Abbas to join several of his sons already establishing themselves at Newport, Wales.
1846-48:  It was around this time that Robert and Sarah moved from Cerne Abbas to join their sons Moses & Robert at Newport Wales taking with them 
                an infant: Joseph Scard assumed to be the base born son of his niece Edith (daughter of his deceased brother William - see unplaced Scard Entries 
                at Cerne Abbas)and their youngest son George, still in adolescence.

1851       Census:  Address:  [Illegible] Hill, Newport, Wales;                                            
                                 Robert Scard, Head, aged 62, a general labourer, born Cerne Dorset
                                 Sarah Scard, Wife, aged 64, born Dorset, Cerne
                                 * Joseph Scard, aged 4, born Dorset, Cerne.
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1854         Assumed grand-nephew Joseph Scard died in the December Qtr. 1854 registered at Newport Wales estimated aged 9 years.
1855         Sarah Scard [nee Moors] died March Qtr 1855 at Newport at the estimated age of around sixty-eight.
1861         Census: Address: Cardiff Street, Newport; 
                                 Robert Scard was recorded aged 77yrs, widower, Labourer living with his son George aged 27,  born Cerne, and his wife Ellen with 
                                  their daughter Margaret aged 2 months, born Newport.
1864          Robert Scard died in the December Qtr. 1864 at Newport, aged 80 yrs.
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Moses Moors Scard [1813-1868] son of Robert Scard and his wife Sarah nee Moors;

1837    It was shortly after the death of his grandmother Margaret Scard, following his acquittal of Larceny Charges at Dorset in 1837 [above] that Moses and his brother 
            Robert were recorded working as Police Officers at Newport, Wales.
1837:  Moses attacked at Newport in September 1837 - Bristol  Mercury January 13th 1838 – Issue 2499
1838    Moses returned to Dorset the following year where he married Eliza Edmunds in the 1838 at Bridport [Dorset] 13miles WSW of his native Cerne Abbas. 
            He returned to Newport with his new bride and resumed his duties as a Police Officer.
1839:  Moses gave also evidence in several Court Cases in his capacity of Police Officer at Newport in several Court Sessions in early 1839. 
1839   Newport Riots; Moses was noted for his compassion during the Chartist Insurrection which took place at Newport on the 4th November, 1839 when given permission 
           to give a glass of water to a dying nineteen-year-old activist just before the young man's death.
1839   Newport Riots [Cont.] Several Scard Family members gave evidence at the Trials regarding the Chartist Riots at Newport which took place on the 4th November 1839. 
           Moses' brother Robert and Henry Scard were also recorded giving evidence regarding the Newport Riots. Bristol Mercury Published Saturday Nov 16 1839 - Issue 2593 
                                      Image 1                                 Image 2
1841 Census: Address: Commercial Road, Newport - 
                         Moses Schard, aged 28,  
                         Eliza Schard aged 30    
                         Eliza Louisa Schard, aged 2  
                                  - Eliza Scard died June Qtr. 1846 [Reg. Newport] est. aged seven. 
                         Sarah Jane Schard, aged 6 months 
                                  - Sarah Jane Scard died June qtr. 1842 [Reg. Newport] est. aged one year.

1846 A puzzling entry -  Death of daughter Sophia - Bristol Mercury, Saturday 18th April 1846;                                                                                                                  
NOTE:  1] The age obviously applies to the next Entry. 
               2] 'Eliza Louisa Scard' was the only death found Registered at Newport in 1846. 
               3] 'Sophia' is either a miss-print or a 'Pet' name for Eliza Louisa Scard estimated aged seven years [see Census above]. 

1849:  The 'Merlin' dated 27th  January, 1849-"The Marshes - 'Two or three meetings have lately been held by the freemen of the Borough of Newport, relative to the 
                                                                                   letting of their property, the Marshes, to Mr. Moses Scard, that person having offered one hundred pounds for it, for 
                                                                                   grazing purposes, and for depositing thereon the mud of our streets, he being the town scavenger, by contract."
1851 Census Address: Commercial Road, Newport; 
           Moses Scard, Head, aged 38, Contractor, born Dorset, Cerne Abbas. 
           Eliza Scard, Wife, aged 39, born Dorset, Cerne Abbas.
           Emily Scard, Daughter, aged 9, born Newport, Wales 
                               - [birth Registered March Qtr.1842 as Emily Charlotte Scard]
           Elizabeth Wood, Servant, aged 14, House Servant, born Wilts, Melksham. 
Note:  Moses appears to have employed a further five servants or workers.

1861 Moses's employee is involved in a Carriage Accident - Bristol  Mercury Saturday 11th May 1861 - Issue 3712. 
1861 Census:  Address: Courtney Cellar, Newport; 
                         Moses Scard, Head, aged 50, Farmer, born Somerset, Shepton Mallet!
                         Eliza Scard, Wife, aged 48, Farmer's wife, born Somerset, Shepton Mallet!
                         Emily Scard, Daughter, aged 19, Farmer's daughter, born Monmouth, Wales. 
                         Charles J Beer, Nephew, Unmarried, aged 23, Joiner & Carpenter, 
                                                     born Shepton Mallet.
                         Mary McLaughlan, Servant, Unmarried, aged 24, house servant, born Scotland.

1867 Child:   Their only surviving child, Emily Sharlotte Scard married John Henry Scott, a farmer of 26 acres, in the March Qtr. 1867. 

1868 Death:  Moses Moors Scard died in the Dec. Qtr. 1868 at the recorded age of fifty-five [Registered Newport]
                       Moses was survived by his wife Eliza of thirty years marriage and his only surviving child Emily aged 26yrs.

1870  His widow Eliza Scard [nee Edmunds] survived Moses by a further two years and died in the June Qtr. 1870 at the recorded age of sixty survived by their daughter Emily.


Their daughter Emily Scott and her spouse John recorded no issue in 1871-1881-1891-1901 Census and no 'Scard' visitors recorded in any.
                      Her spouse John Henry Scott died in 1906 at Newport aged 63.
                      No burial was found for Emily [she may have remarried] assumed died without surviving issue.
Robert Scard [1813-1868] the Son of Robert Scard and his wife Sarah nee Moors;
1842      Robert, with a fellow Police Constable William Merrett were brought before the Court at Bristol for the compassion towards for a young girl accused of Theft
               - Bristol Mercury: 5th November 1842 Issue. 2746.
                                               (this is a long story) 
1842:     Robert and his companion William Merrett are dismissed from the Police Force after the Trial - Bristol Mercury: Saturday November 12th 1842 - Issue 2747
1844:     Robert Scard [the younger] appears to have married Sarah Stokes at Clifton, Gloucestershire in 1844 and returned to Newport.              
1845:     After only a year of marriage Robert's young wife 'Sarah Ann' Scard died at Newport in March Qtr. 1845. Sarah may have died soon after childbirth*
1847      He returned to Gloucestershire/Somerset in 1847 where Robert Scard married Francis Bowden in the Sept. Qtr. 1847 [Registered Bedminster].
              Robert with his new bride returned to Newport where he joined his parents and younger brother George who had not long arrived from Cerne Abbas 
1851 Census: Address: Fredeager Street, Newport;
                         Robert Scard, Head, Married, aged 30, Publican, born Sherborne, Dorset
                         Frances Scard, Wife, Married, aged 25, publican's wife, born Barnstaple, Devon
                         *Sarah Scard, Daughter, aged 3, born Newport (likely the daughter of his previous marriage)
                         Robert Scard, Son, aged 18 months, born Newport
                         Ann Richards, servant, aged 19, born Pontypool, Monmouthshire
NOTE:  Possibly a daughter Fanny Scard [namesake of his recently deceased sister-in-law] born June Qtr. 1852 [Reg. Newport] - died June Qtr. 1852 [Reg. Newport, Wales].  

1861:  Wife Frances died in the March Qtr. 1861. [Reg. Newport] after only four years of marriage. 
1861 Census: Address: No. 7 East Street Newport;
                        Robert Scard, Head, widower, aged 41, warehouseman, born Cerne Abbas Dorset.  
                        Margaret Scard, Daughter, aged 13, born Newport [possibly young Sarah].
                        Robert Scard, Son, aged 12, born Newport. 
                        Thomas N. Scard, aged 6; all children born at Newport. 
1871 Census: Resided Newport
                        Robert Scard, Head, aged 52, a widower, warehouseman, born Cerne Abbas.  
                        * Harriot Scard, Daughter, Single, aged 23 [correction], housekeeper, born Newport [aka Margaret/Sarah perhaps?]
                         Robert Scard, Son, Single, aged 20, 
                         Thomas N. Scard, Single, aged 16 
                         William Holliday, Lodger, aged 21, a telegraph clerk, born in Bristol.
        * Robert's 'daughter Harriot Scard' the  "Lodger" William Holliday were married several weeks after the Census.            

1879   Robert Scard [the younger] died Sept. Qtr 1879 recorded aged 63 [Registered at Abergavenny]


Daughter:   Harriet Scard [1848-1871] [Birth Reg. June Qtr. 1848 Newport, Wales] [aka Margaret/Sarah]
                     Harriet Scard married William Holliday ('lodger' 1871 census) in the June Qtr. 1871 [Reg. Newport] 
                     Harriet died within a few weeks of her marriage.  Registered June Qtr. 1871 [Reg. Newport] recorded aged 23yrs [i.e. born 1848]
                     Her widowed spouse remarried the following year. 

Son:             Robert Scard [Jnr] married Ellen Leary in Dec. Qtr. 1872 [Registered Newport].
                     He appears to have had one son Robert Scard born 1873 - Ellen died in June Qtr. 1875 recorded aged 32 [Registered Newport].
                     The circumstances surrounding her death were published in the Western Mail: 26th May 1875;                                                                    
                     Robert [jnr] in trouble the next year the circumstances were published in the Western Mail: 3rd March 1876                                                                 
                     Robert was recorded in 1891 Census, at Cardiff, a widower, aged 41 working as a hobbler with Ann E. Gibson, Housekeeper, aged 38 of Manchester.
                     Corrected: Robert died in Sept. Qtr. 1899 at the recorded age of 46 [Reg. Cardiff] His son Robert Scard [the youngest]; 
                     1891 Census: Working at Newport as a Servant, aged 19 - Robert Scard married Mary Ann Baldwin June Qtr. 1899
                     1901 Census: in Wales recorded aged 29, a Coachman Domestic, employed, with wife Mary Ann, 23, born Hereford and son Reginald C. Scard aged 11 mths.
Son:  Thomas Norman Scard married Mary Jane Weston in Dec. Qtr. 1873.
                               1891 Census at Jones St. Newport, 36, a Metal Driller, Employed with wife Mary Jane, aged 35, born Newport; Daughter Mary Jane, 16, dressmaker, 
                                        born Newport;  Daughter Frances H, 11, Scholar, born Newport; Niece Mary Ann Syner or Lyoner, 5, born Newport.
                              1901  Unable to find
George Scard [1834-post 1871] Son of Robert Scard and his wife Sarah nee Moors;
Born in Cerne Abbas in 1834 he appears to have arrived in Wales with his parents just prior to the 1851 Census, when he was recorded living with his brother Simon 
1851 Census: Address: George at Storr Street, Newport; 
                                        Simon Scard, Head, aged 28, widower, labourer, born Cerne 
                                        George Scard, Brother, Single, aged 16, shopkeeper, born Cerne 
                                        William Derbin, Lodger, aged 52, farm labourer, born Somerset [Illegible]
                                        Mary Derbin, Lodger, aged 60, seamstress, born Lambeth
                                        Sarah Evans, Lodger, aged 66 and Elizabeth M William aged 30.
1859:  George Scard married Ellen Gammon Sept. Qtr. 1859 [Registered at Newport]
1861   Census: Address: Cardiff Road, Newport;
                                        George Scard, Head, aged 22, occupation illegible, born Cerne Abbas
                                        Ellen Scard, Wife, aged 24, born Barnstaple, Devon
                                        Margaret Scard, Daughter, aged 2 months born Newport [outcome unknown]
                                        Robert Scard, Father, widower, aged 77, Labourer, born Cerne Abbas.
1871 Census:  Address: 9 Marshes Road, Newport 
                                        George Scard, Head, aged 32, Cattle Dealer J and Innkeeper, 
                                        born Sherborne! Dorset ['J' possibly journeyman]
                                        Ellen Scard, Wife, aged 34, born Ilfracombe, Devon* .
                                        Mary I Scard, Daughter, aged 9, Scholar,  born Newport]
                                        Lavinia Scard, Daughter, aged 7, Scholar, born Newport 
                                        Emily Scard, Daughter, aged 6, Scholar, born Newport
                                        George Scard, Son, aged 3, born Newport
                                        Eliza Scard, Daughter, aged 1yr, born Newport 
                                                Eliza Louisa Scard died Dec. 1871 recorded aged 2yrs
New York Immigration Lists [Ancestry]; 
                                        George Scard 
                                        Ellen Scard
                                        Mary J Scard
                                        Lavina Scard [aka Lavinia]**
                                        Emily Scard                 
                                        George Scard
                                        Moses Scard
                                        Bertha A Scard
George and his family settled in Connecticut where he worked as a farmer and had further issue;
* Infracombe, Devon:  Ellen gives her birthplace as the same venue as the above infant Celia Scard who was born in Wales in 1845 and reared at Infracombe, Devon 
     by Israel & Jane Griffiths since before 1851.
** Lavina Scard married David A. Crowell June 14, 1887. They had at least one daughter, Mary  Etta. 
There may have been two other daughters, Helen and Sophia (?). 
Lavina died Oct 14, 1941 (probably  in CT). From Ancestry - descendant?.   
Simon Scard [c.1836-post 1871] Son of Robert Scard and his wife Sarah nee Moors;
           Born Cerne Abbas [Census] although no baptism has been found to date, his parentage is realised in the 1851 Census, recording himself 'brother' of Robert and Sarah's 
           youngest son George.He is believed to have left Dorset to join his elder brother Moses around 1844 and became a police officer at Newport. 

1844: Simon Scard - Police Constable gives evidence; Bristol Mercury: Saturday, October 5th 1844 - Issue 2846                                                           
1847:  Marriage 1:  Simon Married Frances Pembro by Licence 1847 - Bristol Mercury: Marriages: February 6th 1847 - Issue 2968;
1850: Spouse1 dies:  Frances Scard nee Pembro died 26th November 1850 - Bristol Mercury: Saturday 7th December 1850 - Issue 3168; 
There appears to be no surviving issue of the marriage.
1851 Census: Address: Storr Street, Newport; 
                        Simon Scard, Head, aged 28, widower, labourer, born Cerne 
                        George Scard, Brother, Single, aged 16, shopkeeper, born Cerne 
                        William Derbin, Lodger, aged 52, farm labourer, born Somerset [Illegible]
                        Mary Derbin, Lodger, aged 60, seamstress, born Lambeth
                        Sarah Evans, Lodger, aged 66 and Elizabeth M William aged 30.
1852:  Marriage 2:      Simon Scard married Eleanor Williams March Qtr. 1852. [Registered Pontypool]
                                       Alfred Simon Scard born c. 1854 - Civil Index Dec. Qtr. 1854 [Reg. Newport Wales]
                                      Charles Moses Scard born c.1859 - Civil Index March Qtr. 1859 [Reg. Newport Wales]

1857:  Bristol Mercury - Saturday, October 17th 1857 - Issue 3526                                                          
1861 Census: Not found.
1868                Well before 1867 Simon was elected onto the Board of Guardians at Newport,  a Group of Businessmen and Dignitaries involved in Local Community Work, 
                        in a continuing succession of Service extending over the next two decades.  During this time Simon became well respected as a Guardian of the City and 
                        deeply committed to finding employment placements for pauper and orphan children and working ceaselessly promoting Community Projects involving other 
                        Organisations sometimes to the point of ridicule; Simon helped countless children find employment - Western Mail: Friday 22nd October, 1868
                                             click to enlarge
1871 Census: Address: No. 51 North Street, Newport; 
                         Simon Scard, Head, aged 47, a corn merchant, born Cerne
                         Eleanor Scard, Wife, aged 48, born Pontypool, Monmouthshire
                         Alfred Scard, Son, aged 16, Coal Merchant, born Newport
                         Charles Scard, Son, aged 12, born Newport
                         Catherine Saunders, servant, aged 11yrs?, born Newport 
1870-1876       Simon continued his work as a member of the Board of Guardians at Newport recorded speaking at many events over the next decade.
                        He was recorded in over 150 articles in the Bristol Mercury and Western Times There were too many to display the images or the full text.
                        Publications:  Listed here are only a few; 
                         July 25 1870 - Mentioned attending - Discussed Report from Workhouse, a Pump for their Schools etc.  
                         Sat. Dec. 12, 1874 - Mentioned attending - Vocal discussing various issues.
                         Sat. May 11, 1875 - Mentioned attending  - Vocal discussing various issues.
                         Sat. May 29, 1875 - Seconded a Motion for election of a new Vice President which was passed unanimously.
                         Sat. June 12,1875 - Mentioned attending - Vocal discussing various issues.
                         Aug 7, 1875  - Recorded attending - Vocal discussing various issues. 
                         Sept 7, 1775 - Mentioned attending - Vocal discussing various issues.
                         Oct 9 1875   - Recorded attending - Vocal discussing various issues.
                         Sept 2, 1876 - Recorded attending - Vocal discussing various issues.
                         Jan 7, 1876 - Recorded attending - Vocal discussing various issues.
1875                An Article appeared in the Reynold's Newspaper, London regarding the Estate of Eleanor's brother - Sunday 15th August, 1875 - Issue 1305;
                        A search for her brother, i.e. [? Williams - a confectioner in London, born in Wales did not yield results.
1876:    Eldest son Alfred Simon Scard married Ellen Clarke June Qtr. 1876 [Registered Newport [Wales]] Alfred's family details in this Section's Epilogue.
1876/7: During this time son Charles Moses Scard was noted in the Newport Rugby Club, Newport; 
             Club Personal Profile: Charles Moses Scard, born 1859, Newport  Played in Season 1876/7.  Newport Rugby Club was formed in 1874 and within 5 years they had 
             4 invincible seasons. Further information: 
            Simon again resumed his Community Work as one of the Guardians of Newport listed are a further few Bristol Mercury Publications; 
            Aug 12, 1878 - Recorded attending - Vocal discussing various issues.
            Aug 17, 1878 - Recorded attending - Vocal discussing various issues.
            Nov 9, 1878   - Spoke re Catholic children - Vocal discussing various issues. 
            Nov 12 1878 -  Spoke regarding advertising for employment of children old enough to leave school.
            Jan 1, 1879  -  Recorded attending - Vocal discussing various issues.
            Jan 11, 1879 - Recorded attending - Vocal discussing various issues.
            July 24 1880 - "Mr. Scard states that there are many thousands of pounds not utilised in the proper way etc."
             Dec 20, 1880 - Recorded attending - Vocal discussing various issues. 
            These Meetings continued till the mid 1880's. Simon was also recorded at numerous Houses of visiting Dignitaries as a guest at Social Functions, as Judge in various 
            Fairs, Juror and other Community endeavors.  Published Articles mentioning his involvement in these and other Community Projects number over two hundred.

1880  Simon was Judge at the Bedwellty Agricultural Society Meeting  [Livestock]  - Notice Published 17th Sept. 1880.

           During this time Simon's wife Ellen died [Date & Death Reg. have not found at the present time - NOTE: - not to be confused with Ellen Scard nee Leary who died aged 32 in 1775, 
           the wife of Simon's nephew Robert Scard [the younger].  See News Article re Inquest into Death of Ellen Scard [nee Leary] above.  
1881  Census: Address 45 North Street, Newport;  [April 3 1881]
          Simon Scard, Head, Widower, aged 57, Merchant, born Dorset, Cerne Abbas.
          Charles Moses Scard, Son, aged 22, Merchant, born Newport
    Ann Williams, Housekeeper aged 65, born Wales. [Probably Ellen's sister]
1881  Western Mail: Tues May 17 1881

                        Image 1                                  Image 2


          Simon resumed his Work as a Guardian of Newport; 
           April 17, 1882 - Recorded attending
           June 12, 1882 - Recorded attending.

1882: Theft of Simon's Property Published; 
          Western Mail: 17th February 1882; 
1884 Son Charles appears in Court - charges dismissed - Western Mail: Tues. 8th January 1884;
1885: Fire at Simon's Warehouse - Western Mail:  21st September 1885;
1886  Claim in Simon's Warehouse in 1885 challenged - verdict in favour of Simon - Western Mail: 18th February, 1886;
1889    Son Charles dies prematurely - Western Mail: Wednesday 26th June, 1889;
            Note: Of the Chief Mourners [members of the Scard Family]; 
                       Mr. Simon Scard snr. - Father
                       Mr. Alfred Scard - Brother
                       Mr. S.J. Brewer of Cardiff - relationship not established at the present time. 
                       Mr. J. Scott [also sent a wreath from Mr. & Mrs. J. Scott] who were; 
                       Mr. John Henry Scott and Mrs. Emily Charlotte Scott nee Scard, 
                       i.e. Charles' 1st cousin [Simon's niece, the daughter of his brother Moses Scard]
          Charles appears to have died unmarried & without known issue.

1888 Simon's Employee in accident; This was not the first time that Simon's Employees were involved in accidents, one poor man was reported likely to have his leg amputated 
                                                                  after involvement in train accident and another was killed on one of Simon's wagons.
1889: Another Accident involving a pedestrian - Western Mail:  14th August 1889;
1891 Census: Not found at present.
1892: Sale of Properties - Western Mail:  12th December 1892;
1895: Sizeable Estate purchased by Simon - Western Mail:  17th May 1895;
1901 Census: Address: 57 North Street, Newport;
                        Simon Scard, Head, Widower, aged 75, Corn & Cider Merchant, Employer, 
                                                     born Dorset, Cerne Abbas. 
                        Florence Scard, Granddaughter, unmarried, aged 19 [Daughter of son, Albert Scard]
                        Violet Scard, Granddaughter, aged 16 [Daughter of son, Albert Scard]

1902 Death:  Simon Scard died in the March Qtr. 1902 [Registered Newport]. 

                         In addition to several racehorses carrying the 'Scard' name at Newport  during these years, there was also a Scard Street which is still in use to the present time.
                        Simon was survived by his son Alfred aged 56 and six grandchildren.

Surviving child; Alfred Scard born c. 1854  son of Simon Scard by his wife Eleanor nee Williams;
1881  Census: Alfred was living at Newport with his wife Ellen [nee Clarke] & young daughters and his mother-in-law Sarah Clarke. See LDS Census online free.
1891  Census: Address: Till or Sill Manor?, Langattock?, Wales; 
                          Alfred Scard, Head, aged 36, Farmer & Merchant, Self Employed, born Newport, Monm.
                          Ellen Scard, Wife, aged 34, born St. Brides, Monm.
                          Eleanor Scard, Daughter, age 14, Scholar, born Maidstone, Monm. [Eleanor Maria]
                          Florence M Scard, age 12, Scholar, born Maidstone, Monm. [Florence Mary]
                          Mary E Scard, Daughter, age 11, Scholar, born Maidstone, Monm. [Mary Ellen]
                          Thomas S Scard, Son, age 9, Scholar, born Langattock?Monm. [Thomas Simon]
                           Violet M Scard, Daughter, age 6, Scholar, born Langattock?Monm. [Violet Maggie]
                           Sarah N Clarke, Widow, mother-in-law, age 64, living on own means, born Newport, Monm.
1894 Wife Ellen nee Clarke died Dec. Qtr. 1894 recorded aged 40 years [Reg. Newport]
1901 Census:   Address: Pill Manor Farm, Monmouth, Wales;
                          Alfred Scard, Head, Widower, age 45, Farmer, Self Employed & Employer, born Newport 
                          Ellen Scard, Daughter, Single, aged 23, born Newport
                          Mary Scard, Daughter, Single, aged 20, born Newport
                          Thomas Scard, Son, Single, aged 18, farmer's son, born Caerleon, Monm.
                          Gladys Scard, aged 6, born Caerleon, Monm.
Children missing from home in 1901 Census; 
                         Florence Scard, age 19 and her sister Violet, aged 16 were recorded visiting their aging grandfather Simon Scard at Newport.
DEATH - CIVIL INDEX - Alfred Scard:  Dec. Qtr. 1932 [Newport, Wales] recorded aged 78yrs
Outcomes for children;
VIOLET Margaret Scard married George Ernest Railton 26th July 1916- Parish Entry: Date: 26 Jul 1916 - By Licence 
- Groom: George Ernest Railton, Age: 35, bachelor,  Cpl 67th Pioneer Batt Western  Scottish Regt - Father: Lancelot Railton (deceased) - Wesleyan Minister
- Bride: Violet Margaret Scard, Age: 27, spinster Cln,  Father: Alfred Scard- Merchant - Witness: Alfred Scard, Emily Mary Railton Monmouthshire, Wales 
– Parish of Caerleon  Marriages 1910-1919 online.