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Henry Scard [<1823?-1883] Born Cerne Abbas, Dorset [1871 Census]. Also a  possible older Henry Scard already resident in Wales prior 1839.
            A Henry Scard was found at Newport Wales in 1839,  the same time as Moses Scard and his brother Robert [the younger] sons of Robert Scard and Sarah Moors.
            Henry Scard gave evidence at the Newport Trials following the Chartist Riots of 1839, However this may have been the older unplaced Henry Scard. 
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            1841 Census a Henry Scard aged eighteen years is living with John Huxtable, also a police officer at Newport and his family.  Later census revealed that 
                                   John Huxtable was born in 1815 at Beadminster, Somerset, and his wife Harriet was born at St.Augustine, Bristol, Somerset in 1814. 
                                   No direct connection to the Scard Family was found at this point in time. 
            1871 Census:  Henry Scard living at Chapstow Road, Newport, Wales recorded 'Henery Scard' a Lodger, unmarried, aged 43, Milk Dealer, born Dorset, CERNE ABBAS.
            1881 Census:  Harry Scard, aged 52 yrs, Unmarried, General Dealer, born Cerne, Dorset, a lodger, living at Newport with the William & Eliza Coles, [a blind labourer], 
                                      both of Gloucester. 
            1883 DEATH:  Henry Scard died June Qtr. 1883 at the recorded age of fifty-two.  [Registered Newport [Wales]] [i.e. born 1831]
Martha Scard [1816-1902] born Cerne Abbas, Dorset 

           No Baptism found assumed by inference to be the daughter of William Scard & his wife Phoebe [nee Gover] of Cerne Abbas.
           Martha Scard 'of Cerne Abbas' married James Legg 'of Cerne Abbas' by Banns 25th December 1834 at Cerne Abbas. Witnesses: D. Sherry & Jane Scard (bride's sister). 
           In 1841 was recorded at Cerne with spouse & children living next door to her assumed mother Phoebe Scard [widow] who had a daughter Jane Scard.
           Martha and her family subsequently settled in London followed by Jane Scard & her sister her sister Mary,  daughters of Phoebe, also recorded moved to London 
           at that time.
Base Born children of Elizabeth Scard of Cerne Abbas;

            William Albert Scard [1843-1843] baptised 4th March 1843 son of Elizabeth, single woman, Union House, Cerne Abbas. 
                    - William Albert Scard buried 23rd March 1843, 'Infant', Union Work House Cerne Abbas.
            William Scard  [1844-1845]baptised 25th August 1844, son of Elizabeth, single woman, Union House, Cerne Abbas
                    - William Scard  buried 2nd June 1845, 'Infant', Union House, Cerne Abbas
            Elizabeth is assumed to be either (1) - the daughter of William Scard & his wife Phoebe [nee Gover] of Cerne Abbas 
            Elizabeth is assumed to be either (2) - the daughter of James Scard and Esther [nee White] of Cerne Abbas
            Evidence suggests that the former Elizabeth, 1st cousin of the lattermay be the likely mother of these children.

           (2)   Elizabeth would have been aged 35yrs and 37yrs respectively during these periods. Her widowed mother was also living at Cerne Abbas at this time.
                   Elizabeth married a year later in 1846 to a local widower Robert Terrel by whom she had two children before his premature death in 1850.   
                   Further information: follow the above link to her parents [above].
Cecily Scard [1851-post 1871]   Born Cerne Abbas [1851 Census]
              Estimated born approximately  23rd March 1851. Civil Birth:  June Qtr. 1851 [Registered Dorchester]
              1851 Census; [as at 30th March 1851] Address: Union Work House, Cerne Abbas
                                      Cecily Scard, aged 1 week, born Cerne Abbas.
                            Also: Sarah Scard, single, aged 24yrs, occupation Charwoman, born Cerne Abbas (assumed mother)
Now placed
This information has  been transferred to the Epilogue of the Biography of Robert Scard and Sarah nee Moors under their daughter Sarah Jane Scard  
Sarah Jane Scard [c.1827-1879] assumed daughter of Robert Scard and his wife Sarah nee Moors;

              First recorded in the 1841 Census under the name 'Jane' Scard,  aged 14yrs living with parents and her siblings at Cerne Abbas and appears to have
              moved to Newport, Wales with parents and siblings before 1851. 
              Sarah Jane Scard married Benjamin Anthony Dec. Qtr. 1855 [Reg. Newport, Wales]
              Died:  Sarah Anthony - Dec. Qtr. 1879 [Reg. Cardiff, Wales] recorded aged 50 yrs. 
                          Her spouse predeceased her the previous year: Benjamin Anthony died Dec. Qtr. 1878 [Reg. Cardiff, Wales] recorded aged 51 yrs.
              1871 Census: Address: 6 Gainor's Court, Cardiff, Wales
                                       Benjamin Anthony, Head, aged 46, Coal Dealer, Born Newport, Wales
                                       Sarah Anthony, Wife, aged 41, born Cerne Abbas, Dorset.
                                 * * Celia Anthony, daughter, aged 20, unmarried, born Newport, Wales. [Born 1851]                                                                     
                                                                    she was also recorded in the Census at Infracombe Devon by her adoptive parents. 
                                                                    may be the same child recorded Census at Cerne Abbas Union Workhouse born 23rd March 1851 (see next panel below)
                                       Martha Anthony, daughter, aged 7, born Cardiff, Wales.

             * Daughter Celia:  Born before marriage - see next two panels below. 
Ceilia Scard or Celia registered born June Qtr. 1845  [Registered Newport [Wales]]

               Appears was adopted or reared since early childhood by Israel & Jane Griffiths of Infracombe, Devon
               1851 Census: Address: Infracombe, Devon;
                                                       Israel Griffiths, Joiner, aged 48, born Devon. 
                                                       Jane Griffiths, Wife, aged 49, born Infracombe, Devon. 
                                                       Thomas Griffiths, Son, aged 17, born Infracombe.
                                                       Celia Scard, Niece, aged 6, born Wales, Newport.
                 1861 Census:  living with Israel & Jane Griffiths under the name  'Celia Griffiths' 'daughter' 
                 1871 Census:  living with Israel & Jane Griffiths under the name 'Celia Scard' 'a Lodger' aged 24. (appears to be recorded twice on Census, also at 
                                                        Newport (sometimes this did occur) (see above Sarah Jane Scard) 
                 1874  Celia Scard married John Joseph Channon March Qtr. 1874 by whom she had three sons: Alfred Channon, John Channon & James Channon.
                 1891  Celia Channon nee Scard died Dec. Qtr. 1891 [Registered Barnstaple [Devon]] recorded aged 45 years.
                 Census Birth Places; 
                                           Israel born Bideford, Devon. 
                                           Jane born Infracombe, Devon. 
                                           Celia born Newport, Wales.
                  Interesting Snippet; 
                  It is interesting to note that six years after Celia's birth, George Scard [the son of Robert Scard and his wife Sarah nee Moors]
                  then of Newport, Wales, formerly of Cerne Abbas, married Ellen Gammon at Newport in the Sept. Qtr. 1859. Subsequent Census 
                  show that Ellen Gammon was born at Infracombe, Devon. Gammon and Channon could be a mistranscription of the same name. 
                  Ellen Gammon would have been only eleven years old at Celia's birth and George Scard was nine.
Joseph Scard 
                   A birth for Joseph Scard was Registered at Dorchester, in the December Qtr. 1844.   
                   A baptism of  Joseph Whittle Scard was recorded at Cerne Abbas a few weeks later on the 15th Feb. 1845, son of Edith, Single woman, 
                                           at the Union House, Cerne, Minister: Rev. James H. Waugh.
                    Edith Scard was recorded made a paternity complaint on the 17th March 1845 , the complaint was heard and refused 17th March 1845.  
                    Image available at Ancestry:  Dorset Bastardy Records 1821-1853 
                    A civil entry for Joseph Scard was Registered at Dorchester, in the September Qtr. 1846   volume XVIII although appears to be an error in page 47 opposed 49.

                    This child is certainly the same Joseph Scard who was taken to Wales between 1845- 1851 by Robert Scard [the elder] then of Cerne Abbas, 
                    the brother of William Scard [the younger] of Cerne Abbas (deceased)  whom the latter was the father of the above Edith Scard.
                    In the 1851 Census the entry regarding Joseph's relationship to Robert Scard appears vague [i.e. the prefix is clearly Grand... , the suffix barely legible]
                    Joseph was in fact Robert's grand nephew by his niece Edith. 
                    Joseph Scard died at Newport, Wales in the December Qtr. 1854 Wales at the recorded aged nine years [i.e. born 1845].
Alexander Scard [aka Alexander McDonald] [c.1856-post 1901]
                     Born c.1856 aka Alexander Scard aka Alexander MacDonald
                     Reared during childhood by Robert Scard [the younger] & his wife Ann nee Riddle
                     Possibly adopted.
Interesting Snippet

                     Mary Ann Fudge [1827-post 1901] - born c.1827 stated born Shroton, Dorset - 'aunt' of Jane Woods
                                        - Jane Woods, nee Scard, [born 1862 - Shroton],   daughter of    James Scard [born c.1829] of Cerne Abbas - [son of William & his wife Phoebe
                                        - Newly married Jane Woods 'niece' & spouse 'nephew' visiting her in 1881.  She an innkeeper, Dorset.
                                        - living alone off own means in 1891 but returned to home of Jane Woods    
                                        - 1901recorded again as 'aunt'. 
                                        - Alternatively Mary Ann Fudge may have been kin of Jane's Spouse, Herbert Woods, although he was born in Sussex.
Other Unplaced Entries -
Catherine Scard born  Dec Qtr. 1843 - Newport - Birth
Sarah Ann Scrad born Dec Qtr. 1843 - Newport - Birth
Sarah Ann Scard died March 1845 - Newport - Death
Mary Scard born June Qtr. 1847 - Newport - Death
Charles Scard born March Qtr 1854 - Newport - Birth
Mary Jane Scard born March Qtr. 1861 - Newport - Birth