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William mirrors the circumstances of his grandfather's death seventy-five years prior in 1754. Both became dependant on the Overseers of the Poor of Cerne Abbas and both left widows with a young family.

Scard One Name Study
Researched, Compiled & Written by Judith-Anne S Adams ©2006 



William Scard   &  Phoebe Gover

[1792-1829]                                             [<1730-1760]

of Cerne Abbas, Dorset, England 

Digitised scans of Parish Records courtesy of Ancestry

*** New evidence *** 
Background - Artist's impression of an orphan boy at a workhouse
                                                  William Scard [1792-1829]
                                                                           Fellmonger Journeyman of Cerne Abbas, Dorset, England
                                                                                                     by Judith-Anne S Adams ©2006 

1792:          William Scard  was  baptised on the 19th Sept. 1792 at Cerne Abbas, Dorset, the son of  William Scard and his wife Margaret nee Grove .
                    William spent his childhood living with his parents and several siblings in a newly built cottage and garden in Barton Lane, Cerne Abbas.
                     His elder brother James was recorded many years later with facial scaring, a result of small pox possibly during his childhood.  It is not
                     known if William carried these marks. 

1810             Young William worked at Cerne Abbas as a Fellmonger and was the first of his siblings to marry;
                                        'William Scard married Phoebe Gover by Banns 3rd April 1810 at Cerne Abbas. Witnesses:  William  Shephard, Mary Shorto'
                     The Bride:   Phoebe Gover was baptised 29th July 1787 at Up Cerne, the daughter of Martha Gover.
                                                                                                             click to enlarge - courtesty of Ancestry

                       The couple settled at Duck Street, Cerne Abbas - a map of Duck Street showing Lots can be found at the Dorset Online Parish Clerks Website
                     "Map of the Manor of Cerne Abbas by Benjamin Pryce circa 1776-1798.  Courtesy of Dorset History Centre (ref: D/PIT/P6)"

1811-29      Over the next few years several children were baptised at St. Mary's, Cerne Abbas
                                          1811  Elizabeth Scard [c.1812-1887] (year date by inferrence) baptised 2nd June 1812 daughter of William & Phoebe
                                                                         [Dual Baptism with her sister Jane] 
                                                                         Namesake of her deceased paternal grandmother Elizabeth Scard nee Jenkins
                                          1812  Jane Scard [c.1812-1871] (year date by inferrence) baptised 2nd June 1812 daughter of William & Phoebe, Cerne Abbas 
                                                                         [Dual Baptism with her sister Elizabeth]
                                          1815  James Scard [1815-1821] baptised 11th Feb 1816 son of William & Phoebe, Duck Street, Cerne Abbas, 
                                                                        Father's occupation noted: Journeyman Fellmonger
                                                                        Buried: James Scard 14th June 1821 aged 5 St.Mary the Virgin, Anglican Cerne Abbas, Dorset.FHO
                                          1816  Martha Scard [1816-1902] by inference.  See Epilogue.
                                                                        Namesake of her maternal grandmother Martha Gover - see Epilogue
                                          1818  Edith Scard [1818-1900] baptised 18th June 1818 daughter of William & Phoebe, Duck Street, Cerne Abbas; 
                                                                        Father's occupation noted: Journeyman Fellmonger
                                          1820  Mary Scard [1820-1821] baptised 31st October 1820  daughter of William &  Phoebe, Duck Street,  Cerne Abbas; 
                                                                        Father's occupation noted: Journeyman Fellmonger
                           Buried: Mary Scard 19th June 1821 Mary SCARD; Infant; Duck Street, Cerne Abbas
                                          1822  James Scard [c.1822-1872]  baptised 9th June 1822 son of William & Phoebe, Duck Street, Cerne Abbas.
                                                                        [Born Askerwell, Dorset [Census]]. Father's occupation noted: Fellmonger [BT-DOPC]
                                                                        Several discrepancies in his age/birth year occur in various Census, however details recorded 
                                                                        on the digitised image of his marriage confirm he was the son of William Scard of Cerne Abbas.
                                          1824  William Scard [1824-1853] baptised 6th April 1824 son of William & Phoebe, of Duck Street, Cerne Abbas, 
                                                                        Father's occupation noted: Fellmonger - Dorset History Centre
                                                                        Discrepancies in birth year date in Census
                                                                        His marriage recorded "son of William Scard, Fellmonger" of Cerne Abbas. 
                                          1829  Robert Scard [1829-1902] baptised 15th October 1829 son of William & Phoebe, Duck Street, Cerne Abbas; 
                                                                        Father's occupation noted: Fellmonger  [baptised with his younger sister Mary].
                                                                        Dual Baptism - Recorded four months after the death of his father. 
                                          1829  Mary Scard [1829-post 1853] baptised 15th October 1829 daughter of William & Phoebe, Duck Street Cerne Abbas, 
                                                                        Father's occupation noted: Fellmonger [baptised with her elder brother, Robert] - Dual Baptism.
                                                                        Dual Baptism - Recorded four months after the death of his father. 

                         During this time William's parents resided at Cerne Abbas along with his siblings with their own respective families.

1821:       In June 1821, within a period of one week, two of William and Phoebe's children died; 
                                          Their son James, 14th June 1821 recorded aged five years buried St.Mary the Virgin at Cerne. 
                                          Their daughter Mary, 19th June 1821 recorded an Infant; of Duck Street, Cerne, buried at the same venue.  
                                          The cause of this tragedy is unknown

1828:       Late in 1828 Cerne Abbas residents rallied to dual calamities to befall their village;
                The Dorset County Chronicle and Somersetshire Gazette,  records the events of November and December 1728;
                                          Article 1:  Thursday 20 Nov 1828, P.4:   A huge fire ravaged the village
                                          Two weeks later;
                                        Article 2:  Thursday 6 Dec 1828, P.7: "The visitation of an extraordinary and devastating hurricane ..."
                                          See full details Cerne Abbas OPC Website - 
                                          Transcribed by Graham Clark of Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand

1828:       Three months prior in the August 1728 William (the younger) had become ill recorded by the Overseers of the poor receiving alms; 
                                           Scard, William -  ill  -   receiving £1.12 shillings in support of himself and his family for month 7/8/1728-4/8/1728.
                                                         (the amount is consistent with other families receiving alms with dependant children) 
                                                                                        click to enlarge 
                                                                             All Poor Law Documents are Courtesty of Ancestry & The Dorset Record Office

      Both William and his father were recorded over several years in the Cerne Abbas Rate Books eventually joined by William's youngest 
                brother Simon in later years. (Available at Ancestry subscribed Site - Dorset Rate Books) 
                The year 1829 was the last time that the two brothers and their father were recorded together in the Rate Books.
                                                                                                   Cerne Abbas Rate Book 1829
                During this year his rate payments had been reduced by the Church Wardens from 6 shillings to a mere nine pence as William's 
                health deteriorated over the following months, when both he and his family were supported by the Parish with monthly alms
                dating from the above entry in July-August 1828 through to his death in July 1829.  The amounts varied from 16 shillings up to £2 
                dependant on the number of days falling within the month.  Several smaller amounts were dually recorded such as shoes for his 
                children and in the two week period from 16th March to 30th March there were two entries, one of which of 16 shillings was paid to 
                "Dr. Cooper for William Scard".                                                                            
                                                                                                 Poor Law Records March 1829
                 The monthly alms payments continued until William's death three months later.
                 William Scard [the younger] was buried at Cerne Abbas on the 25th June 1829 recorded 'age 39' years, noted of Duck Street survived
                  by his widow Phoebe of nineteen years marriage and eight young children, the two youngest of whom Robert and Mary were recorded 
                  in a dual baptism four months after the death of their father. Overseers of the Poor Records at Cerne Abbas infer the father's 
                  death date found in Parish Records. Census evidence implies his widow had a child in utero at that time i.e. Mary born 1829.  
                 William 'Junr' mirrored his great grandfather who also died at Cerne seventy-five years earlier in 1754 in that he seems to have 
                  become ill rather suddenly. 
                 The haunting Déjà vu affect on his aging father appears to have taken its toll. 
                 Seven days prior to his deceased son's youngest children dual baptism, William Scard [the elder] died; 
                                     "William Scard  of Dorchester Road, Cerne Abbas buried 5th October 1829 aged 78".

                  William's widow Phoebe continued to be supported by the Parish for many years thereafter.  
1834           Presumed daughter Martha Scard 'of Cerne Abbas' married James Legg 'of Cerne Abbas' by Banns 25th December 1834. 
                                   Witnesses:  D. Sherry, Jane Scard & Henry  Hodges;  Minister J. Davis.
                                   James Legg was later documented as a Master Mason. See Epilogue.

1837      William's mother, Margaret [nee Groves] survived William by eight years, remaining at Cerne Abbas where she was 
                                   buried at St. Mary the Virgin, Anglican on the 24th January 1837 at the recorded age of 81 years  [NBI-FHO].

1841      William's widow Phoebe did not remarry and continued to live at Cerne Abbas with her surviving children;
                                  1841 Census:  Address:  Bridge Street, Cerne Abbas, Dorset. 
                                                            Phoebe Scard, age 55, note: the word 'Pauper' has been inserted & then strongly CROSSED OUT  born in County
                                                            Elizabeth Scard, age 28, agricultural labourer, born in County
                                                            James Scard, age 15, agricultural labourer, born in County
                                                            William Scard, age 15, agricultural labourer, born in County
                                                            Robert Scard, age 14, agricultural labourer, born in County
                                                            Mary Scard, age 12, born in County.
                                              NOTE:  Living in the same house/next door:  James Legg age 25, Fellmonger, born county,
                                                             wife Martha Legg* age 25, Elizabeth Legg age 6, John Legg, age 4. 
                                                            * Martha Legg [nee Scard] is considered to be Phoebe & William's daughter.                

                                 Children not recorded at home in the 1841 Census;
                                             Daughter:  Jane Scard:
                                                                1841 Census found Jane Scard aged 25, as servant in the house of Thomas Shippard, aged 80yrs.
                                                                See further information for Jane in the Epilogue.                                           
                                             Daughter:  Edith Scard: 
                                                                1841 Census:  Edith Scard; 
                                                                Note: The Census states Edith's age as 34 but this is clearly an error on the part of the informant as Edith 
                                                                           is recorded in the same household in the 1851 census 'aged 36.
                                                                           The 1841 entry should read 'age 24' which would be consistent with her birth date.
                                                                 Edith Scard is further recorded [1841], unmarried, servant in the home of the Roberts Family at Cerne.
                                                                The same details are recorded in [1851]. See further information for Edith in the Epilogue.

1842-1845: Several base born Scard infants were recorded at Cerne Abbas during this period;
                                         See Scard Unplaced and base-born children relating to Cerne Abbas. 

                    1846: William's eldest daughter Elizabeth marries;                                                              
                                                              At the age of thirty-five, Elizabeth Scard married Robert Terrel a widower, by banns at 16th March 1846
                                                              Cerne Abbas. [See Epilogue].                                                          

                     1849  William's widow, Phoebe dies; 
                                                         William's widow, Phoebe Scard [nee Gover] was buried at Cerne Abbas on the 23rd November 1849, 
                                                         recorded 'age 67'  Minister: Rev. A. Williams. 
Further Reading
Currently a huge  volume original documents and material is being made available to descendants by online resources.   
This website is primarily focused on Earlier Research and in bringing the Scard Family Branches together under a common ancestry.  
The individual biographies were designed as a beacon to assist inexperienced descendants to identify their ancestral branches. 
The continuation and/or expansion of these Biographies is left to descendants.

Elizabeth Terrel [nee Scard] [1811-1887] Daughter of William and Phoebe nee Gover;
At age thirty-one and thirty-two respectively, Elizabeth possibly gave birth to two base-born infants; 
William Albert Scard baptised on the 4th March 1843 and William Scard baptised 25th  August 1844
 both of whom died in infancy.   See Scard Unplaced & base-born children relating to Cerne Abbas.

                   Elizabeth married widower Robert Terrel of Cerne Abbas two years later at the age of thirty-five.
                        Robert Terrel, of full age, Widower, Labourer, 16th March 1846 by Banns, father George Terrell, Labourer and 
                        Elizabeth Scard, of full age, Spinster, Labourer, Cerne Abbas, father William Scard, Fellmonger.
                        Witnesses: William Northover & Elizabeth Morris.  [Officiating]: Reverend J.T. Venables'.
                        Background: Robert Terrel's 1st wife Elizabeth had died at Cerne in Sept. Qtr. 1845.  
                        Robert was left with several young children and married Elizabeth Scard the following year. 
                   Robert Terrel died in 1856.                                         
1861[Census] Elizabeth is recorded aged 54, at Mile Lane, Cerne  with her stepson George Terrel recorded as 'son-in-law' 
                          [this was a common term in this era for 'step-son']  aged 21, unmarried, a Mason's Labourer,  born Cerne 
                         and her two natural children:  
                         Thomas Terrel, aged 12yrs, born Cerne 
                          Jane Terrel, aged 8yrs, Scholar, born Cerne (assume aka Phoebe Civil Reg. Birth 1852!] 
1871 [Census] Elizabeth was recorded at Back Lane, Dorset, aged 61, widow, a washerwoman with 
                         *Phoebe Terrel, Daughter, aged 18, 'works on a farm' born Cerne. 
1881 [Census] Elizabeth's daughter Phoebe had married James Vincent and moved to Shropshire taking his mother-in-law Elizabeth with them.   
                          Elizabeth was recorded living with them recorded as 'mother-in'law' aged 76
                          Several young grandchildren were also recorded.
Elizabeth Terrel [nee Scard] died in the Sept. Qtr. 1887 recorded age 83yrs [Reg Shifnal]
Jane Scard  [1812-1871] Daughter  of William and Phoebe nee Gover;

                         After her mother's death; 

1851 [Census] Jane Scard was found at Cerne, aged 37, a servant, at the home of the Clarke family.

                           Jane appears to have moved to London with her employer and near her sister Martha

In 1861 [Census] Jane Scard was found at Islington London, aged 45, a servant of the Clark Family.
1871 [Census] Jane Scard was recorded aged 60, a domestic servant still with the Clark Family.
Jane Scard died unmarried and without issue at the recorded age of sixty in the Sept. Qtr. 1871 [Reg Chelsea]
Martha Legg [nee Scard] [1813-1902] proposed Daughter of William and Phoebe nee Gover;

                    Martha was the first of William & Phoebe's daughters to marry. She was very closely knit with her siblings.
                    Martha Scard 'of Cerne Abbas' married James Legg 'of Cerne Abbas' by Banns 25th December 1834. 
                    Witnesses:  D. Sherry, Jane Scard [her sister] & Henry  Hodges;  Minister J. Davis.  

                    Martha and her spouse lived in the same house or next door to her mother Phoebe.
                    After Phoebe's death in 1849, Martha, her spouse and children left Cerne Abbas to move to London. Under her protective 
                    wing she appears also to have taken the youngest of her siblings, Mary who was unmarried and only twenty at the time.  
                    Also working in London was her sister Jane. 
                    The three sisters recorded in London in 1851 also with their first cousin Elizabeth Scard the daughter of their deceased uncle William
                    she later married.  
                    Martha's sister Jane remained living in London, working as a domestic servant, close to Martha and her family until her death in 1871.

1851 [Census] Residing at Westminster, London; James Legg, 35; Labourer, Martha Legg, 35; John Legg son 14, Errand Boy; William Legg, son, 9, Scholar;
                          George Legg, son, 6, scholar; Jane Legg, daughter, 4; James Legg, son, 1. 
                          All the elder children were born at Cerne, their youngest son James was born in London.
1861 [Census] Address 34 King North Street, Pancras, London;
                          James Legg, 45, a mason pavior master, born Fordington Dorset;  
                          Martha Leg, wife,45; William Legg, 19; 
                          George Legg, 16; Jane Legg 14; Henry Legg, 11, James Legg, 11; Robert Legg, 4, born Middlesex
                           All children recorded born at Cerne but the youngest. 
1871 [Census]Residing: Pancras London;
                          James Legg, 54, Mason; 
                           Martha Legg, wife, 54;  
                           Jane Legg. 24, Dressmaker; Henry Legg, 22,  Porter  Rail; Robert Legg, 15, Clerk Rail; Alfred Loder, 24, a lodger, baker? 
                           born Middlesex Clerkenwell.
1881 [Census]; Address: 19 King St. North, Pancras;
                           James Legg, 64, Stone Mason; 
                           Martha Legg, 64.
1891 [Census]; Martha living with son William at Bushey, Hertfordshire; 
                           William Legg, age 49, railway clerk born Cerne Abbas, Rose Legg, wife, age 47, born London Pancras 
                            Henrietta M Legg, daughter, age 20, born Kentish Town? ; Ethel B Legg, Daughter, aged 9, born same;
                            Martha Legg Mother Widow age 74, Living on her own means, born Dorset Cerne. 
1902:  Martha Legg [nee Scard] died March Qtr. 1902 recorded age 84 [Reg. Pancras]
Edith Scard [1818-1900] - Daughter of William and Phoebe nee Gover;

                        At the age of twenty-eight Edith possibly gave birth to a base-born son Joseph Whittle Scard baptised 15th  Feb. 1845 at Cerne. 
                        See Unplaced and base-born children relating to Cerne Abbas

                        Edith moved to South Petherton, Somerset where she married William Edwards Sept. 1855 [Reg Yeovill]

1861 [Census] Edith Edwards was recorded at South Petherton married, aged 37yrs, born at Cerne.  
                         Her spouse William Edwards, previously a widower was twenty years her senior, recorded age 57, agricultural labourer born at Sth. Petherton. 
                         Also recorded were; 
                         George Edwards aged 17, 
                         Fanny Edwards aged 12 
                         Mark Edwards aged 10.
                         All three children above were from William's previous marriage and noted born at Sth. Petherton.
                         Elias Edwards age two also born Sth. Petherton (Edith's son by William Edwards)

1870:                Edith's spouse William Edwards died March Qtr. 1870 at the recorded age of 61 [Registered Yeovil] 

1871 [Census] Edith was recorded at South Petherton, a widow, aged 48, a charwoman, born Cerne
                          With her was her son William Edwards, aged 13, a carpenter's apprentice born at Sth. Petherton.*
                          *Consider that son William was probably 'Elias' Edwards in the 1861 census.
1881 [Census] Edith was recorded at North Street, Sth. Petherton, a widow, aged 69, a domestic servant in the house of John Anstice and his family.
1891 [Census] Edith was recorded at Butt Lane, South Petherton, a widow, aged 78, Retired domestic servant. 
1900                  Edith Edwards [nee Scard] died in the March Qtr. 1900 at the recorded age of 82 [Reg Yeovil]
                          A search for Edith's son revealed no further suitable entries.
James Scard [1828-1872]  Son of William Scard & his wife Phoebe nee Gover;

                   After his mother's death he appears to have worked at Shaftesbury; 

1851  Census: Address: Malt Street, Lane, Shaftesbury, Dorset.
                                         James Scard, Head, Unmarried, aged 23, Maltser Journeyman, born Cerne Abbas, Dorset. [born c.1828] 
1858  James Scard married Matilda Tapper on the 13th June 1858 at Shroton [aka Iwerne Courtney], North Dorset; 
                                         Groom: Father: William [Scard], Fellmonger - Bride: Father: Thomas, Labourer 
1861 Census: Address: Crews Yard, Iwerne Courtney [aka Shroton] 
                                         James Scard, Head, aged 31, Maltser & Agricultural Labourer,  born Cerne Abbas, Dorset. 
                                         Matilda Scard, Wife, aged 28,  born Shroton [aka Iwerne Courtney] 
                                         William Scard, Son, aged 2, Scholar, born Shroton [aka Iwerne Courtney] 
                                                           - William Scard was buried 18th Nov 1870 St. Mary's Iwerne Courtney recorded aged 12 yrs.
1871   Census: Address: Iwerne Courtney [aka Shroton]  [Born 1831]
                                         James Scard, Head, aged 40, Maltser unemployed, born Cerne Abbas, Dorset. 
                                         Matilda Scard*, Wife, aged 37, born Shroton [aka Iwerne Courtney] 
                                         Jane Scard, Daughter, aged 9,  born Shroton [aka Iwerne Courtney] 
                                         Mary Scard, Daughter, aged 5,  born Shroton [aka Iwerne Courtney] 
                                                            - Mary Scard buried 24th April 1871 St. Mary's Iwerne Courtney recorded aged 5 yrs. 
                                         Charles Burt*, Lodger, aged 29, Labourer Agricultural,  born Shroton [aka Iwerne Courtney] 
                                         Note: Son Charles Scard now aged three years not found on this Census so far - reappears in 1881 Census. 
                                         * Charles Burt [Lodger] was the nephew of Charles Burt who married Fanny Scard [the younger], the daughter of 
                                            James Scard [the younger], Miller of Iwerne Courtney and his wife Fanny [nee Candy - formerly the relict
                                            of Thomas Fry]. This branch of the Scard Family had been resident at Iwerne Courtney for many decades
                                            holding many Estates. They are the direct ancestral family of the better known James Scard of Henstridge [1801-1879]
1872 Child:                      Edith Scard born June Qtr. 1872 [Registered Blandford] 
1872 Death:                     James Scard buried 5th April 1872 St. Mary's Iwerne Courtney recorded aged 42 yrs
                                          James appears to have mirrored his father in that he died the same year as his youngest child's birth 
                                          James was survived by his widow of fourteen years marriage and his two surviving children;
                                          Jane aged ten and Edith an infant.   
                                          His widow remarried six years later.

1878 Widow                     Matilda Scard [nee Tapper] married Albert Butt Set. Qtr. 1878 [Reg. Blandford]. No issue.
1881 Census:  Address: The Fairground, Iwerne Courtney;
                                          Albert Butt, Head aged 48, blacksmith, born Fontwell Magna, Dorset.
                                          Matilda Butt, Wife, aged 45, born Iwerne Courtney 
                                          Charles Scard, Step-son*, aged 12, born Iwerne Courtney !!! [born 1869!]
                                          Edith Scard, Step-daughter, aged 8, born Iwerne Courtney                                                           
1891 Census:  Address:  Matilda & Albert Butt living alone in Iwerne Courtney. 
1896 Death:                      Matilda Butt [formerly Scard, nee Tapper] died March Qtr. 1896 recorded aged 64. [Reg. Blandford]

Jane Scard [1862-post 1901] daughter of James Scard & his wife Matilda nee Tupper;
                                         Jane Scard married Herbert Woods March Qtr. 1880 [Reg. Weymouth]
1881 Census: Address: The Ship Inn, Maiden St. Melcombe Regis;
                                       Mary A. Fudge, Widow, aged 54, Inn Keeper, born Shroton, Dorset.
                                       Herbert Woods, Nephew, married, aged 24, Mariner, born Sussex, Bookham
                                       Jane Woods, Niece, married, aged 19, born Shroton, Dorset.
1901 Census: Address:  Adelaide Terrace, Bosham, Sussex.
                                       Jane Woods, Head, Widow, aged 38, living on own means, born Dorset, Shroton.
                                       Christian F. Woods, Son, aged 10, born Bosham, Sussex.
                                       Constance E Woods, Daughter, aged 5, born Bosham, Sussex.
                                       Mary A. Fudge, Widow, Aunt, aged 73, living on own means, born Dorset, Shroton.
                                       [Mary A. Fudge was recorded in 1891 living on her own in Iwerne Courtney of independent means.
                                       Jane's Death has been difficult to establish confidently.

Charles Scard [1869-post 1901] son of James Scard & his wife Matilda nee Tupper;

                                       Charles Scard married Sarah Annie Creed Sept. Qtr. 1899 [Registered Blandford]
1901 Census: Address: Alexandra Road, Branborne, Dorset; 
                                      Charles Scard, Head, aged 32, Gardener - Jobbing, born Dorset, Shroton.
                                      Sarah A. Scard, Wife, aged 32, born Faversham, Kent.
                                      Emily E. Scard, Daughter, aged 9 months, born Dorset, Poole.
                                      No further information.

Edith Scard [1872-post 1895]daughter of James Scard & his wife Matilda nee Tupper;

                                       Edith Scard married George Greenham March Qtr. 1895 [Registered Blandford] [mother living at this time]  
1901 Census:                  Unable to find.       
William Scard [c.1824?-1853?] son of William & Phoebe nee Gover;

                William may have gone to Newport Wales after 1848 with his paternal Uncle Robert Scard and his wife Sarah.

                1851 Census A William Scard was recorded at Newport, aged 22, a Lodger born Cerne Abbas staying at the home 
                                        of William Johns, aged 37, a joiner, born Bristol and his young family. 

                 A William Scard was recorded died at Newport in the March Qtr. 1853.  Age not recorded. 
Reasons for applying these entries to William Scard, son of William & Phoebe; 
                 1] Did not move to Wales with cousins Moses, Robert [the younger], Henry and Simeon around 1836. 
                 2] Was found in 1841 Census at Cerne Abbas.
                 3] Appears to have moved to Wales at the same time as Robert & Sarah just prior to the 1851 Census.
                 4] No further entries were found for any 'William Scard' born Cerne Abbas anywhere from this time.
Robert Scard [1827-1902]  Son of William and Phoebe nee Gover;

After his mother's death Robert ventured to Blandford while his sisters moved to London

1851 [Census] found Robert a lodger at Blandford, Dorset, aged 24, unmarried, a fellmonger, born Cerne.

1855 Robert Scard married Ann Ridle in the Sept. Qtr. 1855 [Registered at Dorchester]

1861 [Census] Address: Fordington, Dorset; 
                                         Robert Scard, Head, aged 33, married, a Grocer [servant] born Cerne Abbas.
                                         Ann Scard, Wife, aged 44, a grocer's wife, born Calistock, Dorset.
                                         Alexander Elia Donald, visitor, aged 5, scholar, born Newport, Wales [no relationship given] 
                                         [Alexander is assumed to be of Robert's 1st cousin's family i.e. Robert Scard who had moved to Newport, Wales.
1871 [Census] Address: Sydling, Dorset;
                                         Robert Scard, Head, age 43, Grocer, born Cerne Abbas
                                         Ann Scard, Wife, age 56, born Calistock, Dorset.
                                         *Alexander Scard, Son, aged 15, ag. labourer, born Newport, Wales.
                                         This child appears to have remained with Robert & Ann since the last census now recorded 'Scard' & 'Son'!
1881 [Census] Address: Piddletown Dorset 
                                         Robert Scard, Head, aged 53, gardener domestic servant, born Cerne Abbas
                                         Ann Scard, Wife, aged 64 born Calistock, Dorset.
1891 [Census] Address: Church Street Piddletown;
                                         Robert Scard, Head, aged 65, a groom, gardener domestic servant, born Cerne
                                         His wife Ann was recorded aged 76 born as above. 
                                         Also recorded was Martha McDonald, visitor, aged 11yrs, scholar, born Topuddle, Dorset  
                                         [no relationship given]
1901 [Census] Robert was recorded still living in Church Street, Piddletown now aged 76, a general labourer, employed. 
                        His wife Ann was recorded aged 85.

1902  Robert Scard died in the Sept. Qtr. 1902 at the recorded age of 78 years.
1907  His wife Ann Scard [nee Ridle] survived him a further five years and died in the Sept. Qtr. 1907 recorded aged 96 years. 
          No Issue found. 
Mary Scard [c.1829-post 1853] - Daughter of William and Phoebe nee Gover;

                         After her mother's death, Mary the youngest of the siblings appears to have moved to London around the same time as her 
                         sisters Martha and Jane.

1851 [Census] records Mary Scard at 6 George Street, Westminster, London aged 21, a lodger, a shirt maker, born Cerne.
                                        Also recorded was Elizabeth Bullimore, visitor, unmarried, aged 20, dressmaker, born Berkshire, illegible.
                                        Elizabeth Fincham, visitor, unmarried, aged 18, trouser maker, born Cerne Abbas.
                                        Note:  Mary's aunt Jane Scard was also working in London as a servant and her married sister Martha Legg.
1853:                 Mary may have married in the December Qtr. 1853 at Islington, London - No spouse named. 
                          No further information.