Scard Family      
                                           Anthony Harrison Scard
                                                                                                            Shoemaker, of London
                                                                                    Spouse 1:  Catherine Dallman [Had issue]
                                                                                    Spouse 2:  Charlotte Henrietta Catherine Bruin [nee Hover] [No issue of the union]
        1826   Birth: Anthony Harrison Scard was born 22nd September 1826 in his parent's home at Vauxhall Road, London City, 
                                          the fourth child of Thomas Scard, a Tailor of London and his wife Mary Ann nee Barnes.

                          Anthony's middle name 'Harrison' is an esteemed Name derivived from his mother's lineage at Westmorland.
                                         This lineage extends far into the 16th Century at Westmorland, the Family Name having much status.

                     Family:       Anthony had one paternal uncle Thomas Scard, a bootmaker, who although settling in Bedminster Somerset
                                        for many years, then moved to London when Anthony was aged around eleven.  William's father & his uncle had a
                                        a particularly difficult childhood when their father died prematurely and their mother remarried. 

                                        Both apprenticed in their respective trades, leaving home at an early age. Whilst Anthony's brother William 
                                        followed his father's trade of tailoring, Anthony assumed the trade of Boot-making, considered learnt from 
                                        his paternal uncle.
                                        Anthony had seven siblings in all, three brothers & four sisters.

                    1839 Brother William marries; 
                                       Anthony was aged thirteen when his brother William Thomas Scard married Elizabeth Ryan on the 12th May 1839 
                                       at St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London.  Their father attended the ceremony considered also attended 
                                       by Anthony, his mother and younger sister Mary Ann then six.  

                    1841 Census:
                                        Anthony was living at home with his parents & younger sister Mary Ann in 1841, recorded as follows; 

                                                    Address: Hart Street, St. Pauls Covent Gardens, Westminster;
                                                                    William Scard, aged 45 [ages were rounded in this census], a Tailor, not born in County
                                                                    Mary Scard, aged 40, not born in County
                                                                    Anthony Scard, aged 15, born in County.
                                                                    Mary Ann Scard, aged 8, born in County.
                                       Note:  The information in maroon italics above & below was kindly submitted by Ms.Scard of Kent [1989]
                     1844   Marriage:
                                       Anthony Scard Married Catherine Dallman 1844 St. Mary's Church 
                                       At the age of nineteen Anthony Harrison Scard married Catherine Dallman on the 15th Sept. 1844 at Lambeth Surrey
                                       His father was noted on the Parish Entry:  William Scard.   [Registered September Qtr. 1844 London].
                                       [Note: His father's permission would have been mandatory]
                                                          Catherine Dallman was baptised 24th August 1817 at St. Martin in the Fields, Westminster, London 
                                                         the daughter of Thomas Dallman and his wife Mary Ann.
               The couple remained in London where they had the following issue;
                                                           Child 1:   Catherine Mary Scard born 15th November 1844  
                                                                             Born at Blackfriars [Registered London Dec. Qtr 1844]
                                                           Child 2:   Thomas William Anthony Scard born 27th Sept. 1845 christened at St.Anne's Black Friars, London
                                                                             Born at Old Change, London [Registered London Sept. Qtr.1846]
                                                           Child 3:    Mary Ann Scard born 4th May 1849 christened as above. 
                                                                             Born at Old Change, London [Registered London June Qtr. 1849]
                                                           Child 4:    Anthony Paxton George Scard born 3rd June 1851 at 30 Old Change, christened as above.
                                                                             Born at Old Change, London[Registered London June Qtr. 1851]
                    1849:  Anthony's little sister marries young; 
                                           At the age of sixteen Anthony's sister, Mary Ann Scard married twenty-four year old Charles Ellson, a porter, on the 
                                           22nd April, 1849 at St. James, Westminster.
                    1851 Census: Address: 30 Old Change, London  [Ancestry=Anthony Hanison Leard]
                                          Anthony Harrison Scard, Head, aged 25, Boot Maker employing 9 men, born Middlesex.
                                          Catherine Scard, Wife, aged 33, born Westminster.
                                          Catherine Mary Scard, aged 6, Scholar, born City of London.
                                          Thomas William Anthony Scard, aged 4, at home, born City of London.
                                          Ellen Bishops, Servant, aged 17, Unmarried,  Servant, born Tower Hamelton.

                    1853  Anthony's paternal uncle dies;
                                           Thomas Scard died in London 1853 at the estimated age of fifty-eight. [Registered Dec. Qtr. 1853 London]. 
                                           William's wealth appears to have been accumulated over the seven years since his marriage and whilst in the death 
                                            of his uncle Thomas Scard he may have inherited his Uncle's Shop, Anthony's accomplishments were very likely due 
                                            to his own craftsmanship and endeavour.  His interest in the physiology of the feet and his philosophical approach  
                                            was renown in London and undoubtedly this passion contributed to his outstanding success.

  1854 Anthony Harrison Scard gives evidence in a Trial at the Old Bailey, London on the 18th Sept. 1854. 
                                     [Anthony Seard, Bootmaker] speaks of his family living nearby the building prior to a fire. See Link to the Trial;
           1854: Meanwhile Anthony's philosophies and passion relating to the care of the feet is evident in a treatise mentioned 
                                        in the Chamber's Journal of Popular Literature, Science & Arts.
                                        Google Books:  URL
                                                        Rounded Rectangle: Chamber’s Journal of Popular Literature, Science & Arts.   Chambers Journal page 172; based on July-Dec. 1854.   In the works of Mr. Anthony Scard, bootmaker , we are informed that;   Philosophy with Art and Science meet,   For special attention he devotes to the formation of the Feet*    Our author’s notion of the licence of clision is a limitless, it may be remarked,   as his own poetic soul.    Others may boast – “tis only bonst and veriest talking –  Here your Toes are not squeezed up while in the act of walking.   A breadth of Trend, them to expand, A. Scard for Aye allows;   For this Cripinian’s diadem, thonged with teams, still glows.   Upon the most immortal of his sons’ radiant brows;   Constructing for each foot Lest leist to peculiarities (err Doth not the Muse)  Without additional charge to the purchaser.  

                     1859 An amusing article;
                              Anthony was an avid teetotaler, incorporating his beliefs into his Trade, an enthusiasm possibly not shared by his brother.
                              The Temperance movement extended far and wide, their members numbered in their thousands. 
                              Temperance Literature & Temperance Politics Caledonian  Mercury (Edinburgh, Scotland), 
                              Wednesday Jan 12 1859. Issue 21622

                                                           ..... It is a world of  mild separatists, who are in this outer alcoholic world, 
                                                           but are not of it –  having ideas, institutions, politics and boot and shoemakers 
                                                           peculiar to themselves…..conducted on Temperance principles, which it is to 
                                                           be  hoped ……Attention to dress, and Well-fitting garments, refinement express….
                                                           .... and Mr Scard, bootmaker to the League, Alliance, Maine Law, and Temperance 
                                                           Reformers in general, who solicits the patronage of his teetotal  brethren, will 
                                                           supply his brother with a boot made on such extra teetotal principles that it will 
                                                           not let in even water.

                     1861: Anthony's mother dies; 
                                              Mary Scard [nee Barnes] died just prior to the census in 1861 at the estimated age of sixty-three.
                                              [Registered West London June Qtr. 1861]

                    1861 Census: Address:     8 Bow Lane, London;
                                                               Anthony Harrison Scard, Head, age 35, Bootmaker employing 10 men & 1 Apprentice, born Vauxhall Road.
                                                               Catherine Scard, Wife, age 44, born Westminster
                                                               Catherine Mary Scard, Daughter, aged 16, born Blackfriars           
                                                               Thomas William Anthony Scard, Son, aged 14, Scholar, born Old Change.
                                                               Anthony George Paxton Scard, Son, aged 9, Scholar, born Old Change. 
                                                               Mary Ann Scard, Daughter, aged 11, Scholar, born Old Change.
                    1867:   Anthony prepares to give an exhibition in Paris;
                                    Paris Exhibition List of Exhibitors published London Times 1867 
                                    List of the Exhibitors to whom space has been allotted by the respective Committees.
                                    Group IV: Clothing (including Fabrics*) and other objects worn on the person;
                                                                                 ..... Anthony Harrison Scard .....
                    1869  Anthony's father dies; 
                                             Anthony's aging father was now afflicted with deafness for over a decade.  He died in the St. James Workhouse,
                                             his death Registered in the June Qtr. 1869 recorded aged 73 yrs [Civil Index].  He was buried at theVictoriaPk 
                                             Cemetery, Hackney, London on the 16th April 1869.  His burial records him aged 74years.
                    1871 Census: Anthony, his wife  & his two unmarried daughters Catherine & Mary Ann were not found. 
                                    It is considered they may have remained in France after the exhibition?
                                          Sons Thomas & Anthony were boarding together at No. 4 New North Street, 
                                                                Thomas Scard, Boarder, Unmarried, aged 26, Clicker, born Middlesex
                                                                Anthony Scard, Boarder, Unmarried, aged 21, Mould Cutter, born Middlesex
                    1875     In 1875 subscribed his name as candidate for Election of Alderman - London - Ward of Cordwainer.
                                                       he was then living at No. 8 Bow Lane;
                    Death of Anthony's 1st Wife Catherine; 
                                No record has been found for the death of Anthony's 1st wife Catherine, she may have died abroad.

                    1877 2nd Marriage; 
                                           At the age of fifty-one Anthony Harrison Scard married Charlotte Henrietta Catherine Bruin [nee Hover] 
                                           on the 21st March 1877 at St. Jude Southwark, Surrey. [1824-  [Registered St. Saviour March Qtr. 1877]
                                                Charlotte Bruin nee Hover was born in Middlesex c. 1823, shown in the 1871 Census as of Independant means. 
                                                She was the relict of George Bruin a Booking Office Keeper.  Charlotte had no issue of either marriage.

                    1878 Death of brother William Thomas;
                                          Anthony's brother, William Thomas Scard died in the December Qtr. 1878 at the recorded age of 60 years
                                           [Registered London City].  The families were close, William's widow visiting the home of Anthony's daughter 
                                          Catherine Mary thirteen years later in 1891, four years after Anthony's death.

       1881 Census: Address; No. 8 Kennington Park Road, Lambeth; 
                                               Anthony H Scard, Head, Married, age 55, retired Tradesman, born Vauxhall Road, London 
                                               Catherine M Scard, Daughter, age 36, no occupation, born London City. 
                                               Mary A Scard, Daughter, age 31, born London City
                                               Harriet Moore, Servant, unmarried, age 21, domestic Servant, born ? Essex. 
                                               Note:  Anthony's new wife Charlotte was not found in this census but appears ten years later in 1891 at Lambeth.

       1883:  Anthony's youngest daughter dies prematurely; 
                                               Mary Ann Scard born 4th May 1849 christened at St.Anne's Black Friars daughter of Anthony Harrison Scard.
                                               Died without being married at her father's house. The Popcars,21 Jennington Park Rd. London.
                                               Mary Ann predeceased her father by four years her death Registered in the March Qtr. 1883 St. Giles at 
                                               the Recorded age of thirty-four.

                    1887: Death of Anthony Harrison Scard; 
                                               Anthony Harrison Scard died Testate on the 23rd March at the recorded age of 61 years. 
                                               [Registered St.Saviour Southwark]                                               
                                               His Death was reported in the LLoyd's Weekly Newspaper (London, England)  Sunday, March 27 1887; 
                                               Issue 2314: 'Town & Country Talk.
                 Transcription:           Mr. Anthony Harrison Scard of 21 Kennington-Park-Road, 
                                                                                a guardian of the City of London union, fell down dead in 
                                                                                the Walworth-road on Wednesday.'
                                               Anthony Harrison Scard 's death was also published in an issue of the London Gazette 
                                               recorded as 'Gentleman'. According to the article Anthony died on the 23rd March 1887, 
                                               his Will proved 30th June 1887.


                      Charlotte Scard [1824-1906] [nee Hover, formerly Bruin] 2nd Wife of Anthony Scard; 

                                               In 1891 & 1901 was living on own means at Lambeth. 
                                               Charlotte died in 1906 at Lambeth at the recorded age of eighty-two. [Reg. June Qtr. 1906 Lambeth]

                     Catherine Mary Scard [1844-1914] eldest child of Anthony Harrison Scard & his 1st Wife, Catherine nee Dallman;

                                                 Catherine Mary Scard born 15th November 1844
                                                 Married Joseph Thomas Salmon of Christchurch, Newgate Street, Wholesale Gentleman.  Known as Salmon & Vail. 
                                                 Moved to Bradstow House 18 Luxor St. Loughborough Junction where twins were born - both died.
                                                Thomas Salmon died 10th June 1892.
                                                Catherine Mary Salmon died 31st January 1914 died without children.
                                                Catherine buried at Finchley 5th February 1914. 

                                                 Catherine was hostess to her paternal aunt [by marriage] Elizabeth Scard [nee Ryan] in 1891, 
                                                 the widow of her uncle William Thomas Scard, the brother of her father. 
                                                 Elizabeth was recorded on the Census as 'sister-in-law' to Joseph, a widow, aged 75yrs. 
                                                 Elizabeth died six years later at Lambeth in 1895 at the recorded age of seventy-nine. 

                                                Catherine's death was Registered March Qtr. 1914 Lambeth her age given in the record as sixty-nine.  

                     Thomas William Anthony Scard [1845-1892] eldest son of Anthony Harrison Scard & his 1st Wife, Catherine nee Dallman;
                                               Thomas William Anthony Scard born 1845 christened at St.Anne's Black Friars 27th Sept. 1845.
                                               Learned the trade of bootmaking with his father Anthony Harrison Scard
                                               afterwards he became manager of one of the best hand-made bootmakers then in London.
                                               Thomas William Anthony Scard married Fanny, gold & silver braid & tapestry manufacturers. 
                                               He died in 1889 without any children before his wife.

                                               Thomas William Anthony Scard married Francis Sophia Edwards Sept. Qtr 1877 registered at St. Giles London.
                                               1881 Address: 31 High Street, aged 36, a manager B & F Boot agency, with wife Frances aged 30 born London.
                                               Thomas William Anthony Scard's death was registered Sept. Qtr. 1892 at Westminster recorded aged forty-five.
                                               He died without issue.  

                     Anthony Paxton George Scard Son of Anthony Harrison Scard & his 1st Wife, Catherine nee Dallman;

                                              Anthony Paxton George Scard born 3rd June 1851 at 30 Old Change, christened as above.
                                              Anthony George Paxton Scard [1851-1910] - married Harriet Laura M Giffin  [Reg. June Qtr. 1871 Holborn] 
                                              Known Issue;
                                                       'Hetty' Harriet Scard [BIRTH - CIVIL INDEX - June Qtr.   1872 [Reg. Edmonton]]
Married under 'Harriet Laura K Scard' [MARRIAGE - CIVIL INDEX - : Sept. Qtr. 1893 St.Neots] Spouse & issue difficult to establish. Laura Scard [BIRTH - CIVIL INDEX - June Qtr. 1872 [Reg. Edmonton]] Last recorded 1901 Census, single, aged 27, 'a visitor' in the home of Joseph Lilley Prole and his family. Married Dec. Qtr. 1907 [Reg. St. Ives] estimated aged 35 yrs. Anthony Thomas Scard [BIRTH - CIVIL - Sept. Qtr. 1874 [Reg. Shoreditch [London]] Anthony Thomas Died June Qtr. 1877 [Reg. Islington] recorded aged 2 yrs. Anthony Scard [BIRTH - CIVIL INDEX - Dec Qtr. 1877 [Reg. Pancras [London] Marriage: 'Anthony Thomas Scard' - Civil Index June Qtr. 1903 [St. Neots] Known Issue; Marjorie Grace Scard born Dec. Qtr. 1905 [Reg. St. Ives] Gertrude Rose Scard born Sept. Qtr. 1908 [Reg. St. Ives] Maude or Mary Scard [CAUTION: POSSIBLE BIRTH - CIVIL INDEX - Maude Minnie? June Qtr. 1879 [Reg. Pancras]] outcome unknown. Census; 1871 Census living London, boarder, age 21, unmarried, Clerk with his brother Thomas. 1881 Census: Address: 27 Harwood St.,London, Anthony G.P. Scard, Head, age 29, Carrier & Gilder, born London. Laura Scard, Wife, aged 32, born London. Hetty Scard, Daughter, aged 8, born London. Laura Scard, Daughter, aged 5, born London. Anthony Scard, Son, aged 3?, born London. Maude Scard, Daughter, aged 1, born London. 1891 Census Address: Angel Inn, Market Square, Huntingshire [St. Neots]. A.G.P. Scard, Head, aged 39, Licensed Victualler, Self Employed Laura Scard, Wife, aged 41 Harriet Scard, Daughter, aged 19, Inn Waitress in Public House Laura Scard, Daughter, aged 15, Inn Waitress in Public House Alfred Scard, Son, aged 13?, Scholar Mary Scard, Daughter, aged 11, Scholar 1901 Census: Anthony & wife Laura not found. 1901 Census: Daughter Laura Scard found: aged 25yrs, unmarried, a visitor, housekeeper, born Horton, London, at Elford, Bedford, in the home of Joseph Lilly Prole aged 53yrs, a farmer, born Cardington, Bedford, his wife Martha aged 54 yrs born Bedford and their son Kenneth Prole aged 15yrs born Elford.
Anthony George Paxton Scard Died Sept. Qtr. 1910 at the recorded age of 59 years [Registered at St. Ives - Cambridge] His widow Laura died under the name Harriet L Scard Registered March Qtr. 1921 at Cambridge at the recorded age of 72 years.