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                      Scard Biographies - The Southampton, Hampshire Branch

                             Benness Scard                                              Elizabeth Hill
                                              [1768-1848]                                     -                                                     [c.1774-1845]

                                  of Stratford Wiltshire formerly of Nursling/Eling, Hampshire 


                                                                                  Elizabeth Scard [c. 1794-1794] 
                                                                                  Harriet Maria Scard [1795-1816] 
                                                                                  George Hill Scard [1796-1848] - Biography
                                                                                  Eliza Scard [1797-1869]
                                This family has several entries in the UK Poll Books and Electoral Registers 1538-1893, 
                                                               the London, Land Tax Records 1692-1932 and the 
                                                Hampshire Record Office also holds several documents not listed below.
             UK Passenger Lists and in addition to the Wills already transcribed on this website, there are many Wills post 1858 
                                    which have not been retrieved (England & Wales National Probate Calendar from 1858 ) 
                                       Newspaper Articles from various sources plus many other resources with entries 
                                                       not listed here are left to their respective descendants to explore

                 This website is primarily focused on conjoining all the 'Scard Branches' to a common family around the 
                      late 17th Century, the biographies presented for each of the extended families is a a rough draft 
                                            of their lives for those just beginning to explore their Scard Lineage

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                                                               Scard Biographies - The Southampton, Hampshire Branch

                                                                                        Benness Scard                                Elizabeth Hill
                                                                                                                          [1768-1848]                                     -                               [c.1774-1845/8]

                                                                                            of Stratford Wiltshire formerly of Nursling/Eling, Hampshire 
                                                                                       Compiled and Written by J.S.Adams, combining the Original & Independent Researches of both JSAdams & LMealey

1768             Benness Scard was born in 1768 the third child and second son of Thomas Scard [the elder]  and his wife Susannah nee Benness, of Eling Hampshire. 
                     He had three known siblings; John, Susannah & Thomas.  Benness was aged six & seven years respectively respectively when his maternal grandfather 
                     John Benness, a wealthy Maltster died in 1770 and his maternal grandmother in 1771. Benness was legatee in the former Will  with his mother and 

1792             At the age of twenty-four Benness Scard married Elizabeth Hill on the 6th November 1792 at Nursling, Hampshire. Elizabeth Hill was baptised at Nursling 22nd October 1767 
                     the daughter of George Hill a wealthy yeoman and his wife Mary and the granddaughter of George Hill 'yeoman' and his wife Elizabeth nee Reay. The wealthy Hill Family 
                     had been resident at Nursling for many generations. Elizabeth's grt. grandfather died testate in 20th June 1770 [1] leaving a considerable fortune, his main beneficiary was hi
                     grandson George Hill, Elizabeth's father. The Will of George Hill [Snr.] of Nursling Hampshire (1770) is not transcribed  The Hill Family Estate was eventually bequeathed
                     to Elizabeth, her sisters and their children in upon her father's decease in 1821, her father having no surviving male heir.  The couple settled at Nursling where they had four 
                     children before moving to Stratford, Wiltshire;

                                       Child 1:  Elizabeth Scard [c. 1794-1794] - Elizabeth Scard buried 1st January 1794 [1] recorded 'infant'  at Nursling 
                                       Child 2:  Harriet Maria Scard [1795-1816] - Harriet Maria Scard died at the age of 21 yrs, unmarried and without issue 
                                                        at Nursling she was buried at St. Boniface, Nursling at the venue of her parent's marriage.
                                       Child 3:  George Hill Scard [1796-1848] assumed born Stratford Wiltshire.  See Epilogue
                                       Child 4:  Eliza Scard [1797-1869] born Stratford Wiltshire - died without issue, a spinster.   See Epilogue

1798             Benness and his brother John were assigned according to their Station and listed in the London Times among many others appointed to serve in the Home Militia; 
                     London Times [3] :  26th May 1798;
                                        'Benness Scard to be Ensign with Stratford Under the Castle of Old Sarum Volunteers.' [Wiltshire]  [now aged 30yrs].
                                        'John Scard, Gent.  To be Lieutenant with the Eling Volunteers.'  [John now aged 34yrs] 
                                        His brother John was assigned as Lieutenant and later Captain of the Eling Battalion in 1798 and 1808 respectively. 
1802             In 1802 Benness Scard was called as witness or victim to give evidence at the Wiltshire Quarter Sessions on the 27th April 1802. He was noted as of 'Stratford Sub Castle' 
                     and ‘Overseer’.

1809:            Three years later Benness's younger brother Thomas was facing debtor's prison.  His father mentions in his Will [1824] details of this unfortunate event.  His brother John 
                      and his sister Susannah with their father rallied to help their brother Thomas financially however Benness refused, a decision that would cost him dearly in his father's Will.  
1812             Monday, October 5th, 1812  Benness was noted in the County of Wiltshire Game Duty List published in the Salisbury Winchester Journal  at the rate of 
                     Three Guineas each for the year 1812 - Entry: 'Benness Scard of Stratford under Castle'. 
                     The same year he appears in the same publication as a co-executor relating to an Estate;
                                                      ' JOHN ROGERS begs leave to return his unfeigned thanks to the friends of his late Father, deceased, for the favours 
                                                        they bestowed on him during the many years he carried on business, and respectfully to inform them and the public,  
                                                        that he intends to continue the businesses of MALTSTER and BREWER, on the Premises of his late Father; and 
                                                        humbly solicits their future favours and support, which he will strive to merit, by ready attention to their commands, 
                                                        and supplying them with Goods of the first quality, on reasonable terms. 

                     The following Item was published: CASTLE-STREET, SARUM, Oct. 29. 1812.
ALL Persons to whom the Deceased stood indebted at the time of his death, are requested to send or deliver the particulars of their respective Demands to the said JOHN ROGERS, or BENNESS SCARD, of Stratford-under-the-Castle, Gentleman, his joint Executors; or to Mr. WARDEN, solicitor, Close, Sarum: And those persons who are indebted to the Estate of the said deceased, are desired to pay the amount of their respective debts to the said John Rogers forthwith. 1814 On the 18th June 1814, Benness Scard publishes his Will naming his wife Elizabeth as his sole Beneficiary and Executrix. Although Benness had young children still in their minority at this time, they were not mentioned in his Will. Benness lived a further 23 years until his death in 1837 but his Will was never changed and stood as written in 1814. 1815 Meanwhile at Ealing Benness' mother, Susannah died testate, buried at Eling 9th November 1815
[1] at the recorded age of 72yrs. 1816 Benness returned to Ealing with unfortunate consequences when his twenty-one year old daughter Harriet Maria Scard was buried 10th July 1816 at the recorded age 21 at St. Boniface, Nursling, noted 'of Stratford'. Within months Benness's youngest brother Thomas died intestate, buried at Eling on the 21st December 1816 leaving a widow with seven young children.
whom evidence suggests although her deceased spouse was unable to provide for them she was well provided by her wealthy brother John Yeates and almost certainly the Scard Family. 1817 After his brother's death Benness and his remaining family returned to Stratford where the following year he was called as witness or victim to give evidence at the Wiltshire Quarter Sessions on the 14th January 1817. He was noted as from Stratford Sub Castle and his occupation recorded as ‘Yeoman’. It was this year that Benness' son George Hill Scard now come of age [21yrs] moved Nursling where he recorded purchasing a lease with his maternal grandfather George Hill but had returned to Wiltshire noted of 'Downtown' was noted in a similar proceeding as witness or victim in the Wiltshire Quarter Sessions on the 11th July 1820. Benness himself was also recorded as Witness in several Court Sessions in Wiltshire. 1821 The following year Benness's wealthy father-in-law George Hill died at Nursling in 1821 naming his daughter, Elizabeth Scard Executrix and main beneficiary with grandchildren; George Hill Scard, Maria Harriet Scard (since deceased) and Georgina Spencer, all three grandchildren under the ages of 21yrs at the time the testator published his Will. The Will of George Hill of Nursling Hampshire [ to be transcribed ]. 1824/5 Three years later Benness' father Thomas Scard [the Elder] died testate, buried at Eling 29th January 1824 at the recorded age of  87years. His eldest brother John was nominated as Executor, however it appears that due to an ongoing Suit brought about by Benness's father & John, administration was not sought for another year. A notice was published in the Winchester & Salisbury Chronicle: Monday, February 14th, 1825:  "All Persons having any Demand on the Estate and Effects of the late Mr. Thomas Scard, of Totton, are requested forthwith to deliver the same to his Executor Mr. John Scard, of Totton : and all Persons indebted to the Estate are desired to discharge the same without delay. ALL Persons to whom the Deceased stood indebted at the time of his death, are requested to send or deliver the particulars of their respective Demands to the said John Rogers, or Benness Scard, of Stratford-under-the-Castle, Gentleman, his joint Executors*; or to Mr. WARDEN,  solicitor, Close, Sarum: And those persons who are indebted to the Estate of the said deceased, are desired to pay the amount of their respective debts to the said John Rogers forthwith. That same year Benness returned to his cradle in Hampshire where several purchases of property were documented for Benness and his son George. There is no further evidence to suggest that they ever returned to Wiltshire. Date: 31 May 1825: Lessor in a Lease for 21 years - Property at Millbrook (2 copies) Messuage and garden in Millbrook and fixtures in and about the messuage and garden and paddock adjacent, lawn and pleasure ground and close or piece or parcel of land in Millbrook [Barker Mill family Estate] Principals: i) Benness Scard of Totton, Eling, gent. ii) Sir Charles Darlymple of Southampton Date: 13 Apr 1825: Lessee Assignment of lease: Part of a close called Common Close containing one acre, one rod, twenty nine perches and a messuage and garden. Principals: i) Mary Ann Hare and Richard Pollen of Middlesex, barrister; ii) Benness Scard of Eling, gent. 1837 Benness Scard died testate at Eling, buried on the 19th August 1837 at the recorded age of 69yrs. Benness Scard was survived by his Widow Elizabeth [nee Hill] of forty-five years marriage and his two surviving children George Hill Scard aged forty-one and Eliza Scard aged forty. Will of Benness Scard Dated: 18th June 1814 Proved: 2nd April 1838 Kindly transcribed and submitted by LMealey
            This is the last Will and Testament. of me Benness Scard of Stratford under the Castle of Old Sarum in the County of Wilts Gentleman, made and published this eighteenth day of June 
            in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fourteen, in manner and form following, that is to say - I give devise and bequeath unto my dear Wife Elizabeth Scard All that my
            Freehold Meadow situate lying and being at Calmoor in the Parish of Eling in the County of  Southampton called Calmoor Meadow Also I  give devise and bequeath unto my said Wife 
            All Those my several Freehold Messuages or Tenements Gardens Lands and  Hereditaments which I now possess situate lying and being within the City of  New Sarum in the County of 
            Wilts To hold the said Meadow Messuages or Tenements  Gardens Lands and Hereditaments unto her my dear Wife Elizabeth Scard her heirs  and Assigns forever. And as to all and 
            singular other my Estate  Monies and Securities for Money Stock in Husbandry Household Goods and Furniture Debts due and owing to me and all other my Real and Personal Estate
            and Effects of every description and kind whatsoever and wheresoever situate and being that I may be seized or possessed of at the time of my decease I give devise and bequeath the same
            and every part and parcel thereof unto my said Wife Elizabeth Scard  To hold to her my said Wife Elizabeth Scard her Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns as her own sole 
            Property forever And it is my express will and desire that, she, my said Wife, may dispose of all and singular my said Real and Personal Estate and Effects by me herein devised and 
            bequeathed to her or the Monies to arise therefrom respectively, either by her last Will and  Testament, or otherwise in her Lifetime as she may think proper without control Hereby 
            revoking all former Wills by me at any time or times heretofore made. I do declare this to be and contain my last Will and Testament and I do hereby make nominate constitute and 
            appoint my said dear Wife Elizabeth Scard Sole Executrix hereof  In witness whereof  I the said Benness Scard the Testator have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year first 
            hereinbefore written Signed sealed published and declared by the said Testator Benness Scard as and for his last Will and Testament on the day of the date in the presence of  
            Benness Scard us, who in his presence and at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses. H.W. Lawrence; Isaac Petty; 
            Arthur Brownjohn

            PROBATUM: The second day of April One thousand eight hundred and thirty eight. On which day the within named Elizabeth Scard of the Parish of Eling in the County of Southampton, 
                                     Widow, was duly sworn Executrix of the within written Will and Testament of Benness Scard , formerly of Stratford in the County of Wilts but for many years now last past 
                                     of the said Parish of  Eling, and late of the last named Parish and in the said County of Southampton Gentleman deceased And the said Elizabeth Scard further made oath 
                                     that all  the Goods Chattels and Credits of the said deceased or of which he was possessed or entitled to, do not amount in value to the sum of Two Thousand Pounds – as she
                                     believes. Before me Edward H Dewar Surrogate.
Elizabeth Scard [c.1774-1848] widow of Benness Scard;

                              After Benness' death in 1837 Elizabeth continued to live at Eling with her unmarried daughter Eliza. The 1841 Census shows them living at Eling;
                              Elizabeth Scard aged 70 [rounded]  of Independent means- Born in the County; Eliza Scard aged 40 [rounded] not born in County; Elizabeth Trigdell aged 22 servant born in County.
                              Elizabeth Scard nee Hill is assumed to have died at Eling either 1845 or 1848 - See Civil Registration FreeBDM  online  both deaths registered Hampshire
George Hill Scard [1796-1848] Son of Benness Scard and Mary nee Hill

                               See Biography of George Hill Scard
Eliza Scard [c.1797-1869] Daughter of Benness Scard and Elizabeth nee Hill

                            After her father's death, Eliza was recorded living with her mother at Eling recorded in the 1841 Census [see mother above].
                            Eliza lived on annuities derived from the Estates of her father assumed given to her by her mother.  In 1848, Eliza was sole beneficiary and executrix in the 
                            Will of her Brother, George Hill Scard. 
                            In the 1861 Census Eliza was recorded living at Winchester aged 60yrs living off 'income from lands', also living with her was her longtime servant 
                            Elizabeth Tridgdell unmarried now aged 40 [born Shirley Hants]. 
                            Eliza died Testate, unmarried and without issue at Winchester Sept. Qtr. 1869 at the recorded age of 72 years. [Registered at Winchester].

                            In her Will she provided for her illegitimate nephew George Hill Scard aka George Jenkins - See details in link to the Biography of her brother (above)
                           The said legacy for this illegitimate son was also supported in Documents recorded by their cousin Rev. Thomas Scard.