Scard Family      
                                             George Charles Scard
                                                                                Warehouseman & Commercial Traveler, of London
                                                                                                           Spouse:  Sarah Deal

                      1843 Birth:    George Charles Scard [1843-1927] born 22nd January 1843 Windmill Lane, Tottenham Court Road, London,
                                              baptised 23rd Feb 1851 St. Thomas Charterhouse, Finsbury the third child of William Scard & his wife Elizabeth
                                              [nee Ryan]

                      Lineage:          Son of William Thomas Scard, a Tailor of London & Elizabeth nee Ryan , 
                                             Father: William Thomas Scard the son of William Scard, a Tailor of London & and his wife Mary Ann nee Barnes.
                                             Grandfather: William Scard, the son of Thomas Scard a Cooper of Gosport Hampshire & Elizabeth Bowers.
                                             Great Grandfather: James Scard, Gentleman of Gosport & Elizabeth nee Guthridge.
                                             George's extended maternal lineages i.e. 'Jasper' & the esteemed Barnes/Harrison Families are compelling although 
                                             not fully explored.
                     Family:           George had six siblings; 
                                             Brothers William Thomas Scard [the younger][1840-1899]  & Harry Scard [1850-1918] who both married & had issue 
                                             and four sisters; Elizabeth [1846-1924] died unmarried & without issue.
                                                                        Hannah [1848-1919] who died unmarried & without issue.
                                                                        Ellen [1856-post 1881] of whom little is known post 1881 when she was recorded unmarried. 
                                             George also had one paternal Uncle, Anthony Scard a successful Bootmaker,
                                             and a paternal Aunt, Mary Ann Ellson [nee Scard][1833-post 1861] both of London.                 

                    1861: George's paternal grandmother dies;
                                             George was aged only eighteen when his grandmother  Mary Scard [nee Barnes] died just prior to the census in 1861
                                             at the estimated age of sixty-three.  [Registered West London June Qtr. 1861]
                                             His aging grandfather, now deaf continued to work as a Tailor.   

                    1866:  George's eldest brother marries;  
                                             George was aged twenty-three when his eldest brother William Thomas Scard married Harriet L Hilton 
                                             [Registered in the March Qtr. 1866 at Lambeth] 
                    1867: George marries;  
                                             At the age of twenty-four George Charles Scard married Sarah Deal on the 11th August 1867 Saint Nicholas  
                                             Cole Abbey, London,  witnessed by his father William Thomas Scard.
                                                       Sarah Deal was born in Bermondsey, London on the 7th October 1843 the daughter of Mathew Deal [c.1796-1849], 
                                                       a Waterman and his wife Mary Ann nee Harrington [1805-1867]. Sarah was baptised on the 5th Nov. 1843
                                                       at Christchurch, Rotherhithe, London. Her father was born to a family of watermen, bound as an apprentice 
                                                       in the Trade on the 23rd April 1807 Bermondsey to Thomas Deal Snr completing his indenture on the 
                                                       9th June 1814.
                                                       Sarah was the second youngest of their seven children and was aged four when her father died prematurely
                                                       in 1849.
                                                       Her mother, a native of Birmingham, Warwickshire presents as a woman of outstanding courage who held the 
                                                       family together working as a laundress for many years in Bermondsey after her husband's death.  
                                                       She died in Bermondsey, London in 1867 at the recorded age of sixty-two. 
                                                       Mary lived to see the marriage of her youngest daughter Sarah to George Charles Scard only a few months 
                                                       before her death. Her youngest, Matthew was aged eighteen at this time, he married three years later in 1870 
                                                       at the age of twenty-one. 
                                                       Further information on the Deal Family of Bermondsey can be found at URL's;

                     1869:  Grandfather's death;  [correction to previous entry where his father's death was recorded twice, once here and later below] 

                                            George's aging and deaf William Scard [snr.] died in the St. James Workhouse, Westminster. 
                                            His Death was Registered in the June Qtr. 1869 at the recorded age of 73 yrs [Civil Index].
                                            William was buried at the VictoriaPk Cemetery, Hackney, London on the 16th April 1869
                                            His burial records him aged 74years.
                     1871 Census:      Address: No. 1 Linton Court, Bermondsey,Southwark; 
                                                 George Charles Scard, Head, age 28, Warehouseman-Stockkeeper, born Middlesex, Tottenham, Court. 
                                                 Sarah Scard, Wife, aged 27, born Bermondsey
                                                 George C. Scard, Son, aged 3, born 
                                                 Sarah E. Scard, Daughter, aged 1 born Surrey Bermondsey

                     1878 Father's Death:     

                                            George was aged thirty-five when his father, William Thomas Scard died in the December Qtr. 1878 at the 
                                            recorded age of 60 years [Registered London City]  

                     1881 Census:      Address: 67 Abbey Field Road, Southwark; 
                                                 Scard, George, Head, Married, aged 38, Warehouseman Lace, born Windmill St. Tottenham Court.
                                                 Scard, Sarah, Wife, Married, aged 37, born Bermondsey
                                                 Scard, Sarah, Daughter, aged 11, born Bermondsey
                                                 Scard, Harry, Son, aged 7, born Lee, Kent
                                                 Scard, Ellen, Daughter, aged 5, born Lee, Kent
                                                 Scard, Thomas, Son, aged 2, born London illegible
                                                                             [Thomas died a few months later in the Dec. Qtr. 1881 at the recorded age of 3 years. 
                                                                             [Registered St. Olave]
                                          Children missing from home; 
                                                 Son, George Charles Scard, aged 13, Middlesex, Clerkenwell.  [married by next census]
                                                 Son, James Scard, 9 born London, Bermondsey [married by next census]
                                                 Both were boarders at the Anglesea House, Cordwainer & Bread St. Ward School.
                                                 School Teachers:  Benjamin Newton [lived on premises with his family] & Jane Page.  
                                                 The School incorporated four dwellings for 26 boys & 14 girls.  
                                                 This is possibly the same School which In ancient times were two schools, one in Cordwainer St. & the other 
                                                 in Bread St. which later amalgamated. See British History Online.  

                    1891 Family Ties; 
                                                 George's mother Elizabeth visits his 1st Cousin, Catherine Mary Solmon [nee Scard], recorded in Catherine's 
                                                 home at Lambeth in the 1891 Census as a Visitor, then aged seventy-six.
                                                 This would imply that the Family Ties between George's father William and his brother Anthony [both since
                                                 deceased] were still strongly bonded.   

                    1891 Census:       Address:  61 Abbey Field Road, Southwark, London; 
                    [Icard]                  George C Scard, Head, aged 48, Warehouseman Embroidery, Employed, born London, Tottenham Court Road. 
                                                 Sarah Scard, Wife, aged 47, born Bermondsey
                                                 Sarah E. Scard, Daughter, single, aged 21, Mother's held  domestic, born London, Bermondsey
                                                 James Scard, Son, single, aged 19, Farrier, Employed, born London, Bermondsey 
                                                 Harry Scard, Son, aged 17, Clerk CC, born London, Lee
                    [pg2.]                   Ellen Scard, Daughter, aged 15, Scholar St. Lt, London, Lee

                    1901 Census:       Address:  61 Abbey Field Road, Southwark; 
                                                 George C. Scard, Head, aged 58, Commercial Traveler Lace, Employed, born Oxford Street [street NK]
                                                 Sarah Scard, Wife, aged 57, born London, Bermondsey
                                                 Sarah Scard, Daughter, aged 31, born London, Bermondsey
                                                 Harry Scard, Son, aged 27, Clerk Dock CC, Employed, born 
                                                 Mary Scard, Sister in Law, aged 76, born Bermondsey noted: Blind.

                    1895: George's mother dies; 

                                                 Elizabeth Scard [nee Ryan] died in the June Qtr. 1895 at the age of 79 years [Registered at Lambeth]  
                                                 It is not known if Elizabeth was still residing with George's 1st cousin Catherine Mary Solman [nee Scard] 
                                                 who was also still residing at Lambeth at this time. 

                    1901 Wife Sarah dies; 
                                                 George's wife Sarah Scard [nee Deal] died a few months after the Census in the December Qtr. 1901 
                                                 at the recorded age of sixty-four [Registered St.Olave]

                    1917: Sister Hannah dies; 
                                        After working many years as a Domestic Servant at the home of Thomas Illman & his family of Islington
                                        Hannah Scard died unmarried & without issue June Qtr. 1919 at the recorded age of 70 years [Registered Godstone]  
                                        It is unknown if Hannah had much contact with her two brothers and sisters and her respective nephews & nieces
                                        during her life but due to her being in close proximity, it is believed she very likely did. 

                    1927 George's Death; 
                                        George Charles Scard died March Qtr. 1927 at the recorded age of 84 [Registered Epsom]


                    George Charles Scard [the younger] Son of George Charles Scard & his wife Sarah [nee Deal]

                                              George Charles Scard [the younger] married Mary Ann Mendham June Qtr. 1890 [Registered St. Olave]

                                                  1891 Census  Address:  282 Lynton Road, Bermondsey London; 
                                                                        George Charles Scard, Married, Head, aged 23, Clerk CC, Employed, born London, Clerkenwell.
                                                                        Mary Ann Scard, Married, Wife, aged 21, born London, Rotherhithe
                                                 1901 Census  Address: No. 9 Allasa Road, Deptford, London
                                                                        Charles Scard, Head, aged 33, Commercial Clerk, Worker, born London, Clerkenwell.
                                                                        Mary Scard, Wife, aged 31, born London, Rotherhithe
                                                                        Ellen Scard, Daughter, aged 8, born London Bermondsey
                                                                        Ethel Scard, Daughter, aged 7, born London Bermondsey
                                                                        Florence Scard, Daughter, aged 3, London, Deptford.

                    Sarah Scard  Daughter of George Charles Scard & his wife Sarah [nee Deal]

                                                No further information.
                    James Scard  Son of George Charles Scard & his wife Sarah [nee Deal]

                                                 James Scard;  married Rose Alice Read in the Sept. Qtr. 1897 Camberwell;
                                                 1901 Census:  Address: 12 Agnew Road, Lewisham, London; 
                                                                         James Scard, Head, aged 29, Furrier? Salesman, born London, Bermondsey
                                                                         Rose A Scard, Wife, aged 27, born London, Rotherhithe
                                                                         Leslie Scard, Son, aged 1, born London, Honor Oak
                                                                         Dorace R Scard, Daughter, aged 3 weeks, born London, Honor Oak
                                                                         Mary Ann Everit, Single, Servant, aged 19, Domestic Servant, born London, Dulwich

                    Harry Scard  Son of George Charles Scard & his wife Sarah [nee Deal]

                                                  Harry Scard married Alice Neal in the Sept. Qtr. 1901 [Registered St. Olave].

                     Ellen Scard  Daughter of George Charles Scard & his wife Sarah [nee Deal]

                                                  No further information.