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              Henry Benness Scard                 Sarah Jones                  Frances Mager
                               [1805-1862]                                                   no issue                                                      no issue            

                                                                     Died without Issue
                                This family has several entries in the UK Poll Books and Electoral Registers 1538-1893, 
                                                               the London, Land Tax Records 1692-1932 and the 
                                                Hampshire Record Office also holds several documents not listed below.
             UK Passenger Lists and in addition to the Wills already transcribed on this website, there are many Wills post 1858 
                                    which have not been retrieved (England & Wales National Probate Calendar from 1858 ) 
                                       Newspaper Articles from various sources plus many other resources with entries 
                                                       not listed here are left to their respective descendants to explore

                 This website is primarily focused on conjoining all the 'Scard Branches' to a common family around the 
                      late 17th Century, the biographies presented for each of the extended families is a a rough draft 
                                            of their lives for those just beginning to explore their Scard Lineage

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                                                                                Scard Biographies - The Southampton, Hampshire Branch

                               Henry Benness Scard                                Sarah Jones                                     Frances Mager
                                        [1805-1862]                                                                                      no issue                                                                                 no issue

                                                                                               Compiled & Written by J.S.Adams combining the independant researches of J.S.Adams & LynMealey.

        1805:     Henry Benness Scard was born 22nd May 1805, baptised Privately at Eling 14th August 1805 the son of Thomas Scard [the younger] and his wife Mary nee Yeats.
                                    [Private baptisms often were performed if an infant was very ill]  Henry had eight Siblings [see the Biography of his father, above] 

                    1815:      Henry was aged ten when his paternal grandmother Susannah Scard [nee Benness] daughter and heiress of lately deceased John Benness died, buried at Eling
                                   9th November 1815 at the recorded age of 72yrs.  Henry's parents were also living at Eling at this time and it is assumed that Henry had close contact with his 
                                   grandmother during his early childhood.

                    1816:      Henry was aged eleven when his father died [intestate] buried at Eling on the 21st December 1816 at the recorded age of forty-one.  Henry's youngest sibling was 
                                    aged three at that time. A family furore appears to have occurred around this time.  His grandfather in his Will mentions a 'great misfortune' relating money owed 
                                    by Henry's father of which Henry's Grandfather, his Uncle John Scard and Aunt Susannah, his father's sister had aided in the event of his insolvency, which was
                                    published in several newspapers. Henry's grandfather implies a great injustice.

                    1820:      Following the death of his father, more grave concerns were expressed by Henry's maternal uncle William Yeats Esquire
                                   of nearby Lymington regarding his younger sister, Mary Scard's financial security and the maintenance and education
                                   of her children.  When outlining his Will four years later on the 11th October 1820 William went to great lengths to
                                   prevent any debtors of her deceased husband and any future husband she may choose to marry taking or controlling any
                                   part of her Legacy [i.e. moiety of  interest of £12,000].  Provisions were also made for any future children born to her
                                   of a possible subsequent marriage.  Mary's share of the moiety was to fall to her children upon her death.

According to the Oxford University Alumni his brothers Thomas and Edward were being educated at Oxford over the next few years.

                    1824:     Henry was aged nineteen when his paternal grandfather Thomas Scard [the Elder] died testate, buried at Eling 
                                  29th January 1824 at the recorded age of 87years. 

                    1826:     Henry's maternal uncle, William Yeats died in 1826 and his mother Mary inherited a huge legacy as did Henry and his
                                  siblings, sharing in the interest of £12,000 stock & shares when they came of age.
                    1833:      At the age of twenty-one Henry Benness Scard married Sarah Jones 12th August 1833 by Licence at All Saints                
                                           Henry Benness Scard of Milland, Winchester, 21, bachelor & Sarah Jones, of All Saints, Southampton, 21, spinster 
                                           at A.S*., 12th Aug 1833. Aff.  [*All Saints]

                    1833:       Henry leased a tenement from the Winchester Bishopric Estate with a backside garden, orchard, ditch and water in                
                                    Kingsgate Street, within the Stoke at Winchester.

                    1839/40:  Henry's elder brother William died prematurely at Eling late 1839. Henry was granted Administration of his brother's 
                                    Estate on the 14th April 1840 in 1839, the named Executor, their  paternal Uncle John Scard then deceased.

              Henry's mother died testate in 1840.  Her sole beneficiaries were Henry's two spinster sisters Mary & Susan,
                                    Henry's brother Rev. Thomas Scard was named Executor.

                                    During these past years Henry was recorded in multiple documents now in the hands of the National Archives, Kew.                                     

                    1841 Census:    
                                    Address: The Wharf, Winchester,  Hampshire. 
                                                    Henry Scard, aged 35, Merchant, born in County
                                                    Sarah Scard, aged 35, born in County. 
                                                    Eliza Paice,  aged 20, Servant, born in County

                    1849:       After sixteen years marriage Sarah Scard [nee Jones] died in 1849 [Dec Qtr 1849 Southampton Vol 7  P 55]. There appears to be no issue of the marriage.

                    1851 Census;
                                   Address:  College Wharf, Winchester  [Extra Parochial ]  
                                                    Henry  Scard, Head, Widower, age 46, Coal Merchant, born Hants, Eling
                                                    *Marianne Hunt, Visitor, Unmarried, age24, born Hants Ahedford
                                                    *Sarah Hunt, Visitor, unmarried, aged 15, born Aheadford
                                                     Jane Woodhatch, Servant Unmarried age 23 Servant born  Bishops Waltham
                                                     Sophia Misslehook servant unmarried age 26 do born Bramtdean

                                                   * Henry's nieces [children of his deceased wife Sarah's sister] later mentioned in his Will.

                     1861 Census: 
                                     Address: Woodlands,  Westmeon, North Hampshire [Droxford]
                                                     Henry Benness Scard, Head, Widower, aged 51, Farmer of 620 acres of Land employing 10 [or 20] men and 5 boys, born Hants Eling.
                                                     Sarah Sims, Servant, unmarried,  aged 20, Dairy Maid, born  Hants,  Westmeon.
                                                     Mary Ann Gale, Servant, unmarried, aged 18,, House servant, born Hants, Wickham. 
        1861:     At the age of fifty-six Henry remarried;
                                   Henry Benness Scard married Frances Mager at St James Paddington London 26th November 1861 [Reg. Dec Qtr 1861 Kensington]. 

                                   During this time Henry acquired and later sold numerous properties throughout Hampshire.  The entries for these properties can be found at the 
                                   Hampshire Record Office Online Calm Data Base. URL:   

        1862: Henry Benness Scard died a year later, Testate, 29th October 1862 (Registered Dec Qtr Droxford 2c  69).  He appears to have died without issue. 

                                The Times - London, Saturday, 1st November 1862 - Obituary;   Submitted by DavidKenny;
                               Registered Copy of the Will of Henry Benness Scard of Woodlands, West Meon, yeoman [7 miles of Bishop Waltham  
                               & 17 miles ENE of Eling] Available at the Hampshire Record Office.

                                                                         Details of the Will of Henry Benness Scard
                                                                                                   submitted by Lyn Mealey
                              His Executors were his nephews Charles Edward,  Hunt Brewer (New Alresford) and William Henry Hunt Architect (New Aresford). 
                             Charles Edward Hunt and William Henry Hunt  were main beneficiaries of Henry Benness Scard, but Henry also mentioned three 
                              daughters of Mr Edward Hunt of Alresford (sisters of Charles Edward and William  Henry Hunt i.e. Marianne, Harriet and Sarah).

                              Comments by Lyn Mealey;   
                             The Hunt Family could not have been Henry’s nephews, but were probably the nephews of Henry’s first wife Sarah (nee Jones) 
                              from All Saints Southampton as in 1841 Census, Edward Hunt and wife Elizabeth were staying at home of Elizabeth Jones
                              (70 and of Independent means) at Above Bar Street All  Saints Southampton.  Presumably Elizabeth Jones is mother of sisters 
                              Sarah and Elizabeth Hunt. One 'nephew' Richard Hunt (Druggist) listed on the Census was omitted from Henry's Will.