Scard Family    
                                                 Henry James Scard
                                                                                                              Shipwright of Gosport
                                                                                                              Spouse: Maria Sutton
                      1818:  Birth;
                                 Henry James Scard born 28th April 1832, baptised 27th October 1833 at St. Mary's Portsea the son of 
                                 John Scard and his 2nd wife Ann [nee Seagar]. 

                                     The Scard family had been well entrenched at nearby Gosport [1 mile] for several Generations, Henry's great 
                                     grandfather James Scard [1735-1812]  noted as 'Gentleman' of Gosport who died there, testate, six years before 
                                     Henry's birth.

                                    Henry James followed in his father's footsteps, working as a Shipwright at the Dockyard in Gosport.

                     1840:     Henry was aged eight when his half-brother John Scard had voyaged to Sydney Australia working as a mariner, 
                                   where he married and had issue.  He never returned to the motherland. 
                                   Henry's remaining surviving siblings remained at Gosport.

                    The following year;  

                    1841-1851: Census; Henry was recorded on the 1841 & 1851 Census living with his parents and siblings at Gosport. 
                                    See Biography of his father John Scard [1790-1768]

                    1859: Marriage;
                                    At the age of twenty-seven Henry James Scard married Maria Sutton at Fairham near Gosport in 20th March 1859.
                                    They had seven children;  
                                                 Henry James Scard [Jnr] 
                                                             born in 1859 at 27 Cold Harbour, Gosport 
                                                             - Married Mary Warbrook [From notes by PHMorgan per HScard].
                                                 Thomas Scard born 4th May 1865 at Gosport - Enlisted Royal Navy see Military Record below
                                                 Maria Jane Scard born 1866 at Gosport married John Rose in 1883 and had issue. Details in Epilogue
                                                 George Scard born 21st June 1866 at Gosport - Enlisted Royal Navy see Military Record below.
                                                 William Scard born 1868 at Gosport married Ellen Sillence 1888 see details in Epilogue Below.
                                                 Frederick Scard born 1871 at Gosport died tragically at Gosport aged 3yrs 6mths see Newsapaper below.  
                                                 Sarah Scard born 1876 at Gosport outcome unknown.

                    Two years after their marriage;
                    1861: Census; Address: 3 Wellington Place, Alverstoke;
                                            Henry James Scard, Head, Age 28, Sailmaker, born Landport, Hampshire,
                                            Maria Scard, Wife, age 23, born Gosport, 
                                            Henry J. Scard, Son, aged 1yr,  born Gosport. 
                    Ten years later;
                    1871 [Census] Address: Hertford Street, Portsea; 
                                            Henry James Scard, Head, age 38, Dockyard Shipwright, 'born Portsea!' 
                                            Maria Scard, Wife, aged 31, born Gosport
                                            Henery James Scard, Son, aged 11,  scholar  [by next census married]
                                                               - Married Mary Warbrook [From notes by PHMorgan per HScard]. CORRECTED.
                                            Thomas Scard, Son, age 9, scholar [Enlisted in the Royal Navy see Military Record further below]
                                                              Thomas Scard joined Royal Navy 4th May 1883                                                              
                                             Maria Jane Scard, Daughter aged 9 [on next census]
                                             George Scard, Son, Aged  5 [on next census]
                                             William John Scard, Son, aged 3  [on next census]
                                             Frederick Scard, Son, aged 9 months. [Frederick died three years later aged 3 years 6 months] 

                     Three years later; 

         1874:               Young Frederick dies tragically on the 29th December 1873 aged 3 years 6 months
                                             CAUTION:  This Newspaper article may be distressing to some family members.
                                             Click on images to enlarge.
                                             Submitted by David Kenny - who wished to submit "In memory of young Frederick"
                     Seven years later;
                     1881 [Census] Address: 10 Duke Street. 
                                             Henry J. Scard, age 48, Shipwright Dockyard, born Portsea
                                             Maria Scard, wife, aged 42          
                                             Maria Jane Scard, daughter, aged 16 [Married by next census]
                                                            Maria Jane Scard married John Rose in 1883 at Portsea and had issue.
                                             George Scard, son, age 14 [on next census with mother but had joined Royal Navy 1884 see Military Record in Next Census]
                                             William J Scard, son, aged 13  [Married by next Census - See Epilogue]
                                             Sarah or Ann M Scard, daughter, age 6 [on next Census]

                                Child not living at home 1881 Census;
                                            Thomas Scard on board 3rd April 1881 HMS St. Vincent berthed at Portsea Island; 
                                                         Thomas Scard, aged 15, listed with ''boys 2nd Class' born 1865 Alverstoke Hants.
                                             Thomas Scard enlisted Royal Navy as an adult 4th May 1883
                                                              Only partial details below;
                                                              Thomas Scard RN partial details                     Eight years later; 
                     1889 Death:  Henry James Scard [the elder] died in the Dec. Qtr. 1889 Reg. at Portsea at the recorded age of 59yrs.

                                              Pat Richardson [descendant] writes; 
                                                         Cause of death suicide by cutting his throat with a pocket clasp knife whilst insane. 
                                                         Certificate received from coroner inquest held 24th Dec 1889.
                                                         He died 23/12/1889 age 59. 
                                                         I discovered this from a newspaper, and was told the inquest was not available 
                                                         and obtained the death certificate.

                                              Henry was survived by his widow Maria of thirty years marriage, their six surviving children.
                                              and a great many grandchildren.  His many descendants are now scattered throughout the Globe. 


                      Maria Scard [nee Sutton] widow of Henry James Scard; 

                     Three years later; 
                     1891 [Census]  Address:  12 Seymore St. Portsea.
                                              Maria Scard, widow, charwoman aged 54 born Gosport.
                                              Anne Scard [Sarah], daughter aged 15, General Servant Domestic, born Portsmouth
                                              George Scard, Son, aged 23, Married, Stoker R.N. [Royal Navy] , born Portsmouth.
                                 NOTE: George was also recorded in this Census aboard the Vessel 'Hero' - Royal Navy recorded;
                                               George Scard, Single, age 21, Stoker, born Gosport, Hants. 
                    Ten years later; 
                    1901 [Census]  Henry's widow Maria Scard or daughter Sarah could not be found.

                    1902: Death: Henry's wife survived him by thirteen years.  Maria Scard died Dec. Qtr. 1902 at the recorded age of 66. 
                                           [ Portsmouth].
                                           Pat Richardson writes;  
                                           Maria Scard/Sutton died 18/11/1902 Portsmouth Workhouse in attendance William Scard my Grandfather.

        Child 1: Henry James Scard [the younger] born 1859;

                                             Henry worked as a Traveling Showman abroad and throughout England & Wales. 
                                             At the age of twenty seven Henry James Scard married Mary Wadbrook on the 1st April 1886 in Dublin, Ireland.
                                                      Mary Wadbrook aka 'Pollie' was the daughter of Alfred Wadbrook a travelling showman, formerly a Shipwright.
                                             Henry & his father-in-law Alfred are believed to have been involved with a traveling show 'Pepper's Ghost' the 
                                             Proprietor, Professor Pepper and a long time friend of Henry. 
                                             Henry & Mary the following known issue;
                                                Florence Mabel Scard born 1889 - married a circus contortionist, Francis Anthony Costello aka 'Tony Costello' 1908 [Leicester].
                                                Henry James Scard born 1890 at Pontadulais, Glamorgan, Wales - married Mary Davies 1911 [Stratford]
                                                William Young Scard born around 1894 - died an infant. See Newspaper Article below.
                                                Percival Charles Scard born 1895 Stafford - married Edith Morgan in 1919 [Wales]
                                                Ruby Maude Scard born 1896 Stafford who married Percy Thomas, a cinema projectionist.
                                            Henry was believed to have been present through the later continued developing stages of the Bioscope in England
                                            where images of ghosts were projected through plate glass in a small booth.  Henry and Alfred purchased all the 
                                            equipment around 1898 and also a portable 'Fowlers' steam driven generation.
                                            They promptly renamed their show 'The Royal Electrograph'. 
                                            They travelled through Birmingham, Nottingham, Stratford on Avon and Banbury very likely in a horsedrawn Roadshow. 
                                            As they travelled through Wales the show developed into a 'Palace of Varieties' and they held a mixed show of films
                                            and dancers, comedians, acrobats, jugglers etc.
                                            Source: Notes from the Work of Peter H. Morgan. 

                                            Subsequent searches were unable to find Henry in the 1871,1881,1891 Census.

               1894: Child Death: William Young Scard; 
                                           Wellington Journal & Shrewsubry News, 28 April  1894;                               
                                          Broseley: " Found Dead in a Caravan   
                                          On Thursday, Dr. Tailer, borough coroner, held an inquiry at the Pheasant Hotel, touching the death of a 
                                          showman’s child, named William Young Scard. Mr.  E. R. Instone was foreman.
                                          — The mother said her husband was the proprietor of  Wadbrook’s ghost illusion show, now attending the fair. 
                                          It was about 11-30 on Tuesday night when she put the child to bed. It was then all right, and when  witness woke 
                                          about six o’clock on the following morning she discovered it dead.  They lived in a caravan.—Dr. Moore, assistant to 
                                          Dr. Collins, said he visited  deceased an hour after it had died, when he found a vein of the skin dilated.  It was fully 
                                          developed, and was a well-nourished child. There were no marks of  violence about the body whatever.
                                          — The jury returned a verdict of “Death from  natural causes.”
                                         1901 Census: Address:  Aberavon - Fair Field;
                                                      Henry J. Scard, Head, age 42, Traveling Showman, Exhibit, Employer, born Hampshire, Porthsmouth.                                                       
                                                      Mary Scard,Wife, age 32, born London 
                                                      Ruby Scard, Daughter, age 4, born Blackheath, Staffordshire. 
                                                      Ellen Wadbrook, Sister, aged 18, born Lancashire [illegible]
                                                      Henry Wadbrook, Brother, aged 25, Showman Assistant Exhibit, Worker, born Durham Hartleford
                                                      Florence Wadbrook, Sister, 17, born Cinderford, Gloucester?
                                                      Henry Wadbrook, Brother, aged 20, Showman Assistant Exhibit, Worker, born Lincoln, Grimsby

                                            1901 Census:  Children not at home; 
                                                      Henry James Scard & Florence were found in Leicester with another child, Percy Scard;
                                                      ie.            George Harrison, Head, aged 37, Bus Driver transport, worker, born London NW.
                                                                       Mary A Harrison, Wife, aged 40, born London NW.
                                                                       Flora Scard, Boarder, aged 12, born Ireland. 
                                                                       Henry J Scard, Boarder, aged 10, born Wales.
                                                                       Percy Scard*, Boarder, aged 6, born Stafford, Lye

                                               1906:  March 11, 1906, 
                                                          "Mrs. H. Scard wife of Mr. H. Scard, sen. of Wadbrook and Scard's famous Bioscope  
                                                            Show, died at Yotelafera".  (Vol. lX, No. 3, April, 1956) - Google Books.

                           There were many Newspaper Articles found relating to Henry and his occupation, too many to exhbit here,
                           One example; 

                            London Daily News - Thursday Dec. 31, 1891 - Issue: 14272; 

                            There are many references in Books documenting Henry James Scard and his part in the development of the Bioscope. 
                            Some snippets are available online, the index displayed by Google Books Online;
                                      Stratford  Mosaic by Gerald Jaggard - Page 139 [only entry];
                        ' ....round the Mop was Mr. Henry James Scard, who had retired in  1912 to live in a small Elizabethan 
                                      cottage in Ely Street, a few yards from the  nearest part of the fair.  Mr. Scard had been a pioneer 
                                      of the ‘movies’, and his had been the Bridge….' 

                                     Cinema Parade by John H. Bird 
                                      Displayed by Google Books. 
                                      'Showmen of the cinema brought to their doors a new fund of  recreation and amusement. 
                                      They travelled the fairs and penetrated into remote  places where moving pictures were seen for the first time.  
                                      A great deal is owed to men like Haggar,  Wadbrook, Scard, Toooby, Hancock, Payne and Alexander who kept 
                                      alive the …'
                                      Cinema Parade: Fifty Years of Film Shows - Page 51
                                      Scard retired in 1917 when his film show was burnt out in  the market place at……
                                      Wales & Cinema: The First Hundred Years by DavidBerry - Page  60
                                      The Scards, originally from France, gained a foothold in the  bioscope business as associates of the …. 
                                       Henry James Scard (b.1859) married  Mary Polly…..

                    Child 3:   Maria Jane Scard  born 1866 at Gosport the daughter of Henry James Scard and his wife Maria [nee Sutton];

                                             Maria Jane Scard married John Rose in 1883 [bride estimated aged around 17-18 yrs];

                    1891 [Census] Unable to find.
                    1901 [Census] Address: 1 Seymour Street, Portsmouth;
                                            John Rose, Head, aged 37, Baker Breadmaker, Worker, born Portsmouth, Hampshire
                                            Maria J Rose, Wife, aged 35, born Gosport, Hampshire
                                            Maria J Rose, Daughter, aged 16, Domestic Servant, Worker, born Gosport.
                                            Alice Rose, Daughter, aged 15, Domestic Servant, Worker, born Gosport. 
                                            Emma? Rose, Daughter, aged 14, Scholar, born Gosport. 
                                            John Rose, Son, aged 13, Errand Boy, born Gosport. 
                                            George Rose, Son, aged 11, Scholar, born Gosport. 

                    1902:  Death;  Maria Jane Rose [nee Scard] died the next year in the March Qtr. 1902 
                                             at the recorded age of 36 yrs.  [Registered at Portsmouth]
                                             Her youngest child was aged twelve. 

                    Child 4: George Scard  born 21st June 1866 at Gosport the son of Henry James Scard and his wife Maria [nee Sutton];

                                             George Scard had enlisted Royal Navy 5th November 1884.
                                             His full description i.e. Height, Eye colouring etc. is detailed in the extract of his Service Record

                                            George Scard had enlisted Service 5th November 1884.  [George continued in Epilogue]
                                                            George Scard partial military record  Partially scanned. 

                     1920 Retired:George was retired on Pension after excellent Service on the 27th April 1920 at the age of 54yrs.
                                            No further information.                  
                     Child 5:  William Scard born 1868 at Gosport the son of Henry James Scard and his wife Maria [nee Sutton];

                                             William Scard married Ellen Sillence June Qtr. 1888.
                    1891 [Census]  Address 7 Waterloo Place, Portsea; 
                                             William Scard, Head, aged 22, Fish Hawker, employed, born Gosport, Hampshire [Ancestry=Leard]
                                             Ellen Scard, Wife, aged 21, born Southampton, Hampshire
                                              Ellen Scard, Daughter, aged 2, born Portsmouth
                                              Lilly M Scard, Daughter, aged 6 months, born Portsmouth - Civil Birth June Qtr. 1891 Reg. Portsea. 

                                             A Narrow escape for William and his family - "Children in Peril" - all escaped injury. 
                                             Hampshire Telegraph
                                             Date: Saturday 23 1897  


                   1901 [Census]   Address: 1 Bridge Street Portsea;
                                              William Scard, Head, aged 32, Fish Hawker, self employed, born Alverstoke, Hampshire.
                                              Ellen Scard, Wife, aged 28, Green grocer shopkeeper, self employed, at home, born Southampton.  
                                              Ellen Scard Daughter, age 12, born Portsmouth
                                              Maude Scard, Daughter, age 10, born Portsmouth [Lilly Maude]
                                              Alfred Scard. Son, age 5, born Portsmouth
                                              William Scard, Son, age 2, born Portsmouth
                                              Emma Scard, Daughter, age 1yr, born Portsmouth 

                     Child 7: Sarah Scard born 1876 at Gosport  the daughter of Henry James Scard and his wife Maria [nee Sutton];

                                             No further information.